by Ricky


Chapter 12

“Is that Bill? Is he going to help?”

“He’s going to go see him, but there isn’t much he can do to help.”

“Can you call him back? I want him to give Ty a message. Can you tell him to tell Ty one word. ‘Everything’. He’ll understand.”

“Okay, but you’ll have to explain it to me later.”

“It’s simple code pa.”

“I’ll ask Bill to relay it to him.”


“This is Judge Castle. I’d like to speak to the prosecutor on the Tyson Ignacio Coruthers case.”

“That would be Mark Tilman, your honor. I’ll put you through to him. One moment please.”

“This is Mark Tilman. How can I help you?”

“Hello Mr. Tilman, this is Judge Castle. I don’t think I know you. Have you preached in my pulpit before?”

“Uh, no sir. I’m the new kid on the block.”

“Well, I’m hearing the violation hearing this morning on Tyson Ignacio Coruthers. Are you prepared for the hearing?”

There was a general shuffling of papers as Mr. Tilman spoke, “Uh, yes sir, have it right here. I was going to ask for a continuance. You see, I haven’t really had a chance to review the file. I mean, it just happened yesterday and I just received the file moments ago. Uh, your honor, this looks pretty run of the mill. I can tell you now that it will be a slam dunk. I mean, dousing a kid in gasoline and threatening to torch him. That sounds like a clear violation to me.”

“Well, I suggest you speak to the boy and I’ll see you both in court.”

“Sir, they usually don’t transport for a violation hearing, do they?”

“He has a right to be present and I would speak to him also. Seems to me, there may be more to this than is present in black and white.”

“I’ll make the phone call to see that he gets transported, but I’m not sure it can be accommodated this late in the game.”

“Mister Tilman, this is not a game and if I need to call and light a fire under someone to get him here, I will exercise that power. Just let me know. I expect Tyson Ignacio Coruthers to be present in my court room.”

“I’ll pass that along sir. But sir, isn’t this a little unusual for an average juvenile street thug case?”

“Yes, well, there is an interest in this case from the bench. You see, he was in a program and there are parties that have deemed him salvageable. We would hate to see a program with such promise go to waste. So make sure he is worth violating. I’ll see you at 9:30, courtroom ‘D’ and as for the continuance, I suspect it will be denied.”

“Uh, yes sir, of course, your honor. I’ll see you then, sir. Yes sir. I understand sir.”

“Do you? I wonder.”

“Sir, would it be out of line for me to ask if this program was yours sir?”

There was a long silence before he spoke. “I’ll see you in courtroom ‘D’. That’s ‘D’ for don’t be late.”


“Officer Bill! It’s good to see you, sir.”

“Hey Ty, how you holding up?”

“Gonna be alright sir. How did you know I was here?”

“How do you think? Oggie called me, asked me to check on ya. He’s doing all he can to make this happen right for ya. You must have really made an impression on them.”

“Just trying to stay out of trouble, sir.”

“So what happened?”

“Saw they was going in to do the dirty deed. Knew Oggie was going to walk out in the middle of it. I had to do something. He’s too good to go early. So I did what I had to, to make him safe. Got myself violated in the process.”

“Yeah, well, as I understand it, you have yourself a really high priced attorney. Oggie has called in all his markers on this one.”

“Really? I never thought I was worth that. You mean there is a little hope I may get to go back?”

Bill leaned in and whispered, “Pay attention to your judge’s last name. If Oggie manages to adopt you, he will be your new uncle.”

Ty’s eyes got as big as saucers, “But the judge doesn’t like me. He told me so the last time I was in his courtroom.”

“Well, I would do my best to show him the new you. Meanwhile, I am going to see if I can buy you a little protection.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, is there anyone on the staff that should know there is a judge with an interest in you?”

Ty smiled, “Boss Boxer will not want to hear something like that. I’m here waiting for a test to come back saying I am clean enough for him to start collecting the rent for putting me with my bud Kenny again.”

“Well, let me see if I can make him lose interest in you just a bit.”

“Officer Bill, I can’t thank you enough for that and for coming to see me. Could I ask you a favor please? Could you give Nick a message for me?”

