The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 13

“What’s wrong? Why are you holding him, and why is he crying?” Tad was on him, ready to pummel him, but instead took Andy in his arms. “Talk to me Andy,” he said hugging him. But he just hugged him and held him.  Looking at Adam he said, “What did ya do to him?”

Adam stood up and put his clothes back on, then looked at Tad and the naked weeping boy in his arms. “Nothing, I didn’t do anything. You want anything else then you’ll need to talk to Andy.” He turned and leaped down from the rocky perch and made his way out of the grove.

Tad pulled him away from him to look at him. Andy couldn’t meet his eyes as Tad felt the warmth oozing from its former home onto his lap. His hand went to wipe what ever it was and felt its consistency and new why Andy couldn’t meet his gaze. He was a mix of emotions. Confused, scared, angry. He defaulted to the only sure thing, his love for Andy.

“Andy my love, my sweet boy. I love you. What ever this is, we can get through it together. Shhhh! It’ll be alright.”

But Andy knew it wasn’t and he cried until he had no more tears to shed. He didn’t know what to do. Tad just sat there holding him, rocking him wrapped in his arms with his chin on his head.

“Andy,” Tad whispered. Pulling back from him and bending to try and see his face as he answered, “I have to ask you something. Did he force you?”

Andy answered in a shame filled whisper without looking up. “No.”

Tad pulled him tight again, loving him and holding him. Tad’s worst fears were building in his mind. I’ve lost him. I’ve gone and lost him. What will I do, Mom, Dad and now Andy. Oh, dear God, don’t let me be alone! The tears formed in his eyes as he wept silently, until his hurt became too overpowering to remain silent. He lay back not wanting to let Andy go, ever.

Andy’s self condemnation grew as he saw the pain he caused in Tad. He just wanted it to stop. He leaned up and kissed him, savoring his flavor, trying to taste it forever. As his kiss ended, he moved his lips to his ear and whispered, “I’m sorry. I love you. I’ll always love you.” He stood and grabbed his pants slipping them on as he ran for all he was worth. He didn’t care where, he just wanted to get away; get away from the pain, forever if he could.


It was dark when Andy returned home. He didn’t go back to Tad’s house where they slept the night before. He went back to Aunt Gladys’. He stood on the porch staring at the door handle, dreading its touch. He knew there were going to be questions on the other side. Questions he didn’t want to answer. He couldn’t prolong it; he reached for the door and felt its creak shatter the silence of his heart. He went in and closed the door behind him, as quietly as he could and made for the stairs to his room.

“It’s late.” His mom said. He froze not looking up, or at her.

“Yes, ma’am.” He said in his softest voice.

“Tad was here.” She paused fishing for an answer but he remained silent, his foot still on the next stair wishing she would just let him go. “Said you left him.”

“Yes, ma’am,” still poised to go.

“Something you want to talk about?”

“No Ma’am.” He whispered as the tears he had fought back began again.

Her hand went to his on the banister, “Son . . .” She started.

“No momma,” he said snatching his hand out from under hers. “It’s over between us, it’s my fault. There was another boy; I hurt Tad bad, there’s nothing left to talk about. I’m tired, I’m going to bed. Night.” He didn’t wait for a comment. He just silently went up the stairs closing the door behind him.


“That’s all he said,” Becky told Gladys sipping on her cup of tea. I don’t know what to do. I’ve never seen him like this. Another boy! I just can’t imagine. They were so much in love. They didn’t even consider the possibility of someone else.”

“Well,” Gladys said, “That is a lot easier when there aren’t any others around! I wonder how Tad is taking this. Hester isn’t exactly the nurturing kind. If he doesn’t come over for breakfast in the morning, maybe I’ll go see him. For now, let’s just get drunk.”

“I agree, this tea just isn’t cuttin’ it.” Becky said.


Morning came and went. Andy never emerged from his room. Tad never came over.

“That’s it, I’m going to find out what’s what,” Gladys said grabbing her straw hat to shield her head from the afternoon sun. “I’ll be back.”


“Hi Tad, thought maybe we could talk a might. Not like you two to stop talking when things go wrong.”

