The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 11

“Come on, let’s crawl in the sack. Tomorrow will be a better day.” Andrew said as their excitement began to dwindle. They dried off and grabbed their clothes and held them in front as they sprinted bare ass to the bedroom and quietly closed the door.

“Come on, climb in. It’s freezing out there.” Andy said holding the covers up for Tad to climb in behind him. The boys spooned and gently drifted off to sleep.

There was a huge noise, people were screaming! Bodies were flying around as the room spun out of control. Tad Screamed, “Oh Shit, I’m gonna die!”

“Tad! Wake up, it’s a nightmare. Wake up!”

“Shit, I was in a room, it was filled with people. It began to topple and spin and roll. People were screaming, I thought I was going to die.” Tad’s breathing was rapid.

“Sssssh, it’s Ok. It was just a bad dream. You’re alright. I’m right here with you. You’re safe.” Andy kissed him as he rolled on his other side. Andy spooned him and held him tight. His hand lay flat upon Tad’s chest. He could feel his breathing slow as he calmed himself. Andrew kissed his shoulder ever so gently as he held him.

“I wonder if that’s what it was like for my Mom and Dad. Everyone screaming, flyin’ around, crashi’ into the walls and things.” Tad went silent. His shunted breathing said he was starting to cry. Andy held him tighter.

“Shhh it’s alright, let it out. I’m right here with you. Look, I’m sure that isn’t how it was. They said your Dad died in an instant. No time for pain or fear or anything. You just let it all go. Tears are right for you now. This hurts, I know.

Andy listened as Tad sobbed softly. He gently kissed his shoulder and held him. The whole thing made him remember when his dad died. How he wished he had someone to hold him that night. But he was alone. His eyes welled up, as the vivid pictures of his own loss were made manifest once again, before him.

He began to remember the hurt and the anger and most of all the absolute feeling of being alone before a world that he just found out was dangerous. Before then he felt completely safe, his dad could stop anything. It was then that he found out that dad wasn’t a superman. He couldn’t protect him from the world. He couldn’t even protect himself.

But that was a long time ago, Andrew reminded himself, no time for crying now, Tad needed him and falling apart was not an option. He steeled himself at the task ahead and dried his “would be” tears on his pillow and with his free hand. He needed to blow his nose and he could use a good piss right now too.

He wondered to himself, “Why is it that when you cry, your nose fills up?” A silly question really, and he didn’t really care about an answer. Right now he had to concentrate on taking a leak.

He tried to slide his hand off Tad’s chest, Tad grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand up under his chin.

Andrew wasn’t going anywhere. Tad held him like a blanket tightly against his chest. His sleep was so erratic that Andrew didn’t want to wake him. But Andrew’s were not going to change because he couldn’t escape. He began to grow.  It wasn’t more than a few minutes until Andrew had the biggest hard on of his life and even Tad was becoming aware.

He reached behind him and grabbed Andrew’s ass and pulled him into him tightly.

“Oh good, your awake. You gotta let me go. I have to go pee something awful.”

“Hmm, too bad. You can do that afterwards.” Tad was undulating his hips against Andrew’s three stage rocket. He felt it throb as Andrew tried to pull his hand out and get out of bed.

“Where do you think your going with THAT?” Tad asked.

“To the john, I’ll be back. Then we can do what ever you want. I’ll be right back.”

“I don’t think so. You can go just after we’re done here.” He reached back and held Andrew’s ass tight against his own and began to move. Tad was almost in pain it was stretched so tight.

Tad brought his knees up to his chest and released Andrew’s ass long enough to grab his red hot pipe and guided it to his begging hole.  He gasped for air as he felt the heat from his head against his love canal. Once again Tad grabbed for Andrew’s waiting ass. He could reach his hip and applied pressure urging Andrew to begin. Andrew was now more than willing to fulfill his needs as he took his cue and eased his searing rod forward against his waiting semi-dry hole.

He pushed but entry was denied. He had no lubrication. Quickly tad reached for the jar of Vaseline stuffed under his corner of the bed and dipped three fingers in and then reached back to find his waiting rod.

My God he is hot and like a fucking family sized can of soup. I better lube him up good. Tad thought as he quickly slicked the stump. He felt the Vaseline become more liquid from their heat. Tad rolled his hips up briefly as he smeared some on his begging bung hole.

Andrew was now full on horny. He had forgotten all about his need to relieve himself. All he wanted to do right now, was in front of him, and he was ready to go. Breathing in Tad’s scent deeply he almost started humping the air it was so strong and pungent. He loved Tad’s scent. It was a boy scent that matched his own. It made him wild with desire for him. He rubbed his dick across the chute presented before him, and pushed hard. He entered; just the tip. “Oh, fuck wait.” But there was no wait in Andrew’s vocabulary at the moment. What he heard was “Fuck me.”

Tad’s breathing was in gasps as Andrew wrenched forward pushing his full length in. He hit bottom and was still pushing. “Oh, Damn, . . . Oh, Dame!” Tad lurched forward off the bed and landed on his hands and knees. Andrew was right with him fully erect, in place and pumping.