“Yeah sure, but that reminds me, he gave me a message to give to you, I almost forgot. He said to tell you the word, ‘Everything’. He said you would know what it means.”

Ty’s eyes grew tight with the smile. “That was my message to him, too. I don’t much care what happens to me now. That makes it all, alright.”


“Hey Bill, what brings you down here? I don’t see any transport orders today. Just slumming?”

“No, got a call from Hard-Castle himself. Wanted a favor.”

“Well, it can’t be bad to have a judge owing you a favor, can it? What did he want you to do?”

“Well Box, it seems he has an interest in Tyson Ignacio Coruthers. He wanted me to make sure nobody was collecting the rent so to speak.”

“You spoke to Tyson then? What did he say?”

He looked Boss Boxer in the eyes for a moment. “No, he said he was being treated really sweet. Even said you were going to put him next to his old buddy Kenny. At no cost. The judge will be really happy to hear that. He’s going to have me check on him every now and then to make sure he stays that way.”

“Well, I’ll keep my eye on him too for you then, eh Bill? We wouldn’t want you to end up on the bad side of a judge like Castle. I mean, they don’t call him Hard-Castle for nothing.”

“I’ll let him know you are taking a personal interest in him. I’m sure that will mean a lot to him. Say, I noticed he has a fat lip. You wouldn’t know how that happened, would you? I mean, he has only been here a little less than fourteen hours. He hasn’t seen population yet and he’s shackled in “G” ward.”

“Uh, he must have come in that way. I understand that the city cops took him into custody.”

“Yeah, I know. They noted no injuries and I looked at his intake photos. He didn’t have it then.”

“Did you ask the kid?”

“Yeah, I did.” He looked at his watch, “I have an appointment.” His eyes again locked on Boss Boxer’s and he stepped into his space and whispered, “Only one person had his hands on that boy. He better not have another scratch on him or I can promise you that Hard-Castle will be in your ass like you on a blond, ten year old. So I suggest you take a personal interest in his happiness and well being.”

“Look Bill, we was just having a little fun. You know how it is. That’s one of the perks of the job. It don’t mean nothing. This is just street trash in here. That kid has sucked more dick than a five dollar whore. So what’s the big fuss? The fat lip was just a slap to remind him who was in charge. He’ll get more than that over a box of cereal when he hits population. You used to work in the joint, you know what it is like. It’s a whole different world in here, different rules.”

“Let me explain something to you Boxer, if so much as a hair on that kid’s head is mussed up, I am going to make sure you take the heat for it. No more accidents, no more injuries of unknown origin. And just to make it clear, he said he couldn’t say how it happened. But I can see the logs and the video from intake.” He knocked on the window for control. “I’m done here. I want the videos for intake locked down for the shift commander. Show me the serial numbers.” He wrote the numbers on a piece of paper and watched as the officer in control bagged them and sealed the two tapes in an envelope and placed two new tapes in the machines.

“What are you going to do?” Boxer asked, visibly nervous.

“That depends entirely upon the condition our boy is in when he arrives in court.” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a personal voice recorder, held it up next to his face and pushed the button turning the recorder off. The color drained from Boxer’s face as Bill knocked on the glass and motioned for him to open the door so he could leave.


“The court stands ready to hear the violation hearing for one Tyson Ignacio Coruthers. Mr. Tilman, are you ready to proceed?”

A very young, very nervous attorney stood up, his hands trembling. “Yes, your honor. The prosecutor’s office has looked over the file and although there is, we feel, sufficient evidence to support the violation in the letter of the law, we . . .” He paused and swallowed hard. “I, feel it would not be within the spirit of the law to pursue the matter. All parties agree that the boy’s intentions were in fact to support law enforcement. And although his actions were not proper, his mindset shows his rehabilitation is proceeding better than anticipated. Respectfully your honor, we therefore do not wish to proceed with a violation hearing. We do recognize however that the illegal immigrant whom Tyson Ignacio Coruthers has admitted to dousing with gasoline may yet bring forth charges for damages, so our recommendation to the court is that his release be made conditional for appearances in that matter should it come up. Our records indicate that Tyson’s current residence is remote and in compliance with the court’s orders at the Ogden Castle Ranch and we see no other violations, so we do not see him as a potential flight risk. The prosecutor’s office has nothing further to say on this matter.”

