Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 7

“First of all pip squeak who told you my name? And second its a Chevy. How could you see us anyways you’re supposed to be blind ain’t ya? Who put you up to this? Is it that goat fucker Tom Harris?” Jethro spoke to him quietly and gruffly, looking around to see who was watching.

The second redneck stood up and leaned in, speaking in a very fem voice, “Jethro sit down everybody’s looking. Oh jeez honey they’re all looking at your butt crack.”

“Oh sorry, my mistake. I forgot, I really am blind. No, don’t know any Mr. Harris. Ah, gotta go, bye!” Miles turned around and went back to the line with Jamie. He had a look of horror on his face. “OK, poor example,” Miles said feeling the redness in his cheeks.

Jamie threw his arms over the back of his shoulders and pulled him back, not even thinking about who may be watching and laughed whispers in his ear. He was near tears of laughter. But as they stood in line waiting, the two red necks got up to leave and came their way.

“Oh shit, they’re coming over this way,” Jamie whispered to Miles, taking his arms down and trying not to notice they were coming.

The big one leaned in to them and whispered. “Hey, Bubba was thinkin’ y’all might be looking for a double t’night. He thinks your boy’s kinda got a cute ass, and hey, I ain’t never done no blind dude afore. We’ll be over ta the Rusty Nail round about eight t’night if’n y’all’s interested. Blue Chevy pick-up. ‘Spect you know the one.” And he copped a feel on the blind kid as Jamie looked on in terror.

They walked away and Jamie burst into laughter that put him on the floor right there in the food court. “Get up Jamie, what if someone sees you?” Which made Jamie roar all the more.

“Two Philly cheese steak sandwich specials please, with Coke.” Miles said, trying to ignore the writhing young hunk of boy-flesh laughing hysterically at his feet.

“Anything more for your friend?” The guy behind the counter asked.

“Uh, ya, could I please have a Gag and a straight Jacket?”

“Sorry, fresh out of both,” the clerk smiled.

“Just a short glass of water then, please.” Miles said, as Jamie mocked, “Ain’t never done no blind dude afore,” in his best hillbilly voice and continuing the laughing assault.

The clerk handed him the short glass of water as Miles took it, thanking the clerk. He held it out to the right, dumping it squarely on top of Jamie’s head.

“Nice aim,” the clerk said, tossing a springy “Wet Floor” cone over the counter, landing it next to the drowned, rabid-looking Jamie, still sitting on the floor, looking with squinted eyes at Miles, who never even turned towards Jamie to aim before delivery.

“Oh, look, Jamie” Miles said, taking the tray, “foods ready. Let’s find a table.”

Jamie followed him to the table area, “Here, this one is clean,” Jamie said. Miles turned and set the tray down, then pulled the chair out and sat in something wet.

“OH! You said it was clean!” Miles said, jumping from the chair.

“Hmm, sorry, must have missed that bit. Mine was clean anyways.” Jamie laughed.

“Oh good, let’s pick on the blind kid,” Miles said, loudly. Jamie stopped laughing and leaned over, stuffing French fries in his mouth and trying desperately to hide from the many furrowed brows now looking his way.

Jamie got up and went around the table and sat down next to Miles. Pulling his chair up next to him, leaned over, cupping his hands as if to whisper in his ear but instead nibbled on his ear lobe and he sucked it lightly between his teeth. Its affect was clear and immediate. Miles gasped and was tenting. Jamie chuckled and munched on one of his fries as he leaned his chin on Miles’ shoulder as he chewed. He whispered, “If you want to play dirty, you freaky little blind kid, remember who you’re playing with.”

Miles saw he was in a losing position. “OK,” he said quietly, “truce.”

“Oh, so you don’t want to end the war, just prolong it until you are on better footing,” Jamie said, grinning and placing his hand on Miles’ thigh and moving it closer to his package, carefully looking to see who could see what he was doing.

“Huh,” Miles gasped, as his hand reached the knotted bundle that was not at all free to move about. Jamie obliged him by tugging at things until everything was unencumbered and pointing skyward inside Miles’ pants.

“Oh Damn!” Miles said. “You’re melting my ice, now behave won’t you?” By this time Jamie was hard as a rock too. Reaching discretely inside his shorts he straightened things up for himself and raised up just a bit to drag his fingers over his hot and sweaty perineum. Bringing his hand out of his pants, he gave Miles a dirty Sanchez mustache with his musty fingers, watching his nostrils flare as he delivered it. Miles grabbed his wrist and lightly sucked on his fingers. Jamie got up to return to his side of the table.

“Shit!” Miles said. “I can’t believe you did that. Oh Damn,” he said with a shiver. “You knew what it would do to me. Now get me some more paper towels.”

