Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 4

“Hey, are you that good looking, well hung stud I couldn’t see down at the pool?” Miles whispered into Jamie’s ear as he took a little nibble on his lobe. Jamie rolled over and looked at Miles.

“Tomorrow it will end. I will go back to my basement and my market; I’ll go back to being hated at school. My only light will be lunches with a most beautiful boy. Until one day he sees again, then he’ll leave me too, because he’s beautiful and I’m less than plain. Miles, I don’t want to live any more. Not like this. I’m twelve and I’ve know loneliness that no adult should have to live through. Someone tell me how to fix it. I can’t do it any more.”

“Shhh! No more talk like that. I love you. We’ll find the fix. I promise. Maybe you can stay here . . . with me. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? And I don’t think you’re plain. I think you are beautiful too.  Jamie, your scent drives me crazy. I’ve found people who are pleasant to smell, and a few that were really good. But you, you have the best smell of anyone on the planet. I could eat your scent day and night. I never want to be away from it. I knew it was you in that market that night because I caught just a slight whiff of your scent, and it instantly made my dick hard as a woodpecker’s lips.”

Jamie giggled a little.

“Nobody does that to me. You are the only one. You’re meant for me, I know it.  You want to know why I parade you naked in front of every body? Because when you are undressed, your scent is pure and rich and intoxicating. Nobody else exists. They aren’t even there. I don’t want to turn loose of your hand for anything. If I had it done all by my script, I would lock us in a room and strip, never opening the door again. Ever. I could be happy with only you and your scent forever. You see, I love you. I’m hopelessly in love with you and have been since before you spoke your first words to me. There is no cure and I wouldn’t take it if there was. Do you know when I knew you and I were going to be life long mates? Do you?” He asked, insisting on Jamie’s attention.

“Are we? I can’t think past tonight. Life long sounds so far away. But tell me. Tell me, you freaky little blind kid that I have fallen in love with. Tell me how and when you knew.”

“It was when I shook your hand. Remember that day? You walked up and introduced yourself to me and extended your hand to me. Oh my God, you wouldn’t believe. I froze as your smell entered my nostrils. The truth is, I wouldn’t let you help me to my room because I made a mess of myself in my pants. I was glad the bell rang because I was sure my cum was going to seep through my Dockers at any moment. And lord, if I stood, I think I would have had a mess in my shoes, I blew so much. I had a hell of a time cleaning myself up and wondering how I was going to get a taste of you. But I knew I would. Want me to tell you the future that I saw when I shook your hand?” Miles rolled up on an elbow facing Jamie. Jamie did the same to listen. He knew what Jamie saw would come to pass. It always did.

“I saw you and me, but we were grown up and old like Auntie Margaret and Uncle Chet. You know, in our thirties maybe. We were in collared shirts under our jumpers and getting on board a boat. Not a big ocean liner, but a smaller one that could have maybe 30 or 40 people on it and still not be crowded. We sat in lounge chairs and sipped champagne. I remember that the bubbles tickled your nose and made you wipe the end with your knuckle to itch it away. And blymee bloody hell! I didn’t realize this before, but thinking back on it, I could see! I wasn’t hysterically blinded anymore. I know, because I toasted and I clinked my glass to yours, not the other way round! Jamie! You’re my cure! You must be.”

“You’re mad you know,” Jamie said to him. “But please don’t change, at least not until tomorrow. For tonight,” Jamie said, as he peeled off his shirt and slipped off his pants, “I want to see just how hard woodpeckers lips are.” And he kissed him.

That night they made love like rabbits, but not before they reversed direction and drank each other completely. Miles would have been just as happy to have his nose permanently sewn to Jamie’s perineum, but they tried a few new positions. Some that were awesome and some that didn’t work at all. But they were learning together and becoming comfortable with each other. When they fell asleep that night, Miles had spooned Jamie, both with their knees up. Their slender bodies nestled perfectly into one.

Jamie heard foot steps, someone was in the room. They knelt and tapped the boys on the hips. “Boys, get awake. If we’re going fishing we need to get a move on. Judging by the smell of boy testosterone in this room, you guys are going to need a shower. No doubt being twelve, a long one. God, I’m jealous. Well hurry up, I’ll make tea.”

