Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 8

“Hi guys! Brought you some more munchies.”

Jan, who had moved to the couch to cuddle, stood and leaned over to kiss his mom. “Mom, this is Gilbert and the one with his face buried, snoozing in Gilbert’s neck, is Mark with the shark. Gilbert, this is my mom, Renae and that’s Karen, Elliot’s mom.”

“Hi Misses, I mean Renae and Karen. Forgive me for not getting up, but I just got my baby to sleep.” Gilbert giggled slightly as Mark shifted and his towel slid off, slightly revealing his beautiful boy buns.

“I’ll help you get the groceries mom,” Elliot said, standing up and pitching his towel to the side. Karen looked at Jan.

“I think I’ll just watch,” she said, grinning.

“Uh Elliot, there’s no privacy fence out front you know.”

“Mom, it’s almost midnight. No one’s out there and even if they were, there’s no light. And as you’ve pointed out before, there’s no gold plating, so I’ll be right back.”

As Elliot walked naked out the front door, the mom’s just looked at each other, smiling, “So shy,” Karen said. “So shy.”

Renae looked at Jan, “Did you guys make up the guest room?”

“Yeah, but they haven’t made it that far yet. We were watching a movie and Mark conked out.”

“How about I go turn down the covers and Gilbert can bring him in?”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll bring him right along.”

Renae went and turned down the covers and was fluffing the pillows when the blushing, towel clad Gilbert ushered in the still sleeping, now totally naked Gilbert, who silently slid under the covers. Karen marveled at the swinging beef as she snatched the towel off of Gilbert spouting, “I’ll just put this in the laundry!” Gilbert slid under the covers, knowing he had just exposed both he and his boyfriend to Jan’s mom.

“Goodnight. When you wake up, just help yourself to anything in the kitchen. Don’t be shy. I’ll have hidden away all your clothes anyways.” As Gilbert blushed and started to sit up, his mouth open in awe at her proclamation, Renae turned out the light and closed the door.

Sniggering, she made her way back into the kitchen where Karen was putting away the groceries. “My God that boy is huge. Oh! Almost forgot!” Renae grabbed a bag and took something out. Walking back down the hall, she opened the door to the guest room and flipped on the light to find the two of them kissing, Gilbert prone between Mark’s legs, the blankets pushed down around Gilbert’s knees. They looked instantly at her in terror.

“Oh sorry, I thought you would both be asleep. I know how boys wake up and after seeing the size of that thing, I thought I better bring this in.” She reached out her hand towards Gilbert. He had no choice but to reach up for it and in doing so, revealed both of their inner most secrets to date. Upon realizing what she handed him, he buried his crimson face in Mark’s neck. Mark saw what he had.

“Oh, shit!” he whispered.

“Oh, you’re awake now. Sorry to have barged in, I’m Renae, Jan’s mom. Well, you guys have fun and be careful! Don’t worry, we won’t be back in tonight.” She paused for a moment before turning out the light to the sounds of two giggling boys in the dark.

“Are they settled in?” Karen asked, grinning.

“Uh, yes, I guess you could say that. Gilbert moves pretty fast. They were already wrapped up like two worms in heat. Jesus, that kid is hung.”

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you mom?”

“Oh God yes, Thanks for being gay honey, otherwise we wouldn’t have all these young buns running around the house.”

“Yeah, I sorta like it too.” Jan said, smiling ear to ear. “Did either of the mom’s call you?”

“Yep, I talked to Misses Waverly and she is just fine. Totally clueless and happy about it.”

“Cool. She told him not to blow it!”

“Oh, too funny. And neither one knows?”

“Nope, and Gilbert and Mark are both a little scared about it.”

“Well, we can talk to them about that in the morning. You two about ready to turn in?”

“I am, how about you, Elliot?”

“Yeah, trashed. Let’s go. Night mom, night Renae.” Elliot kissed both moms, his not resting piece swinging freely as he walked down the hall. The moms just watched the dimpled buns wiggle away from them. Jan sat in his chair, watching too. Renae leaned over and kissed Jan and handed him a fresh tube of KY for their room. He noticed a spare tube yet in her hands. Jan glanced at the moms and the tube in her hands and raised an eyebrow as he rolled away to his room.


“Dude! Our mom’s are doing it together.”

Elliot, who was lying on his back waiting, sat straight up like a mummy. “How’s that work exactly?” Jan noticed the faraway look as Elliot tried to imagine the process.

