The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 2

“Hey, wake up! You goin’ to sleep all day? Man, you city folks. I swear.” Tad opened the curtains and the window.

Andrew was sitting up. He had slept in his boxers and he was clearly having escape problems.

Tad started making trumpet sounds of the Star spangled Banner with his lips and moving his fingers on his air trumpet and his eyes looking directly at old glory.

Andrew snapped awake and covered himself up. Then he jumped up and ran over to the bureau and looked in the mirror closely examining the muffler burns on his neck.

“Shit! They’re still there.” He was rubbing them like it may help chase them away. “Tad, I’m going to kill you. Look what you did to me!”

“Well, that’ll be alright as long as I get to pick the method of dieing.” Tad shot back with an ear to ear grin. “Look I didn’t mean too, you know it all just sorta happened. It wasn’t like you didn’t help or try to stop me. Look! I got a few of them myself, so you enjoyed them as much as I did,” he said in a whisper and leaned in and gave him a little nibble on his earlobe. Andrew slapped him away playfully.

“Knock it off, this is serious! What am I going to tell my Mom when she sees me?”

“Look, don’t worry; I expect Aunt Gladys already smoothed things over. She’s pretty sharp about these things.”

Andrew snapped his head around and looked panicked. “Smoothed what over? How? OH! My head feels like it is about to explode!”

“Relax, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Mom won’t love you anymore ‘cause you’re a queer? Not likely. Moms are Moms and they love you no matter what.”

“I’m not a queer, would you stop saying that! SHIT! I know, I could just slip out the window and be gone until dark. Maybe they’ll be gone by tomorrow! If not then I’ll just keep going.”

“Nah that roof would never hold you, you’d go right through. Here let me fix it for ya.” Tad got up and walked over to the door and opened it, “MOM? Could you come here a minute please?”

Andrew was on him like a Rottweiler on a gravy covered Scooby Snack. “What are you doing? Are you insane?”

“It’s like getting’ in the ice pit; best if ya take a deep breath now ‘fore she gets here.”

But he didn’t have time for a breath, she was there.

“Hi boys, what’s up?” Becky was smiling and drying her hands in her apron.

“Yes mam, I was just telling Andrew here that a mother’s love is unconditional, is that right?”

“We’ll of course it is. What kind of question is that?”

“So if Andrew was a gay murderer then you’d still have to love him no matter what, right?”

Andrew was biting his lip as he sat back down on the bed and buried his face in his pillow.”

“Why, did you do something we need to talk about?” Becky said, her attention turning to Andrew. She quickly crossed the room and sat next to him on the bed. “Honey, are you alright?” she said brushing the hair from his water filled eyes.

“Well the good news is he ain’t killed nobody. Least wise not yet. I’m just cover’in down on that part for later.”

Becky laid down on the bed next to Andrew and gently stroked his hair the way only a mother can. “Well I can’t see you killing anyone so let’s see. Tad’s a bit Gay, we know that ‘cause Aunt Gladys told me. And she explained to me that he loved you before we ever got here, that was partly why we came.”

Andrew sat up, “You knew? You knew he was gay and was laying in wait for me and you still brought me and said nothing?”

“Well what’s wrong honey? Did he attack you? Is that were those marks came from on your neck?”

Andrew looked in his Momma’s eyes and Tad saw a glimmer of hope that maybe a lie would make it all go away.

Tad just looked at him, “Tell her.”

Andrew swallowed, “No Momma, he didn’t attack me. We was. . . you know, foolin’ around. I’m sorry if I disappoint ya Momma, I didn’t mean to. It just all happened so fast . . .” and he sobbed as his mother took him into her arms.

Oh, honey. If you don’t want to be gay you don’t have to.

Tad took that, as his moment to exit. And returned to the kitchen where Aunt Gladys was sitting and waiting. She had a worried look on her face and was trying desperately to read the look on his.

“Is he going to be alright you think?” She asked Tad.

Tad didn’t look at her, he stared straight ahead for a moment and then his eyes drifted towards the floor.

“I expect he will. I hated to spring it on him but he was talking crazy. Climbing out the window, runnin’ I had to stop it before he did something stupid. This way it’s out in the open. I expect he hates me right now. I turned his life upside down. I better give him some time.” And he made for the door.

“Wait,” Aunt Gladys stood and caught his arm and pulled him to her and hugged him. He began to sob.

“I think I may have ruined it; too much, too fast; I’ve ruined it, I’m nearly sure of it.” He turned and went out the door tears dripping from his eyes as he leapt from the porch letting the screen door slam.


