The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 6

“Holy shit, who is that?” Tad asked as they boarded the bus the next morning.

“Don’t know, nev. . . no way. Tad turn around quick, don’t look at her.” Andrew leaned over and whispered, “That girl isn’t! She has an Adam’s apple!”

Tad whipped around so fast his clothes were still facing front. “Oh my Lord! Kenny, is that you?”

“If’en ya can’t beat’em, off, then join’em. That’s what I like to say.” Kenny smiled broadly. “I’m declarin’ today.”

Tad just looked at Andrew and whispered, “Shit, that’s almost enough to make me check out a chic!”  Tad shivered.

Well one thing is for sure, Ms Peckum is going to be way to busy today to harass us.” And they both busted out laughing.

Tuesday turned into Saturday in the blink of an eye and they were waking up to the sound of Carl hammering nails into the porch at six A.M. Tad rolled out of bed first.

“Come on, get up. We should be down there helping him.”

“Mmmhuh, just a little bit longer.”

Tad climbed back into bed and started to pester Andrew.

“Come on.” . . kiss, kiss . . and his hand slid down his torso and over his leg finding morning oak. Soon he was kissing his way down to meet his hand and began inflating more than his ego. Andrew’s hands found hair and he pulled him down on top of it as he pushed up to meet him. And the rhythm started. Andrew was looking for air and the will to draw it in. Tad had set new standards for depth and intensity as he started to quiver and shake, Tad came up and twisted his head as he sucked raking his teeth lightly over his gland. Andrew gasped.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to blow. Just a little more, fuck!” but Tad had stopped.

“No, don’t stop. Don’t stop! What are you doing?”

“See what happens when you don’t do a job the way you’re supposed too! Everybody gets frustrated. See ya downstairs for breakfast.” He bolted out the door dodging pillows and shoes.

“Morning Mom, Morning Aunt Glady’s. You should’ve given us a call. Poor Carl is out there all alone. That ain’t right.”

“Where’s Andy? You wear him out already this morning?”

“No mam, I expect he will be down those steps any moment. And if you don’t mind, I’m just going to take a couple pieces of toast out side with me.” Tad exited none too soon as Andrew was coming down the steps like an elephant in a china shop.

“Morning Mom, Morning Aunt Glady’s. Where’s that Tad Bit Gay?”

“Why, is there something wrong?”

“No mam, I just have to talk to the boy about his work ethic, that’s all.”

“Why, his work ethic! I’ll have you know that Tad Bit Gay is one of the hardest working kids I know!”

“Yes mam, I just mean to remind him that he needs to finish what he starts.” He concluded by shoving nearly a half slice of toast in his mouth and headed out the door.”

“WOooooo! . . . Oh that hurt.”

“I guess he didn’t notice that they had stripped all the boards off the porch.” Aunt Gladys laughed.

“I’m alright, thanks. You must be Carl. Hi I’m Andrew.” He said extending his hand.

“Hi, glad to meet ya. You Tad’s new city Queer he brought in?”

“Well ya, I thought I was. Tell me have ya seen Tad?”

“Ya he’s getting the truck unloaded over yonder.”

“Oh, thanks, I think I’ll go give him a hand or two.”

Andrew walked up on Tad but Tad was watching for him but didn’t quite know what to expect.

Andrew walked up and kissed him right on the lips, long and hard. The next moment he was on his back with Andrew on top of him pinning him down. Andrew got nose to nose with him.

“You ever do that again and I’ll kill you where you stand and NO I won’t give you a choice in how you die.”

“I love you too. Now can you get up? You’re give’n me a hard on and we got a truck to unload.”

Andrew leaned back smiling on his blue jean wedged raging rod, folding it nearly in two.

Tad’s eyes bulged out, “Oh shit,” as he rolled him off of him and got to his feet adjusting himself in the process.

Offering Andrew his hand and pulling him to his feet he turned to tend to the truck but Andrew pulled his hand spinning him around to face him as the sun peaked over the barn he kissed Tad and said, “I love you.”

“Gall darn, I heard about ya’s but I ain’t never seen nothin’ like it aforin. Kissin’ in public just like a man and woman. Which one of ya’s the woman?”

They both pointed at exactly the same time.

“Ya’ll ain’t even got that part figerd out yet? We’ll Tad you pick Huntin’ dogs out. Huntin’s a man’s sport so I guess that would make your city queer here, the woman don’t ya think?”

“Well, ya, makes sense to me? Andy? Or should it be Andrea?”

“You got a dentist in this town?” Andrew asked changing the subject.

“Ya, why, you got a pain?”

“Do I ever. I just wanted to know if we had to drag your Opie ass into the next town to get’em fixed.” And he dove at Tad.

Tad took off runnin’ with Andy in hot pursuit.

“Be back in just a few Carl, just have to wait for the little woman to calm down a might.”

“You slow down you piece of shit so I can kick your homo lovin’ ass.”

“I don’t rightly think that’ll be happenin’ any time soon.”

Tad stopped runnin’ when he got to the glade. Andrew was barely moving but looked like he was running full out. He got to the glade a minute after Tad did and collapsed in the shade of the trees out of breath.

