The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 18

“Well, you two ready to escape this place? Any idea where Toome ran off to?”

Giggles broke out when she asked, “I think Jeff is working this morning so I would check the bathroom just past the nurse’s station. I’ll go hunt him down.” Michael said.

Becky looked at Andy, “That Toome is going to make me insane. How you doing? Ready for this?”

“I guess we’re about to find that out. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m going to miss this place. Nurse Jackie especially. I didn’t even think about us leaving before her shift. I’m really going to miss her.”

“And she is really going to miss you guys! You didn’t think I was going to let you guys get out of here without saying my goodbyes, did you?” Nurse Jackie said from the doorway. Andy ran up and hugged her.

“You came in early just to see us off? I am going to miss you so much. You have always been there when it was the toughest.”

“Well you just do what Dr Raburn said and go slow. When you get back in town for your office visit maybe you can stop by and see us again for a bit and let me know how you are doing.”

“I think I’d like that.” Andy said smiling. Michael showed up in the doorway.

“Nurse Jackie! You came. I knew you wouldn’t let us out of here with saying goodbye. You know I won’t ever forget you. Yours was the first face I remembered seeing when I woke up. For that first few weeks, it was your hugs that got me through it all. I’m gonna miss those hugs.”

“Well, you’re just going to have to come back and get one when you go to your office visits with Dr. Raburn. Now, the doctor has signed your discharge papers so get changed ‘cause they won’t let you guys keep those sexy gowns anymore.”

Andy went over and whispered in Michael’s ear. He smiled and stood up. They turned their backs to Nurse Jackie and dropped their gowns and stuck their butts out at her.

“Ah, Damn,” they heard from the door way. Toome had just walked in on the double moon presentation for Nurse Jackie. He was tenting big time. The room broke into laughter as the boys scurried to get clothes on to leave. A candy striper’s arm reached in the door and grabbed Toome by the collar and snatched him into the hall.

“Hey, where’d Toome go?” Andy asked.

“I think I saw a candy striper drag him off some place.” Jackie said. “Boy, I am sure going to miss those buns,” Jackie said winking at Becky.

“Better give him a moment then.” Michael said, smiling as they watched Becky sign the papers releasing them.

“I’ll get the keys and meet you at the door.” Jackie said. “Don’t forget your Markie. I think he’s down in the day room with Will, playin’ cards or something. They was giggling when I came in. I expect they are still at it.”

“OK, you ready?” She said looking at Michael and Andy. As they walked out of their room, it seemed like everyone turned out to say goodbye. Dr. Raburn came out of a room with less than a smile on his face. He lit up when he saw them.

“Well, on the way out I see. You OK after last night?” He asked.

“Yeah, you were right I think. He was just telling me it was ok for him to be there. I think it’s good. How’s the new kid?”

“Well, he’s still pretty quiet. These things take time.”

“Mind if I stick my head in and say a few words? Maybe it will help.”

“Yeah, sure. Maybe it will. He’s still pretty angry with the world though. You sure you want to spoil your homecoming?

“Doc, I don’t think anything can spoil this moment. Mom, can I go, just for a minute?”

“Yeah, sure,” she said as she watched him disappear into the room. She waited in the hall with Michael and everyone still watching them for their departure.


“Hey,” Andy said as he walked inside the sheers. The boy in the bed said nothing, he just stared. Andy dropped the railing and climbed up beside the boy and pulled him, vacant stare and all, into his arms. He didn’t resist and he didn’t pull him in either. Andy just hugged him. “I know right now you want to just be left alone and to just sorta fade out and die. I know, because I was like you just a month or so ago. I don’t know your story but I can tell you that my boy came to me in the night last night. He said he doesn’t hurt anymore and he still loves me. He’s OK, he’s just dead. He said he will wait for me. He said he wants me to be happy until it’s time for us to be together. Look, the one thing I have learned through this horrible mess is that if I died too, all the people who love me would feel this great sadness too. It is so horrible. I had to work to get better so that no one else who loved me would feel this. It still hurts . . . A lot. But it gets easier. Trust Dr. Raburn, he will never steer you wrong.” Andy moved closer to his ear and whispered, “He knows your hurt. That’s why he learned to be a doctor, because he hurt like this too. He wanted to help so nobody ever had to feel this way again.” Andy kissed the boy gently and squeezed him hard. “You hang tough, I have to go now. Michael and I are going home. It will be tough but we have to go forward. We’re going to try and leave the sadness behind. You call Nurse Jackie if your sadness comes. She is good at chasing it away.” He laid the boy back down and looked him in the eyes. “I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but you’re going to be alright. There are people who love you and will care for you.” He kissed him again on the cheek and smiled. The boy’s eyes turned to Andy.

