Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 9

Chet walked Charlie out to his car and Miles returned to Jamie and Will and they ate their sandwiches.

“Right then, let’s get changed into our new suits and go for a dip.”

“But I don’t have one,” Will sighed.

“No worries, I have an extra one that will fit you perfectly. I had to buy two when we shopped, thanks to your brother and his warped sense of humor.”

“What do you mean his warped sense of humor?”

“Come on and I’ll explain while we get changed.”

The boys went up to the room and Miles grabbed the three eye patch swim suits they purchased the day they were beaten and sent to the hospital.

“Holy smokes! Is that it? It looks like you aren’t wearing almost anything. And you tried these things on in the store? Where everyone could see you and all? Crimeny, I’m getting hard just thinking about it. Being naked in front of all those people. I mean, didn’t you guys get hard?”

“Of course! I was horny as hell and I kissed Miles on the neck. That’s why you got a new suit. He was trying on the small one and blew his load. I thought the sales guy was going to loose his nut too.”

“And what about that little kid and his brother? Even the little kid lost his load. That was his first too, Chris said. He had to explain it to him.”

“Well, let’s get them on and we can walk down to the pool in them. You can strut your stuff through the neighborhood and maybe give one of the old biddies around here a heart attack.”

“I think I’m gonna bust a string just thinkin’ about it,” Will said.

“So what about it, Will? You going to play the game properly or continue to cheat? You’ll learn nothing if you take it off every time it get’s a bit dodgy.”

“I’ll play fair, I promise.”

“You needn’t if it is not to your interest, but you’ll need to not help your brother so he can find out properly. But you don’t have to.”

“No, I want to. Honest I will. I promise not to take it off no matter what. Well, except an emergency of course.”

“Very well then, get your eye patch on and I’ll tie your blindfold back in place.”

“Damn, you guys look hot.”

“Come here, we’ll have to take your word for it. Ready for the blindfold?”

“Yeah, but it’s a shame to waste a beautiful site such as you guys.”

“But it’s not wasted. We just have to look at it a different way,” he said as he and Jamie ran their hands over the now dancing and giggling boy until he was positively squealing in desperation.

“Come now, then,” Miles said, touching his arm and following it to his hand and pulling him up. You take hold of Jamie’s arm and he can take mine or place a hand on his shoulder and follow along. I only have this single spare cane so one of you can use it going and the other on the return. Here is how to use it. For the most part just move it as wide as your feet from left to right. Not too wide or you may miss something or you may trip me up. Be careful not to get it stuck in something and break it.”

“Hey, don’t we have to cross the street to get there?”


“Shouldn’t I take my blindfold off until we get across?” Will asked, a little apprehension dawning as they started down the stairs and out the front door.

“Off to the pool Chet, back in a bit.” Jamie yelled as they crossed the threshold and out into the warm sunshine.

“Will, how do you think I do it? I can’t just become un-blind when I want to.”

“But it’s dangerous.”

“No, it’s scary a bit, but not particularly dangerous. There is a traffic signal there. Just trust me and I’ll get us there safely, I promise. Will, the whole idea here is to see what it is like. Life isn’t scary for me; well, not usually. I mean, there are times. But for the most part it isn’t. I just do things a little differently than you.”

“Oh. But how do you know when the light is right?”

“Come on and I’ll show you. Some crosswalks make sounds but this one doesn’t. Watch your step here, there is a big rock so walk round about left and we’ll be in the cue for the crosswalk. Will, come here and push the button.”

Will whispered in Jamie’s ear, “I love the way he talks.”

“Me too,” Jamie whispered back

“There’s nothing wrong with my ears you know, or the way I say things. Now, can you hear the traffic going by?”

“Yeah, it’s a little scary. They sound so close.”

“There, did you hear it? They stopped. Come on.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, but hurry. They’ll not wait if you don’t move along.”

As they got to the other side traffic resumed. “There, did you hear them start up again?”

“Yes. But what do you do if you are going to cross and there aren’t any cars coming that you can listen to?”

“You hope they see the white cane and don’t run your arse over,” Miles said with a chuckle.

“OK, be careful, there’s a railing and some steps. Count them and remember for the return. Feel the end of the railing. That means the end of the steps. Listen to your voice echo off the walls. It might tell you that you are just at a landing or you might be at the door. And it’s important to know which. Ah, here we are. Oh lord, they must have just cleaned the pool. I can smell the chlorine already and we aren’t even in the locker room yet. Good thing I have my nose binder.”

