Roll Call
by Ricky


Chapter 6

“Elliot!” Coach Russell said, seeing him walk in. “So glad you decided to join us. Come into my office, I have some gear for you. I spoke with your Mom and she said you’ve had a bit of a go at it over the last week. The rumor mill is in top form, so of course I know nothing. Anything you want to fill me in on? It’s all your choice you know. You don’t have to tell me anything at all. But if I can help in some way, or there is something you think I ought to know about, then I’m all ears.”

“Well, we just got done in the office and Mr. Granger got beat up by my Mom.” The coach raised an eyebrow.

“Your mom beat up Mr. Granger?” he said, smiling. “I wish I had been there for that one. I’ve wanted to see someone knock him off his high horse for some time.” he said, making a fist and looking off dreamily. He came back to reality. “Sorry, drifted off. Uh, you’ll keep that little comment between us won’t you?”

“Of course,” Elliot said, grinning. “So they took him to the hospital and the principal to jail. They said Mr. Granger was going there too, when he got out of the hospital.”

“She beat him up bad enough to go to the hospital?” he said in disbelief. “Remind me to never piss off your mom.”

“Well, she only hit him one time and he let go of me and went down to the floor. And he’s tough. I already kicked him as hard as I could in the balls and it just pissed him off more. They said something about a crushed windpipe or something. It was cool. I never saw Mom like that before. She was awesome. She told him to let me go and when he didn’t she let him have it. See, he had hold of me really hard.” Elliot pulled up his sleeves and showed Coach Russell the bruises, which were deep purple.

“Did they take pictures of those?” he asked.

“No, should they?”

“Absolutely!” the coach said, opening his drawer and taking out a Polaroid camera. He walked over and closed the blinds, “Take your shirt off.”

Elliot removed his shirt and Mr. Russell snapped pictures of the bruises, front and back. “I can’t believe they didn’t take pictures.” The coach’s phone rang and he answered.

“Coach Russell, how can I help you?” He paused and listened on the phone for a moment. “Yes, Mrs. Glicksman. In fact, Elliot was just filling me in on this morning. I understand you have a mean right hook.”

“Of course, and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t make light of it. It’s just that I’ve waited a long time for someone to put that prick in his place.”

“Sure, he’s right here, hang on.” The coach handed the phone to Elliot, “Your Mom wants to talk to you.”

Elliot took the phone and held it up to listen, “Hi Mom.”

“See, I told ya. Mornings suck! When do we have to do it? Well, if it’s just for pictures then we have that covered. Mom, we don’t have any insurance. That will cost a fortune. Look, I’m not hurt, just bruised. See if they can just use the pictures we just took. I don’t need to see a doctor and I sure don’t want to go to any hospital. What if we get there and find out that Mr. Granger is in the bed next to mine! I’m not anxious to find myself in front of him again.”

He listened for a minute then responded, “Well, call them back and see what they say. I mean, we haven’t even got the doctor paid up for my strep throat two months ago. If they still insist then I’ll go whenever you tell me, but I really don’t want to.”

“Thanks, Mom. I love you too. Here’s the coach.”

“Hello Ms. Glicksman. Sure, I’ll send the pictures home with him. . . Well yeah, I thought it was strange too. Usually they would have done it right away. I figured somebody dropped the ball and was just covering down. My job is the health and well being of your son. I saw it as part of my job. . . Yes, certainly. You’re welcome. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Take care now. Good bye.”

Hanging up the phone, he looked at Elliot, “I’ll leave these right here. You can come get them at the end of class. Now why don’t you take this kit and go see if everything fits. Then come join us on the soccer field. It’s nice out so we are taking gym outside. Take your time but hurry up. We’re already into it a bit. I’ll be outside already.”

Elliot took the gym bag and went to his locker and opened it up. He removed his shirt and shoes, then sat to remove his socks. As he removed one he set his now bare foot on top of one of his shoes. He had no shower shoes and didn’t want to get athlete’s foot. He did the same with the second. Grabbing the bag, Elliot thought he better look and see what he had been given.  Pulling out the various pieces of clothing he saw a six pack of white gym socks and a new pair of soccer shoes. A six pack of new underwear and a pair of white soccer shorts. Then he pulled out a box and a plastic cup in a plastic bag. He read ‘athletic supporter’. He started to put it back in the bag, saying under his breath, “I don’t need this. These are really uncomfortable.” But as he did, he noticed something written on the back of the box. In magic marker was written, “Yes you do, so you better get used to it now.”