“The Court would like to see Tyson Ignacio Coruthers in chambers. This court stands in recess for fifteen minutes. Bailiff, would you escort Mr. Coruthers into my chambers please?”

“Bailiff, you can wait outside. Mr. Craft, would you also excuse us?”

“Your honor, I protest. I have a right to be present during all questioning of my client.”

The judge smiled, “Yes, you do. And if it goes badly for your client, then you would be within your rights to ask for all charges to be dropped or at the least, a mistrial.” The judge smiled. Zane Craft smiled and stood to leave. “I’ll wait outside your honor.” He left the room with Ty and the judge alone. The judge walked around the front of his desk and folded his hands in front of his robes examining the eyes of the boy sitting before him.

“Seems you have made an impression on Oggie and Nick. They’ve grown to care about you a great deal. Can you explain, off the record, just between you and me, why I should not throw you back into the hole I pulled you out of, in spite of their feelings?”

Ty looked the judge in the eyes. He wanted to look away in shame but he remembered what Officer Jim and Cheytan had said to him about looking a man in the eyes and carrying shame beyond its day. He made an effort to look the judge in his eyes the whole time. “Your honor, they have shown me a life and a love I have never known before. I love the life they have shared with me.” His eyes drifted to the floor to hide his tears. “It’s true, your honor, that I’m not worth their love. I don’t know that I ever will be either. That’s why I did what I did. I’m not important, never have been, but Nick and Oggie, well, they are the best of the best. It was the only option. They were playing the regular bit. One goes in with the gun, the other two go in and smash and grab and the new kid earns his way into the gang by killing all the witnesses. I remember them talking about it in the yard. Oggie’s path was certain and well, I just couldn’t let anything happen to him or Nick, even if I didn’t make it. I figured I was paying the price for my time in paradise, you know, while I was with them. I know it was wrong, but your honor,” he looked up and his eyes met the judges again. “If I could turn time back to just before this all happened, I’d do it again, exactly the same. Even if I knew it would mean I never saw either of them again.”

“Sounds like you have changed quite a bit.”

“I don’t know about that. But I know that not having to look at survival every moment sure let’s me see things in a different light. I know I was only there for a short time, but I know now that I’ll never be the same as I was. I know it can be different now. I know what it is to be loved. That alone can get me through anything the joint, or you, can throw at me. And Judge, even if you throw me back down in that hole, the day I turn eighteen and you turn me loose, I’ll be back at the Ogden Castle Ranch, even if I have to walk there.”

They were interrupted by yelling coming from the courtroom.

The judge walked over to the door and opened it to find a very irritated Nick trying to force his way through the bailiff.

“Bailiff, let the young man through and please escort Mister Coruthers back to his seat.” The judge walked over to Nick and placed a hand on his shoulder. Speaking softly he said, “Nick, you have to contain yourself here if you want me to help Ty. You are muddying the waters doing this.” He walked Nick back to the seating where Oggie was. “As soon as this is over, he will be transported back to lockup where they will process him out. You can pick him up there, but I cannot permit you to have contact with him here. It would mean an out of custody search and really slow things down. Now, if you can contain yourself, you can have Ty back this afternoon. And Oggie, I have some paperwork for you when I’m done here.” He turned to return to the bench, tapping Nick lightly on the shoulders before returning. He gave a nod to the bailiff as he sat the bench again.

The bailiff stood and announced: “This court is back in session. The honorable Judge Castle presiding.”

“Since the prosecutor deems that their office has no further wish to pursue this matter then neither does this court. It is so ordered that Tyson Ignacio Coruthers be returned to the custody of Ogden Castle where he will resume activities under his previous agreement. I order the Department of Corrections to make all haste in processing Mr. Coruthers out. Ogden Castle, are you here in attendance?”

“I am your honor.”

“Mr. Castle, you understood that this matter is not closed and there are issues which may still require Tyson’s attendance in court. Do you accept him back into your custody and will you make sure that he attends all such meetings, hearings or demands of the court.”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Then the matter of Tyson Ignacio Coruthers is dismissed with prejudice.”

