The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
by Ricky


Chapter 1

It was a long way from Oxnard to Podunk where ever we are. Like 2 hours to the airport, two hours for security. Sheesh that guy liked his wand, three hours on the flight to Atlanta, then another three hours drive to here. Still not sure where here is. I just know this isn’t LA.

Their idea of a Mall out here is a Target® next to a Walmart® with a theater in between, a hair salon and a bar. That’s it. The big city; I almost forgot the fine dining. Pig Stands, Mickey D’s and Burger King®. If you wanted a real sit down dinner right and proper there was a Denny’s and just fifteen miles or so up the interstate was the Taj Mahol of Dining; IHOP®.

OH! Now I recognize it! I’m in hell. The cab pulled into a Mickey D’s. We drove for two and a half hours and were starving before we left the airport but Mom refused to pay airport prices for a burger. She also figured there would be something besides hay between the airport and what we were about to call home.

Home, I’ll try and keep my excitement in check. We are heading to Aunt Gladys’s place. Mom always called her Aunt Glad ass but I wasn’t allowed to say that. So for me, she was Aunt Happy Bottom. For crying out loud, I’m not a little kid anymore. I even shaved once already, I should be able to say “ass” shouldn’t I? Mom say’s we’re going there to help take care of Aunt, what’s her face. The truth is, since Dad died money hasn’t exactly been flowing our way. Mom worked in a bar waiting tables. Or at least she did until that ass wipe she worked for wanted more talent than Mom was willing to give.

It’s just as well, I wasn’t exactly loving my school anyways. There’s not much hope that I’ll be any more popular in this one either. I’m smart enough but not a nerd. I guess I look alright and I’ve never really had any complaints about my personality. I just spaz out when it comes to sports. I couldn’t throw a ball straight to save my soul. Truth is I sucked at them all. So that put me lower on the food chain than the mutants who could at least throw a ball.

I left nobody.

In fact, they’ll probably not even know that I’m gone until they need somebody to make fun of.

Girls? Ya, a couple. Bad kissers though, both of them. Of course they blamed it on me like I’m required to produce expertise or something. Well at any rate I’ve sworn off them for now. Forever probably; but there aren’t many alternatives. I guess it’s not important anyway as long as my arms not in a cast.

Finally! I thought we’d never get here. It’s not too bad looking. Nice porch with a swing, yeeha! It’s got two floors that needed a paint job about ten years ago. It was probably pretty once, but those days are long ago. Aunt Glad Ass is coming out to meet us. She looks like Aunt Bee on Mabury RFD. Great. It’s going to be open season on cheeks, I can see it coming already. Hope she’s got food and a Coke. Ooo Look! Opie! I can see him peeking through the fence. Stand up, let me get a good look at you. Do you have red hair freckles and buck teeth? Can you eat corn off the cobb through a picket fence? I wonder where he came from the nearest house was about a mile back. Maybe they just have him staked out in the yard and that’s the part of the fence he can get to. Guess I better get out, the cab driver doesn’t look like he wants to stay any longer than I do.

“Hi Aunt Gladys.”

“Oh you can’t be Andrew! Why the last time I saw you, you was, . . .well, right after you were born. Mercy look at you, you’re a lot more handsome than that school picture I have of you. That’s gonna make someone pretty happy.”

She glanced over toward the fence but Andrew didn’t catch it. “You have your Mothers features but your dad’s build. But I’d recognize those bony knees anywhere. Well come on in let’s get you settled. You must be draggin’ after such a long trip. How about some Apple pie and a tall glass of cold milk?”

“Ya, that would be great!”

Andrew and his Mom followed Aunt Gladys up the steps. Andrew was so hungry for something sweet he felt like picking the old broad up and carrying her, if it would make her move any faster.

“Watch that board there, it’s about to go. Step around it dear, that’s a good boy.” Glady’s stepped aside for the others to go in first. Looking to her right she spied the boy looking through the fence and she smiled.

“Tad, you didn’t waste no time, hows about you come have some apple pie and milk and meet my great nephew.”

“Much obliged Aunt Glady’s.”

And the boy pushed two slats sideways in the fence. They slid back after he came through and he sprinted up the steps and in the house. He instinctively missed the broken board; it was obvious he had dodged it many times before.

The boy entered the kitchen at a run and stopped cold in his tracks. The two boys took a moment to take stock in each other.

Opie looked to be about Andrew’s age, with sun bleached curly hair. A little smaller in stature. He had a nice smile full of teeth that always showed just a little bit even when his mouth was closed. And right now, he was smiling like dog in a deli case. His complexion was milk with a golden tan. Andrew noticed he had just about four tiny freckles on his nose accented by two gorgeous deep blue eyes. Standing there shirtless in those bibs he wasn’t hard to look at. In fact, Andrew thought, rather scrumptious looking, like the perfect roasted marshmallow. Not at all the red haired mutant with bucked teeth that he expected, despite the bibs and the torn up K-Mart tennis shoes. But Andrew tried not to have thoughts like that and when he did, he preferred not to dwell or somebody might pick up on it.

