by Ricky


Chapter 8

“Hurry Up, we need to get breakfast into us and then get up the hill. Why don’t you start breakfast Nick and I’ll saddle the horses. Ty, you can pack some water bottles and maybe a snack for us to eat along the way. Nick can show you where everything is while he’s doing up the eggs.”

“Right pa,” Nick said as he sat up and stretched while Ty slept along side of him. Even though he had his own room, he still preferred to sleep with Nick.  The thought of him staying and Ty going with Oggie seemed to have an effect on Ty;  He faced not having him by his side for the first time.

“Come on sleepy head! This is all for you, so you better not sleep through it.” Ty lay there watching his naked boy brushing his teeth. He smiled as he pulled the covers in tight to try and keep the warmth of the missing boy next to him. He grinned, watching his butt wiggle as he brushed and then as he leaned over to catch some water in his hand to rinse his mouth with.

Nick grinned and pounced on top of the boy, who at some point drifted back to sleep. Ty reveled at the weight of his lover pressing down on the blankets. He couldn’t remember ever feeling so safe and so loved. He rolled back onto his back again and looked at his smiling boy, still naked, resting in his outstretched arms. His butt shifted and was now sitting on his favorite spot. He rocked his butt forward a couple of times.

“Let’s take a shower,” Ty said.

“Nope, no time, we got to get moving. Come on, hurry and get dressed, Pa probably already has the horses saddled.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot. But look what you started!” Ty said, pulling the covers back, shivering as the morning chill washed over his naked form.

“Oh, did I do that?” Nick said, leaning over and gently kissing his belly two or three times, he worked his way down to his rigid, throbbing-in-anticipation, staff of firm boyhood. Nick took the tip of his crown and swirled it and then gave it two quick kisses before standing up and proceeding to get dressed.

“Wait! You can’t do that. You can’t leave me like this!” he said, pointing incredulously with both hands at his now leaking faucet of boy love.

“Oh? See you downstairs for eggs. Over easy?”

“Dude this is just wrong,” he muttered, taking his job in fist and stroking his way to the bathroom where he turned his fist into a blur and closed his eyes. Seconds later, a shout of “Oh!” came from the bathroom. Nick smiled, slipping his boots on and grabbing his hat, headed for the door.

Ty cleaned up and brushed his teeth. Then slipping on his boots, he ran down the steps to find Nick standing in front of the stove cooking eggs, and Oggie pouring coffee. Nick’s smile said it all. Ty pointed at him and whispered, “Your time will come. Just wait.”

Ty had an ornery grin on his face. “What’s with you two this morning?” Oggie said, noticing the grin on Ty and the smirk on Nick’s face.

“Nothin’ Pa,” Nick giggled.

“Nothing? You call getting me all going and then just stopping, nothing? You wait, paybacks are a bitch.”

Oggie just grinned, “You two are something else. Look, I got the horses saddled and tied outside. Let’s get to eating so we can get up the hill. Ty, why don’t you make the toast and I’ll make the snacks?”

“But that was my job; I was just late coming down because, well, you know.”

“No worries, we’re family, we don’t have a set path, we are just all doing. If you want, I’ll do the toast and you can make the snacks.”

“Either way Oggie, I’m sorry; I should have had my part done too.”

“Hey, don’t give it a second thought. I didn’t.”

Ty made up his mind never to be the last one out of bed again. He didn’t like the feeling of not pulling his own weight.


The morning was cool, but the sun was bright and warm as they started out on the ride.  They made their way up the hill overlooking a deep, green valley vested with bushes and trees all around.

“Look down there,” Nick whispered with a nod.

“Wow!” Ty whispered.

“Man, an eight point buck! I hope he’s around here come hunting season. I can taste that venison now.”

Ty reached behind him and grabbed his pad of paper and pencils. Still sitting Camille, he began to sketch; again, just lightly marking outlines. He turned around and looked at Oggie. He stared for a moment and flipped the page and began drawing.

“Uh, Ty?”


“One request, please.”

“Sure, anything.”

“Clothes. Please make sure I’m wearing clothes.”

They all had a good laugh which scared the deer back into the brush.