“As . . soon . .  as . . I . . catch . . my . . breath . . I’m . . gonna . . kill you.” And he flopped his arm like a limp noodle on top of Tad who was in the same condition but a minute more rested. He started to get up first.

“No you don’t.” Andrew said grabbing him by the two straps of his bibs from behind.

Tad laughed and paused long enough to unbuckle the straps and started to scurry out of them.

“I said no you don’t!” and he traded his grip on the bibs for a fresh set of balls.


“Got your attention now, don’t I? My sensei always said, when you have a man by the balls, his heart will soon follow. Now who’s the bitch Taderina?”


“Is that all you can say? Let me give you something to howl about.” He reached up with his free hand and undid his buckles too and squirmed out of’m faster than a hungry hooker on a five hundred dollar trick. He took his fist full of balls and pushed forward knocking Tad off his hands onto his elbows and invited himself in for dinner.

Andrew took his tongue and flicked Tad’s ass hole drilling his tongue in at the very top of his brown spot and felt Tad flinch at his hot touch. The fall air had a chill to it so Andrew’s hands were filling up fast before he went knocking with his tongue. When he was satisfied that he had Tad enwrapped in his love he let go of his hand full. Tad didn’t move. Andrew stood up on his knees and used his knees to spread Tads feet apart.

“Let’s see who fit’s in Ballet shoes now Taderina.” Andrew took the throbbing head of his now huge member and teased his ass with it. Running it up and down the crack. Tad trembled when his hotness crossed over his poop chute. Andrew paused on the next pass, and pushed as he pulled Tad’s ass in hard against his flaming rod. His precum and the moisture from his licking lubed his entry.

“Huuuugh!” Tad inhaled and came straight up off the ground on his knees too with his head back he gritted his teeth and reached behind him to control the enormous invader.

“Jesus Christ, where did you get that from?”

“I’m sorry you little whiney assed girl, I may need a haircut but I don’t think I look the least like JC. Now if you can’t take it like a man then perhaps you’ll take it like a girl!”

Andrew wrapped his arm around Tad and attacked his neck and took his other hand and reached around him grabbing his rigid pipe firmly and started to stroke him as he also started his love song below the waist. He pushed it in firmly as Tads thumbs tried desperately to push him back. They slipped off as Andrew changed sides of his neck and swapped hands. He paused and drank in Tad’s flavor and smell.

Tad responded by reaching behind him and pulling him into him again completely.

“OK, I’ll be the girl.” Tad whispered over his shoulder, as he felt Andrew’s fullness within him.

“Andrew began his rhythmic movements beginning slowly for a stroke or two. His hand moving on Tad’s ripened rod in the same fashion. Andrew began to move faster and so did Tad to meet the challenge of his re-arrival and bottoming out. Andrew gasped a couple of times and started to rip forward and back ramming his fullness as far as it would go until he hit bottom again and exploded.

“SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!” A blast filling Tad, another blast and Tad couldn’t hold back the flood as tightly as he held his ass it still ran out past Andrew’s rod and lubricated the next thrust and the next and finally Andrew went in and froze!

Tad just quivered, and loosed his final as well. They fell over sideways on the leaf covered mossy floor of the stand, gasping for the oxygen that had long since been forestalled.  Andrew breathed in deeply, two or three times.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m smelling you.”

“I’m all hot and sweaty.”

“Ya, I know.” He said, again breathing in deeply. “I love your smell. You do eyes, I do smells. You smell good to me, always.” And he kissed him lightly on the back. He felt his wither withdraw and pulled back a little. Tad rolled over so they were facing each other. Tad took in his look. It was a different look. It was a complete look. A look that no longer had any mystery to it; he was his, Andrew’s. No question, no hesitation. It was a look of complete absolute love. He moved in slowly, noses touching as one slides past the other and kisses him oh so gently on the lips, the cheek and his eyes. Andrew just breathed in and pulled him in closer.

This time it was Tad, “I love you more than life itself. You are my life. I want nothing else. I just love you so much. You have no idea.” And he wept.

Andrew held him, shushing him quietly. “I love you too. . . Taderina.” And they both busted out laughing until they realized, it was getting pretty chilly. They cleaned up as best they could but it was no use. They had blasted all over each other. They climbed to the top of the bolder.

“Ready? On three, one, two, three!” They both jumped in and the water was surprisingly warmer feeling than usual. The air being cold with the fall winds was colder than the water making it feel warmer. They splashed around a bit and cleaned off.
The boys climbed out and got dressed and headed back to see what was left of Carl and the porch.

“Hey Carl, man you got a lot done.”

“You’re all wet! You guys went for a swim? ‘fore I thought ya’ll was just queer, now I know ya’ll are nuts too!”

“Ya, uh Carl. Let me explain something to ya. When guys are gay, there ain’t no female. Pretend or otherwise. We sort of take turns in what ever we do. So it ain’t which one of us is the girl. Were both guys and we act like guys. We never know when we get started who is going to take it in the ass or bob on the knob or anything else. We just let it happen.”