The boys woke and of course they had morning wood and they were quite stuck on themselves. They sprinted across the landing and into the bathroom where Jamie flipped the switch and they had light. “Come on, brush first.” They brushed their teeth and Jamie said, “Let me see how well you’ve done,” and he pulled him into a passionate kiss, their wood rubbing and their breathing changing as he moved his dick against Miles’. They were still sticky and they pulled apart like they had been dipped in cola and left to dry. It was that kind of incurable sticky that only two twelve year olds could truly have fun with, experiencing the tingle of their skin as it peeled away from the other, only to wiggle their bodies and re-sticking themselves together, giggling that pure twelve year old giggle that makes one smile at the hearing of it.

Uncle Chet came back up the stairs to rush them, but hearing them giggle, he thought he would give them some more time. He had heard Miles laugh so little in the past years he would give anything to make it last. He sat down on the steps and just listened to their happiness. And as they got into the shower, he listened to their love making. He knew at twelve they may see it as love but surely they were just finding their way. Who knows what their hormones will tell them tomorrow. But for today, Jamie was the best medicine Miles could possibly have. Chet made up his mind, at that moment, to do something about Jamie’s situation. Just what, he wasn’t sure, but he knew the boy was not worthy of becoming a throw away and nobody should live like he had been. But he knew who to call.


“Hello Charlie. Yes, Chet. Look, I need a little help. It may require a barrister, I don’t know. You see, there is this boy, a friend of my nephew’s . . . Right. I’ll get that for you and get back to you soon. You really think that’s better than approaching them and just asking them to sign? Well, you know your business, but Charlie, I can’t afford any mistakes, this is too important.

Alrighty then, I’ll talk to you in a little bit.

Yeah, you bet. Cheers.” (He hung up.)

The boys filed into the kitchen. “Well, I thought you two drown, you’ve been up there so long.” They were silent, sipping tea and munching on toast.

Chet went over to the cupboard and opened a drawer and withdrew a pen and a pad of paper and slowly slid them over to Jamie.

“Jamie, we’re going to see if you can stay for a while, but to do it, we have to ask your parent’s permission. I have a friend that will go and see them and ask so that it doesn’t get loud, upsetting, or otherwise messy. We’ll need them to sign permission forms, too. So I need for you to put your full name, address and date of birth on here. Unless you don’t want us to try, of course.”

Jamie filled out the required information, adding his parent’s names and even his brother’s name.

“Just tell your friend, that all he has to tell them, is that I will be severely punished every day, they won’t have to see me any more, and it won’t cost them a cent. They’ll sign anything.” Jamie said softly, staring at the paper and slowly laying his pen down beside it. This time he didn’t cry, no tears welled up. He was absolutely emotionless.

Chet was moved. He peeled the page off and folded it neatly and put it in his pocket and returned the pad and pen to the drawer. He walked past Jamie and paused, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. He squeezed his shoulder and kissed the top of his head. “Just hold on son, it will be alright. Trust me,” he said ever so gently. “Right then,” he said brightly. “There be whales to be caught and worms to be drown. Finish your tea and I’ll be out front. Take your time, but hurry up! There ya go.” And he was out the door.

The boys roared, “Take your time, but hurry up!” They mocked, placing their plates in the sink with their tea cups and prancing out the door.

“. . . Right Charlie. The boy’s birthday is 18 August 1996. He’ll be thirteen in just a few weeks. Right then, keep me posted Charlie. I’ve got my handie on me, but reception may be a little if’y at the lake so leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Yeah, he’ll be with us. He’s been having a sleep over for the past couple nights. What’s that? . . . No, I don’t think they do. Alright then. Cheerio”

“I hope you told him, that if they think it will help me, they won’t sign without a gun to their heads. But if he says the word faggot or queer a lot, they’ll just about give him anything he wants.” Jamie said, climbing into the car.

“Jamie, I trust Charlie. He’s a good man who gets the job done, no matter what I ask. I never ask him how he did it. We go back a long ways, he and I. And Jamie, Charlie has never failed me yet.” He turned with a big smile and a wink.

