Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 17

“Oh! MY! GOD! You are her! I can’t believe I’m actually here!”

“Yes you are and how sweet of you. But boy you need to relax, I’m not all that. I’m just a normal person like you. I just happen to have my own TV show. But you know what? If it wasn’t for people like you who have a story to get out then I wouldn’t have anything to talk about. So you are the star of the next show, not me. So sit down, let’s get something to drink and just talk a little bit. I want to get to know you and I want you to be more relaxed around me. I’m just like you, no different.”

“But you’re a star. I mean a real one.”

“Well thank you for that but I’m just a regular person who has an awesome paycheck for talking to people in front of a camera. I eat like you do, I hated school like you do and I got my own problems just like you do. So did you go to make-up I see your hair is perfect.”

“Ya, that was so cool I didn’t know the camera doesn’t see things like our eyes do I guess. No wonder everyone on TV looks perfect. Of course then there’s you I bet you don’t need any makeup I mean you skin is perfect and you are just gorgeous. I watch you all the time.”

“Well you keep talking like that and you can stay. So are you ready to do this? Let’s just go sit and talk.” They went out onto the set and the lights were really bright. Elliot sat down in the chair, “So tell me your story.

“What’s to tell? I’m a gay boy with a wiggle.”

“Well, that’s not all of you, there’s a lot to tell. But first, you’re gay. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean you’re like a girl trapped in a boy’s body or what. What does that mean for you?”

“No way, I am all boy. Make no mistake about that. I have no wish to be anything different than what I am. I intend to keep all the parts I have currently. It just simply means that I like boys instead of girls.”

“How do you mean you like them? Like for friends or what?”

“It means I’m sexually attracted to them.”

“Wait, you’re sexually attracted to them and you are how old?”

“I’m fourteen but that really has nothing to do with it. You can be sexually attracted without actually having sex. I mean hormones don’t look at a calendar or anything, when it’s time it’s time. I am active though with what I hope will be my partner for life.”

“And your mom is alright with that?”

“Ya, why wouldn’t she. If we are being careful and take things slowly then why not? We don’t sleep around, we just sleep with each other. We’re in love, isn’t that what lovers do?”

“But you’re so young.”

“Exactly! So why should we miss the excitement of a personal relationship. We’ll make mistakes and we’ll learn but we aren’t any different than the straight kids, except that they have to be careful not to bring a life into the world that they aren’t prepared to care for. I mean let’s be real, I’m not going to get pregnant, . . ., no matter how hard I try.” Elliot said the last through a restrained laugh.

“Well you certainly sound like you have the maturity to back it up.” Oprah looked up into the darkness again and smiled, “We’ll be right back after these words from our sponsors.”

“Clear!” A man yelled from the darkness. “We’re on tape so whenever you are ready.”

“Isn’t there supposed to be like a lot of people out there?” Elliot asked Oprah.

“Normally yes sweetie but you are so young and this is such a controversial topic that we thought it best to tape it and to do it apart from an audience. We didn’t want you to be pressured or to feel uncomfortable. So you ready? Here we go.” She nodded to the director He counted down from five.

Alright, we’re back and we’re talking with Elliot a 14 year old gay student that got the country’s attention when his soccer team stood up for his right to be gay. So let’s talk about that. There were a lot of guys that stuck up for your right to have that wiggle and to show it off. That’s a little unusual isn’t it?”

“Oh, well ya that was pretty cool.”

“So how did that come about?”

I guess it started really with another boy in our class. He went to play basketball and the guys were talking about how they wanted to torture the gay kid and he spoke up against it. You see his brother died the year before and it was because he was gay and felt he couldn’t tell anyone . . .”

“. . .So he killed himself?”

“Uh, ya. So the kid told them that he would have done anything to keep his brother from doing that and that since he can’t bring his brother back, he was going to do anything he could to keep another kid from doing the same thing.”

“And the guys went for that?”

“Not at first, but he asked them if they would feel the same if it was their little brother, or the little brother or sister of their best friend. Then he asked them why it makes a difference. After that they said that if they were going to let me stay then they better figure out what they were going to do when the other team figures out, . . . my wiggle.”

“And that’s when they decided to do this thing at the soccer field?”

“Operation tutu.”

“Say what?”

“Operation tutu. That’s what they called it.”

“And what exactly was operation tutu?”

