Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 8

“It’ll be good to be out of here but I still hurt like hell. I think they should bind their hands and feet and give us a few minutes alone with a magnesium baseball bat.”

“Well if it gets sorted then I’d prefer a cricket bat if you don’t mind. I may be blind but I’m still British! Oh and you look like shite this morning.”

“You were right, you are a freaky little blind kid. Now shut up and help me into the bathroom. I saw a shower in there and plan to use it. Oh shit I hurt. Do you recall a large truck running over us?”

“No, just my lover trying to be a rugger and taking me down to the curb.”

“OK, what’s a bugger?”

“Well I said Rugger as in Rugby player. Good lord don’t you play any civilized games in this country? And I’ll define “bugger” for you when we get in the shower.”

“You will?”

“I promise.”

“Now you direct me and I’ll help you along.”

Charlie was up resting on one arm watching the pair of open backed boys following their morning wood to the bathroom listening to the banter and trying not to laugh out loud, when his phone rang.

“Charlie, 6-3-4-7-2-9 go. . . yes . . . got it, I’ll leave in the morning.” Charlie’s face was serious. He had work to do. Just then he heard squealing coming from the bathroom; that kind of squeal that only a boy can make. Charlie smiled knowing that someone just had their vocabulary increased. He smiled closing his eyes and listening to the smiles coming from the bathroom. He seemed to be remembering something, something he hadn’t thought about in a long, long time. He opened his phone and pushed a couple of buttons.

“Hello Chet . . .ya, me too. Look, I’ll be bringing the boys home in a bit. Think we can get a little time together. I’m listening to the boys in the shower and well, I need you. . . . Sorry that won’t do, I’m leaving in the morning. Great, I can’t wait. Something about those boys makes me feel young again. I want to play.


The squealing had subsided and had been replaced by soft murmurs and moans of pleasure. Charlie adjusted himself and pushed the call button for the nurse.

“Good Morning the nurse said as he came into the room. He looked at the bed, then at Charlie, “They escape?”

A moan came from the bathroom, a moan obviously not from pain. The nurse looked at the bathroom door and back at Charlie.

“Ya, I think the have escaped but only for a little while. I think they will be feeling their bruises again in just a few minutes. Uh, you got any coffee around this place?”

“Sure, let me get you a cup. The doctor already signed their release orders pending a good check up this morning. I figure you can take them home right after breakfast. I’ll be right back.”

Charlie retrieved the clothes that he brought in for them and walked over to the bathroom and rapped lightly on the door and opened it. He walked in to find them hugging and standing under the warm water.

“Here, I brought you some fresh clothes yesterday. You can put them on when you’re dry. I’m just going to take a leak real quick and I’ll be out of her to let you guys finish up.

The shower had no curtain or doors, just a small ceramic step to keep the water in. Jamie had a clear view of the toilet and couldn’t help but look to see what Charlie had to hang onto.  Charlie had unzipped and reached inside and withdrew a very large tire iron. At least that’s what it looked like to the small eyes looking at it. In truth it was of average length and hung nicely. It was uncut and was growing just a bit as he pulled the skin back and noticing that he had an audience. Jamie was busted looking and blushed. Charlie smiled and noticed that Jamie had turned his back to Miles to rinse the front of his body and to show off his fully erect four and a half inches. Charlie shook his head and smiled as he let loose a stream. He couldn’t believe the little shit was trying to get him hard so he could see it. Damn if it wasn’t working too he thought as he shook it and released the skin which now covered all but the tip.

Charlie stuffed the now mostly erect salami back in his now very tight jeans and zipped up. “You boys hurry up now, we’ll get out of here as soon as you eat breakfast and they get a chance to check you over.” On the way out he reached over and spun the handle to cold and hastily closed the door to the squeals of frozen boys. Charlie just loved that sound and vowed to make them do it when ever he could.


“Hi Chet, oh I missed you so much.” Jamie said as he hugged Chet.

“Me to, Miles said.”

“Charlie Thanks for the McDonalds. It beat the crap out of the oatmeal and lime jello the hospital was trying to feed us.” Jamie said smiling and reaching to hug him.

“Yes, I was beginning to think they wanted to keep us there. That was almost poison.” Miles chided.

Jamie noticed the stare between Chet and Charlie. “Look, if you don’t mind I’m going to lie down for a bit in my own bed. That trip took more out of me than I thought. Charlie, you won’t leave without saying goodbye will you?”

“Of course not, you go lie down. Miles what are you going to do?”

“Well I think I will have a lie in with Jamie. I’m a bit drained too I think.”

“Alright well I think maybe we will do the same thing,” Chet said smiling at Charlie. Charlie was surprised at the openness in front of the boys.

“Well ok, the bed is pretty small but if we all double up . . .” Jamie smiled.

