by Ricky


Chapter 5
The drive into town took almost 45 minutes. Ty was glued to the window the whole way. His excitement peaked when he spotted a pack of coyotes.

“Look, wild dogs!”

“Those are coyotes. Look at them skinny muzzles. They are really amazing critters. They live anywhere, eat almost anything and they adapt quickly. They even live in big cities. By themselves they aren’t too bad, but a pack of them is real dangerous. They work together. They breed like rabbits so we have to kill them off or they will take over. They don’t have a lot of predators.”

“What do ya mean, they don’t have predators?”

“It’s a food chain. We get heavy rains and more grass grows. There is more food for rabbits. So the rabbits make more babies. More baby rabbits mean’s more food for the coyotes. So, more coyotes happen to keep the number of rabbits down. The problem is that there isn’t a lot out there to eat the coyotes, so we have to cut the number down or they will gang up and take down a cow or a horse. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, it isn’t much different in the city, just different animals.”

“How so?”

“Well, take the hood for instance. You get a lot of misery in the world and people loose their jobs. You have more poor people. More poor people need to escape it, so they have a choice of sex or drugs to escape. They make more babies to grow up poor, so there is a need for more drugs, which brings more cooks who can make the stuff and more dealers to sell the stuff. They get in a race to see who can make the best stuff, the fastest and the cheapest, until people start dying from it. Or, the rich folk get ta screamin’ that they are tired of their stuff getting taken and they threaten to make a few wanna-be rich folks poor people unless they start doing something about it. Then, John Law comes in and kills the dealers and the cooks move to the next ghetto. It goes round until they end up right back in the first ghetto. By then, the rich folk have more stuff to steal, the cops are lazy again and the whole thing starts over.” Nick just looked at Ty, slack jawed.

“What?” Ty asked. “The dealers are your coyotes. The poor people are your rabbits. And anybody with anything worth stealing is your grass. It’s the cities version of the food chain.”

“Where do we fit in there?” Nick asked.

“I suppose, you guys are the guys with the guns.”

“That sucks,” Nick said, quietly.

“It only sucks if you aren’t one of the guys with the guns. The guys with the guns make out thick.”

“How so?”

“You think all those drugs and cash and stolen things make it back into police property?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Yeah well, it don’t. Cops figure they don’t make enough no matter how much they make. How much would you charge to take a chance on takin’ a bullet every day? No, sorry man, I’ve given blow jobs to way too many to believe any different.”

“Even so, how does that make us like them?”

“You ain’t so different.”

“How can you say that?”

“You said you have to keep the numbers of them coyotes down. Why not kill them all and be done with them?”

“Well, first off, it would be damn hard to do it, just because of the sheer numbers. But you have to have a certain number of them to keep the rodent population in check. They are an important link in our chain.”

“So you allow some to take rabbits and rodents right in front of you and you don’t do anything. Why not kill them all and do your own dirty work. You kill all the rodents and rabbits.”

“They would overwhelm us in no time.”

“So you would allow drug dealers to continue to operate as long as they do it in small numbers and it’s ok if they prey on the poor rabbit people, as long as they don’t eat too many of your crops.”

Nick looked like a trapped rat. He opened his mouth to speak, but couldn’t find the words. He thought for a moment more and started again to speak and stopped. He looked at Oggie, “Pa, you gotta help me here. That’s the same twisted thinking that got me laid . . . I mean started us doing stuff. I am so mixed up right now. You got nothing to say?”

Oggie grinned, looking in the rear view mirror at the two of them. “Actually, it is a pretty fair analogy.” Oggie chuckled, wiping his hand over his face, bringing his thumb and forefinger together at his chin trying desperately to hide his amusement. Nick sat back in his seat and just stared at the back of Oggie.

Ty leaned over and kissed him, “Don’t worry, I know how to deal with city coyotes. I’ll keep you safe.”

“We’re here!” Oggie exclaimed, pulling into the gravel lot of the Sawdust Grille. He was glad to end the trip before Ty had them branded as murdering, corrupt, politicians. “Grab your bags and come up to the office and I’ll get the keys to our rooms.”