Tad was busying himself feeding the dogs. There was no life in his eyes, just pain. “Aunt Gladys, you know I love you. I walked up on them together. He told me that he wasn’t forced into it. He said it’s over. He took my heart with him. I just feel all dead inside.” He said with quiet resignation in his voice. “Aunt Gladys, there’s only one, Andrew Marcus Harter. There’s nothing left to say beyond that.”


The afternoon was hot, Andrew was miserable and they just wouldn’t leave it alone. He hit the door and headed for the grove and hopefully a little peace and quiet. He saw the lawyer’s car over at the Gay’s. He hoped that Adam didn’t come with him. He went to the shade of the moss covered rock and stripped. Moving to the edge, he embraced the cold water letting it sting his flesh. He stayed under hoping he could just drown himself. Too soon though, his body rejected the plea for an end to the pain and demanded his presence at the surface to take in air. He complied, wishing he could have done it. He got to the first tier where he jumped from and stretched out, breathing deeply from the climb.

“Hi there. Doin’ better today?”

Shit, it was Adam. “Hi.” He said flatly getting to his feet and slipping on his shorts.

“Hey, you don’t have to leave. Stay.”

“No, I did that once. It didn’t work out so well.”

“Well I thought it worked out great. I mean, I’m really sorry that it’s over between you and Tad but maybe we can make something good come out of something bad. I wouldn’t mind making us a more permanent thing.” He said placing his arms on Andy’s hips and moving in for a kiss. Andrew’s hand was on his chest, pushing him back.

“What, why stop?” he whispered. It was good. Better than good. You even came back for seconds.”

“Ya, I know. And in the process, hurt the one I love beyond repair. Sorry man, you’re hot and I enjoy your body but you’re not here.”

“What’s that mean? I’m not here.”

“Look you are gorgeous. You can have most any guy you want. Probably even the straight ones. But beyond the sex there is nothing for you here.” He said tapping his chest.

“Hey, love will come. Meanwhile why not just have each other? We both hurt, we both need, you aren’t with Tad anymore, why not just enjoy what we have?”

“Because I need more. You can be replaced with my hand. If I had, then I would still have my Tad. I’d still have a life. Thanks, but no thanks Adam.” And he sidestepped Adam and left leaving him standing. Adam watched him go. He could see Tad moving his direction coming across the meadow.

Andrew glanced his direction and made a bee line for Aunt Gladys’ house before Tad had a chance to say anything. Tad saw him and looked back towards the glade. He went to cool off himself.

Adam was in the water when Tad got there and began to remove his clothes for a swim too. He held no ill will towards Adam. He knew what it was like. He couldn’t resist Andrew either. Why should Adam be able to? He looked over and saw seamen on the moss where someone was just laying. He was grateful that he was after the fact. Seeing them in the act would be more than he could bear.

“Hey there”, Adam grinned a big toothy smile. “How ya holding up?”

“I’m fine”, he said glancing at the place where he saw the cum trails on the rock just minutes before. “Saw Andrew leaving.”

“Ya, he was pretty incredible. I can see why you guys were together so much. God that thing he does with his tongue on the head of my dick just made me squirm like an electrified worm. You know what I mean don’t ya?”

Tad knew exactly what he was talking about and the fact that Adam knew it tore Tad up even more.

“Hey, looks like you could stand to loosen your load a bit too,” he said stepping into him. Whispering into the hollow of his neck “Let me help you.” He kissed him where he was speaking. Tad didn’t resist, with one hand Adam unhooked the single shoulder strap holding his bibs up, allowing them to fall silently to the ground. He ran his hands up his back as his lips found Tad’s. He took him in, kissing deeply. He rubbed his damp love post against Tad’s, feeling the reciprocal rise in his package. He kissed down his neck listening for his breathing to change, running his thumbs across Tad’s nipples he felt them harden against his still wet body. Tad’s breathing changed and that cued Adam to turn him and lay him down to be taken.

Tad fell under Adam’s enchantment and gave in to its intimacies. Giving, taking, sharing. They had that kind of hard raunchy sex that called for loud screams. Not the soft intimate type he was used to. It was different than with Andrew, Tad thought. And although this was great, it wasn’t Andrew. But Andrew is gone, why shouldn’t I have this? Andrew did. He used Adam and threw him away too. Why not?