Elliot grinned and opened the box and slipped off his underwear, putting the supporter on and slipping the cup in. He opted to pass on the new underwear thinking it a bit confining already, so he slipped his soccer shorts on overtop. He reached in and pulled a pair of socks out of the bag and slipped them on and then into his knew soccer shoes. They felt funny when he stood as the plastic cleats made him stand taller and made his feet feel strange. He dug in the bag and found some shin guards. They weren’t new but were in good condition. He slipped them on and grabbed the soccer shirt out of the bag and sat it on the bench next to him as he grabbed his shorts and underwear and placed them in the bag. He noticed a pair of shower shoes in the bag and took them out and placed them on top of his bag in his locker. With all of his gear stowed he grabbed his soccer jersey and slipped it over his head and ran out the door towards the soccer field.

As he approached the field he squinted from the sun as he tried to see where Coach Russell was. The coach spotted him and waved him over. “Well, it looks like everything fit,” he said, smiling.

“Yes sir, thanks.”

“Fine, give me a knock so I know you are wearing your cup and then you can join those guys over there doing the drills.”

“A knock, sir?”

“Yes, it is religious around here. When you come out on the field, you give yourself a knock on the plastic cup so we know you are protected. Everyone does it when they come on the field or as you are leaving the locker room if we are at a game. No one plays without a cup. We want no one to damage the family jewels.”

Elliot grinned and gave his cup a rap and took off towards the group of boys doing the drills. When he walked up they all stopped and looked at him. They looked at his arms and saw the bruises. One boy went over to him and turned his arm a bit to see them better.

“Wow. Hey, I’m Conrad. Did Granger do that to you?”

“Yeah, then my Mom decked him. Put him in the hospital.”

The rest crowded around him. “Man, I’ll bet that hurt. The guy is just scary. I think if he had hold of me like that I would have pissed my pants.”

“I was ready to. I even kicked him in the balls and it just made him madder.”

“You kicked Granger in the balls?”

“Yeah, as hard as I could. I was scared to death.”

“Fuck man, that took some balls yourself. I don’t think I would have been able to.”

“Look, if I had to think about it first, I’m sure I wouldn’t either. But it just hurt so badly when he grabbed me, I just did it.”

“So it’s true then?” another boy asked.

“What’s true?” Elliot asked.

“You’re, you know . . . gay?”

Elliot looked down for a moment, then looked up. “Yeah, does it make a difference?” His eyes scanned the crowd who were all looking at him.

Many looked down or away and Conrad spoke up. “No, sleep with who you want. Leaves more babes for me.” The rest giggled.  “So, did you ask for that number?” another very cute boy asked as he unconsciously adjusted himself.

Elliot looked down and opened his mouth in shock. Then he looked up at the blonde boy and blushed, bright red. Now knowing how Jan felt, he opened his mouth to speak but could not find the words. Then finally, “Uh no. It just sorta came to me.”

Another smirked, “You mean it cum to you?” The group laughed as the coach blew his whistle and yelled for them to get busy with drills. Elliot fell into line and watched as the boys, one by one, worked the ball around the cones. When it came to his turn he fumbled around causing the ball to go way off course, and as he retrieved it,  he had his hands a little higher than his shoulders.  He was biting his lower lip as he concentrated. When he finally got it to the other end the boys had all stopped and stared with gaping holes where their mouths should be. He looked back to the other line where he started and saw that they were all in the same condition.

“I guess I need a little work?” he giggled.

They all broke up laughing, but it was apparent that they were laughing at his ability to laugh at himself and not the ballet he just performed as a drill. The rest took their turns and the next time through he did a bit better. The end of class approached and the coach blew his whistle, “Two laps!” he hollered, and everyone took off around the track.

One of the boys ran past Elliot and up to a pack of three others who slowed a little until Elliot was even with them and then they allowed him to pass them. They stayed behind him laughing quietly as they ran, watching the boy in front of them wiggle as he ran.

As they got closer to the end of the second lap, Conrad speeded up until he was even with the out of breath Elliot, “Hey Elliot, do you think you could teach my girlfriend Marie how to do that wiggle thing that you do. I mean, damn!” And he ran off up to the showers.  Elliot just blushed as he leaned over, grabbing his knees and breathing hard. He watched as the pack of boys who had slowed to let him pass ran past him, glancing back over their shoulders and smiling. Elliot stood back up and made his way toward the door to the gym where the coach was standing with his clip board.

Grinning, he said, “I see you’ve made some friends.”

“Yeah well, with the big number “69” you put on my chest I really thought I would have collected a few more phone numbers. Do you need me to fill in the freshman roster or do you have everyone’s?” he giggled.

“Oh, figured it out did they? Well, now there’s no need to be shy. So go bone up and make ‘them’ blush. Turn around is fair play.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“As serious as a mortician at a disaster!”