“Well I don’t have all the details but I guess when the other team noticed uh my uh, wiggle, then they would all slip the little tutu garters out from under the pant-leg of their soccer shorts and let them be seen. But I guess it got way out of hand and I got beat up kinda, well not beat up really but the guy fouled me hard enough to knock me out. And see I had this big tutu kind of ruffle, it wasn’t a real tutu just the ruffle part that I was going to slip over my top when they found out just to un nerve them and make it work for us I guess. But when I got knocked out, the captain Jeremy Steiner took it and put it on himself.”

“Uh is Jeremy Steiner a gay boy too?”

“Not as far as you know.”

“Right, that is why I’m asking.”

“I can’t say. That is a question for him to answer.”

“Oh, right. Alright so the guy knocked you out and then Jeremy put it on and what happened?”

“Well we lost the game but the team made a statement in their actions and it went on CNN and everything.” Oprah stopped and looked off into the darkness beyond the lights and spoke. “We’ll be right back in a moment to hear more about this wonderful story, so don’t go away.” She turned back and asked Elliot, “These lights are so hot, can I get you something to drink?”

“Ya, they are can I just get some water?” The words no sooner left his lips before a man wearing a headset turned the top on a bottle and poured it into a glass and slipped it in front of Elliot. He took it and then took a sip putting it back on the table.

“Ready to go? We’re almost done.”


Oprah gave the nod and the guy called quiet on the set then counted down from five again.

“We’re back talking with Elliot. I forgot to ask, you mentioned that you have a boyfriend?”

“Uh, yes I do.” Elliot beamed and smiled looking at Jan who stood off stage watching.”

“Well let’s meet him, come on out here Jan.” Oprah stood and met him giving him a peck on the cheek before pointing to the seat beside Elliot.

“Hi Jan welcome to the show.”

“Hi, thanks.” He said softly.

Oprah turned to Elliot and leaned over and whispered loudly, “Damn, he’s cute too!” Both Elliot and Jan blushed. “Now you’ll have to talk up sweetie so the mic can pic up your voice. You’re so quiet. Ok?”

“Sure, I’ll try.”

“So you’re gay too?” Oprah asked.

He responded as any gay boy would, “No not me, but my boyfriend is.”

Oprah laughed, and said, “Well I guess I deserved that one. I mean duh! Ok, let’s try that again. Do you have a wiggle too?”

Jan Blushed furiously, “Uh no that’s his thing, I . . . , just . . ., uh, watch it.”

“I think I’d like to see that wiggle, why don’t you give us a little sample?”

“Well it’s not something I can really demonstrate I mean, I’ve never seen it but they tell me I have it.”

“Well Jan, maybe you can enlighten us. Tell us about his wiggle.”

“Here this is easier,” He stood up and took Elliot’s hand, “Just get a camera shot or his cute butt. You can’t miss it.” They walked hand in hand across the stage. Elliot was self conscious about his walk, Jan stopped him and turned him and kissed him before continuing the walk across the stage and it removed any thoughts about how he walked. Returning he smiled at Oprah. “If you don’t see it maybe they can just chop that chunk out.”

“Oh, no I think they got it.” Oprah said looking at the camera guy adjusting himself. “So, how long have you guys been boyfriends?” Jan looked at Elliot and nodded for him to speak.

“Since my first day at school there. Oh, god I saw him and I was in love in a second, I dropped my book I was such a klutz, and then I noticed he was in a wheelchair, and then…”

“In a wheel chair?”

“Ya, he didn’t have his leg then?”

“Hold on, wait a minute.” She was making the “T” sign with her two hands.”He didn’t have his leg then? Don’t you get those at birth normally?”

Jan Laughed. As Elliot busted up too, “Well ya but his was hurt and he lost it in a car wreck so he couldn’t be a soccer star anymore.”

“So you are on a, what do they call it a fake leg, a wooden leg, what’s the right word for that?”

“A Prosthesis.” Jan said quietly.

“But you walked out here so normally I didn’t even know it.”

Jan smiled, “Well I just got this new one and it’s pretty cool I can run and swim with it and everything.”

“Well that is too cool, ok so you met him and he was in the wheel chair then what?”

“Well one thing led to another and we fell in love.” Jan responded before Elliot told the world about scratch and sniff sex.