“Why do you care?” he said.

“Because I know the horrible emptiness I see in your eyes. Nobody should feel that way, that alone. If you had a brother or lover or a mom or dad or friend that you could keep from feeling what you feel right now, wouldn’t you do all you could to prevent it?”

“Yeah, this is the most horrible thing.”

“Then you need to start working with Dr. Raburn to sort it out. There is someone out there who loves you, I know. With you in here they feel like they lost you too.”

He looked up and reached out for him to take him in his arms again, “OH GOD, No! I can’t be the cause of anyone feeling like this. Please, you’ve got to help me. How do I fix it?” Andy pulled him into his arms and hugged the sobbing boy as Dr. Raburn came in hearing the cries.

“Dr. Raburn has the answers. He helped me and Michael. Let him in to help you. He really does know your hurt first hand. Do what he says and he’ll help you get through it.” Andy leaned back, “Dr. Raburn is a pretty good hugger too.” Dr Raburn dropped the rail on the other side and looked at the boys holding each other.

“You know, Andy, you have a real knack for getting through to these boys. YOU may want to consider doing this for a living when you grow up,” He said, reaching out for the little boy and taking him into his arms.

“Yeah, maybe. Get better, little man.” He said and turned and walked out of the room. Little tears in his eyes as he felt for the boy he was just leaving. They all walked towards the door. Toome was standing next to the door kissing Jeff, the candy striper.

Everyone said their goodbyes and good lucks as they got to the door. Toome pulled away from the boy. “Call me. Promise?”

Jeff looked around and realized all eyes were on him and he bloomed a big smile, turning red. He turned back to Toome, rested his forehead on his, nose to nose, he whispered, “Promise!” And gave him another quick kiss.

They drug Toome out the door with them, Jackie stopping Andy, “You did really good in there. He hasn’t said a word to anyone. Crying and talking is the beginning of healing and you broke his silence. I think Dr. Raburn can help him now.”

“I could see the emptiness inside him; I reminded him that his sadness could spread to family and friends if he didn’t stop it. He couldn’t bear being the cause of someone else feeling the sadness. I know exactly how he feels. Tell Dr Raburn he needs to find him a Michael.”

“Is he gay?” Jackie asked

“I think he is, we connected and my gaydar went off.”

“That would explain a lot.” Jackie said whispering. “He was with a friend in the park who was crossing the street to go to a store. He turned back to look at Mack and a car hit him. He just froze like a statue. He hasn’t said a word since.”

“Wait, Mom, give me a second, I need to go back.”

“Alright,” Becky said looking at Andy. Nurse Jackie smiled and unlocked the door letting him back into the ward. “I’ll be back in just a minute,” he said, running back into the room. “Dr. Raburn, could you give me another minute?”

“Sure,” he said with a puzzled look on his face.

“Ah, privately. . . If we could.”

“Oh, sure, I’ll just be outside here.”

Andy turned towards the boy and opened the privacy curtain so he could see the door was closed and they were alone. “I just heard your story and I saw your eyes. I’m gay. Are you too?”

The boy’s eyes snapped to his. “How did you know?”

“Gaydar told me. When I heard your story I figured you would think you couldn’t tell anyone the truth because then they would know you were gay as well as feeling like you caused your lovers accident.”

His eyes locked on Andy’s and he erupted in tears. “I couldn’t tell anyone or they would know.”