Nick was very quiet as he grabbed his bag in one hand and Oggie’s in the other. He tried not to look at Ty for fear Ty would see his disapproval of being compared to corrupt cops. Ty grabbed his bag and started to follow Nick up the steps when he glanced over at the Sherriff’s car that just pulled up next to Oggie’s. Ty stepped faster to catch up, glancing over his shoulder.

The deputy noticed the fearful look in Ty’s eyes and his criminal radar went off as he got out of the car and followed him up the steps. Ty turned to face Nick on his left, watching as the Sheriff came through the door.

“Shit,” Ty whispered.

“What?” Nick said, turning around to see the deputy coming up behind them. “Hey Jim!” Nick said, putting his hand out. The deputy took his hand and shook it.

“Nick, is that really you? Why, I hardly recognized you, you’ve grown so much. Heck, you look about a foot taller than the last time I saw you. How long’s it been? ‘Bout a year and a half, maybe two, since the fires?”

“Hey Jim!” Oggie said, turning around and sticking his hand out, smiling. “Fancy meeting you here, how’s Millie?”

“She popped about two months ago, giving me two beautiful little girls, Ashley and Amanda. Here’s their picture,” he said, pulling a photograph out of his shirt pocket and showing Oggie.

“Oh, they are adorable. Hey, good thing they look like their mother, eh?” Oggie laughed.

“Oh, no doubt.” Jim said. “Looks like your brood got bigger too. This one yours, too?” he said, looking down at Ty.

“Yep, this is one of my boys. Ty, this is my good friend Jim. Jim, this is my boy, Ty.”

Jim stuck out his hand and Ty swallowed, extending his trembling paw. Jim took it and knelt down to look Ty in the eye.

“You seem a little nervous, Ty. You alright?”

Ty nodded, but was trembling nearly out of his boots. “It’s alright son, I won’t hurt you. I’m one of the good guys.” Jim placed his hand on Ty’s shoulder and gave it a little squeeze as he stood up, looking at Oggie.

“Ty’s just a little nervous around guns and badges. He came to us from the city and he’s still getting settled in.”

“From the city, huh?” Jim said, now wondering if there was substance behind his concern.

“Jim, I intend that he become my son when he get’s through all this. He’s a good kid. We’ve already grown to care a great deal about him. He came from some troubled circumstances. That’s all behind him now.”

Jim knelt down again and looked at Ty. “Are you a good kid, Ty?”

“I’m trying my best, sir,” Ty said, weakly.

“Then, I am not your enemy, I am your friend too. Oggie doesn’t give his trust easily. I’d say you have made a pretty strong impression on him for him to say he intends that you become his son. That’s good enough for me.” He stood up again and turned to Oggie, “I better get back to it. I just stopped in to grab a cup of coffee. I got rounds to make. Good to see you again Oggie, Nick. Nice to meet you, Ty,” he said, stepping over to the door to the restaurant. Ty sighed as Jim turned and went into the restaurant.

Ty looked up to see a very pretty lady about Oggie’s age slide a couple keys across the counter. As Oggie reached for the keys, she placed her hand on top of his. “I gave you rooms three and five.” She leaned over and whispered, “Three has a connecting door to suite one. The lock is on your side.” She smiled as she took her hand away. “I get done at eleven.”

Oggie smiled and turned to the boys, “Here you are boys, you are in room five. Oh, hey Sharon, can I have another key to five, please?”

“Sure Oggie, as many as you need,” she said, setting a small box with #5 written on the end in front of him. “I’ve got to get back in there, the dinner rush is going to start soon.” Oggie took another key out and set the box back over the counter.

“Ok, let’s try that again,” he said, handing them each a key. “Room five. Why don’t we go up and get settled in.” He looked at his watch. “Say about forty-five minutes, we meet back down here and we’ll get some grub.”

“Oggie, I’m not feelin’ so hot, you mind if I just skip it? I need to lay down for a little bit.”

Oggie’s brows furrowed, “You alright son? Do I need to call a doctor?”

“No! Oggie . . . I just need to lay down for a bit. I’ll be fine.” Ty said, as he carried his bag up the steps towards number five and a brief respite from the stress.

