Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 19

“Holy shit, what just happened?” Mark whispered to Gilbert.

Jan overhearing whispered, “Uh, Tanner happened. I forgot what he was like in these situations.”

“What do you mean, ‘What he is like’?” Elliot asked.

“Well he is sorta a gay surfer redneck kinda guy. He walks into situations like that with a kinda bulldozer – Let’s get’er done attitude. Sorry Mark. I totally forgot what he was like when it comes to this shit.”

“Don’t be sorry, I think he fixed about three generations of evolution in like seven and a half minutes. Mom is even smiling. Look at her.”

“Put it to the test.” Elliot said with a wispy hopeful sound to his voice.

“What are you talking about?”

“Put it to the test, walk over and hug her again and tell her thank you, Tell her that you love her more than anything now. Then lean over and kiss Gil on the cheek and say something like, ‘See, I told you that she would be alright. She doesn’t hate you.’ Then kiss him again.”

Mark looked at his mom and then at Elliot and Jan and then at Gil before looking back at his mom. Gil watched the wheels turning in Marks head. Sensing his discomfort Gilbert offered, “Maybe later. Let it soak in for a bit.”

“No, he’s right. I need to know it’s not a show. I need to know it’s real. Come on.” Mark took Gil by the hand and lead him over to where his mom and dad and Tanner and Ryan still stood talking. As Mark walked up to his mom Tanner and Ry took the opportunity to escape back to the same people.

Mark wrapped his arm around his mom and kissed her on the cheek, “Thanks mom, I know this was hard for you and I really do love him. I think you will too when you get to know him.” She smiled a loving smile as she looked at him and brushed the hair back from his eyes.

“I think, Mark that it was more than my faith that shook me up. I think it was my dreams of grandbabies and you going to college and the holidays and the family getting together. I think I just had a different picture of my old age and your announcement just made that all vanish into smoke and I was left without hopes or dreams, I was just vacant all of a sudden. It was selfish of me, I’m sorry. We get comfortable in our dreams sometimes you know? And of course I’ll love Gilbert if he doesn’t hate me too bad already.”

“No maim, how could I hate you. You are the reason I have a Mark to love. I know this was hard for him especially. He was trying to figure out what he would have to do if it came down to a choice between our love or yours. I know he loves us both. I’m so glad that now he doesn’t feel like he has to choose because he can have both. I was afraid I was going to have to tell Mark that we would have to wait until he was eighteen, just so he didn’t have to make that choice.”

“You would have done that?” Mrs Waverly asked.

“If you saw how much it tore him up inside you wouldn’t even have to ask. I love him. Of course I would have done that. You only got one mom. I couldn’t let him even face that choice. I had made up my mind that today was it. I gotta tell you I was sweating bullets because I would have cried until I turned old and withered if I had to do that.”

“Well I can see that you love him dearly and honestly.” Looking back at Mark she took his chin in one hand and lifting his eyes to meet hers, she smiled. “You are a lucky boy to have found someone to love you so deeply. You take good care of him. I expect him to be around for a lot of years to come.”

Gilbert leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “And you may have grand children yet. We have never talked about it but I would like to have kids some day. I think we would both make great dads. And by the time we’re ready, maybe it will be alright for us to do so. It is getting better every day.”

The Hollands moved in, “Yes, we have been to some meetings, come and sit. Let’s talk about some of the things going on.” Mrs Holland had her in hand and was sitting down at the table with a bunch of pamphlets on it. Mark and Gilbert moved back over to the gaggle of boys, all standing paired with their loves.

“Thanks Tanner. I about shit when you turned to go back to introduce Ry and almost fainted when you tore her bible! I mean Jesus Christ, that scared the piss out of me. I thought her head was going to explode.”

“Ya she did look like I just shot her dog or something. When I turned to walk away I asked Ry to glance back to see if she was getting a knife or gun out of her purse.” Tanner said through that surfboard smile. Come on, let’s sneak off for a bit and leave her to the parents.


“They’re still asleep,” Mr Diaz whispered leaning against the door frame looking at the two boys nestled together, legs intertwined. Mrs Diaz slipped an arm in around his waist as she too studied the sleeping boys.

“He has some tough times ahead. He has a girlfriend too.” Mrs Diaz whispered.

Mr Diaz lifted his arm over his wife’s head, dropping a hand over her shoulder he hugged her to him. “We’llĀ  just have to be there when he sorts it out.”