“What a screwy day. It starts off getting attacked by a rabid teacher and ends with one telling me to bone up and make the rest nervous.”

“See, you never know about life. You might be changing things for gay kids yet to cum. Wait, that didn’t come out quite right.” They chuckled and the coach put his hand on his shoulder as he ushered them into the gym.

Elliot went into the locker room where everyone was busy about their business getting towels and such. Elliot opened his locker to find his new shower shoes. Removing them, he dropped them on the floor and began to take his shirt off, then dropped his soccer shorts revealing that he had no underwear, just his jock and cup. As he did, he heard a gasp from somewhere behind him. He turned to see who it was, but only saw the backs of other boys. He peeled his athletic supporter off and the coolness that fell upon his sweaty package responded to the chill by rising slightly. He tried to ignore it and think about something else, ending up with the expected results. He was harder than steel. He looked down, resigned to how it was about to go. He grabbed his towel and draped it over his shoulder, letting the end hang over his rigid boyhood as he headed for the showers.

Arriving there he noticed that most were facing the wall, a few were washing their hair and weren’t looking at anybody else because their eyes were closed, avoiding the soap. He saw a shower open on the far end, the water still on. It was next to Conrad, The boy who said he was alright with it. He made his way down, looking as he went until he saw a boy who was much smaller than the rest, but his sport put the rest to shame.  “Damn! Where’d you get that?” Elliot asked, loudly.

The boy snapped around, looking at Elliot’s neck, then face, then crotch, then face again. He turned crimson as he said, “My Mom gave it to me.” The place broke up into laughter, as his mammoth chunk of boyhood started to stand up.

“Holy shit! Did that come with a wide load sign?” Elliot unwittingly licked and pursed his lips.

“Oh shit, now I’ve got to go take care of it or I’ll never get my pants back on.”

“Damn, sorry to cause you the extra work. Should I call a couple guys to give you a hand with that thing or can you handle it by yourself?”

The boy’s eyes got big and he swallowed hard as his piece started to throb and he grabbed it and ran for the bathroom. The rest of the boys in the shower giggled and all were now showing off their wood, hoping the boy of experience might mention theirs too.

Conrad turned off his shower and grabbed his towel. “That’s little Markey Waverly,” he said, passing  Elliot.

“Not very!” Elliot responded, the place again breaking up into laughter. Elliot continued to get cleaned up. Turning off the water and grabbing his towel, he dried his face and body. Making his way to his locker, he saw the cute little blonde kid fiddling with his locker, obviously stalling for time. Most everybody else had left already. He had a troubled look on his face.

“Hey, you alright?” Elliot asked.

“What the fuck do you care?”

“Hey, I care. Why are you so angry?”

“You could have cut him some slack, you know.”

“What are you talking about? Cut who some slack?”

“Mark, you embarrassed him and then kept it up. Why’d you have to keep on with it? You not only embarrassed him, but you may have outed him too.”

“Oh shit, I didn’t know. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah well, you’re telling the wrong guy.”

“Are you his significant other?”

The boy’s eyes grew large like saucers as he started to panic. “Wait!” Elliot whispered. “Forget I asked. Does he know?”

The boy’s eyes began to fill as he shook his head no quickly.

“Alright, it’s going to be alright. I’m sorry. I’ll apologize to him too. He won’t find out about . . . anything from me. No one else will either. Friends?” he said, extending his hand to the boy. The boy took it, and shook it. Then leaning in, he kissed Elliot quickly on the cheek.

“I’m Gilbert, Gilbert Holland. Thanks. Look, he still hasn’t come out. I mean, everyone knows he went in there to jack off. Now he’s embarrassed.”

“Alright, go on and I’ll try and take care of it. Thanks, I didn’t realize what I had done. Lord knows if anyone should have known, I should have.” Gilbert left quickly.

Alone now, Elliot made his way towards the bathroom. He spoke softly.  “Mark, are you alright?”

Sniffles came from inside the stall. “Look Mark, I’m really sorry. It was thoughtless of me. I made an awful mistake. I didn’t know. All I can say is I’m sorry. I’m going to go now, but I wanted you to know I really mean it. Someone else brought it to my attention, or stupid me, I may have missed it completely. It was someone who cares deeply for you, and they were really angry. So know that there is someone who likes you enough to out themselves to me, just to protect you. That makes you pretty lucky in my books. Pretty special, too. Please come out of there so I can apologize properly.”  The door opened slowly as the boy wrapped the towel around himself.