“I don’t smell it.” Will said, sniffing.

“Yeah well, you don’t have his English super sniffer either.”

Will laughed, “Haha super sniffer!”

“Careful or I’ll lead you into the ladies knitting circle and leave you there wearing that eye patch. Come on, we’ll leave the canes in here. Jamie, do you remember where the towels are stacked?”

“Uh yeah, I think so. They should be right over . . . here. Hey! I got it right!”

“There you go, see what I was saying? You followed your map and found them straight away. Ok, so now, why not take us to the pool. Remember the weight bench.”

“Oh, right I would have forgotten.”

“Well go slow, you never know if they’ve rearranged things or maybe left a weight on the floor since we were here last.” Miles said, putting his nose binder on. Jamie led the way, running his left hand across the glass panels as he slid his feet lightly across the carpet, not wanting to bang his shins if something was in the way. They finally came to the pool area door.

“Will, this end of the pool is shallow and the other end is the deep end so try and remember where you are. Can you swim?”

“Like a fish.”

“Good, then let’s get in. It’s only a little over a meter right here, so no diving Will.”

“Alright,” Will said, as he jumped in grabbing his knees to do a cannon ball, trying to splash the others. “It’s so warm! It’s almost like a bath.”

“Let’s play Marco Polo. I’ll be it first.” Jamie said. “Oh Will, we play that you have to grab the other guy and then kiss him and guess who it is. So I’m gonna start. Marco”

“Polo,” came the calls echoing back off the tile walls. Jamie swam towards Will. He stopped and listened for movement.


“Polo.” He was close. He listened and then he heard him and dove for him. He felt the skinny arms and reached around and grabbed his hardening little pencil and pulled him squealing through the water. Wrapping his legs around him, he pulled him into a kiss while gently stroking his rock hard stick.

“That’s got to be Will.”

“Hey, I think I like this version. I don’t even mind being it. Go, while I count to ten.”

“. . 9, 10. Marco!”

“Polo.” He swam towards the closest voice and stopped, listening. Then someone sneezed to his left and he dove, grabbing hold of his victim by the arm. He reached down and felt the tight stomach muscles suck in as his hand brushed down and swiftly grabbed his rock hard dick. Having his prize, he began to stroke as he leaned in and found lips eager to find his. The kiss lasted a bit.

“Damn Miles that was some kiss.” Whispering, he said,” and your dick is rock hard. I would love to taste it.”

“My name’s Sebastian, so I think you’re still it. But would you mind catching me some more first?” He leaned in and kissed Will again and this time his hand found Will’s throbbing little wick and he returned the favor.

Their kiss broke. “Oh shit,” Will whispered, nose to nose. Then he said a little louder, “Uh Miles, is this one of those emergency things where I can take my blindfold off? I just kissed someone not in the game.” He still had his legs wrapped around Sebastian and his hands now around his neck. He could feel Sebastian’s pony bumping at the gate as his buoyant little ass bounced on it.

“Ooops,” Miles laughed. “Are you alright?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m very alright.” Will said as Sebastian moved into shallower water to keep from sliding into the deep end. That made Will land a little lower and a little harder on Sebastian’s now mindlessly undulating prick. Sebastian’s slim piece slid right past his strings and inside Will’s ring about two inches. Will gasped and pulling his legs tight slammed Sebastian tightly into his ass.

Sebastian whimpered. Turning Will against the side of the pool, he began involuntarily fucking. His rocking became faster and Will began to whimper as he gasped for air and pulled Sebastian into a hug. He kissed and sucked on his neck as his little fingers found one of his nipples. He rolled it between his two fingers, feeling it turn to a rock hard point as Sebastian bucked and screamed a boy scream of release. He filled Will’s ass with his first ever serving of boy gravy. Will, feeling the pulsing in his ass, shot between them as he continued to suck on his neck.

Sebastian came to his senses and panicked. What had he done! He pulled away from Will as he began crying. He jumped up on the side of the pool and bolted for the locker room. He was gone.

“Shit, where’d he go!” Will was splashing around listening.