Opie walked over to Andrew and stuck out his hand and Andrew shook it half heartedly.

“Hi, I’m Tad.”

Opie sounds better. Tad sounds like a gay porn star or something.” Andrew thought to himself.

Tad was now staring at Andrew’s eyes.

“Why did he have to do that? It means I have to look at his eyes, and without drooling.” Andrew was having more of those thoughts.

“I’m Andrew.”

“Do you go by Andy or Andrew?” He asked sitting down beside him with his elbow on the table looking directly into Andrew’s green eyes.

“Andrew mostly, but I guess you can call me Andy if you want. This is my Mom, I just call her Mom. So do my friends when I have some.”

“Is that a problem for you?” Tad asked his eyes now taking him in as he drank some milk and started in on the pie.

“Well some times it is ya, you see I’m not very good at sports.”

“None of ’em?” Tad asked with a scowl.

“None of ’em.”

“Wow, tough break. Me either; couldn’t throw a ball straight if my life depended on it.”

“Really? You’re kidding?” Andrew said with a mouth full of apple pie.

“Well, ya I am, but how welcoming would it be if I said, too bad, I’m great at just about all of ’em?”

“Andrew laughed so hard that chunks of apple pie landed on Tad.”

“Hey, don’t waste it, this stuff is precious out here!” Tad was picking the pie off of himself with a wide grin.

He turned to Andrew’s Mom. “I’m pleased to meet you, Ms Mom.”

Becky, Andrew’s Mom, just smiled and said, “Just Mom will work thank you.”

Tad looked back to Andrew, “Hey, want me ta show ya ’round?”

“Sure! Mom can I?”

Becky looked to Aunt Glady’s who smiled and nodded the affirmative.

“May we be excused?” Tad asked. Andrew was already to his feet and he sat back down quickly, like he was out of step or something.

“Certainly, you boys go on and have some fun. Be in by dark mind you; easy to get lost out here. Sun goes down it get’s black as pitch; no street lights, you could fall in a hole or something. Tad you look after him. He’s new and a city boy. He’d be lost out here. As lost as you would be in the big town.”

“Yes maim, you know I won’t let anything happen to him.”

This time Andrew waited for Tad. Tad picked up his plate and fork and downed the rest of his milk as he placed them neatly in the sink. Andrew followed suit. Tad took his glass and set it next to his as he grabbed the sink sprayer and rinsed the glasses and the plates.

Before running out the door, Tad stopped and hugged Aunt Gladys and thanked her for the pie and whispered something quickly in her ear. What ever it was brought her eyes to Andrew and a big smile appeared on her face. The boys ran out the door with Tad in the lead, and Andrew letting the screen door slam behind him as he jumped down the steps.

Tad froze, his shoulders up as the screen door hit. He turned around and ran up the steps again.

“Sorry Aunt Gladys!” And he closed the door ever so quietly before he took off down the steps headed for the loose boards in the fence.

As the boys emerged from the hole created by the movable slats, Tad started the interrogation.

“So where ya from?”


“Where’s that?”


“Damn, you lived in California and had to come here? You must’a done somethin’ really bad to have to come here!”

“Mom said it was to help Aunt Glady’s but I don’t know. I think she just needed a place for us to stay. Her boss was a real dick head. He fired her because she wouldn’t jump in the sack with him.”

“Didn’t your Dad step in and bust him up or is that why he’s not with you, in jail for killin’ the guy?’

“Nah, Dad died about four years ago. Drunk driver T-Boned his truck on the way home. The guy got two years and his license suspended. I was sentenced to life without Dad.”

Tad placed his hand on Andrew’s far shoulder and pulled him closer.

“Sorry I asked man.”

“No prob. Used to really bother me. Now it just pisses me off. He’s back to work like nothing ever happened.”

“How about you? What’s your story?”

“Well, my story will take a bit more time. Come on, race ya,” and he took off.

Andrew in pursuit. He was running towards a grove of trees in the middle of this huge field. The afternoon was hot and muggy with the Saccade were singing their rattlesnake like song. Andrew watched as Tad poured on the coal and easily stepped away from him.

Andrw couldn’t help but take notice. My God he runs like a gazelle in tall grass. At the moment he didn’t mind being behind.

Andrew was out of breath in no time and was grabbing his side like he had a stitch as he finally got to the shade of the trees. Tad sat hunkered on a stump with his arms wrapped around his legs and his chin on his knees smiling.

“What took you so long? They don’t run in Ox snard?”

