The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 8

School was easier now that everything was out in the open and now that Kenny was a full blown queen. Buster was pretty much alone and kept to himself. He still protected his balls every time he saw Andrew coming in his direction.

“Got study hall second and third periods to work on our book reports. Teachers are gone for some meeting. Substitutes in the library. Come on, let’s get a table. We can work on them together. What’s your’s on?”

I’ve got President Garfield. What have you got?”

“Alternative energy resources.”

“Boy, that sucks.”

“No it doesn’t, I chose it.”

“What are you fucking nuts? Why not pick something easy like I did. Hell, I did him last year too. I can just copy everything from last year’s paper to this one and be done.”

“That’s cheating, and that’s like lying Tad. You taught me that.”

“No it’s not, she didn’t say anything about using your previous years homework. So it’s fair game.”

“Well I’ve got some ideas that may well change the world if they pan out. I figure this is the time to start. Maybe I can change the world and make it a better place!”

“You’ve changed MY world. And it’s certainly a better place, he said as he slid across the table determined to steal a kiss.”

“Ahhen!” Came the voice of the monitor.

Tad was on his elbows across the table inches from Andrews lips, he turned and looked at the monitor, smiled and winked. “It’s cleared through the office!” And he delivered a kiss that brought woos from all over the library as he slid back into his seat smiling and pulled a book up in front of his face.

Andrew just smiled at the monitor and pursed his lips. He too buried his face in a book as he also slipped off his shoe and ran his foot up the inside of Tad’s leg and gently pressed on his package; rubbing it with his toes until he felt Tad’s manhood responding in a throbbing salute. He took his other foot and put his toes under the cross bar under the chair to keep him from sliding back.

Tad shook for a moment at the table and then lowered his book. He had a look of helpless surprise on his face when his eyes met Andrew’s and then he looked down at the foot in his crotch. His face was red with embarrassment though nobody could see his predicament. He had a sticky accident. Right there in the middle of the library. He could feel the ooze all over the inside of his bibs and just knew it was going to start showing through any moment. He grabbed his notebook on the table and headed for the monitor’s desk; the notebook open covering his front.

“Excuse me, Miss? I need a pass to the restroom please.”

“Not so cute now are you, when you need something it all changes.”

“Please miss, it’s an emergency.”

“An emergency Mr. Gay? Like a boy’s emergency or maybe like a . . . girls emergency?” She said trying to delay him, and seeing his panic.

“Yes Miss as a matter of fact it is.” He lowered the notebook revealing his problem. “It’s my time of Day and I need to change my pad. Now can I have a God Damn pass or do you want me to turn around and tell the whole library that you stroked me to this point?” he whispered.

She gave him the pass.

Tad went to the gym and changed into his gym shorts and cleaned himself up. He rolled his bibs up and stuffed them in the locker that he and Andrew shared. The bell rang signaling lunch. Tad went back to meet Andrew at the library. Andrew came out and put his arm around Tad as Tad buried his face in Andrew’s neck whispering what had occurred with the monitor.

“HA! Told you that you were the girl in this relationship, where’s Carl.”

“Shut up bitch,” Tad teased with a grin and slightly red. “Come on, I’ll let you buy me lunch. I’m starving like I just had sex in the library or something.”

The cafeteria was full. Most were not used to seeing Tad in anything but bibs and his gym clothes were anything but fresh.

“Maybe we better get it to go, doesn’t look like I’m being too low profile.”

“What are you perking up again!”

“Well I wasn’t until you said something. I was talking about the looks. Me wearing gym shorts instead of my usual stylish bib’s.”

“I don’t know, I sort of like the looks of your nasty wrinkled up gym shorts. Just give it some time, Oh look, your stretching some of them wrinkles out as we speak.” Andrew turned with his back to Tad as he looked around to make sure they weren’t being watch by the monitors as he quickly brushed his hand over Tad’s bulge.

“Ha, I was ready for you. Jock strap holding everything in place you ass hole.”

