Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 5

“Yes,” was the quiet reply. “That’s what he does for governments like ours. He does the jobs that need to be done and he’s very good at it. But he’s a good man. You’ll have to trust me on that. Please, it’s important to me . . . he’s important to me.”

“Tell him to watch for a man wearing a dress shirt with fine red lines all through it. He smokes a pipe with a face on it. He has a gun in his left jacket breast pocket. I think he means to do murder with it to Charlie. I see him standing up to put his jacket on and pulling the gun out then. And Uncle Chet . . .  he thinks this man is his friend. That’s all I have.”

“Thanks so much Miles,” and he ran to the door.

“What do you think that was about, Jamie?” Miles said, as he heard Chet close the front door. “I was told he was another uncle. He never touched me though. Now I know why.”

Jamie had moved to a window and watched as Chet went up to Charlie. He could see them talking.

“What are they doing now?” Miles asked.

“Still talking, wait, make that arguing. Uncle Chet looks really upset. Wait! Holy Shit!”

“What? What?” Miles asked. “Will you tell me?”

“They kissed!” Jamie moved back from the window towards Miles again. “And I’m not talking about a friendly peck on the cheek here. I mean, they kissed like WE kiss.”

“Holy shit,” Miles echoed. “Do you think they’re lovers?”

“If they weren’t before that kiss, they will be soon enough,” Jamie said. “And you said he’s done murder. You don’t think your Uncle Chet is some kind of spy too, do you?”

“No, I’ve viewed him lots of times. I always saw him in an office looking at design pages for inside airplanes. I think he designs them to hold a lot of top secret stuff though. I mean, someone has to know what it all is and to figure out where it all goes, don’t they?”

The door opened and Chet came in. His worry easily seen on his face. Chet came in reflecting on the conversation that he just left, then he stepped back into reality and his look went to the boys.

He could see a million questions on their faces and yet they sat without a word, just looking at Chet. Not smiling, not frowning, just a look of concern. ‘Oh god, what are they thinking? What did they see? Did they see us kiss?’ He decided it was time to come clean.

“OK, I guess it’s time we had a talk. As you, Jamie, probably saw . . . uh. . .”

Jamie left his seat next to Miles and ran over and hugged Chet. “He’s your lover, isn’t he?”

“Uh, well right in one,” he said, holding Jamie, but not taking his eyes off of Miles.

“But what about Auntie Margaret?” Miles asked. “Are you guys getting a divorce?” he asked, his face scrunching up, getting ready to cry. “Where is she anyhow? Did you give her the boot when I wasn’t looking?”

“No, no, wait, I can explain Miles. Nothing like that, I assure you.” Chet had almost a smile on his face. “Your Auntie Margaret is at a day spa, a gift from Charlie to her. They had breakfast this morning while we fished, before he went out to talk to Jamie’s parents. Oh, this is so difficult. Let me take you back to the beginning. Jamie, would you like some tea? This is going to take a bit. Come on, let’s move to the kitchen. I’ll start a pot and tell you the whole story.”

“Your Aunt Margaret, Marggie as we called her, was our best friend from high school on. We were the three musketeers, Charlie, Marggie and I. We even went to college together.”

“Surely you knew you were gay before college.” Jamie interjected.

“Oh yes and so I did. I knew from the moment I unzipped my first zipper and tasted my first boy, that there was no other choice for me. And Marggie knew it too. Oh, she loved me and still does. We even experimented a bit but, well, let’s just say it wasn’t my cup of tea and she figured it out on her own.” Just then the teapot whistled and he poured them all a cuppa.

“Where was I? Oh yes. Well, Marggie decided it was her task to play match maker. She would see a boy that was cute, or I would. Back then, if you were, it was very hush hush. But she would check them out for me and see if they were interested in girls. She knew she was plenty pretty enough so if she gave them a wink and they didn’t respond then she would force them into accepting tea. Most would, without a fuss, because it was easy enough to sip a little tea and then politely excuse one’s self. Well, she saw this very handsome boy and she really wanted him to be hers.”

“Charlie?” Miles asked.

“Exactly,” Chet replied. “Well, they went out a few times and he never tried to do anything but hold hands or maybe kiss. She said he was a lousy kisser.

“I don’t know,” Jamie said. “I thought he was pretty good myself,” Jamie said, grinning.