“Ya, but I don’t envy him the sort. He loves with his all.” She glanced up at her husband, “I guess he comes by that honest.”

“That reminds me.”

“What?” she whispered.

“We can pick up your car tomorrow.”

“The French Blue convertible?”

“With all the bells and whistles.” She smiled looking up at him.

Maybe we should put off breakfast for a while longer. She poked her tongue in the side of her cheek as he gasped. She snickered as she lead him back to the bedroom.


“Ernie bad news dude. The old man found out that I didn’t do an assignment last week and he pulled the plug. I’m grounded.”

“Dude! No way, I’m counting on you. He said you could come.” That was before he checked his email. He got an email from Mr Barrister the new history teacher that replaced Granger. God some ways he’s worse. He assigns homework with a shovel.

“You got to do something man, this sucks. You know what, you didn’t want to come in the first place. I’ll bet you aren’t missing any assignments. You never miss them. And I’ll bet you aren’t grounded either. You’re just scared.”

“What do you want me to say here Ernie? We’ve been friends forever. And you are right, I didn’t want to come in the first place. But I am grounded. You can ask my dad.”

“So why didn’t you want to come? I mean these are real girls who want us to take them to the movies. You know? You got to start someplace right?”

T-rex took a breath. “No. You don’t. You don’t ever have to. Not if that isn’t where you’re going.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Where else would you go if you’re not going to be going out with girls..” There was a long silence, “Oh shit.” Ernie whispered into the phone. “I, . ., I gotta go. I’ll, . . ,I’ll talk to you later.” A dial tone landed in his ear. Thomas’s heart dropped to his knees and he searched for breath. He dropped to a slump in the hall with the phone in his hands as he gulped for air as the sobs wracked his body. Completely silent at first as his loneliness caved in upon him. A loneliness he never realized he had staved off with the love of a single friend. A friend who seems to have just cast his vote.


“Hey.” Jess said stretching his arms above his head and his toes out straight. Jeremy couldn’t resist running his fingers over the firm nearly hairless six pack and on down to his morning wood.

“Mmmm,” Jeremy said sliding down under the covers, “Breakfast!” He whispered loudly.

“No my doors . .” but he didn’t get to finish as a warm pair of lips found the rigid crest of his oak hardness and slid over its length causing him to gasp and arch up to meet the morning call. Jeremy began to work on him as Jess wandered someplace between Pluto and Uranus.

Jess’s muscles took over on their own his lower brain took him rapidly to his point of no return and promptly let out a moan as he placed his hands on the blanket clad head bobbing up and down. He grit his teeth and in another thrust or two delivered what felt like an ocean of nirvana labeled boy honey to the waiting harvest master below. Who collected every drop, reveling at the flavor and joy derived from their mutual destination. He continued on until a gasp from a super sensitive head called for his immediate attention. He pulled Jeremy up and looking at him for a moment brought him up and kissed him, tasting his own flavor. He rolled over on top of him and began licking and kissing his neck as he worked his way down to Jeremy’s chest. Finding the lithe frame lightly muscled he kissed and sucked first one nipple and then the other as Jeremy responded with giggles and gasps.

His hands now released as Jess worked his way down to his delightfully playful belly button. He chased id with the tip of his tongue to giggles and a sucking in of the gut at the stimulation until he traveled the treasure trail dusting of black hair that was just barely beginning to show; his chin bumping the dripping tip of his throbbing as of yet, untouched staff of boy happiness. He paused for a second to study it and taking a breath lapped at the drop of moisture presented just for him. He lapped the rest and wasted no time devouring his mate, choking a little when he went too deep too fast. He wiped the tears that formed from the choke and went back for more, More slowly this time. Feeling his gland wedge tightly at the back of his throat he did not swallow but rather pushed as he felt it pass through all the way down to his mound and Jeremy gasped.

“Oh my God!” And he began to gasp with each trip from top to bottom that Jess delivered slowly and rhythmically gaining speed as he felt his stake of on fire boyhood thicken and he felt the heat rise. Jeremy was speechless as he felt a volley of love well up from the sea of happiness. As they drew back up inside to deliver their first ever assisted load he let out an animalistic groan and arched his back up throwing his seed as deeply as he was able before releasing and collapsing back onto the bed also gasping as Jess tried for one more drop, sure there was one to be had.


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