“Hold on a second. Let me get used to the sized. Fuck your huge tonight. What’d you do, snort some Viagra or something?”

Andrew paused and withdrew to the edge of his head and stopped. “Sorry, I’m just so hungry for you. Your smell.”

“Again with the smells, Ok, go ahead, but take it easy.”

Andrew pushed again, slow and steady until he felt his fullness against Tad’s ass. Tad’s heat swallowed his hand-cannon completely. He pulled back again slowly, with it taking Tad’s breath.

“Ok, now fuck me.” Tad managed to get out in a strained sex soaked voice. Andrew pushed forward and pulled his hips back to meet his thrust. “OH! Fuck me . . . Yes!” Andrew was withdrawing almost to the end and then slamming it home, pulling his ass to meet his every thrust. They began to move faster. The room filled with that smell of boys in love and it brought on a kind of uncontrolled wild frenzy.

“SHIT, Oh fuck you’re so fucking huge! Oh, Damn. I’m full! Fuck me.”

Andrew complied. Faster and harder he slammed against his ass. His eyes were closed, his head tilted back. His teeth were gritted together as he slammed home again and again and again.

Tad screamed, “Christ I’m going to shoot! I’m Cuming!” Tad’s body tightened up on the huge pole that was buried deep inside him. His body quivered and that set Andrew off,

“Fuck I’m gonna blow! Oh Jesus, I’m fucking gonna . . . shoot, Aahhhhhh.” “Ahhh” “Ahhh” “Ahhh” “Ahhh” “Ahhh” “Oh fuck! Aahhhhhh!” Andrew froze lunged forward so fiercely that his stance quavered and short stroked Tad some more setting off another round of orgasmic explosions until they both lay there, twitching as their super sensitive cocks started to wither.

Tad reached back over his head and pulled Andrew to him by his neck, and turned his head to kiss him. Andrew kissed him long slow and deeply as his hands roamed his chest for signs of his lust. He breathed in fully as he kissed him. His wallowing member dropped from it’s temporary but fulfilling home. He pulled Tad to his feet as he himself got up.

“That was fucking incredible.”

“Ya, it was, wasn’t it.” Andrew kissed him and then turned and bolted for the door. He was being reminded what started it all. He went in and closed the door and started a stream that felt like he hadn’t pissed in a month of Sundays.

“Hey. You gotta stop and let me take a dump.”

“Snowballs chance in hell.” Andrew said.

“No serious, I’m starting to leak. Come on.”

“Of course you are. You’re full. See you over flowed!” he said smiling and pointing at the Tad tracks on his chest. He loved to feed Tad his own lines. And right now he was in no hurry to accommodate him. And he was still providing a healthy stream.

“Come on, finish in the shower or something. I gotta go.” Tad said with one hand on his ass clenching his but cheeks together.

“Relax, I’m almost done.” Andrew finished and stopped to shake it. With it still in his hands he turned and looked at Tad. And he shook it twice more. He was enjoying the torture.

“That’s it, shake it more than twice and you’re playing with it. Move outta the way. He pushed Andrew aside and plopped his ass down.

“Oh, man. You pissed on the seat. You piece of shit you.”

“You’re not planning on kissing me with that mouth are you?”

“Well yes, I guess I am. Start the tub will ya?”

Andrew started the water. He was beginning to feel the cold in the room. He stepped in and pulled the curtain. Tad finished his business and flushed the toilet.

“Ah! Fuck that’s hot.”

“Oops, sorry. I’ll be right back.” Tad returned in just a few moments and climbed into the shower with Andrew.

“Here, take a pull off of this.” Tad said handing Andrew the flask.

Andrew turned it up and took a huge drink. He gasped for air as he handed it back. “Whew! That’s got some kick to it.”

Tad turned it up likewise and had much the same reaction. He closed the top and set it in the soap tray.

“Come here.” Tad said as he took Andrew in his arms. “That was fantastic. I thought you were going to rip me open there for a minute.”

“We’ll you know the difference between a regular hard on and a “gotta pee” hard on don’t ya? You can slap the trunk of an oak tree with a “gotta Pee” hard on and it will rip off the bark!” They laughed and hugged and kissed.

“Shit Tad. Where in the hell is THAT coming from? You can’t possibly have ANYTHING left.”

“Hmm, I would say it has a mind of it’s own and right now I think it is thinking about retribution.” Tad said as he turned Andrew around and soaped him up so his thick trunk could search for his Hershy highway. Having found it’s mark he pushed forcefully penetrating him past the head.

“Hey, go easy there. What’s your hurry? Slow up a bit, give me a moment to get used to it. . . OK, go easy at it will ya? Enjoy the trip. I can’t believe you have anything left in ya.”

“For you I’ll always have some.” Tad whispered in his ear as he kissed his neck as he ent to work. Moving his hip in a circular motion, he reached around and found his hogs leg and he started to wring it gently. It started to thicken. He grabbed the soap and lathered him up as he continued to fuck him smoothly and continuously. His other hand roamed Andy’s chest and found a nipple which he gently rolled between his fingers. Andy responded by moving his hips in rhythm to Tad’s gyrations. Andy was enwrapped in his love. He reached behind him with one hand and pulled Tad into him firmly as he tilted his head back and let out a loud gasp.

