The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 4

The bus ride home was very quiet. The bus driver was still chewing on that same piece of gum Andrew figured. That thought made him smile. He really wondered how Tad was and what he was doing right now. He wondered what he would say when he got back.

That thought made him smile more. As the bus pulled up to his stop, Andrew stood up and looked at Buster who still wasn’t feeling his best, and blew him a kiss and winked. Buster looked appalled as the bus erupted in cheers and cat calls.

Andrew got off the bus and walked home feeling rather good about his first week of school. It was a cinch that he was better liked at this school and certainly better respected. He felt his face, it hurt. Kenny connected when he hit. He made up his mind to remember that the next time.

“I’m home, hellooo?”

Aunt Glady’s was the first to get through the door.

“Hi! How was school toda . . ., oh my dear, you’ve been fighting. Are you alright?”

“Ya, I’m great. We won!”

“We?” his Mother queried now appearing from the kitchen as well.

“We!” He repeated smiling broadly. “Seems a lot of kids didn’t like me getting picked on so they joined in; some straight, some gay. Who knows; all I know for sure is that there were too many people on my side, for them all to have been gay.”

His mother hugged him and he went up to clean his face up a bit before dinner. When he came back down the stairs Aunt Glady’s hollered for him to come into the kitchen and have some pie. He willingly complied. It hurt to chew but he was willing to suffer it for Aunt Glady’s Apple Pie. Three bites into it he heard a commotion in the front room. Aunt Glady’s was sounding extremely happy over something. He got up and started for the door when it opened. There stood Tad smiling a broad smile until he saw Andrew’s face. It changed to a look of horror in a New York second. He advanced on Andrew like a fireman smothering a fire. He cried as he kissed the bruises on his face.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you. I will kill him tomorrow for you. Who was it, Buster, Kenny? That punk Sam Borman?”

Andrew didn’t answer him, he just looked into his eyes. Then he said, “You’re crying! Over ME!” And he kissed him squarely on the lips just as Aunt Glady’s and Andrew’s mother burst in and froze. They knew in words that they cared for each other but somehow seeing them in each other’s arms and kissing so deeply took them both aback. Neither one expected that response from themselves; they were always supportive of them but it never really came home to roost until that moment. Seeing the two boys engaged so thoroughly and being so young.

“You two better slow down for ya catch fire. Here sit let me get you some pie Tad. Andrew, more milk, a fire extinguisher?”

“So Tad is everything alright with your folks? Did your grand go home to the lord?”

“No mam,” Tad said finally tearing his eyes off of Andrew and speaking to Aunt Gladys. “Seems it could be a while yet. Dad’s pretty broken up about it too. Say’s the waiting is worse than the going. It looked like it may be a while and Mom and I talked about it. There is nothing that I can do for her and nothing I can do for Dad either except maybe stay out of his way. So she sent me home to see if maybe I could stay with you for a bit Aunt Glady’s. And I’m supposed to tell you that if it is the least bit of a problem then I can go stay with my Mom’s sister in Memphis. She’s offered to take me and I can go to school there.

The smile vanished from Andrew’s face instantly as he sought to find air. They were staying there and it was a burden he knew. He had no right to say anything. She needed to make up her mind without him saying a word. He looked down and quietly said a prayer.

Aunt Glady’s saw him with his head down and the quiet tears falling on her white tablecloth.

“Well, I don’t know where we could put ya, I mean the couch ain’t very comfortable.” She was looking at Andrew. “I suppose we could put a cot in Andrew’s room.”  Andrew looked up at the suggestion.

“You think you could stand that Andrew, I mean it is your room.”

Andrew jumped up and kissed her and as he hugged her he whispered to her, “Aunt Glady’s, I love you so much.”

She smiled and gave him a little squeeze and said, “I love you too.” Then it was Tad’s turn. Pretty soon they were all kissin’ and huggin and eyes tearing up.

“Well I guess I better get you some bedding so we can make up the bed for you.

Tad and Andrew just looked at each other and smiled. It was as if each new what the other was thinking. Everyone in the room knew the bedding would never be used.

Although Aunt Glady was instrumental in putting them together, there was still a lot of old school thinking. Suspecting was not the same as promoting a thing and approving was not the same as condoning it. She was no fool, but now it was under her roof. And that meant something.

They followed her upstairs where she retrieved a fresh set of sheets from her linen closet.

Let’s see, I think that old army cot is out in the barn. It’s probably still good if the canvas hasn’t dry rotted.