“Come on, we’ll find him.” Miles said, as they all jumped up on the side of the pool and made for the locker room, toweling themselves off as they went. “Lose the blindfolds guys, this is pretty important. He sounded really scared.” They got back into the locker room and could hear the lonely echo of a young boy crying. They followed it to the showers where they found a beautiful lithe body curled up in the corner, his arms wrapped around his knees. Will moved in slowly. Taking him in his arms, he pulled him up to his feet, whispering, “It’s ok. You got nothing to be upset about.”

The boy, gasping for enough air to speak, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I’ve never done that before.” Will hugged him as Jamie tapped Miles on his shoulder, “Come on, let’s let them sort it out,” and they retreated for the locker room.

“Sebastian, look at me. It’s OK, I did it too. See, here on your chest. Haven’t you ever shot before?”

Sebastian shook his head no.

“It felt great didn’t it?”

He looked up at Will’s smiling face and began to grin to.

“I,” (he stammered) “I just couldn’t stop. It was like I wasn’t in my body anymore, and someone else just took over. The next thing I knew, there was this burning and it kept getting bigger and I thought I was gonna die or something ‘cause I couldn’t stop it. Then when it . . . did it, I thought you were going to be mad, so I ran. I didn’t know what to do.”

“Well, it was great and I really had a good time. If anyone should be saying I’m sorry it’s me. I mean, I grabbed you by your thing and kissed you, not even knowing I had the wrong guy. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Well, I was alone, so I figured to go skinny dippin’. I mean, usually its only old folks around here and half are too blind to see and the other half don’t care. Normally, I would just jump up on the side and grab my towel and wrap it around me before anyone noticed, but then you guys came in and those suits and they are so hot. At first, I just wanted to watch and I was going to sneak out before any of you saw that I didn’t have a suit on. But then, I saw that boy catch you and saw what he did and I couldn’t move. I sorta wanted to see more so I stayed really quiet until I sneezed. I tried to sneeze quietly so maybe you wouldn’t hear it, but then you did and the next thing I knew you had hold of Jiminy Cricket and were trying to suck my tongue down your throat. . . You’re a really good kisser.”

“Just takes practice. Let’s wash us off of us,” Will said, turning the knob, but the water blasted them both cold and they squealed those boy squeals, dancing to get out of the cold and then it turned warm and they settled into each others arms again. “You wanna try some more of that kissing?” Will asked.

“Yeah,” Sebastian whispered, leaning forward again. As they kissed, their bodies came closer and their twigs rubbed gently against each other, springing to new heights. “Look, we’re the same size. How old are you?”

“Eleven,” Will said. “Just last week.”

“I’ll be eleven tomorrow.”

“Wow, you havin’ a party?”

“No, we’re here visiting grandma. We don’t know anyone here.” Will took the soap and soaped up young Sebastian and when he got to his butt he shivered when he ran his fingers over his pucker.

“Hey, did that hurt?”

“Did what hurt?”

“You know when my Jiminy Cricket went up your butt.”

“Why do you call it your Jiminy Cricket?”

“Well it jumps a lot, so Mom always called it that. So did it?”

“Nope ‘cause we’re about the same size and me and my friend Nelson did stuff just the other day, so I knew to not tighten up. You have to push out like you’re tryin’ to poop and it makes it so it doesn’t hurt a lot.”

“Can you do it to me?”

“Sometime, sure.”

“No, I mean, you know, like now maybe. I wanna feel it too and I don’t know when we are going back.”

Will needed no more urging, the thought of it going in there made his twig throb.

“Maybe you should name yours Jiminy Cricket too.” He said, looking at Will’s throbbing piece.

“Ok, let me slick you up with some soap,” and he placed the tip of his hot rod between his cheeks. “Your going to have to squat down while I get on my knees so it can reach it.” He pushed forward a little and the tip popped in. Sebastian gasped. “Blow out and push like you’re poopin’.” He dropped to his hands and knees and leaned down with his head on his hands. He felt the hot water trickle past the intruder and drip off his balls. The sensation made him quiver.

“Tell me when you are used to it and I’ll go in more.”

His eyes looked big as he looked between his legs to try and see without the water getting into his eyes, “There’s more?”

“Yeah, and it feels totally awesome once it’s all the way in.”

“Ok, go ahead, but go slow. Oh! Shit!”

Will’s mound nestled neatly between Sebastian’s little cheeks. He saw Will’s balls hanging right behind his. He reached back with a hand to feel them.

“Hey, what are you doing? Oh that feels cool. Are you ready now?” Will asked, already starting to pull back.

