Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 21

“Come here,” Elliot whispered to Jan. “I want to suck your ear lobe.”

“Dooon’t! Can’t you see I’m sleeping?”

“Not anymore.” He giggled nibbling on his ear.

“Look if you really want something to suck on I can offer you a better target. But I think you better let me up and drain it first because my morning wood feels like it’s about to tear skin I’m so hard.”

Elliot scooted on top of him, wood to wood, “What’s your hurry?” he said as he ground into him a little. His eyes grew large, “Dude you’re on my bladder!” He rolled out from under Elliot and leaped from the bed falling flat on the floor.

“Forget something?” Elliot said giggling as he handed Jan his prosthetic leg.

“Damn, I haven’t done that before.” His blushing was full on. “I guess it’s feeling a little more natural now and I just forgot it wasn’t there.” He looked at Elliot hopefully, “You won’t tell anyone about this right?”

“Jan, You know me better than that, come on,” He reached out to help him up.

“Good I’ll be right back.” This time he ran for the bathroom.


“Son, I’ve made some calls and there is this group called LGBT and they said we should maybe get involved with a group called Pflag. Do you know about this group?”

“Wow dad, you did that for me?”

“Of course son. I told you, we are in this together. And since I don’t know a whole lot about it I thought I would check the internet and I found some places around here that gay kids can go and be safe and do cool things like watch movies, play sports and games and all kinds of stuff.”

“Thanks dad,” he said wrapping his arms around him. “Is, uhm, is mom alright with everything? You know we haven’t spoken since all this . .” but he was cut off.

“Why don’t you ask mom about it?” She said putting her hand on his shoulder and turning him around. He looked down not wanting to see her expression but she lifted his chin to see her smiling face. “Honey, you’re my boy. And nothing will ever get in the way of that. We may have our spats but I will never turn my back on you. You are my son! We are a family and together we will get through the rough spots together no matter what.”

He dove into her embrace sobbing, “I was so afraid mom.” She stroked his hair as she hugged him and whispered sweet motherly things into his ear. He melted into her embrace and savored her smell.

She pulled him away, “Hey, breakfast is getting cold, come on.” She led him into the dining room giving him a wink as she let go of his hand and went into the kitchen.

Mr Rex sat at the head of the table smiling. “So have you decided whether you are going to come out at school yet?”

T thought for a moment, “I think I almost have to. Ernie is counting on it for a date since he told Liz that she should go to the movies with her friend and have a good time because everyone thought they were lesbians anyways”

Mr Rex stopped buttering his toast and was clearly in thought trying to follow the logic of the statement as his wife came in and set a plate of pancakes and a plate of eggs on the table before sitting down herself. She reached over and taking the pitcher of milk poured a glass of milk for T and his father. She poured herself a cup of coffee as Mr Rex came out of his daze long enough to shovel some eggs on his plate and then as he handed the plate to T he spoke.

“So, T, uhm, I’m trying to follow this and I confess I’m completely lost. I asked you if you had thought about coming out at school and you told me that you thought you had to because Ernie was counting on it because he told Liz to go to the movies with her girlfriend because everyone thought they were lesbians. Did I get all that right?”

“Perfectly dad! So you see, I kinda don’t want to but I kinda sorta feel like I have to. You know what I mean? If I don’t then Ernie might NEVER get laid.”

Mr Rex just stared raising one eyebrow. He glanced at his wife and then back at T. “Uhm bud, could you just explain that all to us? I mean the logic of it so your  uhm mother understands it all.”

T blotted his lips with his serviette and took a drink of his milk. Looking at his mom with his milk mustache he quickly began. “So you know I took this phone call because it was Ernie and I didn’t want to go because I was gay and Ernie sorta hung up on me and I was like freaking out and then he said it was ok but when he called Liz to tell her that he could only go if her friend would go with Malcolm so she said he was a homo and it was funny cuz Ernie asked me if he was and I told him I didn’t know and he said, like don’t you guys have like a directory or secret signs or something and I told him like, “I wish!” you know and so Ernie told her to go with her friend because everyone thought they were lesbians anyways so if I don’t come out then everyone will just think he’s an ass but if I come out then he can get more dates because they’ll think he’s gay too but if I don’t then he would have to be gay alone and I don’t think that would work the same way and I’m sure he doesn’t want to come out without me.”

He shoveled some pancakes on his plate and smothered them in syrup and glanced up to see his parents staring at him, both completely lost.

“Look, if everyone thinks he’s gay then the girls that think he’s gay will want to hang out with him because he’s safe but he’s not really gay but he wants to be, well he doesn’t want to be ‘really’ gay just so he can get more dates.”

“So he doesn’t want to be ‘really’ gay? He just wants to be a little bit gay?” Mr Rex was still trying to make sense of it.

I thought for a moment and nodded his head. “Exactly! Just not gay enough to be my boyfriend.” And he shoveled more pancakes into his mouth savoring the flavor.