Jamie just smiled, “Have a little problem there, do ya, Miles?”

“Ok, you win. I surrender. Now get me some paper towels.”

“You can’t do that here Miles, trust me on that one. The bathroom is only about 20 yards from here, about 11:00 from where you are sitting. Finish your sandwhich and I’ll go with you and help clean you up.”

“It might soak through by then.”

“If it does we’ll just tell them you spilled a drink. No big deal.”

Miles wolfed down his meal. “Fine, let’s go,” he said.

“Wait a minute, I’m not done,” Jamie said, prolonging the agony, studying the imperfections of a select French fry he had just taken from the tray. “They fry these with the peels on. Did you know that?” Jamie asked, looking at Miles, steaming.

“Alright, let’s go.” Jamie said, realizing Miles was not enjoying the humor.

Miles rose gingerly. “You alright there, Miles?” Jamie asked.

“No, you little shit. I dried and my dick is stuck to my belly.” He responded through gritted teeth.

Jamie got the most huge smile on his face as he tried not to sound like it was funny. Miles was beyond understanding any kind of humor at this point in time. “Oh, uh, sorry.”

“Ya, you sound it,” Miles said, unconvinced, as they stepped through the bathroom door and Jamie ushered him into the handicapped stall for the extra size.

“Drop your drawers,” Jamie said quietly, “I’ll get some wet paper towels.”

Jamie went and cranked out about two feet of paper towel and then cranked out another two feet and tore the second one. Jamming it into his pocket, he went to a sink and started to soak the other when a young guy around 16-ish came in and headed for the handicap stall. Jamie tried to catch him, but was too late, as the guy stood there looking at Miles with his drawers around his ankles and his dick stretched and stuck to his belly. Jamie stepped around the kid and pushed the staring gawker back with his hand against his chest. The guy just stood there staring.

“Hey, this is the handicapped stall!” Jamie said to the kid who was still not moving, staring at Miles’ now growing problem. Jamie looked at Miles, then looked at the kid. If you’er not going to leave, then you’re going to have to help, but I think if he could see you, we would have a bigger mess to clean up, so if you will excuse us.” Jamie gave him a final shove and closed the door, flipping the latch.

He started to clean Miles up, riiip “Ouch!” Miles said out loud, as Jamie peeled his stuck dick off his belly with the giggle only a boy that age could muster. They finished cleaning him up and departed the food court.

“Well, let’s hit Old Navy first. I’ll get a couple pair of pants.” He looked around and found the ones he liked. “Miles, what do you think of these?” Miles felt the material.

Then he felt the zipper and the catch. “Nope, won’t come off fast enough.” Jamie smiled.

“I’ll take that as a, ‘These seem just perfect, Jamie.’” He said, grinning. He took them up to the counter and set them down. The girl at the counter took them and scanned then, eyeing Jamie up and down. Jamie grabbed Miles and held him by the upper part of his arm, rather hanging on him.

She caught on and simply smiled, “That will be $32.97, please.”

Jamie opened his wallet and took out the VISA card Charlie had given him. He had never done this before, so he wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. He handed her the card. She scanned it and the machine made a noise like it was chewing something up. It spit out a little piece of paper which she set in front of him with a pen to sign. He took it and scribbled his name on it. She took it and gave him one stapled to his receipt. “Hang on to this in case you need to bring them back.” She shoved the bag towards him and gave a little grin as she watched Miles’ ass going away. Jamie looked back and saw where she was looking and leaned back to see if there was something on his butt that drew her attention. Not seeing any, Jamie put his arm around Miles and put his hand in his back pocket. Giving her a look like, ‘Try it! He’s mine.’

They went down to the sports store, “Bathing suit next. Baggies, I think,” Jamie said.

“No way,” Miles said. “Speedo’s for sure. You’ll look hot.”

“What would you know for hot? You can’t see me in them.” Jamie said flatly.

“Hey, I may not be blind forever, ya know. And besides, I can imagine it can’t I? Come on, lead me to them.”

“Hi guys, I’m Chip. Welcome to Sports Mart. What can I help you find today?”

Jamie started to say, ‘Thanks, but we’re just looking,’ when Miles cut him off. “Hi Chip, I’m Miles,” he said, extending his hand intentionally the wrong direction, forcing Chip to move around in front of him to take it. “My friend here needs a really nice swimming suit. Something really sexy, you know, sorta like a Speedo but not quite so much material?”

Chip got a huge smile on his face as he leaned around Miles and looked at Jamie from top to bottom. “Sure, let me get a tape measure. Are you on a team?”

“No,” Jamie said, “and about the material, I think it should have at least as much as a speedo, maybe more, even leaning closer to baggies maybe.”