“Ready for what . . . ooooh, damn that feels good.” He shivered when Will ran over his magic spot. “What was that?!”

“You mean this?” Will said, running it over it again, making him shiver.

“Yeah, oh God, that is fantastic.”

Will found the right spot and leaned back and tilted his dick up, began to short stroke him over his prostate. He trembled and whimpered and trembled and grabbed for his dick which pulsed wave after wave and Will flipped him over on his back and took his dick into his mouth and sucked him down to the bottom. Sebastian grabbed his head and dug his heels into the floor and arched way up as he humped two more squirts into his waiting sucking mouth.

“Oh Shit! What are you doing? Oh God that felt so cool! Let me try.” He rolled over on his knees and began to suck on Will’s well engorged still throbbing shaft.

Will had been seconds away from his orgasm before he pulled out and sucked Sebastian down so he was ready when Sebastian tried to suck him inside out and let lose with two quick blasts, and Sebastian had his first taste. They lay there in a heap of spent boy, twitching as the needle sharp spray from the shower now attacked the boy’s ultra sensitive glands. Will pulled Sebastian to him. Smiling, he kissed him again, sharing their flavors.

“You taste good.” Will said when they broke.

“You tasted sweet. I like your flavor.” They rinsed off and dried themselves. Sebastian got his cargo shorts out of his locker and put them on as they all proceeded back towards the house. Jamie, now back in his blindfold and Sebastian and Will holding hands, following.

“How come you guys were wearing blindfolds?”

“We wanted to know what it was like for Miles.”

“You mean he can’t see anything?”

Miles turned around, “But my hearing is just fine. Hi, I’m Miles,” he said, holding out his hand to shake with Sebastian. “I’m Jamie. Will’s my little brother.”

“Hey, I’m not so little anymore you know.”

“Ooops. Sorry. You’re right. But, you’ll always be my little brother.”

“So is what ever made him blind what makes him talk so funny too?”

Jamie laughed so hard he had to stop. He was doubled over. “Yep, and as soon as he can see again, his speech will straighten right out too.”

Will laughed and pulled Sebastian to him, “No. Jamie is just kiddin’. Miles is an English boy from England. They all talk weird like that from there.”

Miles stopped dead in his tracks and turned. “I’ll have you know we were speaking English quite properly while Americans were working out how to ask for a turkey sandwich from the Indians!”

“Are they all that touchy about it over there?” Sebastian whispered.

“Don’t know.  He’s the first one I’ve ever met.”

“He sounds kinda cool though.”

“Yeah, he can really sound sexy when he whispers.”

Miles turned around and in his quietest voice said, “You can all kiss my bloody arse!”

“See, I told yeah,” Will said, and Jamie couldn’t take anymore as he fell at Miles’s feet laughing.

“Come along now. Round about left, don’t stub your toe on the village idiot.” Miles said in mock annoyance. Will and Sebastian helped get the still blindfolded Jamie to his feet and up to the light where Miles was waiting.

“So why don’t you put your blindfold back on?” Sebastian asked, still holding Will’s hand.

“Are you kidding? The last time I did that, I kissed a perfect stranger?”

“Well thanks but most think I’m just average, but was it a bad thing?”

“Good point and I don’t.”

“You don’t what?”

“Think you’re average.” And with that, Sebastian’s chest swelled a little as they followed Jamie and Miles across the road.

Coming to the house Miles paused, “Sebastian won’t you come in? Perhaps you can stay for dinner. We are having blindfolded spaghetti. Would you like that? Normally, I would ask Chet first but spaghetti is so easy and there is always plenty.”

Sebastian thought for a moment. He thought it strange that Miles lived with someone he called by his first name, but those are questions he really didn’t need the answers to.

“Please, you’ll have a great time,” Will pleaded, seeing his hesitation.

“Well, if you’re sure that it would be alright. I’ll need to call momma but I don’t have grandma’s number.”

“Well, why not have Will walk down to your gram’s house and ask her in person. Then, if she wants to talk to someone Will has the numbers and can answer any questions she has.”

“A great idea!” Sebastian smiled. “We’ll be right back.” And the two of them took off, running down the street.

“Let’s go in and get cleaned up. I can’t stand the chlorine smell.”

“You mean a blind shower? Clean by touch?”

“Are you always this horny?” Miles asked, laughing.

“Uh yeah, as a matter of fact I am. Especially after watching my little brother get it on and Sebastian is really cute.”