Mr Rex looked at his wife perplexed, She smiled, “Of course son it makes perfect sense now,” looking back at her husband she grinned not forgetting that he tried to make her out as the one who he was getting the explanation for, “Doesn’t it dear?” She smiled as she started to get up. “I’ll just get some more coffee dear then you can tell me exactly how YOU see it.”


“Hi Janice, so glad you could come over. Come on in. Jeremy and Jess are upstairs getting cleaned up. Come into the kitchen and keep me company while I finish getting dinner ready.”

“Thanks Mrs Diaz, it’s good to see you again. I haven’t been over much since Jeremy and his dad had their falling out.”

“Yes, the poor kid, his father is really confused. I feel badly for Jess.”

“Do you know what it’s all about? I mean, with Jess and his dad?”

“I think that’s something you’ll need to ask Jess about hun. I wouldn’t feel right talking about it, you know what I mean?”

“Ya, sorry I shouldn’t have asked. It’s really none of my business.”

“That’s alright Janice, you didn’t know it was anything personal. Perhaps he’ll tell you about it himself. Could you hand me the sweet cream dear?”

“Sure, uhm, what’s the occasion?”

“The occasion; for what dear?”

“The dinner. It was sorta out of the blue.”

Nervously Mrs Diaz asked, “Could you hand me the butter from the fridge? I don’t know, perhaps Jess figured it was time. Like you said, you haven’t been over in a while. Hey! Did you see my new car?”

“Oh, that’s yours? That little blue convertible? That is so sweet. How did you ever manage to get Mr Diaz to let you have it while he’s driving an SUV?”

Smiling, “He lost the bet!”

“You’re kidding right? What was the bet?”

Smiling broadly she said, “Whether Jess was gay or not!” She laughed hysterically until she realized what she said and her look turned to mortified. “Oh, shit.” She looked at Janice and saw the wheels turning in high speed as she put all the pieces together. Her eyes snapped to Mrs Diaz’s, her lips parted ever so slightly. Before her gaze broke and she turned away.

“I guess I know now what the occasion is.” She unsuccessfully fought back the tears as Mrs Diaz dried her hands on the dish towel and pulled her into an embrace.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry. Damn me and my big mouth. This wasn’t how you were to find out.”

“How was I to find out? At the table in front of everyone!” She lowered her voice again turning away from her embrace.

“No dear, not at all. Oh come with me, I’ve made such a mess of things. Please, come into the sitting room, let me get Jess.”


“Elliot. Do you realize we have sat here almost all day without one word from anybody?” Jan whispered to his love before leaning in and nibbling on his neck.

“Ya, I feel like I should be outing someone or checking under the car for a ticking box or something. It’s almost too quiet.”

“Ya, I like it too, com’eer,” He said as he nibbled some more and his hand slid up Elliot’s leg. A couple fingers finding their way up the leg of his shorts as he squirmed and giggled.

“You think I should like call T-Rex or Jess and just check to make sure their world isn’t falling apart and we’re missing it?”

“You touch that phone and I’ll have to kill ya myself. Come on, I think we can sneak in the bedroom without the mom’s catching us.”

“But won’t you feel horrible if there is something major going on and we aren’t there to support our friends?”

“Not at all. If they need us, they’ll call. And I promise that as soon as we make wild and passionate love for at least an hour or two, I’ll tell you where I hid the batteries to our cell phones.”

“Say what? You didn’t! Jan we have people counting on us.”

“Elliot! Look at me.” He said sitting up a little straighter to look eye to eye, “I’M counting on you. Even GOD rested after seven days. We haven’t been alone together without an audience of some kind for over a week. I want some ‘me’ time.”

“You weren’t this pushy when we got married!”

Jan raised an eyebrow, “Uh, Elliot, we never got married, we’re only 14 remember? And I don’t think it’s even legal here in West Virginia. I mean, it’s ok to sleep with your sister but don’t think about bumping uglies with the same sex. I think you’d stand a better chance of marrying a goat than another guy.”

“DETAILS! Ok, so we haven’t gotten married, you knew what I was like anyways.”

“Ya,” he said grinning and leaning in to nibble on his neck and suck on his earlobe breaking again only to speak, “that’s why I want to take you in the other room and tickle your tonsils and then I’m gonna see how far I can make you squirm without bringing you off by licking that delicious back door of yours just before I push my scalding hot dick up your delicious ass.” He noticed Elliot’s breathing become deep and his pants now tented off to the side. “But . . . maybe you’re right and we should, you know, make a few calls and . .” but he was cut off by two pencil thin lips trying to invade his mouth.

“Screw’em, let’em send us a card.” Elliot said now climbing on top of Jan and grinding into him. His breathing already ragged.

Jan slid out from under him and stood holding out his hand he lead Elliot down the hall and into their room. When the door was closed they engaged, groping and pulling the other’s ass into them. Jan started on Elliot’s neck again as his hands fidgeted trying to unbutton his shorts. As they were falling he was lifting the hem of Elliot’s shirt and his love was standing there with his erect monolith of boyhood trying desperately to escape his boxers. Jan undid his own pants letting them fall and shoving his boxers over his hips he wiggled to make them drop as he pulled his polo shirt off over his head before dropping to his knees and with lip covered teeth bit down of Elliot’s head through his boxers.