“Shhh, it’s alright. Dr. Raburn knows Michael and I are gay and he was alright with it. Michael was in worse shape than you or I. He lost everything in the world he loved. And Doctor Raburn helped him sort it all out. You can keep your secret, but if you do, then it will eat at you until the day that you die. If you want, we can call Dr. Raburn back in and I’ll hold you while you tell him. It will be alright, I promise.”

“Should I call him back in?” He said looking in the young boys eyes. “You want me to hold you while you tell him?”

“Could you maybe tell him with me? I don’t know if I can make those words.”

“Well, why don’t you practice with me? Look me in the eyes and say it. You will feel much better, believe me.”

The boy looked sweetly up at him, “I am gay,” he whispered.

“What?” Andy said smiling a little and turning his ear to him, “This time look at me and say it like you mean it.”

“I am gay” he said louder, looking at Andy.

Andy recoiled and covered his mouth, “GAY? Did you say you were gay?” He placed his fore arm over his forehead and leaned against the wall. “Oh my God, he said he was gay!” He dropped his arm and looked at the stunned little boy and smiled. “That wasn’t so hard was it? I just figured that was the worst reaction you could expect so I thought to try it out on ya. How’d I do?”

The boy got a grin on his face, “Sorry, it wasn’t very convincing.”

“Alright then, ready for the doctor?”

“Yeah, I guess, but I still want you here, OK?”

“Sure, and before I call the doctor back in, there is a candy striper named Jeff. . .”


Markie sat up front with Becky, and Toome, Michael and Andy piled in the back of the old pick up truck. They brought a couple of blankets as the weather had turned colder. And Aunt Gladys packed them some sandwiches for the trip home. After taking a couple out for Markie and herself, Becky set the basket in the back with the boys.

The boys snuggled in under the blankets and enjoyed the crisp air in the afternoon sun. As they were tooling down the road towards the highway, Toome asked for the basket. He dug around and passed out sandwiches to Michael and Andy and opened one for himself. He was digging around looking for desert when he looked at Andy and his eyes got big and sparkly as his face took on an ear to ear smile. Andy looked puzzled until Toome pulled his hand out of the basket holding a very familiar looking object. Aunt Gladys’ flask. Toome popped the top and took a big pull off of it handing it to Andy.

Andy took it and looked at it for a second, “Let the holding begin.” And he took a big swig of the burning liquid. He coughed a little and handed it to Michael as he nuzzled in and gently teared up.

“What is it?” Michael asked.

“Poison,” Andy said, “sweet poison. It’s what country folk drink to make the sadness go away. Tad used to drink it and we would fuck all night long. Something about the stuff made him hard as a rock and horny as hell.”

At that news, he turned the flask up and choked.

“It’s a little strong at first,” Toome said, smiling and taking the flask from him. He took another pull as he saw Michael’s eyes droop. “Well, let’s see how it affects him.” Toome said, handing off the flask once again to Andy as he slid down under the blankets.

Andy saw Toome headed for Michael’s love mound and glanced up to see Michael grinning and shitfaced from the moonshine. Andy smiled too, knowing that the fears and tensions that Michael had were blowing away like the autumn leaves escaping the bed of the truck.


The countryside started to turn familiar as they neared the farm, and the afternoon sun said it wasn’t long before it rested for the night. The farm was just minutes away now. He looked up to see Michael was sleeping and gently woke him up.

“Hey, you there, the pretty one, we’re almost there. Just about five minutes.”

“Oh yeah, sorry. Must have fallen asleep. My head aches.”

“I’ll bet here is the cure, best you take a sip anyways. Remember, just a sip or you’ll have Toome on you again.”

“Is that was causes it. Better keep a little of this around for hard times I guess.”

“Nah, he don’t need an excuse. It’s just that he can’t pass on a sour mash dick.” Andy said grinning. “Hey Toome, better wake up. We’re almost there.”

He looked at Michael, “Wait until you meet Aunt Gladys, you’re gonna love her. She is just the very best.” Looking into his eyes to see if he could figure out what was going on inside he asked, “You alright?”

“Yeah. What if she doesn’t like me though.”

“First off, what’s not to like. Besides, your mine now, I get to keep you.”

Michael’s look locked on his eyes when he said that, “Am I really, or just ‘cause Tad chose me to wear the chain?”