“Ok so you two became an item. Let me change gears for just a moment. You guys are together at school too so how do your other class mates feel about you guys being gay? Do they hassle you much? Do they make comments?”

Jan smiled, “I think we’ll find out the day after this airs.”

“Oh! So they don’t know about you two?”

“They know all about me, I can’t hide the, . . ., you know, the wiggle thing. But for the most part no one who wasn’t at the parents bitch session yesterday, Oh!, can I say that on TV? I’m sorry.” Elliot said blushing and covering his mouth.

“That’s alright tell it like it is, if they don’t like it then maybe they won’t do it. So there was a bitch session? Where was that; at school?”

“Ya, there were a lot of parents upset because they had some people come in to talk to us to let the other gay students who aren’t out yet know that there are people from all kinds of jobs who are gay and that people are only really stupid about it in high school.

“And how did that work out?”

“Dr Peticone said he would make sure the education was brought to the kids because it was too important of an issue.

“Alright, well folks tomorrow we will be interviewing the captain of the other team and the boy who fouled Elliot and some of Elliot’s team mates.” She turned back to Elliot and Jan, “So will you keep us informed as events unfold? We’ll want to see how this all turns out.”


“Yo Jan! Over here?”

“There they are.” Jan pointed before breaking into a run.

Tanner’s mouth dropped. “Dude look at you, damn. Never thought I would see you run again. Shit I thought you were going to be wheeling your way around forever. But shit, look! I can hardly tell that it isn’t your real leg.”

“Ya, new technology. Cool isn’t it? Just got it.” Tanner noticed the boy standing next to Jan, “Hi, I’m Tanner, this is my better half, Ryan.”

“OH my god! Your better half is Jake Austin , dude I watch your stuff all the time.”

Ryan rolled his eyes as Tanner spoke, “See!” He said to Ryan who was full on with a blush now as tanner turned back to Elliot. “I tell him that all the time. Doesn’t he look just like him?”

“Oh sorry, sidetracked.” Jan stood up straight and pulled Elliot to his side grinning, “Tanner, this is Elliot. My boyfriend.” He paused looking at Tanner’s smirk. “What, you have nothing to say?”

“Ya, sure I do. Pleased to meet you Elliot. I was wondering if you two were an item.”

Jan’s look of dejection overtook his face, “You knew I was gay? How could you? I didn’t even know.”

Tanner smiled and pulled him into a hug. “Sometimes, you’re the last to know. Nothing wrong with my gaydar. But hey, you got yourself a cute one.” Ryan cleared his throat as Elliot blushed.

“Got your luggage?”

“Ya, two bags. You know those pieces of shit charge you twenty-five bucks for a second bag?”

“Ya, I know. Almost cheaper to flap your wings.” Tanner raised his eyebrow.

“Did you just make a fairy joke?”

Blushing Jan replied, “Well I didn’t intend to. I was just pointing out that there aren’t any other choices but I’ll take the points for it I guess.” Elliot laughed. Score one for the blond.

“Hey, don’t start that blond shit.”

“How will you know?” Ryan chimed in.

“Ouch shit they’re gangin’ up on us bro!”

“Hey, that could be fun, wait a minute. Where’s your board? You can’t surf without a board. I thought you were competing.”

“Nah, I never compete. I just used that for an excuse to come see ya. So how you like it?”

“What?” Jan asked looking bewildered.

“You know, being gay, riding the wild pony.”

Jan Blushed crimson as Elliot answered, “Actually he’s the cavalry, I’m the steed.”

“Well giddy-up!” Tanner said watching Jan blush so bad that his face was bleeding.

“Come on, I’m parked in the short term parking lot.” Jan changed the subject and almost drug Elliot towards the exit doors.

“Hey, wait up, so show us.”

“Show you what?”

“Kiss him.”

“What, here? In the middle of the airport? In front of everybody?”

“Ya, what you still have training wheels on your lips or something? Like this.” He pulled Ryan around and put a squirming liplock on Ryan who responded in kind. Their squirming together kept activating the sonic door openers so the doors kept opening and closing. Ryan and Tanner broke into laughter as they turned to find Jan and Elliot pitching tents and turning into each other.

“Like this?” Elliot said as he and Jan steamed up the windows of the airport.

“Uh, ya. Just like that.” Tanner said through his grin. “Ok, get a room. . . ., I believe you now. . . ., hellooo, earth to Jan.”