Elliot gasped as he tried to back up but Jan grabbed two hands full of round mounds and pulled his face in to smell his sent. Biting the material he pulled the front of his boxers out as he slid his hands over his perfectly dimpled hips guiding the back of his boxers over his hills of happiness. Jan had to pull the waistband over his rod because the waistband just couldn’t stretch that far. Then walking forward on his knees he ravaged his staff, backing him up to the bed then mounting him he nibbled his way up the valley of happiness through the summit of boy and licked and sucked first one nipple then the other and moving out to his side licked up his arm to his arm pit, licking  and sucking and nibbling his way to his neck and finally his lips. He paused only a moment before kissing his lips to look him in the eyes, “I love you Elliot.”

They kissed passionately before Jan sat up and placing his hands under Elliot’s knees he raised them up to his chest and Elliot knew what he wanted and held them as Jan stuffed a high pillow under his bottom raising him up. He stared at the throbbing mass in front of his face and he began to lick. His tongue lapped at the searing hardness as he tickled the “V.” under the head. Sucking the side of his shaft he got to his balls and took first one, then the other as he heard his lover moan in appreciation. Leaving them he continued south and savored the taste of his thick perineum and lapped the scent being expressed there. Jan was almost blind with lust for his taste and Elliot whimpered at the sensations of Jan’s actions and anticipation of the next target. He rolled his hips up begging him to move on. And move on he did. Teasing the sides, the pointed tip of his tongue barely crossing the wrinkles of his blossom. Elliot was squirming and whimpering almost incoherently as his tongue crossed the entrance and then snaked into the center twisting and probing as Elliot’s whimpers became cries. Releasing his knees he grabbed the tube of wet from the nightstand and slathered his lovers dripping love rocket before reaching down and wiping the excess off his hand on himself he grabbed his knees again and raise his mounds begging for what he knew he had to have. And Jan obliged him.

Elliot’s body wanted it, needed it so desperately that it had relaxed automatically to receive his lovers tribute. Jan breached the threshold noting that he was already relaxed, he smiled and slammed it home. Upon hitting bottom Elliot clamped down holding him and both boys arched their heads back in ecstasy, both freezing, tense muscles quivering at the feel of the other, mated and held there. Their bodies in tune, their quivering exciting one another breathlessly further. Then both started to relax and Jan fell forward onto his hands. Elliot leaned up to steal a brief kiss as Jan started his micro movements backing out a little more each time, a little further out then back in. Elliot twitched and Jan found the spot he was looking for. He short stroked to the chirps and cries of their very own love song until he was just about to come and he stopped. He hung on to his partners knees and watched for his eyes to lose their glazed look and to meet his. “Not yet.” He whispered as he dropped to his elbows and started moving again, he reached up and bit his nipple lightly. Elliot yelped and dug his heels into Jan’s muscular ass and Jan came back up on his knees and grabbed Elliot’s heels and held them forward of him. He took long slow strokes at first until he felt the heat of the lube get hot and he really started ramming it home. The report of his mound slapping against his ass was almost animalistic. As were the chirps of enwrapped love growing into screams of pending passionate eruption.

Elliot was first with his rock hard abdominal plate undulating in uncontrolled passion causing his sphincter to bite down with a vise like grip as he screamed a release of passion and Jan tried to pull back but was held by the spasming sleeve of love gripping him and the heels of a lover that never wanted him to leave. Jan’s cries matched the ripples of passion passing through Elliot’s muscles so strongly that he was being milked without either one moving. The waves of passion first seemingly endless ended as abruptly as they took over and Jan fell gasping on top of the heaving chest of his lover. They lay there in a heap of spent boy love.

The glow waning Elliot looked into Jan’s eyes, “I love you Jan Teagle.”

“I love you Elliot Glicksman” and they kissed. Still out of breath Elliot rolled Jan over so he was now on top. the movement made Jan’s super sensitive cock scream in stimulation as he flexed to pulled it out to relative safety. Elliot giggled and got nose to nose. “Pop-tarts! Then it’s your turn! You get them, I’m leaking. And Jan made his way to the kitchen and Elliot to the bathroom.


“Hey Gil, can I come over and spend the night? If I don’t get to spend some time with you soon I think I’m gonna explode and that could be an ecological disaster in my case.”

Giggling Gil replied. “Sure, I asked dad earlier this morning. She’s still having a hard time of it from the sounds of it.”

“Not as hard as I am! I did it in the shower the day before yesterday and I just about had to get a squeegee to clean the milk off the shower wall. I almost clogged the drain it was so thick. Hell I fell on the floor of the shower and had a hard time getting back up it was so slick.”

Now in full on laughter, Gill choked out, “You are so full of shit your eyes are turning brown!”

