The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 7

“Wake up. We need to be getting’ ready for church. Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes!”

Tad and Andrew woke up as Aunt Gladys hollered up the stairs.

“Alright, were up Aunt Gladys! We’ll be down in a few.” Tad hollered.

“Come on get up. We have to get ready for church.”

“Didn’t you hear? Aunt Gladys called us. Whether you believe or not, you need to come. Aunt Gladys expects it.”

“Alright, alright. I’m getting’ up.” Tad stopped off at Andrew’s Mom’s room on the way.

“Mom! You need to wake up. We’re going to church.”

“We’re going where?”

“To Church.”

“Oh, right! Yes, yes, Church, I remember. OK, getting up.” She swung her legs off the side of the bed. “Wouldn’t want to miss that.” She mumbled.

Everyone assembled in the kitchen and started slathering toast with butter and jam.

“I’ll bring the truck around. You boys can just jump in the back.”

“Yes’um, we’ll be right there.” Tad said as he buttered more toast and handed it to Becky.

Andrew looked at his Mom and whispered, “I don’t know what to expect.”

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

“Christ, how far is this place?”

“Never mind, just do what ever Tad does. You’ll be fine and don’t say Christ.”

Tad picked up on the conversation. “You’ve really never been to church? You’ve got to be kidding. Not even for Christmas or Easter?”

“I always worked. We never had the opportunity.”

“Yall  never been baptized?”

“Afraid not. What is it?”

“Sheesh! I never met anyone that’s not been baptized. We’ll have to fix that quick. Come on the trucks out front.”

Before he got in the back of the truck he stuck his head in the truck window and whispered to Aunt Gladys. Her expression was aghast.

“You’ve never been to church!” Aunt Gladys said to Becky as she drove down the road.

“No, I worked weekends. We never had the chance, I always meant too though.”

“Well we do now, we’ll have to get yall Baptized right away. Without it, if you die you won’t go to heaven!”

“Look Aunt Gladys, I don’t know about that at least not right away. I mean, Charles was never baptized and I can’t imagine God turning him away. I was raised to believe that god was a caring loving God. Do the right thing and believe in him and your saved. I was never raised to believe that you had to earn your way through some ritual.”

“Well that’s between you, God and the preacher. My Job is to get you there so you can discuss it with them yourself.”

As they pulled up to the church Becky could see that it was a very old one room church. It had an old whitewashed sign that read, Fractured River Baptist Church. It had a beautiful circular stained glass window of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane Praying at the rock and it had a white chipped granite parking lot with a small bus that looked like it had passed its prime thirty years or so back. There were corn fields all around it and it looked to be the only building within sight.

Aunt Gladys parked next to another old pick-up; in all about thirteen or so vehicles besides the old bluebird. Every one walked up the walk toward the doors. Aunt Gladys in the lead followed by Becky and then the boys, hand in hand. The preacher was shaking hands and welcoming everyone. He was delighted to see new faces. That was of course until he saw the two boys holding hands. He tried not to display judgment but it was plain to see he did not approve. He welcomed them and followed them into the church. Being new of course, meant that they had reserved seats up in the front row. Aunt Gladys lifted the little yellow rope so that she and her guest could be seated. Tad and Andrew were still holding hands as they filed in to take a seat.

Andrew was getting concerned as he looked around. The stares were unceasing. Tad seemed oblivious to it.

“Tad, this does not feel right. I have a really bad feeling right now. We need to get out of here, now!”

“Look, relax, I know these people. They’re pretty straight laced but you’re not in any danger. It’s OK, I promise.” And he leaned over and kissed Andrew on the cheek.

“Blasphemer! SODOMITES!” A man was standing and pointing directly at the boys. The old guy had a lot of anger inside his voice and cold steel eyes behind that beard.

“It’s true! I saw them in public holding each other!”