The guys rode for about an hour or so, just taking their time and enjoying each other’s quiet companionship.  Ty looked lost in thought as he was contemplating the drawing of Oggie and the buck they had seen previously.  He thought it would make a nice thank you gift for Oggie for taking him in and showing him the unconditional love that had been missing in his life.

“We better get back. We still have to pack. Look, pack light; we’ll be flying with Jim down to the airport.  I didn’t want to take all the time and Jim said he would be glad to do it.”

“Cool,” Nick said, smiling.

“What’s cool?”

“Deputy Jim. Remember him from the Sawdust? He’s going to fly us down to the airport.”

“I don’t get it, how can he fly us to the airport? Seems like we would have to start there to fly here.”

“Deputy Jim flies a helicopter!”

“No way, we’re going to fly in a helicopter?”

“Yeah, and that’s a kind of flying I can get into,” Nick smiled. “Come on.” He nudged Smokey and took off. Ty did the same and Camille followed.

“I’ll meet you guys back at the house!” Oggie yelled after them. “Well, how about it, Chewy? We haven’t been over the top in a while. Wanna kick her into the wind?”

Chewbacca understood as he gave an excited whinny.  Oggie pulled his hat down tighter on his head and grabbed the reins.  Chewbacca knew what was about to happen and Oggie could feel the muscles of the horse tighten in excitement under his legs.  The horse pawed at the ground and thrust his head forward a couple of times, almost asking for the word to be given. Oggie knew and gently nudged his heels into the side of the horse.  Chewy raised up on his back legs about six inches and then took off at a full gallop, racing to the top of the hill.  He crested it and was gone in a matter of seconds, the only thing left of the horse and rider was a cloud of dust.

Nick saw that Ty had stopped, and watched the whole thing unfold.  Ty’s mouth was hanging open, slack-jawed.  Nick doubled back around to meet up with Ty.

“He can really move, can’t he?” Nick said, coming along side of Ty.

“Yeah, that was really something. Why’s he going that way?”

“Chewy wants exercise and that’s a really good, hard run uphill. He’ll probably beat us back to the house and Chewy will be soaked with sweat, but happy. Horses like to run and work hard. It’s sorta like when you work really hard at something and then cool off, it feels awesome.”

“You mean like a swim after a good fuck?” Ty said, smiling.

“Well, a little. I mean that feels great, too. But working up a lather, then cooling off, is different, you’ll see. Wait ’til harvest time. Let’s get back and finish the coop. We just have the door to hang and the chicken wire to put on it and we are done. Then we gotta put a couple things together for the trip.”

“Oggie said that we should just pack one set of clothes to keep the weight down. So I figured my paper and pencils, a pair of jeans and underwear and a shirt. Oh, and socks. Should I wear my Rockports?”

“Well, now would be a good time to wear the snakeskin and grey felt. It’s a formal occasion, or as formal as a cowboy gets anyways. You want to make a good impression for pa.”

“Oh right. Hey, why do you think he wants to take me along anyways?”

“Thought he explained that to you? I think he wants you to look at the building site and help him think of what kind of building to build. It’s going to be some kind of gallery or something.”

“Me? What do I know about buildings? I mean, Jumpin’ Jerry could tell him about breakin’ in. Johnny the Torch could tell him how it would burn. But I don’t know squat about them, other than they usually have two doors that I never get to go into unless it’s a court house.”

“You don’t have to worry about the building part. Pa knows that inside and out. He wants to know your ideas about what it should look like on the outside.”

Ty was quiet for most of the way back. “What if I don’t think of something he likes?”

“Then he is no worse off. He has that now. Look, I don’t think pa is depending on you to do anything. I think it’s more like taking you along to see if you like it, to see what the process is and maybe to let you help on this project from beginning to end. I mean, everyone has to start someplace and you just happen to get in at the beginning of this one. Don’t feel like you have to do anything but watch and see what pa does.”

“Wow, look at Chewbacca, he’s soaked.”

“Yeah, but I think if he could smile, he would be smilin’ ear to ear right now. That’s what he likes. Pa will hose him off when he cools off a bit and then he’ll rub him down. Sometimes I think it’s the attention they get afterwards that makes them want to run. Come on, we’ll take them over in the shade and unsaddle them.”