“Yes,” Chet said, blushing a bit himself. “We’ve been practicing quite a bit since then.” And Chet made a mental note to keep an eye on this one; he liked the way Charlie kissed!

“Well, Marggie wanted me to meet her new boyfriend. She was sure he was the one. He was the one she was going to keep for herself. Well, to make a long story short, it was love at first sight. She caught us kissing one night and was furious. It seemed he kept going out with her so he could be near me. When it happened, poor Marggie felt so betrayed and we felt awful. We both cared very much for her. She was done with us though. Valentine’s Day came around and we got together and bought this beautiful valentine. We both signed it, asking her to be our valentine and we slipped it into her locker with a box of her favorite chocolates of course and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“Woah, woah, woah. Put the brakes on here just a moment,” Jamie said. “There is a vast difference between where we are today and where you left the story. You know, little things, like marriage, Charlie becoming a spy assassin, you becoming a what ever you do with the airplanes.”

“Well ok, the short version is this. Charlie and I are and have been lovers since that time. He went in the military and then on to MI6. It was back then and I became an aircraft engineer. Marggie went on to study psychology and got her degree in Social Sciences and was working for the government doing social studies for prospective adoptive parents. You know, making sure the ones adopting weren’t closet case mass murders or some other rubbish. And everything went along well until seven years ago.”

“What happened seven years ago?” Jamie asked

“I happened. My parents died in a car wreck and I was left alone and blind. Am I right uncle Chet?”

“You are indeed Miles. Left alone, they would have stuck Miles in some foster home or worse, an institution, and I wasn’t about to let that happen. Not to Miles. But there was no way that the UK was going to let two gay men have a blind little boy. You see, they were accepting but they still had their ideas and stereotypes. So I went to Marggie and sought her help. When she heard, she knew from experience that memos prohibiting gay couples from adopting were in place, so she offered to marry me and take care of little Miles. We did and here we are. Now you know why I only came home every few weekends. I was at Charlie’s.”

“So, when he went off to do murder, you would come home?” Miles asked.

“Look, I really wish you wouldn’t put it that way. He has gone on lots of missions and killed really very few people. But it is a silent war, Miles. Keeping us safe and keeping a mad man from getting into a position where he could, and would, kill millions, for no reason at all, is not something you can do in the open. He risks his life every time he goes out.”  Chet’s eyes welled up and his voice went weak. “I worry about him every second he is away.”

Miles and Jamie both felt for the man and went to him, showering him with hugs as the door opened. It was Marggie.

“What’s happened? Is it Charlie? It couldn’t be, he just left didn’t he?” She was obviously vexed by the sight of Chet being comforted by the two boys. Chet was on his feet, wrapping his arms around her.

“No, he’s fine, it’s just. . .” He glanced at Miles.

Jamie nudged him. “I touched him. I saw something.” Miles spouted.

“Oh well, is that all? Come on, Chet. You don’t believe they’re any more than fantasies, do you?”

“Auntie Margaret!” Miles said, advancing on her, he grabbed her wrist. “I know what I saw! Like I did just now, with you. You loved my Dad, didn’t you?”

“Oh, now, that’s nonsense. I married Uncle Chet. I’ve always loved Chet. Everyone knows that.” She was visibly unsettled.

“Then I guess everyone knew you met him at the Blue Springs Motel. You were what they were arguing about in the car when they died. I didn’t know that until now, but Daddy was going to leave Mommy for you. Wasn’t he?” Miles was now yelling. Jamie stepped up and placed his arms around Miles from the back.

“I don’t know, I always wondered. Look, we didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did. I’m sorry Miles, Chet. It just happened. And then he was gone. I couldn’t even tell anyone. I needed to preserve his memory. I figured I could show my love by helping to raise Miles, by making sure he was alright.”

“Well,” Chet whispered, “I guess there is no question about Miles’ visions now, are there.”

“No,” Jamie said. “Just like when you took him to the market and he pulled you from in front of the car. He saw it, he knew.”

Marggie got up and hugged Miles. “I’m so sorry I doubted you. Forgive me. I guess I owe you my life. Now, tell me about what you saw for Charlie.” Chet stood up behind her and looked at Jamie, but Miles sensed Chet’s increased perspiration with that exquisite nose of his.

“Just that he’s in danger,” Miles said with finality.