The preacher was now standing, “Now hold on. We shall all sin daily and fall short of the glory of God. These doors are open to all sinners. Not just the ones who’s sins we approve of. Now sit down please. We’ll open with a prayer.

“Now wait just a minute!” Tad was on his feet.

“Andrew pulled on his sleeve gently as if to say, “Sit down and shut up. We’re getting off easy.”

Tad wasn’t about to be silenced. “I ain’t no Blasphemer! And I question whether or not  love for Andrew is a sin at all! Now you all know me and you know that I am gay. Some of you think it is not natural but this is how God made me. And if he made me this way then it stands to reason, sense he said that “Man should not live alone”, that he would make someone FOR me. You!” he said pointing at his accuser. “Are you saying God is a liar?”

“No I am not, but I ain’t sayin’ that God made you that way either! You’re a sodomite and there ain’t no way that God made you like that! It’s agin the natural way.” Applause broke out.

“We’ll in the first place I ain’t no Sodomite or what ever I hate those number puzzles.” Aunt Glady’s pulled on his sleeve and he leaned over and whispered in his ear. He turned several shades of red.

“Alright, I might be mistaken about that part, maybe I am a sodomite. But if I am then it is only because God made me that way.”

“I do NOT believe that God made you a sodomite. I think you have the devil in you boy.”

“Now hold on, just because you don’t understand God and his way, then I’m a sinner and have the devil in me? What ever happened to turning the other cheek? Let me ask you something Mr. Evans, when God smite Sodom and Gomorra, do you think he missed anyone or were they all destroyed?”

“The good book says all of them sodomites were turned into pillars of salt.”

“Well since then has God taken power of the Devil? Is the Devil more powerful than God?”

“See Preacher! Blasphemer!”

“I am no such thing. I asked YOU if you think Jesus has power over Satan!”

“Of course!”

“Well if God destroyed ALL the sodomites that were wrong and has taken power over the devil then it is only logical that he created me since the devil can’t, and by your own words! God said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself!” This is the only law we are bound by. So is God’s word literal or figurative Mr. Evans?”

“God’s word is perfect, clear and everlasting. There is no confusion in the word!”

“Then I submit to you sir that YOU are the blasphemer and YOU are the one who goes against the word of God! Not me.”

“Nonsense, how am I going against the word of God?”

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself! Mr. Evans, have you ever masturbated?”

Outrage broke out in the hall.

“Listen to me! God has mandated that we have this conversation so here me out! Mr. Evans, I’ll ask you again, have you ever, in your entire life masturbated? Remember that you are in God’s house and under God’s oath. If you lie, you’re going straight to hell!”

“Well, I . . uh . .when I was very young I may have done that once or twice. I suppose, everyone tries it at some point in their life.”

“And when you went to you neighbors house did you jack him off or make love to his, . . . Sodomite area?”

“NO, I absolutely never did anything like that.”

“Then by your own admission Mr. Evans, you knowingly went against God’s word. He plainly said, “Love your neighbor as you would love yourself!” “You plainly did not do as God told you too! I on the other hand did exactly as God commanded us. And I think I did it right too!” he said pulling Andrew to his feet and kissing him on the cheek. He had them on the run.

“And what about the Golden rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? I don’t think that would please your wife OR Mrs Abernathy very much.”

“You are twisting God’s word!” Mr Evans shouted back.

“What, is God’s word only literal when it suits your preferences? He also said go forth and multiply. I’m doing the best I can and I’m counting on him for the miracle.”

“Ohhh.” The preacher said as he fainted.

“Well it looks like the preacher has been slain in the spirit. What more proof do you need Mr. Evans? You know Mr Evans, I think you complain just a little too much! And I would say that judging by the bulge you’re getting that maybe Mrs Abernathy isn’t what you sincerely desire. And I gotta tell you Mr. Evans, the truth shall set you free. A lie will eat at you until you die.”

Chaos broke out between Mr. Evan’s wife and Mrs Abernathy. Mr. Evans just starred slack jawed at them. Aunt Gladys was chivying them out the door before any shooting started. The preacher was still out cold.