Andrew watched to see when Tad left the grove. Why is he there so long? He should see that Adam is there and leave. How can he talk to that guy after this? He felt someone grip his heart and crush it when he saw them leave hand in hand. Adam managed a glance towards the house and saw Andrew in the window. He paused turning Tad so that Andrew had a perfect view and he kissed Tad. Tad didn’t know he was being watched.

There was a loud crash and a bang and loud screams of pain, as the tornado hit Andrew’s room. Becky and Gladys were up the stairs trying to get into the room. The door was locked. Screams of despair assailed the quiet of the normally silent home. As he realized that he had just lost his one true love, finally and completely without hope of ever regaining it again. It was overwhelming. He became quiet and then he slept.

The next morning, they insisted that he come down and eat. He came and he picked at his food and remained silent. Anytime they talked to him he would fall into silent tears. When he was done eating he went back to his room. He had drawn the curtains to darken the room. He made no attempt to straighten it from his rampage the night before. He just layed down across the bed, silently praying for death to come take him, to come and end his torment.


“Hey Tad,” Adam said, “look, you were awesome. Dad’s got more papers to sign tomorrow I think. It may be the last pile of them for a while. I’ll come back with him. Maybe we can try a repeat performance.” It was more a question than a statement.

“Look Adam, you are gorgeous and a wild fuck. . . .”

“. . .Ya, ya, ya. I know I’m not Andrew. I got the same thing from him about you. You guys aren’t careful you’ll give me a complex. One hit wonders. Spend one afternoon session with me and then blow me off because I’m not the other guy. What’s with you guys anyways? I mean, it’s just sex.”

“Wait a minute. You guys didn’t have sex today? I saw him leaving the glade.”

“Ya, he turned me down because I wasn’t you. Hell I wanted him so bad after yesterday I had to beat my meat as soon as he left.”

“So that was your cum trails on the rocks?”

“Uh ya, gee you didn’t think it was his, did ya? Oh look here comes my dad, he still doesn’t know.”

“Oh, ya right. No problem.” He shook his hand and told him to, “come back again,” as Adam made a path to the passenger seat of his father’s car. The conversation Tad had at the glade played in his head as he realized that he had been manipulated. He flagged the lawyer down as he started to leave. He stopped and rolled down his window and Tad laid his arm on the top of the door and leaned in.

“So Adam I need to know, after you fucked Andy and then you fucked me, which one are ya going to take to the spring prom? I gotta tell ya man, you taught me some stuff. But since ya told us both that you loved us we want to know which one you want. I mean you begged him to fuck you and only let me pop it in there a couple of times before you lost your load. So come on, which one will it be?”

“Son? Did you have queer sex with these boys? Did they gang up on you. . .?”

“Woah! Woah! Woah! Your son porked Andrew yesterday while I was with you! And he’s a whole lot smaller than your son. In fact I hear they had sex two or three times yesterday! Then today he came on to me. I was beside myself. I love my city queer, everybody knows that. I tried to hold back but Adam here can be pretty persuasive. Once he started kissin’ on my neck I plum became putty in his hands. You mean you didn’t know? Oh Adam I am so sorry. I figured with all the experience you had in all the different positions that you must’ve been doin’ the salami mambo for years. How’d you do that without your daddy knowin’ it?”

“Is that true Adam? Have you been doing “it” for years? Who with? Gary Simmons? Chet? Glenn? I guess I’ll have to call their families and find out. . .”

“Look ya’ll obviously have a lot to talk about so we’ll se ya tomorrow Adam?” And he opened his mouth wide and did an obvious wink in front of his daddy. They took off throwing dust clouds as he drove away in anger.

Tad turned his eyes toward Gladys’ and started a brisk walk that turned into a run. Arriving at Aunt Gladys’ he walked up and reached for the door and stopped. For the first time ever, Tad knocked on her door. Aunt Gladys answered.

“Tad? Why are you knocking on a door that has never been closed to you?” She asked.

“I didn’t know if I was still welcome.” He said lookin’ her in the eyes.

She pulled him inside and into her arms, “Tad, I know that what ever happened isn’t worth this. Come on in the kitchen. I have a new batch of sweet tea.”