“Pa, what’s that mean ‘with prejudice’?” Nick asked.

“It means that they can’t change their mind on this and go back on Ty. It is over and done, except of course, if the illegal presses charges for battery. That’s from the gasoline. So we aren’t out of the dark yet, but he is going to be out of the hell hole and back home with us. Stay put, I have to get some papers from Jerry.”

“Pa, why can’t I go with you?”

“I’ll explain later. Just wait here.”


Oggie looked around to see they had privacy, “Hey Jerry, thanks. What have you got?”

“I have the final papers for Ty’s adoption, but here is the rub. Once I file these, I am out of the loop. I can’t help him and he will no longer be in my court. I’ll have to recuse myself because he will be my nephew. I think that since my gift to him is a total dismissal of his previous charges and the sealing of his records is my birthday present to him, I think that perhaps next Saturday, I can come up and drown a few worms, have a little early birthday party. It is in effect now, but I don’t want to file the seal until this other matter is over. But when you pick him up tonight, he is no longer a ward of the court. He is your son.”

Oggie’s eyes welled up. “Jerry, I’m without words.”

“Okay, take these and get out of here. When you tell him is up to you, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell him about the dismissal and the seal. If it comes out, then it does. But at least save the record sealing part for me.”

Oggie smiled, “See you at the ranch Saturday then.”

“Excuse me, your honor? Could I have a moment of your time?”

“Mr. Tilman, certainly, step into my chambers. Mr. Castle, if you will just go down to Juvenile detention they will process him out. Unfortunately, it takes about four hours to accomplish it all, but register at the desk when you get there and they will call you up when he’s done.”

“Thank you, your honor.”

Closing the door to his chambers, he motioned to Mr. Tilman to be seated. “Now, how can I help you, Mr. Tilman?”

“Your honor . . .”

“Wait, Mr. Tilman, we are not in session and I have an idea what this is about. So please, unless it is your intention to make a mess and you want me to bring the recorder in here, just call me Jerry.”

“Thank you, Jerry. Please, call me Carl. Jerry, you put me in a very awkward position today. Being new to your court and all, I decided it was best to go with the flow. But what I saw today could only be termed a flagrant violation of trust of the bench, sir. And if this is how you regularly run your court then sir, I am afraid that I will be pressed to … well, to make a mess of things, as you put it.”

“Thank you Carl. You have just earned great respect from me. It took courage to do what you just did. And you are right. If I regularly ran my court that way it would be wrong. But let me explain some things. The boy, Tyson, has been in my court three times. All three times he was shoved into a cage. I have come to believe wrongly so. He was in front of me today because he broke the law to save my brother and nephew. I was ready to throw him back in the hole until I spoke with him in my chamber today. He was not the same boy I sent to the Castle Ranch. He was alive, remorseful of his life, my brother tried telling me and he has even agreed to adopt the boy. That is a done deal this afternoon too.

“In a way, like Tyson and the gasoline, I have done the same thing. I usurped the law to correct a grievous error. I sat in judgment and exorcised my abilities to correct what I saw as a miscarriage of justice. It is generally not how I run my court, Carl. They don’t call me Hard-Castle for nothing. But justice is indeed blind and this boy was salvageable and I believe wrongly incarcerated in the beginning and by me! All I was trying to do is correct a mistake I made. So you are right and you have reason to grieve me if you so choose. But I figure that they call me a judge for a reason. It is up to me to ‘Judge’ the cases put before me. The fact that I had to try and fix this one is proof that errors can be made. And there were other means to rectify the situation but justice should be swift, in both directions and the other means would have taken months. Now, if you doubt my sincerity, keep in mind that this criminal, if that is indeed what he is, is now my nephew. He will bear my name if he returns to this court. So that alone should tell you that I’m pretty darn sure of my facts.

“So, the ball is in your court Carl. What do you intend to do?”

Mr. Tilman stood up and extended his hand to the judge. “Jerry, I have sat through a lot of lectures on the roll of a judge. I don’t think I ever heard it so eloquently put. I am honored to serve in your courtroom and privileged to sit in your court. I’m sorry I took up your time.”