Jamie smiled a faint hopeful smile, but knew in the back of his mind that it wasn’t likely to happen. He wouldn’t get his hope up. He was scared for some reason, and he didn’t know why. It was like the thought of them could taint the people around him. He was afraid because they could, and would, stop him from any kind of happiness if they even suspected that he had it. This was flaunting it in their faces. It could not possibly turn out in his favor.

“Chet,” Jamie said softly, “thanks. I want you to know I really appreciate what you are trying to do for me. But . . . please don’t be sore at Charlie if this doesn’t work out.” Jamie just stared out the window to hide his silent tears.


“Right, then. I’ll fish over there and you blokes can fish out that direction. Remember, if one gets a bite then the other should reel in so as not to nest the lines.”

Jamie was an old hand at baiting a hook. He, his dad and his little brother went to one of the local urban lakes regularly. He even set Miles’ line as a taught line so he could fish without a bobber and he could tell when he had a bite.

“Remember now, hold the pole steady and keep the line between your fingers. Then, when you feel a jerk, tug up on the pole to set the hook. Then reel for all your worth.” Jamie said.

“So far, I like fishing. Anything that lets you tug up on a pole has got to be fun.” Miles said with a devilish grin.

“You’re impossible.” Jamie chided.

“No. . . not impossible. Let’s just say `hard’ at the mo. And, quite easily done, if you try your hand at it.”  They both broke into laughter so loud that Chet figured they scared the fish away for two counties. But he loved to hear Miles laugh and it had been so long.

And then it happened. Miles got a hit. “Oh shit,” he said. “I think I’ve got one! What-do-I-do, What-do-I-do?” He said frantically.

“Reel” was the answer.

He reeled and it pulled out more line against the drag. He held the line, pulling up. “Well call me Ishmael!” Jamie shouted, “It must be a whale!”

Jamie reeled his in and walked down the dock to keep from tangling the lines. Once in, he returned to cheer his friend on.

The rod still bent nearly in two and jerking every which way. “Man, he’s a real fighter, this one,” Jamie said, getting the net ready. “Pull him a little to the left so I can get a net under him.”

“Righty O,” Miles chimed back and steered his catch back to the left. Jamie scooped the net under it and brought it up.

“Wow,” Jamie said.

“What kind is it?” Miles asked.

“Looks like a nice size bass! Look how big he is!”

“I wish I could, I’ll have to take your word for it, for now.”

“Oh, no you won’t.” Jamie said, removing the hook and placing him on the stringer. Securing him to the dock, he held it up by its gills and took Miles hand and said, “Make two fingers, like this.” He hung the fish on his two fingers and let the weight of the fish hang on his fingers. He took the other hand and traced the length of the fish. Miles snarled his lips up.

“I didn’t know they were so slimy, and Oh! That smell. Here, thanks for showing me.”

Jamie baited his hook again and pitched it out a good ways. It looked like a good spot near some lilly pads. Jamie held the line while Miles was trying desperately to rinse the fish smell off his hands.

“Don’t bother. Wait until we’re done. Here, your line is ready.” Miles settled in to a comfortable position as Jamie handed him the pole and set himself down next to Miles.

“Aren’t you going to pitch yours?” Miles asked, noticing that he didn’t hear his line go out.

“God, is that all you ever think about? Jeez Miles, we’re right out here in public. You expect me to just whip it out and go to town on it?” Jamie said admonishingly.

Miles tried to hold back his laughter while he delivered his response. “I was speaking about your line, but if it is too hard to fish, perhaps we should just tie a line to it and you can fish taught line too!” They laughed heartily.

“Thanks, but I much prefer a bobber if you don’t mind,” Jamie said slyly.

“Oh, I think I may be too hard now to fish too.” Miles chimed in. “Seriously though, why aren’t you putting out your line?”

“I thought I might just like to watch you for a while. The sun makes your hair shine like its got diamonds in it in places. And I don’t get much time to just look at you in good light.” Jamie paused for a moment looking around to see who was around and he leaned close to his face and kissed him gently on his cheek. “You’re really quite beautiful, you know.”