“Got everything? Jim should be here in about ten minutes. He’s going to set down out front where he used to bring them in from the fires.”

“Alright pa, we’re ready.”

“Okay now Ty, when he lands, you and Nick get in the back and buckle up. I have to sit up front to keep the weight balanced. So bend over a bit and watch the sand in your eyes. Stay with Nick and don’t lose your head. Okay?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess.” He looked at Nick with a little worry on his brow.

“Relax, you’ll like it. I don’t mind this kind of flying. It feels right. And Jim is a great pilot. He used to fly in and bring guys out of the fires. It takes a lot of guts. He had to deal with the heat thermals and when the air gets to a certain temperature it no longer provides enough lift and he could have dropped out of the sky like a rock. But Jim kept going. He’s really an incredible pilot.”

Ty swallowed when Nick described the helicopter falling out of the sky. His breathing increased when they heard that familiar sound of the blades chopping through the air as a swirl of dust kicked up as the helicopter set down briefly.

Oggie grabbed his canvas gym bag and squatted down as he hurried over to the helicopter. Nick looked at Ty and spoke over the noise of the helicopter.

“You ready?” He knew the question was rhetorical as he grabbed the bag he and Ty shared with their change of clothes. Nick motioned for Ty to put one hand on his hat and lean over as they made for the back seats of the helicopter. Jim got out and came around to make sure they were both buckled in right. He smiled at Ty and flipped the brim of his hat down playfully. He left the door open and hooked a strap across the opening before moving back to the pilot’s seat.

Nick took his hat off and set it to the side and reached up and grabbed a headset and put it on. He grabbed another one and handed it to Ty as he took his gray felt from him and set it on top of his, safely to the closed side. Ty put the headset on as the blades sped up and the airship lifted off the ground and pitched forward with the back higher than the front. The boys could see over the shoulders of Oggie and Jim as the ship shot forward and gained altitude. Nick took the headset and showed Ty the two settings on the talk control. He flipped the switch to the number two position and pushed the button in and held it as he spoke.

“Put it on number two and only you and I can hear. Put it on setting one and they can hear us up front. We don’t go on there unless we have something to say because Jim has to listen to directions from air traffic controllers. They see us on radar and can direct him to do things like climb higher or change heading to stay out of other traffic. Look!” He pointed out the open door. They could see the few head of cattle they had below. They flew over Cheytan’s farm and he looked up and waved. Nick waved back, as did Ty, as they gained altitude. Nick flipped the switch over to channel one.

“Hey Jim, thanks for the ride. You even remembered that I like to have the door open.”

“How could I forget? I think you would have been a permanent fixture back there if I gave you half a chance.”

Nick looked down at Ty and he had white knuckles from holding the seat so tightly. Nick flipped it back to channel two. “You alright Ty? Relax, you’re seat belted in. You can’t fall out.” Nick put an arm around him. “Ty? Look at me.” Nick let the button go and took his finger and tilted his chin up and towards him. Nick smiled and kissed him.

A voice came over the intercom. “Everything alright back there?” It was Jim.

“Yeah, Ty’s just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“You sure? It looked to me like you were giving him mouth to mouth. Is he still breathing?”

Nick grinned broadly. “Well Jim, I’m not sure, let me check.” He leaned over and kissed him again.

“Yeah Jim, he’s breathing, but I may need to do that a few more times.”

“You want me to arrest him when we land?” Ty’s eye’s got huge and his breathing tripled as he got a look of panic on his face.

Nick put his hand on Ty’s arm. “What’s the charge Jim?”

“Stealing your heart, I think.”

Ty started breathing again and flipped the switch to channel one. “Officer Jim, if I plead guilty can we settle this out of court? And I think I would have to ask you to arrest Nick. He’s the thief here. He stole my heart the day I got out of the car.”

“Well, I think I’ll have to let you both off with a warning. You guys be careful. Hearts are really fragile things.”

“Thanks Jim. We’ll be careful,” Nick said, looking at Ty.

Ty pushed the button. “You scared me! I thought I was goin’ down again without doing anything wrong.”