“Ya well it felt that way anyways. But I’ll tell you what, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

“Oh! that was so bad Mark. So only two days worth huh? That’s barely a snack for me.”

“Hey, don’t get me started, I have to still be able to walk if you want me to get over there anytime soon.”

“So Pogo your ass over here and let’s make bongo bongo.”

“Bongo bongo?”

“Ok, let’s play hide the salami. And in your case that’s not just a metaphor.”

“Oh great, please, can we go back to bongo bongo? I think you just crippled me.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, wait til I get you over here.” He covered the phone with his hand and whispered, “I haven’t been challenged in a while!”

“Oh shit. I’m coming even if I gotta use crutches!”

“Ya well don’t bother bringing bed clothes. We won’t need’em. Unless you have like pajamas for Siamese twins joined cock to ass.”

“Dude, I am now fully rocked up. I may not make it over even with crutches. I might have to take a shower just to let go of enough tension to get there.”

“Want me to come wash your back?”

“No, I want you to come wash my front damn it.”

“Put a heavy coat over it and come on over.”

“Dude, it’s like ninety degrees out there.”

“Ok, hoist a bed sheet up on it and wind surf on your skateboard.’

Mark busted up laughing, “God I could see the look on mom’s face now as I go sailing out of the garage. I’ll be there in a little bit. Hey.” He said in a whisper.


“I think I kinda, uhn, you know, uhm, love you.” He listened to the silence and got nervous. “Uhm, is that alright?” A sniffle on the other side of the phone told Mark there was a problem. “Uhm look I’m sorry, maybe too much too fast. I’m uhm new at this, you know but I really like you. A lot.”

Sobbing Gilbert squeaked out, “I, I love you too.”

“You do? I mean, you do! Sweet. Be right there. I love you.”

Gilbert whispered out, “I love you too.” to a dead phone line.

“Are you alright son?” Bill Holland spoke with concern. “Is everything alright with Mark? What’s happened?” Gilbert fell into his father’s embrace sobbing. Hugging him with one arm and stroking his hair with the other he whispered, “It’s alright son, let it all out.”

Dorothy walked in hearing the sobbing, “What’s wrong?” She looked at Bill and placed a hand on Gilbert’s back. “Talk to us sweetie, what’s wrong?”

“He loves me!” He blubbered. Dorothy smiled while Bill looked perplexed.

“Is that a bad thing?” Bill said out loud.

Dorothy laughed, “Bill, not all tears are sad ones.”

A look of understanding dawned on him. And he took a deep breath and letting it out he kissed Gilbert on the top of his head. He pulled him away from him, “Hey! You know what? I think this calls for something special. How about we see if he can come over and spend the night and we’ll go out to that nice Italian restaurant and get fat. What do you think?”

A thin smile broke out on his face, “Thanks dad.” Uhm, could we like make it a late dinner, uhm maybe? I think we might have a little uhm cuddling to do first.”

“Sure son, we’ll make it late like eight-thirty alright?”

“Perfect dad! You guys are the best.”

“Ya, well don’t let it get around or everyone will want us for their mom and dad. And you’re quite enough thank you.” Gilbert smiled and quietly went up the stairs. As he got to the top, Bill looked at Dorothy, “Sheeze! Women!” Under his breath.

“I heard that!” came a smiling voice from upstairs.

Looking at Dorothy he said, “He’s got your hearing too.”

“I heard that too!”

“The lawn needs mowed tomorrow.” Bill said loudly, smiling as he went back to his den to make the reservations.

“What?” came the voice from upstairs. Dorothy just laughed to herself.


“Damn, do you want me to come down with you? I mean, the cat is sorta out of the bag now isn’t it.”

“No, I better do this myself. She deserves that.”

“Oh honey I am so sorry. I know that doesn’t fix it but I really am. I just didn’t think. Damn this is awful and there is just no way for me to make it right.”

“We can talk about that later. I may want to use the convertible.”

His mother punched him in the arm playfully. “I said I was sorry, not stupid!” It got a laugh out of him. She hugged him. “I really am sorry honey. Please forgive me.”

“It’s alright mom. There was no real nice way to tell her. I better get down there before she leaves.”

“I got your sisters to sit with her. Just tell them I want to see them upstairs. That’ll at least give you guys some privacy.”

“Thanks mom.”

He turned and started to go downstairs when Jeremy stopped him and kissed him, “For luck.”

Jess smiled, “Thanks.” And went down the stairs. “Carrie, Mom asked me to tell you that she wants to talk to you and Meli upstairs. Uhm, thanks for keeping Janice company.” He waited until they left the room and he walked over and sat down beside her and took a deep breath and sighed.

“How long have you known?”

“Not long. A few days.” He thought for a moment. “I don’t know, maybe I’ve lied to myself. But I never lied to you about loving you. I still do.”

“How can you tell me you’re gay in one breath and that you love me in another.”

