The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 5

“Goooood morning!” Andrew said as he sat down for breakfast smiling ear to ear.

“Morning,” his mom said as she put milk on the table. She looked like she hadn’t slept at all.

Tad came in and sat down and started to butter some toast, “Morning Ms. Harter, Man am I starving this morning.”

“Mornin’ Everyone,” Aunt Glady’s strolled in and grabbed herself a cup of coffee.

“Eat up, don’t be late for your bus.” Aunt Glady’s admonished. “By the way, Ms. Mays from the farm to the east and Ms. Landis from the farm to the west both have called this morning to offer their services if we need a ride to church next Sunday. Seems they thought we were having some kind of revival over here late last night. Said they kept a hearing somebody hollering for Jesus last night. They thought it was the second coming!”

Andrew was trying hard to hide his red face behind the box of cereal.

Tad was just as red and smiling, “Sorry Aunt Glady’s; Ms. Harter. I think it was more like the third if the truth be known.” He said laughing and grabbing a piece of toast and headed for the door with Andrew hot on his heels.

Aunt Gladys looked at Becky, “I don’t know about you but I think I could use a dose of the recipe!” And out to the barn she sidled with an empty mason jar.

The boys waited for the bus laughing and still embarrassed. Tad had chosen to sit on a boulder placed at the end of the row of mailboxes. Andrew stood in front of him with his hands interlaced around his neck, Tad with his hands around Andy’s waist. They started talking. A truck drove by and laid on his horn yelling obscenities out the window.

“I forgot I was back in the real world.” Andrew said releasing his hold but Tad stood solid.

“We’ll never please the world. Fuck’em if that’s what they want to waste their energy on. I’ll not live it for them,” Tad said as the bus pulled up and the doors opened.

The boys made their way towards the back of the bus, Andrew leading the way. Buster was sitting alone about half way back on the driver’s side. When he saw Andrew he instinctively covered his balls with both hands and turned towards the window. Andrew chose the seat directly behind Buster and as he was sliding in, he paused for a moment and kissed buster on the cheek.

“How are the balls?” he whispered. Buster just winced at the kiss and turned away.

Tad just stared in disbelief.

“Come on, Sit down. You’re holding me up!” The bus driver yelled. Tad quickly slid his ass in the seat next to Andrew.

“You had an interesting day yesterday didn’t you?”

“You could say that.” Andrew said with a smile.

“Wanna tell me about it?”

“Not much to tell. Buster and Kenny just don’t know as much Karate as I do. Funny, I thought I had forgotten it all. They got in a few punches before I remembered.”

“You know Karate?”

“Well, enough to convince Buster that this was a bad idea. Huh, Buster buddy?” He said as he tousled Busters hair.

“Then buster gave a great big Homo kiss to me right on the lips in front of the whole school. There were a few on my side that were from both camps as near as I could tell.”

“Really? Get out of here.” Then Tad leaned forward and looked at Buster who was still a bit swollen around the face. “Hey, Buster. You need to know that you don’t mean anything to him. He’s mine, go get your own.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Buster’s kinda cute.” Andrew chided.

Tad was shocked and appalled and a little scared.

“Nah, just kidding. I wouldn’t fuck him with Kenny’s dick if Sam were pushin’.”

They laughed the rest of the way to school

“So why didn’t you use any of your kung foo stuff on me at the quarry the first night?”

“Are you thick or what.” Andrew said grinning broadly. “What kind of blow job would that have gotten me?”

“You played me!”

“Like a finely tuned banjo. Pling, Pling, pling!” Making the first three notes of dueling banjos.

“And I never saw it coming.”

“Probably because you had your eyes closed.” Andrew laughed.

“What’s the matter, didn’t you see that in my eyes little hound picker?” And he ruffled his hair. “Go get your schedule and meet me back here after first period.”

“Hmmmm, English and math are opposite each other, we have PE together and Biology. Oh look, you ended up in Home Economics, you little home maker you. Are you going to make me some cookies?” Andrew was in hysterics now.

“Very Funny, that’s all that they had left.”

“Going to make your own Prom Dress? WooHoo!”

“If you don’t watch it, your going to get to try out a bit more of your karate when I give you a fat lip.” Tad said punching him in the arm. “See you at lunch.”

“Chicken nuggets and lime green Jello with carrots in it. Who picks this stuff anyways?”

“See that crusty old bird over there? She’s the one.” Tad said in a quiet voice pointing discreetly at one of the elderly kitchen workers.

“Damn, looks like she hasn’t been laid since Spam was new. Maybe we could get Buster to buster crust off and order us some pizza or something.”

“OH damn, that’s disgusting man. I wouldn’t even do that to Buster.”

“Hmm, now who is showing an interest in the brute?”

“Hey, I have all I want right here in you.” And Tad kissed him right there in the cafeteria line. The room went silent. Two teachers were rounding on the two boys.

“Mr. Gay and Mr. Harter! You will go to the principles office immediately please. We won’t have any of that kind of behavior around here young man.”

“Any of what kind of behavior exactly Mrs. Crumpet?” Tad asked.

“I’ll have none of your smart aleck either, now move!”