“Jamie,” Miles said, like he wanted to ask an awkward question. “Are my eyes. . . you know, do they look normal like everyone else’s, or are they ugly and cloudy like some blind peoples? I’ve asked and they would always tell me, `Oh they look fine, don’t worry about it.’ But I’ve never really been told.”

“Miles, you have the most amazing green eyes I have ever seen. They are such a contrast to your . . . flaming red hair.” Jamie said, with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“See, there you go. Joking about something so serious. I don’t know what to believe.” Miles said, coming up short.

Jamie leaned in to his face and whispered, “Your eyes are gorgeous. They look like two brilliantly green emeralds against that perfect cream colored skin and your black hair. Just looking at your eyes makes me harder than you can possibly imagine.” He breathed his hot breath against his neck where he had whispered his praise and kissed him softly against the smooth indent of his long neck just below the corner of his jaw bone. Miles shivered.

“OH, DAMN!” Miles said angrily. “You did it again, damn you.”

“What?” Jamie said in shock. Hardly the response he expected for such a tender moment.

“What’s wrong? What did I do? I just answered your question? I didn’t DO anything.”

“You did, you did that on purpose, too! Find me a cloth or a wipe of some kind. Quickly, before I soak through.”

Jamie leaned back, looking at him for a moment. Then it registered in his mind. “Are you telling me that you’ve creamed your jeans?” Jamie said, now with a devilish laugh as he got in the tackle box and pulled out the pack of wet wipes. “You may be in trouble here. There isn’t a . . . loo . . . around for . . . `Miles’ . . . you `willie’ pardon the pun, won’t you?”

“I know better than that. We passed a row when we got out of the auto. And I can hear the crackle of the cello wrap on those wipes, so fork them over. And make quick about it, can you see it? Is it soaking through?”

“You didn’t really, did you? You’re just joking right?” Jamie said, with a more serious tone.

Miles sucked in his gut and pulled his waistband out.

“Oh my God, you weren’t kidding. You really did . . . I really did . . . I made you do that?” Jamie was stuttering and stammering. Then he leaned in and whispered, “Want me to clean you up?”

“Oh damn. . . hard again. . . Jamie if you come nearer to me or touch me, we might have what some would term an ecological disaster! Now please! Give me those wipes.”

Jamie handed him the package and he unzipped and pulled down his shorts, cleaning himself up as Chet came back to the dock. Jamie was casting out his line, pretending that nothing had occurred. Chet looked at Miles with his shorts about his knees and Jamie glancing back like he wasn’t really looking, but he had the widest smile on his face. “Miles,” he said. “There is a time and a place for everything.”

Miles laid his hands down, palm up on the dock, with a fist full of used wipes in his left hand and a fresh one in his right. “Uncle Chet, I just couldn’t help it. He kissed me on my neck. I shivered and made a mess. It’s not like I had any control over it.” And he went back to wiping the cum off his belly. The cool breeze making the moisture evaporate also called all soldiers to attention.

“Well, it looks like you’ve got it bad for him, doesn’t it?”

“Uncle Chet, you cannot possibly know. When someone, as he puts it so delicately, `creams his jeans’, just from a simple kiss . . . not even a passionate one on the mouth, then yes, I would say I have a bad case of him.” Miles said smiling. “I can only hope I die of it.”

Chet looked at Jamie, who had cast his line so quickly that he was fishing with a bare hook. Jamie just grinned and shrugged. But as he thought about it, watching his bobber guard his vacant hook, a smile matching the tented shorts he was wearing appeared on his face. He was genuinely loved; and by a beautiful boy too. For a moment, for this moment, Jamie felt like the luckiest boy on earth.

The days catch by Chet was dwarfed next to the sizeable bass that Miles had landed and when Chet presented his stringer smiling with its half a dozen or so sunfish, he frowned when Jamie leaned over the edge of the dock, looking at the bass. Chet looked over too and his eyes got large. Wordlessly, he pointed to Jamie and then to Miles. Jamie smiled and tilted his thumb at Miles, smiling. Chet took a deep breath. He’d just been out fished by a blind kid who was busy creaming his jean from a simple kiss.