“Cute huh? Looking to trade me in are you? Maybe a younger model? One with better options? Maybe a sighted one.” Miles asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Are you jealous?”

“Me, jealous? Of what? An eleven year old. No, what would make you say a thing like that?”

“Well then, where did that come from?”

“Hello Chet?” Miles hollered, ignoring the question.

“Yes Miles, in here?” Chet said from the kitchen.

“Uncle Chet we met a young chap at the pool Will’s age. Alright if he comes for spaghetti tonight?”

“Of course, I’ll set a place. Is he here now?”

“No, he and Will ran down to check with his Mom. I knew you wouldn’t mind as it was spaghetti so I took liberties.”

“No worries Miles, you guessed right. Margie is still at her Mum’s place. She left yesterday because she said the sink was stopped up and when she got there her house was in a state. So she has been cleaning up and trying to talk her into an assisted center, but the old bird won’t have it, so we may be bachelors for a week or so. That means we have to take up the slack, so whatever you boys can do to minimize the messes will help.”

“Sure, is she going to be alright?”

“Oh yes, but she’s getting up there Miles, and at that age they forget things and get confused easily.”

“Of course,” Miles said smartly. “It’s to be expected.” But it made him think, and maybe for the first time consider his own mortality. He had to face the tragedy of his parents but that’s different than watching someone you love waste away.

“Right. Well, we’re going to go shower and get the chlorine off.”

“Right, nice swim suits you’ve almost got on there boys. First time I’ve seen those on you. Very sexy.”

“Wait till we tell you how Will met Sebastian!”

“Shit!” Jamie exclaimed, turning to Miles. “Will’s still in his suit too! And no towel to hide behind either.”


“Hi baba!” Sebastian said loudly in his grandmother’s ear and then he kissed her on the cheek.

Baba was a very old wrinkled up lady sitting in front of her TV with a very large afghan draped across her lap. She had a very large crochet hook and was busy working away. She had a sparkle in her eyes and she shook badly as she placed an arm around Sebastian and kissed his temple.

Sebastian’s ran his hand over the afghan, “That’s beautiful, grandmother.”

She smiled, “Thank you child. Oh, you have a naked boy with you!” Will had turned to look around the house and to give Sebastian a little privacy with his grandmother. Her eyesight was not good to begin with but those strings all but disappeared in the back. Will turned around and faced her, blushing.

Sebastian took Will by the hand and pulled him closer to his grandmother. Speaking loud again he said, “Grandma this is my friend Will. His new swim suit just looks like it’s not there.” She reached an arm out to Will and he stepped closer and she pulled him in closer and also kissed him on the temple.

Then turning him around, she muttered, “Well ain’t that something? Just held up by these little strings!” As her shaking hands felt the strings, Will blushed even more as her inspections caused him to fill his eye patch even more. While his grandmother was finishing her inspections of the small patch of material that was now considered a swimming suit and of course not missing the opportunity of running a loving grandmotherly hand over those ever so cute buns, Sebastian called his mother and she came into the room. Will, now conscious of the view from the back spun around as grandmother was trying to tighten his bow in the back. He pulled it before she was done and it sprung loose. He stood there, erect with his eye patch laying at his feet.

Blushing terribly, he reached down and grabbed it from the floor and held it with both hands over his boyhood. Sebastian just smiled and blushed too when Mom caught his staring.

“Uh, hi, Mrs. Sebastian’s Mom. Uh, do you have a bathroom I could use for a moment? I seem to have become unstrung.”

Sebastian put his arm around his shoulder and escorted him down the hall. She smiled, covering her grin as she watched his naked buns dimple as walked down the hall. She turned to look at her mother who was leaning to look down the hall with an ear to ear grin. She cackled, “Nekid as a j-bird. Someone convinced that boy’s mother that that is a swimming suit. Good lord, my pin cushions bigger. But he is a cutie isn’t he?”

She looked down the hall and looked at Sebastian leaning against the open doorframe. His gaze was not eye to eye. Without thinking, he adjusted himself first from outside then he reached into his shorts from the top. Then she watched as two buns emerged partially in the doorway and then Sebastian tied his waist string. Then, he tried to bend over and get the bottom string. As he grabbed the string from the top, close to his package, his hand released string as he fed it into his butt crack. He quickly tied it at the top and found that he was again tenting and needed to adjust things. He leaned in the door and she couldn’t tell, but it looked like he was kissing. It could have been talking, but it really looked like they were kissing. She wished his father was there. Is it alright for boys to kiss at eleven? She was clueless. But reacting badly here could be major.