Oggie looked concerned at Nick, “What do you think that was all about?”

“I don’t know, but Jim really shook him up.”

“I wonder why that is. Why don’t you go see what you can find out, then see if you can get him to eat something. Give me a call in an hour or so, maybe a little nap wouldn’t hurt and he’ll feel better.”

The door was closed and locked already. He inserted his key and opened the door, unsure of what he would find. Ty was laying with his back to the door, under the covers already. Nick set his bag down and closed the door. He shucked off his clothes and lifted the covers and slipped in behind Ty, spooning him. He wrapped an arm over him and pulled himself tight against him. “Talk to me Ty. What’s wrong?”

“It was almost over. I almost lost everything. I almost lost you. I don’t want to risk it. I want this too bad.”

“I don’t understand. How did you almost lose everything?”

“The knife. I had the knife on my belt.”

Nick stifled a giggle. “All this is over a buck knife? Ty, you are in no danger here. This is the country. If you’re a boy, then you have a knife. It sorta comes with the boots, buckle and the hat.”

“No Nick, it’s you that doesn’t understand. I’m breaking my contract and I’m breaking the law. I don’t care what Oggie says, he isn’t higher than a judge. Nick, it isn’t a little thing. It is a federal law I’m breaking. That moves me into adult court and adult time. I signed papers. No guns, knives or weapons of any kind. Jim could have violated my parole and that would get me back into hell until I am eighteen. And they don’t care what Oggie said I could do or have.”

“Ty, Jim is a friend . . .”

“Second!” he said, cutting him off. “First, he is John Law and I’m a convicted criminal. Look, you don’t know how it works. Frisky Jim was a good guy. He was in for a first time for something minor. He was coming up for parole and he was gonna get it. He was on the rec yard playin’ B-ball. He shot and it hit the hoop and the ball rolled into the DMZ. It’s an area near the fence you are forbidden to enter. It is considered an escape attempt to do it without permission. He looked at Boss Cramer. Boss gave him the nod to go get it. He did and when he did, Boss Boxer blew the whistle and they took him down. He was charged with attempted escape and they said he would have to stay until he was eighteen. He was fourteen and his girlfriend was pregnant. He went off on Boss Cramer and they tazed his ass and stuck him in the hole for thirty days. I saw it. It was all because he wouldn’t give Boss Boxer his ass when he wanted it. He grieved him and this was paybacks.”

“What do you mean he grieved him?”

“It’s filling out a form to have the warden look into it. It’s bad for the guard. Too many grievances and they get a shitty post where it’s dangerous. They either set him up or he get’s scared and quits. Either way, the guard is out of the way and nobody gets embarrassed. But Frisky Jim was sent to hell for it. They won’t let up on him either. It will be like he has a jacket on for the next four years. Boss Cramer could have spoke up, but even if he did, they would say he broke the law. Boss Cramer doesn’t have the authority to grant you permission to violate the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. I risked it all for a shiny piece of steel.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll hold the knife for you.”

“Thanks. I hope Oggie won’t be mad. I really like the knife. It’s the second coolest gift I have ever been given.”

“What was the coolest?”

“The paper and pencils.”

“Will you kiss me now?” Nick whispered in his ear.

Ty rolled back towards Nick and slipped an arm around him. “Only if you will hold me tight for a while, I’m still so scared,” Ty said, looking from his eyes to his lips. Nick gently kissed him and they lay there in silence. It wasn’t long before the smells of the restaurant wafted up the steps. Nick’s stomach started to growl.

Ty giggled his boy giggle and Nick slapped his belly, “Hush up down there, this is more important than food.” Ty laughed at him talking to his angry belly.

“Come on. Is steak good?” Ty said, getting up and slipping on his pants and shirt.

“Wait a minute. You’ve never had a steak in your life?”

“Nope, they don’t serve many of those in the prison. We were lucky to get turkey on Thanksgiving.”

“Oh, you’re going to like this.”

“Just tell me it doesn’t taste anything like bologna?” It was Nicks turn to giggle.