With some satisfaction, he said, “Well Miles, nicely done. Sorry I missed the fight. I’ll bet it was a battle. Well, you’re lucky, you only have to clean one for your supper. I’ve six and it will still be a small sandwich.”

“What?” Miles said, “There is no way I’m going to douche with a fish. I can’t get the stink off my hands now!”

Jamie covered his mouth with his hand as he laughed quietly. “No worries mate, I’ll clean it for you.”

“Like hell you will! I’m planning on cleaning you myself and I’ll not share the loo with that slimy fish.”

“No Miles, we clean it over hear on the dock. It means we remove the head, fins, guts, scales. What ever we don’t intend to eat. And you rub your hands with lemon juice to get the fish smell off your hands.”

Chet piped up, “Does that work? And to think all these years I’ve gone with fish smelly hands. Well, seems Miles isn’t the only one you’ve taught new things to then. Right now, let’s get to cleaning. Its mid day now and things will be getting ripe soon.”

They cleaned their days catch. Jamie filleted the bass with the expertise of a seaman, while the bit that Chet ended up with looked more like bait than the catch. But they carefully wrapped them up and put them in the cooler and started loading the car for the trip back home when Chet’s handie wet off. Looking at the number ringing in, he hastened to step away from the boys. It was Charlie and he didn’t know what to expect, but if it was bad, he wanted time to figure out how to deal with it without the boys going into hysterics.

“Hello, this is Chet,” he said. “Oh yes Charlie, how did it go?” He asked, looking over his shoulder briefly and walking away from them. All activity stopped as they tried to listen in. “Really,” he said not smiling or anything. “Really,” he said again. “Really!” And for this one, his eyes got really big. “Certainly . . . uh huh, yes . . . certainly, absolutely. Now! Yes, we can be there in about 20 minutes. Uh huh, uh huh, sure, Charlie,” Chet covered the phone and turned away from the boys and then hung up.

“Right then boys, pile in. We need to be home in 20 minutes.”

“What did he say?” Jamie queried, “What did Charlie say?”

“He said, we need to be home straight away and he’ll meet us there. Big things happening, Jamie. Big things.”

Oh shit, he thought. Jamie started breathing heavily. I can run. I can wait till we stop at a light and run. But where, I can figure that out later. He was panic stricken.

He started to reach for the seat belt button when a hand took his. Miles was breathing heavily too. “Don’t worry Jamie. We’ll not let them hurt you. Will we, Uncle Chet?”

Uncle Chet smiled in the mirror, “Jamie . . . big things are not always bad. You’re going to be alright. Trust me. Charlie is meeting us, not your parents.”

Jamie exhaled. “What could he mean then?” But he didn’t have to wait long to find out. He pulled up in their driveway and there stood a man in a long coat with a little boy. Jamie looked again and burst into tears, “It’s Will, he’s brought me Will!” Jamie shouted.

Miles was in shock, “How can they bring you Will? Is it ill will or good will?”

“No you silly boy, my brother Will.” And he darted from the car before it stopped moving. He was looking left and right as he ran up, dropping to his knees and hugged Will in his arms. “Oh Will, I have missed you so very much. Are you alright?”

“Yes, I have missed you something terrible though.” Will said, in a tiny little voice. “Mom and Dad are still pissed, but this man talked to them quietly. Dad was really angry at first, but then he got quiet and then he listened and then he acted scared. The next thing I know, Mr. Charlie asks me if I wanted to come see you. I said, `more than anything.’ And here I am.”

“Yes, you are here indeed. I love you and have missed you.” Jamie said hugging his little brother. “Look at you. I think you’ve grown!”

“Jamie, I tried to get them to open the door. I tried my very best but they got angry and threatened to put me down there too. I was scared, so I didn’t ask anymore. I’m sorry I wasn’t brave. I maybe could have got them to open the door but I was afraid.” He was in tears.

“Shhhh, it’s alright. You did the right thing. It would do no good to have you there too. Cheer up. It’s going to be alright. Come on, I want you to meet someone. Will, this is Miles. He’s my boyfriend. Miles, meet Will, my younger brother.” Will held out his hand. Miles took it and shook it. “You smell a lot like your brother,” Miles said with a slight smile.