“That’s Oxnard and sure they do. It’s just a lot more humid here.” He Panted. “It’s hot as shit here. Besides, I told ya I’m no good at sports.”

“Come on, let me show you where heaven is in the middle of this hell hole.” And he turned and started up a mossy but well trodden path.

“In summer I just about live here,” Tad said as he climbed to the top of this huge bolder. “This is where I come to escape . . . and think . . . and dream.” He saw that Andrew was a bit uneasy with the height.

“Come on, it’s alright, I won’t let anything happen to ya.” And he held out his hand to help him up.

Getting to the top Andrew stood up Tad’s eyes met Andrews and they froze. It was like they saw something inside the other.  Andrew broke the gaze first.

“Thanks I’m OK now, can I have that back?” Pulling his hand slowly away. There was a huge pool of crystal clear water. You could see it was plenty deep but you couldn’t see the bottom. Now he knew why Tad called this heaven.


“Uhuh, cold, like ice, especially when you’ve just been in the sun. It’ll take your breath away. Can you swim?”

“Ya, I love to.”

“Great! Let’s go!”

“I can’t swim in these jeans though, I’ll drown.”

“So what’s the problem? Take’m off.” Tad unbuckled his bibs and let them fall to his feet. He wasn’t going to have to worry about wasting time with underwear either. He stood there buck naked with one hand on his hip. The other scratching his nearly hairless balls.

“What if someone comes?” Andrew asked, his eyes bouncing back and forth between Tad’s eyes and groin.

“First of all, this is my swimmin’ hole. If I want to skinny dip it’s my business. Second, so what if someone did come. Yours gold plated or something? Or are you afraid you might get caught raise’n the flag pole?”

“You mean like you are?” Andrew pointed as if he needed to know where it was. He noticed that he was pretty roasted marshmallow looking all over there too. That meant he was getting naked in the sun regularly. That thought created a lurch in Andrew’s crotch as his eyes fell once again to Tad’s now throbbing hard on.

“Yep just like me. You gonna say you’ve never seen a hard-on before?”

“Ya, well except my own of course.”

“Ya want a little closer look?” he said advancing on him a step.

“Ah, no, it looks . . ., it looks fine from right here thanks. But why you got a boner?”

“Well I can’t say that I ever let anyone else see it before and well it’s reactin’ I guess. But anyways get over it, I have. Besides, if yours ain’t when you drop’em it will be when you hit that ice water down there. You coming in or what?”

“Sure.” Andrew peeled off his shirt and used his toes to catch the heel of his tennis shoes and pulled his foot out. Repeating the process with the other foot and slipping out of his Jeans and then his boxers. All the while silently reciting the times tables so he didn’t think about raise’n the flag. Next to Tad, he was as white as paper.

“You’re gonna need to get you some of these official hick bibs. Those take too long.”

Andrew was now fully naked and felt that way. He had his hands folded in front of himself trying to casually hide the fact that he was really lousy at the times tables.

“You gonna leave that chain around your neck? The water might ruin it.”

“Nah, it’s gold. It was my Dad’s, he gave it too me. I never take it off.”

“Seems I stepped on my dick twice in just as many minutes. I’m sorry.”

“Told, ya. No Prob. I just never take it off. It’s the only thing that I have of his. Besides, I think you’d have to step pretty high to even get that thing muddy!” Andrew said glancing at his fully erect forged iron manhood, but feeling a bit bad for ruining the moment.

“Come on, let’s get wet.” and his fingers brushed Andrew’s lengthening rod as he took his wrist and pulled him over to the edge. He took a moment to look at Andrews raging hard-on and just smiled.

“You got nothing to be embarrassed about there either, do ya? Matter of fact; yours may be a little bigger than mine. Come on. Be sure and breathe in deep now, or it will steal your breath when you hit and you’ll suck up water instead of air. We’ll Jump together, on three. Ready? One, two, three!”

When they hit the water, it was like ice. Andrew’s skin stung like it was being swarmed by a thousand bees. He wondered if it was possible to walk on water before it was frozen because he was sure going to try. Out of the water and up on the bank he scrambled. He was no longer concerned with whether his flag was raised or half staff. It was simply frozen.

Tad laughed as he made his way to the bank and reached up for a hand. Andrews mind was frozen too as his teeth were chattering and his fingers interlaced under his chin.

“Hey, I told ya it was like ice. How about a hand or am I supposed to use that Ice spike you have hanging out there?”

Andrew snapped to, and reached down to grab his hand. As he did, Tad pulled back, pulling him back into the water with a huge splash. But this time it was cold but not freezing. Kinda . . . nice actually.

“It’s only cold the first time. When ya get out, the wind makes your skin cooler so when ya get back in the water feels warmer. It’s all in your head really. Your thermometer is still showing the right temperature though. Come on. Best not to stay in too long or your nuts’l disappear for about a week!” Tad laughed.

