The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 9

Morning came for Andy with a splitting headache and his ass hurt.

“Oh Shit my head hurts!”

Tad heard him and stretched! “Ouch! Oak, I’d say. Hey Tad, It seems your salami was cold last night and you decided to park her in the garage!”

Tad just sort of nodded and mumbled.

Andrew tightened his ass muscles and started moving. Headache or no headache he was about to get a load. The more he did it the hotter he got and the less his head hurt.  He sat up and spun around on top of him and leaned down and kissed him on the chest. He raised up a bit and kissed him on the lips, and sat back down. Tad was starting to come to and noticed two knees against his side as Andrew started to slide his ass forward and back. The rocking got faster and Tad was matching his movements as Tad let lose with his load!

The bedroom door opened just as Andrew loosed his load on Tad’s chest and Tad was still pumping.

“Breakfast is read. . .y . . .”

Andrew snapped around and stood up facing the door still erect. The sudden spin on Tad’s tool made him orgasm again shooting his load into the air as Becky calmly backed out of the room again.

“Oooops! Sorry she whispered as she backed out of the room with Andy standing at attention and Tad twitching on the bed. Andrew collapsed on the floor next to Tad.

“Did we get sucked but Mom and Aunt Gladys or was that a nightmare?”

“No Nightmare. It really happened. They had a bit of the recipe though and may not even remember it. Come on, Let’s get a shower. And what the fuck just happened?”

“Mom walked in while I was riding the wild pony.”

“She did not!”

“I can see how you would have missed it, you were too busy shootin’ your load three feet in the air while I just stood there naked with my dick at attention in front of my Mom. Oh Christ my heads hurtin’ again.”

“No doubt. You drank a bit too much, too fast last night. Come on I’ll see if I can relieve your headache a bit in the shower.”

Andrew climbed in the shower and turned the water on and bent over to felt the temperature. Tad climbed in right behind him and ran his fingers lightly up his butt crack when he bent over.

“Hey! Is that all you can think about? I have a splitting headache.” Tad kissed him and pulled him tightly against himself where it was apparent that he was not finished. His hot length matched Andrews side by side. He could feel how hot his was. He kissed his way down and began to suck feverishly on his steamy hot rod. He responded as expected and rammed it home and quickly got into rhythm. His speed increased and he bit his lower lip. With his other hand Tad found the hot spot on Andrew’s ass and fingered it lightly.

Andrew quivered when he felt the touch and then the gentle prodding. His hips froze as if waiting for penetration. Tad removed his hand and felt the water which was still coming from the tap and then rubbed the top of the bar of soap. His fingers returned to Andrew’s hotspot where he rubbed it with his soapy fingers slicking the opening. Andrew quivered again as Tad continued to suck and entered his ass with his fingers.

“Shit!” Andy said. “I’m ready to blow!” Tad reached with his other hand and pulled the knob that made the tub turn on the shower head. Andrew let loose as the hot water drenched the two adding steamy hot warmth covering them both. Tad continued to work his ass as he sucked the trembling youth dry to the very last drop.

Tad stood up and kissed Andrew as he turned him so the water then covered his own back. “How’s that head ache?” Tad asked.

“What headache?” Andy Responded.

“Come on or we’ll miss the bus.”

“Dude, it’s Saturday.”


“Good morning Aunt Gladys. Morning Mom.”

“Good morning your selves.”

“Boys, we need to talk about last night. See we had a might too much of the recipe and . . .”

“We don’t know what you’re talking about Aunt Gladys. Seems we had a bit too. Just don’t recollect much of anything right Andy?”

“Ya right. I don’t remember nothin’ Mom”

Aunt Gladys smiled and said, “Just as well. I don’t remember making any cream filled ones.” She smiled and took her tea to the front room.

Becky leaned over and whispered something in Andrew’s ear. A few tears trickled down his face as she kissed him gently on the forehead and left the room too.

“Are you OK?” Tad asked Andrew gently. Andrew nodded yes at first and then changed it to no. His mouth scrunched up and a flood of tears wildly down his face. Tad took him in his arms and held him with his head against his chest. Andy continued to silently weep.

Tad leaned his head down and kissed his hair ever so softly. “Hey bud, it’s alright. I’m right here. What’d she say to upset you so?”

“I’m not upset.”

“Oh well of course, anyone can see that, how foolish of me.” Tad stopped coddling him and just stared at him in disbelief. “I don’t know what got into me. Where could I have gotten the idea that you might be upset!” He was now looking at him with one eyebrow raised.

Andrew dried his face with the tail of his T-Shirt. Tad stared at his beautiful smooth bare stomach, Andrew snatched a Tissue from the box on the table in front of him and blew his nose. Apparently the ladies needed it prior to the boys arrival.

Andrew looked at Tad with Red rimmed eyes and sniffed as he smiled and told him, “She said that I smelled and tasted like my dad. It made her miss him even more.”

“Again with the smells and tasting. Doesn’t anybody look at the eyes any more? Your family is weird.”

“Well at least we don’t pick our dates like a good hunting dog. I can see dating in the gay home – Hey baby, how about a Scooby snack. If she says sure you take her out.”

“Come on, I gotta go feed them dogs and do the chores. You give me a hand and well be back in an hour.”