“Carl, my door is always open and Carl, feel free to catch me anytime I step out of line. What are you doing Saturday? You ever drown any worms?”


“Pa, what is taking them so long? Can’t they just sign some papers or something and throw him out the door? It didn’t take them this long to take him in!”

“It probably did, they aren’t in any hurry. They are going to be here anyways. Just be patient. Jerry told me it would take about four hours.”

“Four hours! Pa, that’s . . . that’s too long!”

“Sit, listen to me. The reason Uncle Jerry asked you not to make a scene is that he bent a few rules to make this happen. He could even lose his job if someone pushed it. See, the papers he gave me, dismissed all the previous charges and certified my adoption.”

“No shit!”

“Shush! You see, that means that Ty is now legally his nephew. He should have recused himself and let another judge sit in decision, so keep holding your breath. We aren’t out of it yet. And Ty doesn’t know any of this. Jerry wants to have a party Saturday at our place. When we get away from here we can tell him his new name. Would you like that honor?”

“Can I? Pa, this is fantastic. And pa, Saturday, I know how Uncle Jerry can tell Ty and make it sink in.”

“Yeah, want to let me in on it?”

“No, not yet, I’ve almost got his gift done. I’ve been working on it as much as I could. I wish I had brought it with me. This is like two days lost. Not like I could focus on it anyways. How long has it been now?”

“Two minutes later than the last time you asked. If you keep asking, it will seem like years. Look, there is a Pizza Hut across the street, let’s go get something to eat while we wait.”

“I’m not hungry. You go ahead, I’ll wait here. I don’t want them to have him one second longer than they have to.”

“Okay, so what did you make him for his birthday?”

“It’s a leather case for his paper and pencils for when we go riding. I tooled a picture of Camille on it from a photograph. It’s not as good as he is, but I think he’ll like it.”

“I’m sure he will.” Oggie looked at his watch. Only five minutes! he thought to himself.

“Guess we should call Michael and Cory and see if Saturday will work for them to come out and we should call Bill and invite him and we missed Cheytan’s picnic on Saturday, so maybe we can move it to next Saturday instead.”

“Pa, why don’t you see if Ms. Sharon, from the Sawdust, can make it?”

“Hey, that’s a great idea. You like her alright?”

“Yeah pa, she’s the best.”

“I’ve been thinking about seeing a bit more of her, what do you think?”

“I think we’ll be eating a lot more steak,” Nick giggled.

“Well, that won’t upset Ty any, will it? That reminds me, I better order some steaks and meat for Saturday.”

“Mr. Castle” A voice came over the speaker. Oggie and Nick got to their feet and made for the counter.

“Do you have some identification, Mr. Castle?”

“I do,” he said, tendering his driver’s license under the glass pass through.

“Please sign where indicated. You are signing that you are receiving one Tyson Ignacio Coruthers into your custody.”

Oggie took the paper and pen and signed. Sliding it back under the pass through he said, “You said one. Is there another?”

She looked at him in a governmental, un-amused stare. “No, there is only one,” she stated factually, passing his license back to him under the glass.

“Thanks, we think so too.”

They could see Ty through the window of the steel door as he smiled, holding his hands up for the officer to remove the hand cuffs. He took an envelope from the man and tore it open to examine the contents. He looked at the contents and signed a piece of paper, then started threading the belt from the envelope into his pants and placing his wallet back in his pocket, he turned and faced the door and a buzzer buzzed as he pushed the door open and ran into Nick’s waiting arms.

Nick kissed him right there in the lobby, a long, sensuous, kiss. He stepped back, his eyes meeting Ty’s, “My everything.” Ty broke away and hugged Oggie, “Oh thank you, thank you.”Oggie hugged him and looked at Nick.

“I got it now. He’s your everything. That was the code.” He kissed the top of Ty’s head. “I love you son. Let’s get out of here.”