“I’m not entirely sure, but when she handed me this fresh tube of K-Y jelly, she had another that she slipped into her pocket.”

“Well, that doesn’t mean they are doing it to each other. I mean, neither one of them have the right parts to make it happen.”

“Don’t ask me for the details, but why else would she need the K-Y? Come on, let’s snuggle. You want front or back to start with?”

“Don’t care, either. I just like to cuddle.”

“Then you spoon me. I like it when you hold me and I can feel you all around me. I sleep really good then.”

Elliot spooned up against his boy and Jan pulled his hand tight against his chest. They lay there in each other’s arms, Jan’s breathing began to grow deep when Elliot pulled back the covers and sat up. Feeling the absence of his boy heater and the presence of a cold breeze caused Jan to wake up.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Turn-a-bout’s fair play.”

“What’s that mean?”

“They like to embarrass us, I think I’ll go ask for some answers. Wanna come?”

“What, you mean you are going to barge in on our moms? What if they are, you know . . . doing stuff?”

“I’ll have my answers then, won’t I?”

“Oh, that’s disgusting!”

“Okay, go back to sleep then.”

“Wait, I’m coming too.”

“Wait, got a camera?”

“You really are awful, you know that?”

“Is that a yes?’

“Yeah, over here.”

“Great, let me have it.”

“Why you?”

“You think they’re going to pose? You’re going to have your hands full of chair controls.”

“Yeah well, we’ll see how long that excuse will last you, just as soon as I get my new foot.”

Elliot leaned down and kissed him. “I love you, you know that?”

Jan smiled, “Come on.”

As they quietly rolled down the hall they heard, ‘Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, fuck me, fuck me!’ But the voice they heard wasn’t either of their mom’s. Elliot looked at Jan, Jan looked at Elliot. It sounded like Gilbert. Elliot changed tack for the door with all the noise coming from it.  He turned the knob and flashed the camera twice as Jan turned on the light. Mark was leaned forward with Gilbert’s ankles in his hands and he was sliding forward and back like a rabbit on steroids and despite the lights and the flashes of the camera, he was biting his lip and driving it home.

Gilbert cried out, “Oh, sweet mother of Jesus I’m gonna blow!” and he did, causing Mark to drive home out of step as Gilbert’s sphincter clamped down on his mammoth rod. Mark cried out, “Oh fuck!” as he involuntarily pumped twice more into Gilbert, staying slammed forward and falling, his lips meeting Gilbert’s, oblivious to their audience. Jan and Elliot backed out, turning out the light and closing the door.

“Shit! Gilbert took that whole thing! Fuck me to tears!”

“Make up your mind, do you want to go with me to catch the mom’s or do you want me to fuck you to tears? You’re very confusing.”

“You, fuck me? Maybe we should give the mom’s a break.”

“You like bottom?”

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll like a change now and then. After seeing that, I want to at least give it a try!” Jan turned his chair and rolled back to the bedroom as fast as he could navigate it, slamming the chair into the bed and launching himself into it, head first. Landing face first with his rump stuck up in the air, he waited for its new owner to come and claim it. Elliot dutifully came in and closed the door quietly.

“Couldn’t you make just a little bit more noise? I think there may be some people a block or so away that didn’t hear your chair launch you into . . . this damn sexy position!”

Elliot leapt onto the bed and buried his face into the crevasse before him, breathing in his scent and his tongue foraging for the boy taste he could smell. Lapping hungrily, Jan’s one foot came up and flexed a simple tap as he gritted his teeth over the wild sensations let loose upon his ass. He squealed as the tongue stopped its assault on his rose and he flexed his belly down and his ass up begging for more.

“Don’t stop,” he panted, looking up to find Elliot unscrewing the cap on the K-Y. He squirted some on his two fingers and smeared some on his rose. He caught his breath as the cold of the gel landed on his rectum. Elliot squirted some on his cock and stroked it, as his finger made its home through Jan’s ring of fire. “Oh!” Jan said as the finger slid in to his last knuckle and began to retreat. Jan added a finger as he entered again, this time slowing as he turned his two fingers, stretching Jan. Again his head came back with gritted teeth and his foot came up, pausing only to flex a single tap on the air.

