The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 12

Andrew listened for a moment then realized that Tad could not be sucking his dick and talking too! “What the . . . who are YOU?!”  he said pulling his ass up towards the pillow to get away.

But the little guy on his dick followed along. Hobbling along, holding Andrews rapidly recharging rod in one hand and working his own piece of steel with the other, as he kept, mouth stretched open widely, trying to catch up enough to get his mouth back over the end of Andrew’s oozing rigid staff. His tongue barely catching the drop as it dripped from the end of Andew’s rock hard dick.

“Tad, there is a ten year old on my staff! And another one just like this one on yours! You want to tell me just whooooo, oh shit this little fffffffucker is good!” Andrew said gasping and letting his eyes roll back as the ten year old savaged his super sensitive hard on.

“Well this one is Mark . . . I think and the one on your . . .” but he was cut off by Andrew.

“Shut up, . . . I mean . . . , never mind, I . . . I don’t reeeally care at the moment. I don’t really want to . . . Oh, damn. Are there only two, I think I’m keepin’ this one Andy said and the little savage paused a moment to chuckle before sucking again relentlessly on Andy’s now steel member. “Oh, fuck!” Andy said pulling back a little bit. Damn Tad this kid could suck a soccer ball through a garden hose. Tad couldn’t answer. He was in worse shape than Andrew.

Thinking he didn’t want to see this end too soon knew he had to distract the little shit so he could regain his composure and he better do it fast. He reached down and grabbed his little dick urchin by a belt loop and pulled his hips to him. When the kid’s rump was within range of both hands he picked him up by the hips and set him straddling his chest. The movement almost finished him off especially when the kid swirled him as he turned on the head of Andrew’s massive cock head never turning loose of it for a second. He was on it like a leech. Waves went over  Andrew. He may be too late.

Andrew reached up and pulled his Scooby do’s down uncovering two snow white perfectly shaped boy mounds attached to two gangly legs. Andrew buried his face in his ass and the boy moaned lightly but kept sucking.

Tad was moaning loudly and was on his way to a second massive orgasm. His sounds almost sent Andrew out of this realm of understanding as his moans egged Toome onwards. Andrew took in his scent and his mouth watered severely. He breathed in heavily again and Toome laughed and missed a beat but didn’t stop.

He was getting into it. As Andrew reached around and found the ten year old’s rock hard 3 and a half inches, he noticed the tip was wet. Inhaling one more time he started lapping the rose. That did it, the kid froze, coming off Andrews dick, “ Ah! Shit, Marky look at this what this . . . city . . . Oh shit!. . .” He was cut off but Andrew’s tongue entering his little hot ore hole.

“AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHhh!, Ha! Ha! Ah! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! He gritted his teeth as his ass involuntarily pumped 10 year old boy juice into Andrew’s working hands. The boys scent and climactic orgasm flipped Andy’s on switch and he started humping air as Toome dutifully dove back on it never missing a drop. They both fell back breathing heavily.

“Marky, this city queer mad me squirt. I squirted in his hand, honest to God!”

Mark had been watching and he was goin’ nuts. He was the only one who hadn’t cum yet. But he was dangerously close. His brow furrowed, like Andy held the only key now to relief. His hand was down in his britches wrapped around his identical 3 and a half inches of cold rolled steel breakfast sausage cock. It looked like a finger it was so slender and cut. Mark looked panicked. Andy smiled at him and that’s all it took. He leaped over to Andy and fought to get his pants down over the objections of his cock that was busy throbbing and trying to find a home of it’s own in the folds of his Scooby underpants.

As soon as his cock cleared the top of his scooby’s he shoved it forward and pursed Andrew’s lips and started involuntarily fucking Andrew’s mouth. His eyes rolled up and he moaned out loudly, “Yesssss!” And kept pumping with little whimpers now and then. He started to quicken his slap against Andre’s mouth and Andrew swirled his head and the kid blew up. His cock instantly pumped delicious white sweet boy cum in Andrew’s mouth.

When he was done there were two limp little lithe bodies lain in a pile between Andrew’s leggs.

Tad spoke, “Andy, meet Mark and Toome. His real name is Miles but when they was growing up, what ever Mark had done to him, well Miles would say, ‘too me! too me!’ so it sorta stuck. The last time I saw them was a little over a year ago. They was horny little devils back then, but never like this.”

“Well we come in and you two was deep at it and stuff, it just sorta took over us. I know one thing, Andy sure tastes good uncle Tad.’