Tad climbed back out and grabbed hold of a gnarled root and pulled himself up.

He turned around, “I’d help you here but your gonna need both hands or you’ll catch yourself on the way up.”

Andrew just smiled as he looked up and saw that he was speaking from experience. He smiled and carefully climbed up behind him; teeth starting to chatter again.

“Come on up here.” Tad led him to a boulder one level higher than before. The sun broke through the trees here and heated the moss covered rock surface. Tad stretched out with his hands behind his head; his rock hard pole accentuated by his firmly tightened wash board stomach. The moss made it feel like a heated velvet blanket.

Andrew couldn’t help but notice how handsome Tad was. He felt completely inadequate next to this Adonis in the flesh. But Andrew followed suit. The sun was warming as he laid there, soaking it up.

“So what do you dream about?”


“Before we jumped into that fucking freezing pit, you said you come here to think and dream. What do you dream about?”

“I don’t know, just stuff.”

“Come on, what kind of stuff?”

“You know, what life would be like if this happened or that happened. What would it be like to meet the perfect person, the one you’ve dreamed about for years. And to bring them here, throw them in the ice pit. Then maybe to bring them up here to sun themselves on my favorite sunning stone.”

“What then?”

“Don’t know. Ain’t happened yet. Guess they’ll have to write that chapter for me.”

They exchanged small talk for bit and things started to relax.  That is until Tad reached over and flopped Andy’s Johnson down.

Andrew, who was nearly napping in the sun, snapped awake looking down, “Hey!”

“Hey What? That side was done, didn’t want you to suffer your first night here.”

“You could have just said something ya know.”

“Ya, I could have, looks like it won’t work now anyways. It’s standing back up.” he smiled and lay back down on his side with his head propped up by his hand. He was taking stock of Andrew’s body. He was no where as muscular as Tad but if Andrew were sweet wine then Tad would be drunk.

He’s perfect. Exactly how I imagined him. And he’s right here, in front of me. God, talk about answered prayers. I’ll never ask another thing of him. I’d like to kiss those lips and move right on down and kiss those leg lines and then kiss my way over to his steel. Oh, God I better stop looking for a while or I’m going to loose it right here on the rock. Man that would really kill the mood. Fuck, he’s so perfect though, and I love him and his eyes and his body tell me that he loves me too. Two years waiting for this very moment. Go easy, only one shot at this. Remember, he hasn’t been dreaming about you for two years. He didn’t even know your name two hours ago. Surely he ain’t even declared yet. I don’t think he’s come to terms with it; bein’ gay. Wonder how he going to like being gay’s.

Andrew sensed his eyes staring and it made him start to react to it. Things were really starting to look up again, in more ways than one, for both of them.

Shit. I stared too long, now he feels awkward. “Why don’t ya roll over and warm those white biscuits a bit. It looks like they’ve never seen the sun before either. Otherwise your dick is going to be so sunburned you’ll have to get an oven mitt to piss?”

Andrew felt his flag starting to throb again and figured rolling over wasn’t a bad idea. Tad wasted no time dusting his biscuits off as he bared them to the sun. Andrew just glanced at him with a smirk.

Tad never noticed the smirk because he was distracted staring at his ass. Andrew noticing Tad’s fixed gaze had to lift himself up and readjust. He was plenty glad there was moss covering that boulder. The hot sun and lack of a breeze, made staying awake a task.

As Andrew drifted off to sleep Tad became captivated by his features. His golden brown hair tapered into the wisps that connect to his long, muscular, chiseled neck. His shoulders, un-tanned and smooth, showed he had the beginnings of bulk, and his frame was readying itself for the onslaught of muscle that was about to come. His spine already troughed through the muscle of his torso. It was soft to the eyes yet firm if he were to touch it. And the thought of touching it, caressing it, kissing it, changed his breathing. His eyes traveled further to where that beautiful trough emptied into the perfect spheres of his nakedness. Such perfect roundness, delegating their end with a defining crease along the top of his long sinuous legs, sprawling downward to his perfectly shaped feet.

His breathing was deeper and warmer than before as his eyes traveled back to Andrew’s waist line. His hard-on was almost painful it stretched the bulging skin so tight as the blood engorged it in anticipation. It throbbed in longing.

How I would love to smear cream on those perfectly rounded mounds. My lord they are even more perfect than I imagined. Shit! Look at the time! I gotta hurry or we’ll run out of daylight.

“Hey, wake up must be pert near four. You’re not going to want to sit on them if you roast’em much more!”

Andrew rolled over onto his back and stretched hard pointing his toes and stretching his arms above his head. He was well warmed from the sun and the velvet green moss that covered the rock.

As Tad’s eyes locked on him for a mental snapshot he said, “Hmmm. OAK I’d say.”