Chet ruffled his hair, I think we will just have a lie on my bed. But thanks for your willingness to share!” Chet chivvied them up the steps and then turned to Charlie.

“I think you have an admirer.”

“Oh, you think? Well what’s not to admire?” he said advancing on Chet as he backed him through the bedroom door.


The boys entered the room and made for the bed. Miles strode freely across the room navigating around a box left out from their search through the things Charlie brought to Jamie.

“How do you do that?” Jamie asked.

“Do what?”

“You’re blind!”

“Oh shit I am?”

“Stop it, I want to know how you do that. That box was left out when we left. It isn’t like it’s a piece of furniture and you walked around it like it was a wall that had always been there. I mean since we left, you’ve had sex a couple of times, went shopping, been beat up, rushed to the hospital and kept there a couple of days. You come in here and walk around the box like it was just a minute ago that you stepped around it. So I want to know how you do that.”

“Jamie, I don’t know what to say. Would you rather I trip over it so you feel better?”

“Yes, please. Miles you just amaze me. I would be tripping all over myself. I mean I do that anyways but blind I would spend more time down than up!”

“Nonsense, it’s a learned trait. You build maps, a snapshot if you will. You just have to adjust your priorities.”

“Miles that’s crap and you know it.”

“Alright then, you want answers, then answers you’ll get.” Miles climbed out of bed and went to his wardrobe and rooted around in a drawer before returning with something in his hands. He had a scarf and stretched it out on the bed and smoothed it out then carefully he folded it over and over.

“Turn around you,” he said and he placed the scarf over his eyes and tied it in the back. “There you go, answers will come flying at you hand over fist I should say. Now about that nap.”

“Miles what am I supposed to do now?”

“Well you said you wanted a nap, so let’s nap.”

“Miles, I don’t need a blindfold to nap.”

“Leave it there, when you wake up your world will be different. Then your answers will come.”

“Alright, I’ll give it a go.” Jamie got up and moved his hands over the bed to find the edges of his blankets and pulled them down and climbed in.

“What, you’re going to nap with your clothes on?”

“Oh, right,” Jamie stood up and carefully peeled his shirt off, it really hurt to lift his hands above his head so he asked for and help for the last bit. He undid the snap to his pants and let them drop to the ground followed by his boxers. Stepping out of them he climbed back into bed, “Brrrr, the sheets are cold.”

Miles slipped in and snuggled up next to him. “Is that better?”

Jamie smiled and shivered at his touch. He rolled over to face the wall and Miles snuggled in and spooned him.

“Mmmm” Jamie moaned, feeling the warmth of Miles body transferring to his. “Miles, I love you.” Jamie said with finality.

“Your just saying that because you’re a freaky little blind kid like me now.” Miles said in jest.

“No, miles. I’m serious. I love you so much. I was so afraid when I saw them trying to make you walk out in traffic. I couldn’t breathe when I saw what they were doing. I was so afraid. Miles you can’t possibly know how miserable my life was before you, . . . before you decided to love me. I never want to be without you.”

“Shoosh, that was a long time ago, it is a time past and over. Even if something happened you would still be taken care of. I’ve seen to that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Jamie you’ll never go back there. You’ll just have to trust me on that. Chet and Charlie will never let you return to them. And Will is covered in that guarantee too. Remember, I’m British and we British . . ..”

“. . .never lie, ya right.” Jamie repeated with him. “I still don’t know what you mean Miles.”

“Look it is unimportant but you and Will have trust funds now and if required Chet and or Charlie or even Aunt Marggie can fix just about anything.”

“Miles you’re not making any sense. Trust funds from where?”

“Jamie you ask too many questions. Just know they are in place so that if anything happens to me you guys are still taken care of.”

“You were right. You are a freaky little blind kid.”

“See Jamie, we never lie.”



“I still love you but you’re so full of shit.”

“That’s Shite, Jamie.”

“Anyway you spell it, it’s still a verbal fish and chips fart.” Jamie said laughing. Miles giggled and leaned in and kissed the back of his neck. It tickled Jamie so much he winced and squealed that young boy ‘help me I can’t take it any more’ squeal. As he spun around only to find that cracked ribs really hate that maneuver.

He gasped and his teeth gritted as he burst out in pain, “Oh! That was soooo wrong.”

Miles froze. “Are you alright?”

“No but I will be just give me a minute and don’t move me. Oh, shit that hurt.”

“Jamie I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I know Miles, I’ll be alright, let’s just snuggle for a bit. I’ll be alright. Just roll over and let me park this wood in your garage and I’ll be just fine.”

“Hmmm, think you can find it blind?”

“I think it knows the trip. It seems to be pointing in the right direction now.”

“Oh, well let’s see how you DOOO! Oh full marks that one.”


“Hey, are you guys fuckin?” A small voice whispered in Jamie’s ear.