“Yes ma’am, I was wonderin’ think I could have mine with a little recipe in it? It’s been a really bad couple of days. Where’s Andy?”

They told him about everything Andrew said, about how he said it was another boy and it was his fault. About him sayin’ no and then taking his hand. Tad nodded, “Ya, this kid was a real god to look at and his tongue was smooth as silk. Andy didn’t have a chance.”

Then they told him about yesterday how he came back in from the swim and went right to his room and locked the door and how things got thrown and smashed and the screaming tears weeping into the night.

Tad listened. He filtered it all, watched the time line in his head. So that’s why he kissed me outside the glen! Why, that guy was a real piece of work. And then he realized that the trashing of the room, the screaming tears, all meant one thing. Andrew Marcus Harter was still his. A huge smile appeared on Tad’s face as he downed the glass of tea.

“Aunt Gladys, might I trouble you for that handy flask of yours? I think I know just how to make this all better.”

A big smile came over her face as she reached inside first national and produced the all too familiar flask. “I better top this off for ya first.” And she opened a cupboard and took a mason jar and a funnel and filled the little flask. Becky came in and swooped down on Tad like she had not seen him for years.

“I am so glad to see you. He has been miserable and in worse than hell. You’re not going to leave him there are you?”

“No ma’am, I’m going to go up there and close the door. No matter what you hear, don’t come up. It’ll be alright I promise ya.”

Tad tiptoed up the stairs and in through the dark doorway, stopping to let his eyes adjust to the dark as he closed the door.

A small stream of twilight crept in beside the edges of the drapes. It was sufficient to allow him to see the outline of a familiar body laying clothed on the bed. Tad unbuckled his bibs and let them fall to the floor. The buckle clips making that familiar clink when they hit the hardwood floor. He stepped out of the tennis shoes and walked naked to the bed and set the flask on the night stand. He crawled in beside the sleeping body and spooned up against it.

He placed his arm over the sleep weary boy and hugged him to his chest. Breathing in his intoxicating scent he kissed the center of his back and undid the slide catch to his shorts sliding his hand in to feel his warmth. His touch awakened his love as his stomach muscles recoiled from his caress.

A small frail hand grabbed his wrist and pulled it away, “Adam! I told you I belonged only to Tad. I screwed that up royal! If I can ever get him to take me back I’ll never let myself stray again. You’re gorgeous Adam but you’re not half the man or lover that my Tad is. And this time, no really means no! If only . . .”

Tad remained quiet, his hands still actively working the package before him. And it was getting really hard.

“Look Adam, what I just said . . . well if Tad won’t forgive me then fuck him. Let’s screw.”

Tad’s voice whispered, “If Tad forgives ya will you fuck him anyways?”

“Oh Tad, what a surprise,” Andrew giggled. “I thought you were someone else” giggling some more as he rolled his hip out and embraced the fondling stranger.

“Tad, I love you and I am so sor . . .’ but the rest was muffled by a kiss that wanted silence.

“Look,” Tad said. “The guy was hot but he was also fucked up in the head. We both fell prey to him. It hurts, so let’s not ever do that again. The only outsiders are the ones we do together. And let’s never look back at this. It never happened. I love you more than I did before and I didn’t think that possible.”

“No Tad, it happened. And I never want to forget the hurt and pain I caused you and then me. I was ready to give you up rather than watch you in pain. I can’t ever let that happen again. It hurts too bad. You hurt and I caused it and I couldn’t fix it.”

“You silly boy,” Tad said kissing his face, “My pain wasn’t that you had sex with him.”

“Then, what?” Andrew looked bewildered, “What could cause you so much pain that I couldn’t watch? I had to leave. What caused you to die inside like you did?”

“He was just so beautiful, and I’m just country in dirty ol’ bibs. I thought . . . I thought that I lost you and couldn’t get you back.” Andrew’s brow furrowed and as what he heard sank in, his eyes filled with great big tears.

“Tad, how is it that a plain city kid, that wasn’t even worthy of friendship with an entire city of kids, is lucky enough to be loved by an Adonis so much, that I could possibly cause so much pain?”

“Simple, one look in your eyes, and I knew you were mine.”

“Hey Tad.”

“Ya sweet one?”