“You need to relax and let it happen. When it hurts, bear down like your trying to shit. Don’t worry, you won’t. Take a breath in deep and let it out now.” Jan added a third finger and went in to the first knuckle. Jan came up again, his head back, wincing in pain. His foot came up and he tapped a single tap in the air. Elliot withdrew his fingers and leaned forward, placing the head of his dick in position and pushed. His head slid easily past the ring and it wrapped itself around the remaining mass and Jan groaned in pleasure as the smaller cock came all the way in. Elliot pulled back quickly to almost the head and watching his lover gasp and fall forward in blissful twitches, he pushed forward again. Elliot pulled his lover up on his knees, holding his chest against his own as he leaned back and started to do his dance of love while one hand found his nipple and tugged on it and his other found his randy piece, already leaking copious amounts of precum. Jan’s hands reached back and found the two undulating round mounds slamming into his. His euphoric response was to tilt his head forward while the kisses peppered his neck and to pull the ass into himself. He had never felt anything like this and he wanted it in deeper and fuller than before. Every brush against his prostate propelled him further into the universe of orgasmic bliss and he wanted more as he pulled his girly boy wiggle into him.

Elliot felt the tightness of Jan’s loins clamping down on his love extension and felt Jan’s prompted insistence from his hands as he slammed faster and harder into his love’s waiting ass. Waiting to catch the volley of boy love he was winding up to pitch, he moaned as his orgasm came near and he sped up his hammering as the slapping sounds echoed throughout the room, muddled by moans and yelps. Elliot’s love making became a little rough. And when Elliot came, he gripped Jan’s member tightly and squeezed it, milking it. Jan lurched back and then forward again as the action triggered his own volley in waves.

They fell forward, Elliot gasping, “I love you, Oh God, I so love you.” Jan lay there with Elliot still inside him. Elliot panicked when he realized that Jan’s body was jerking in a way that could only mean one thing, Jan was crying. Elliot pulled out of him and rolled him over. He quickly took his face in his hands.

“Are you alright, did I hurt you? Oh baby, I’m sorry . . .” But he didn’t get to finish as Jan’s lips were pressed to his. When they separated, Jan’s blue, tear filled eyes examined Elliot’s. “I love you Elliot. No matter what, I’ll always love you.”

Elliot smiled and his eyes sparkled with delight, “And I’ll love you forever and a day, no matter what.” Jan kissed Elliot and pulled him into a tight embrace and wept in overwhelming happiness until the two drifted into spent boy-love sleep.


“Morning boys,” Karen said to Elliot and Jan as they strolled and rolled into the kitchen. “Oh! Underwear! What a nice touch. Slumming?”

“Cold,” Jan replied. “Can we have some hot chocolate for breakfast?”

“I think we can arrange that. You want to see if the other boys are awake? You might want to take them some clothes. Theirs are piled up just inside the patio door. I collected them last night.”

“I’ll get ’em,” Elliot said, dashing off to get them. He went down the hall, knocked twice and opened the door. Both boys were still asleep, Gilbert spooning Mark. Gilbert started to move when Mark pulled his arm tighter against his chest.

“Morning. My mom’s making breakfast. I brought you your clothes.”

“Can’t we just stay here, like, forever?” Mark mumbled.

Gilbert kissed his neck and breathed deeply his scent. “Thanks, we’ll be out just as soon as we get a shower.” Mark’s eyes were wide open and a grin was growing on his face.

“Yeah, right after our shower.” He rolled over now, facing his boy. A little bit more fidgeting told Elliot he was bringing the rest of him around front towards his boy too.

Elliot watched as Gilbert rolled on his back, pulling his boy between his legs and Mark scooted up to meet his mouth. As the two kissed, things started to happen under the covers and Elliot, though mesmerized, was starting to get turned on himself. “Uh, right after your shower. I’ll tell them not to wait breakfast for you. But remember, the mom’s want to talk to us all before it’s time to end this party.”

“Dude, anyone ever tell you that you can be a wet blanket?” Gilbert said, testily.

“Better hurry Mark, sounds like your girlfriend is raggin’.”

Gilbert launched a pillow at him as he escaped through the door. “Now, where were we?” Mark pushed up on his arms and brought his knees up, his ass crack riding on top of Gilbert’s now throbbing piece. “My turn,” Mark said in a whisper as he pulled Gilbert over on top of him. He spread his knees wide.

“You sure? The first time hurts a bit.”

“Look, if you can take mine, I’m damn sure I can take yours.”