Chip returned with a tape measure and led the boys over by the changing rooms and gave Miles a place to sit. Chip was a handsome looking boy around 17 with light brown hair, high cheekbones that held up two stunning green eyes that one could get lost in easily. He had the large, pouty kind of lips that made you want to kiss them, just because lips like that shouldn’t travel alone. They covered two rows of beautiful, white teeth that sparkled like a toothpaste commercial when he smiled. And when he did that, his whole face smiled, accenting the now masculinized dimples he had as a boy. He was a young man, proud of his body, his tapered waist and his long legs, his very full package.

He knelt in front of Jamie and leaned forward, his chin just over Jamie’s shoulder, “Let’s take your shirt off,” he said, lifting his shirt tails up over Jamie’s head. His eyes went to his beautiful, small nipples which now perked up from the breeze of the air conditioning. Chip leaned forward, his chin right over Jamie’s shoulder, watching as he reached around his thin, little waist with his tape measure. Jamie breathed in his scent. It was a nice scent, a more manly scent, but his was a manlier frame. Jamie looked at his arms and noted how beautifully cut they were.

“You lift weights?” Jamie asked.

“No, not regularly, just now and then with my boyfriend,” He said, smiling.

“Cool,” Jamie said. “Miles is mine,” he said, as if it was very cool to have a boyfriend.

“Ya, I gathered that,” he said, glancing into his eyes. “You guys look good together. You know, how people just sorta match?” It was more of a statement than a question. “Now, what color?”

Miles said white at the same time Jamie said red? “Well,” Chip said, “I’ll be right back.” Jamie sat down next to Miles and slapped his leg.

“Stop that!” he said to Miles, grinning. “You’d have me swim in a band-aid if you could.”

“A zit band-aid if I could, and I’d put it right over the end of your . . .” Miles said, ear to ear.

“Here we go,” Chip said, cutting Miles off. “Here are two. Go ahead and try them on in there.”

Jamie got up and took them both, his eyes looking at the second one. It wasn’t much more than a triangle and three pieces of material resembling strings. “You’re kidding right?” he said, holding it up.

“Hey, your friend said sexy and believe me, you will turn heads in that one.”

Jamie stared at it as he headed for the changing room. He returned a few minutes later in the one with more material and went over to Miles. “This one isn’t too bad Miles and its red and white. We both win.”

“Let me see,” he motioned for Jamie to come over. He felt the waist line and his fingers sliding covertly over his ass feeling the leg lines where it cut over his perfect little boy mounds. His stomach muscles contracted as he felt around the waistline and Jamie almost danced when he felt his finger tips run down his ass crease. He smiled and playfully slapped his hand away, Chip grinning.

“Very nice,” Chip said, looking at the young boy’s early abs. He could see where Jamie’s trunk was readying itself for the onslaught of muscle. “Turn around, let me see the back.” He got down on his knees again to look more closely at the fit. “These are supposed to fit super tight so there is less friction going through the water. But, you are about to bulk up I think, so you will be alright.” He placed his hands on his hip bones and looked, turning him around to view his butt, but leaving his far reaching hand across his abs. He let go with his right hand and stuffed the tag gently down his butt crack. Jamie shivered when he did and gave him a look. “Very nice, now let’s see that other one.” Chip said, sending him back off to the changing room as if he had no choice but to go and present himself next, wearing the eye patch this guy called a swimming suit.

Jamie was gone a long time, Chip wandered over. “You alright in there?”

Jamie opened the door to reveal the eye patch which was tented. “I can’t get it to go down!” Jamie said in frustration.

“No problem,” Chip said, and he took his middle finger and flicked his dick hard. “OUCH!” Jamie yelled. “What did you do that for?” Chip just pointed, sure enough, he was no longer standing up. Instead, he had a nice, neat, round, little package. A thin, little, flat piece of material wrapped around his slim waist and another came up his butt crack and hooked into the waist band. This one was brilliantly white, making his skin look tan even where it wasn’t. Jamie came out, peeking around corners, he felt so naked. Miles had a huge grin on his face because he knew it was skimpy. But, he didn’t know how skimpy until Jamie presented before him. First, Chip knelt and like before, he took him by the hips and felt the tension of the string on his hips, turning him to check the fit, Jamie looked at him incredulously.

“What could you be checking the fit on? There is nothing but a string up my ass,” Jamie said, grinning.

Chip replied, “Shut up, kid,” he said, playfully. “It’s one of the perks of the job,” and he gave him a pat on the ass. “A really a nice fit back there too I might add.” He said, as he touched his ass with one finger and made a hissing noise like his finger sizzled on his hot ass.

Jamie blushed full on now. “Well, let me see?” Miles said.