“Can we fuck before we get back to the hunting dog part of it?”

“I thought you would never ask.” Tad said pushing his shorts off.

“Who’s first?”

“Why me of course, you said if I forgave ya . . .”

“Ya but that was when I still thought you were Adam, did you see the size of that thing? Should’ve had a ‘Wide Load’ sign on it with a follow me truck.”

“Ya it was a real ass stretcher but come on, I knew you knew it was me.”

“Well, OK you win. Think you can do it again for me, when we’re done?”


“Ya Tad”

“Hand me the flask off the night stand.”

“But Tad, you know what that stuff does to ya. . . Ohhhh ya!” Andy was smiling. The flask meant there was going to be very little sleep tonight. “I feel another revival comin’ on. Let’s get to the sinnin’ part.”

Tad pulled him down and kissed him as he sat on Tad’s privates. “OK, I’ll do you first.” Tad said smiling and sliding Andrew’s ass forward and then back after reaching for the jar of happiness in its familiar place in the nightstand. He found it without looking and then lined up to do some serious ass damage tonight.

Andy sighed as Tad entered him. He knew exactly where and when to stop. Andy was full on rocket hard as he lay on Tad’s chest. He leaned up slightly to look in his eyes as he took control away from him and slid his ass back to the hilt. He loved that instant feeling of fullness and even more, the look that Tad got when he did that. Andy started to roll his hips forwards and back, his perineum rubbing against his pubic mound. Tads fullness throbbing inside the tightness of his little ass.

They were getting there too soon! Andy knew his breathing, the feeling of his swollen cock just before the point of no surrender. He thought to pause and slid his ass sideways a little causing unexpected ripples of muscle contractions in Andy, squeezing the milk from its hiding place deep within Tad’s balls. He erupted like an oil well, striking the river of joy. His unexpected orgasm triggered one in Andy too. Their moaning and screams and then whimpers signaled the neighbors, all is right with the world. Tonight, anyways.


“Oh, thank God. I thought I would never hear those moans again.” Becky said sipping tea with Gladys.

“Are we off the wall or what?” Gladys said with a grin.

“What do you mean Gladys?”

“How many mothers sit with their children upstairs having wild loud sex with a person of the same sex and praise God for the sounds of their accomplishments?”

“Well, when you put it that way, but you know. I think any mother who wants her child to be totally happy has to love the sounds of one making the other happy.”

“Better get the jug, it’s going to be a long night. Makes me want a donut all of a sudden.” Gladys said with a grin. Becky gasped and covered her face with her hands to hide the burning redness in her face.

“Lord better bring me a pull off that jug too Gladys. I’ll move the chairs to the steps so we can hear better.”


“What do you suppose Marky? Think that nice lawyer’s kid will be back tomorrow so we can sandwich him again? He were real perdy fer a city queer.”

“Na, I didn’t like him. He liked to make people cry. I think we need to go visit Andy for breakfast. He has a sausage I want to taste!”

“Toome? Is that all you ever think about is where you can sip your next batch of love necter? Don’t ya got feelin’s or sumpin’?”

“Sure! I got me feelin’s. An’ right now I’m feeling you got sumpin fer, me so shut up and spread them knees.”

“Well sure Toome, we recyclin’ tonight? Cause I want you to try and let me ride like Andy do Tad. You know rubbin his pertneum on Tad’s bumper pad. Just watching made me hornier than a woodchuck in a lumber yard. You need to work a little harder Toome so we can get to the good part.”


“Daddy you don’t have to call all them other boys parents, uh no daddy don’t do that. Look it was only the once.  Ok, uh Ok well actually three times but they was receiving daddy. They wasn’t stretching my asshole. Well ya I guess he did say that. Look daddy I don’t need any therapy! Right, well look daddy it will never happen again, I promise! OK, well thank you daddy. Uh huh, I love you too. Well daddy, not like that! You’re my Daddy for cryin’ out loud. No that doesn’t mean if you weren’t my daddy that I would . . Look daddy I have to go, I have a test tomorrow. Alright, ya, tell momma I love her. G’night.” Adam hung up the phone thinking about Andrew and Tad. He began to grow. He didn’t know if he wanted to kill them of fuck them. But he knew he wanted more of them.


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