Jan and Elliot broke their kiss just looking into each other’s eyes.

“Uh, damn. That was hot. Come on and drive. I’m not used to being out of water this long.”

“Well you’ll appreciate the covered pool then.”

“Get out of here, when did you have that done?”

“Well actually it’s still underway they have it temporarily enclosed so they can do the rest of the yard without getting dirt and crap in the pool. It’s so that I can use it all year long.”

“Eeeew chlorine. But I guess it’s better than nothing. I really hate the smell though.”

“Ya but we can skinnydip.”

“I’m liking it better by the minute.” Tanner grinned tugging Ryan along as they made way for the van.

“So how’s your mom with all this?”

“Well it was a bit of a shock but she has really been awesome.”

“How cool is that. I admit I was a little worried about that aspect of you coming out.”

“You really knew I was gay?”

“Ya. I was pretty sure.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Like what? Hey, did you know you’re gay? That would go over like an egg fart in church wouldn’t it? Nah, I had to wait for you to figure it out on your own. So tell me about it. How did you figure it out?”

Jan opened the van and everyone got in. Tanner and Ryan in the back and Elliot shotgun.

“Well that’s a funny story. Elliot started school and I think it was love at first sight. But of course I was in denial. So anyways, I offered to show Elliot to our next class and so I told the teacher that I needed Elliot to carry my books and that I’d show him where his next class was so we went to my locker and . . . well you know the chair gives me wedgies so while in the hall at my locker I had to adjust myself and pull my underwear out of my butt crack. So we went on to class.”

Wait, wait, what was all the adjusting yourself and stuff or were you just sharing waaay too much information?”

“Hang on, I’m coming to it.” So we went to our next class and we’re waiting for the bell outside the door, so Elliot says to me, ‘ So how long have you been,’ and I stopped him and said, I know you weren’t about to say cripple, I hate that word.” Jan giggled. “So you know what he says too me? As the bell is ringing he says, ‘no I was going to say beautiful’. I was stunned. This gorgeous boy just told me that I was beautiful. So as were going into the room I said, ‘Just since Tuesday, before that I was downright homely!”

The van erupted in laughter as they motored towards home. “So where’s the adjusting yourself come into this?”

“Hold on I’m getting to that part. So we go in and sit down and like I put my hand on his shoulder and he turned his head to see who had their hand on his shoulder and my smell made him dump his load in his drawers.”

“No way! Without touching it or anything?” Ryan asked between laughs.

“Well he was already rock hard when we put our books in my locker, I know because when I sat back down in my chair he almost poked my eye out he was tenting so bad. So I guess my smell just pushed him over the line.”

The boys laughed almost to tears as Elliot took over the story, “Hey,  I couldn’t help it I was so head over heels in love with him already and he was just hitting every boy fantasy button I had.”

“So then what happened?” Ryan asked becoming the new interrogator

“He saw me freaking out over my problem and screamed in pain pretending that he was having ghost pains in his leg and made some excuse to get us both out of there and we went to his house. He still didn’t know why I did it. So we went back to his place and he got me a towel while he put my clothes in the washer and then he pressed me for the reason I blew my wad. So I figured, I’ll fix him and I told him to give me his hand and I sucked his index finger and made him blow his load! So I saw him shiver and saw the look in his eyes and he backed up his chair and stuffed his clothes into the washer too. He came back in a towel and he still didn’t know why I did it! So he says, ‘Nice trick but it didn’t answer my question.’ So I had to explain it to him.”

“I think that was the point that I made up my mind that I was gay.” Jan jumped in. “The fact that he could do that to me and I knew I wanted a lot more from this boy.”

“So you guys came out to each other then and became boyfriends?”

Elliot laughed, “Not even close! We went swimming while the clothes were drying.”

“You got to be kidding me. He’s all blond.” Ryan laughed Tanner playfully punched him in the arm.

“Hey, lighten up on the blond jokes.”

“Ok, but how will you know?” Ryan chided.

Tanner just looked at him with a raised eyebrow and a smirk as Elliot continued.

“So like I said we went swimming and when it got close to time to go he said we should shower together to save time and well one thing lead to another and well I gave him a blow job.”

“Oh damn,” Tanner said adjusting himself and wishing he and Ryan were already at Jan’s and alone. “So that’s when you guys became boyfriends right?”

Elliot laughed, “Nope!”