“What do you mean?” Nick asked.

“I was going down for the third time and I never did anything wrong except be in the wrong place with the wrong people. I’ve never even spit on the sidewalk. I mean, I told you the one time I was hoping to buy enough drugs to put an end to it, when I got popped before I ever got that far. That was the first time. The next time I was out four hours and the same dude drove by and saw me and picked me up,– Told me to cruise with him. He’d buy me pizza and maybe pick up some bitches. I tried to say no, but he got pissed off, so I went with him. He got a call and picked up two guys who just robbed a Quick Mart and shot the clerk. All they got was like thirty bucks and a case of suds they never even got to drink. The third time; the one that brought me to you, I was out again four hours and son of a bitch, he showed up again. I saw how pissed he got when I tried to turn him down the last time, so I didn’t even fight it. I just got in. The car was stolen. All this and I never did anything wrong. But I guess I should thank him. If he hadn’t caused me to go through all that I wouldn’t know you. So kiss me.”

“Uh, if you don’t mind Ty, can we just shake hands, or maybe, you know, just hug a bit? I mean, you’re really a nice kid but I got to tell ya, I’m married with twin little girls. If I left my wife now for you she’d just be heart broke. So maybe we can just be friends?” It was Jim. Ty forgot to switch back to channel two. Everyone laughed as Ty blushed crimson.

The laughter continued as they approached the Los Angeles Airport, and set down. As the boys got out, Jim came around and picked Ty up in his arms and said, “Well, only one.” And he kissed Ty right on the lips. They all laughed again as Ty wiped his mouth on his sleeve as he looked at Nick.

“I hope you’re a better kisser than he is or you guys won’t have any fun at all.”

“Sure we will,” Nick said through his laughter.”There’s always sex!”

Jim covered his ears, “I don’t want to hear this, lalalalalala.”

They passed through the doors into flight ops. “Well, this is where I leave you; I have to gas up and head back. You can catch a shuttle right outside that door that’ll take you right up to the terminal.”

“Great Jim, I can’t thank you enough.”

“It was my pleasure, Oggie. Always is.” He turned to Nick and tussled his hair a little. “You take care of yourself. Look, you guys go ahead, let Ty and I have a word. He’ll be out in a minute.”

They looked a little concerned, as did Ty, as Jim held his hand, holding him back. They went out the front door but looked inside through the glass as Jim sat down on the bench and turned Ty to face him. His gaze was at the floor.

“Hey Ty, look at me.” Ty lifted his eyes momentarily and looked at Jim for a moment, then dropped his gaze again. “No, look me in the eyes. I want you to hear me. An honest man doesn’t fear another man’s gaze, so always look a man in the eyes when you talk to him.” Ty looked up.

“I just wanted to tell you that I believe you. I think you’re a pretty neat kid and you don’t have to be afraid of me. I love Nick and Oggie too and there is no way they could love you if you weren’t worth it. So I am hoping, all kidding aside, that I can be your friend too.”

“Thanks. I think I’d like that very much.”

“Alright then, go on before you miss your shuttle.”

Jim’s eyes were still locked on Ty’s. Ty leaned forward and hugged him with all he had. “Thanks.”

He broke away and ran towards the door. Jim smiled and turned back towards the flight ops desk.

“You alright?” Nick asked.

“Yeah,” Ty said, taking Nick’s hand. “I think he was just helping me take that sign down.”

“Sign?” Nick said

“Yeah, you know. That one I told you about. The one over my head.”

“Oh, that one. Good, you’ve been carrying it  long enough.”

“Here comes the shuttle.” Oggie said as Nick and Ty, still holding hands, stepped up to the curb. The shuttle slowed down for the stop but as he approached, the driver saw Nick and Ty holding hands and stepped on the gas.

“Hey!” Oggie shouted, holding up a finger, “What the, well why’d he do that?” Oggie said, turning around and looking at the boys who let go of each other’s hand.

“Sorry pa. I guess it matters to some folk.”

“Eh, don’t worry about it. We don’t want to ride in his shuttle anyways. Here’s a cab. Come on. Jump in.”

“Where to?”

“Main terminal?”

