Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 10

Miles walked up the steps and into his bedroom with Jamie on his heels. He opened the drawer and got a fresh set of clothes. “Wear something you don’t mind getting soiled, blind spaghetti can get pretty messy.”

“Mind helping me out? I’m new at this.”

“Oh yes, so you are. I keep forgetting. Feel for your Jeans first. Second drawer on the right. Is there a frey or a worn spot that you could feel for?”

“Ya I had a little one right on the butt. Remember you used to put your finger in there to tickle me. When we walked home from school to the grocer where I worked.”

“Oh right-O. I had forgotten about that.”

“Got’em cool. Now how do you do shirts?”

“Well if they are t-shirts with a picture you can feel it but dress shirts are a bit tougher. If they were mine then you would just feel the shirt tails. See, they have little brass safety pins. It’s a code. One for white, two stacked for black, two with one on end for blue, two diagonal for plaid or a pattern.”

“Clever but for tonight I just need to make sure it’s not my Spikes and Teddy Bears T-Shirt, the rest I don’t really care about.”

“For now, just grab one and we’ll ask Chet.”

“Good idea, all set.”

“No smalls?”

“Smalls, smalls oh! whitie tighties. Got them. Sorry, still learning your language.”

“Maybe the next guy will speak your language. Come on let’s get a shower before the boys come back.”

“No, stop. What’s wrong? What happened? Why are you being like this?”

“Look never mind, come on or wait here, I’m in need of cleaning.” Miles grabbed his stack of clothes and headed for the shower. Jamie followed quietly and closed the door.

“Take off your blindfold. Just leave the light off. Then we don’t have to find another blindfold.”

Miles started the water and switched the nozzle making it come out the shower head. Jamie Quietly undressed and climbed in. He found Miles and pulled him to him laying his head against his back he asked again.

“Miles, please talk to me. What did I do? I love you so much this is tearing me up.” He turned Miles around and kissed him. Then laid his head on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry. It’s me. You see it’s been two weeks and a day. That’s one day longer than anyone else has been able to stand being around me. I’m just afraid. . . It must be getting close.”

Jamie chuckled. “Ya, that’s me. I’m ready to move on. My knight in shining armor shot his wad and got tarnished. I’m ready to trade him in on a can of sardines and to go back to my cellar, my grocers job and to being more lonely than you can possibly know. Didn’t you have a dream? Well I’m here at least until we are on the yacht. I’m going nowhere.”

“What if you didn’t have to go back to that life and you could be free of me. Wouldn’t that be better?”

“Miles, I loved you from the moment I saw you. The way the sun danced on your wispy hair, your cute nose and I love that mouth so kissable(kiss). Miles I didn’t think it possible but I love you more today then I did when I first kissed you. Miles, every day with you is a new adventure. I plan on being with you until we are old and gray. You know like when we’re forty or something.

Are you getting tired of me, Miles? Tell me what you don’t like. I’ll change it for you. Miles please don’t be tired of me. I need you. No one else, I need you.” Jamie went quiet and gently sobbed.

Miles quieted him. “Jamie I could never tire of you. Your smell alone makes me crazy. I just can’t for the life of me understand . . .” He was cut off by Jamies kiss.

“We’ll have no more talk of it then, you hear me. Never again. I love you and I’m staying. Now weren’t you about to suck my dick? I thought so.” As he gently pushed his shoulders down. “Oh ya, I could get tired of this, like never.”


“Hi I’m Annie, Sebastian’s Mom. You must be Chet, could we talk for a few minutes?”

“Sure, come on in. Care for a cup of tea?”

“I’d like that, yes please.”

“Is something amiss?” Chet asked casually while placing the tea kettle on the fire.

Annie smiled, “I don’t think so, I’ve just got boy questions and I’m out of my element. You see my Daniel died in Desert Storm. I was sort of counting on him for this part. So I am hoping you will help me out a bit. From what the boys tell me you are a bit of an authority.”

“Well to be honest, it sounds like a build up. This is the first time that I’ve laid eyes on . . . Sebastian. Is it?” He said extending a hand to Sebastian. But I’m very pleased to meet you Master Sebastian.”

Sebastian giggled shaking his hand. He whispered to Will, “He talks like Miles.”