“It’s all about choices and I will love you no matter what you choose.” Becky whispered as she held Andrew with his head on her breast. “Look sweetheart, I know you better than you know yourself. I knew you weren’t like most other kids. You were more special and you should have been treated special. And when things turned south and I spoke to Aunt Gladys, she told me how this boy loved you and never even met you. He changed his whole life in hopes that one day he could just meet you and maybe have the chance to treat you like he feels you should be treated.”

“But you could have told me!”

“And said what? Andy I think you might be gay. Let’s go live with Aunt Gladys, she has a really cute gay boy next door and he already thinks you’re hot.”

“I guess, I see your point.” He said grabbing a tissue from the box on his night stand and blowing his nose. A bit of a smile appearing on his face as he realized how ridiculous that sounded.

“Honey I love you and will always stand by you no matter what. But I figured that anyone who loved you that much and never even met you deserved a chance to make you happy. And you deserved to make that choice yourself. So enough tears, you have a chance to be really happy and I think you should take it or leave it, but make the choice because it’s right for you and screw the world and what it thinks.”

“I’m going downstairs now and fix you some breakfast. You come down when you’re ready.”

When she got to the door, she turned around and looked at him.

“You know you really only have one question to ask yourself.  Do you think you can love him? If you do, then the rest doesn’t matter; none of it.” She disappeared down the steps.

Andrew got up and made for the bathroom. His bladder was still full to over flowing. As he was washing up he looked in the mirror. He saw the gold chain and wondered what his Dad would say if he were there. Would he be ashamed or supportive? All he could remember was his smile and even that was beginning to fade. He looked at the marks on his neck and remembered how he got them. A smile crept onto his face at the thought. He looked at his eyes again and although they were red rimmed they were happy. He knew the answer to his question and at that moment resolved to make it right.

He went to his chest of drawers and opened the second drawer down. There he found a brand new pair of bibs. They’d already been washed to get that sizing stiffness out of’em. He wasted no time peeling off his boxers and putting his bibs on over his nakedness. He rather liked the feel; air flowing freely around inside. He slipped on his shoes and went downstairs to eat.

“Where’s Tad? He asked as he went into the kitchen.” Aunt Gladys didn’t have her usual smile on her face.

“He left as soon as he came downstairs. He was all broken up, says he figured he ruined it. He ran home in tears, the poor dear. Said he figured you needed some time. Sit down here and have some breakfast child.”

“No I can’t, I’ve got to go find him.”

“Wait a minute. You need a good breakfast and he needs a little time. Just give yourselves a little breathing room. Here, eat then you can go. Land sakes, hasn’t been this much drama happening in this house since J.R. was shot on Dynasty.”

Andrew sat and ate as fast as he could politely and stood, then sat, then asked, “May I please be excused?”

Aunt Gladys smiled as she eyed the now easily seen hickeys all over his long smooth neck. She gave him a nod and he jumped up and grabbed his dishes and put them in the sink, rinsing them half heartedly and ran for the door. He let the screen door slam and froze. He turned around and ran back up the steps and into the kitchen. He ran past his mother to Aunt Gladys and hugged her.

“Thank you! You made this happen. It’s all going to be good, wait and see. I love him. And you too, Aunt Gladys, and you too Mom. You’re the greatest Mom anyone could have.”

He made for the door glancing back at the two women he left in tears. Then turning to Aunt Gladys again he said, “Sorry I let it slam.” He stepped through letting it close quietly. Missing the hole from the broken step again, he took off running as fast as he could towards the fence.

Did he go to the glen or back to his house? He looked at the tall dead weeds between the fence and Tad’s house. He could see a new path cut through it. The foot prints were far apart like who ever made it was running. Andrew took off running. It was a good ways away. I love him. I actually said it to someone else before I said it to him, or even me!

He came to a farm house. It was a lot like Aunt Gladys’ place. An old two story in need of repair badly. Andrew went up on the porch and saw the name “GAY” written under the house number. He knocked. The place erupted in barking. There were dogs coming from everywhere it seemed. He looked around and saw they had him cornered on the porch, when the door opened.

“What’da ya want?” the man’s voice was gruff.

I’m sorry to disturb you Mr. Gay but I’m looking for Tad. Is he home?

“You his new city queer?” the voice asked.

Andrew paused, swallowed hard and took a breath, “Well. I’m Andrew sir, and . . ., and yes, I guess I am. Please sir is he here, I have to see him?”