“Ya and he sure holds a lot of jiz too. I think I dunk a whole gallon. Your pretty tasty too uncle Tad.”

“Ya well perhaps we shouldn’t mention this to anyone, ya know.” Andrew starting to feel a little guilty.

Mark turned around with a furrowed forehead and smacked Toome upside the head, “Ya idiot! You must’ve sucked his brains out! Did ya hear him? ‘Perhaps we shouldn’t mention this to anyone.’ ” He said mockingly. “I guess I better call the printer and cancel all those flyers.” Looking back at Andy, “Duh? Ya think?”

“Tad, what’d ya do, get yerself a stupid one? I’ll give it to ya, he’s a bit on the cute side.” His frown changing back into a smile, “In fact, he sort of trips my trigger too.”

Hester bellowed out the front door, “Toome? Marke? Time for breakfast. Get your scrawny asses in here afore it’s all gone up!”  Turning her head up the stairs, “Tad! You an yer city queer better get down here soon or it’ll be cold or gone an’ I ain’t doin’ it twice.

“God, do they have to call me that?!” Andy said as he got up. The twins scurried to get their clothes back on and jumped out the window onto the roof and down the tree. A path they apparently knew well. Andrew just watched them go and glanced at Tad. A devilish grin appeared on his face as he cocked his head to the side and shrugged. The boys got dressed and went down to breakfast, When they got there the twins were already stuffing their faces. They had the look of total innocence, as they stuffed toast into their cute little dimpled mouths.

Hester turned around, “Well it’s about time. Thought you two was going to go at it all morning. Judgin’ by all the slurpin’ noises up there yall are probably pretty hungry.”

Andrew blushed as he tried not to look at Hester.

“Andrew these are my two little angles. “This one here is . . . Toome and this one here is Mark. Boys, this here is Tad’s city queer, Andrew.”

“Uh . . . Do you think we could just leave it at Andrew? I mean, I love Tad and he and I are together but it is not like this was my profession. I mean I didn’t even know I was . . . that . . . until I came out here. So technically I guess if anything, I’m his country queer. But I’d rather just be Andrew if you don’t mind.”

“Well Hi Andrew,” Toome stood up offering his hand to Andrew as if they never laid eye’s on him before. Mark followed suit right after.

The boys sat facing Tad and Andy. Every time Hester turned to the stove one would lock eye with Andrew and do something to try and get a rise out of him. Toomee took a breakfast sausage link and took his tongue and swirled the end starring at Andrew as he took it in his mouth and sucked it in and out a couple times.

Andrew’s face flushed and he was grateful for the table to hide what was happening in his pants. They were relentless, as Mark took a slice of toast and innocently examined it. Finding a pool of butter on one corner he stuck his little finger in it and wiggled it in the pool as he looked up at Andrew as he withdrew it from the pond of sweet butter and gently and ever so slowly sucked it off of his finger, staring constantly pausing the torture only when Hester turned to pile another stack of pancakes on the plate.

“Yall are pretty quite over there.”

“Well the food is delicious Tad shot out. Hard to talk when your mouth . . . is . . . full.” Tad said as Toome made like he was sucking an invisible dick by moving his hand to mouth as he took his tongue and poked the opposing side of his mouth. Tad just stared also feeling the rise under the table. He and Andrew were no sporting huge hard ons. Andrew tried to busy himself with a stack of pancakes squeezing a large amount of syrup and setting the bottle down.

“Look Andrew you left a drip, I’ll get it.” And he snatched the bottle and stuck his pointed little tongue out and gently tickled the drop slowly licking the bottle to it’s top. “Gosh Andrew you dripped some really sweet stuff.” And he smiled as he took his pointed little tongue and licked his top lip with just the tip. Andrew just looked down towards his crotch and then at Tad. All of a sudden on twin winked at each other, one pulled the table towards them as the other reached over and knocked Andrew’s glass of milk in his lap. As they quickly dropped back into their seats grabbing a fork full of hotcakes and chewing like it was a total surprise to them. An evil smirk took over their faces as Andrew jumped up, cold milk soaking through the extremely tented pants as Hester turned around smiling like she had caused his condition and compounded things by trying to dry Andrew off with her hand towel.

He scowled at the twins and mouthed, “This means war!”

He excused himself quickly and hit the stairs as Tad chuckled and followed.

Laughing as he entered the room to Andy peeling off the shorts he was wearing. “It’s not funny.”