Andrew sat up quickly. He didn’t have to look down to know what Tad was talking about.

“Jesus, is that all you think about?” as his eyes drifted to Tads patriotic grounds and locked on it’s engorged state.

“You’re mistaken, I’m Tad. Maybe I need a haircut if I’m startin’ to look like Christ. But it looks like I’m not the only one keeping tabs on the parade grounds.”

Andrews’s eyes went to Tads as soon as what he said registered. Tad smiled and offered his hand to help. Andrew returned the grin as he accepted the hand, but stood up slowly, getting a good look at his steel on the way up.

He stepped over to the side of the rock and let loose a stream that would have made a fire hose whimper in shame.

“I’ll get down first and help ya. It’s a bit of a drop. You just sit down here and slide off, I’ll guide your feet to the steppin’ stone to get down. Just let me get down first.”

Tad scooted to the edge of the boulder and leaped off, landing on his hands and knees. Andrew was watching closely to make sure he was alright from the drop but his view was nothing but the back of his legs and where they met. He tried to look away when he felt revelry being play in his groin again but his mind fixed his gaze and wasn’t going to change until Tad noticed.

My God he’s good looking and the size of that cock! Oh how I’d love to fuck that perfect ass; to feel my dick sliding between those muscular ass cheeks. Christ, I’ll bet he could pinch my dick off with those. Wait, what am I thinking? This is a guy!

Tad was fiddlin’ with his bibs.

“What’re you doing?”

“Chiclets” Tad replied.

“Well I hope your gonna share.” Andrew said with a teasing brightness in his voice.

“I fully intend to.” Tad turned smiling to face Andrew. There was something odd about his smile though. Andrew couldn’t quite figure it out. Tad stepped closer to the stepping stone. That put him just a heads height lower than Andrew’s waist.

“OK, just slide your ass this way and lean back on your hands. It ain’t a far drop ya just can’t see where your feet go until you’re there.”

Andrew complied and got to the edge and started over. Just about the time his ass was too far over the edge to back up, Tad stepped up on the stepping stone and wrapped his arms around Andrew’s legs right above the knees. He was stuck there until Tad decided to let him down and he knew it instantly.

“Hey, what are ya doing? I’m alright, I wasn’t falling or nothing.”

Tad was face to face with Andrew’s groin. Andrew could feel his hot breath on his manhood. His steel liked the feeling and instantly stood begging for more. Tad glanced up at Andrew’s eyes and then at his prize. He looked once more at Andrew and smiled, Andrew realized what was about to happen.

Oh, shit what’s he doing. What, OH Shit he’s going to . ., God if he does I’ll shoot in his mouth, I can’t stop it. He’ll know. . .

“OH! SHIT . . .!” Andrew said out loud as he felt the heat of Tad’s mouth covering his length, wave after wave of emotion poured over him.

Andrew’s hands came off the rock and he instinctively grabbed two hands full of hair, but he wasn’t pushing him away. He was pulling him in as he whimpered and wrapped his legs around him as his stomach muscles contracted and released automatically moving in response to Tad’s rhythm.

Andrew squirmed trying to find breath but he felt like he was in the icy water again only it wasn’t the cold stealing his breath. It was the heat of passion. And he didn’t want out.

“AAaahhhhh! Jesus, Oh Fuck, I’ve never felt anything like . . .Shit!

Tad withdrew and took the tip of his tongue and tickled the V of his head. It drove Andrew into oblivion as he started thrashing and Tad once more sucked down to the base of his manhood. Andrew could feel the heat of his throat tightly pulling at the head of his now on-fire dick.

Can’t, . . . gotta . . . quit, gonna blow! Tell’im! Do it now . . . Faster! Burning rising. . . Cuming . . .”

All of a sudden Andrew shuttered, “SHIT! Stop! I’M GONNA BLOW”

And he tried to pull Tad’s head off but Tad pulled away from his hands without leaving his fully engaged throbbing hard on and doubled his efforts. Andrew grabbed his hair again and pulled him in and thrust as he exploded. Again and again, and a sixth and seventh time finally thrusting and freezing, his back arched, stiff legged and toes pointing, trying to discharge every drop. Gritting his teeth and not breathing until Tad relented and Andrew went limp. He slowly released himself into Tad’s waiting embrace.

As he slowly slid down the velvety smooth moss cover rock, Tad slowly kissed his way up causing another shudder when Tad reached his waistline. Tad continued to lick and make little kisses as he made his way up the ribcage, pausing only briefly to kiss and surround his nipple with the tip of his pointed tongue. He kissed up his neck and across his jaw line until he came to his lips. There he kissed him briefly but deeply and started on his neck again. Andrew’s eyes were still closed and he was enrapt in Tad’s love.