As they turned to leave, a State Highway Patrol Officer came in and stepped up to the window. “I need to see your shift commander. I have a warrant for the arrest of one Robert Boxer. I understand he is on shift right now.” He slid the warrant under the glass. “There was also a note to call Internal Affairs when I arrived. They will want all surveillance tapes for the last three months from all cameras and all log books and chain of command logs that pertain to Mr. Robert Boxer.”

“Wait,” Ty said. “He’s the one that gave me this.” Ty pointed to his fat lip. “Officer Bill must have done something. He said he was going to try and give me some protection. Sounds like he did a lot more.”

Officer Boxer came out the door as it was buzzed. “What’s this all about?” he said, looking at the officer and then looking at Ty.

The officer looked at him, “Robert Boxer, I have a warrant for your arrest.” He took Officer Boxer’s wrist and started to bring it around his back, his other hand reaching for his hand cuffs when Officer Boxer pulled away and ran towards Ty, reaching for him and screaming, “You little fucking piece of street trash I’ll . . .” But he never finished as Oggie stepped forward and landed a right hook to the nose, knocking him to the floor.

Oggie stepped forward, pushing Ty behind him, “Nobody touches my son that way!” He started for him but he felt a grip like a pipe wrench on his arm. “Thank you sir, I think he is restrained. I’ll cuff him before he wakes up. Do you wish to press charges?”

“Will it make a difference?”

“Between you and me, this guy has a world of shit ahead of him.”

“Good,” Ty said. “He gave me this,” pointing to the fat lip. “And over the years, he’s given me and a lot of other boys a lot of hurt, if you know what I mean. I hope he gets a little of the same where he’s going. I’d pay money to see someone stretch his ass for a change. He was the worst of the worst.”

The officer smiled, “I’ll make sure he’s sent to the yard with a jacket for short eyes. Being an ex-officer, he isn’t likely to have too many people who like him anyways. It’s guys like him that make the good ones look bad.”

“Then no, I don’t think my pressing charges will do anything to help. Thanks.”

“Sorry I let him slip away.”

“I’m not,” Oggie said, rubbing his knuckles. “I’ve wanted to hit something since this all started anyways. I’m just glad it was someone deserving.” He turned to leave taking his boys, one under each arm and went out the door.

Ty stopped when he went outside and breathed in deeply. “The air smells better when you are free, you know that? Hey Oggie, how come you never told me that the judge was your brother?”

“I don’t know, it never came up.”

“You would think that I would have noticed the names being the same when he said the Ogden Castle Ranch, but I never put it together.”

“Yeah, well you should never have trouble remembering it anymore.” Nick said, smiling. “Especially since it’s your last name now, too.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, your name is now officially Tyson Ignacio Castle,” Nick said, grinning. Ty just stared.

“But you said you couldn’t do that until this was all over.” Ty said, looking at Oggie.

“Yeah, I did. And it is. It is all over. Well, except for the gasoline thing. But, we have Zane Craft working on that. And look, your Uncle Jerry risked his job to make this all happen for you. He really went out on a limb.”

“For me? I thought he didn’t like me.”

“Well, to be honest, he didn’t. But he loves us and he will love you too, once he gets to know you. He is coming up Saturday and I got to tell you, he is bringing a surprise that will knock your socks off.”

“Why? He gave me my freedom. He doesn’t need to bring me anything else. I mean, giving me my Nick and you back, there is no greater gift.”

“Maybe he figures I was right about Nick, I must be right about you, too.”

“Oggie, I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, let’s get something to eat. Do you want to stay in town overnight and head back in the morning? We can get a good steak before we head back.”

“Oggie, if you don’t mind, I think a drive-through burger and a fast trip home is what I want. I’ve had enough of the city. I’d rather have a bologna and mayo sandwich on stale, white, bread at the ranch, than a steak here in the city.”

“Alright then, we’ll stop at a fast food place on the other side of the grapevine.”

“Pa, why do they call Route Five the ‘Grapevine’? I mean, I don’t see any grapes or vines, just really steep highway through the mountains.”

“Because, it leads out of the Los Angeles Valley, through the mountains, to the place where they grow the best grapes on the planet, the Sonoma Valley. They make some of the best wines in the world there. They put us on the wine map of the world, right up there with French and Italian wines. That’s huge.”