“You don’t understand. He gave you the chain because he knew I was asking him if it would be alright if you belonged to me. The chain was his answer. Michael, I want you to belong to me as long as you want to be owned. We are together because we shared a horrible sadness. Maybe someday we will just remind each other of the sadness we want to leave behind. But for a while, while we both still need each other, I think we belong to each other. Can I belong to you too, please?”

“You would want that? I’m just me. There are a whole lot better looking guys out there.”

Andy jerked away, “You don’t want me?”

“Are you kidding? What guy in his right mind wouldn’t want you? I just can’t believe you want to be saddled to a plain nobody.”

“Michael,” Andy snapped, “I love you and my Mom loves you, and even Tad came back from the dead, to tell me it’s ok to love you. That doesn’t sound like you’re a plain nobody. You are beautiful to me and that’s what you should care about. There will always be ass holes and idiots out there to try and make you feel bad because you are gay. Don’t listen to them and don’t give them any help. Now, if you don’t kiss me I’m going to get pissed.” Michael smiled as he pulled him into him.

“I’ve never seen this kind of angry in you. It’s sorta cute.”

“Sorta cute? I’ll have you know this is one of my best “damn cute” faces. Is that all you can sa . . .” But he couldn’t finish as there was a cute boy suddenly attached to his face by his mouth.

Their kiss broke apart when the truck lurched to the side as they turned into the driveway for the farm. Michael looked at Toome and held out his hand. Toome instinctively handed him the flask. He unscrewed it and took a small drink and made a face as it burned its way down. Toome took it back and pulled another drink from it too, as the truck rolled to a stop. They jumped out as Aunt Gladys stepped out the front porch wiping her hands in her apron.

“Oh, you’re finally home. I was beginnin’ ta worry a might. Come on in, I got dinner on the table. One of Andrew’s favorites, shepherd’s pie. And you must be Michael, oh come on in here. You must be tired from the long trip. Welcome home Michael.” She had swooped down on him like a second Mom and hugged him. Then, not letting him out of her embrace, she ushered him inside. “Here, you can sit right here next to Andy. You can call me Aunt Gladys, everybody does.”

Michael couldn’t help but smile, Aunt Gladys was just that way. Andy remembered what it was like when he first came there. Aunt Gladys made him feel so at ease. She bowed her head and thanked God for the food and for bringin’ Andy home and Michael to his new home. She thanked God for the love Michael will bring to this home. Andy smiled as they began to pass the food around. Michael was a little overwhelmed, but recovered quickly. They ate a meal that was better then they could remember. And they ate like they were eating the last meal they would have for a week.

“Oh,” Andy said, “I think you’re gonna have to call a tow truck to pull my butt out of this chair I ate so much.”

Aunt Gladys beamed. “Some more Michael, there’s plenty left?”

“Oh thank you ma’am, but I couldn’t eat another bite. When you weren’t lookin’ I had to put some of mine on Andy’s plate ‘cause I just couldn’t eat any more. I was about to bust ten minutes ago. Aunt Gladys that was the best food I can ever remember eatin’.”

“Oh, you are so sweet. OK, he can stay,” she joked like he was a stray puppy they were still deciding on. Michael’s eyes grew large, he hadn’t realized he was on trial. They all laughed.

“Andy, why don’t you show Michael around a bit, and get him settled in. Now, we have rooms for each of ya’s upstairs. but I expect you will want to share and that’s fine too. But we made up the room at the end of the hall for Michael. Even if you are sharing a place, you need to have space that is yours sometimes too. Andy, I didn’t know if you wanted to be in the same room or not.”

“Oh yes ma’am. I would.”

“I know there are a lot of memories in there.”

“Yes ma’am and I plan to treasure those. Dr. Raburn says to meet them head on and savor the beautiful memories. He said I may even want to write about them to keep them fresh. But I don’t know if I could write some of those feelings. I know there will be a lot of tears and Michael will have his share too, so I told Michael that you two are the best huggers in the world and that he could get hugs from either one of ya when ever he needs them. Just in case mine are a little wet when he needs one.”