“You can’t see me?” Will asked, quietly. “It must be scary all the time. I’m afraid of the dark.”

“Sometimes I am too,” Miles said softly. “But now I have Jamie to hold me when I am afraid.”

“Yeah, he’s good at that. He used to hold me too.”

“Come on, let’s go inside out of this heat.”

“Why do you guys smell like fish?” Will asked, sniffing the hand that took his.

“A boy after my own heart,” Miles said, laughing


“Mom and Dad said it’s not right for boys to like boys.” Will said, fishing for an opinion.

“What do you say?” Miles asked the inquisitive seeker.

“Hmm. I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Until this happened I never even thought it was something to think about. Charlie said it doesn’t matter and Mom and Dad are thinking old. He is sending them to a – s e n s a tiv ity – class so they can think new.” Jamie’s eyes grew large.

“Will, stay with Miles for just a second alright? I’ll be right back.” Jamie went out front to find Charlie and Uncle Chet. Seeing them, he ran up and threw his arms around Charlie and hugged him as tight as he could, his eyes filled with tears as he thanked him. “I don’t know what you did and I don’t even care if you used a gun. You let me see Will again. For that, I’ll always be in your debt.”

Charlie pulled the boy away and took his head in his gentle hands.  Looking into his eyes, he used his thumbs to push away the tears rolling freely down this beautiful child’s face. “There is more, much more, and you’ll be able to see your brother again, but for now, we only have an hour. We can talk after I take him back. So for now, get your butt back in there and make the most of your visit.”

Jamie saw something there in his eyes and reached up and pulled his face to him, kissing him ever so softly on the cheek, he whispered, “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“Don’t worry. Just continue to love Miles. He needs you. That’s thanks enough. Now go on,” and gave him a playful swat on the butt. Jamie returned to his brother and just sat and took in the sight before him. The two people he loved more than life itself sitting chatting. He paused to drink in the sight. Will was growing. He was going to be eleven in just a couple months. There’s a steep transition he will go through in the next few months if he hasn’t already. Jamie noticed that his features were losing the last remnants of baby boy and starting to take on the look of youth. His face was aglow as Miles enchanted him. Jamie continued his inventory from the long, almost sensuous, neck down his shoulders, to a frame readying itself for the onslaught of body mass. He followed down to the beautiful small of his back, to the two perfect little mounds and to his . . . TENTED Shorts!  The little shit was turned on!

Jamie went over to where Miles sat and Will was on his knees, leaning both hands on Miles’ thigh. Jamie squeezed in between Miles’ legs and leaned forward and kissed Miles right in front of Will. He heard Will gasp as one hand came off his leg and went to his tented mass. He stared with his mouth open as he unconsciously started to work his piece. Watching them kiss deeply was doing things to his body that he had never experienced before and he was carried away on it. Jamie pulled away and Miles exhaled.

“Well, that was a surprise. What brought that on?” Miles said, adjusting himself.

“This!” he said, taking Miles hand and placing it on Will’s working package. At the touch of Miles hand, Will inhaled and then shivered. He smiled and sat back on his heels. He looked around to see who was there, seeing no one but Jamie and the non-seeing boy, pulled his waistband out and looked down. He got a frantic look on his face and Miles’ nostrils flared.

“Oh dear,” Miles grinned. “Don’t worry. The same thing happens to me all the time. I think it’s your brother. Come on.” He got up and took Will by the hand, upstairs into the bathroom.

“How did you know I did it?” Will whispered.

“My nose doesn’t miss anything, especially the smell of your brother and you smell a good deal like him. I wonder . . .” Miles hesitated. “Do you mind?” he asked. Not waiting for an answer, he gave the boys shorts a yank to his ankles, followed by the Scooby doo’s. His nose went in and Will looked up at his older brother overtop of Miles’ head. He stood smiling. Will shuddered when Miles licked a bit of his boy cum off of his belly and he was hard again instantly. Miles cleaned the boy up amidst his whimpers and weak knees. Missing a drop, Miles went in for the storehouse and landed his lips on top of Will’s throbbing breakfast link. He gasped and instantly snatched two fists full of hair and his magic dance began below his waist as his head went back and his eyes closed. He went from a gentle rock of his perfect small round butt, forward and up, to a rapid, almost rabbit like slap of his pelvis to Miles’ mouth. Miles breathed heavily too as he sucked in the boys aroma and tried to suck him inside out. Miles swirled his head once, twice, the boy was delirious. The third time, he cried out, pumped forward three times, biting his lower lip and he froze, pulling Miles’ head from the back and holding him there until he subsided.