Jamie went over to Miles just as a mother with two boys around twelve and thirteen came in, and walked up to Chip. “Hi, I’ve got one on the Mustangs team and the other just needs a suit. He’s not on a team, but I am sure he will want whatever his older brother has. So, I guess fit them both with Mustang team suits.”

“Well, the younger one can’t have a Mustang team suit if he’s not on the team, but we’ll see if we can find one he’ll like.” Both boys had their eyes glued to the two boys in front of them. One almost naked and the blind kid feeling all over the near naked one. Both boys sprouted while watching, their mouths agape. Miles was quite enjoying himself and Jamie was now sure that there was going to be no salvation for him in this situation. He was being gawked at by no less than a dozen people in the store and felt up by a blind kid.

The mother was young and was enjoying the spectacle as well, but she took pity on Jamie. “Boys, come on.” Chip measured the larger boy and went in back and got a Mustang suit and handed it to him. “You can try it on in there.” The kid reluctantly went into the other booth, almost walking into the wall as he tried to still watch Jamie.

“Well young man, what kind of suit do you want?” Chip asked, seeing the kid tenting, full on. The kid’s tongue was hanging out as he looked at Chip and looked at Jamie. Chip looked at the kid’s Mom. She grinned and shrugged.

“What color?” He leaned over and whispered to the boy. The boy saw Jamie starting to tent and he swallowed hard. “Blue,” he said in a misty voice, eyes locked on Jamie and Miles.

Miles’ fingers traced across the string trail, from hip to hip, crossing just above the pubic mound. Jamie’s muscles contracted at his touch and he stretched the material. Miles was in heaven as he traced the waist band around his waist in the back, stopping where it met the upward band coming from his butt crack. His fingers drifted down as Jamie gave out a squeal and danced forward, turning his back to the boy and his mother. The boy’s face paled and his hand went to his package. Miles motioned for him to return. Jamie went closer to Miles, hands folded like he was praying, when in plain truth his nips were cold. He was almost shivering. Miles cell phone went off. It was such a rare occurrence it took them by surprise. Miles answered.

“Hello,” Miles said, a big grin appearing on his face. “Sure, just a moment. It’s for you.” He said, handing the phone to Jamie.

“Hello,” Jamie said. “Hey Charlie, how are ya? Good. What’s that? Get this one? What are you talking about? How did you know? Where are you?” He looked up at the ceiling and waved into the security camera. “Alright, I’ll get this one,” Jamie said, blushing. “I just hope that camera isn’t color because then you’d see how bad I am blushing right now,” Jamie said. “You never cease to amaze me . . .”

Meanwhile, Miles, picking up the drift of the conversation, reaches up and in one movement undoes both strings and snatches the eye patch holding it up. “Chip, I think we’ll take this one!” he shouted, standing up and waving it around. The little kid shivered and looked down at his pants. Miles nostrils flared. He grinned. Jamie was dancing trying to get the suit back. The little kid was staring at Jamie’s firmware and smiling.

“See what he does to me?” Jamie said to Charlie. “What’s that? With pleasure. Thanks Charlie,” he said. “Bye.”

Jamie folded the phone closed and handed it back to Miles as he made his way back to the changing booth with his hands covering himself. He returned handing the other suit back to Chip. “I’ll take the eye patch,” he said. “And, as soon as you’re done fitting the little guy with the tented shorts, Miles will get fitted for his suit!”

“Me? I don’t need a suit.” Miles said.

“I know, but you see, it’s Charlie’ treat. He wants you to be just as sexy as me.” Jamie said, smiling.

“Oh shit,” Miles whispered to himself.

The little guy that was watching Jamie was now trying on his eye patch, a blue one. He had slate gray eyes and black hair and the blue in the suit made him look like a photograph devoid of all color except the suit and his eyes. It was beautiful. He caught Jamie looking and strutted down the walkway like he was a model, turning, sticking his little butt out and running his fingers up the back of his legs and over the naked boy mounds in the back. He turned around and his package was full and it was tenting his little eye patch as he made his way back. Jamie cheered and Miles joined in as they whistled. The older boy was pleading to get one too, but she kept telling him no. He had to have a Mustang suit for the team and she wasn’t buying him two.

Miles breathed out. “Sometimes it really sucks to be blind, ya know that.” It wasn’t a question. He leaned in to Jamie, “You should be ashamed of yourself,” Miles said.

“Me! For what?” You did it all.” Jamie said.

“Nope. You made that little kid loose his load. Probably his first one. The nose knows.”

“Nah uh!” Jamie said, but he glanced over and Chip was handing wet wipes into the dressing room and grinning at Jamie as he was shaking his head. He rang up the ladies purchases and they left. Chip returned.