“Right, I’m trying to persuade him to pass on this next mission. I should be going. Maybe I can catch him and talk him out of going. Jamie, I think we’ve got one more box left yet in the car. Walk out with me won’t you?”

“Look Jamie, when you can, try and let Miles know not to mention anything he has seen in Charlie’s past to Marggie. She would worry and there is much she does not know and we would like to keep it that way.

“I’ll tell him. Can you really talk him into staying home?” Jamie asked.

“I can be very persuasive without any clothes on.” he smiled. “I’ll give it my best!”


Jamie went back inside to find Miles worn down, about to give in. “Ah, excuse me. Miles, would you mind helping me unpack? It’s a lot like Christmas, all the stuff that I’ve been without for over a year, and I also need to know where I can put things. It wouldn’t do for me to even attempt it without you knowing where it was safe to step! –pulling Miles to his feet and shoving him towards the stairs- Auntie Margaret, thank you so much for taking me in. You have no idea what it means to me. IF you need us just holler. You know Miles, I’m a bit tired after all that fishing and the excitement of the day. Perhaps a twenty minute nap. What do they call them in those magazines? Oh yes, a power nap.” He prattled on right up to closing the bedroom door.

“Phew, that was a close one. Thanks for saving me bum. She was relentless and I could tell that Uncle Chet didn’t want her to know.” Miles snarled up his nose, “Uncle really smells up quick when he gets the nerves.”

“Good call Miles. Chet asked me to tip you off to keep it silent or she would worry. But I think there is more to that than what he is telling us.”

“Now, about that bum of yours I just saved . . .” Jamie was pushing Miles back gently towards the bed while unsnapping his jeans with the other hand.

“But what about all those ‘things’ you need to put away?” Miles said, mockingly, as he reached for Jamie’s shirt tail.

“Oh right you are young Miles,” he said in the voice of the narrator of ‘Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.’ “Let’s start with this fully erect ‘willie’ as you put it, before you met my brother William. Where would you like me to put it?” Jamie said, rubbing his nose against Miles’.

“Mmmm, (kiss) My (kiss) mouth (kiss) is a (kiss) little busy (kiss) right now. Mmmm, how about here?” bringing his feet up behind Jamie. “Wait a minute.” Miles sat up and pulled his sweater and shirt off and threw them on the floor and reached in the drawer for the lotion. Laying back down, he held up the bottle to Jamie, “Now, where were we?” Jamie had dropped his drawers while Miles was removing his jumper. Charlie certainly had an effect on Jamie. He was hungry for it. He quickly oiled his steamy piece and slipped his hand down and greased Miles. As his finger greased his pink pucker, Miles let loose with the worst fart of his life. Its affect was immediate.

“Oh Jesus, Miles. What did you eat? Oh Christ, my dick isn’t going in there. No way.” Jamie went and opened the window and stuck his head out. Miles was laughing to tears.

“Got to love those fish and chips!” Miles said, laughing.

“What? You knew they would do this to you? Miles, what would have happened if my dick was up your ass when you loosed one of those. You could kill me. Does Charlie know about this? He might be able to get you into the service. I can see it now, the evil dictator and his henchmen are having lunch in a small diner. Charlie snatches you up, peels away your Scooby Doos and parks your little ass right in the window. As he oils your bum, you let loose with one that will require the CDC to come in and clean up.” Miles was laughing so hard he ripped another green one. Jamie was up in a flash, out the door and down the landing stark naked. He hollered for Auntie Marggie.

“Please, you’ve got to have a fan. . .” his brow furrowed like he was in pain, “Miles . . .” he coughed . . . “Miles, fish and chips and gas, oh God . . .”

Auntie Margaret smiled looking at his totally relaxed wand of new religion and smiled. “I’ll get it, wait there.”

“Jamie knew she liked to see him nude and that thought made him a little fuller than when she left him just moments before. She handed him the box fan, “Please, make it move air out of the house, not in.” He smiled, “No problem.” Returning to the room, Jamie tried to hold his breath as he plugged the fan in and pointed it out the window.

“The neighbors aren’t going to think you’re quite so invisible now I bet. And no more fish and chips for you! Ever!”

“So, where were we?” Miles asked sweetly. Jamie squeezed his ass cheeks as he felt Miles spoon up behind him. Jamie let loose with his own version of fish and chips.

“Oh, jeez Jamie, look who’s talking. Oh my God! I don’t have ANYTHING on you! Does that fan have a higher setting?”