“Will! How’d you sneak in here without us hearing you? What are you doing here? How did it go with Nelson?

“Never mind Nelson, how are you guys. I wanted to come see you in the hospital but Mom and Dad said I couldn’t. They said, “That’s what awaits those kind of people.” I was so mad it was hard to keep silent. Jamie tell me everything.”

“Alright but be careful not to bump me because my ribs really really hurt and I just turned wrong and they really hurt bad right now. So no hugs alright. You can snuggle in but do it without pulling on me and no we’re not fucking. We are just snuggling in for a nap.”

Jamie explained the events that brought him to this painful position.

“Gosh! Murderers! I would have been petrified. Maybe dad was right.”

“What! Will, we didn’t deserve that beating. Why would you think we deserved it? Being gay is just what we are, it’s not anything that deserves this!”

“No don’t be silly. Dad never really said you deserved it. He said ‘That’s what awaits those kind of people.’ Let’s face it. You probably wouldn’t have had the crap beat out of ya if you weren’t openly visibly gay. Jamie, why do you have a thing over your eyes? Did they hurt your eyes too?”

“No Will your brother just wanted to know a bit more about my world. So this way he can see what it’s like.”

“Cool, can I see too? I want to try it. I don’t have to be home until late. Mom and Dad are doing the bingo thing at the Moose Lodge tonight. Triple Jackpot. They won’t be home until way late.”

“Sure, just give me a moment.” Miles rolled out of bed and got another scarf out of the drawer and repeated the procedure for Will. “OK, so now let’s take that nap we started, just for an hour or so then it will be time for lunch. Take your clothes off young man, they smell of your travels. Here you can snuggle in next to me, that way your brother won’t get hurt. Hey! Be careful with that thing.”

Will giggled and pushed a little harder.

“So tell us what happened with Nelson. First tell us what he looks like?”

“Oh it was too cool. OK, ah Nelson is a little taller than me and a little bigger than me cause like he’s a year older than me too. But I squirt when I cum and he didn’t until the other night. Now he does every time like me.

So we got out blankets and stuff and our tent up in the back yard. When we got in there we zipped our two sleeping bags together and made one big one. So we got in there and took off our clothes and kicked them to the bottom of the bag. Then I grabbed his and he grabbed mine and started pulling each others. God I was so hard already and he was too. I started breathing heavy and kissed him so he would slow down. That didn’t work though cause he started breathing heavy then and we rolled around pushing our things against each other and then all of a sudden he squirted! His first time ever! He was groaning and I almost had to cover his mouth so they wouldn’t hear in the house and I kept moving my thing against his and it was all hot and slippery then so I blew my load too.

We played love slave all night long. First he was my slave then I was his. Man his dick was hot and hard and he filled me up. It’s a good thing he isn’t any bigger cause it wouldn’t have fit. As it was he couldn’t get all the way in at first and he kept ramming it in until it fit. Every time he slammed it in he ran across my magic spot inside and I thought I was going to die it felt so good. It like made my whole body shake like I was cold but I wasn’t. And every time I shook he slammed it home again because he said my ass did it to his dick too. He said it was like getting shocked or something on his dick every time I did it. It felt like I cumed a gallon when I finally let loose. I mean there wasn’t hardly anything that came out but it felt like it wasn’t going to stop for a long time and I didn’t want it to. So did Nelson. We fell asleep then with him still in me.  Gosh just thinking about it makes me about ready to cum.

When we woke up we were shivering and pulled a couple more blankets on top. To get us warm I made him my love slave and fucked him facing me with his knees up. He liked that an awful lot.” Without realizing it Will started rocking his little hips, pressing against Miles soft ass as he continued the story. “I thought I hurt him because he was crying so I stopped. He said No don’t stop. He was crying because it felt so good and he knew it would end and he would have to go home. So I went on and pushed it in farther as he moaned his tummy started going like he was doing the fucking and I was in heaven. So I started to go faster and so did he. I felt the burning start and he started to moan, his head tilted back and he leaned forward biting the corner of his lip. Man he has beautiful lips.” Will began to fuck in earnest holding onto the shoulders of Miles he thrust forward. I tried to kiss him but I couldn’t reach so I bit his nipple and pulled it with my teeth and exploded!” He said slamming forward and delivering his payload inside Miles. “Oh shit. Miles I . . . uh  oh, oh.” He stammered as Miles twitched and the spasms clenched his ass while he delivered lunch early to Jamie’s hungry waiting mouth and renewed the little hard on stuck in his bum.


“Right lunch then.” Chet said sticking his head in the room and getting a whiff of boy spunk. “Good lord give it a rest will you? I’m not sure I can keep up with this. You guys make me tired just on the follow-up! Clean yourselves up and let’s have a go at food. Why do you two have a blind fold on?”

“They want to learn about my world. Jamie has one on too. What’s for lunch?”