“Thanks for your patience.” He looked at Miles. “Thanks for making my afternoon more interesting. I’m sure that little guy thanks you for . . . as he whispered it me, “that boy with the cute butt made me squirt.” I think he had his first taste right there in that changing booth this afternoon. He wanted to look sexy just like that boy. So? ‘That boy.’ You going to get that one?”

“At the urgings of the audience, yes. And! We will be fitting my guy here with a matching one. One that will bring out the emerald in his eyes, as if anyone will ever get their eyes up that high.” Jamie said, smiling, now figuring it was time to turn the tables. Miles just swallowed.

“Well, stand up and let’s see how you measure up,” Chip said, pulling the tape measure out of his pocket with a grin. “Let’s take off your shirt. I think a light, sea-foam green will look nice. Not too green, or it will take it from his eyes and his eyes are indeed, striking,” Chip said, as he ran the tape around his very thin waist. His muscles rippled as the tape tickled, passing across his belly. Chip breathed in and could smell Miles from his mishap at lunch. He went in the back and came back with something a little larger than a postage stamp as a joke and put it in Miles hand. “Here you go.”

Miles felt for the material. “You kidding? Where’s the suit? This isn’t a suit; this is a pair of fat shoelaces.”

“Oh, did I get you a small one? Just a moment, what was I thinking?” He said, with a decisive tone of levity. He returned with one the proper size. “Here we go. You ah . . . need any help getting it on? Oh, did I say that? That’s not what I meant at all.”

Jamie was in stitches as Miles went in to try it on. He came back out a short time later with a very full eye patch. Jamie wasted no time going to his side. “I think it looks spectacular on you,” he said, wrapping a leg around him and kissing him deeply.

“Ahem,” Chip said. “Ah, we can get away with a certain amount of fondling in here, but if you’re planning on throwing him down on the carpet right here in front of me, as much as I’d love to watch, ah, that can’t happen. So Romeo, stick your tongue back in your face please and . . . Oh my, I guess we need to get you one size larger don’t we.” Jamie covered his mouth to hide the laughter as Miles turned around and went back in the changing room. Chip handed Jamie one the next size larger. Jamie went in the changing room. The noises that came out of the changing room were unmistakable. Then there was an indiscriminant “Oh Damn!” Jamie slipped out of the changing room, walked up to the counter and took the wet wipes and went back into the changing room, his face quite red. He returned with the suit he was buying for him and the tags off the other two suits Miles had tried on.

“You want them both?” Chip asked.

Jamie blushed as he cocked his head sideways and smirked, “I think it would have to be sold as used now. I think they both would now.”

Chip’s mouth dropped as he looked back to the changing booth and then at Jamie and he just smiled. Miles came out with two eye patches held by the strings. One was obviously wet. Jamie snatched them from his hand and stuffed them in his bag and told Miles to wait for the card as he took another bag and went back in to clean up all the wet wipes. He came out with the remainder and set the box on the counter. He tied the trash bag in a knot and handed it to Chip who pitched it with a grin into the trash under the counter. Miles handed him the card. “Did you sign it?” Jamie asked.

“Well, I think so.” Miles said, smiling. “Think about it, you’re asking a blind kid.”

“Sometimes I wonder,” Jamie responded. “See ya, Chip.” He said on the way out as he noticed the two tattooed, gay, hillbillies walking up to Chip. Jamie said to Miles, “Sometimes I think you’re lucky being blind. There are just some things that shouldn’t be seen.”


“How about that Charlie? He was watching me try on suits! He must’ve GPS’ed the phone and then found the security camera and tapped into it. He could be watching us right now. That is incredible. Remind me to never get on his bad side.” Jamie just prattled on as they headed for the bus stop beside the mall. “Miles, I’m sorry I did that to ya, but you had it coming! You will pardon the pun right?” Jamie said to Miles, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.

“Faggots! Jesus Christ, they’re all over the place. They’re takin’ over the fucking mall for Christ sakes.” Two guys said loudly, coming across the parking lot towards them. “Used to be you could take your girl out and have a good time. Now, every place you look, you see faggots. First it was da niggers, now it’s the faggots. Let’s begin with these two, Wayne.” The first of the two grabbed Jamie and shook him like a rag doll before punching him in the face.

“Ouch!” Jamie yelled as the fist hit his face. He wailed in pain.

“Hey, Jerry, this one’s blind. They shoulda put him down as defective then right off. I mean, better dead that turning faries loose on him. Spin him around a little Wayne, let’s get him dizzy and see if he’ll take care of his self and walk in front of a car or bus or something.” They spun Miles around a few times, and made noises as they tried to herd him in the direction of the street.

