Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 6

“The perineum,” Jamie said.

“Is that like a club downtown? How old do you have to be to get in? What do they do there? Sex?” Will was in rapid fire question mode. Jamie and Miles roared with laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Will said, starting to be un-amused.

Jamie and Miles were in tears laughing so hard and realized he was starting to get upset.

Jamie hugged Will, “Sorry bud, you’ll understand in a minute. The perineum is not a club…”

Miles cut in, “Well, it could be, if you wanted.” This started them laughing again. Will was losing patience.

Miles chuckled, saying, “Perhaps you should let an expert on the subject take over here, Jamie.”

Jamie was still tearing up and said, “Oh please, have at it.”

Miles smiled, “Don’t mind if I do.” And they busted up again.

“Will,” Miles said, between laughs. “Your perineum is that little strip of land between your butt and your balls. Besides feeling incredible when it is rubbed or licked, it also is home to one’s personal smell.”

“Here, hold these,” Miles said, lifting Will’s legs up. Miles leaned forward and his mouth watered. “It must be genetics,” he mumbled, moving his nose along Will’s meat down towards his balls. His warm breath touching the sensitive nerves of the small boys package and that alone was enough to bring him to full hardness again. For an eleven or twelve year old, looking at a glass of water is enough to give them a raging hard on, so Miles’ warm, directed breath, made his little lone soldier come to full attention again.

Miles moved down, his nose brushing against Will’s balls ever so lightly. Will recoiled, taking in a breath, even at that slight touch. Miles found the place he was sniffing for and took his tongue tip and lightly tickled his perineum. Will whimpered and pulled his knees back more, asking for a greater experience. Miles obliged him by licking some more, pausing long enough to lean back enough to say, “You taste almost like your brother. I love your brother’s taste. Mmmm,” he rubbed his face against his package so gently.

“Ah yeah,” Jamie said, pulling Miles back, obviously a little jealous. “So, that’s your perineum.”

“Can I smell yours, Jamie?” Will asked. “I want to see what I smell like.”

“Uh, yeah sure. I guess.” He lay down, pulling his knees up against his chest. Will moved down and stuck his nose very unceremoniously into his package, breathing in deeply. Though he lacked the finesse, it still was a turn on, feeling his breath on his balls.

Will moved down to the base of his balls and took a little sniff, “Mmmm,” he moaned as he leaned in a little further and lightly kissed him there. Jamie flinched when Will licked him and Jamie gasped and drew back with his stomach muscles. Miles moved in next to him.

“Let me show you how to do this,” he said, nudging Will out of the way.

Will watched as Miles began his work on Jamie’s perineum, causing his brother to squirm uncontrollably. Will found Miles’ dick and began to stroke him. Miles, not to be distracted, continued his tongue assault on the balls and the thickening perineum before him. Jamie continued to moan and squirm the way only a twelve year old can make a twelve year old squirm. Licking and sucking with the same ferocity as Jamie squirmed and moaned. Then, all of a sudden, Jamie’s legs went out straight, his toes pointing and he began to buck as Miles moved his mouth quickly to catch every drop of his Jamie’s boy honey, taking him down to his root. Jamie cried out, grabbing Miles’ hair. “Oh Miles, I . . . I . . . Oh God . . . I love you so . . .  AHhhhough.” Miles swirled his crown and Jamie’s body exerted one more gigantic spasm. Then, pulling Miles up to his face, he kissed him deeply. “Don’t ever let me wake up.”

Will leaned in and kissed Miles’ cheek and whispered in his ear, “Thanks for loving my brother.” Will took his dripping hand off of Miles’ cock and brought it up and sniffed Miles’ boy juice. His tongue whipped out and the little point of it streaked off a little trail of his taste. Will dropped down and cleaned Miles, collecting every drop. Miles gasped and was grateful for the attention. Will had a very pointed, very long, very skilled tongue.

The boys lay there in a clump of legs, arms, butts and smiles.