“I know, confusing isn’t it. I had to think about it a lot. See, I love you. But I’m not ‘in’ love with you. I thought I was but well I didn’t understand it completely. I’m not sure I do completely even now.”

“So you just asked me to dinner to dump me?”

“God, it sounds so awful when you say it like that. Janice. I wouldn’t hurt you for the world. I really wouldn’t. See I figured that if I asked you over here we could talk about it in private. See, I know this won’t be easy on you. And if it comes out, or when it comes out that I’m uhm  . . . God I can’t even say it yet. Anyways, when it comes out then the kids would be really bad towards you. So I figured if you broke up with me at school, then you could say something like, “See, he never got over me. He had to go to a guy because no girl could compare. That way you were leaving me and then they can figure whatever they wanted about me. I don’t care.”

Janice took his hand in hers. “You really mean that don’t you. Jess, that is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. I have one question. Is there a someone? Yet or are you like just gonna start looking?”

“Uhm, I guess it’ll come out soon anyways. Uhm, Jeremy.”

“Of course. Who else would it be. You guys have been best friends forever.” She stood up pulling him to his feet, “Come on, let’s have some dinner. I’m starved.”

He stood up and smiled, “you’re not mad?”

“No, not mad; disappointed maybe; and a little sad. But it’ll be alright. I love you enough to want you to be happy and Jeremy. Well Jeremy is a great guy and if I have to give you up to a guy, then I’m glad it’s him. Now why don’t you go give them the all clear, I really am starving.”

Jeremy placed two fingers behind his lips and blew an ear piercing whistler and everyone came running. Everyone except Jeremy. “I’ll go get him. I’ll be right back.”

“No, wait. Let me. He needs to hear it from me.” She turned and went up the stairs. Jess stared at her as she disappeared up the steps.

“Come on Jess, help me set the table.” He took the plates and set them around the table craning his neck to look up the stairs.


“Can I come in?” Janice asked pushing the cracked door open. Jeremy lay on his side facing the wall and turned over to see it was her. He sniffled, His eyes filled. He wasn’t sure what to expect. But he didn’t expect this. She sat on the edge of the bed and put a hand on Jeremy’s leg. “Hey, you alright? I think I’m the one that’s supposed to be crying, not you.”

“You don’t understand. I mess everything up. I’ve messed my life up, I’ve messed Jess’s life up and now I’ve messed your life up. I, I just wish. . . I just wish I was  . . . not like this.”

“Jeremy, sit up, look at me. Please.” She stood up briefly to let him swing his legs over and sit up. She sat again and took his hand. “Jess, you are who you are. And the fact that you care how your life affects the people you care about is one of the things that makes you really special. Most guys think only of themselves.”

“You don’t hate me? I feel like I’m responsible for breaking you two up. I mean, if I hadn’t been like this, then you two would probably graduate High School get married, and . . .”

“. . . The boy I love would never be truly happy. Jeremy, if you make him happy and he’s really happy then how could I be mad? We were friends long before we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I know he loves me still.” Jeremy looked up, “But he’s not ‘in’ love with me. He’s in love with you. Who knows what would happen next month or even a year or ten years from now. Right now, today, we’re in high school. Dating is practice for courtship. Learning about each other, what we like in a mate, what we don’t like. We have a long time ahead of us before I am going to think about getting married. I don’t know if I’ll sleep with anyone before that time. I might, I don’t know, but I do know, that whoever I settle down with and make babies with I want to love me as much as I love them. I want that for Jess too. And that’s not me unfortunately, it’s you. And Jeremy, we all make choices, Jess chose you. You didn’t mess anything up. You made his life better. And if we can be friends too, then you will have made mine better too.” She stood and held out her hand and pulled him to his feet, “Come on, I’m starving and if we don’t hurry that pig Jess will eat everything.” He laughed and wiped his eyes and hand in hand they went down the stairs. Jess stood, the two chairs to his left unoccupied, Janice took the chair furthest from Jess leaving Jeremy to sit next to Jess. “Did he eat it all?” She said to the girls.

“Nope, Meli giggled. Her missing front teeth standing out in her beautiful smile.

Jess looked at Jeremy questioningly. Meli spoke up, Jess is Jeremy’s boyfriend.

“Meli!” Mrs Diaz said, “You shouldn’t tell other people’s business.”

Janice smiled at Mrs Diaz, “It’s alright.” She looked at Meli, “I know, isn’t that great!”

“Are you going to be Jeremy’s girlfriend now too?”

“Meli!” Mrs Diaz said sharply.

Smiling, Janice said, “Well I think I’ll just be friends with both of them. Is that ok?” Meli smiled and nodded. Janice looked at Mrs Diaz, “When you’re eight, the world is alright as long as everyone thinks it’s good.”

Mrs Diaz smiled, “You know, I think you are going to make a great mom some day.”

Dinner was festive but the dessert was downgraded to ice cream as the cream had grown warm in light of the afternoons events. But everyone was smiling. And it came time to go.

“So, try not to be too hard on me tomorrow when you dump me ok?”