“NO!” Jamie yelled and he was back on his feet running towards Miles and tackling him as he was about to walk into the street. Jamie covered him and his head with his body as they kicked and beat on Jamie’s back. The pain was unbearable. His sides ached from being kicked and they were still coming! “Help!” Jamie screamed in pain. They heard tires screeching and they heard voices, more angry voices. Jamie glanced up out from under his arm. He could see the running board of an old blue Chevy pick-up truck. He saw two rednecks pitched in a heap and felt two very large bodies pulling him off of Miles. “You alright little one?” He asked.

“Miles, is Miles alright?” Jamie asked, standing up again. The other hillbilly was helping Miles get up and dusting him off. Jamie grabbed him and hugged him. “Miles, are you alright? They tried to kill him. They were awful.” Jamie hugged Miles. But Miles wasn’t saying anything, he went limp in Jamie’s arms. “Miles, Miles! Oh God, Miles, say something to me. Quick, call someone.” He grabbed his cell phone and called 911. “Help, we need an ambulance . . .”


The hospital kept them together. Jamie told them they had to stay together. He kept one hand on the railing of his bed. They kept saying he’d be alright but he wouldn’t let go. They started IV’s in both boys and gave Jamie something for the pain. Chet and Charlie were on the way. Jamie’s parents were also called. Jamie was badly bruised, his eyes blackened, a couple of ribs kicked in, but his greatest hurt was that Miles was still unconscious.

He heard a familiar voice, “You ain’t putting me in with no fuckin’ fairies, no way. And you ain’t giving me no god damn nigger blood either. I don’t care if I’m fuckin’ dieing. No God damn way!” Jamie started to panic and pull Miles’ bed closer. An intern saw him and rushed to his side.

“It’s them. It’s them, we gotta go. There here, there here!” Jamie said, in a panic stricken whisper.

“Stop, you’re going to tear your IV out. We know it is them, look!” he pulled the curtain open. There were two great big sheriff’s deputies with the attackers and they were all beat up. Next to the deputies were two hillbillies, one making fawn eyes at one of the sheriff’s. The other one, the black one, was talking to Jerry, one of the attackers. He took a breath when he realized the attackers were in handcuffs. When he saw the one deputy pat the larger hillbilly discreetly on his butt, he knew he was going to be alright.

Jamie leaned back.

“Jamie, where’s Jamie?” Miles was awake. His voice was parched.

“I’m right here Miles. I’m right here, I’m alright. I’m right here.” He looked pleadingly at the intern. “Please, he’s blind, he’s my lover. Help me get the gate down so I can go to him.”

The intern felt the compassion in his voice. He hurried to let the gate down and then the one on Miles’ bed. “Be careful of your IV.” Jamie climbed in bed with Miles and pulled him to him. Miles nestled his head into Jamie’s neck,” Where are we and why do I hurt so bad? My head feels like it’s about to explode.”

“We’re in the hospital, Miles. We got beat up, remember? I couldn’t wake you up. I was . . . afraid. I was afraid you . . . were . . . dead.” He wept with Miles in his arms. “I was so scared, Miles,” he said, through tears.

“Shhh! Jamie, I’m alright thanks to you. Just kiss me and give me some Tylenol and I’ll be alright.”

Jamie kissed him and wept silently. He felt a hand on his shoulder, it was Chet. “Hey, how ya doing guys?” He hugged Jamie and then hugged Miles.

“I talked to the doctor. You’re both going to be alright, just banged up a bunch. Look, they need to take a statement from you and you need to ID the guys. We asked them to wait until Charlie and I got here. You think you’re strong enough to do that, Jamie?

“Can they see me? Will they know it was me?”

“The answer is yes to both questions.”

“Then I don’t want to.”

“Jamie, they can still press charges but the case will be really weak without your testimony.”

“If they’re found guilty how long will they go away?”

“Probably 2-4 years with classes on tolerance.”

“Chet, they tried to Kill Miles! 2-4 years?”

“What are you talking about; they said they just wanted to rough you guys up.”

“Chet, they said he was defective and should’ve been put down. They tried to make him dizzy and then they yelled at him from different sides to make him walk out, in front of traffic. That’s when I got up and ran after him and tackled him. I covered his head and chest and hung onto him so all they could hurt was my back and sides. Then those two rednecks came and . . . well, I didn’t see it but we didn’t hurt those guys like that. We saw them in the mall, Chet. They’re lovers too.”

“Jamie, we come in all sizes, shapes and colors. I’ll be right back.” Chet went out and talked to the deputy. He turned and looked in at Jamie and then he whispered something to the other deputy. He came back in with the deputy who patted the hillbilly on the ass.

Chet said, “Jamie, This is Kyle. Would you tell him what you just told me about what they said and did? I know it’s hard, but it’s important.”

Jamie recounted the events as best he could, complete with names.

I don’t want to ID them. I’m afraid they will come back madder.