“Really?” Andrew said handing him the tray. As soon as Tad had the tray in his hands Andrew said, “I guess you’re too smart for me then.” And as soon as Tad took his first step towards the tables, Andrew took his drawers to the floor. “You want catsup for those fries?” he said munching on a fry from the tray he was holding as the entire cafeteria erupted in laughter.

Andrew, standing there with a tray in his hands, his gym shorts around his ankles and wearing nothing but his jock strap and a t-shirt, just looked at him incredulously.

“You’re dead. You just wait. I’m soooo gonna kill you.”

“No Problem, so long as you let me choose the method of my death.” Andrew said snatching another fry off the tray and nibbling it through a smile.

“What is going on here? Miiiiiiister Gay would you mind explaining why you are standing there with you pants around your ankles?”

“Well the tie string broke and Miiiiiiister Harter here won’t take my tray long enough for me to pull them back up. Seems he finds my situation amusing.”

The monitor took his tray from him while he bent over and snatched up his shorts. Tying them securely.

Andrew looked at her face as she tried not to look at Tad’s near nakedness. “He’s got a really nice package don’t you think?”

She couldn’t manage to turn one of those wrinkles into a smile as she kept her prune face and shoved the tray into Andrew’s chest. He took it and she turned and walked away. Andrew was having trouble keeping a straight face and finally couldn’t contain himself any more as he burst into laughter and nearly dumped their lunch.

The cafeteria broke into laughter as Tad tried on the cherry pie color of red.

“Are you quite done?”

“Hmmm. Done, such a relevant term. And so final, no I don’t think so.”

“Well I am, I have no secrets anymore from anyone on the planet.”

“Sure you do!”

“Oh, like what? I just dropped trou in front of the entire school.”

“Flavor!” Andrew looked at him with a devilish grin.

“You are impossible!”

“You think so? For the right person, I’m pretty easy.”

The bell rang. “Well that was almost a good lunch anyways.


When the boys got home they found Aunt Gladys and Becky loading stuff into the back of the truck.

“The church has dis-invited you both for a while, while the minister tries to regain control of the congregation. We are having a bake sale to try and mend things a bit. You two are not invited so make yourselves busy for a while. That shouldn’t be tough for you two Energizer bunnies!”

“Why don’t you two go over and check the farm out Tad. Yall haven’t been over there in a bit. Best to check on it and air it out now and then.”

“Sure Aunt Gladys, straight away.” Tad said grabbing Andrew by the arm towards his folks farm.

“Wait dude, let’s get something to eat first. I’m starved.

“Aunt Galdys made home made raised glazed donuts for the bake sale. She and your Mom have also been into the recipe! Best we go and get back.” Tad whispered. “We can be back in an hour.”


(Three hours later.)

“Come on, let’s raid the kitchen. I’m starving, some hour.” Andrew said reaching for the door.

“How did I know a raccoon would get in and trash the kitchen. Who could know? I smelled home made donuts when we left.”

“Think they’re back yet?”

“Are you kidding? And they’ll sit there until every last donut is sold or eaten. They won’t be back till near dark.”

“Smell’em! Let’s go.”

“Here take this plate, I’ll get the milk.”

“MMmmm. This is the best I’ve ever had.”

“Ya, Aunt Gladys can cook.”


(But in the truck just comin’ down the road, moments from the driveway . . .)

“What are we going to do with those two boys Becky?”

“They are a pair aren’t they? I am so glad it worked out for Andy. He was so alone for so long. It is really good to see him happy and I’ve never seen him as happy as he has been since we came here. Thank you so much Aunt Gladys.”

“Think nothing of it dear. Glad it is working out. It’s sort of nice having cute boys running around the house half naked isn’t it.”

“Well it would be nicer if we had a couple of older men running around half naked, that would suit me just fine. I swear it has been so long I may have forgotten what it was like.”

“Trust me, it wasn’t worth keeping’em when they did do their duty.

Mind you when we get home we’ll have to eat a couple of them donuts. Do you know I didn’t get one! They sold out so fast I couldn’t believe it.