“Yeah, but I’ve had some practice at it. Let’s loosen you up a bit first.” He reached for the K-Y and Marks breathing increased in anticipation. Gilbert spread some lube on the head of his dick and used it to smear some on his pucker. He gasped on the first pass and squirmed on the next two. Gilbert ran a single finger down to his pucker and wriggled it against the opening. Mark twitched and squirmed at his touch.

“You’re gonna have to stop running away from it,” Gilbert chided.

“I can’t help it. I want it so bad.” He yelped when Gilbert pushed his finger through his ring and wriggled it again. Mark shivered and sputtered as his cum splashed over his face and under his chin.  Gilbert giggled as he leaned forward and kissed him right against his jizz covered lips. He wiggled his finger more and Mark squirmed under him. He pushed a second finger in and Mark gasped for breath. His eyes were glazed over, “Oh God. Come on, stop playing with me. Give it to me.”

Gilbert smiled and pulled his fingers out, causing Mark to gasp and close his eyes at his absence. Gilbert lined his head up at his waiting hole and pushed, penetrating the ring. Mark tilted his head back and winced in pain. Gilbert froze.

“Don’t tighten up, try and push like you are trying to take a dump. It will relax the muscles. Take a breath and breathe out, now take a breath and push down.” Mark did it and Gilbert felt it loosen on his dick. He pushed forward fast and fully. His mound was against Mark’s ass. Mark’s eyes opened wide. His mouth open but no sound coming out. Gilbert just sat there looking at his boy’s eyes. He waited. Mark’s breathing went deep and his arms clenched Gilbert tightly preventing him from moving any more. He lay there getting used to the fullness within him. Finally, his eyes met Gilbert’s. The love in Gilbert’s eyes almost made Mark’s fill. “You ready?” Gilbert whispered to Mark.

“There’s more to it than this? I could just stay like this forever.”

“Oh, love. There is so much more.” He moved his hips, pulling his length back almost to the head slowly and then brought it forward fully again. Mark was a pile of squirming jelly as Gilbert began his love song below the waist. Mark buried his heels behind Gilbert’s back, pulling him in with each thrust. Gilbert moved his hips in a rounded and circular motion until he found what he was searching for, his love’s prostate. He found the spot and stopped.

Mark gasped and came back to earth again, “Why’d you stop?”

“Because I wanted to see your eyes for this next part.”

“What do you mean, this next part?”

Gilbert grinned, nose to nose. He gave a little kiss to the end of his nose, and began mini strokes, his head just passing over his prostate before reversing and repeating it. He was short stroking him over his prostate. Mark trembled and kicked his heels into Gilbert’s ass and squealed boy love as he pulled, squirmed and beat his lovers back in ecstasy.  Gilbert recognized the signs of Mark’s pending explosion and stopped. Mark, now in tears as he stopped squirming, “Don’t stop. You can’t stop now.”

“No, you have to be ready for the next phase.”

“No, I don’t think I can live through any more. Oh God, this is too much.”

“Well then, I better get on with it.” Gilbert started again with a couple of long strokes as Mark gasped with each one, then he pulled back and short stroked him into a squirming, whimpering, pile of boy love and he flipped on the rabbit fuck switch that made him lean up on his hands and ram it home fully and completely as Mark cried out and spasmed, his orgasm drawing everything in and blasting wave after wave and of course his clenched muscles caused Gilbert to fill his cavity with scalding hot, Gilbert flavored, boy jam. He collapsed on top of Mark who was breathing in great gasps.

They lay there for a few minutes as their bodies returned to this planet. Gilbert leaned up looking at his boy and giggled at the spooge covered boy and his glassy eyed stare. “Is that all you got?” Mark asked in a semi serious stare. Gilbert fell into boy-giggles, which made his super sensitive piece send a signal to his boy to cut that shit out. He involuntarily flexed his stomach muscles, making him pull out quickly. Mark gasped as his head passed once more past his prostate. “Okay, I give! I can’t take any more.” He shivered a chilled shiver and they kissed until Mark struggled to get out from under him.

“Oh shit, I’m leaking. I can feel it coming out of my butt.” He ran for the door, one hand trying to catch what felt like a gallon and his butt clenched, trying to hold it back and turned left only to find himself naked, spooge covered in the kitchen. “Oh shit, bathroom?” was all he could say to the open mouthed group sitting at the table. Elliot pointed and he disappeared back down the hall as the mom’s looked at each other.