“Will, why don’t you boys go upstairs and play for a wee bit until dinner is ready. Annie, you’ll be staying for spaghetti?”

“Will I need to wear a blindfold?”

“And miss all the fun, are you kidding?” As it was I was going to have to laugh alone. Margie is off to her mothers, trying to get her to move into a home but she’ll have none of it.” He said getting two cups, “light or dark?” He asked.

“Not sure, I’ll have what ever you’re having. I normally just have regular Lipton.”

“Yes, of course.” He said with just a hint of disgust in his voice. “Dark then.”

“Cream and sugar?” He asked.

“Oh, no thank you. Margie is your wife?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Well let me get to it then. It appears Will and his adorable bathing suit, have been kissing. I guess my question is. . . well should they be kissing at eleven?”

“Well personally I don’t think there is an age for it. I mean if it was a little girl would we be having this conversation?”

“No, I should think we would be having a different kind.”

“Then you should be having that same conversation with him now. Look, kids will play and experiment and try different things. They need to explore themselves and their new world every day. I feel my job is to make sure they have a safe environment to do that in. And to make sure they can talk to me and answer their questions without fear of judgment.”

“Won’t that lead to them being gay?”

“Playing baseball neither leads to being right or left handed does it? Look if he is going to be gay he already is. Contrary to popular belief you are born to it. It is not something you become, it is something you are. If he is straight then kissing or anything else is playing and his urges will tug him to women. I let them find themselves and discover which they are. What you should worry about is that he becomes one or the other because he is afraid to be himself. It leads to divorce and misery. All because he was afraid you would stop loving him.”

“So if he is kissing I should assume he is gay now?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps he knows now, perhaps he is just playing, testing his limits, his preferences. He may have no reference point to make that decision yet. He may not even know yet that there is a decision to be made. My suggestion is to let him do anything safe. Be supportive, un-shockable and un-shakable.”

“Define ‘anything safe’ for me would you?”

“Common sense really, you wouldn’t let him stick his thumb out for a ride near a bus station would you? Or date a guy 30 years his senior from a chat room. Make sure who he’s with is there on the same level until he knows who he is.”

“Well, this has certainly been enlightening. Girls are so much easier.”

“Yes, well I’ll keep that in mind if I ever have a girl kissing a girl at eleven. I take it that Will and Sebastian have been playing then by all this?”

“Yes he says he will be living with you also as soon as his father finds out he is gay too.”

“Ah, well I guess it’s about time for us to have a talk with him. It’s a terrible thing. His parents only know one thing and the possibility of being gay isn’t it.”

“He knows that, he says he won’t tell them. He wants to see them as long as possible.”

“How sad that he has had to reason that out; he should only know love right now. Ah! Well, some children’s parents, you know. Mind helping me set up for tea?”

“Delighted. So they are really going to try and eat this blindfolded?”

“It is a marvelous exercise in futility. I defy any one to survive it unscathed. We may have to get a hose pipe and launder them in the garden. Oh, better do the bread.” He said sticking the buttered bread into the oven. “Right then, I think we will need two more blindfolds; One for Will and one for Sebastian. I won’t be a mo!”

Chet left the room and paused at the bottom of the stairs. “Miles, Jamie? It’s time for tea, wash up all!”

The boy’s came running. Well running as fast as a blind kid can run anyways. Jamie already had his blindfold in place and Will and Sebastian were hand in hand just ahead of them.

Annie came out to watch. She leaned over to Sebastian, “hey, that kissing thing we were talking about?”

“Ya?” he whispered hopefully.

“It’s just fine. You guys can kiss all you want.”

“What about foolin’ around, you know, other stuff.” He asked almost dancing.

“Well sure but I don’t want to see it, boys are yuk.”

“We are not, girls are.” He giggled.

“O.k., ready for your blindfold?”

“No wait.” He leaned over and kissed Will. “I wanted to do it while I could still see his lips.”

“Seeing where they are saps all the fun of it!” Miles said. He and Jamie were still on the steps.

“You must be Miles, and you then are Jamie Will’s Gay brother linked up with the blind kid, nephew of the spy.”

The room went silent on that last word.

“Yes well you know kids, any parent who works for the government must be one. I myself had a grandfather who was launched from a torpedo tube into Germany and almost single handedly ended the Second Great War.”