“Mr. Harter and Mr. Gay, won’t you come in please?” Ms Peckum said in her usual professional, “you’re in deep shit and I don’t even know what you did yet.” tone.

“Ms. Peckum, can you tell us why we are here? I asked Ms. Crumpet and she just got really upset and never did answer us.” Tad said innocently.

“Really, you have no idea?”

“No mam, neither one of us can figure it out. We didn’t do anything wrong. We were just standing in line for lunch.”

“She told me that the two of you were, . . . making out in line.” She said leaning over in a whisper, her eyes flitting around to see who was listening.

“Well I wouldn’t call a simple kiss making out, would you call that making out Andrew?”

“No way, making out takes a lot more space, time and focus. That was definitely not making out.”

“But you don’t deny that you kissed?”

“Of course not, why should we? Kissing is not against school policy and certainly not against the law. Why should we deny it? Don’t most people in love kiss? Openly and in public?”

“We’ll yes of course, I mean normal couples usually do.”

“Are you saying there is something un-normal about our love?”

“Well it isn’t a recognizable state in most of the united states. I mean you can’t marry so it is not recognized as a natural or normal condition.”

“First of all,” Tad was now raising his voice, “You speak of our relationship like a disease. It does not have a condition! The last time that I checked there was an American Flag flying out front and if I’m not mistaken, that gives me the right to pursue happiness. Well he makes me happy.”

“That may well be but I’ll not have your relationship or anyone else’s disrupt our school or classes. Do I make myself quite clear Mr. Gay?”

“No, you do not. Could you please make it clearer and in writing so that there is no misunderstanding?” Andrew interjected.

“I don’t think writing it down is required. What don’t you understand?”

“What limits are you placing on our relationship or interaction?”

“Why all of the limits; you have no relationship while you are on school grounds. Your interaction will be limited to talking and hands off of each other while you are on school property. Is that clear Mr. Gay?”


“Mr. Harter?”

“Not quite yet. Will this limitation be placed on all personnel on campus?”

“The natural ones will of course be limited if it causes a disruption as well.”

“The Natural ones? You mean the heterosexual or non-gay ones?”

“There, you see! No writing and we understand each other perfectly.”

“No quite, Ms Peckum. If you impose this I will see that you are removed from your position by the end of the week. You will have more newspaper coverage than William Hurst. What you are doing is violating our civil rights. Our rights to free expression and our rights to free speech. If you want a war you can have one, but this battle has already been fought and won. The real question that you have to ask yourself at this point is this, is this the hill you want your career to die on?” Andrew said in crescendo, leaning over the desk on his fists.

Both Tad and Ms Peckum looked at Andrew slack jawed.

“You have three choices here. Send us back out there with no restrictions, Suspend us pending a court hearing, restrict every person on this campus from touching, kissing or any other form of contact save that of speech. What’s your call?”

“I need to make a telephone call, could you both please wait out in the office? I’ll call you back in when I am done.”

She hesitantly reached for the telephone as the boys stepped out into the outer office.

They could see her on the telephone and it was apparent that she wasn’t pleased at all as she slammed down the receiver. She turned towards the wall away from the boys view to try and compose herself, then she motioned for them to come back in.

“It appears that I must allow it or restrict everybody. So as long as it is not disruptive in class you may continue. Don’t give me cause to regret the choice, now please return to class. Ms Givens will give you a pass at the counter.”

Andrew and Tad stood up grinning like they had won a new Ferrari. While they waited at the counter for Ms. Givens to finish up with another student, Tad looked at Andrew.

“Damn, I don’t know where you came up with those balls but that was impressive.” Andrew smiled and leaned over and kissed him right on the lips, then looked up at Ms. Peckum and winked.

“Hey the city has already fought these fights. I had forgotten, I mean I wasn’t involved with the fight or anything so I didn’t pay much attention. You know, somebody else’s problem.”

“Why didn’t you fight too?”

“I don’t know, didn’t know I was gay I guess. I hadn’t met you maybe. I had nothing to gain where as I could lose you, and I’ll fight until I die before I lose you.”

Tad just stared into his eyes until his were welling with water. “I’ve  . . ., I’ve never had anyone . . . love me. Let alone love me that much. I mean outside my family.” He sniffled and grabbed a kleenex out of the box on the counter.

“Come on, I have the passes, let’s get to P.E.” And they left, arm in arm.

The boys changed into their gym shorts and joined the class on the track. “Where do you want us Mr. Galbraith?”

“Hmmm, let’s see now, I am the only one standing here and the class is doing laps. I guess that would mean that I want you guys to stand on your heads in New York City! Give me an additional 2 laps to see if it makes you any smarter!”

“Geeze, I wonder who pissed in his Wheaties this morning.” Andrew said as they took to the track.

“I wonder how many laps the class is doing. Hey! How many . . . huf huf . . . do we have to do?” Andrew weezed to the kid up ahead.

“Ten so far. More if dick head up there gives him any more shit.”  The kid said without breaking his stride.

“That’s it,” Andrew said winded and placing his hands on his knees. “Why bother, there is no way I can do two laps let alone twelve. Why kill myself?”