Tanner just looked at Ryan, “Don’t even say it!” As Ryan tried unsuccessfully to hold back the laughter which burst from him like a New Years Champaign cork.

Tanner pounced on him and attacked his ribs savagely as Ryan managed to laugh out the words, “How will you know?” The tickling was relentless until both boys were exhausted and lay heaving breaths. “So go ahead,” Ryan gasped out, “tell us the rest.”

Well, after I sucked him inside out he said I had to let him sit down he sorta freaked out a little. I mean he looked like he was,…, I don’t know but he just didn’t seem right. Even now I wonder what was going through his head. I rinsed off thinking I blew it big time and lost the boy of my dreams. But until he said something I wasn’t going to give up. I was going to wait and hope and did I mention hope? We drove back to school and he still hadn’t said a word. Finally I asked him, “What’s wrong? And all he would tell me was he had to sort some shit out in his head. I was starting to feel like I lost him so I asked him, then we are still friends? He said, and oh god I’ll never forget these words. He said, dude, after what you did in the shower I’d say we are at least that! And before you ask, no. It wasn’t until he came over that night that we kissed and he told me he loved me and we had our first fight.”

“No freakin’ way!” Tanner said. “Oh my god you guys are such a freaking soap opera. So what did you fight over?”

Elliot reached over and put his hand on Jan’s shoulder, “Me being stupid.”

“Typical brunette!” Tanner jibed.

“Right!” Ryan laughed.

“So how did you come out to your mom Jan?”

Jan glanced over at Elliot for a minute. “Well that’s another story entirely. Let’s save that one for the pool. We’ll be home in about two minutes. The mom’s will be anxious to see you.”

“The mom’s? They are together?”

“Uh, ya. We live in the same house now and it turns out the mom’s are an item too. Go figure.”

“Now wait,” Tanner said, “How in the hell did that come about.”

“Well that is yet another story but we can’t tell you that one until we tell you about coming out to his mom.” Elliot giggled.

“So how about you guys telling us your story. You look like you have a serious love thing going between you.” Elliot looked at them as their stares at each other took on seriousness between them.

“Ya I think that is one for the pool too.” Tanner said as he kissed the tip of Ryan’s nose.

And as he did, Ryan closed his eyes and if a boy could purr, he was doing it. Elliot marveled at the two and the obvious love between them. He noticed a higher level of maturity in their love than he was used to seeing in boys their age. He saw it for the special love that it was. It was more than that. It was like their souls were bonded together. He watched as the two melted into each other.

“Christ, get a room you two.” Jan laughed looking into the rear view mirror as they came to a stop in front of their house.

“You’re just jealous!” Tanner laughed

“Ya right!” Jan said as they got out and made their way to the house. Jan opened the door and the smell of delicious food lifted all four boys off the ground leading them by their noses towards the kitchen, the place where teenage fantasies really occur. And right now the smell was almost orgasmic.

“Hey you guys are just in time. Dinner will be ready in like ten minutes.” Renae reached out for Tanner, “God you’ve grown like a weed! How’s my brother doing these days?”

“You know, working more than he should. Aunt Renae I want you to meet Ryan, the keeper of my soul.”

Renae smiled reaching for Ryan to bring him into a hug, “Wow, the keeper of your soul, that’s so romantic.” She gave him a hug and then ran her finger through his bangs, “Hey, anyone ever tell you that you look just like . . . what’s the name of that boy in Wizards of Waverly Place?”

“Jake Austin,” the boys all said at the same time.

“Ya, Tanner tells me that all the time. So he’s not allowed to go see him in person, ever!” Ryan chuckled.

“Well welcome to our home, make it yours while you are here. You can just call me Renae and this,” She said stepping aside to reveal Karen, “Is Elliot’s Mom Karen. Karen this is Ryan and that is Tanner my nephew. Now to get it all out in the open Tanner, Karen and I are together. So now there is no wondering. But before you ask, my brother doesn’t know so if you let it slip you have to deal with him on it. I just haven’t had the need to share that part of my life with him yet. I mean if he finds out then he finds out. I won’t hide it but there is nothing to be gained by giving it out when you don’t have to.”

“Well relax, I don’t think he will take it bad I mean he is fine with us, but I’ll let you tell him anyways. He won’t hear it from my lips.”