“I’m Annie, Sebastian’s mom.”

“Wow you sure learned a lot in a real short time didn’t you,” Jamie said glad that he couldn’t see her face. “Well as miles and Chet would say, Right in one. I love the way they talk.” Well let’s go in then, Annie why not lead Will and Sebastian to the other side of the table and I’ll install these two on this. You can have one end and I’ll sit closest to the food so that I may serve. I know these boys are going to want seconds. Now who wants milk?”

“Me please.” Will chimed in.

“Me too,” Sebastian said then hearing his mother clear her throat added, “Please.”

“Jamie and I both want milk too please.”


“I’m good with my tea thank you.”

OK, now there is a glass of milk at two o’clock in front of each of you. There is no plate there yet so feel where it is. Careful don’t knock it over looking for it. OK, it looks like everyone found it alright so now hands in your laps for a moment and let me serve the plates up.”

“That garlic toast smells smashing Chet.” Miles quipped almost salivating.

Chet served up the garlic bread and spaghetti. “Alright now it’s a bit hot so go slowly. Forks are on the right Garlic Toast at noon. Miles why don’t you say the grace?”

“God is great, God is good and we thank him for our food Amen.”

“Nicely done, tuck in boys.”

Miles of course led the way by stabbing a clump and twirling it around the fork. Jamie followed suit first lightly touching the food on his plate to picture where it was located then licking the sauce off his fingers.

“Oh Chet, I forgot to ask, this isn’t my Spikes and Teddy Bears t-shirt is it?”

“No it’s your Guns and Roses shirt.”

“Oh rats I forgot about that one. Well as long as it’s not my Spikes and Teddy Bears one I guess I can live with a little spaghetti on it.”

“I think it’ll wash Jamie. Now you dinners turning ice.” Chet looked at Annie and nodded to Will and Sebastian. Will has taken to scooping up spaghetti with his fork and with the free hand pinching it in place on the end of the fork while moving it to his mouth. Sebastian on the other hand abandoned the fork all together and was picking up each strand and holding it up like a long worm above his mouth, then getting the end and slurping it in complete with the whip across the face at the end as it makes it’s snakes tongue movement.

He was wearing almost as much as he was eating. Will had borrowed a t-shirt from Jamie because he didn’t have a spare set of clothes so still wearing his eyepatch swimming suit and a t-shirt he continued to attack his dinner with ferocity.

“Jamie, what does your Spikes and Teddy Bears T-shirt look like, exactly?”

Jamie froze at the implications and winced. “A group of three teddy bears with spiked collars behind their instruments. Two guitars and a drummer.”

“Right, well I am sorry to say it appears to be a casualty.”

“Ohhhhh! Man! That sucks.”

“Well, done is done. We’ll see what we can do when it’s all said and done.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Jamie. I really am. I didn’t mean to.” Will said quietly. “And you have so little now.”

“Hey, Will don’t worry about it. They’re on the way out anyways. No sweat bud.”

“Look, give it to me tonight when we’re done. I’m pretty good at getting these things cleaned up. Who knows maybe we’ll get lucky.” Annie said.

A slurping sound signaled that Sebastian just achieved another strand of pasta.

Chet and Annie laughed as they witnessed the different styles of wearing spaghetti.

“Uncle Chet, do we have a serviette?” Miles asked.

“A what?” Sebastian and Will said in unison.

“A serviette of course, what do you wipe your mugs with?” miles shot back.

“Do we have mugs? I thought these were glasses of milk,” Will said reaching for his glass of milk with a hand covered in tomato sauce.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” Miles said. With what do you clean your face with; the Garlic toast?” He laughed.

“Oh ya, exactly Will said picking up his garlic bread and dabbing his mouth with it.” Annie and Chet, roared.

“Miles we call them Napkins.” Jamie said.

Miles gasped, and leaned in almost at a whisper. “You didn’t just say that in front of a lady and at the dinner table as well did you?”

“Yes, why should that be an issue? You think they go around with spaghetti on their faces?” Jamie laughed.

“Jamie a ‘Napkin’ is used for feminine hygiene. A serviette is used to clean the face.”

“Miles, It is no wonder we kicked your butts back to England. You guys make everything so difficult. Why can’t you just speak English!” Jamie said knowing he had just pushed what was bound to be a launch button.