“Yes it is.” Tad smirked laughing at his still fully erect pointer standing out from his belly so profoundly.

“You may not think so later. This thing is stretched so tight it hurts and I can’t have anything left! I can’t believe those two. They are evil incarnate!”

“I don’t know what you’re so upset about. It was a harmless prank. I’m sure Hester has seen, em . . . bigge. . . large . . . others!” He stammered looking at his ever lengthening rod. “Go hose yourself off before the milk sours and starts to . . . um . . . maybe I better help you with that.” And he took Andy’s arm and quickly led him into the bathroom. With an evil grin of his own, he closed the door behind them and locked it.


The attorney showed up at ten thirty with his fourteen year old son in tow. “Hi Hester, so sorry for your loss, Your Mom and Dad were salt of the earth. We’ll miss’em. I’ve got the papers with me for you all to sign. You remember my son Adam don’t ya? C’mon son let’s get out of this sun

Adam was an athletic young man that wasn’t hard to look at, at all. Even at fourteen, he had muscular features. Wrap that with a kind smile, dark brown hair and a slightly shy nature and you had Adam. His muscle shirt showed off exactly that. The shirt laid across his pecks and hung away from his body the rest of the way down telling you that he had a washboard set of abs and was proud of what he was shaping his body into.

Tad and Andy both had trouble not staring at Adam. And although his dad Bart, didn’t notice, Adam did and sort of crossed his hands in front of his crotch with a grin and looked away from them.

“Thanks Bart, c’mon in. You remember my brother Tad and this is his cit . . .”

“Andrew Harter sir,” he said extending his hand and giving Hester the look.

“I’m pleased to meet you Andrew, you Tad’s city queer?” he said taking his hand and shaking it with a firm grip.

“I am his . . . er. . . lover, yes.” He said glancing at Hester who had a satisfied grin on her face.

“Well I’m pleased to meet you. Haven met too many queers out here. I’ve heard a lot about you. Seems you’ve made quite an impression on the community.”

“I Guess I have at that. Look if you don’t mind, I prefer gay to the ignorant derogatory backwoods sister fucking hick term ‘queer’ and I am much more than Tad’s whore thank you. You’ll forgive me for being short, but with you being an attorney, and an educated man and I am sure you would not want to continue in such an uneducated ignorant vein. Tad is my friend and my lover.” Andy said growing short tempered in his voice. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, this is family business. Tad, I’ll be nearby if you need me.” And he made for the door.

Bart’s jaw dropped having been placed firmly in the shitter by teenager his son’s age. He glanced around and Hester said, “So! You have some papers for me to sign.” Tad had a look of sheer admiration as Tad stormed out the door of Tad’s house. Adam just grinned and turned away.

“Hey Pop, I’m going to go out for a dip in the pond if that’s alright with Tad and Hester?”

“Ya, sure have at it man. I’ll join ya when we’re done signing papers and junk.” Tad said looking him over quickly thinking how sweet that would look skinny dippen’. He felt a lurch.

“Well it’s going to take a bit so sure, hey could you stop at the farm next door and ask Glady’s to stop over? We’ve got some papers for her to sign too seeing she is going to be acting as Tad’s guardian.”

“Sure Pop, I’ll go right over.” An Adam went out the door.

“Let me check on my Monsters first before we get going,” Hester said as she stepped into the kitchen. “Markeeee! Tomee! Where are you?” She bellowed.

“Up here Mom, Watchin the tube.”

“Well don’t go nowhere till I’m done with this here lawyer. I don’t wanna wonder where ya’s are so stay put.”

“OK ma!” they hollered back.


There was a knock at the door.

“Comin’,” Aunt Gladys said coming to the door.

“Ms Harter, I’m Adam Sangerstrom, Bart’s son. He’s the attorney for the Gay’s. He asked me to see if you could stop over and sign some papers for Tad, seein’ as you’re his Guardian an all.”

“Well sure but I’m not his guardian legally.” She said back.

“Well I’m sure Daddy knows what to do. Will you come over then?”

“Sure thing right away.”

“Well you don’t need to hurry, he said he’s going to be there for a while. I’m just on my way back to the grove for a dip. Thank you maim.” And Adam stepped back away from the door, turned and headed towards the grove of trees.


“Hey there,” Adam said spotting Andrew up on the rocks staring down over the ledge into the pool.

“Hey,” he said back. His voice sounding down.

“Not too many people leave my daddy speechless.”

“Oh, ya, sorry bought that.”