Janice laughed, “Silly boy. Nobody’s dumping anyone. You simply found someone you loved more than me.” He winced, “Hey, she said slipping her arms around his waist, “That’s not a bad thing. Parting as anything but friends would be a bad thing. We’ve shared some good moments and like I told Jeremy, this is high school. Dating is practice for courtship, it’s finding out what qualities I want in a husband, And I have to tell you that except for that gay part, you filled my list out pretty well. Now if I can find a man like you when I get out of college, I’ll be a happy woman and you and Jeremy, will always be my friends. At least I hope so.” She looked at Jeremy, “One for the road?” He smiled and nodded and she leaned up and kissed him, “And I’ll always love you too.” Then she went over and kissed Jeremy on the cheek and winked at Meli before waving to the others and walking out to her mother’s car. Jess just stood there leaning against the doorframe watching her pull away.

Jeremy slipped an arm around his waist, “She’s really something that one.” And he laid his head on Jess’s shoulder.


“T I called that pflag place and they said they were having a fifties diner theme party tonight and that if we wanted to come and see what it was like we could go. What do you think?”

“I don’t know dad, I don’t know anyone there. I’d feel like weird or something ya know?”

“I think that’s the idea son, it’s so you can get to meet people. People who are at least friendly and supportive of people who are gay. And we can meet some other parents too. This is all new to me son. I don’t know what to do here. I mean, and don’t get this wrong, but I know what to expect out of, uhm, well I don’t know what else to call it, but you know normal boy and girl relationships and to be honest, I don’t have a clue what to expect or what goes on in a gay relationship or what things we should do different. They said they’d be glad to talk to your mom and I while you go meet some uhm people, friends, new friends. So what do ya say?”

“Uhm, if I’m not comfortable can I just hang with you guys? I mean, they might have some stuff to say that I don’t know either. Remember I’m new to this too. I just have the feelings, not the knowledge, I mean do they have secret signs? Or like a directory? Do I have to be in it and if I wanted to how do you get in it? Is there like a gay registry or something?”

“It sounds to me like we all have questions. I’ll tell you what son, you come along and if you want to mix, then do it. If you aren’t comfortable then you can just hang with us. Deal?” He said sticking out his hand.

“Deal” he said shaking it.

“Oooh, son, damn, you gotta watch that, getting a grip like a pipe wrench.” He said shaking his hand like he was shaking out the pain.

“So you ready to go?”

“What, now? What do I wear, is my hair alright? I can’t go in there all gamey and scraggily looking!”

“Then get a move on, jump in the shower, throw some unscraggily clothes on it starts in an hour and a half and it’s about a 20 minute drive.”

“Jeese Louise! I’ll be right back.” Running up the stairs he ran right back down just as frantic, “Mom, mom where are my P.F. Flyers? You know, my black ones.”

“Uhm let’s see, the last time I wore them . . .”

“Mom, that’s not funny. Oh!, I’ll find’em.” And back up the stairs he flew.

Arriving at the center the music could be heard outside in the parking lot. A few kids stood in the shadows around the side of the building smoking. Mr Rex noticed the aroma and glanced at his wife with a knowing look. Ignoring them they made for the entrance where a guy in his early thirties was standing inside the door as a greeter. Putting out his hand he said, “New faces, welcome. I’m Ted, you must be the Rex’s?”

“Yes, I’m Bill and this is my wife Marilyn and my son Thomas.”

“Ted shook Marilyn’s hand and then T’s. Do you go by Thomas, or Tom or what?”

“My friends just call me Tee.” Ted thought for a moment and smiled.

“T-Rex? Like the dinosaur?”

T smiled, “You got it in one.”

“Can I ask what grade you’re in?”


“So that makes you about thirteen, is that about right?”

“Yep, thirteen and a half.”

Ted turned to another young man and spoke to him but the din of the music made it impossible to hear what. The other young man disappeared into the crowd. He turned to Bill, “Let’s go back here where it’s a little bit quieter and we can talk.” He led them into a back room filled with couches and chairs, “Sofa or table, what’s your pleasure?”

Bill looked at the hard chairs and the soft but well worn couches, then to Marilyn and said, the couch alright honey?”

“Have a seat, care for a soft drink or some coffee?”

“Coffee if you don’t mind? We both drink it with cream and sugar please.” The door opened and a boy walked in. His hair was black as coal and straight, hanging in his eyes.

“James! Thanks for coming, this is T-Rex, T, this is James.”

The boy held out his fist to bump knuckles, “They call me Jinx.”

I was wondering if you could take him and show him were the softdrinks are and maybe show him around, introduce him to some folks he’s new here. So be gentle.”

“Ted, you sure you want ‘me’ to show him around? I mean I can get Shawn or Glenn to do it.”

Feeling like he was punched in the gut, he sat back down, “Look if he doesn’t want to I’m ok with it. I’ll just stay here. I’m not really into the dancing and stuff anyways.”