“Jan why don’t you show them to the guest room and then get cleaned up for dinner. I made a pot-roast and chocolate potatoes.


“Come on in the water’s perfect.” Jan hollered as Ryan and Tanner made their way out in their towels. Elliot and Jan watched eager to see what the blond Adonis and his beautiful boyfriend looked like in the buff.

Tanner dropped his towel and without hesitation dove in swimming to the other end and back like he was born with fins. Ryan hung back testing the water with his toes he sat down letting his legs dangle in the water. Tanners, lithe yet ripped body reflected his runner’s legs and his swimmer’s abs and chest. The blue of the pool was diminished by the blue of his eyes that seemed almost iridescent in the pool light. The water flattened his hair down and the smile that lived between those perfect cupid’s bow lips convinced Elliot and Jan that Adonis was in fact really a fat slob when stood next to Tanner. Even at his young fifteen years of age it was apparent that the famous statue of David would have had quite a different name had Michelangelo known Tanner.

“Babe, you coming in?”  His eyes told the story in their longing. He only had eyes for one boy. Ryan flipped his towel open and turned to lower himself into the water. “Damn, gotta love those dimples.” He said as he effortlessly moved through the water to meet his love as he came to rest in the pool. Pulling him to his chest Ryan melted back against him as he pulled them towards the waiting two.

“So tell us your story.” Elliot prodded. Tanner looked at Ryan and Ryan gave the faintest of smiles. His thin lips accenting the sparkle in his eyes that was Tanner. Tanner began.

“Ry and I have been best buds for a long time like I think we were like ten or something. We fooled around a little bit you know, like kids do but nothing serious. I mean, I would have loved to have had more but was flat scared that he didn’t feel the same about me as I did for him. No, I figured better to have him as a friend than to lose him trying to make him my lover. But we were the best of friends. Well we were playing around down by the pier one night when a skated dude came flying down the sidewalk. Normally no big deal they’re all over the place but Ry didn’t see him and stepped right in front of him at the wrong moment. The guy clipped him and Ry stepped back, his heels hanging over the curb and he was trying to fly to catch his balance so he didn’t fall into traffic. I saw he was not going to make it and dove to push him out of the way of a car. Well I managed to keep him from getting hit but in the process the Porsche nailed me good.”

“Damn, that sucks. So were you hurt bad?”

“Ya, I was. I woke up about two days later feeling like I was hit by a Porsche. When I opened my eyes, I had trouble focusing because there was a boy nose to nose kissing me. As soon as I could focus I saw who it was and whispered for him to come closer again. When he did, I whispered, I love you. I always have and always will. Then I kissed him again until he leaned on my bruised ribs. We talked a lot after that. I found out he had been there the entire time. It was apparent to everyone else by Ryan’s refusal to leave that we were more than best friends. I love that sparkle in his eyes, the smell of him and oh god his touch just makes me insane.”

Ryan turned around and focused his eyes on Tanner’s and smiled as he wrapped his legs around him and kissed him.

“Damn, that is beautiful; a real love song incarnate. So how long ago was that?” Elliot asked, his arms pulling Jan back against him. Jan could feel his lengthening rod fulfilling the void between his cheeks as they watched the two foreign lovers to their pool bask in each other’s love.

“Fourteen months, three weeks, two days and some change.” Ryan said without taking his eyes off of Tanner.

“Wow, that is awesome


After two bags of popcorn and a movie, the boys said their goodnights to the moms, Tanner and Ryan headed off to the guest room and Elliot and Jan to their room adjacent to the guest room.

Jan and Elliot undressed quietly and climbed into bed, listening to the conversation the two next door were having. Quite unaware that they could be overheard plainly through the heater vents.


“It’s been a long day babe, you holdin’ up ok?” Tanner asked.

“Yeah, I was a little worried at first but your cousin and everyone else here is really great. I love the moms too! They are funny as hell.”

“I know!” Tanner responded with a laugh as both boys began getting undressed for bed.

They both had their shoes kicked off and their shirts removed, tossing them into a corner of the room when Ryan said, “You were right babe, your cousin is cute! But that Elliot…man he’s a little hottie!”

“A ‘hottie’ huh?” Tanner said approaching Ryan. “I’m not gonna have to keep my eye on you while we are here am I?”, he said jokingly.