Tad stood there looking at Andrew smiling. Noticing that Mr. Galbraith was about to say something Tad said, “Well for one thing, there is a shower at the end of this!” Tad took off with Andrew in hot pursuit.

By the end of the twelve laps, Andrew was ready to die. Only the shower at the end kept him going. Tad was winded but still going strong. The rest of the class already finished their laps and were sitting on the bleachers. Andrew and Tad cheated and only went two additional laps after the class had finished making it look like they had lapped the class instead of the class lapping them.

They drug themselves over and sat down with the rest.

“So we will be taking the best of you to track and field this year.” Mr. Galbraith said sounding like he was winding up for the pitch. “I have to tell you that I think video games have taken their toll on you lot. You’re slower than my grandmother! If you want to win then you are all going to have to work harder and it will take a team effort. So think about teamwork while you take your showers. And if you’re thinking about dragging your stinking bodies to your next class un-bathed then get over it. It won’t happen. I’ll be at the door and you better be sweet smelling when you come past me! Get too it!”

Everybody headed for the gym, complaining. “Showers! Shit that fucking sucks.” One boy said.

Tad just looked at Andrew and smiled. “Beat ya there!”

They sprinted there so fast that Mr. Galbraith made notes that they may work for sprinters! The thought made him smile.

“There’s hope!” he said out loud to himself, as he gathered his clip board and stopwatch and slowly headed back to the gym.

Tad and Andrew easily beat the rest of the class to the locker room. They stripped out of their shorts and pitched them in their lockers as they grabbed their towels and soap and shampoo, then headed for the showers, not bothering to clad themselves with their towels. And already anticipating the events about to occur.

Turning on two of the showers in the one corner and letting the water sting his finger tips as the intense spray came up to temperature. When it was just right, Andrew stepped in with Tad following suit. They were now ready to sing the Star Spangled Banner in unison. Tad backed up as Andrew wrapped his arms around him and started to lather his chest and arms. Tad reached over his shoulder and brought Andrews face forward and kissed him as he stepped in closer, now that his encumbrance had found it’s way home. Tad let out a moan. Without thinking Andrew started kissing his neck and started to lather Tads well formed keel. He seemed to feel it needed extra washing as torso began to undulate.

Other kids came in and started showers to warm the water but never got to start washing themselves before freezing to watch the spectacle before them. All of them now frozen in time starring, nothing moving except their silently working hands finding their own staffs, until one boy grabbed the kid’s ass in front of him and proceeded to seed him thoroughly.

The boy receiving the load didn’t try and stop him either and automatically reached behind him to pull his ass in tighter to his own while biting his lower lip. As the boy delivering reached around and started working his fossilized prick and began working it, he hung on until about the third thrust from behind and shot his hot load across the shower in front of him with a loud, “OH SHIT, I’M CUMING!” causing a chain reaction. In no time there was enough mayo on that shower floor to skate on for the next Olympics.

Tad and Andrew looked up when they heard him scream and delivered in kind.

“WHAT IN THE SAM HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?” It was Mr. Galbraith and he was not amused. “I can only guess who started this!” He said looking at the two alone across the shower and the separate crowd in the door way.

“What,” Andrew said, “You told us to think team work while we took our showers. You can’t get a team much closer than that, but were trying.”

Andrew nodded towards the two coupled in the doorway who were recovering quickly from their lengthy orgasms. The two just looked at Mr. Galbraith and realized what just happened and stepped into the shower spays they had started and began washing the cum off of each other. Some was theirs, some was everyone else’s. The speechless coach just looked stunned and as the two got closer and closer to washing each others patriotic swings, Tad looked down at the coach’s package, “Mr. Galbrait, you look like you regret missing the party. You’ll have to shower with the team next time. Be sure and bring your own soap though. And he turned and rinsed off.

The rest of the class looked at his package too just as he grabbed a fist full of his crotch and ran for the bathroom. Apparently he needed to finish something they started. Unbelievably everyone escaped unscathed. Nothing was said because no one would give anybody else up. Not the gays or the straights. Most of who, lost a loads also that morning. Mr. Galbraith couldn’t say anything because it would look like he either didn’t have control over the class or like he was complicit. He was trapped and couldn’t say anything. It was a morning that will live in infamy.

“Could you believe it! Did you see who that was ridin’ the wild pony! Kenny was takin’ it in the ass like a poodle in the pound on Friday night. I mean he was really enjoying it too. Hell he shot so far he almost put Galbraith’s eye out! It was funny as shit to see him in orgasmic ecstasy with two black eyes from fucking with Homofooy! I mean I could see him slidin’ the salami, I mean in the right circumstances you could probably get a straight guy to do that, but to take it in the ass not even knowin’ who’s deliverin’ back there, well now that’s really something.”

“Hey, do you plan on kissing me with that mouth? Man, you’re sounding more and more like a city boy every day.” Andrew enjoyed feeding Tad his own words as often as he could.

Tad just looked at him and smiled.

Andrew leaned over and kissed him gently.

Tad was in homo heaven. The straight world turned into his for just a short time and he was loving the effect it had on people.

Tolerance seemed to be the end result.


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