The laughing continued and it was clear that nobody could concentrate long enough to get the job done tonight, so Miles tucked his nose in the hollow of Jamie’ neck and threw a leg over  his and they cuddled off to dreamland . . . where everything smelled like roses.


“Psssst, Jamie.” Miles whispered.

“What sweets. I’m still tired.”

“Psst Jamie. Either you’ve gown a two foot sausage link dick during the night and managed to find my ass when we are facing each other, or we’re not alone. ‘sniff, sniff’  Hey, I think it’s Will,” Miles said, giggling.

“Miles, don’t be redic . . . oh shit, it is. Uh Miles, how is it that someone can lay down behind you and sneak their dick into your ass without you noticing? I mean, even a blind guy could tell that!” Jamie whispered, with a smile that you could hear.

“Well, I figure he probably didn’t have wood when he snuggled in there.”

“Yeah, especially if he smelled one of those farts. Jesus Miles, I think my nose is permanently ruined.”

Miles started laughing which caused his ass to jiggle, which caused Will’s dick to start throbbing. “Shit Jamie, don’t make me laugh, it’s making your baby brother start to throb. Not that it feels all that bad, but uh, you know, uh I mean, he is a year and a half younger than us. Maybe we better wake him up and find out what’s going on.”

“Yeah, but since he’s already there and I haven’t seen him for over a year, how about me waking him up with a little rim job. It will make it a morning he’ll never forget.”

“Sounds like fun but you better move fast cause I am making for serious wood now myself just thinking about it.”

Will’s right leg was thrown over Miles’ legs, so Jamie nosed up to his ass with his head resting on the inside of his thigh as Jamie’s nose breathed in Will’s scent. Then Jamie’s tongue started to lap at the back of his balls and across his perineum. Will’s hips lurched forward at the first touch of his tongue and thrust with the same rhythm as Jamie licked. Will’s body told him that it wouldn’t be long. So with only a couple laps up his ass to his pucker palace of love and his tongue lapped the taste of his tangy duck butter.

His boy sweetness busted through Jamie’s stamina and he was now on the fast track to spilling his boy jam too. He curled his tongue like a small hollow pipe and penetrated his young hole with the tip of his tongue, twisting to flat with each lick. Will’s sphincter snapped tight trying to force the tip of his tongue out, but Jamie wiggled the tip and pushed forward, gaining a little more ground. Will trembled and his trebling grew as Jamie continued to tease his sphincter while his thumbs relaxed his butt muscles by gently massaging in just the right spot in his beautiful boy mounds. Will snapped his head around to see who was doing this wonderful thing to his now begging boyish ass. That was just when his body said it didn’t care who was driving; and started its own trip. His hips quivered as it tried to fight the sensations in his ass long enough to plant his seed as deep as it could in its new found home.

“OH!” Will cried, “oh,Oh OH!” he cried and his voice quivered like he was shivering from the cold. He grabbed Miles by the hip and thrust forward with all that he could muster, “AH! Ah! ah! oh, oh oh,” and then heavy breathing as his chest heaved in and out. His pupils were blown, he was as high as testosterone and adrenalin can take you. He lay there thinking about what he just felt, the possibilities. Wondering how he could get to that height and stay there, never having to come down, just as Jamie licked him some more.

“His eyes grew large and he jumped forward, his hips trying to run from the happiness train that was trying once again to enter the station. His super sensitive quivering ass hole and his super sensitive dick fought a mental battle but they didn’t know if they wanted to win or lose. “Hey!” he yelped, laughing.

Will’s thin dick was gaining strength again. “Jamie, do it, but not with your tongue. Do it like I am. I want to feel it inside me.” Will said.

“No way Will, you’re too young. I don’t want to hurt ya. It hurts a lot, doesn’t it Miles?”

“Oh yeah, hurts, uh well it hurts, well it only hurts at first really . . .”

“Miles, you’re not helping here.”

“He’s right Will. You should wait.”

“Look, Nelson Witcomb and I are having a sleep over in his back yard tonight and I wanna know some stuff. Come on, I want to know how to do it right so it doesn’t hurt as much.”

“Will, you’re too young to do all this stuff yet.”

“Jamie I can squirt. Not a lot yet but I can already. Nelson is a year older and he’s still dry. We tried last week but it wouldn’t go in so he pushed harder and it hurt, but it still didn’t…”

“Alright, I got the point. Um, you want Miles to, or me?”