“I’ll have you know that it is I who speak the queens English and not some bastardized gibberish that was developed here, by a bunch of talking baboons that were so much trouble the King, in his infinite wisdom cut loose of because they were too much trouble. They were nothing but prisoners and reprobates anyways!”

“Indeed!” Jamie said in his best British accent.

“Yes, Indeed!” Will said trying to do a British accent.

“Yes Indeed!” Sebastian added. Then he asked in a normal voice, “What’s a reprobate?”

“The room erupted in laughter.”

“It’s someone who has a bad reputation,” Annie said.

“Desert anyone? We have ice cream and I think there is a bit of spotted dick left. Sebastian would you like a little spotted dick?” Chet asked.

Sebastian just sat and stared through his blindfold towards Chet. He could see his confusion. He finally found the courage to speak.

“Thank you sir I like mine just fine plain. Is that an English thing? I never thought about them looking different. Miles can I see your’s?”

The room erupted in laughter.

“It’s a sweet you silly.” miles said blushing.

“Well I’ve never even tasted a plain one yet so how would I know?”

Jamie squealed in laughter sliding off his chair to the floor. Annie was in tears and Chet was wiping the tears from his eyes. Will laughed but was still as clueless as Sebastian.

“It’s just a name for a holiday desert.” Miles said. “We usually only have it at Christmas time but Aunt Margie got a new recipe and wanted to give it a go. Chet, why don’t you give him a little taste of your spotted dick?”

Jamie screamed in laughter causing the rest to laugh too. “Yes Chet, why don’t you just whack, . . .oh wait your English you have to wank him off a piece of your little spotted dick?”

“Alright, let’s call this experiment done and you four go jump in the shower. Annie can Sebastian spend the night? We can get them mucked out and in sleep shirts. Then we can have some desert.”

“Yes, I’m sure that will be alright. Sebastian would you like that?”

“Oh yes please!” He squealed dancing in circles keeping one foot in place while wiggling his tiny but as he danced. He was covered in spaghetti and Chet snatched off all the blindfolds. Off you go, no touching anything on the way please. Jamie can lead you these two walking plates of spaghetti up to the washroom please?

Will I’ll call your parents and work on getting their permission while you are in the shower.”

“Hang on a moment Annie while I make the call.” He got the cell phone out of his pocket and pushed the number seven on the speed dial. “Hello, yes is this Will’s mother? Yes, this is Chet, Charlie has asked that Will be permitted to spend the night here with his brother. . .What’s that? Yes he is still gay. You do realize that he is not likely to change don’t you?

Are you attending your classes? Are you staying the least bit awake during them? Yes, well let me put it to you this way. Charlie said that if you did not agree that I should call him and he would stop by and talk to you personally. Would you rather?

Of course not, I agree he is a busy man and shouldn’t be bothered over such triflings. But really he is so happy to do it. You know how much he fancies a visit with you. . . Yes, imagine my surprise at that. Thank you for seeing it my way; there will be no punishment for his staying, is that clear? Good, I’ll be checking. Thank you so much for your care, concern and of course your deep compassion.” (Click)

Chet glared at the phone. “Well that went well. It was the first time I have had to deal with them. Too sad it isn’t going to be the last.”

“That sounded just awful.” Annie said clutching her tea.

“Yes, well it amazes me that such an oaf could sire these two beautiful children. And it’s such a heart break because these two kids really love them, faults and all.”

“That’s normal. Good, bad or indifferent, our parents are our parents.”

“I supposed but it gripes me to see someone treat a child like that. Let me get some shirts for the boys.”


Chet listened to the giggles coming out of the bathroom as he approached the door. It was a delightful sound.  He knocked three time and the room went silent. He opened the door, “Here are sleep shirts you may wear. Will, I spoke with your parents and they have agreed that you may stay. So get clean and we’ll be downstairs for desert.”

Chet closed the door with four dancing boys all trying to get under the single shower head. Jamie kissed Miles.

“Let us get cleaned and out of your way.” Miles said.

“Here let me get your hair clean while Miles washes up.” Jamie said to Sebastian. He took the cloth and lathered it up and cleaned his face being very careful not to get it into his eyes. He dabbed a little Shampoo in his hand and lathered up his hair. Will watched with growing concern while he watched Sebastian’s little pecker start to grow.