“Just think, bologna with Bar-B-Q sauce on it. Come on, I’m starving.” Nick grabbed his hand and drug him towards the door.

“Hold on, these boots are still pretty stiff and this one’s not on all the way.” He stamped his foot a couple times, “There, now let’s go.”


“Hey, you feeling better now?” Oggie said, smiling a wide smile.

“Yes sir, much better. I think it was the drive.” Ty said, glancing at Nick.

“Oh, do you get carsick? You should have said something.”

“Nah, it’ll be alright.”

“Pa, he’s never had steak.” Nick said changing the subject.

“What? Never? In your whole life? That’s just plain uncivilized. Well, we’ll fix that tonight for sure.”


“Hey, you gonna eat that?” Ty asked, eyeing the left over steak on Nick’s plate.

“No, I’m stuffed. Go ahead.”

Nick and Oggie sat back and watched in amazement as Ty went through systematically eating everything left over on the table. He sat back, rubbing his belly, scanning the table to see if he missed anything.

“Wow, that was incredible,” Ty said, sitting back, when suddenly he belched a loud, echoing, belch that quieted several tables around them. “Oh geeze, sorry. I don’t know where that came from. Oh God, I’m so embarrassed.”

Oggie smiled, “That’s ok Ty. It just shows you enjoyed the food. In some countries, it is an insult if you don’t belch at the table.”

“I guess they know I really liked it then. They probably heard it in the other country too.”

They laughed together as Sharon came up to the table with a tray. “Three apple pies with a scoop of vanilla and hot fudge for three.”

“Thanks Sharon, I don’t recall ordering deserts.”

“Oh, these are on the house. My treat,” she smiled as she took away the used dishes and replaced them with a huge piece of pie.

Ty and Nick smiled and thanked her. Nick looked at it and then at his pa and exhaled deeply. He picked up his spoon and began to chip off a small piece of pie, wondering where he was going to put it. He glanced over at Ty who had just shoveled a quarter of the pie in his mug and was shoveling in ice cream and hot fudge in equal amounts. He paused to savor the mixture of flavors. As his eyes grew big, he devoured it like a pack of cub scouts robbing a Dairy Queen. Nick just watched in horror. He leaned back and took his hand and pushed the table cloth in, looking under the table. Ty stopped.

“What are you looking for?” he asked, licking a splash of hot fudge off the back of his hand.

“I was checking to see if you were hiding any in your boots. I got no clues where you could be putting all that.”

Ty laughed, “Oh, don’t make me laugh. I might explode.” He finally set his spoon down and grabbed his napkin. “Do you guys do this often?”

“We didn’t, but then again, we never enjoyed it as much as you obviously have. You sure you’re not going to be sick? I mean, your gut has to be ready to explode.” Oggie laughed. “You sure you don’t want the rest of mine?” Ty sat up and looked.

“I just can’t.” He looked at Nick. “Hey, doesn’t hiding it in your boot ruin the boots? How do you clean it out?”

Nick burst out laughing, “I was joking, you silly goof.”

“Oh, I thought I was missing something country again.”

Oggie joined in the laughing. “Well, are we done? Why don’t you guys head up for bed and when you get up, just come down here for breakfast? Maybe we’ll do a little running around and get a few things before we head back. Chey-tan said he will feed for us both morning and afternoon so we don’t need to hurry back if we don’t want to.

“Pa, can we stop at a leather store? I need to pick up some stuff for a project I’m working on.” Nick’s eyes met Oggie’s and he shifted them to Ty real quick and back to his pa’s, telling him it was something to do with Ty.

“Sure, that won’t be a problem. There is one over by the lumber store. We need to stop and get some stuff to build that chicken coupe thing. What did you call it again, Ty?”

“A Sally Port.”

“I wonder where they got a name like that.”

“No clues and they weren’t really big on answering questions around there. Most of them weren’t very smart. They probably wouldn’t have a clue, either.”

“Well, it’s a great idea and I can’t wait to see it work. So, let’s go. We’re done here.”

“Don’t we have to pay the bill?” Ty asked.