“Good Lord Tad, I think you could start a fight in a convent.”

“I’m sorry Aunt Gladys but I just couldn’t stand there and let him say those things. They twern’t true!”

“Well I think one thing is for sure. Every person there today will sure be reading their Bibles tonight. And I’m just not sure they will ever see things the same again.”

“Aunt Gladys, I love you and if you tell me that I have to go take it all back I will. But honestly, don’t you think it’s about time they start reading things the way they were meant? Not just the way that fits into their little worlds?”

“Tad I will never ask you to take back something you really believe to be true. That wouldn’t be very Christian now would it? But I think I better start some more corn mash or we’re gonna plumb run out of recipe. And I think there’s going to be a real call for it here shortly. You boys go play outside for a while. I think your mother and I need a little rest break. I’ll put the truck in the barn later.”


“Mercy! Talk about ME! Where did you come up with all that mumbo jumbo?”

“It ain’t mumbo jumbo. It’s God’s word and it’s in the Bible. Ain’t you never read the Bible?”

“Nope, sorry. Not the top of my reading list. But I’ll tell you one thing, if Jesus himself was here I’ll bet he would have gotten on his knees and sucked your dick in front of all of’em!”

Smack! “Hey, what’d ya do that for?”

“I won’t have ya disrespecting God that way.”

“Come on.” Andrew took his hand and started to run towards the grove.


“Just come on. Trust me.”

“What are you up to? It’s cold as shit out here.”

“Don’t you know what day it is?”

“Sunday. Is that supposed to be special?”

“I’ll give you a hint,” and Andrew jumped up on the rock and turned around and offered Tad his hand. “Come on, it’s alright, I won’t let anything happen to ya.”

Tad had a confused look on his face. “You won’t let anything happen to me?”

“That’s your hint.” Andrew stood smiling and looking down at him.

Tad appeared lost. “Have you been into Aunt Glady’s recipe?”

“No but its sounding better by the moment. You really have no clues what day this is, do you?”

“Sure I do. . ., can I have another hint?”

“OH! You’re impossible. Come on up on the sunning rock.”

They got up there and Andrew undid Tad’s bib’s then his own and they let them fall to the ground.

“Andrew, what are you doing, it’s cold as shit out here!”

“I’ll take care of that in just a few minutes, here sit down here.”

“I think you are losing your mind, but I’ll humor ya cause your naked and I can see things warming up. Or at least standing up but if you don’t hurry my stuff will be frozen!”

Andrew threw their bibs on the rock below.

“Hey, what did ya do that for?”

“Oh! You want to get dressed again so quickly? No problem, let me help you down. Just let me go first. It’s a little difficult finding your footing the first time. It’s not a far drop, you just can’t see where to put your feet!” Andrew said with a grin and he jumped down on the rock and stood up and fiddled with the bibs. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Tad had the same view he did; six months ago.

“Hey, what are ya doing?” Tad asked catching on.


“Well I hope you’re going to share!”

“I fully intend to. Now just slide your ass down the rock and I’ll guide your feet to the stepping stone.”

Tad complied and as he did, Andrew assumed the position on the stepping stone and caught Tad by the legs, just as he had done to him that very special day. Andrew looked at the huge member in front of him and grinned and looked up at Tad. With an evil grin he began.

The second Tad’s mouth touched his pole he winced and he watched. Andrew looked up again and smiled.

“Gee too bad I am out of Chiclets!” and he dove on his pole again savagely taking it down to the hilt.” Tad gasped and grabbed for his hair.

“No wait, I can’t hold it back.”