The boy relaxed and fell back against the wall and realized what had happened. He looked at the smile on both Miles and Jamie’s faces, then looked back at Miles and said, “Sure, go ahead.” As he pulled his pants back up, the boys roared.

He took Jamie’s hand and whispered, “If that’s being gay, I may as well move to the basement now.”

“Not a word of this to anyone or they won’t let me see you again. And don’t make your mind up on this one time. Wait to make that decision, but don’t say anything or do anything around Mom or Dad.”

Chet’s voice rang out, “Jamie, it’s time.”

“We were showing you around Miles’ room if they ask,” Jamie said hurriedly as they all went down the steps. “It’s important that you be good and stay out of trouble,” and he gave him a gentle swat on the butt as he said, “Now go with Charlie. I’ll see you again real soon.”

He ran to the door and took Charlie’s hand, then ran back and hugged and kissed Jamie. “I love you, Jamie.” Then ran over to Miles and kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug and Jamie noticed him whisper something in his ear. Then he smiled and ran back to Charlie.

Charlie turned on his way out, “I’ll be right back,” and disappeared into the night.

“Right then,” Chet said, smiling an ear to ear grin, “We’ve some of Jamie’s things out here so let’s get them in here and up into Miles’ room. Sorry Miles, but I’m afraid you’ll have to share your room and your bed for a while. No sense moaning about it!” He said with a gleeful smile overtop of the giggles.

They carried the boxes of Jamie’s stuff upstairs as he marveled, “Oh look, my favorite shorts, and my Euro Disney hat.”

“Jamie. Miles. Charlie is back. Come down so you can hear what he has to say.”


“Well, we didn’t want to waste your valuable time with Will, a delightful child by the way, but we were remiss in the introductions. Jamie, this man you’ve already hugged, fondled and kissed, is Charlie.”

Jamie took a great breath in, “I’ll have you know I did NOT fondle him!” Jamie said, blushing bright red, dimples showing on his face. Charlie was in his mid thirties and out of his Macintosh appeared to be quite beautiful. He had blue eyes and a great smile, with a little round hoop earring in his ear. He had a very nice tan and obviously spent way too much time in a gym.

“Tough break Charlie, maybe next time,” Chet joked. “Charlie is a lawyer and a very good friend of mine. We go back a lot of years, he and I. Well anyways, Chet is very good at these things you see, and when I explained your situation he took a special interest. I would ask you this Jamie, please don’t ask how he managed to make this happen because he can’t tell you. It is a matter of National Security let’s say. Just listen to what he has to say.”

“Jamie, your parents are now very sorry for their cruelty to you, although I wouldn’t test that quite yet. They are enrolling tomorrow in a sensitivity class to learn about dealing with gays and gay children. They have promised to study and try and learn very hard.” Charlie was smiling now, he was enjoying this. “Your little brother is a quick kid and maybe, I’m no judge, but I think he may be leaning the same way you do. But let’s not influence him too much. Let him find his own way and be there for him.”

“For now,” Charlie went on, “your parents have agreed that it is probably better for you to stay here with Chet and Marggie. They had gleefully signed paperwork making them full temporary guardians. In this envelope you will find the following: One cell phone matching the one your little brother has. You will notice Will is programmed in as #1. #2 is programmed in directly to Chet’s handie and Miles is #3. Auntie Margaret is #4 and I am #5. I will not answer if you call me. It will be my . . . for lack of a better word, secretary. Tell her your name is Jamie and that’s all. When she says `thank you’ hang up. I will return your call as soon as I am able. Most times immediately, but there are times when I may not be in country for a week or so. Chet will know then. So, use it sparingly please. The cell phones have unlimited texting and minutes so don’t worry about that, I have the bill for those.”