“You mean the airport one? You know they have a free shuttle, it comes by here every fifteen minutes.”

“That’s alright. Just take us up to the terminal.”

“You know it’s a four and a half dollar flag drop, don’t ya?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Alright then. But it sure seems like I’m taking advantage of you. Which airline?”

“Bright Blue”

“Ok, here you are. $7.50. You had three people so there was the surcharge.”

“Here’s ten. Keep it.”

“Thanks bud. Wish they were all this easy.”

Ty’s eyes scanned all the things around him. So much activity, he was in sensory overload. His excitement level peaked. Ty slipped his hand into Nick’s automatically as the throng of people closed in upon them as they made their way to the gate. Passing through security, Nick placed his bag in the tray and took off his boots and put them in another. He undid his belt and pulled it out of his pants and put it in the tray as he fished for any metal in his pockets. Watching and following along, Ty saw him remove his boots and belt and followed suit, while trying to see what others had to do as they went through. One man stepped through and the arch flashed red and beeped loudly. The man on the other side directed him to stand on two yellow footprints inside a large Plexiglas tube. As he did, a machine scanned him from all sides and he was sent on his way.

Oggie beeped, having forgotten his cell phone. They removed it and he passed. Then Ty and then Nick both passed through without any warnings. They picked up their boots and belts and carry-on bags and made their way down towards the gate.

“Look, it’s about a two hour flight. You guys hungry? Want to get something to eat? We still have a little time.”

“Yeah, sure. I could do a burger or something. How about you Nick?”

“Uh, no. Not for me. I think I’ll wait until we get there. I’m really not that hungry.”

“But you didn’t eat breakfast. You must be hungry.”

“Uh Ty, eating right before a flight doesn’t agree with Nick. Come on, we’ll grab a bite over here. Nick, you want something to drink?”

“No pa, I’m good. Thanks.”

“Oggie are you going to eat something?”

“Yeah, sure, I’m starving. Why?”

“Well, I’ve never flown before and if it doesn’t sit well with Nick, then it may not with me. How do I know? Should I wait, or what? And if I eat and then I go on the plane, what can happen?”

“Well some people, a few people, well, their stomachs don’t like the feeling of taking off or landing and some get an upset stomach and well, some . . . you know,” He said glancing at Nick, “Well, it affects some people really bad.”

“He means that I have a tendency to toss my cookies.”

Ty raised an eyebrow. “You have cookies?”

“Uh, no. It’s just an expression. It means that I give back my lunch. Sometimes, sorta, kinda. But not all the time. Just sometimes. Sorta.”

“You get sick?”

“Yeah. Kinda. Well, only kinda, a few times. Recently.”

“You mean that you know that it makes you sick and you came anyways? For me?”

“Well, yeah. It’s important to you and there’s no guarantee that I’ll do it this time.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know, I mean. I knew you didn’t like to fly, but I didn’t know it makes you . . . you know. Erp.”


“Yeah, you know Erp!”

“Look, I’ll be fine. Go ahead and eat.”


“This is a regional jet so it’s a lot smaller. They only have three seats across. So you and Ty take the two seats together and I’ll sit across the aisle. I got us seats up front so it’s a smoother ride.”

“Pa, you got any, uh, you know, bags in the pocket in front of you? We don’t have any over here.”

“Uh, just wait until everyone get’s seated and I’ll ring for the stewardess. No worries. You think you’ll need them?” Oggie asked, looking at Nick, who was already growing pale in anticipation.

Nick just looked over towards Oggie with a look of distress on his face.

“Son, the door isn’t even closed yet.”

“Pa, I know, but my body knows what comes next.”

“Try not to think about it son. You’ll be alright.”

The last of the passengers found their seats and the stewardess closed and secured the door. Oggie pushed the call light and a very pretty young lady came around the corner from the galley.

“May I help you, sir?”

“Uh yes, my son,” he said, gesturing over towards Nick. “Well, there are no bags in the pouch in front of him.” She gave a nod of understanding and reached around the corner, grabbed two bags, and slipped them in a magazine and handed it to Nick with her finger marking the opening so he could see the gift nestled between its pages. He tried to grin as he took them from her.