“God, I love this job,” Karen said to Renae.


“Hi guys, you ready for something to eat, besides each other?” Renae was getting the hang of it.

“Yes ma’am, thank you,” Mark replied, followed by Gilbert.

“We weren’t sure you boys were going to come up for air there for a while. You guys want breakfast or lunch? Eggs or burgers?”

“I’d love breakfast,” Mark answered.

“How about you, Gilbert?”

“Breakfast is fine for me too, thanks.”

“So, how did you sleep?”

The boy’s looked at each other, “Uh, he slept snuggled up behind me.”

Renae was beside herself, as she giggled back, “I guess that means you slept well then. That answers my question.” The boys realized that she was asking about comfort and not positions when they began to giggle and laugh that unmistakable boy laugh and they both covered their faces, looking out the side at the other. “How do you want your eggs?”

“Scrambled please,” they both returned.

“You guys like everything squirmy and mixed up, don’t you?” This of course brought on another round of sweet giggles. This of course brought Jan and Elliot back to the kitchen.

“Thanks mom for the hot chocolate, it was delicious.”

“Ready for another cup?”

“Oh, no, I think I’m going to explode. Man, did it cool off last night or what?”

“Yeah, I think swimming is done until spring. We’ll have to go get a couple logs to put in the swimming pool. Maybe we should do it while I have plenty of strong men to help with it.”

“Log’s for the pool?” Elliot asked.

“Yeah, since the pool freezes and ice expands if you don’t put something in it, the ice will break the concrete around the pool. But if we put a couple logs in there, they will float and when the ice tries to expand it will crush the wood before it breaks the concrete.”

“Wow, that’s pretty cool. Where do you buy swimming pool logs? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a swimming pool log store.”

“Good question. I’ll have to think about that. I’ll bet our pool guy knows where we can get them.”

“What about a pool enclosure mom?”

“Well, we could run it by the lawyer, but he was a little miffed that you quit therapy before the pool was even done. I’m still doing paperwork on that one. He’s convinced that I did it to try and make my assets look better so I could get better dates.”

“So tell him he’s wrong and you have a steady already.”

Renae just stood there staring.

“What do you mean? I have a steady?”

He rolled forward and stood, giving her a kiss on the lips and then nose to nose, he grinned, “You and Karen.”

She froze first in shock. Then seeing his grin she said, “Never could put anything past you.”

He responded by saying, “Then why would you even try? Where is Karen, did she eat breakfast?”

Renae was now blushing wildly as she said, “She slipped out back, her son’s coming by to pick her up.”

Jan, now laughing so hard he could barely get the words out, “Well you better let her back in because unless you gave her a key . . .” But he couldn’t carry it on any further and Mark and Gilbert were about to call the guys with the nets and white coats.

“I don’t get it,” Mark said, but the laughing Elliot put his arms around their shoulders.

“This is exactly the conversation they had when his mom caught us in bed together and that is how she found out he was gay. We figured out the mom’s are an item last night.”

Gilbert covered his mouth laughing, “Oh my God, that’s right! I remember you telling me. So then she just got outed in front of us? Just now?


“So little time and so many blushes,” Gilbert said, realizing turn-a-bout’s fair play.

“How did you guys figure it out?” Renae asked.

“How did these guys figure what out?” Karen asked, coming in the kitchen in a robe, slippers and towel turban. She poured herself a cup of coffee. Holding it with both hands, she took a sip. “What?”

“That you guys are bumping uglies,” Jan said through a cast iron grin.

She stopped drinking and glanced at Renae who was staring mouth open and speechless. Renae looked to Karen, “You’re the one with all the experience in this area.”

“Uh, you’ve got a lot of raw talent yourself.” And the guys burst into laughter and Renae blushed full on.

“I can’t believe you said that. You didn’t, really?” Again, Elliot and Jan were in tears laughing so hard. Elliot turned to the guys who were lost at what was so funny.

Elliot said, “That’s exactly what was said when my mom came to pick me up that night. Oh wait, it’s my turn.” He thought for a moment, “Mom! Did you have to fall in love with my boyfriend’s mother? And oh my God mom, you’re sleeping with your boss! They have names for girls like you,” he said, squinting at her. Renae was now crimson too.


“Okay boys, enough about us. Let’s talk about you. So, you’re in love and the love of your life turns out to be a boy. You can’t hide it forever, so let’s talk about options.”