It’s good to be getting’ home. And my butts draggin’.

Grab that jar in the console and let’s have another decent pull before we go in.”


Andrew undid his buckles and dropped his bibs and kicked off his shoes. “I wonder how women put the holes in donuts?”

Tad turned around to see Andrew with a stack of two spindled on old glory. “Not like that, I can tell you that much.” He leaned over and licked his head and nibbled on one donut pulling it off still stuck in his mouth.

Tad followed suite and unbuckled his Bibs too! “Hey, they fit a little tighter on mine!”

“Ya, but you can’t get more than one on that thing. Sometimes it feels like a can of Campbell’s soup between your legs!”

The Kitchen door opened. “Freeze right there you little buggers. Hey Becky, come see what we’ve got in here?”

“Oh my goodness. And sweet rolls to boot.”

The boys stood up when the door opened and their displays of Donuts were impressive. They each had one in their hand and a glass of milk in the other so removing the display racks was out of the question. They backed up against the counter as the women advanced on them. The women had a look on their faces that told the boys it was feedin’ time and they were dinner.

Becky knelt down and looked at Andy’s face full of donut before she leaned over and took her tongue and traced around the hole of the top donut. Andy twinged and his dick went oak. Tad was watching too and responded in kind not believing what they were seeing.

Aunt Glady’s said, “Well Tad, looks like you’re serving me dinner tonight.” She knelt on the rug at Tad’s feet and did as Becky had done. Tad gasped and jumped back but there was no where to go. She spun the donut on his rod with her tongue. The gooey sugar smeared all over his rod. She took a bite out of the donut and the rest fell to the floor but she fell on his stump with a suction force that could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Tad recoiled and grabbed her hair with one hand as he set the glass of milk on the drain board and positioned his other hand and began meeting her plunging with his hips. Faster and faster.

Andy and Becky were watching an all of a sudden Becky turned on Andy and did the same. Both boys were now watching and pumping the faces of their benefactors as Tad started to let loose with a scream!

“AHhhhhh!”  And blast after blast filled aunt Glady’s mouth and down her gullet as she kept sucking determined to drain him dry.

Andrew followed suit and blasted his hips into his mother’s face as she skillfully sucked him dry milking his balls like they held yet a hidden drop that she would not miss.

The women sat back and looked at the boys that they just drained. Then at each other.

“Those were some great dough nuts!” Aunt Gladys said smiling. She reached over and opened a cupboard door next to the sink and withdrew a mason jar. Here have a sip of recipe, and she took a sip before passing it to Tad.

“Yes’em” He took a sip and coughed as it burned it’s way to the bottom of his throat. He handed it to Becky who took a sip and then handed it to Andrew. Andrew was in shock and unwittingly drank as he still stared at his mother who just drained him dry.

“Easy boy! Who taught you to drink like that?” Aunt Glady’s said taking the Mason jar out of his hand. He turned to look at her and it caught up with him. That gulp he took grabbed hold and that apple Jack kicked in as he coughed and sputtered and shuffled a few steps as far as his ankle high bibs would let him go. He was wasted already.

“Mercy boy, you’re going to need some help getting up the stairs. Tad you better put him away for the night.”

“Yes’em. Come on Andrew, let’s get you upstairs.” He said as he pulled his bibs back up and buckled them as well as his own.

“Heeey, you’re pretty cute. Do you know, I think my mother just sucked my dick.” He said as he staggered towards the stairs.

“Come on Andrew.”

“You know, I think I like ‘Andy’ better coming from you.”

“OK, Andy. Grab a hold and let’s get up to bed.”

“Gonna fuck me tonight?”

“I don’t think I have anything left!”

“Damn!” And he passed out cold. Tad dragged him up the last two steps and down the hall where he tossed him on the bed and unbuckled his bibs.

“This is the other reason why we wear these here hick bibs. After a might of the recipe you can’t have things too complicated.” He unbuckled and climbed in behind him and covered them up for the night.


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