“They just add it onto the room. I’ll add the tip when I go to check out. So, if you guys get up early just come down and eat. I may sleep in a little bit,” he said, looking at Sharon and smiling.

Nick smiled, glancing at Sharon and back at his Pa. “Glad we could help,” Nick said, through his laugh and sliding out of the booth, dragging the much rounded Ty along with him. He looked at Ty, “We’re just going to roll him up to the room . . .”

Ty giggled and hit him in the arm. “Thanks Pa, goodnight.”

“Do you need for me to check in on ya later?”

“Pa, we’re not babies anymore. I think we know how to go to bed. Besides, Ol’ Roley Poley here is to porked out to get into any trouble.”

Ty laughed, “Who are you calling Roley Poley!”

“You!” Nick laughed. “Come on, I think we’re fixing to cramp Pa’s style.”

Ty froze and looked at Nick, then he looked at Oggie, a dawning revelation came over him as he looked at Sharon and back to Oggie.

He raised his eyebrows a couple times towards Oggie, “Goodnight Oggie, I’m sure we won’t need anything at all until morning, perhaps even afternoon.” Nick was shoving him out the door of the restaurant as Sharon brought Oggie a cup of coffee.

She smiled. “We wouldn’t want you to fall asleep now, would we?”


“Hey,” Nick said. “It’s too early for bed and I don’t know about you, but I’m too stuffed for playing around. You want to go for a walk? There’s a theater down the street, we can check it out and see if the movie’s any good.”

“Sure, I’m pretty stuffed too. You might have to get a stick and use it to roll me down the street. You got any cash? How will we get tickets?”

“I got some cash. I figured there might be some stuff I wanted to get.”

“Is this your money or Oggie’s?”

“Does it matter?”

“Not really, but I hate spending someone else’s money.”

“You worry about keeping score too much. Why can’t you just go with it and enjoy yourself. You are always worried about stuff like that. Someday, you will be in this position. Then it will be you telling someone not to worry about it. It almost makes me feel guilty about having a little money when you do that.”

“Yeah well, I hope it’s never you someday, worrying if you are being a parasite. I hope you never have to keep score, so you know how sore your ass is going to be. I’m sorry, I’ve just learned that nothing has the proper price on it and I like to know what it is going to cost me.”

“Ty, those days are history. Why do you keep trying to make yourself a hell in paradise? You are family. Family means we all work together to make each other’s life better.”

“I know, I’m trying. It’s only been a few days. It took me years to get this fucked up. Don’t expect the things that have kept me safe and alive to just go away over night.”

“Why not? Don’t you trust us?”

“Yeah, sure. But it’s not a matter of trust. It’s like the knife thing. Oggie was awesome handing me that. But he doesn’t understand the rules I have to live by if I want to stay with you. It isn’t just his rules. Like it or not, I can’t just ignore the stuff that kept me alive until now. And it’s not a set of rules as much as it is a process of living.”

“What’s that mean, ‘A process of living’?”

“Well, it’s not like I just have a list and look at it and say, ‘Nope violates #4’. It means that I have to look underneath everything that is around me. What’s the reason for it? It’s not taking anything for face value. What you see up front is seldom what you are really getting into.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I know. It’s difficult to explain.  One time, White Rice came up to me and said, ‘You look cold. Blow me and I’ll give you my extra coat.’ Well a BJ is pretty cheap for a coat. Usually, it would be him and six buddies. Each of them would give him a couple of cigarettes for their part. I’d get a coat and about a quart of cum. That would be fair. So, when White Rice offered me this coat for a BJ, I thought it was the smoking deal. Turned out that he stole it from Stallion Bob and he thought I took it. When he caught me with his coat, he was less than amused and didn’t care what I had to say. He made me bleed that night. It hurt worse than anything I can remember. I didn’t even get to keep the coat.”

“Oh God man, that’s . . . that’s . . . I can’t imagine it.”

“It’s ok now. It was a long time ago. I got them both back. I let Boss Boxer fuck me every day for a week. White Rice was moved to a Mexican block where he was fucked and beaten soft. Stallion Bob got thirty days in the hole and he knew why. But it taught me to look at everything for more than its face value. That’s what I mean by ‘A process of living’. I have to examine everything for its cost and its consequences?”