“Come on, it should almost be time for lunch and I saw Aunt Gladys getting out the fixen’s for some kinda pie as we was leavin’.”

“Hope it’s pumpkin. I love Pumpkin pie and I’ll bet she makes it better than anybody.” Andy was licking his lips just thinking about pie.

“Aunt Glady’s makes just about everything better than anyone else except that is pumpkin pie. My Mom makes the best anywhere. She doesn’t use cloves in it at all. Stead she uses cinnamon and it is sure tasty. Set’s my mouth to waterin’ just talking about it.”

“Kinda strange that we haven’t heard anything about your Grandma isn’t it.”

“Ya, I reckon no news is good news though.”

“You know Carl did a right nice job on this once he figured out that he wasn’t going to hell and neither were we.” Tad said changing the subject.

“Ya, nice job. Come on. I smell food.”

The kitchen was in full production. A roast was in the oven and pies were in the making.

“Thanks giving already? What’s going on?”

Aunt Gladys stopped and looked at the boys. “Well, when I got my mind on things it helps to cook.” She wasn’t smilin’.

“What’s wrong? I can see it in your eyes.”

“Boy, you and your eyes.” Aunt Gladys said as she took a hand towel and dried her hands and sat down. “Tad, your grandma finally went home to be with Jesus. Your Momma called and they had services yesterday. Your Momma and Daddy will be home on the evening bus. I figured to pick them up and bring them here for dinner and then take them home.”

Tad just looked down at his hand as he fiddled with the salt shaker. Aunt Gladys could see the tears welling up. Andy placed his hand on Tad’s shoulder. The damn broke.

“Spect I better go air out the house.” He spun around and ran out the door letting it slam on the way. Andrew started after him.

“Wait,” Becky said, “He needs some time to grieve, give him a good ten or fifteen minutes. Then he’ll need you. But let him do this hard part without witnesses. Come on, help me peel a couple apples first.”

Andrew reluctantly helped peel a couple apples but never took his eyes off the window. Tad never went to the house. He went to the glen. And Andrew knew it. It would be sundown in a short while. Tad didn’t have a coat with him. Andrew grabbed a coat for him and an old blanket. He figured sitting on the ground or the rocks in the glen was going to be cold. It was fall, full on.

“Hi. Figured I would find you here.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to run out on ya like that. I just, you know, needed to think.”

Andrew spread the blanket out on a nice dry leafy bed and sat down. Come on, I brought you your coat. He put on the coat and sat down next to Andrew.

“Tell me about her; your Grandma. I never knew mine. I don’t have any grandparents.”


“Nope, they all died young.”

“Wow, I can’t imagine having a childhood with no grand parents. She was something. Always shoving cookies or candy in my hand. And she could bake like nobody’s business. Her hugs were the best. And she had that Grandma smell to her house.

I remember the holidays we would bundle all up and go to her house. It could be freezing cold outside but the second you opened the door the food smells and the warmth filled your lungs. There was nothing like it.”

Andrew listened and leaned his head on Tad’s lap as he relived all the memories. The sun was down and the orange glow left the tell tale signs that night would be here soon.

“Come on, we better head back. They’ll be getting home anytime and you should be there to meet them. Besides, all that food should be ready for eatin’ too.”

They headed back to the house.

“They’ll expect me to go back home with them.”

“Shit. I didn’t even think of that. That sucks. Maybe you can stay.”

“The way my Dad feels about you and me? That’s not likely.”

“Ask, all he can say is no.”

“True enough. Maybe losing his Mom softened him up a bit. Who knows.”

“Why’s he so angry about it anyways.”

“Don’t know. Just always has been.”

“You’d think with a name like that he’d get used to it or at least be tolerant of it. But he just seems bitter and eaten up by it all.”

Tad looked at Andy in shock as Andy realized what Tad was thinking.

“You don’t think your dad . . .”

“No way. But it would explain an awful lot wouldn’t it.”

The trip back to the house was quick. It is always faster when there are unpleasant tasks waiting to be done waiting at the end.

“What about opening the house?”

“Screw it. I was in there when I went over ta feed the dogs today. It’s not bad.”

Tad held the slats in the fence for Andrew to go first.  Becky and Aunt Gladys were sitting having a cup of coffee.

“There you are, we was fixin’ to send out a search party fer yas. We’s just getting’ ready to go and meet the bus.”

Ring, ring. Everyone jumped. Aunt Gladys phone rang so seldom it was easy to forget it was even there.

“Mercy, scared the life outa me. Bus is probably runin’ late and that’s them callin. Hello?”

“Uhun, ya, oh Mercy me. Yes, he’s here. Right away, sure, right, Uhuh, we’re leaving right away. OK Revern, thanks so much. Bye now.” She hung up the phone and slumped into the chair by the phone.

“What is it Gladys?” Becky asked seeing how distressed she was.

“The bus, there’s been an accident. It’s bad. Come on, we gotta go. Boys get your coats and a blanket or two, it’s cold out and we gotta go clean into Atlanta. Get in the back. Becky, you come to, you can ride up front with me.”

“Where will Ma and Pa sit on the way back?”

“Son, they’re at the hospital.”

“Are they alright?” Tad asked concern growing by the moment.

“No son, they’re not. We have to get a move on. Let’s go.”


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