“Pa, can you see in your mirror?” Oggie looked in his mirror and Ty had one hand gripping the lapel of Nick’s jacket and his nose buried in his neck, sound asleep.


“Come on sleepy head, get up, it’s Saturday and we have to get the place ready for guests. We have a party today, an early birthday party, you could say.”

Ty rolled over and smiled, “Well then, take a moment and let me blow out your candle.”

“Is that all you ever . . .” But whatever else he said was muffled by Ty’s kiss and it was moments before his resistance melted into acceptance.

Still kissing, Nick slid off the bed and released his belt and dropped his jeans and boxer’s to the floor, still without breaking the kiss. His breathing was deeper as his warmth met Ty’s. He sat on top of Ty, finally breaking the kiss, his fully erect penis pointing at Ty’s mouth.

“Since it is your birthday, I have something to give you. Do you want me to blow your candle out before or after I roll you over and give you your present?”

“I think it better be before, otherwise, I won’t have anything left when you give me my present.” Nick smiled and pulled the covers over his head as he leaned over and started kissing Ty’s neck. Ty giggles the sweetest boy sound Nick could ever remember hearing. Nick worked his way down to his chest and rolling one nipple with his fingers, his lips found the other.

He licked and tugged on it until it was hard and slowly kissed his way down his belly, stopping to twist his tongue in his belly button, and down. Ty’s belly contracted with the little kisses as Nick kissed down to his balls. He gasped as his flaming piece of boy rod rubbed against Nick’s cheek.

Nick took one ball in his mouth and sucked and rolled it just the way he knew Ty liked it. Ty moaned as he did. He took the other, releasing the first and releasing it wrapped his index and thumb around his entire package and using it like a leash, pulled his boy on his hands and knees. He could feel Ty’s rod engorging itself to full hardness as he buried his face in Ty’s butt and started licking long licks from bottom to top, enjoying the taste of his boy musk. He moved down to his pink rose and stuck the pointed end in and wiggled it. Ty went crazy trying to squirm away, but Nick had a firm grip on his package. His legs splayed as he cooed and tried in vain to crawl away from the tongue that was causing his whole body to quiver. Ty’s precum was issuing in great amounts and Nick felt the gooey warmth as his other hand rubbed the course skin of his palm over the head of Ty’s dick. Ty was a whimpering mess as Nick pulled his grip again and flipped him back on his back again. His mouth moved to his leaking rod as his grip left his package and his fingers found his pucker. He pushed in, wiggling as he went and Ty squealed like a little girl as he bucked against the expert administrations of Nick’s mouth. Nick swirled his head and Ty thrust forward, grabbing hold of Nick’s hair as he screamed in ecstasy. Then thrusting forward again and freezing, locked in discharge until, his legs quavering, he dismounted his orgasm.

Breathing heavily, he pulled Nick up and pressed his mouth to Nick’s cum-slicked lips. Nick was a squirming mass of boy with a mission and he arched his stomach muscles and reaching down, found his member and guided it to the valley of happiness. Running his head from bottom to top once to find the spot, he returned the head to the point of pucker and without breaking the kiss, entered him. Ty gasped and pushed back with his legs to halt the throbbing intruder, his eyes wide in both pain and pleasure. Nick paused, bringing his legs up over his shoulders again, he eased in and out, short-stroking him until he felt him relax. He gave a mighty push and went straight to rabbit fuck, his hands on the bed and Ty reaching for his hips pulling him in tighter with each stroke. He felt Nick’s dick get thicker as it was getting ready to unload his firey pool of hot boy lava. Each pass rubbed his prostate and he started to whimper and squirm again, pulling at his hip, digging his fingers into his butt cheeks until Nick thrust forward, delivering blast after blast and he pushed in, arching his head back two, three times as he froze, thrusting forward, Ty holding tight to his ass, his own humping continuing as he brought himself to the top and over once again against the squirming, super sensitive head of Nick’s fire rod. They collapsed, trying to find breath as if they had been deep underwater trying to reach the surface.

Ty looked at Nick. Gasping between every other word he managed to utter, “Damn if this is my birthday, I can’t wait for Christmas.”


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