“Done, Miles said edging his way around the tub to the door so he could exit. Jamie scooped Sebastian up and pulled him under the showerhead and he sputtered as the water covered his face.

“Just keep your eyes closed for a minute.” Jamie said. “Miles, throw a towel over the top would you?”

“Delighted to be of service,” Miles said pitching a towel over the top. Jamie Grabbed the corner of it and dried Sebastian’s eyes. Will had moved under the spray and moved in to here his little tool was just touching the cheeks of Jamie’s ass.

“Hey, watch what you are doing with that thing.” Jamie said with a little jump. Jamie stood up with his hard dick pointing straight up. Sebastian’s eyes got big looking at it and he reached for his hardening prick. His three inches of uncut boy stood tall but still hidden behind the extra skin of his foreskin.

“Yours looks different than mine.” Sebastian said reaching out for it.

“Uh, ya, yours is uncircumcised. See, they are the same only different. When we were little the doctor cut the extra skin off. Either is ok. They are the same only different.”

“Ouch!” Sebastian scrunched up his nose. “That would hurt!”

“Ya, I guess but we don’t remember it so it must not have been too bad.”

“But why?”

“Don’t know. I never asked. Some do and some don’t.”

“Well I’m voting to keep it.” Sebastian said.

“Great, why don’t you let me out and you two finish up. Then come downstairs. Don’t forget to hang up the towels.”

Jamie got out and the two boys moved together. Will turned the knob to make it a little warmer as he pulled Sebastian into him. Their stiff little stems bumping against each other. The glass in the door obscured the clear view of the bodies in the enclosure but Jamie could see Will kneeling down and moving his head forward.

“Ugh! Oh golly! Oh my goodness.” Sebastian said and Jamie could see the slightly obscured outline grab hold of Will’s head and begin to slowly move his little round butt forward. Then a little faster. Jamie looked at Miles who was sitting quietly and grinning. Jamie smiled and continued to dry himself and was enjoying watching this young boy get his first blow job. He rocked forward and back and started to grunt rhythmically as his little balls slapped against Will’s chin. The rhythm increased and his posture began to tense up as his knees bent slightly he thrust forward three times and he froze with his head leaned back and his hips thrust forward, before collapsing into the bottom of the tub.

It was a moment or two before he spoke. “Wow! That was awesome. Now let me try you.”

“I did too, already. Let’s get some desert and you can do me later.” Will said giggling.

Jamie and Miles knew there would be little sleep this night and they quietly looked forward to the slurping noises they were sure they would hear later on. Jamie gathered up the clothes and took them downstairs. The shirts provided were Charlie’s and Chet’s and hung down almost to the boys knees on Jamie and Miles and well below on Will and Sebastian. They all came down and sat on the couch, knees stuffed up under the shirt to keep warm. Chet brought plates of Spotted Dick and ice cream and served them all. Annie gathered up the clothes and put them in a trash bag to take with her.

“I’ve got all the spaghetti clothes with me and I’ll wash them tonight. I can bring them back in the morning. Around nine-ish alright?”

“That would be wonderful but you really don’t have to.” Chet said smiling.

“It’s no bother and I think I may have some fluid to try and get the spaghetti out of the two shirts for Jamie.”

“Alright but have a seat and some desert first, I need to get some paper anyways to get your number and so you have mine.”

“Alright, I’m rather curious what Spotted . . . you know, tastes like.” Annie said starting the giggle fest again. She sat down in the chair trying not to look at al the little sprouts standing up in front of her. And Sebastian couldn’t take his eyes off of Will. How sweet, she thought, passion in innocence.

Chet returned giving her the pad and pen and tilting a pen forward for her to take and write her information down. Chet knelt down beside her and he saw what her view was. A row of little stiff pricks and four boys staring in couples.

“Sweet isn’t it? I love watching it. Watching them grow and watching them find themselves.”

“It is very sweet.” She said handing the paper back. “I better get going I have some laundry to deal with before I turn in. This was delightful. I can’t wait to meet Margie.”

“She should be back in a few days, I am sure you will like her.”

“Thanks for the desert. In the morning then?”

“I’ll put the kettle on.”


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