“Gilbert, how do you think your parents are going to take it?” Karen asked.

“Well, I think my mom suspects it, but I have no clues about my dad. He can be such an ass sometimes.”

“Yes well, some guys can be that way.”

“How about you, Mark?”

Mark got a worried look on his face. “I don’t know how either one is going to take it. But they are pretty conservative. You know, mom does a lot of stuff at the church and Dad is way too interested in sports. I mean, I like football and baseball, but he even watches golf and basketball. He was really disappointed that I didn’t take up some sports until he realized why.”

“What do you mean? What did he have to realize?”

Mark took a breath, “Um well, running is really out for me.” He glanced up, “it’s sorta like running with one end of a baseball bat glued to my groin. But then he figured that made me more macho I guess, because he never asked me about it again.” Karen put her hand on his neck and rubbed it a little.

“Alright, then here’s what we’ll do.” They both looked panicked. “If you think it’s a good idea. Relax, both of you. This is all in your control. Nobody is saying or doing anything without your direct permission or requests so don’t start freaking, okay?

“Why don’t you guys have Jan and Elliot over to your place for a visit or to help with something? You know, homework or a chore. While they are there, you can casually mention, or let them see, that they are an item. Maybe let them see them holding hands or stealing a real quick kiss. Then you can see what their reactions are. Sound like a good idea?”

“Yeah. Hey Elliot, you want to help me muck out the garage this week end?”

Elliot stammered as Karen gave him the look. “Oh, yeah. Sure, be happy too.”

“Well, I won’t be much help, but I could keep you company,” Jan said.

“Okay, great.” Karen turned her head toward Mark. “What about you? Any inspirations?”

“I’ll have to think about it. I don’t get many chores and the ones I get are easy. My homework is almost always caught up in school.”

“Well how about you helping them with their homework? They could pretend that you are helping them with something.”

“That might work. Let’s see how this goes with the garage thing first.”

“Alright. There are some other things you can do too. There are some brochures that you can take home and leave out, like they were given to you at school. If they find them, then it can open a dialog to find out what they know or don’t know, and how they feel about it. I’ll bring some from our place. I just have to spot what box I put them in.”

“So we have a plan. But if something happens that’s unexpected and you need to escape for a bit, then come here. I put a door key under the flower pot and the alarm code is ‘boyz’. Just punch it in on the keypad. We really don’t set it too much anymore and if it is on, you’ll hear a beeping when you open the door. Okay?”

Both Mark and Gilbert stood and gave her a hug.


“Hey coach!” Elliot said, running past him to his locker.

“Wow, 2 classes in a row. Will wonders ever cease?” The coach was smiling as he announced to the locker room. “Drills on the soccer pitch everybody, last two men out are doing extra laps!”

The hustle was on and Elliot scrambled like the rest. Coach Johnston was at the door stopping each one for a knock. Each kid knocked to show he had his cup and the coach acting as a human turnstile released each shoulder as he heard their cups report. He got to Elliot and he stopped, grinning.

“What?” Coach Johnson asked?

“You want to do it?”

Coach Johnston raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think my girlfriend would like that. Now, give me a knock or do some laps.” Elliot knocked, blushing, and started, but the coach stopped him. “Elliot!” He stopped and turned around, “What would you have done if I said yes?” He grinned as he kept passing students out to the field.

Elliot went crimson, “I only meant the knock!”

The coach scowled, holding a hand up to his ear and speaking louder, even though Elliot was no further away, “What’s that? You just offered to let me knock you up?” Elliot stood perplexed, his lips pursed in a tight smiled smirk. He froze, feeling the blood rushing to his face as Coach Russell’s head appeared through the doorway with a single raised eyebrow.

Speaking through uncontrollable boy-giggles to Coach Russell, “Well, you did tell me to bone up and make them all nervous!”

“I didn’t mean the staff! Besides, you two-timing me? I mean, I thought I meant something to you!”

Elliot froze in terror, his eyes wide, looking around at his class mates, all now watching totally amused and then the coach did it. He lifted up his shirt and rubbed his fat belly, and winked at Elliot. Turning back and forth between the coach and his audience, “Coach, we never did anything!” Turning to the audience, which now grew to half the class and the rest were coming to see what the commotion was, “Honest!”