Ted frowned at Jinx, “Tell you what, just show him were the soft drinks are and then bring him back or he can wander around, just kinda keep an eye on him. Alright? Please? I have faith in you.”

“I’d think you’d want him to have a chance at least.” He turned to T-Rex, “Come on, just don’t stand too close to me.”

Frowning T looked at him, “No Problem.” And followed him out the door. Bill just looked at Ted.

“He’s alright, he just thinks he’s bad luck, hence the name Jinx. He’s really a sweet kid though, I think it’s more of a self fulfilling prophecy. He thinks he’s bad luck and so he expects the worst. He doesn’t see the good in himself. And being at that age he’s a little awkward like all kids get when their bodies grow faster than normal and their feet and hands seem like they double in size.”

“Oh, yes, I was awful at thirteen. I tripped over my own feet.” The door opened and a man and women came in. Followed by another young man.

“Right on time Reggie, Valerie, meet Bill and Marilyn, they’re new here and are looking for information. And this is Marshal Bennings, my partner.”

Bill shook his hand and then looked at Ted, “So you’re uhm together?”

“Yepper, going on . . . 9 years now?”

“Eleven, he never gets it right.” Marshal said extending his hand to Marilyn, “I’m pleased to meet you, welcome and thanks for coming. Was that your youngster wearing the coke out there?”

“Uhm, wearing a coke?” She looked confused, “Is that a gay thing?” Marilyn asked.

Reggie and Valerie broke into laughter, but Marshal saw their confusion and offered, “Uh no, that would be a Jinx thing.”

Valerie stopped laughing as hard, “I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing at us. You sound as fresh to this as we were a year ago. We just had so many preconceived ideas about what gay meant. I mean we only knew what we saw on TV some limp wristed or fem guy and the colorful ones and the drag queens.” Then she sobered up and became serious, “Oh and of course, the priests. First of all I thought all priests were gay and that they all molested children. Boy did we have a wakeup call. We found out that most of the gay community was invisible because they were just like everyone else. They all had mortgages, jobs and came in all walks and shades of life. We’ve met football players, policeman, firemen, doctors you name it. And we just never saw them because they weren’t “in your face” about it. That’s why it’s so hard to get accurate figures on exactly how many gays there are. Estimates are all over the board but conservatively, one in ten are gay. The numbers depending on who you ask, can even go as high as one in four. And there are so many variations that fall into the same slot, transvestites, transgendered and a slew of other transsomethinged. But the majority are invisible. Just normal folks. So I take it that your son just came out to you?”

“Uhm yes, just the other night. And we love him, this makes no difference, we just want him to be happy and safe. But we are completely clueless as to what to do or what to expect. I mean, I don’t even know how they do what they, uhn you guys do,” turning his attention back to Marshal and ted, “but, I mean I know basically what you or how you I mean I know that you um.”

“Have sex?” ted cut in smiling. Yes indeed we do, wanna watch?” He paused as their jaws dropped.

“He’s kidding,” Marshal cut in, “Good lord Ted, you can’t tease these people that way, they don’t know that you’re kidding. My god no wonder the world hates us.” He turned to Bill and Marilyn, “I think what you want to know is what you can expect from your son in the way of relationships. Now your son is what about thirteen? He is going to want what any thirteen year old would want only he’ll be looking for it with a boy, not a girl. So at thirteen mostly kissing and cuddling, holding hands, making goo, goo eyes at each other. Now that’s what to expect. However, just like hetero kids, sex is fun and some learn things earlier than we want them too. You seem like pretty good loving parents, I expect that your son’s nature reflects those values but you can’t count on that. You need to talk to him about safe sex. If you don’t know the right words, have him get with tactless Ted or myself, we’ll set him safe. So just make sure he isn’t dating someone out of his age bracket and you should be ok. Kids his age are pretty much his same size if you know what I mean. There are exceptions of course and you need to talk about things like Lubricants, condoms and stretching so that things fit without hurting or damaging him. But it’s not like your life has to make any left turns. Go slow, don’t panic, trust your kid and come here often and ask questions. We are just a phone call away too. We’re here to help your son be as happy as he deserves to be. And you to be as comfortable with it as you can be. You’ve already done the hard part. You came here and you’ve told him that he’s ok. Gay is normal, it’s not “thee” norm but its normal.”

So you guys start telling each other your horror stories that your kids will die if they find out you told them and I’ll get some brochures for you to have and to read up on.


“How’s the Coke?”

“Warm and starting to get sticky.”

“Great! My favorite time. Come on, I’ll help you get cleaned up. Follow me.” They got to the men’s room and T hedged. Looking at him and at the door. “Relax, I won’t star groping you until your second visit. Come on.” They opened the door and found two older boys kissing, “They’re a permanent fixture here, don’t mind them. He pulled out a knife and popped the cover off of the towel dispenser and cut the cloth roll off where it became clean. “Here hold this.” He said pulling off about a foot and he cut it, reeling off another chunk he held it out and cut it again then he deftly folded the knife and stuck it back in his pocket. The two boys went off in search of a more private haven.He wet one towel and started to dab the coke off his face. His touch was caring and gentle. He wiped down his arms, a normal procedure but somehow he did it with the emotion of someone who really cared. T just stared at his face taking it in. Once in a while he would glance up and catch him staring. “What?”