“Alright, well, I’m not in a mood for a movie anymore, anyways. Hey, we could go back to the room and you could draw. I could maybe watch you. I love to watch you draw.”

“I have a better idea. Why don’t we go back and I’ll draw you.”

“With clothes?”

“Why would I want to do that?”


“Hey good lookin’. I think I’ll go get cleaned up a little. See you upstairs in a little bit?” Oggie whispered to Sharon.

“Sure, I have a nice bottle of wine chilling in my suite; make sure the door is open between them. I’ve still got about an hour.” Sharon smiled and licked her lips with the tip of her tongue. Oggie adjusted himself as he got up and headed out of the restaurant.


“I’ll get my paper out, you get your clothes off.”

“How do you want me?”

“Anyway I can get you,” Ty grinned. “Oh! You meant for the drawing. Well, I think I want this to be unique. I want you to put your belt on with my buck knife on your side, put your boots on and your cowboy hat.”

“Wait, you want me naked with my belt and your buck knife, my hat and boots?”

“Yeah, I think it will be hot looking. I’ve thought about this picture of you from the moment I saw you ride in on Smokey. I’m getting rock hard just thinking about it.”

“You’re strange. I like how you think, but you’re still strange.”

“Hey, I’m a city boy. I like to think about the rough ride a real cowboy can give.”

“Ok, shit, now I am rock hard too. I guess this cowboy likes to think about that ride too.”

“Alright, there are a couple of poses I want to see you in. First, spread your feet about shoulder width apart. Put your hands on your hips. Turn your head down a little and towards the right. Now, without turning your head any more I want you to look at me. Just move your eyes. Oh, I love the smirk. And look at that, your cock is just beginning to lift off your nuts.”

“Yeah well, you better draw that part fast if that’s where you want it. Oops. Too late,” he grinned.

“Just stay put like that for a minute. Let me study you a bit.” He sketched quickly on his pad, just outlining things to fill in later. “Next, I want you to move that chair a little and lean up against the wall. Can you put one foot against the wall right beside your other knee. Now put your hat on your knee. Take your left hand and massage your package and look up pretending you are really enjoying it.”

“Shit, who needs to pretend?”

“Just stay that way for a minute or two more.” Again he sketched quickly, just outlining the picture quickly. Standing, he adjusted himself. “Hold on a second.” He walked around him, looking at him slowly. He set his pad down and stripped completely. He moved to Nick’s left side and moved close enough for Nick to feel his body heat. Ty looked down his body and then up very slowly. Nick could feel his hot breath on his tight stomach and then his nipple. It went hard instantly in anticipation. But Ty didn’t touch him.

Ty stepped back away from him and a chill swept over Nick. “Are we done?” Nick asked.

“No, one more. Please. This is incredible. It is like living art. I want you to sit down on the floor with your back against the wall. Put your right knee up and rest your wrist on top of your knee. Put your left leg out straight. Now, with your left hand, set your hat on the floor next to you, but leave your hand on your hat almost like the hat is still in your hand and you haven’t yet touched the floor with it. Now, look at me and smile a sexy smile.”

“I don’t have one of those.”

“Shut up. Yes you do. Tilt your head down so you are looking at your hardening dick. Now, without lifting your head, look at me. Stop! Hold just like that. Don’t move a muscle. Oh God, you are so fucking erotic. I may have to stop and jack off.”

“Over your dead body! That boy juice is mine.”

Ty sketched some more. “Don’t move yet.” Ty moved over and got his face close to Nick’s knee. Ty kissed the inside of his knee and then Nick put it down as Ty then straddled his legs and moved in and ever so slowly, moved his face up his chest, breathing only through his mouth. He moved ever so close to his nipple, but didn’t touch it. He breathed his hot breath on it and moved up his neck so slowly, it was almost as if he was kissing his way up, but he didn’t touch him. He felt Nick’s cock starting to throb and in doing so, touched Ty’s belly. Ty moved slowly over to Nick’s lips and taking the tip of his tongue, he brushed Nick’s lips with the tip. Nick moved forward and kissed him.