Elliot held out his hand, “I’m Elliot.” He took it and shook it, “Mark,” he mumbled, his eyes meeting Elliot’s only briefly.  Elliot went on. “I promised him I wouldn’t out him, but he gave me something for you. Do you want it?”

“Sure,” he mumbled and held out his hand. Elliot took his hand and pulled him closer and kissed him on his cheek. “I’m afraid you’ll have to figure out who it was on your own, but I can tell you he is really cute and he really likes you a lot. I have to go or I’ll be late for class,” Elliot leaned in and whispered, “and late for meeting my own boyfriend.”

When he left, he glanced back to see Markey smiling and touching the place he had just been kissed as he walked towards his locker.

“Hey, Elliot. Don’t forget your pictures,” It was the coach.

“How long have you been standing there?” Elliot asked, quietly.

“Long enough to know that you’re a pretty great kid. I’m proud to have you in my class. I think you are going to bring about some changes to this place. Good changes, changes long overdue. You just keep being yourself and I’ll be here if you ever need to talk. Here, take these and you’re going to need this pass because you’re gonna be late.”

Elliot took the pass, “Here, before you go. Give this to Mark. He’s late too.”

Elliot smiled and took the pass back in and shoved it at Mark. “The coach is pretty smart. If you ever need to talk, he can be trusted.” Mark took the pass and peeked around him to see if the coach was watching. “Thanks,” he said. Elliot turned to leave.


“Yeah?” Elliot turned and looked at him.

“When you talk to that person next time, tell him I want to know.  Okay?”

“Sure, but he’s scared too. So take a little time.” Markey looked up. “Time is something I’ve watched go by, second by second. I’ve waited a long time for someone to find out. Maybe it’s time.”

“Are you going to be alright? What if someone did notice and it comes out. Are you going to be alright?”

Markey sat back down on the bench. “I don’t know. I’m really scared. My dad . . . well, he won’t take it too well and mom, I don’t know. I’m pretty much alone in here.”

“No, you’re not. Will you trust me?” he said, putting his hand out to him. Mark took it as Elliot dragged him into the coach’s office. Mark panicked. “Stop. You said you would trust me. So you have to trust me here. I made this mess, so now I need to try and help fix it. Come on now and just sit down here.”

“Coach, I’ve made a mess of things here, a real mess, and now I’m worried about Mark. You see, I made some comments in the shower and it made Mark uncomfortable and he had to leave the shower in a hurry and go take care of some things. Someone who shall remain nameless told me that I screwed up and may have outed Mark. Now Mark is scared that his mom and dad will find out, and well, his world is falling apart. ”

“Sit down and let’s talk,” the coach said as he closed the door and the blinds. He picked up his phone and dialed a couple numbers. “Hi Coach Johnston? Yes, could you take my class for me, I’m in a conference. Thanks, please handle anything that comes up as I won’t be answering my door, alright? Yeah, we’ve just been out doing soccer drills. Great, thanks.” He hung up the phone.

“Well, it looks like you have a bit of a mess. Now you know why I said if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all,” the coach said, pulling his chair around in front of his desk.

“Yeah well, that sorta backfired. You see, I said some things were ‘really nice’ and that’s where things got out of hand, or needed to be ‘in hand,’ depending on your perspective.” The coach glanced at Mark who was grinning like the cat who ate the canary. “The problem is, he had to go relieve himself and it was a hasty exit. So others know he was more than close, just from the conversation. The point is, now he is afraid that his parents will find out and he’s pretty scared.”

“What do you think will happen, Mark?”

“I don’t know. I think my dad will flip out. My mom will probably be okay with it. ”

“You forgot the most important person, Mark.” He looked up, “You.”

“You see, you aren’t looking at this the right way. This isn’t about them. This is about you. Don’t you think you deserve to be happy?”

Mark shrugged his shoulders and continued to look down.

“Why would you think you weren’t? Is it because you’re gay? Do you feel it makes you less of a good son?” Mark broke into tears. The coach took his arm and pulled him into a hug.

“It’s alright Mark. Everything is going to be alright. Sit down here and listen to me. Let me tell you a little story. I know this kid that was faced with the very same problem. He was gay and his dad was clueless. His dad was a macho sports fanatic too. The kid was scared to death, but he had been caught at his boyfriend’s house making out and his dad was about to know. So, he could either tell him or wait until the other kid’s parents called. He thought about it and thought about it and finally decided that one way or another his dad was going to find out. He knew that he had been honest with his dad about most everything in his life. And although he didn’t know how it was going to go, he knew that after that night he was going to be free to love whoever he wanted. No more hiding, no more feeling bad about himself because he knew his boyfriend loved him and knew he was worthwhile. He could live with it. So he sat down that night in the living room and waited. The room was thick with worry. Then he made up his mind to say it.