“Well I was just wondering what it was about me you didn’t like. I mean you’re being so nice to me now and a while ago you didn’t even want to be seen with me.”

He stopped, “Is that what you thought? That I didn’t want to be seen with you? Dude, you couldn’t be more wrong. Look, I was concerned for your safety. They don’t call me Jinx for nothing. You just have to be around me for shit to happen.”He continued cleaning the coke off of him, he started on the pants where it had soaked him and he stopped when he noticed that his pants were filling out a little more than they were. He paused looking and turned away. I think uhm that, about as good as we’re going to get it. Sorry that happened to ya. Proximity hazard.”

“Non-sense, you didn’t do it, I did.”

“You don’t get it. You just have to be near me and shit happens.”

T stepped closer to him, “I’m close to you now and nothing’s happening.” The towel dispenser fell off the wall. Jinx just looked at him and smirked. “Come on before the plumbing backs up.”

“So can I ask you some stuff?”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Well I just came out like three days ago. What do I do, how do I know who is or isn’t uhm like me?

“You mean gay? Or are you something weird?”

“Like what?”

“Well,” he reached down and copped a hand full, you’re a real boy, do you think you’re a girl? Want to have that thing whacked off?”

Grining he said, “Well that depends on how you mean whacked off.”

“Ok, so you’re just a normal gay guy.” You have to develop your gaydar.”

“My what?”

“Gaydar, it’s like radar for gay boys. Lesi’s have it too. Heck, with a little practice, anyone can have it. Ok, gaydar one o one. When a gay guy is watching people he looks at the package first. Straight guys usually look at the face first. So let’s shop. Pick the cutest kid in the room.” He looked back to see where he was looking. “Thanks, but get real. Here he’s sorta cute. Now, stop watching him, he’s the bait. Look at the guys looking at him and where they are looking. Ok, so that table by the window. Which ones are gay and which ones are straight?”

“Um only the one on the right closest to the window is straight.”

“Not bad for your first time. But you missed one.”

“What he’s gay too?”

“Nope, the guy on the left away from the window. He’s straight.”

“But he looked, twice even.”

“Ya, but they’re in a pack. Chances are the two that are gay are both in the closet. Or maybe they haven’t figured it out yet. The guy on the left is the Alpha male. He rules the pack. He was checking him out to see if his package was bigger. It could mean he was more viral and aggressive if the alpha is smaller. He’s in charge and needs to know who could threaten his rule. You’ll learn. Not bad for a first shot.”

“Where do you go to school?”

“The same place you do.”

“How do you know?”

“Duh! Because I’ve seen ya there at the gay table.”

“Why haven’t I seen you then?”

“I’m pretty good at being invisible.”

“Why hide? If you are gay why not join us?”

“First of all, I’m a jinx, I don’t like to see people get hurt. Second, That Elliot and his cute ass almost got himself blown up didn’t he. And what about Granger? Ya, I need that. No thanks.”

“He’s a great guy, he just can’t hide it too well.”

“Ya, like at all.”

“Come and join us, Granger is gone and the rednecks are in jail.”

“Nah, thanks. You and your friends are the pretty people, they wouldn’t look good jinxed.”

“Come on please, you can teach me more about my gaydar. I mean, you are gay right?”

Jinx reached down and grabbed a handful again, this time T did the same, his eyes glistened as he turned lose, “Ya well maybe. But be warned, you’re messing with fire.”

“I don’t believe in jinxes, spells and hocus pocus shit. It’s just coincidence, that’s all.”


“I’ll prove it to ya.”

“And how you gonna do that?”

T grabbed his shirt and pulled him into him and kissed him on the lips. “See, nothing happened.” He turned him lose and turned to head back to the room with his parents when he stepped on a loose shoelace and tripped. Jinx just raise an eyebrow and helped him up.

“Good thing we didn’t have sex.” He smiled and turned him loose.

“My fault, loose shoe string, that’s all. Coincidence.” He grinned and walking backwards bumped into a couple dancing and he fell again.”My fault, should of watched where I was going. He got up and walked back to where he was standing. He grabbed his shirt again but this time Jinzx grabbed his wrist, “Hey! This is my favorite shirt.” He took his chin between his thumb and index finger and tilted his face up and kissed him deeply. They parted and Jinx smiled as T purposefully looked at his shoelaces and then stepped as if going through a mine field carefully back to the door to the office. He smiled and turned to grab the door knob when the door sprung open and smacked him in the forehead.

He staggered back a step as Ted grabbed his arm, “I am so sorry, are you alright? Oh jeeze that was all my fault. I was just coming to get you. Your parents are getting ready to leave. Are you alright?”

“Ya, I’m fine never better.” Thanks.


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