Andrew slid down the rock with Tad’s body applying pressure against the rock slowing his decent. He came to rest on top of Tad’s throbbing scalding hot throbbing pipe. Tad whispered, “You were delicious, mind lending a guy a hand?” as he pulled his ass back and freed his dick from between Andrew’s legs. It sprang up as he continued his assault on Andrew’s neck.

Andrew began kissing Tad’s neck and chest then started moving down but Tad stopped him, “No, I only have one, just use your hand.” As he pulled Andrew back up.

Andrew brought his hand up and found Tad’s patriotic stash and obtained a firm ring around it as he slowly worked it towards himself and back. Andrew’s lips found Tad’s this time and he kissed him deeply, as it became Tad’s turn to search for the missing oxygen in his lungs. Andrew took his other hand and found the crease between his rock hard buns and worked to pull him in and he found that spot, and touched it, as Tad began to shudder and thrust himself against Andrew.

Andrew’s other hand now free of his duties joined the other in pulling him closer as he felt Tad’s scalding hot streams of release splashing on his chest between them and running down his belly. Tad went limp in Andrew’s arms this time. They both slid into a pile on the stepping stone and just lay there enjoying each others embrace. Andrew’s hand slipped down and felt the blazing hot cum on his chest. He brought his hand back up and smelled Tad’s sweet aroma and tasted his sweet success. It was sweet. He hadn’t even realized that he had done it. Tad began kissing him again, he came into focus, the reality of what they had just done began to sink in.

Oh shit, what have I done! I just had the most unimaginable sex – with a guy. What the fuck do I do now. I can’t tell Mom. I can’t continue it or she’ll find out. . . . I’ll worry about that when we leave here.. . . For now I want more of this. All I can get, if it is going to be just this once.

A few minutes passed. Who really knows how long; they only knew they were spent.

“You only have one what?” Andrew asked still nose to nose and a little out of breath.

“Condom.” Tad said smiling.

“What condom?” looking down he saw a condom on his half limp dick. “How did you?”

Tad smiled more broadly, “Chiclets. Told you I intended to share.”

Andrew trembled at his touch as Tad peeled the condom off his newly strengthening prick. Tad paused and looked into his eyes and slowly leaned forward and kissed Andrew on the lips. Andrew returned in kind. Not the superficial kind of kiss, but a long slow deep kiss. A kiss of commitment; a kiss in perfect harmony, that felt, . . . right.

“It was the perfect kiss,” Andrew thought. “I think your sticking to my chest.” He said looking down at the trail of Tad adhering them together on his chest. Tad peeled himself away and helped Andrew up and as he stood, Tad pulled him to him. Their groins met, still hot and rising again and he kissed him one more time before wrapping an arm around him and diving into the icy pool once more.

“OH! That’s fuckin’ cold,” Andrew screamed and Tad swam up to him and wrapped his arms around him and kissed him. This time taking his time a bit. He released his kiss and looked at Andrew’s eyes, taking in every curve of his face, the sparkle of his eyes. The slightly parted lips of his smile.

“But it’s suddenly feeling warmer.” And Andrew kissed him back.

Look at the sparkle in those delicious green eyes. I can die right now. He’s mine, and he knows it. And he wants to be.

“About that second chapter, I think you just wrote it. One look in your eyes and I knew you were the one. Just like pickin’ my hound dogs. The eyes always tell.”

Andrew went off. “What; . . .Your’s? I ain’t nobody’s. What are you talking about, your’s. And what the Fuck, a hound dog?” He started getting out of the water still raging on.

Tad just smiled and watched as Andrew continued to rant.

“You planned this didn’t you?”


“Is that all you have to say is, Yep?”

“Yep, uh . . . every second of it.” Tad smiled as he came out of the water too. And took him in his arms, Andrew wanted to resist but could feel the warmth of his body and craved protection from the breeze. And Tad was more than just warm.

“What do you want to hear? You didn’t get off on me and I didn’t get off on you? Well you won’t hear it from me because that’d make me a liar wouldn’t it?”

“No, you’re not a liar! You’re just Gay! That’s all.”

“That’s a truth I can not escape. It’s on my birth certificate.”


“My name. Last is Gay. Middle makes it worse; Bit. Tad Bit Gay, at your service. And what a service that was too.” He said putting his heels together and saluting. “I figure about two quarts.”

“You are shitting me. Tad Bit Gay? No Parent could do that to their kid.”

“Oh? My dad’s name is Ima Knott Gay, He was the lucky one. My sister’s name was Hester Ickly Gay until she married a guy with the last name of Crazy. There is this list made by like my great, great, great Grandpa with all these Gay names. I was lucky. If I was next down the list I coulda been “Ima Real Gay” If we change it other than through lawful marriage the farm goes to some charity. So to keep it, we live with it.”

“Wait a minute, your sister changed it through marriage to Hysterically Crazy? She didn’t get any better! And I thought I had it bad.”