“And he told you right, Michael,” Becky said to him.

“Michael, this is your home now too. There is no place you can’t go, no door you can’t open. If you are hungry then you eat, if you are tired, then you sleep. If you need space then come get a hug ‘cause you don’t need no space for a while. We just need to know where you are and where you’re headed when you go out.”

Michael laughed a little at that. “Thanks, I don’t know how much you know of my . . . mess. But I am really grateful for your help and for giving me more than a place to sleep. You’ve given me a home. An even better home than I had originally. And that means a lot to . . . me.” Andy was on him before the first tear fell.

“It’s alright, Aunt Gladys, you’ll just have to get used to him doin’ this. He tears up more often than Toome gets hard.” They all broke into laughter at that. Michael laughed and wiped his tears away.

Toome just looked down, “Damn!” And that started more as they broke up and went in the other room.

“Look, when y’all gets settled in and dinner starts ta not feel like a rock in yer gut anymore I gots some pie and ice cream so y’all just tell me when yer readies.”

“Aunt Gladys, you are the best. Come on, Michael, and I’ll show you what home looks like.” Then he leaned in and whispered, as if the grown-ups couldn’t hear, “Then, we can get naked and take a shower.” Michael turned red seeing that they could indeed hear. Andy smiled and tugged his hand as if to say, ‘move your butt!’

“Here’s our room, well, my room, but our room. Yours is down here. Let’s see how they fixed it up.”

“Wow, this is cool. I never had one of my own. I mean, of course, I want to sleep in yours, but it’s just sorta neat to have a place like this you can make your own.”

“I know what you mean. Look, you got your very own bibs! I remember my first pair. Tad told me I’d better get me some, those take too long to get off,” he said mimicking Tad’s voice. He smiled. “That was when he unsnapped his buckles and let them drop to the ground. I remember looking at him. He wasn’t wearing any underwear either. I hadn’t come out yet. Hell, I wasn’t even sure who I was then. I remember staring at his cock getting hard right there in front of me. God, he was beautiful. Well, that was a long time ago.”

“No, don’t stop. Tell me what happened then.” Michael asked, sitting down on the floor with his back against the bed.

Andy sat down next to him. “That was just a few hours after I met him. We had just arrived and he said he would show me around. He took me out to the grove,” he winced a little there but moved on. “He asked me to swim with him. The water there is ice cold. I remember him telling me you had to take a deep breath or it would steal your breath away. So we jumped in and I remember the water was so cold it stung the skin. I couldn’t get out fast enough. He took me up to the sun rock. It’s covered in moss so the sun warmed it. We layed down naked in the sun. I could feel his eyes on me and I was getting hard. I rolled over and he watched my butt. I remember looking him over too. He was so hot. He started to pause a little too long, so he smiled and said then it was time to go home. He jumped down and got something from his bibs but I couldn’t see what. He told me to slide my ass over to the edge and he’d guide my foot to the stepping stone. When I did, he stepped up on the stone and grabbed my legs. I was trapped. I couldn’t go back and couldn’t go forward. Tad planned it. He smiled at me and I knew what he was going to do. He went down on me and sucked me inside out. When I blew, he took it all in and then lowered me to the stone in front of him. I kissed him and he kissed me. I was his. The really odd thing that I didn’t realize until just this minute, is that it went full circle.”

“What do you mean, full circle?”

“It ended the same as it started. We were on the sunstone, but it had rained. The moss was wet. He slipped on the wet moss, that’s how he fell. I heard someone say, ‘I’ll guide your foot, it’s not hard to find. You just can’t see it until you’re there.’ The exact words Tad had used. And then I ran off the ledge breathing out first, ‘cause I knew it would steal my breath, just like Tad did with that first kiss. When I hit, I breathed in the water, it hurt, bad. Then I woke in the hospital.”

“Please go back, what happened after he took you? Tell me the rest.”

“Well, he kissed me and I kissed him all over. I was going to suck him off, but he stopped me. Said he only had one. Told me to just use my hands.”