Ryan reached his hand out towards Tanner. “Aww babe,” he said as he let one finger gently trace the blonde, almost invisible fuzz that would one day grow into his lovers sweet treasure trail, “you know you are the ONLY one for me. Forever.”

Tanner shuddered at his mates touch, reveling in the amount of love that just that one finger could convey. “Mmmmmm I know sweetness and I love you more than anything.” he said, an uncontrollable tear forming in his eye as the love he felt for the brown eyed angel standing before him made his heart swell.

Tanner reached out with his hands, wrapping them behind Ryan and grabbing hold of his warm soft mounds. He pulled Ryan close to him and with not a word spoken, their lips met. To this day it still amazed them both how each kiss they shared was as good as, if not better than, the first true kiss they shared. Their lips parted as their passion for one another rose and their tongues danced that dance known by millions of true lovers. The feeling was indescribable as their bodies came closer together. There was no need to breathe because when they came together like this their deep love for each other was all that was necessary to sustain life.

Tanner began to knead Ryan’s ass softly but pulling him tighter against him at the same time. Their mutual excitement became obvious as their hard members were grinding against one another through the thin material of their shorts. Ryan began to moan softly and Tanner gently broke off their kiss.

“Not so fast baby.”

“But I want you pup. I want you and I need you so bad.” Ryan said, practically begging.

“And you are gonna have me babe – all night.” Tanner said with a grin. “Now get your sweet little ass on that bed!”

Ryan started to take his shorts off but Tanner stopped him. “That’s MY job,” he said, “Now just get over there and lay down and let me take care of you”

Ryan smiled as he laid down on the bed, propping a few pillows under his head. “I’m reeaaddyy!”, he sang out. “Come and get me you little stud-puppy!”

Tanner laughed, “You are such a dork sometimes, you know that?”

“But babe, I thought it was my dork you wanted?”, Ryan said making little pouty lips.

Tanner could only smile as he walked to the foot of the bed and slowly undid his shorts letting them puddle at his feet.

“Ready to go to sleep babe?” He said faking a huge yawn.

“Asshole!” Ryan giggled.

“Asshole! I’ll show you an asshole!”

“I can only hope.” Ryan said back with an evil little grin.

Tanner dropped his boxer briefs and crawled onto the foot of the bed then stretched himself out on top of his lover kissing his lips very gently.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you more.”, Ryan replied.

“Yeah, well we’ll just see about that!”

Tanner began kissing Ryan’s face then worked his way down over his chin and under his throat. Ryan tilted his head back, exposing his throat to the one boy he couldn’t imagine living without. Tanner  kept kissing his throat, occasionally letting his teeth scrape gently against the soft, tanned skin eliciting gently moans from Ryan.

He worked his way further down, letting his tongue trace a trail from Ryan’s throat down to his chest and then slowly across to one dark, chestnut brown nipple. He gently sucked the hard little nub between his lips and let his tongue dart across it, gently flicking it while smiling at the little chirping sounds he was causing his angel to make.

Ryan began thrusting his hardness against Tanners abdomen in slow almost circular gyrations as Tanner started moving further down his chest towards his firm belly. By this time both boys were moaning. Ryan from the feelings Tanner was giving him, and Tanner from the scent of his lovers body along with the moans of pleasure coming from him.

Tanner reached Ryan’s perfect little innie bellybutton and without a moment’s hesitation he thrust his tongue deeply in it while giving Ryan’s nipple a gentle but firm pinch. Ryan froze for a moment, his back arched, as he let out a loud squeak. Tanner just smiled and used one hand to undo Ryan’s shorts while bathing his belly button with all the love he could.

When he had the button undone and the zipper down Tanner moved further down Ryan’s body, grabbing his shorts and boxers and dragging them down his legs and over his feet. Then he leaned over and took the toe of one sock between his teeth and pulled it off then did the same with the other. Tanner leaned over and gave the sole of each foot a quick lick, making Ryan giggle, before working his way back up his legs.

As he reached his thighs, Ryan opened them up to give Tanner total access to everything. Tanner just smiled and licked his way up the inside of Ryan’s right thigh until his cheek came close enough to gently nuzzle Ryan’s aching balls. Then he slowly worked his left hand up the inside of Ryan’s other leg and …

“Christ dude stop the torture, bring him off already. Shit we both dumped our loads twice already.” Jan said in a normal voice. It brought a moment of silence before an obvious giggle bust.


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