“Here, let me turn the overhead air on for you. It may help. Would you like that?”

“Yes, thank you.” She also opened a cabinet and got a little pillow and blanket as she noticed him start to sweat when the turbines started up. They heard the ‘clunk, clunk’ as the cargo hatches were secured. Ty watched as the conveyer cart was driven away. With a lurch, the airplane started to roll backward and Nick leaned back. Ty just looked on, more concerned over what was happening to Nick than what was going on as his first flight began to taxi down the runway. Nick readied his bag under his blanket. He was ready for whatever came up.


“Oh Nick, I feel so bad. I’m so sorry.”

“Look Ty, I’ll be alright. I just don’t want to talk about it anymore, please. We’ll be at the hotel in just a few minutes and I can lay down. Really, I’ll be fine.”

“So, what did you think of your first flight?” Oggie asked Ty, trying to change the subject for Nick.

“Well, the take off makes you feel all funny inside, like it’s smashing you into the seat. That was pretty cool. But I didn’t know that airplanes could hit speed bumps in the air. And there were so many. I wonder why we can’t see the lumps. I mean, were they clouds that we were running over, or what?”

“That’s called turbulence and it’s caused by a lot of things, weather and terrain mostly. They are like updrafts and thermals and stuff. The bigger the plane, the less you feel it. Those regional jets are just really small. Ah, here we are. I got us a suite with two queen size beds. Why don’t you guys go in and sit down until I get us checked in,” Oggie said, handing the driver two crisp, new, twenty dollar bills.

Oggie checked them in and went over to the boys with two plastic credit card looking things and he handed one to Nick and one to Ty.

“What is this?” Ty asked.

“It’s the room key. You’ll need it to get in and out of the room and in to the pool area.”

“They have a pool?”

“Yeah, we’ll have to get you and Nick a suit at the gift shop. Our room is 3423. You need to remember that. 3423.” They helped Nick up and over to the elevator. Still green, he hurled when the elevator took off but he had delivered anything of substance long ago on the airplane. Ty hurried down the hall to find the right door and slid his card in the slot. A red light flashed. He turned the card over and tried it again and the light turned green and he turned the handle and pushed the very heavy door open holding it for Nick and Oggie.

“Nick, why don’t you clean up a bit and then lay down. I’ll have your clothes laundered if you put them in the bag, hanging in the closet.”

“I’ll get it Oggie. I’ll clean him up too. It’s my fault he is in this condition. I just feel so bad.” He ushered Nick into the bathroom and closed the lid on the toilet.

“Sit,” he commanded. Nick complied. He stripped quickly and started the water. Removing Nick’s clothes he put them in the sink. They were a mess. The cab driver had to roll down the windows to rid the cab of the smell. When Nick was completely naked, he pulled him up and helped him into the tub. Pulling the curtain, Ty felt the water again to make sure it was perfect and moved the handle to re-route the water to the shower.

“Come on Nick,” Ty urged him. Nick stepped forward, much like the walking dead, just going the direction he is pointed. He stood under the warm water basking in the warmth and letting Ty clean him top to bottom. After he was sure that everything was washed off of him, he said, “Just stand under the water for a minute while I dry off. Then I’ll get you.”

He stepped out of the tub and grabbed a bath sheet and quickly dried off. Then, opening the door, he stepped out into the room where Oggie was watching TV and opened the closet and got the bag off the hanger. “This one, Oggie?” He asked.

“Yep, that’s it.”

Ty went over and pulled back the covers on the bed and moved the extra pillows away. Oggie marveled at how Ty was taking over. All of this new to him, but he plodded on. “Oggie, we used the soap and shampoo in those little bottles on the sink. I hope they weren’t expensive, but we didn’t bring any.”

“No Ty, that’s what they are there for. They come free with the room.”

“Oh, good. I was afraid . . . But it was for Nick, so I was sure it would be alright.” Ty scurried back into the bathroom and dropped his towel on the floor and reached inside. Turning the water off, he commanded Nick again. “Come on, step out.” He took another bath sheet and dried his hair and then his back, being careful not to jostle him around too much. Nick’s color was looking better, but he was still out of it.