“Check out in the barn; just what we needed, another ga’damn fairy flitin’ around the place.”

But as Andrew turned to walk away he remembered the dogs. “Nice doggy’s,” he said as he got down off the porch. The dogs advanced on him, he backed up on the porch again. He heard sniggering from the end of the porch and looked and saw Tad. He gave a whistle and all the dogs took off at once. They just looked at each other for a moment.

“You left in a bit of a hurry this morning. Do you always come in and tear someone’s life up and then just leave?”

“No, I usually just stay and make things worse. Look, I’m sorry. I had no right to do you that way this morning but you were looking to run and I was afraid you would leave. I couldn’t face you leaving when I just got ya. You was in so much pain and torment, it was the only way out. I’m . . .” But he never got to finish because Andrew jumped the railing at the end of the porch and kissed him deeply right where he stood.

Tad’s mother was watching from the kitchen window and smiled as she blotted tears from the corners of her eyes. Tad turned around and saw her watching. He put his arm around Andrew’s waist and leaned his head against his shoulder, smiling he pointed with his other hand at Andrew mouthing, “This is the one! Remember I told ya? This is the one.” They made their way towards the barn. Andrew looked up at his Mom and smiled at her.

“This is a dream come true.” Tad whispered.

“You talk too much. Got your chores done?”

“Mostly, here, grab this box‘n follow me.”

The boys knocked out his few remaining chores.

“Well what’s next?”

“How about a swim?”

“You bet!”

“Hang on, I’ll be right back.” As he ran up the steps he looked back with a huge smile, “Chiclets!”

“WAIT! Hey, do we really need those? I mean, you’re my first and I’m your first. Neither one can have anything to worry about.”

“Not if we are both tellin’ the truth?”

“But if there is ever anyone else, even once without . . .”

Andrew placed a finger over his lips, followed by his own lips and kissed him. “Over your dead body. You’re mine, I saw it in your eyes and I know it by your smell. The eyes thing is really yours but it sounded good.”

Tad laughed and they walked off toward the glen.


The boys found themselves in their hidden grove daily. It had been almost two weeks now and school was going to start in just another week. Soon it would be too cold to swim anymore too. This was probably one of the last warm days before summer ended.

“Got your chores done?” Tad asked.

“Ya, me too.”

They entered their grove and climbed the rock and unbuckled their bibs. It was no longer forbidden fruit to Andrew and he no longer felt naked even when he was. But he was always standing tall in anticipation of the occasion.

They were getting ready to jump in when someone spoke.

“Hey, what’s this? The fairy got himself a new queer. Hahaha, twin faggots.”

“Hey Ben, hey Gary what’s up? Sorry, we take your spot? Don’t you guys usually suck each other off in your barn?” Tad shot back.

“Who’s the new queer?”

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

“OK, hey faggot, who are you. Do you suck dick good or what?”

Andrew smiled, “I’m Andrew Makis Harter. Hmmm, Faggot? From the Latin word Fago meaning “to eat” Ya, that would be appropriate. As far as quality you’ll have to ask Tad here because you’ll never find out, you’re too fat and ugly.” And with that he dropped to his knees and took his tongue and teased the V on Tad’s pole right in front of the boys. He swung his ass around facing Ben and arched his back shoving his ass up as if it was available. He turned his head and watched as Ben and Gary’s jaws dropped.

Andrew went to work on Tad’s knob and did his best to suck his gut up making his ass undulate as he gave Tad head. Tad gently grabbed Andrews hair in his fists and gritted his teeth as he made sounds like he was about to explode. All of a sudden they both stopped and Andrew got to his feet.

“If you guys are so homophobe why are ya still watching. Hey look at their tools Tad. They are both sporting wood! Gee could it be that they are a couple of closet queers?”

“Hope you took good notes because you will never know head like this guy gives.” Tas Laughed.

They both stood and it was more than apparent that they were both at a high state of alert and needed to adjust themselves before they made their hasty exits without saying another word. But not before each one noted the other reaching inside their own bibs to arrange themselves.

Tad turned to Andrew, “did you see their eyes when I called them on the barn thing. They been there and a lot I’ll bet. Their eyes told the whole story”

I just want to know if my eyes are telling you the ‘hole’ story.” He said with a smile running his fingers up Tad’s crack making him jump.

“Well come get it if you want it; didn’t know we were moving things up to this point but I’m ready.”

Andrew dropped to his knees too right behind him.

“Hey what are ya doing? OH, Doggie sty . . .” But he didn’t get to finish before he found out why Andrew was on his knees too.