“Sandwiches and crisps? That alright?”

“Are they already made or is it a deli plate?”

“Well I was going to make them for each but if you’d rather?”

“We would, thank you. We will be down the stairs in a heap I should think. Could we have spaghetti for tea tonight do you think?”

“Oh yes I think that should be delightful. I’ll pop out later and get a loaf so we can have garlic toast with it, splendid idea Miles. Very well then, in about 15 I suppose? Charlie has to be off soon as well so don’t dillydally.”

“Right, we’ll hurry then.” Jamie said as his head snaked its way up from Miles crotch to the opening of the blanket.

Chet just smiled and shook his head. There was no one to see it though. We had three blind mice.


“Alright then Jamie sit here to my left and Will you can sit here to my right.” Miles said leading them to the table. Jamie had hold of Miles by his upper arm and Will had hold of Jamie’s belt as they followed with the other hand held up feeling for what they feared was there. Finding a seat, Miles began.

“OK, clear your minds and sniff. Jamie what do you smell?”

Jamies nostrils flared as he breathed in deeply. “Not much really. I can smell Chet’s coffee. And a couple other things but I don’t know what they are.”

“Alright then, Will why don’t you have a go at it.”

They heard Will breathe in hard through his nose. “Ooh I can smell the coffee too. It always smells so good. I wish they could make it taste like it smells.” He breathed in hard again. “I can smell bread too.” Breathing in again, “Not just the white kind but the kind that grandma likes too. The funny tasting kind.”

“You mean rye?” Jamie asked leaning over the table more and trying to sniff it too.

“Ya, that kind. And wheat too. You know the kind that has the nuts in it., mmmm I smell lunch meats too. Let’s see. Bologna, Salami and my favorite, Dutch loaf.”

“Wow, will I am impressed. I couldn’t do that for at least a year after I went blind. Let me help you with this part to keep the mess down. First, which kind of bread do you want?”

“White please.”

“Great and what do you want on it? Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?”

“Miracle Whip please.” Will said.

Miles proceeded to open the Mayonnaise jar.

“No, I said Miracle Whip.”

“Got Ya! I thought so you little bugger come here.” He said leaning over “You aren’t that good.” he felt his head. “I thought so, the little shit took off his blindfold and was having a go at us.”

They all started laughing. None louder than Charlie and Chet who had been watching the whole time.

“What gave him away?” Charlie asked.

“I suspected when he said the wheat bread because he said about the nuts. I mean it smells the same if they are ground or whole, but when he said Dutch Loaf I was almost one hundred percent, he was having a go. I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between Salami and Dutch loaf myself. And I’ve been doing this a while. But I had to question why he skipped over the spiced luncheon loaf?”

“I didn’t know what it was called. I’ve never had it before.”

“They laughed again.”

“Miles you are amazing.” Charlie said. “You would make Sir Arthur Conan Doyle envious.”

“Who’s that?” Jamie asked.

“You may know him by another name Jamie. Do you know Sherlock Holmes?”

“Sure, who doesn’t?”

“Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the name of the man who wrote the Sherlock Holms stories.”

“You mean he isn’t real? I always thought he was.”

“Sorry mate, he is a figment of Sir Doyle’s mind.” Chet said apologetically.

“Oh, I thought he was a famous detective.” Will piped up. “Is a figment better?”

“Sometimes!” Charlie chuckled. “Speaking of Figments, I must be off”

“When will you be back?” Jamie asked.

“Not sure. Might be a bit on this one. Lot’s to do. You know. Keep an eye on Chet for me alright?”

“Wait, I want to remember you.” Jamie said reaching for Charlie. Charlie walked over and knelt before Jamie. Jamie reached and touched the outline of his face. His thumbs gently slid over his eyebrows. He ran his fingers over his unsmiling lips. Jamie lifted the headband off his eyes to look upon his face. Jamies expression concerned. “Come back to us soon Charlie. I’ve grown accustomed to being rescued by you.” He leaned forward and kissed him gently.

“No worries mate.” he said as he stood and turned back to Chet.

“Jamie,” Miles said, “Touching someone’s face to remember them is, these days considered bad form. the same can be done with a hug if properly done.”

“Really?” Jamie chided. “Perhaps you would like to remember my package later?”

“Is it going someplace?”

“No but why wait?”

“Good point.”

“See ya later guys,” Charlie chuckled and headed for the door with Chet right behind.

“Wait!” Miles said as he sprinted for the door. “Charlie let me touch you. Please.”

Charlie smiled, “Sure.” He leaned in and gently kissed Miles on the cheek as Miles took his hand.

“Beware of three legged dogs riding bicycles. Other than that I don’t see anything.”

“I’ll take that as a good omen then Miles. Thanks.”

“Be safe Charlie.” Miles said as he stepped back in.


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