When he was sure Nick was dry, he wrapped the towel around him and opened the door. They felt the chill of the air conditioning wash over them and the chill gave rise to Ty slightly. He helped Nick into bed and covered him up. “I’ll be right back,” he mumbled and ran back into the bathroom and picked up the towels and hung them over the towel bar. Ty turned out the light and slid in under the covers and spooned his boy.

“You going to bed, too? It’s still early afternoon. Once he gets some rest, he’ll be fine.”

“I know. I’m just going to snuggle with him a little bit and keep him warm. He might need something. I’ll get up in a while.” Ty wrapped an arm over his boy and snuggled in close to his neck. Nick’s breathing became deep as he drifted off to sleep.

“Hey guys, wake up. We need to think about getting something to eat before it gets too late. We need to get out and get a few things to wear, too. Nick, how are you feeling?”

“I’m a lot better now, pa. Thanks.

“Good, I thought Ty was going to mother hen you to death there for a while.”

“Hey, I feel responsible. Someone should have told me that he got so sick. The least I could do is help him get through it.” He pulled Nick in tighter and reflexively rocked his hips forward.

“Gee, it’s working already. Do that again!” Nick giggled.

“Oh geez, alright you two, I’m going to go downstairs to the lounge and have a beer while you guys . . . do what you guys do. Get it out of your systems, because I’m not going to listen to moaning all night long, so, I’ll see you guys downstairs in an hour.” Oggie walked out mumbling something about getting a second room for himself.

“Well, you want to?”

“What did you have in mind?”

Ty flexed his hips forward and Nick felt Ty’s little fire staff part his boy mounds. “Uh, we don’t have any lube.”

“There’s some lotion in the bathroom.”

“Get it, let’s take a look.”

Ty folded back the covers and ran into the bathroom, grabbing the little bottle of lotion off the sink. Running back, he opened it and sniffed. “Oh, this stuff smells like girl stuff, all perfume-y and stuff.”

“No problem. I’m hungry now, anyways.” Ty gave out a squeal as Nick’s feet came out from under the covers and rested on the pillow. Ty continued to giggle as he crouched down to find his favorite boy toy on Nick. They set upon each other like two starving calves on their mother, Ty rolling on top of Nick and working his hips as he sucked him down to his mound. Nick groaned and the vibration of his groan made Ty flinch and giggle, so Nick made more humming, yummy, noises and it made Ty squirm all over to try and get away. But, Nick had hold of his boy mounds and was determined to make him crazy with it. He wanted to see if it was funny or a turn on for Ty, so he played his boy kazoo until he found his answer. Ty started ramming it home, in between squirms and giggles. And just as he started to tighten up, Nick let loose with another chorus and Ty twitched, delivering his load sporadically until he fell limp, breathing deep and hard.

“Oh my God, that was too weird!” as he pulled his now super sensitive head out of his reach. “Hey you, get up here, it’s my turn.”

Ty began kissing Nick as soon as his head peeked out from under the covers. He began little kisses down Nick’s neck as he winced and giggled uncontrollably. Ty worked his way down to his nipples as his hand found his squirming boyhood. He licked and tugged and nibbled on first one, then the other, all the while working his staff up and down. Nick was trying to climb a nonexistent ladder to escape the tortuous administrations of his boy love as Ty continued to nibble and lick on his nipples. Nick’s squirming suddenly changed from squirming to fucking as his breathing became ragged. Ty switched and used his thumb and forefinger to roll his nipple as his mouth found the flaming hot staff of his boy love. He sucked it down eagerly and pulled back with as much vacuum as he could muster as he tugged, rolled and pulled tenderly and then Nick thrust forward with a guttural exclamation of boy jam bliss.


“Hi Karen. Yeah, I just wanted to let you know that we got in and settled in at the Rotterdam Hotel. What time do you want to go out to the property? Great, we’ll be ready about nine then. Right, we’re in room 3423. What’s that? Lunch with a few friends? Well, you know I have the boys with me, right? Oh sure, I think that would be great. They’ll love it. We’ll bring our suits then. Alright, sure. See you then. Goodnight.”

Oggie hung up the phone. She has a surprise for them. ‘I hate surprises,’ he thought to himself.


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