Later, they had fun sorting and playing with the things that Charlie had brought, in the boxes. When they were done, Jamie said, “Let’s go shopping! I need some shoes and pants and a bathing suit!”

“Nah, you guys go. I’ll wait here. Shopping isn’t much fun for me.”

“I’ll let you help me in the fitting room.” He said, teasingly.

“Oh, a lot of fun that will be.”

“Have you ever had a blow job in a department store?” Jamie asked in a whisper.

Will giggled.

“Hmmm, maybe I haven’t been shopping the right way!”

“Precisely! Let’s see if Auntie Marggie will drop us at the mall.”

“I would love to go too, but I’ve got a Nelson to dream about, I mean to get ready for.” Will giggled some more. “Shit, I love you guys. I am so glad we can see each other.”

“Yeah, me too. Look, just don’t go outing yourself yet to Ma and Pa. I worry about you. Be careful. And call me tomorrow and tell me all about it.” Jamie said, smiling.

“What? You want me to kiss and tell? No way!” Will said, teasing.

“You better, or we may just have to lick the truth out of you.” Miles interjected.

“Well then, in that case, my lips are sealed.” Both Jamie and Miles pounced on Will tickling him.


“Food first,”  Miles said. “Follow me. What are ya hungry for?”

“You,” Jamie whispered.

“Come on, cut that out, I’m serious,” Miles said, sniffing the air to see what smelled good. “Poppa Louie’s just pulled out a sausage Calzone. They also have Gyros. The Growling Panda has sweet and sour chicken that smells just right. MMMmmmm. 6th St Deli is having their Philly Cheese Steak special, and oh shit, (sniiiiif) Cinnibun just pulled a tray out of the oven. You call it.”

“You, with nothing on it.” Jamie whispered.

“Ah, come on.”

“Ok, Eeegees,” Jamie said.

“Hey, they weren’t on the list,” Miles said.

“Well, I don’t care, you pick,” Jamie said, grabbing his arm just below the shoulder, and noticing the looks in the food court, dropped his hands immediately.

Miles, unabashed, snatched his hand and pulled him towards the 6th Street Deli. “Miles, let go of my hand, people are looking,” Jamie whispered.

“Jamie, how will things ever change if we hide? Change comes from confrontation. If they see it often enough then it becomes common place. I heard that on Discovery channel,” Miles said, as a matter of fact.

“Yeah, well, did they tell you how to keep stupid people from bashing your skull in during those confrontations?” Jamie shot back. “Look, I’ve been on the receiving end alone and I know there is no Calvary coming over the hill. Even the cops turn their heads to it unless there is a camera around. Let someone else change it. Maybe a nice, sweet, blonde, gay, blackbelt guy. Then we can ignore them.”

“Look, even the worst kind of red neck isn’t going to pick on a gay, blind kid. Somehow, there is no honor in it if you can’t see your attacker.” Miles said, with certainty.

“You are out of your freaky little blind fucking mind if you believe that.” Jamie said in a whisper, trying to hide the fact that Miles still had hold of his hand tucked behind his back.

“Really! You think so?” Miles said. “Well, I’ll prove it too you. See that table we just walked past with the two hillbilly hogs sitting there? They smell red neck enough.”

“No Miles. That dud has more tattoos than the British Navy and I doubt they have the sense of humor you’re looking for. Don’t be stupid,” Jamie said, but Miles turned on him.

“There ya go, picking on the Queens Navy again. Well, just stay here and watch.” Miles said, as he dropped Jamie’s hand and tapped his way over to their table. Normally, he wouldn’t tap, but he wanted to draw attention to his condition, just in case.

“Excuse me, Jethro. Didn’t I see you pumping away on your buddy in the back of your Ford pick-up this morning, out back in the parking lot?” Miles said, grinning. The one hillbilly looked at the other one, both big fellas. Jamie was looking for a cop as the bigger one stood up and leaned into Miles.


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