They returned from the bathroom, both still fully tenting. She smiled, “Let’s try that again. Hi, I’m Annie, Sebastian’s mom and I’m sorry I was distracted a little, what was your name again?”

He blushed. “Sebastian. No! He’s Sebastian, I’m Will.”

She wasn’t going to let him off easily, this was too much fun and he was just too cute. “That’s really a nice swim suit. Did your Mom get that for you?”

“No, it’s not mine. I’m just visiting, too. It’s my brother’s boyfriend’s. He loaned it to me.”

“How old is your brother?”

“He’s twelve almost thirteen. He’s staying with Miles’ family ‘cause he’s gay and my mom and dad think old school. They were really mean to him, but now everything is alright. I guess I’ll be moving in with them soon too, as soon as my dad finds out that I’m gay too.”

“Oh, you haven’t told them yet?”

“No, I want to be able to see my Mom and dad as long as I can. I love them. But I know what they will be like when they find out. They locked my brother in the basement and wouldn’t let me see him and he had to eat down there and they made him get a job for lunch money. I cried a lot. So no, I won’t tell them. Not yet. Charlie is making them go to sensitivity classes so they can learn about gay kids.”


“Yeah, he’s like Miles’s uncle and he went over and made it so Jamie could stay with Miles.”

“And Miles is Jamie’s boyfriend?”

“Yeah, and he can’t see.” Sebastian said, cutting in.

“Miles is blind?”

“Yeah and he talks funny.”

“What do you mean, he talks funny?”

“He’s an English boy from England.”

“So mom, can I?”

“Can you what?”

“Oh sorry, forgot to say. They invited me for blind spaghetti tonight?”

“What’s blind spaghetti?”

“Well, Jamie was wanting to know what it was like to be blind, so we have had blindfolds on learning how it is for Miles. Like crossing the street to go to the pool.”

“You crossed the street blindfolded?”

“Well, Miles led us and he’s been blind since he saw his parents die in a car wreck when he was five, so he knows all about it. It wasn’t hard either. You have to listen for the cars. So anyways, he asked Uncle Chet if they could have spaghetti tonight and we are going to try and eat dinner blindfolded.”

“So, you are going to try and eat spaghetti blindfolded?”

“I guess so.”

“This is a lot of information. Tell you what. Why don’t you show Will your playstation,  and while he is having his turn, you come back here so we can have a little talk? Then I’ll make my decision.”

Sebastian just looked at her for a moment, then he spoke, “Sure, I’ll be right back.” His voice was suddenly very little. He led Will to his room and started up his playstation.

“What’s wrong? Are you in trouble?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we shouldn’t have told her about crossing the street blindfolded. Maybe she thinks we are going to try and do other stuff blindfolded and get hurt. I don’t know, but here, I don’t have a lot of games ‘cause mom won’t buy me bloody ones. You play and I’ll go find out what she wants to talk about.”

Returning to the dining room, his mother sat nursing a cup of coffee. He walked up to her. His look was one of concern.

“Mom, I wasn’t blindfolded when we crossed the street. Honest. It was just Jamie.”

“Honey, that’s alright. He seems like a really nice boy. You like him a lot, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do,” he said, playing with the fringe on the table cloth and not looking up, other than an occasional glance to see where she was looking.

“That swimming suit is really tiny, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe Gradma untied his strings,” he said, now starting to smile and blush a bit. “Gosh, I’ll bet he was really embarrassed.”

“He’s cute when he blushes, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he sure did turn red, didn’t he.”

“I’ll bet he’s a really good kisser too.”

“Oh yeah, he is. . .” He realized she tricked him and turned crimson. “Mom, you tricked me. How did you know?”

“Mom’s know these things. And I saw you stick your head in the door and steal a kiss.”

“Oh,” he said sheepishly. “So, am I in trouble? Is it wrong for us to kiss?”

His mom smiled. “I wish your dad was here. I don’t know about these things, but I think maybe I’ll walk up with you boys and meet Uncle Chet; but how about we slow up a bit on the kissing and stuff until we get some more information.”

“Sure mom, I’ll go get him.” Walking towards the room, he looked over his shoulder with a devilish grin. “Slower kissing’s way better anyways.” And he disappeared into the room.


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