“Only had one what?” Michael asked

“I didn’t know then either, but what he fished out of his bibs was a condom. It was in his mouth, I didn’t even know he put it on me. But he kissed me so much that night. We got back to the fence. That was after he told me he knew I was his when he first looked into my eyes. But when we got back to the fence out front, he asked me what I was going to do. I told him coming out wasn’t even part of the equation. He told me I’d better figure it out because he didn’t think I had as much time as I thought I did to make a decision. I looked at him like I didn’t understand what he meant. He leaned over and kissed me and that was when he told me. He told me he loved me.” Andy gulped and teared up. Michael had him.

“Do you want to stop?” Michael asked.

“No, the best part is just ahead.” So he sniffled up and dried his tears, “So, I came back in and stepped on a bad board in the porch and fell through. So much for sneaking back in. Aunt Gladys was out the door so fast pulling me out. She brought me in and fed me, of course. Mom had gone to bed already, so she asked me if Tad showed me the swimming hole. I blushed, ‘cause I knew she knew he was gay. We were going to the swimming hole and I didn’t have a suit. So, she said she didn’t know how I was going to take Tad being gay. I told her that I wasn’t gay, but it was OK him being it. She leaned over and told me, that the next time we’re so busy NOT being gay that I should tell Tad to give me all them sucker bites a might lower ‘cause they was creepin’ up around my jaw bone.”

“AH! hahahaha” Michael laughed so hard and Andy right with him.

They quieted and Andy went on. “She kissed me and snuck off to bed. Man, I hit those steps up to the bathroom so fast and flipped on the light so I could see in the mirror. I looked and, oh my God, I wanted to kill him. You should have seen them, Michael. I had huge purple bruises all over my neck. Mom woke up ‘cause she heard me cussin’ and came down the hall, almost caught me. I flipped off the light and told her I stubbed my toe. She went back to bed. I went down stairs and contemplated how well he planned every step of his plan. It was brilliant. And I thought about how I was going to kill him. Of course, I just wanted to fuck him to death, and oh Lord, I tried.” Michael laughed again.

“I went to bed and it seemed like seconds and I was being woken up by Tad. I jumped up and went and looked in the mirror. Man, I was praying they were gone. Michael, you wouldn’t believe it, they were worse. I didn’t know what to do. I was going to sneak out the window and go hide for a couple of days until they went away. Tad said, ‘Let me help you with this problem,’ and he went over to the door and called my mom up. I freaked out. I was sure she wasn’t going to love me anymore. He asked her if a mother’s love was unconditional, she said, ‘Of course.’ So he said, ‘So if he were a gay murderer, you’d still love him?’ That’s when Mom came over to me. Then he said, ‘Well the good news is, he ain’t killed nobody yet. I was just covering down for later.’ He left and that’s how mom found out I was gay.”

“Oh, my God. What a great story. I loved the part about, ‘well the good part is, he ain’t killed nobody yet. I was just covern’ down fer later.’ No wonder you loved this guy. He was so strong.”

“Yeah, can I cry a little now? That was . . . a lot.”

“Yeah, but don’t make a habit of it.” Michael joked. “And don’t take too long, we still have a shower to take and I don’t want to miss that pie and ice cream.”

Michael held him and let him weep tears out gently for a few minutes. Then his caresses went lower until he was rubbing Andy’s rod through his jeans. “OK, I’m horny,” he said, “let’s go.” They got their night shirts and headed for the shower. They found the door shut and a lot of moaning going on inside. Andy grinned and opened the door quietly and he and Michael stepped inside. Toome had Markie bent over and was just beginning to move. Andy motioned for Michael to hurry up and undress. Then, pulling back the curtain, Andy stepped in and dropped to his knees and immediately stuck his nose in Toome’s ass. He twitched and rammed forward driving Markie to the hilt, his eyes went big as he inhaled.