‘Dad!’ he said. ‘I need to talk to you, it’s important.’ His dad sat up and turned off the TV. ‘What’s wrong son?’ he said. His son was breathing heavy, he was scared and his dad saw it. He took his son by the hand and pulled him to him and hugged him.  ‘What is it son? It’s alright. I’m here with you. Whatever it is, we’ll get through it.’ He pulled away and looked at me and said, ‘Dad. I’m gay and I was caught with my boyfriend making out at his house.’”

Mark looked up at the coach. When he heard him say that, he pulled away from him.

“I was shocked. I never saw that one coming. I sat back down in the chair, my head reeling with what he said and what it meant. I just stared. He didn’t hear anything and he turned and ran up to his room. I sat there for a long time, my mind going in circles. What did it mean for him, for us as a family unit and all the things that go along with it and since I didn’t really know what went along with it, the fear of the unknown. It finally boiled down to one simple thing. He was who he was and he was still my son and I loved him. I went up to his room. It was now late into the night. I knocked on the door and then opened it. I saw that my son had cried himself to sleep. I went in and placed my hand on his back and rubbed it. ‘Hey,’ I said, waking him. ‘Sit up a minute and talk to me.’ He sat up and I looked him in the eye. ‘I’m sorry I was shocked, it was just so sudden and unexpected. My dad mode kicked in, as if it was an emergency or something, so I immediately went through all my emergency procedures and none of them fit. Then I realized the only real emergency was that you felt afraid. I am here son, to tell you that I love you and I don’t know what this will all mean to life in the future. But whatever it means, I will be here with you, loving you just the same.’ He hugged me and I kissed him and told him to get some sleep and we would talk in the morning.

“Now understand that for some, it doesn’t go that easy, for lots of reasons, none of which I can see or understand. But I can tell you this, if you want, I will be with you when you tell him and maybe I can help him shortcut the sorting process. And if he does go off the deep end, I know some places and people who can help with whatever is needed, whether it is a place to stay, or counseling for your mom and dad.

“The thing that is most important right here, right now, is that you don’t feel trapped or alone. We wouldn’t want you to think something stupid like ending it all because we would feel awful and there is so much ahead of you that this is not as big as you think. Your hormones will lie to you too and tell you it is bigger, but you need to know that we are here and we care.”

“I know of someone who cares a great deal. I’ll check with him and see if we can maybe move things along. I know he cares enough to risk it all to make sure you were okay,” Elliot chimed in.

“Look, let’s not borrow trouble. If it’s not out, then you have nothing to worry about. But I think you need to start planting some seeds so that they can be told without getting shocked. I have some pamphlets you should read and some organizations you should get to know. Maybe take Elliot here home and introduce him as your friend and then mention, ‘Oh yeah, he’s gay and has a boyfriend.’ See how they react to that. Or if you want, I’ll come home with you and we can tell them together tonight. The bottom line is this, you’ll have to tell them sometime and they won’t hear it from me unless you tell me that I have to tell them. I’m here to make sure you are okay with you! So you have to give me your word you won’t do anything that might hurt yourself. I care way too much to let that happen. I don’t know that I could look at myself in the morning knowing that I could have done something and didn’t. So what do you say? Are you going to be alright?”

“Yeah,” he shook his head.

“No, here is what I want you to say. I’m going to write it out so you get it right.” He wrote on a piece of notebook paper. “Here you go. And I want to hear it from your lips.”

Mark read it and took a deep breath. “I’m Mark Waverley, I’m gay and I’m a good person who has friends and is loved and deserves to be happy being who I am.” Tears rolled down his face. Elliot took his hand and gave it a little squeeze.

Mark looked up at him, “I’m Elliot and Mark is someone I care about a great deal. I will be near him whenever he needs a friend. I know my Mom will be willing to help too ,if needed. She is helping my boyfriend’s mom through it right now. And Mark,” he lifted his chin so that his eyes met his. “This boy I spoke of is absolutely head over heels in love with you and he is gorgeous. So trust me when I say he is worth sticking around for.”

“Look Mark,” The coach said. “You need to be in control of your own life. In just a few years you will be on your own. You need to start thinking about what you want in life and here, while we are on the subject, put these in your backpack.” He pulled another package of Trojan’s out of his desk drawer and slid them over to Mark. His eyes went huge.

Elliot smiled, “You have like, a huge case of those somewhere, or what?” As Mark looked over at Elliot, Elliot said, “He just gave me a package yesterday.”

Mark blushed and slid them back.” Thanks coach but those won’t work.”

“Sure they will, scientifically proven to . . .”