A young hand reached, groping for Miles’ dick which exploded and shot with a whimper and a shake as soon as he found it, pushing his hips forward, popping off of Will’s dick at the same time. Will yelped in that high pitched little boy yelp that his sweet 12 year old dick hardening music as his crown cleared the ringlet of Miles’ pucker.

“I think yours Jamie. It’s not as big and I think I just made Miles squirt,” he said, embarrassed, with a laugh. “I think I squeezed him too hard, testing his size.”

“No worries Will, I can make him do that with a kiss.” Jamie said dismissively.

“Really? I want to know how to do that too!” Will said, hopefully.

“Right, just as soon as I figure that one out. I think it’s a Miles thing, not a ‘Me’ thing,” Jamie chuckled.

Will was full on hard again as he watched Jamie oil his dick and then his ass and maneuvered Will onto his back.

“Wait, I don’t have to be on my hands and knees? I thought you had to do it like a dog doing your leg, only from behind. This will work?”

“Well, I’ve wanted to try it this way. I saw it in a magazine down at the market. It’s supposed to feel better and it lets me see your eyes while we do it. It said the oil is very important to keep it from hurting.” He grabbed a couple of pillows and slid them up under Will’s rump. “There we go, just the right height.”

He was ready, and so was Jamie. He never thought doing his little brother would be such a turn on, but having visited his perineum and tasted his flavor and felt his tightness, he couldn’t help but be as hard as cold rolled steel in the Antarctic.

“You’re sure about this little brother? Cause I gotta tell you, at first it hurts like hell until you learn to relax and not tighten up. When I first put it in just a little, I’ll wait until you tell me you’re ready before we go on. We can stop anytime you say, ok?” Jamie said, rubbing his dick head across his opening, watching him tremble with every pass.

“OK, take a deep breath and now let it out,” he pushed until he felt the familiar pop of his opening giving way and he heard the gasp and saw Will’s eyes grow large.

“Oh Shit! Oh shit, fuck, oh shit! Wa  wa  waaait! Oh shit, it didn’t look that big. Oh shit, I’m glad I didn’t, oh shit, pick Miles.”

“Yeah, Miles packs a wallop.” Jamie said, watching Miles change positions.

“Here Will, I’ll help take your mind off of things a bit,” Miles said, gently probing to find his rigid little finger and running his finger tips across those young tight stomach muscles. They rippled from the tickle as he did.

‘Gasp!’ Will took a breath as his muscles tightened on Jamie’s flaming rod.

“Uh, Will, you ready to go or are we stopping. I need to know ‘cause I’ve got a load ready to deliver here or somewhere else, but it ain’t staying in. So make a decision.”

“Ok,” he whispered, “Let’s do it. Go easy huh?”

Jamie inched in. ‘God he is so fucking tight. Nelson is going to be one happy little fucker. Oh God, this feels good.’ He felt bottom and he withdrew and went in again as far as he could. He got into the groove and could see his lil brother’s grin as his eyes glaze over. It was the look he was watching for.

He started to move faster. Will was writhing, his hands reaching back to Jamie’s legs, pulling him in and his fuck reflexes were meeting each thrust. Jamie could feel him tighten and heard his whimpers begging for more punishment to his very full ass. He wanted more and didn’t want to ever stop.

“Fuck, Will, this is incredible.” Jamie felt his fire starting to burn and with it, his cock swelled getting ready to deliver. He looked at his little brothers heavy eye lids as they snapped open, feeling his girth enlarge, then his eyes glanced up as his mouth opened and he planted his heels in the bed and pushed his pelvis upward, arching his back and gasping.

Will cried out as Jamie moved in closer and began to short stroke him. Jamie’s pubic mound backing up only an inch or two and slamming home as fast as he could make it go. Their own juices lubricating their rendezvous as he rabbit fucked little Will’s ass. You could hear the slapping and squishing of their bodies meeting time and time again.  Jamie bit his lower lip and started to cry out too. Thrusting in fully as he could and freezing, Will kept trying to hump to meet the now absent rabbit pounding and his squirming on Jamie’s super sensitive crown caused the two of them to explode with a wave of shivers that transferred back and forth between the two brothers; one causing the other to blast in response. Miles was lapping the end of Will’s rod, cleaning him as Jamie delivered the last drop, staying in him and ending in a shiver war. Will just twitched and lay there. Tears running quietly down his cheek.