“In the mouth! Ya’ll suck each other off! That’s disgusting.”

“Ya but disgusting or not, it appears to be getting you pretty hard.”

“Ya well watching two dogs fucking can get me going, hell for that matter, watching a leaf fall or hell just about anything gets me going. That’s why I have seven kids. Just thinking about a little hob knob makes me think that this is enough for today and maybe I need to go home and see my wife and maybe surprise her for lunch. Would you tell Gladys that I’ll be back tomorrow after church? You got plenty ta get in and out on.”

“Sure, we’ll tell her. Take it easy Carl. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sure, see ya’s in church. Ya’ll do still go to church and all don’t ya? Even though you’ll both be going straight to hell when ya die, I mean.”

“Uh, ya Carl. Of course we go to church. And we ain’t going ta hell neither.”

Andrew was visibly concerned.

“We’ll talk about it some more tomorrow Carl. See ya.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Going to church? Are you out of your homo mind? Do you have any idea what they’ll do to us in a hick church? What kind of church are we talking here anyways? Does it involve snakes?”

“Snakes? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I saw this show once on the discovery channel about some back woods hicks that worship god with snakes. It was one of those things where you are forgiven if you live through the snake poison.”

“No we don’t do snakes. What kind of church you go to in the city?”

“Never been to one, why would I? I mean Mom took me once at Christmas to hear some kids with their underwear too tight singing carols or something. Does that count?”

“You mean you ain’t never been baptized even?”

“Well I changed a diaper once on the kid my Mom was babysitting. Little shit pissed all over me and then thought it was funny.”

“We’ll we gonna have to fix that.”

“What the hell are you talkin’ about – fix that. Nothin’ is broken or in need of fixin’”

“OH YA! How about your soul you nitwit. If ya ain’t been baptized then ya can’t get to heaven.”

“Oh Please, you don’t believe that drivel do you?”

“Believe it? Of course I do. Don’t you?”

“I have never received a single thing that I have prayed for. When my father died; I prayed so long and so hard that if God actually existed then he would have heard me.”

“But what if he heard, but the answer was no?”

“I thought he was a God of love. Why would he not hear a little boy’s prayer? I needed my Dad and he wasn’t there. God took him away from me. Is that the God you want me to believe in?”

“Maybe there was a reason for your Dad to die. It could be something we don’t know about. Maybe he was going to be at an intersection at a particular time and kill someone who will save the world. How can you know that? God knows all and we don’t always understand it.”

“Ya, well tell me one thing, just one thing, you ever prayed about and got; just one!”

“That’s easy. I have been alone all my life. My father can’t even love me. Mom loves me but can’t really understand me or where I’m coming from. She tolerates me more than anything else.”

“So, what? What did you pray for that your God almighty granted? You prayed for a tolerant mother? What?”

“No, . . . . I . . .I prayed for you.” And Tad just looked back and forth between his eyes. Andrew, watched as his eyes filled lightly with water filling only the bottom ridges of his eyes. “You have no idea how lonely I was and there was no chance in hell for relief. Not one. I knew when I saw your picture that I loved you but until God answered my prayers you were just a dream. An escape. You were a truth I felt that I didn’t deserve.”

“Why? Why didn’t you deserve it?”

“Because I was . . . gay. Really gay. Not just in the name thing. But really in my heart.” Tears filled Tad’s eyes. Andrew pulled him in close and rocked left and right. Shushing him.

“It’s alright. I love you. It’s alright. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Don’t you see? If you don’t get baptized then when we die we won’t ever see each other again! I’ll go to heaven and you’ll . . . go to . . . hell. I’ll never get to hold you, kiss you or make love to you. For eternity. The way I see it is that either you accept Jesus into your heart and be Baptized or I have to denounce God and I don’t think I can do that. Not even for you! To burn in a lake of eternal flames! I just can’t do that! I love you but I can’t do that.” He sobbed. Andrew held him.

“OK, what do I have to do to make this alright?”

“You can’t do it for me. You have to do it for yourself. You just accept Jesus into your heart and he forgives your sins. You are baptized in the river and the water washes away your sins.”

“Now wait a minute. Haven’t we done all that washing stuff already?”

“Not by a preacher and not with you bringing Jesus into your heart.”

“But Tad, I’ve never even been to a church except for Christmas! I don’t believe in all that crap. If I did it then I would be lying. And what kind of respect could you have for me then?”

“Look, I ain’t into lying no how. But for this one thing, you don’t have to believe. Just do it. God’s love will come to you later.”

Well that ain’t going to happen. If I have learned to love and respect one thing above all in you, it is honesty. And I ain’t no liar.”

“Then when we die, I’ll never see you again.’

“Then your God ain’t so great. If he would keep two people who love each other as much as we do apart, then he is not a loving God, and he sure as hell ain’t my God! I love you, but not enough to dishonor your belief in God. So you need to make up your mind whether or not you will settle for my love as long as we are here.”

Tad looked in his eyes. “I will love you, in spite of God.” And Tad wept like he had never wept before.


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