“I want to taste you.” Andrew took the tip of his tongue and flicked the v on his head and then took the sharp pointed tip of his tongue and reamed the hole on the end. Tad responded and a drop pre-cum appeared. Andrew ringed his cock and slowly milked up his rod producing a second drop which he lapped up just before going down all the way. He could feel the hot girth of his manhood wedge in his throat. And he sucked as hard as he could withdrawing just to the tip and forcing it back down ramming his throat once again. He started to choke and withdrew a little and wiping the tears from his eyes watering from the accidental depth he had taken.

He went up and down faster raking his teeth over the gland ever so gently on each withdrawal. He suddenly felt Tad’s body tense. Andy responded by increasing his speed and suction. His head was now bobbing like a piston in a small block Chevy. He was working it hard and fast.

Tad screamed, “I’m  . . . going to…!” But he never finished. He exploded pulling fists full of hair into him. Andrew sucked and drank every drop and continued until he lay limp and dry. Then he kissed his way up the crease in his leg and back to the center where Tad shivered when he got just below the navel. He kissed his way up allowing Tad to slide down into his embrace. He kissed and flicked his nipple on his way to Tad’s neck.

As he savaged his neck he whispered, “Care to give a guy a hand?” and he continued as Tad, worked his way down his chest. “No, I only have one. Use your hand.”

Tad stood back up and smiled and kissed him deeply before moving across his cheekbone and down his neck. He worked his way down kissing the washboard tightness of his stomach. He took the tip of his tongue and tickled his navel until he felt the surge below. He kissed and sucked his way down the crease of his leg finding his balls and gently sucking them and licking them as he moved to his now white hot steel member. He drug his tongue tip up the length of his shaft and stopped to trace the outline of his head, returning to the v again. Andrew trembled. Tad knew he was close.

Tad placed his lips overtop of his head and ever so slowly pushed his warmth down over his cock until it rested in his throat. He sucked hard as he withdrew to the top raking his teeth lightly over the head. Andy gasped twice and Tad felt him tighten as he placed his hands lightly on Tad’s head. He started to pump slowly at first.

Tad felt his thickness increase as his rod got hotter and he pumped faster. Tad sucked hard and moved to compliment his movement.

Tad placed his right hand on his washboard above his navel and applied light pressure. He felt Andrew wince at his touch.

“Ah, shit! I’m gonna blow. Better move or you’re going to eat it. AHhhhh!”

Andrew pumped and pulled his head into him tightly and again, and again and he blew a final load as he froze until it subsided. He collapsed on top of the stepping stone with Tad’s head still drinking in his goodness. Andrew flinched when he finally withdrew and Tad licked his head clean as Andrew laughed with passionate laugher pulling him up to kiss him squarely on the lips.

“I love you.” Andrew said and he pulled the chain from around his neck and slipped it over Tad’s head. And kissed him again.

“I can’t take this, it was your father’s.”

“Shut up, I want you to have it. I’ll always have it too because I will always have you.”

Tad turned to reach his bibs that were just out of reach. He stretch a little more and grabbed them. He dug in the right pocket and pulled out a golden band and took Andrews hand and placed it on his finger. “This was my grandmother’s ring. I was supposed to give it to my bride. You being the woman and all in this here relationship . . .” Tad looked up smiling.

“You fuck!” Andrew said pulling him into a kiss. “I love you so fucking much. I’ll be your bitch any day. You knew what day it was. Why didn’t you say something?”

“Well what kind of blow job would THAT have gotten me?” And they both busted out laughing.

“Uh, are we going for a swim?”

“Are you fucking nuts? We step foot in that water and we won’t see our nuts again for a week! Besides, there’s nothing to clean up! By the way, how do I taste?”

“You taste like honey to me. But I knew you were mine the moment that I smelled ya.”

“Your’s! What the fuck. Smelled me! Like I’m some fucking dog’s ass or something! I ain’t nobody’s! Except your’s.” And Tad kissed him again.

The boy’s made their way back to Aunt Glady’s house where a very silent dinner was waiting. They figured it was best to eat it and disappear. School in the morning.

They noticed that Carl never came back after church to finish the porch so they figured it wasn’t over yet.


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