Jamie came back to reality and saw his little brother laying there looking broken and in tears. “Will, are you alright, what’s wrong?” Jamie asked him, popping his ass back to remove his whither from the well filled, still tight ringlet of muscle, trapped between the small white mounds of boy. Will quaked and made a slight yelp at the speed with which his ass slammed shut as Jamie withdrew.

He looked up at Jamie and pulled him into his face, still breathing heavily, and kissed him. And that wasn’t any brotherly kiss. That was a hungry ‘Oh God, I didn’t know anything could feel like this’ kiss!

Miles heard the slurping noises of appreciation. “Hey, what about me?”

“Yeah, what about Miles, short stuff?” Jamie asked. “You did sort of fuck him without permission.”

“Oh, yeah sorry. I mean I didn’t start that way. I just came in, well, you guys looked so warm and cozy. I thought I would just snuggle in a bit you know? The next thing I knew there was this incredible tongue going up my ass making the most incredible feeling . . .”

“Will? What ARE you doing here?”

“Well, I knew where you were now and I asked Mom if I could come see you and she looked at Dad. He started to protest but I had my finger on the volume button of my cell phone and turned it up. It made the ringer sound and I answered it like it was someone calling me. I took it out of my pocket and pretended it was Charlie asking me if I was coming. I said, (Will took it out and held it up demonstrating his technique) ‘Hang on he’s about to tell me. I just asked him . . . No I don’t think you need to come over.’ I looked at Dad and he waved me to go. That was all there was to it.”

“You little shit, you. That was brilliant, but I’d be careful. If Dad get’s his fill, he might challenge you. Then you’re screwed. Look Will, Mom and Dad are far from perfect, but they are all we got. I can tell you that after a year without them, it hurts. Sitting in that cold damp basement alone can really suck. Especially when there is a storm and no one to call out to.”

“But that won’t happen to him Jamie. He has you and he has me. He’ll not be alone.” Miles said, sensing Jamie drifting back into thoughts that hurt way too much and placing his hand in the small of his back. “And, although we’re here if you need us, don’t give up your Mom and Dad. We aren’t a replacement for them. I love Auntie Margaret and Uncle Chet, but not a day goes by that I don’t miss my Mum and Dad.”

“Now tell us about this Nelson kid.” Jamie asked, grinning.

“Oh, he’s so cute and he’s older, so he’s bigger, even though he can’t shoot yet. He’s in soccer and his locker is next to mine. We were changing and a pen fell out of my pants when I was shoving them into the locker. We both bent over to pick it up and cracked our heads together really hard. He got the pen but we banged together so hard that when the stars stopped we had our hands on each other’s shoulders trying to steady ourselves. I looked into his eyes at the same time he was looking into mine. His eyes were calling me so I went! I kissed him right there in the locker room! I traded in stars for fireworks. God, we were so lucky that nobody saw it. The coach stuck his head in just as we broke apart.”

“We still had our hands on each other’s shoulders but we had finished our kiss when he said, ‘Hey what are you guys doing? We got a game to play.’

Nelson turned around rubbing his forehead, ‘Sorry. He dropped his pen and we banged our heads together really hard reaching for it at the same time.’

“We both had lumps on our foreheads. And the little creep kept my pen so I had to hunt him down later to get it. He told me it was an expensive pen and it was going to cost me to get it back. I looked at him and smiled, ‘It’s priceless and I’ll give you anything you want for it back.’”

“He has a really nice smile. He used it and I fell in.” Will giggled his little boy giggle as he remembered. “The next thing I remember was his taste in my mouth. He kissed me using his tongue,” Will said, dreamily. “Did you know your tongue is connected directly to your dick? It must be, because the second his touched mine I had a real problem going to class. I didn’t dare put my books in my desk, they were holding down my wood! God, he tastes good. I can’t wait to smell him again. I held my books in my lap the rest of the day. See? Here’s the pen.” Will held up a Bic Stick.

Jamie laughed, taking it from Will. “Will, this is a nineteen cent pen.”

“Not today, today it is a million dollar pen. At least for Nelson and me it is.” He grinned.

“Wait till he finds out about the perineum!” Miles said offhandedly to Jamie.

“The what?” Will snapped his head towards Miles.


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