Kyle put his hand on Jamie’s leg. “Son, first of all, since they did this the way they did, I think it will go down as a Class 5 hate crime. Those types they try and keep off the streets for ever if they can, and these boys both have a history. One was thought to be complicit in the murder of an African gentleman simply because he was gay. They are still building a case. The other is usually where this one is but we can’t place him there.”

“Let me touch him!” Miles said

“What?” the Deputy said.

“One at a time. You got nothing to lose. Let me try.”

Kyle looked bewildered. “What’s he talking about?”

“I see things when I touch people. Not always, but sometimes. Please, let me touch them?”

“Look son, you’ve been through a lot already. Let’s just leave the investigations to the professionals, alright?” He said, patting Miles on the leg with a wide grin. Miles grabbed his wrist. “You lost a friend. He wore a uniform and a badge too. You wore the same uniform, different than this one. It was an alley. You were the driver. He was your partner. He walked ahead of the car to the right, you made the lights shine down the alley. Someone jumped from behind the dumpster and stabbed him right here,” Miles pointed to his right side up under the ribs. “You drew your gun and shot the guy. He died in your arms, didn’t he? You held him in your arms and wept in that alley. He was more than your partner. He was your lover too, wasn’t he?”

Kyle had tears welling up in his eyes. “Seven years ago, exactly as you said.”

“Let me touch them?” Miles said, quietly. Kyle looked at Chet.

“Miles, you may see some pretty bad stuff. Who knows what these guys have done?”

“I will in just a few minutes. Look, if we can put them away for life, it’s worth it, isn’t it?”

“Logic! I’ve always hated it,” Chet said. Charlie came through the door and into Chet’s arms.

Charlie gave Chet a quick hug and then side-stepped him. “Fill me in.” Charlie said, shoving an ID in the deputy’s hand.

“Well, we were about to see if young Miles here could touch them and maybe buy them a one way ticket to hell.” Kyle said.

“Let’s do it,” Charlie said, getting in the corner, so he would be next to Miles and able to protect him if the guy tried anything. Kyle brought Wayne in first. He stared at Jamie. Jamie tried to move back further in the bed, but there was nowhere to go.

“That’s him,” Miles said, “I’d know that sister fucking voice anywhere.” Wayne lurched at Miles. Miles grabbed his wrist. “Gotcha, mother fucker,” Miles said.

“You did it. Kyle, that black man, he was beat up really bad around his face. Wayne here had a big ass ring on with a white stone in it. After he beat the poor guy, he cleaned up. The ring is in a tin cup in the shed next to the chain saw.”

“What the fuck? How come you know that? I didn’t even tell Jerry where that ring was. I’ll get you, you wait. They can’t use that, this case ain’t even related.” Wayne went on as they drug him out of the room and another deputy was there to transport him.

“I’m afraid Jerry can’t walk in here.” Kyle said.

“Take me there.” They opened the rail on the other side of the bed and guided his IV lines. The intern said, “Wait, he needs to be in a wheel chair. Let me get one, policy. I’ll get in trouble, just hang on.”

“Look, just take me in there. I don’t need a wheel chair, I’m blind, not crippled.” They led him towards the room where Jerry lay. “Someone needs to stay with Jamie” Miles said. He could smell his fear.

“What the hell are you doin’ bringin’ a defect in here. They shoulda drown you the second they saw you was blind.”

“Ya, this is the other pathetic piece of flesh. Hi Jerry, I’m here to punch your ticket to hell.”

“What are you talkin’ about?”

“Well, part of my defect, Jerry, is that I can touch your skin and see every detail of every low life thing you’ve ever done.”

“No, you can’t and I don’t have to let you touch me neither. I know my rights.”

Kyle grabbed his free hand and held it down. Chet said, “Here Jamie,” and he guided his hand to the skin of Jerry’s hand that was immobilized by the IV board and the hand cuffs. Miles winced and screamed in pain. Chet grabbed him and pulled him away, hugging Miles to him. Miles pulled away.

“You didn’t pull the trigger on that black man, but you made that guy, Gary, do it. But, I know one that they haven’t even found yet. Jerry, tell us about Emily. Tell us why you beat her, why you beat that poor little baby. You killed them both for no reason at all.”

“I had reason! I had plenty of reason! Just like I have a reason to kill you. You just wait, I’ll get you.”

“Emily and her son, his son, are buried under the patio slab. The house is at 6013 Marzapan, Mapleton, Iowa. The gun he used to kill them is with them in the grave.” Tears welled up in his eyes. “She started to wake up as he poured the concrete on her, she wasn’t dead.” He wept at the thought. “Take me to my Jamie, please.”

“Hey I’ll get you, you little piece of sh. .” But he never got to finish.

Charlie stepped by the deputy rubbing his knuckles. “You saw him try and get Miles right?”