“Don’t be, I sorta liked it. Never been fond of the word either. I’m gonna go fer a swim if that’s alright?” he said pausing before he dropped his drawers in front of Andy.

Andrew glanced up at the Adonis undressing before him. “Ya sure, go ahead.”

“Well I didn’t bring no suit so . . .”

“Right, don’t wanna undress in front of the queer, got it, I’ll go.”

“Well, no, uh that’s not it. Well it is, kinda but not really. I’m just a little embarrassed cause well your kinda hot lookin’ ya know and I’m well, now I’m full on wood.”

“Ah, let me guess. Your in the closet and heard there was a city queer here and thought I could take care of ya being that I’m a professional queer whore. huh?”

“Well no, not at all. I just wanted to go fer a swim and didn’t plan on you being this good lookin’. That’s all. The fact that you’re gay means I don’t have to hide it, that’s all. I mean, I hope. Look usually I have to either leaver or sneak into the water and hope the cold takes care of it. Sorry if I misjudged the situation. Didn’t know you would be this . . ., I don’t know.”

“I think the word you’re looking for is ‘ass. And you are right. I’ve been a complete ass. I’m sorry. I was way out of line. Let’s start again. Please.”

“Well sure, no problem. Let’s.”

“Hey, there hot looking non-professional looking country type gay individual. Mind if I get naked in front of you in preparation to swim even though I have a Rock hard piece of steel that is not expecting any reciprocity even though you caused it totally by being so hot?”

A huge grin appeared on Andy’s face as he watched the young stud frozen in the half off position delivering his diatribe.

“Sure man, go ahead.” Andy chuckled.

Adam dropped his draws and Andrew frozen slack jawed. His breathing changed. In fact he may not have been breathing at all. His mouth started to water and he swallowed. Realizing he was staring he looked away.

“Wanna go for a swim?” Adam asked.

Andrew was sitting with his knees up and on hand holding his wrist on top of his knees. He glanced down at his erection that was so stiff it was making it hard to breath. “Ah, no. Thanks.” His gaze returned to the severely naked man in front of him.

“Let me help ya,” he said offering his hand.

“But I said no,” he said sticking his hand into the naked God’s hand and allowing him to pull him to his feet.

“Ya but that was because of this wasn’t it?” he said brushing the side of his bent index finger up the length of Andy’s throbbing manhood through his corduroy shorts. Andy flinched and swallowed air as he did it, nodding his head.

Adam lifted Andrew’s shirt off of him and dropped it. His eyes staring at the hairless chest of Andy. He was numb and just allowing it to happen. Adam undid the slide catch of his shorts and unzipped him, again brushing his cock the other direction as the zipper went down. Andrew had abandoned underwear for the summer as just one piece he didn’t need to bother with. Andrew felt shiver go up his spine. Adam slipped off Andrew’s  shorts and leaned in to take in his smell placing his nose against his young throbbing cock.

He gently kissed the bare skin in the crease of his leg as he breathed in deeply again.

“You smell so good to me.” He breathed his hot breath out across the boy’s package. He trembled. He felt his legs go weak as Adam’s hands ran up his legs from behind. His ass clenched and his dick throbbed as he felt his fingertips meet at the bottom of his buns. He took Andrew’s throbbing hardness into his mouth and ever so slowly sucked it down to it’s base.

Andrew whimpered, unable to control himself or what was happening to him. His fingers went into his hair and pulled him gently up and took his lips into his as he wrapped on leg around his, rubbing his cock against Adam’s. Adam’s thumbs found Andrews nipples and teased then to perfect hardness. They were so hard that Andrew could probably have cut glass with them, as he breathed out heavily. They writhed together. Andrew’s mouth just at Adam’s nipple height. His tongue lashed out teasing Adam’s nipples to erect hardness as he began to suck gently on one. Adam was trembling now and his breathing became shallow and rapid. He was close. Andrew backed off and slowed up.

He unwrapped his leg from Andrew’s and turned him gently pushing him down on the moss covered rock. He was in control of the situation but unable to stop himself from feasting on this smorgasbord of love.  He kissed his way down to Adam’s manhood and took in a deep breath. His dick turned to stone. He lifted Adam’s leg and ran his nose across his perineum licking as he went. Adam shuttered and his knee came up to allow access to his ass. Andrew drank up his flavor and  took his pointed tongue up his ass to his pucker and dived it in.

“Oh! Damn! Hugh” Adam gasped. “Oh shit.”