When their lips touched, Ty let his body down and sat in his lap, their hard erections flat against each other. Ty pulled him against him and the warmth of their bodies became one. As they kissed, it progressed to a raging inferno between them. Nothing before this came close to the passion they shared at this moment. Ty broke away first, standing and pulling Nick up with him. Then, grabbing his hat and putting it back on Nick’s head, he stepped into him with one leg between his as he pulled Nick close to him. “Fuck me cowboy. Fuck me hard.”

Ty stepped back and turned away. Climbing up on the end of the bed, he looked back over his shoulder. Nick was boned and ready to ride. The visage of Ty on all fours with a begging look of ‘fuck me,’ was almost more than Nick could take. He leaned over and took his tongue and brushed his flower, pausing to breathe in his musk. Ty’s smell made his precum lube him up quickly. He licked a few more times and Ty was backing into his face. Nick stood up and rubbed the head of his dripping dick across the chute. He was about to ride this bronc and it wasn’t going to be an eight second ride. This could take some time. He reached down and grabbed the belt out of Ty’s pants and wrapped it around Ty loosely and permitted the buckle to slide around him against his belly. He grabbed the belt above his hips with one hand, wrapping it tightly. He reached underneath to make sure he didn’t have anything of importance between the buckle and Ty’s belly. Ty moaned as Nick felt the position of his rock-hard, bull cock. Ty breathed heavily in anticipation as he felt Nick kneel on the end of the bed, using his knees to spread Ty’s stance so he could get in between them. Ty edged forward on the bed as he felt Nick’s scalding hard dick laying in the crack of his wanting ass.

Nick looked down and saw Ty breathing hard as his hand turned white, gripping the belt. He took his right hand and rolled his hips back as he fed his flaming rod to its target. He placed his head against the pucker and pulled the belt, pulling him back onto his fiery poker. He felt the familiar pop as his head violated his ringed barrier. Ty’s head went up and he gasped, gritting his teeth. He pushed back, almost angrily, still squeezing his ring tightly around Nick’s shaft.  Nick’s mound rested between his two perfectly round, firm, cheeks. It was the cowboy who was gasping as Ty rolled his stomach muscles. He was milking it without moving an inch. Nick gasped and in seconds was fucking involuntarily. His hand went up in the air like he was riding his bronco and his ass slammed home against his ass, shoving the old, rickety, bed hard against the wall.

Ty was screaming, “Oh, shit! I can’t believe it. Oh! I think I’m gonna kick it right here!”

Sharon was coming up the steps to her suite just as the bed struck the wall and Ty screamed. She opened the door to see Nick in his cowboy hat, belt and boots, hand in the air, holding his homemade cinch strap as he slammed it home again and again and again. The last two times, the dimples in his ass said he was ending his ride and calling for a pick up, until his bronc collapsed underneath him and he on top of his ride.

“It appears he rode the beast into the ground. How about a round of applause for our young mutton buster?!” Sharon announced, as she closed the door. Oggie heard the boy’s door slam and stepped out in the hall to find Sharon gripping the wall as she covered her mouth in laughter. She waved him back into the room. She didn’t know if he knew about the boys, but she wasn’t going to be the one to break the news to him, so she said nothing. But she took his mind off any questions he may have had as she serviced his needs and he hers.


“Shit, Sharon just busted us.” Ty said.

“Oh fuck,” Nick whispered. He lay there for a moment or two and caught his breath. “I guess there will be a price to pay for entrance into Eden after all.”

“What?” Ty asked.

“There is bound to be some ribbing at breakfast tomorrow,” Nick said, through a laugh. They lay still, silently thinking about what kind of embarrassment could be waiting for them. Then Nick spoke, “Can I be on the bottom next?”

“Do I have to wear the hat?” Ty whispered.

“I’ll never know. I’m pointing the other direction.”

Ty giggled, “Maybe we ought to move to the floor before we wreck the bed. Can you show me how to hold that cinch strap thingy?”

“Yeah, if you can show me how to roll your stomach muscles like that. Fuck, you drove me crazy with that.”


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