“Aunt Gladys, There’s no need for all that trouble; I can make a place on the floor just fine. My mattress at home is hard as a rock. The floor will be just fine.”

“You’re sure then?”

“Absolutely, I’ll be just fine.” And he took the sheets from her and turned towards the room. She just paused for a moment staring at them like she was having second thoughts.

Andrew leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek that seemed to bring her back.

“Don’t worry Aunt Gladys. We have too much love and respect for you to do anything wrong.”

She smiled and placed her hand on his arm with a little squeeze, like that was the question she needed answered. And she went back down the stairs.

“What did ya go and tell her that for? How are we going to keep from breaking your word to her?”

“What are you babbling about?”

You just promised her we wouldn’t do anything. How are we supposed to keep from doing that when we are sleeping in the same room?”

“That is not what I said. I said we had too much love and respect to do anything wrong. Do you feel that anything we do is wrong?”

“Well, no. I guess.”

“Didn’t Aunt Gladys and my mom work together in putting us together?”

“Well, ya, I guess.”

“Do you think they do things that are wrong?”

“Who, Aunt Gladys and your Mom? No way.”

“Then getting us together was not wrong. Do you think they know what we do at the quarry?”

“I know Aunt Gladys does. Probably your Mom too.”

“Then being together and doing what we do is not wrong either. So we can continue but we need to remember our manners and not draw attention to what we are doing.”

“That’s brilliant! You could make a good lawyer you.”

“That’s an oxymoron. ‘Good lawyer’.”

“A what?”

“Never mind, give me the sheets.”

They made a bed up and went back downstairs for dinner.

Aunt Gladys made shepherds pie.

“Aunt Gladys, this is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. What is it?”

Aunt Gladys smiled and cleared her throat and gave a nod towards Andrews Mom. “It’s shepherds pie, Thank you but I’m sure your just saying that. You say it after about every meal. Your Momma’s a fine cook.”

“Well of course,” Andrew lied. “I meant it was the best next to hers.” He smiled looking at his mother.” She smiled back mutually understanding the lie. When they lived in town she was always working. Home made meant she opened the can or box. Made from scratch?  Does toast count?

Dinner was done and the dishes were neatly stacked where they belong. The two boys slipped out to sit on the porch.

“God, that was good. Sits in yer stomach like a rock. It’ll make fer some good sleeping tonight.”

“Ya it will. Hey, you got your class schedule? I want to see what classes we’ve got together.”

“Nah, got to get it from the counselors office in the morning.”

“Damn, that sucks. The fucking bastards will probably screw you over now cause all the good electives are filled.”

“You planning on kissing me with that mouth? Sometimes the city just pours out of it like a sewer.”

“Sorry, working on it. Why’s everything got to be so hard all the time?”

Tad just grinned at him, “Look in the mirror lately?”

“Stop it. I think you’d screw a snake, if you could get someone to hold it tight enough.”

“I would it that snake looked like you.”

“OH! You’re impossible. Is that all you ever think about?”

Well Scientists seem to think so. ‘member reading once somewheres that a young male coming into his prime thinks about sex every 15 seconds or so. Don’t remember exactly how often. Musta taken me longer’ 15 seconds to read it and my mind wandered.”

The door opened.

“You boys got school in the morning. Best be heading up to bed here pretty soon don’t ya think?”

“Yes mam,” they said in unison.

“And best be getting some rest, can’t talk all night or you’ll be dragging in school tomorrow.”

“G’night Aunt Gladys.” Andrew said smiling and heading for the living room to kiss his mom.

“Goodnight Aunt Gladys,” as Tad hugged her he whispered, “You’ve made a dream come true. I just love you so much.” As he pulled away she could see tears welling up in his eyes. She smiled and gave him a little kiss on the cheek and chivvied him off to bed. He stopped long enough to also pay his respects to Becky by giving her a little peck on the check and thanked her too.

Andrew had already gone up, undressed and climbed into bed. Tad stepped in and closed the door. The light was already out but the moonlight shown through the curtains like it was mid day. Tad unbuckled his bibs and let them fall to the floor leaving him wearing only a shirt which covered down showing only the slightest amount of cheesecake. He prodded the bed on the floor and looked at Andrew in the bed. He walked over to the side of the bed Andrew was facing. Placing his two hands on his head brought his shirt above playground level and he was being very patriotic at the moment.

“Hey, its cold and hard down there on the floor.”

“Looks pretty hot and steamy up here.” Andrew reached out and nipped at the nub presented before him.