“You will also find a prepaid Visa card. It has money on it for your lunches and anything you really need, so don’t waste it. There is also some pocket money in case you need a bus or something. You can get more money from an ATM using the PIN# 3333. Remember that I will be watching the account, so don’t abuse it. I expect you to have a bit of fun now and then but don’t over do it. If in doubt, call Chet and ask him. And lastly, a state ID with your address here and a medical insurance card good anyplace you are. Keep these with you at all times. Any questions that I am able to answer?”

“A million questions, but most Chet just said I can’t ask. Charlie, who are you?” Jamie paused. “You got an ID card made on a weekend with my picture, legal documents composed, signed and filed with a judge . . .”

” . . . Those are the questions you can not ask.” Chet cut in.

“How much is on the Visa Card?”

“Well there is a thousand on it right now from my pocket. Your Mother and Father will be making payments to me directly to that card. They have the recharge information and I’ve worked out a payment plan. Call it fifty two weeks back payment at twenty dollars a week for lunches that you shouldn’t have had to work for. But don’t worry about that and just because it is there, don’t blow it on junk. If you need clothes or something then that is what it is to be used for. And I’ll be checking. If I find a lot of crap, I’ll be transferring funds out, but I don’t think I’ll have to do that. You look pretty responsible to me.”

“Yes sir, I am. I’ve made the money I make at the grocery last, so I know how not to piss it away. Charlie . . . I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. One more question, please. Why did you do this for me? I mean, I’m really grateful but. . . I’m nobody.”

Charlie’s brows furrowed as he saw the tears welling up in Jamie’s eyes as the emotion of it all began to overwhelm him. Charlie was out of his chair in half a breath, “Miles,” Charlie said, “is Jamie a nobody to you?”

Miles had tears welling up in his eyes now too as he scooted forward on his seat and placed a hand around Jamie’s waist. “Uncle Charlie, Jamie is the only light in my world. He has become my everything. I can’t eat or sleep or speak without him in my arms, in my mind or on my lips. His kiss makes me dizzy, his laugh makes me giddy and God help me if he sweats in my presence, or nuzzles my neck cause his scent makes my body do things I can’t control. He is the most important person in my life,” Miles said, as he put his other hand on Charlie’s arm, snatching it away like he pricked his finger on a pin.

Noticing the momentary stunned affect that touch had on Miles, Charlie recoiled. “Are you alright Miles?” Charlie asked. “You looked frightened for a moment. Is something wrong?”

“Uh, no. I just forgot that we left the fish in the car. They’re probably all spoiled now.”

“No worries there Miles, I’ve got them in the icebox.” Chet said.

“Jamie, you are somebody. You’re somebody sweet that has endured horrible treatment by ignorant prejudices. Never lose sight of the fact that you are important to somebody, everybody is to somebody, and it looks like you’re important to a lot of people, me included.” Charlie said smiling. “I must be off then.”

“Right Charlie, look, give me a moment with the boys will you. I’ll be out front in a flash to see you off.” Chet said, smiling, but not taking his eyes off Miles.

“Sure, I’ll be right outside.”

“Wait!” Jamie said, running to Charlie, “I don’t even know your last name.”

“Ah! Yes well, sadly enough, I don’t have one. It’s just Charlie, Jamie.” he said smiling.

Jamie wrapped his arms around him, “I don’t know how I can ever repay you,” and he kissed him again, this time on the lips, and he kissed back. Jamie made sure to pause looking into his eyes, as he grabbed a handful of Charlie, while smiling into his face.

“Hey,” he jumped, smiling a huge smile, “you little shit,” and he made for the door as he also began tenting.

Looking at Chet, he said, “I’ll be out front. Take your time.”

Chet looked quickly at Miles, “What did you see?”

“Nothing Uncle Chet, what do you mean?”

“Miles, I know when you touch people you see things. Tell me what you saw, please, it’s very important.”

“You knew! Then why did you always play it off?”

“It worries your aunt. She doesn’t understand these things. Please tell me what you saw, if it can help him.”

Miles said, “Then you know he’s done murder, don’t you?”


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