“Fit normal sized guys.” Mark blushed crimson as he stood to adjust his pants before sitting again with a small baseball bat protruding down his thigh.

“Holy shit!” The coach blurted out. Then covering his mouth, turned away laughing. “Oh shit, I’ll see if I can find some your, uh size. Meanwhile, keep that thing rolled up. Hell, I don’t know, use a trash bag or something till I can get you something. Christ, this is a new one for me.” He turned to Elliot, “You mean to tell me that someone saw what he has and still wants a piece of that?”

Elliot adjusted himself a little and said, “Yep and he saw it fully hard and throbbing.”

With that, Mark looked at Elliot and put his hand on his leg to hold down the Siamese twin to his calf. “Uh, oh shit, look coach I have to . . .” he looked towards the door. “Go ahead son, we’re done here I think.” He bolted for the door and back towards the stall he just came from.

Elliot stood and turned towards the door, tenting seriously himself. “Uh, maybe I should go check on him?”

“Yeah well, you guys have about ten minutes before it’s going to get very crowded in there.”

“Right! I’ll let him know.”

The coach went out to catch the incoming class at the door if they needed a few more moments. He figured Mark had been through quite enough for one day. He stood by the door to the gym watching as he heard a scream of boy pleasure coming from the locker room. And from the three screams, one at least sounded somewhat like a prayer. He knew that Mark was soon to be walking normal again.  Both boys came sheepishly around the corner and smiled as they went out the door.


“Hey, want a cookie?” Jan handed him a hot oatmeal and raisin cookie. ”How about you? I just made them.” Jan proffered the bag.

“Jan, this is Mark Waverly. Mark, this is Jan, my boyfriend.”

Jan put his hand out, smiling with a slight blush. “You’re the first person he has said that to. I take it that you are alright with it?”

“Uh yeah, I’m ok with it.”

“ Cool, want to come over to my place for a bit? I can give you a ride home later if you need it. ”

“I’ll have to call my mom first.”

“Here, use my cell phone.” He walked a couple of feet away to call his mom.

Elliot leaned over and whispered, “Jan, can I invite someone else over? I’ll explain later.”

“Yeah, sure. The more the merrier. The mom’s are working until eleven, remember?”

“Good, I’ll be right back.” Elliot disappeared into the crowd.

“My mom’s alright with it as long as it’s not too late. I have to be home at eight o’clock.”

“Great! Come on, we’ll wait by my van. Elliot said he’ll be right out.” Mark held the door open for Jan and was mesmerized by Jan and the thought that this boy was Elliot’s boyfriend.

“So you been boyfriend and . . .” he paused, “boyfriend long?”

“Just a couple days really. Granger sorta outed us.”

“Oh damn. Yeah, I heard. You ok?”

“Yeah, Elliot’s mom kicked his ass and put him in the hospital.”

“Damn, wouldn’t want to piss her off.”

“Yeah, but she is really great.”

“What about your mom?”

“She’s trying. This is all so new to her. She is really trying, but it was all such a shock.”

“How did you tell her?”

Jan got a grin on his face, “Well, she came home and we were in bed together, we fell asleep, you know, afterwards. She thought it was a girl in my bed so she said to call and see if she could stay for dinner. Well, we called, but we told his mom to come and get him and we were going to sneak him out the back gate by the pool. So he snuck out the back while I sorta blocked mom in the kitchen so she wouldn’t see it was him. But Granger had already called and apologized for outing us both to the school. So when mom asked about my friend, I told her they called their mom and had to go home. She looked at me grinning and asked if Elliot had dinner yet and where he went. So I told her and she had put a lock on the gate, so he was still trapped in the back yard. So I went and let him in and then his mom came and knocked on the door and when I opened it and she saw who my mom was she said, ‘Oh honey, did you have to fall in love with mommy’s boss’s son?!’”

When Elliot came back to the van he found the two boys laughing so hard tears were falling from their eyes.

“Did I miss something?” Elliot asked.

“I was just telling him how my mom found out I was gay. You know, ‘Oh honey, did you have to fall in love with mommy’s boss’s son?’”

Now Elliot was laughing too. “And wait, I have a picture to show you.”

“No way, you’re not going to show him that picture.’

“Of course I am. He’s gay and I just outed him to the whole gym class.”

“You did what? Elliot, do you do that to everyone you meet?”

“Of course not. They aren’t all gay, I meet straight people too!”

The three busted up laughing again.

“Come on, drive. We have stuff to do. I still think it is crazy that you can drive at fourteen.”

“West Virginia law says you can drive at fourteen if there is a just reason for you to do so. Well, mom doesn’t have a wheelchair to sit here. How else am I to get around?”