“Oh God, I love you Tad. Take it home man, faster . . . faster damn it. Oh, fuck where do you get it from. Oh, fuck your going to split me open you’re bigger than Shit! Fuck me Tad. Oh, shit, I’m gonna blow! AHHHHHH!”

Wave after wave came over Andrew, causing his muscles around Tad’s massive cock to ripple against his dick like a milking machine. Tad plunged in just as the ripples started milking his dick. He froze, back arched, hips forward, mouth open in a silent gasp that even made his knees weak. Then he fell holding Andy tightly against him.

“Fucking A Tad. Where do you keep getting it from? I’m spent. Give me some of that.” He said grabbing the flask and cracking the lid. He took a big pull.

“Hey, save some of that for me.”

“No way, every time you drink some of this you stand up again. My ass hurts and my dick feels like it is going to fall off.”

“So? Your mouth hasn’t been touched yet. Give me another drink.”

“You’re a fucking dick, you know that?” Andrew laughed.

Morning came all too soon and shortly after sun up their bedroom door opened and they felt weight on the bed as someone sat down. The boys were spooned again as the unfamiliar voice spoke.

“Well if that don’t beat all. I figured when I heard you had you a city queer, that it’d be you deliverin’ the goods from behind. Now I see your city queer is really a city stud. Is it all still little like ya was?” Hester whipped the sheets back exposing the two young naked nearly hairless bodies.

Andrew tried to pull his hand away from Tad’s grasp to snatch some blanket back to cover this intrusion but Tad wasn’t letting loose. Andy started to panic seeing that she was looking not at her little brother but was looking to see his contribution. The thought made him grow instantly to full height.

“Ya, well there ya are. If ya wanted to see the size of his dick you could have just written. I would have mailed ya a picture. Now if you don’t mind, we’re cold could you cover us back up and make us some breakfast? And if it’s good maybe I can persuade him to let you have a little taste.

Looks like there’s enough there for a whole meal. Looks like sausage links won’t be enough for ya’s anymore. Your lookin’ a might larger than before too. Ain’t ya even goin ta introduce me to your city queer Tad? Or just keep on a lettin’ get hard when he hears my voice. Seems it’s workin’ a might right now look I declare I think he’s grown 2 full inches just while we is talkin’ mercy, how big’s he get anyways?

Andrew had, had enough. “Excuse me but his ‘city queer’ is cold and I doubt you would see me as havin’ any manners at all if I came to your house and did this to you. So do you mind?”

“Well honey if you came to my house and did that to me, I doubt you’d ever see a need for Tad again. I’d have to show you how I can suck a cat through a stove pipe. I’d plum enjoy turnin’ you!”

“Hester would you mind, we would like to be alone to try and undo all the damage you caused, would you please go back downstairs and make some breakfast?”

“Well I will but I gotta tell ya that the damage he’ll likely do with that canned ham he’s swinging . . .”


“Alright, alright, I’m going. But he is real cute I can see why ya worry about me stealin’ him. He looks right yummy.” She closed the door dodging a shoe thrown at the door.

“I guess we better get up and . .” Tad started to say before he was cut off.

“I think you better just back up a moment. I have some raging forestry going on here that says you ain’t going nowhere just yet. So suppose you just lie back down here and take care of business. I mean if your lookin for breakfast then I have a canned ham here for ya, dig in!”

Tad turned around and threw the covers back and admired the huge slab of Andrew that was standing up to meet him. It was indeed bigger than Tad had ever seen before.

“Well I better much out because I don’t think my ass is ready for that. Where in the hell are you getting these huge dicks from all of a sudden?”

“Shut up I am so close to shooting you may not get your mouth completely over it before I blow. Get over here and give me some of yours too.”

Tad sixty-nined Andy with his package directly over Andrew’s face. He reached up and grabbed Andy’s throbbing piece and began to devour it. He wrapped his hands around Tad’s ass and pulled himself up to take him in whole. His fingers wasted no time locating his brown rose and working a finger into it. Tad dove on Andrew’s sizeable trunk and was barely able to get his mouth over the head he had grown so large.

He worked it, they both did. They barely noticed the slight breeze that occurred when the door opened and then closed again. They weren’t even aware that they weren’t alone anymore. They were only aware of the bond between them and the love juice rising in their loins, was about to explode in passion.

“Ohhhhh,” Tad moaned as he started to buck and Andrew drove his finger deeper into his ass and at the same time rammed his cock down his throat. The flood of boy cum hit him so hard he couldn’t take it all and some oozed from the corner of his mouth. The onset of Tad’s lava flow stemmed a reaction in Andrew who was ready to shoot gallons before and he started pumping surge after surge into Tad’s eagerly waiting throat. He too was overcome with the value of the orgasm and failed to take it all in. He fell to the side, both breathing heavy. Andrew still had a little flow oozing from his slit. He felt Tad’s mouth go back over it again and start to milk it as he heard Tad say, “That was fantastic!”

Andrew listened for a moment then realized that Tad could not be sucking his dick and talking too! “What the . . . who are YOU?!”


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