The coach came up, “I’m crushed. You’ve hurt my feelings. And, oh look! I guess you are one of the last ones! Give me two laps. Next time, maybe it’ll mean something.” The coach new that the absurdity of it alone was proof they were in a verbal joust. It was evident by the laughs as Elliot took to the field to run his laps. “Oh look! The rest of the class tied for last place! You are all supposed to be on the soccer pitch! Everybody! Two laps.” Amongst the mutters he also heard someone say, ‘Yeah, it didn’t mean anything to me either coach.’ Another one said, ‘Just for that I’m dumping you for Coach Johnston! He’s totally hot.’ Coach Russell fired back, “Hey, I can be hot too!” He put his arms up making muscles, bending one leg and sticking his chin out with his head turned to the side. Three guys started laughing so hard they tripped on their own feet causing a pileup.

The coach almost doubled over laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes.

As the class returned from their warm up laps Coach Russell directed them to the drill areas. Elliot looked at the cones, ‘I’m dreadful at this. God I hate it.’ One of the other students overheard what he said. “That’s because you’re doing it wrong. Come on over here for a minute and I’ll show you.”

He motioned to one of the guys to throw him a ball from the bag. “You’re using the wrong part of your foot. Use the sides and the bottom. When you use your toe, it’s rounded so you’re not sure where it’s going to go. A half an inch to the right and it goes a completely different way. That’s really hard to control, especially when you’re running. But watch, I can use the inside of both feet to run, keep it centered or pass it. I can switch quickly and hit it with the outside to my team mate to the right and still block the guy from getting to him so he can score by simply continuing to run in front of him, but the ball is gone. Now you try it.”

Elliot took the ball and tried to run with it a bit, keeping it centered. He was doing it. Then he tried it coming back towards them, his tongue sticking in the corner of his mouth as he concentrated. He got most of the way back and tried switching to the outside and shot the ball to the right. It was way off, but he did it. The boy walked over to get the ball and placed his foot on top and spun it backwards so the spin caused it to roll up on top of his foot and he bounced it up quickly in the air and caught it. “See, you did a lot better. It just takes practice and you can do it fine. Now there are just two things. Keep your elbows tucked in and make a fist with both hands so that you don’t accidentally grab the ball. The other thing is keep your tongue in your mouth or you might bite it if you trip or take a ball to the face.

“You’ll pick it up fast now. I been playing a long time, I can tell.”

“Thanks, uh, shit, sorry, didn’t get your name.”

“I’m Jess.”

“Jess . . .?” He said in a tone that asked his sir name.

He took a breath and gave a look of resignation as he said, “James. Jessie James.” He looked like he was waiting for something.

“Well it’s a name I won’t forget. Thanks again Jess. Now I’ll only look half spazzed when I try and do this.”

“That’s it? You’re not going to poke fun of my name? No cute remark like, where’s your horse or are we being robbed?”

“Well, I was going to ask if that was a six shooter in your pocket or if you were just happy to see me, but I hate getting punched and I don’t know you well enough for you to know I’m kidding.”

Jess stared at him with pursed lips in a half grin, speechless.

Elliot took the lead, seeing he was without words or retreat, “Are you okay, or are you filling your cup? Knock once for yes, twice for no.

Jess couldn’t take it anymore and doubled over in laughter when someone said, “Elliot you’re up!”

Elliot made his way to the front and Coach Russell kicked him the ball. He started to stick his tongue out and consciously made an effort to keep it in place as he stepped forward and using the techniques he just learned, navigated the cones without messing up once and getting to the end, side kicked the ball directly to the coach. Applause broke out as Elliot leaned over, stuck out his bum and taking his finger from his mouth touched it to his butt making a sizzling sound as he hollered, “Oh baby, my ass is hot tonight!” Everyone stared open mouthed as he made his way back to the end of the line.

Jess walked up for his turn. He navigated the course with such ease as to convey his annoyance at having to do it. After delivering the ball to the coach, the coach cleared his throat. Jess stopped and looked at the coach and then the group, then the coach again, “What?”

The coach stuck out his butt and took his finger from his mouth and touched it to his ass, making a sizzling sound, then tilted his hand towards Jess who looked back wide eyed as he made duplicate movements in an exaggerated way before looking incredulously at the coach while walking back to the end of the line. By now people were holding their sides and laughing through tears. He qued up behind Elliot.


“Yeah Jess?”

“Nice job.”


“And Elliot?”


“That thing you did at the end?”


“Don’t ever do that again, Okay?”


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