“What do ya mean, nothing tough about Andrew?”

“My name is, Adrew Makis Harter.”  Then he said in a whinny voice, “And he makes us Harder!”

“Ever stop to think that maybe they wasn’t teasing ya?” Tad said pulling him closer by his hips until their love stems met tightly, one beside the other.

Andrew pushed him off the boulder and back into the water.

Tad got out and the boys put their clothes back on and slipped into their shoes.

As they emerged from the clump of woods Tad asked, “So . . was that your first time?”

“With anyone but myself? Ya.”

“Me too,” Tad said.

Andrew stopped, “No way, you were too good at knowing just what to do. And how did you know to bring a . . you know, a rubber or do you just carry one around in your bibs all the time?”

“We’ll I had seen your picture on Aunt Gladys’ table. I asked her who it was and she told me. I said then, that you were for me, but she laughed and said you couldn’t be, you lived thousands of miles from here.”

“I’ve been thinkin’ and dreaming and planning about this day since that time. Nearly two years. Every moment of every day; thinking about you and I hadn’t even met you yet, never even heard your voice.”

“Wait, shit, she knows you’re . . gay?”

“Well I don’t hide it anymore. Of course she knows. Quite a lady too. In fact she was the one who helped me sort it all out. Found me sittin’ on a rock crying, down by the mailboxes after the bus let me off. The kids at school were really bad to me that day. Even my cousin Jami on my Mom’s side took a shot at me. That hurt a lot but he probably did me a favor. Anyways, Aunt Gladys told me to come on up to the house and have some milk and pie.”

“She told me that people will be people and are afraid of things they don’t understand. Kids can be quite mean about it she said. I told her that my name made the kids pick on me. She asked me if I liked girls. I had to think about it. I didn’t hate’em. I just didn’t feel comfortable with’em. Heck I know me and what another boy like me would like, and what feels good, cause everything’s in the same place. If I touch me in one spot and it feels good, then I can just about guarantee it will feel good to another person like me.”

“But girls don’t fit the same, feel the same or smell the same. And they sure don’t act the same. And that bleeding stuff every month; that’s so disgusting and all. So for me right now, I don’t like’m the way I like you. And if that’s gay then that’s what I am. And after what we just did. I don’t care if I never see another girl as long as I live. Aunt Gladys told me God made me just the way I am so there is no shame in it.”

“But it will really make your life suck at school and most anywhere else.” Andrew shot back.

“All I can tell you is this. Before I sorted it all out I was miserable and my life sucked. I didn’t even like myself. Aunt Gladys said it was because I was trying to lie to myself. It eats at you until you turn bitter and die. And she was right. And you know what; as soon as I declared myself it disarmed those idiots at school. They had nothing to throw at me. So I would rather be a homo who tells the truth than one that lies. Either way, I’m a fag, homo, queer, rainbow boy or anything else you want to call it but I’m a good person and a loyal friend. I’m sure there are others waiting and watching at school to be honest with ya.”

“What do ya mean, others waiting and watching?”

“At school, waiting to see if I changed my mind or got turned by some chic over the summer. I don’t think I’ll be alone this year. I figure when they see you, they’ll probably declare too if nothing else, just to try and get a taste of you, you being so . . . good looking and all.”

“What do you mean – me declaring -? That I’m gay, in school? Are you insane?”

“You can’t say that you didn’t enjoy that at least as much as me. Can you?”

“We’ll, no . . ., but that’s not the point. Why does everybody have to know it? That’s all.

“Because not declarin’ is a lie and it’ll eat at you till you die. What are you going to do when they start in on me and then look to you? Ya, going to help’em! Look that kiss was the best I ever had. It felt . . .right. Didn’t it?”

It was dusk as they reached the fence. Andrew didn’t answer.

“You coming in?”

Tad looked at Andrew’s face and smiled a huge smile. “Nah I expect you got some sorting to do. So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, but declain’ isn’t even on the list.”


“Well you better figure it out cause I don’t think you have as much time as you think. Just remember this. What we did was the best thing that ever happened in my life and there’s no shame in it. And if I could do it again every day from here until I die, I could never complain my life wasn’t perfect.”

He leaned in and whispered, “I love you, have ever since I saw that picture of you.” He gently kissed him on the cheek and looked him in the eyes and then grinned a big toothy grin, then turned and bolted towards home.

Andrew watched him go with a smile on his face too and a song in his heart as he made his way up the steps looking back over his shoulder to see if he could get a last minute glimpse of Tad. His finger tips touched the place where Tad had just kissed. Except for family, no one ever said “I love you” to him before. He quite liked the sound of that.

“AH!” crash! Andrew forgot about the board and stepped right through it. Aunt Gladys was there in a hot second.

“Mercy child I expect you forgot about that old board. Here let me help you out of there, are ya alright?”