“That’s pretty lame. I mean, they had to take a seat out of there didn’t they?”

“Shhh! They weren’t that smart. The law was actually written so that fourteen year olds could drive the farm equipment from field to field. But this was sufficient reason too, I guess. Anyways, we applied and they approved it.”

“Wait until you see the pool, Mark. They got it for Jan for his therapy, complete with privacy fence, all as part of the settlement for his foot.”

“His foot?”

“Uh yeah, you may have noticed he stands a little shorter than the rest of us?”

“Well yeah, but I missed the part about . . . uh, not having it anymore.”

“Come on, we’ll fill you in when we get inside. It was an accident that sucked, but he’s going to be up and around again really soon. He’s got this prosthetic, it’s a temporary one till he gets used to it. But then they’ll make him a really cool one. They can even put fake leg hair on it to make it look more realistic. Personally I could give a shit. I just want him to get up so he can make me a better soccer player.”

“Right, like I’ll ever play soccer again.”

“Hey, don’t talk like that. You loved soccer didn’t you?”

“Well yeah, but it takes both feet.”

“So, you have to relearn with your other foot. So what?”

“You’re insane, you know that, right?”

“Are you sure that you two aren’t married, the way you go on.”

Jan and Elliot laughed.

“So, tell me how you outed Mark to the gym class.”

“Wel,l it’s a little embarrassing,” Mark said.

“Tell me how being outed by someone other than yourself can be anything else! And Elliot is nearly a professional in my books.”

Elliot spoke up, “Let’s save that for later. Jan, why don’t you go get your other foot on and I’ll see what we have for dinner.”

“A real slave driver,” Jan said, looking over at Mark. “So, do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I just got outed remember.”

“That doesn’t mean you weren’t out to a significant other,” Jan said over his shoulder as he rolled toward his room.

“Oh, I never thought of that. But if you aren’t out, then how do you find one?”

“Gaydar,” Elliot said from the kitchen.

“What?” Mark asked louder.

“Gaydar. You have to learn to use it yet. It’s a way that we identify each other. It’s a look of recognition. Right now, let’s cook up something really quick. How about those chicken bake things.  Two and a half minutes each and we can be ready to eat in just ten minutes.”

“That’s not right,” Mark said. “Seven and a half for three of us.”

“Ooh, a math whiz,” Elliot said, in jest. “Well, that would be true if we were only cooking for three.”

“So how many are we cooking for?”

“Well, what do you think?” Jan said, walking into the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re getting around on it much better. You’ve been practicing, I can tell. Doesn’t hurt as much?”

“No, I guess I’m getting used to it. I’ve made an appointment to be refitted next Tuesday. Mom will have to go with me, so I guess we’ll have to surprise her early, maybe Monday.”

“What do you mean, surprise your mom with it? I don’t get it.”

“Well, when I got out of the hospital after they cut it off from the infection, I tried it on and it hurt so bad there was no way I wanted to try it again. So I begged my mom not to make me go back and she didn’t. Well, then I met Elliot and he got in my face and made me try it again. So we have been working together to get me used to it. Mom doesn’t know about it yet, so it’s going to be a big surprise. I’ve been thinking how I want to surprise her. I think I want to walk up to her in the store. You know, kind of sneak up on her, then have her turn around and find me standing there.”

“Cool idea. Monday then. I’ll go with ya. I wouldn’t miss that for the world.”

Ding Dong! “I’ll get it!” Jan hollered as he made for the door. Elliot got the food onto paper plates, while Mark sat nervously, afraid that someone new was about to be introduced into the mix.

“Hi, come on in. I’m Jan.”

“Yeah, I know, but I’m not used to seeing you standing. I’m Gilbert, Elliot asked me to come over. Is he here?”

“Oh yeah, sure. Come on in. I’m sorry. Let me get him. I’m not sure what’s going on so he may want a word in private before you come in.” Jan went back to the kitchen. “Did somebody call ‘Dial a God’ for a delivery?”

“Oh! That must be my guest. I’ll be right back.”

“So who is it?” Mark asked, starting to fidget.

“Never met him before, but I hope he’s here for a floor show because he is just fucking gorgeous.”

Mark started to get up as Elliot came in, dragging the newcomer by the hand. “Jan, let me introduce you to my new friend Gilbert Holland. And I believe you two know each other already. ”

“Yeah, hi Gilbert. Uh, how’s stuff?” Mark said, shyly.

“Sit, everyone sit. What do you want to drink Gilbert? Water, Pepsi, juice?”

“Uh, Pepsi, please.”


“Uh yeah, the same please.” He kept glancing at Gilbert.