“Good thing you were there,” Kyle said to Charlie. “I’d a killed him.”

Kyle stepped up to Miles. “Son, you did good tonight. If your information is half as accurate as what you told me about my partner, then these boys are both going away and will never get out.”

“It is. Now, if you don’t mind, I think I’d like to go home.”

“Well, we need to get the Doctor to say you guys are ok first. He should be in here shortly. Hey, there are two guys out here waiting to see if you’re OK. Can we have them come in? They’re pretty rough lookin’ but I think they’re the ones who saved your hides out there today.” Chet said.

“You mean the Hillbillies?” Jamie said quietly.

“Uh, ya, I think that describes Tate and Pat very well.” Kyle said, nicely.

“Sure, we need to thank them.” Jamie said.

“Hi there lil fella. How ya hold’in up?”

“Better, thanks to you guys. We’d be in a world of hurt if it wasn’t for you,” Jamie said.

“Thanks,” Miles said, as he reached his hand up to shake Tate’s. Tate shook it and Jamie pulled him in and kissed him on the cheek. Then, he reached for Pat. Miles shook Pat’s hand and froze for a moment.

“Pat, Michael still loves you and he always will. Your heart is just too good not to.” Pat stepped back.

“How do you know about my Michael?” he said, looking at the officers and then at Miles.

Miles smiled, “Pat, Michael just turned thirteen and his Mom is dating an idiot. He is wishing you would call. He wants so bad to know his father. And Pat, he needs you. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Miles winked at him.

“Are you sure you’re blind, lil man? You sure see more than most. I’ll call Michael in the morning. I promise.”

“Oh here, almost forgot. We gathered your things, hope they’re all there. Wouldn’t mind seein’ y’all in them swimmin’ suits. Hahaha. Hey, when y’all get out, come on down to the Rusty Nail on a Thursday night. All the catfish you can eat for four bucks and it’s on us. Everybody.”

“We’ll see. But I’m not comin’ wearing my swimming suit.” Jamie said.

“Well, alright then, come without it. That’ll be a sight too!” And Tate and Pat laughed and waved as they went out the door.


“Well, Miles has a mild concussion. A little rest and some Tylenol and he should be alright in a few days. Jamie, on the other hand, has a lot of bruises and a couple of cracked ribs. They’re going to hurt for a while, I’m afraid. Ribs are slow to heal and not anything they can do for them. We used to wrap them, but that was more for comfort than anything. So, I would like to keep Jamie overnight just to make sure we didn’t miss anything and to keep an eye on him. Miles can go home, but I suspect that they would like to stick together. Now, I’m not a psychologist, but after what they have been through, I think it would be a mistake to separate them just now. So, it is your decision but I’d just as soon keep them here as turn them loose. You can pick them up around noon tomorrow, barring all complications.”

“If it’s all the same to you, doctor, I’ll wait with them.” Charlie said.

“Sure, I’ll tell the nurse.”

“Chet you go call Jamie’s parents and make sure you call Will and tell him they are OK. Then you stay with Marggie and I’ll bring them home in the morning as soon as they are released.”

“Alright Chet, I love you.” And he kissed him.


“So, what did the doctor say?” Miles asked Charlie.

“Well, he said you’re going to have a splitting head ache for a few days, but you can go home. Jamie, on the other hand, has a lot of bruising and a couple of fractured ribs. The doctor wants to keep him overnight for observation.”

“Then, tell them I’m not going yet either. Where Jamie is, I am.”

“It may surprise you, Miles, but you are not the only one who can predict the future. We knew you would say that and informed the doctor of it. He’s fine. And, if you don’t mind, since you two are using that bed, I think I’ll use this one to get a few winks.”

“Charlie,” Jamie said. “Lean over here so I can kiss you, please.”

“With pleasure,” and Jamie kissed him, lovingly. “Thank you.” He leaned over and gave Miles a kiss too, trying to avoid his touch, but Miles got him.

“AH! Safe.”

“Yes, Miles, safe. Because of you, a lot of people are safe. That man was a double agent. He knew a lot of people’s identities. We stopped him and now will use him for our own interests. I owe you my life.”

“And we owe you ours,” Jamie said. “Sounds like a wash to me.”

“No,” Charlie smiled. “One doesn’t cancel the other, it compounds it. You must continue to watch out for me and the ones I love as I must continue to watch out for you both and help the ones you love. It makes us bound closer than family. Now get some sleep.”

Jamie and Miles slid down in the bed and Jamie nuzzled into Miles’ neck and kissed the hollow there.

“Oh damn!” Miles said.

“What?” Charlie said, “What’s wrong?”

Jamie giggled. “Nothing, Charlie. Got any wet wipes?”


The Begining



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