“Yes maim, just startled I think. I’m awful sorry about your porch, and you even warned me about it. Oh, I was just stupid. I’m so sorry. I’ll fix it in the morning for ya I promise.”

“Don’t you worry about that none. It’s been needing fixen’ for a long time. Now it’ll get done. Probably more of ’em needin’ fixen anyways. I’ll just call Carl over the hardware. He’ll take care of it straight away. Come on in here and have some dinner and tell me about your afternoon. Watch your step now.”

Andrew was starving, but talking about what they did, was the last thing he was gonna do.

“Your momma was beat so she went to bed early. I told her I would stay up and wait fer ya. So come on in the kitchen. I made some chicken pot pie and it is hot just waiting for ya so wash up your hands here in the kitchen sink.”

Andrew washed his hands and pulled out his chair and sat down. Aunt Gladys put a huge pile of Chicken Pot Pie on a plate in front of him. He grabbed his fork and started in.

“Father in Heaven, Bless this food and keep us safe, in Jesus’ name Amen.”

Andrew had frozen mid bite and then set his fork quietly back down and folded his hands.

Aunt Gladys seemed to be taking him in and looking him over a bit.  She reached over and fixed his collar and slipped his chain back where it was caught on his collar.

Andrew figured he was about to get hit with a bunch of questions he didn’t want to answer so he grabbed his fork and took a bite. “Mmmm! This is delicious.” It exploded with flavor. He thought he had never had anything so good in all his life. In fact he was sure of it. “Who makes this? It sure ain’t Stoufer’s.”

Aunt Gladys smiled and patted his arm. “Made that from scratch.”

“I can see why Tad spends so much time here. Just can’t figure why he’s not three hundred pounds.”

“So what do you think of our Tad Bit Gay?” Aunt Gladys asked sitting down across from him with a glass of milk, a slice cherry pie and a wicked little smile.

Shit, I mentioned his name. That opened the door. “Oh, he’s great. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it here at first but you know, I think it is all going to be fine.

“I expect he show’d ya his swimmin’ hole did he?”

“Oh, yes maim. Boy that water sure is cold though.”

“Oh, went for a swim did ya? Now ya know why we wear bibs out here too. They slip on and off a lot easier. We got you a pair upstairs in your dresser.”

Shit, she knows we got naked and she knows he’s gay. I’m so screwed.

Blushing he felt he could use the cherry pie for camouflage. “Yes maim, he said grinning and nervously swinging his crossed legs under the chair.”

“Well good, I am glad you two hit it off. I was a little concerned because of his gayness and all. Didn’t know how you’d take to that. But he knew. He knew the moment he saw yer picture on the table. He said, “He’s for me.” You weren’t even comin’ yet. He said I know because of the eyes. Just like pickin’ out a hound dog. And ya know that boy picks the best huntin’ dogs anywhere. In fact he hires himself out to pick’em for folks. And they pay him good fer doing it too! Guess he sees something in their eyes that tells him. But what ever it is he saw in you changed who he was ever since. He thinks an awful lot of you. And it was a good change for him too.”

“Ya, but Aunt Gladys, I’m . . ., you know . . ., um I’m not gay or anything. But he’s alright; I don’t mind him being it.”

“Sure honey, I understand, here eat your pie then you better head up for bed. You must be awful tired.” She leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Better tell’m the next time your so busy not being gay, to give you those sucker bites a might lower. Seems they’re creepin’ up a might around your cheek bones, might be a little difficult getting’ people to believe ya, hehe.” She put one hand on one cheek and gave a quick kiss on the other, then padded off to bed chuckling the whole way.

With eyes as big as saucers he bolted from the table and ran up the steps two at a time as quietly as he could. Turning the corner into the bathroom he switched on the light and looked in the mirror. “Ahhhh! I’m going to kill him!”

“What, what? Andy is that you?” his mother was calling. “Is everything alright honey? What’s wrong?” She was coming down the hall. He quickly turned out the light.

“No Mom, everything’s alright, just stubbed my toe, that’s all. I have to pick up my dishes, then I’ll get in bed. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to wake you up. You can go back to sleep. I’m alright.”

He slouched down the steps thinking his life was over as soon as his Mom saw the hickys all over his neck in the morning. He froze mid-step.

“That’s what he meant when he said I didn’t have as much time as I thought!” he whispered to himself. “Oh I am soooo going to kill him!”

He went back to the kitchen and cleaned up the dishes and put the pie back in the fridge. He took his glass of milk and stepped outside on the porch missing the broken board which was now a hole. He sat down in the cool night air to sort out the day before he turned in. He had about a half a million questions to ask himself. But every time he started to ask himself a question, his mind drifted off to a perfect set of blue eyes, a gentle kiss and the whispered syllables, “I love you.”


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