“So, you two know each other?” Jan asked, looking at the two of them. Then looking at Gilbert he asked, “Are you gay too?”

Mark gasped and put his head in his hands, shaking his head.”Shit!” he whispered.

“Uh, yeah, but nobody knows it yet. Well, nobody but you, Elliot, and now . . . Mark.”

“Oh shit, awkward silence.” Jan said. “Sorry you two. I’m afraid I haven’t read the memo yet. Let me get the master confusion generator.” As if on cue, Elliot came in with drinks to see Mark with his head in his hands, tears obviously dripping from his eyes and Gilbert looking away, about to start the fountain himself.

“Shit, Jan. You could fuck up a one car funeral. I left you alone for three seconds. What did you say?”

“I just asked Gilbert if he was gay too and then they both sorta fell apart. What is going on, could you clue me in on the plan?”

“Ok, stop, both of you. Look at me.” They both looked up and took a tissue from the box proffered by Jan.

“Mark, you told me to tell him that you wanted to know and I did. That’s where I went after class.”

Understanding came over Mark’s face as the words sunk in, and then he understood fully. His head snapped towards Gilbert and back to Elliot. Mark just pointed at Gilbert as he looked wide eyed at Elliot.

Elliot smiled and leaned forward, “I told you he was gorgeous,didn’t I?”

Mark turned towards Gilbert, “I . . . I . . . I don’t know what to say.”

Gilbert got up, “Look, I’m sorry. I knew this was a bad idea. I figured there was someone else who you were watching. I’m just sorry I’m not him. Fuck, please just keep my secret would ya?”

“No wait! Uh, I’m just scared. I don’t know what to do next. I mean you are, you are just so, so . . . fuck I’m screwing this up, just please don’t leave. It’s like having a dream come true and because it was always a dream you never went past that point.”

“I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you go past that point?”

“You never get the dream. After all, it’s just a dream. I’ve never come face to face with one. Now that I’m there, I’m afraid I’m going to lose it because I don’t know what to do next.”

“Look, I’m new at this too, and a little scared too. ”

“Were we like this?” Elliot said to Jan.

“I don’t think so. I mean, you gave me little choice. After that blow job you gave me, I sorta figured out you were gay.”

“Hmmm, okay look, dinner is hot and it is getting cold, so you don’t have time for a blow job. So why not kiss and we’ll sit down and eat.”

Both boys looked at Elliot with their jaws open at the mention of a blow job.

“And Gilbert, I hope your mouth can stretch a bit wider than that. Come on sit. WAIT! Kiss first.”

Mark turned, blushing wildly at Gilbert as he moved in for the kill, but as his eyes met Gilbert’s they both broke into laughter.

“Guy’s!” Elliot said, “Like this.” He grabbed Jan and pulled him into a lip lock that steamed the windows. The room went silent. As they broke, they looked over at Gilbert and Mark and they had found their way.

The silence became pregnant, as the two broke. Their eyes locked onto the others as they started to go back in for seconds.

“Wait! Let’s eat. Lots of time for that after dinner, when we go for a swim. Sit, eat.”

Both kept stealing looks at the other as they tried to eat with the single hand that the other had left.

The fare went quickly and with little comment as Elliot’s plot began to take shape.

“Ok, you two. Let’s go. Pool time.”

“But I don’t have a suit!” Gilbert blurted out.

“Me either,” Mark said, blushing.

“It’s okay, we never wear one and they have a six foot privacy fence. So come on, no excuses, it’s all part of my plan.”

“Your plan?” they said, together.

“Yep, so get up and strip.”

“Right here?” Mark said, breathing heavy.

“Yep. Hey, he’s in your gym class. He knows what you have and he’s not afraid of you.”

“Yeah but, well, Jan isn’t in our class.”

“What, afraid you’ll steal his heart from me? No chance. Takes more than a pretty face and a big cock.” He thought for a moment, “If not, then I’ll just scratch your eyes out.”

They all laughed and the now naked Jan rolled back in to the laughter. “Hey what did I miss? Holy shit!”

The laughter broke out again as Mark’s baseball bat dropped down with a slap against his leg and immediately started to take shape, and rise. They all stopped and stared at it.

“Uh, did someone say something about a pool or did we just rip all our clothes off to watch the freak with the huge cock?”

Two hands slid over his chest and down his torso towards the land of no return and then kisses on his neck brought him to full height. Gilbert’s skillful hands worked their way across his abdomen while the other rolled his right nipple. Mark reached behind him and pulled the naked boy in tight to his ass.

“Time out. Quick, Jan, get the fire hose.”

Again the laughter broke out as Jan rolled towards the pool.


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