Andrew continued the oral assault on Adam’s love canal. He laid there whimpering unable to move except that which was involuntary. He squirmed and writhed. Andrew stopped and moved to place his dick in the opening of Adam’s ass and he pushed. Adam gasped as Andrew’s head entered. He clamped down on his muscles and Andrew almost came. He froze.

“Breath out he whispered. Try and relax, bear down and push back.” Andrew whispered as he realized this was the first for Adam.

Adam did, he breathed out in short breathes feeling the pain of this delightful intrusion subside as his sphincter muscle became accustomed to the entrance. As Andrew felt it relax, he eased in further slowly.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, mother of God, Fuck I’m full.” Adam cried out.

“No, not yet,” he pushed it the remaining two inches in as Adam came off his back and up on his hands tilting his head back. “Now, you’re full.” Andrew had hold of his legs from underneath and he began to rocket himself back and forth. Withdrawing almost to the head and then slamming back home. Adam was someplace between heaven and Pluto as his prostate was stimulated both directions by the fullness of Andrew’s ride.

Andrew became faster, short stroking to the speed almost a rabbit fuck. Te rapid slapping of his pelvic mound against the perfectly fitting ass of Adam’s sent him into an orgasmic explosion the likes of which even God has never felt. Wave after wave hit him and he screamed as his flood exited. Causing him to clamp down tighter and then Andrew exploded pumping his scalding hot boy honey into Adam. He felt the lava flow and it stimulated additional jerks and spasms and he came again. Still gasping for air. Andrew collapsed on top of Adam.

They lay there chest’s heaving. Andrew still fully inside Adam. Adam felt it withering and withdrawing. He pulled Andrew up on top of him and kissed him solidly on the mouth. He tasted so good. Andrew started to move, his dick against Adams, they started to get hard again, and moan.

“Again,” Adam said with finality like he was ordering a drink at a bar. “Do it again.”

“No,” Andrew said, “My turn.” He straddled Adam’s waist and reached down capturing some of Adam’s cum off his chest and wiped it across his ass hole. He slid back and found Adam’s massive rod and he rode it into his ass crack until he felt the end line up with his hole. He leaned forward and pushed back feeling Adam’s head pop through. Adam almost went nuts.

“Oh, fuck! Oh My God! I never knew it could be like this. Ah, fuck!”

Andrew was feeling the fullness as he relaxed his muscles. Adam began to buck. “Wait! Not yet. Lay still for a moment.” Andrew enjoyed the trembling he caused the writhing boy trying his best to fight against nature. His body knew what to do but didn’t understand why it’s helpless master commanded it to wait. Andrew sat up and slammed his ass backward taking in the fullness of Adam. Adam was taken unexpectedly and gasped as Andrew sat up and back and started rocking his ass forward and back rubbing his balls and perineum across Adam’s pelvic bone. He fucked involuntarily along with Andrew. Their rocking became faster, Andrew whimpering with each pump of his hips. Adam beginning to feel another orgasmic explosion loading up in his loins as he began to tighten up and  in turn causing Andrew to stiffen and tighten his ass muscles. One causing the other to further each others orgasm.

Adam grabbed Andrew’s dick in his hand and began to jack him at the same time sending Andrew over the edge.

“Ahhh! Shit! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Andrew screamed sending Adam into orgasm as well. When Andrew collapsed, Adam was still pumping his ass full. Until he went up and stayed, and then collapsed. Holding Andrew there. Hugging him. Bringing him up to kiss him again.

“I never knew, never imagined it could be this way. Oh fuck that was the most fantastic thing I have ever felt.”

Andrew came back to reality, sitting up looking at the beautiful boy underneath him. Tears welling up in his eyes. “Oh FUCK! What have I done!” and he collapsed on Adam’s chest crying.

“What? What’s wrong. That was beautiful. No that was beyond beautiful. Why are you crying. Did I hurt you? I’m sorry.” Adam was beside himself. “What, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t believe I did this! Oh fuck what am I going to do?” Andrew rolled off of him and onto his side with his back towards Adam. He bawled uncontrollably.

“Tell me! I can’t help you unless you tell me.”

“You aren’t Tad! I fucked you and you’re not my Tad!”

“Oh, I. . .I . . .” Adam understood. He picked him up in his arms and held him and rocked as he cried. “It will be alright.

“No, it will never be alright again.” Andrew blubbered.

“Hey, what’s going on?” It was Tad.


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