Tad pulled his butt back and bent over as he felt Andrew’s lips press upon his truck. “Is that all you ever think about?”

“Well, ya, have you looked in the mirror lately? And Scientist said that . . .”

Tad dove on him laughing and grabbing.

“SHhhhhhh!” Andrew said, realizing they were getting a bit loud. “Lay down here and snuggle up.” He said moving to the edge of the bed and bending his knees slightly to maintain his position on his side.

“Hey, kick off the rags.” He said as he peeled his shirt off and pitched it on the floor.

Andrew hesitated for a moment, and removed his shirt and boxers. This had been an area they had not yet been. At least for Andrew, his rear was still virgin territory. Tad was smaller in stature but certainly not in endowment. Up to now things just seemed too big for comfort. He had visited Tad’s Hershey highway many times, but never rode the bus home. But they were only going to snuggle, right?

Tad lifted the covers and slid in seeing the now well tanned mounds before him. He let the covers down feeling the warmth they captured caress his own body. He snuggled in resting his white hot rail directly against the pathway to happiness. Andrew trembled and embraced the heat generated by his massive member as Tad began slowly kissing him on his back. Andrew instinctively reached behind him with one hand and pulled his ass tighter against his own. As he did he felt the flaming hot member part his cheeks and rest upon that soft spot that matched his temperature with a begging yawn.

Tad slipped down kissing his way to his waist while Andrew’s fingers lightly traced his profile on his way down.  Tad reached his goal and started licking his way down his crevice until he found that special spot. He began to lap at it working the pointed tip of his tongue into the parted opening just ever so slightly. Andy gasped for air and closed his eyes rolling his head back and bringing his knees fully up to his chest.

Tad entered again, wiggling his tongue the full distance of his tasty opening. Again Andrew gasped and arched his back presenting a perfect sphere for the face of his lover. Tad responded by doubling his efforts until Andrew was crying out.

“Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!” The two were enwrapped in ecstasy and were not conscience of their volume, but nobody came to stop them.

“Oh, Fuck! Do it now, do it now.” Andrew cried

“Shhh!” Tad admonished sliding back up to just snuggle. He figured he better calm this down a bit or the whole house would hear. Andrew realized it wasn’t coming.

He flipped over and straddled Tad. As he kissed him, he felt the alignment between his ass and Tad’s beam cue up. Heat against heat. He slid his ass back onto his rod feeling the heat penetrate his ass to the inside. It tore at his muscles as he fell forward breathing heavy against his chest.

“Breathe out, relax.” Tad whispered in his ear.

Andrew complied. As Tad felt the pressure release he pushed upward and at the same time pushed the hips of his rider slowly to its base. He waited as he felt Andy tense up again.

“Relax, breathe out. Your there.” Andy could feel his hotness welling up inside him and felt the warmth of his skin against his ass.  He opened his eyes and pulled forward off of his base just a little. This time it was Tad gasping for air, as he felt Andy’s warmth come to life. He kissed Tad deeply as Tad started to move rhythmically forward and back. Sliding his ass forward and making it bind upon his rock hard beam. As his body started to take over Andrew felt its girth increase as it became further engorged. It kept growing bigger and bigger. Andrew thought he was going to rip him in two he was so big.

“OH, Shit! You’re so fucking huge, you’re so fucking huge!” Andrew cried sitting up with his head back. He was sliding forward and back in a short stroke frenzy.

“I’m gonna blow!”

Tad’s body quivered like a bucket of icy cold water was tossed on him over and over and over again. He felt Tad’s thrust again, and again and again. And with every thrust of hot liquid Tad deposited, Andrew did in kind across Tad’s chest and face until finally Tad entered and stayed, his body rigid. Andrew finally collapsed on Tad and gasped as he moved his mouth closer to Tad’s ear.

“I love you so much. I love you so much. Don’t ever leave me, I’ll just die.”

“I love you too. I’m going nowhere without you.” And he pulled Andrew into a firm embrace and kissed his forehead. Still feeling the warmth of being in him and the searing cum blasted across his chest.

They lay there locked in embrace until Andrew sat up quickly and looked panicked.

“What?” Tad asked.

“I’m Leaking!” He whispered.

Tad laughed and rolled over. “Of course you are, I filled you full, look at my chest, you overflowed!”

They both rolled out of bed and quietly ran for the bathroom. A shower was in order for both of them. A long slow shower with lots of soap. Ya, they still had some left.


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