He felt Andrew’s hot breath escaping his crack across his balls, Andrew’s tongue started to work its way to that special spot where he worked furiously.  Tad arched his back and stuck his ass in his face and howled as his patriotism grew substantially. Finally Andrew stopped and rolled over on his back and Tad straddled him in a flash.

“Oh, no you don’t, your not stoppin’ Give me that and he pressed the truck of Andrew’s flagpole against the soft spot and exhaled as he sat back on it.

He felt it penetrate his opening and fill him completely. He leaned down and lifted Andrew’s head to his and kissed him as Andrew instinctively started undulating his hips. His hands caressed Tad’s back as he gently moved his hands down to his ass. He started to feel the heat of passion well up ready to explode inside Tad, he started to tighten up. Tad felt his girth grow and felt it’s heat rise as he started sliding his ass forward and back on it’s length.

They were in time with each other, moaning in their mutual orgasms. Tad collapsed on top of Andrew, his steaming hot manhood still dripping on Andrews chest. Streams were shot across Andrew’ face which he lapped up hungrily. They heard moaning and a great scream.

Andrew looked at Tad but it wasn’t him. The source became apparent quickly.

Ben and Gary circled back to watch and Ben had his drawers around his knees and Garry was humping to beat the band and screaming.

“OH Jesus, Fuck! I’m going to giz! I’m CUMING, I’m CUMING! AHhhhhgh.” And he heaved his pelvis forwards two or three more times and then collapsed on Ben’s back. Ben had his head down on his arm and his hand working his own tool as fast as he could. Until he gasped for air and shuttered two or three times.

“Well I guess there will be two more on our side, or at the very least, they won’t be busting our chops will you Ben? How ‘bout you Gary? Your Mommy know that you’re queerin’ Ben? How about your dad Ben? Do you think he knows where you been hiding Gary’s salami?”

“We was just watchin’ and things got . . ., outa hand.” Gary said still gasping for air.

“Ya, we can see that. Out of your hand and into his ass hole. Looked like a pretty good ride too if I’m any judge. Stand up there Gary, Let’s see what you attacked him with. Ben why don’t you stand up and show us what you had to defend yourself with.”

Both boys stood up and started to reach for their drawers.

“No, no, no. If you want this to be official then ya’ll have to kiss. Like this.” And he grabbed Andrew and pulled him in so one leg was between his and kissed him deeply.

They broke their embrace to see that both Gary and Ben were again reaching full height as they too turned and kissed in compliance. Then quickly wiped their mouths on their arms.

“Damn Gary, your lucky you didn’t rip him open with that hog iron you got their. Ben it’s a good thing you got a tight ass ‘cause you don’t seem to have a lot else to offer.”

“OK, here’s the deal. We don’t care if you tell anyone but I got to tell you that it will eat you guys alive if you don’t declare it. But you will not treat us bad or taunt us ever again. That’s just two faced and I won’t have it from two of my own. Got it? And you won’t let others do it if you can help it.”

“Ya, we got it. But I can’t say nothin’ cause my dad would kill me.”

“Ya me neither. My Moma would disown me for sure. Ya’ won’t say nothin’ will ya? Please?”

“You might be surprised how accepting family can be when they got no choice. But we won’t say nuthin’ unless you boys start in with the others. No more of that Faggot, queer, homo shit. Not when it’s the pot callin’ the kettle black. Cause so help me, one word out of either of you two and we’ll tell everyone we learned it all from you two!”

Their eyes got real big as they looked at each other. “Can we pull our drawers back up now? It’s getting kinda cold.” Ben asked.

“I don’t know, looks like you two have unfinished business to attend to. Will it get you boys off better if we is watching? I think I can stand it, how ‘bout you Andy?”

“Well if it ain’t too boring. I have a hot ass hole waiting for you to fill it with your special blend of hick cream,” he said tuning his ass toward Tad. And Tad obliged him by turning his mound into position and began running his head up and down Andrews crack.

“Hey, either of you got some Vaseline? He’s terrible tight.” And he gritted his teeth and he pushed.

But when he looked at the other boys, Ben had Gary bent over with his hand reaching around and Gary was grabbing for a tree or something to hang on to as Ben just pumped feverously into Gary’s crack.

“We might have to throw a bucket of cold water on them two boys like a couple of hound dogs stuck together.”

Andrew turned around and grabbed Tad’s face between his hands and kissed him long slow and deep until he heard the other two start moaning. They couldn’t take it any more and just laughed until the other two were done. They just held each other, naked; and in love.


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