“Michael, move around overtop of Markie so Toome can suck your cock while he bangs Markie while I fuck him.” Toome’s eyes lit up as Andy started to lick his ass pucker. He stopped pushing and just stood there and trembled. While he was standing there trembling, the head of his cock was right on Markie’s prostate. So when he started trembling, his cock did too, and Markie tried climbing the walls. But Toome had hold of his hips and the floor was soapy, so he just squealed like a 12 year old with a trembling dick pressed against his prostate, but his squirming was erotic in itself. Michael watched in wonderment, his rod so hot and hard and watching the twins was fascinating too. Andy stood up on his knees and saw that Toome was being derelict in his duties to Michael and nudged his head forward. Toome went to work quickly and was bobbing Michael into Nirvana. Andy soaped up and nudged forward quickly, entering the happy hole that Toome held, begging for entry. Toome gasped and pulled Markie back as he slammed forward. Andy paused for a moment and pushed steadily in, Toome was tight. Oh God, he was tight. Finally, he felt his pubic mound nestle neatly in the ass that was perfectly formed to receive it. God, it was so hot in there

Andy leaned forward and whispered to Toome, “OK Toome, it’s all you now.”

The three of them were tight together. Toome leaned forward pulling off a couple inches. He put his hands on Markie’s hips and held Markie there as he pulled back onto Andy again. Once he knew his spacing was just right he leaned forward and sucked Michael to the hilt and started bucking in that rounded upward motion that tightened everything up back there and was the maximum angle for hitting Markie’s prostate. Michael started pumping, the sight before him was so erotic he couldn’t believe it. Toome was slamming it back and forth now. It was like a three way rabbit fuck and they were on the fast track to orgasmic oblivion when Markie screamed and raised up, tightening his ass for all he was worth, milking the prick shoved up his ass and pushing Michael’s ass forward into Toome’s devouring maw. Michael’s hands went behind his head as he ramfucked with all he had. Toome sucked and bobbed trying to get every drop of his due. The waves cascaded back with Toome’s sending his scalding hot load up the still squirming twelve year olds ass in front of him. Andy seemed like he had saved six weeks worth of cum and was delivering it in two drop increments with a gallon left to go. He thought the spasms would never end and was hopping too. His orgasm ebbing, he noticed a huge pile of lovely boy heaped into the tub in a sea of floating white love. His heart felt good.  He popped his dick out quickly because he knew Toome liked things a little abrupt and he didn’t let him down, because he jumped and that in turn snatched his dick from Markies ass, who jumped.

Toomie shivered at the rapid chain of events and then turned around and grabbed Andy and kissed him on the lips. “I’ve missed you. You always keep things interesstin’.” Michael reached down and wiped the little ass sticking out between his legs with his boyscout salute. Markie sat up so fast it knocked Michael’s legs out from under him and he was sitting in front of Markie with his dick right in front of him. Markie smiled and leaned forward and kissed the end of Michael’s dick. Toome, watching behind them said, “Damn!” And turned around to find Andy waiting. Andy sucked Toome’s cock up like a thick chunk of spaghetti and slurped him to the bottom. He reached up with one hand and fondled his balls and with his other hand found his hole and fingered it lightly until he noticed Toome start to shake as he grabbed the wall.

Michael had a view of everything that was happening to Toome as he looked overtop of the bobbing head of Markie on his knob. Watching Andy work on Toome was almost as good as having it done to him. Michael was getting off and headed for his second release fast. He leaned back on the tub and put his hands on Markie’s head, his hands riding the up and down movement. He could feel his fire boiling up. His breathing became rapid and as he started to autofuck; Markie stopped bobbing and started swirling his head. He screamed as the second orgasm took over and he felt the waves of joy. Markie obviously figured there should be more coming out then there was, because he was working that super sensitive head, sending Michael right into orbit.

Toome, hearing the swirling cosmos occurring behind him, clenched his ass muscles on Andy’s finger. Andy, accepting the challenge, pushed in to his last knuckle finding Toome’s prostate, he pressed it hard.

Wave after wave of Toome tang blasted the back of Andy’s throat as he started swirling his head, prolonging the waves of joy and longing. Toome dropped down on his knees in front of Andy. “God, I’ve missed you.” He kissed him again.

They all got up, taking turns washing the cum off their bodies. They got out of the tub and two had to step back in just to get the door open. The ladies watched as a gaggle of naked boys crossed the hall.

“That was music to my ears,” Gladys said.

“The eyes too,” Becky commented. “Some of them boys are getting’ pretty big.”


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