Blind Sensations
by Ricky


Chapter 2

“I don’t have a clue. I know nothing about sex. Christ, I know a dick is supposed to go in a vagina, but give me a naked girl and a few days and I might find it. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. And I got to tell you that I haven’t found one yet that my nose likes. I’ve only found one person on the planet so far that smells really good to me.”

“Who is that?”

“Don’t get stupid on me now, Jamie. Haven’t I told you that you smell really good to me?”

“Oh, yeah.” Jamie chuckled, “I guess you did.”

“Look, would it be considered gay if I asked you to hold me?”

“Well, seeing that we are both totally naked, yeah, I think it would.”

“Fine, do it anyways. . .  Please. I haven’t been touched by gentle hands in longer than I can remember.”

“I think I’d like that too,” he said as he rolled up close to Miles. He moved one knee in between his legs and rolled onto his elbows, overtop of Miles. He looked down into his beautiful lost eyes and brushed his lips gently against his and then he kissed him. Then, Miles kissed back and in a very short time their tongues were in a tussle match where they both win. Their breathing was rapid and deep as they felt their bodies taking over and starting to move.

“Wait,” Miles said. “I want to try that first thing, that 69.”

“OK!” and he flipped around head to crotch.

Miles reached out and felt two soft mounds and pulled them to him, burying his face in the aroma that had drawn him to this moment. He placed his nose below Jamie’s balls and breathed in. His mouth watered for the flavor of him. He licked once and his head exploded in desire. Jamie lifted his leg granting access. He couldn’t breathe as Miles’ tongue assaulted every inch of him. All Jamie could do was hold on and whimper.

Miles paused for a moment, like his nose was searching for the source of something. As he searched, Jamie regained enough control to lick the crown of Miles’ cock, causing Miles to gasp and twitch.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” he whispered as Jamie moved on top of his cock and sucked him to the bottom. Miles shivered and his mouth found the end of Jamie’s and sucked him in, taking him all the way down, too. Jamie responded with a quiver and they both started to bob, faster and faster. Feeling the burning in their balls as they tightened, they both whimpered and writhed until Miles exploded in wave after wave and Jamie drank him down like a starving child on his mother’s breast, seeking every last drop.  Finding it triggered Jamie’s orgasm flooding Miles’ mouth with blast after blast of that flavor, that scent that drove him wild, trying to get more and more, wanting all he had to give.

When there was no more to be had, they lay there breathing heavy, spent. Jamie started to roll away.

“NO!” Miles said, pulling him tightly into his face. “No, I never want to leave here.” And Jamie could feel the warmth of his tears as he sobbed into Jamie’s groin. Jamie pulled himself forward again and gently kissed the crease in his leg, causing him to shiver.

“You know we’re really gonna look funny going down the street like this.” Jamie said with a smile in his voice.

“It’s a shame, I’ll never see the shock on their faces,” and he took his lips and sucked on the super sensitive cock head of his new found love. Jamie recoiled pulling his knees up and his butt back as he squealed and broke loose. He flipped back around and Miles snatched him to him in an embrace so tight Jamie could not move.

“Hey loosen up a little, your breaking me in half.”

“No, you might get away. I’ll never find you again.”

“No. I’ll be right here. I promise.”

“How do I know you won’t break your promise?”

“Have I ever broken my word to you yet?”

“Well, no, but we haven’t known each other very long.”

“OK, you don’t have to let go, but could you loosen your death grip just a little? I want to kiss you and that ain’t happening like this.”

He felt the hold loosen on him and he slid down until they were nose to nose. He kissed the pointed little end of Miles’ nose, then tilted his head sideways and kissed him soundly on the lips. When they had finished Jamie pulled Miles to him.

“I don’t want to ever leave here either.”

Jamie slept in Miles’ arms that night. He nestled his nose into the neck of his new found love and floated off into the most perfect dream he had ever had.

Jamie woke to a bone crunching hug. “Hey, you’re choking me.”

His grip loosened. “I woke up and was afraid it had all been just a dream.”

“Yeah, well if it was, then I had the same one.” He gave Miles a little peck on the nose. He loved Miles’ nose. “You’re poking me in the side.”

His hand went down Jamie’s side and found his morning wood and gave it a little tug. Jamie inhaled.

“Let’s go douche,” Miles whispered, still tugging on Jamie’s morning wood.

“You want to what? I don’t think I can do that. I think you have to have a lot less equipment than either of us have to do that.”

“Nonsense, follow me.”

“Alright, I’m game to try anything once, but you’re going to have to stop that or I can’t move,” and he shivered a shiver that went through his voice. They jumped up and made for the door. Jamie, pausing at the door to make sure no one could see him, he made a break for the bathroom, closing the door behind him. The room went black. He felt for the light switch and remembered his lessons from the night before. Miles sensed something was wrong.

“What?” he said.

“I can’t see. How do you do this?”

“It gets easier when you have no choice.” He reached for Jamie.

Jamie felt a hand on his cock, pulling him forward. He chuckled, “I’ll follow you anywhere. Ouch! Oh, stubbed my toe on the sink.” Miles pulled him into the shower and closed the enclosure door. He turned on the water and felt it come up to temperature. Jamie leaned forward and the head of his cock found Miles’ ass. He jumped, his head hitting the rack of shampoo and conditioner bottles hanging from the shower head. The result was a cascading shower of plastic bottles that banged and thumped as they hit the tub. It surely woke the whole house.

“Are you alright,” Jamie asked Miles who started laughing and wrapped his arms around Jamie and kissed him, chuckling.

The door burst open, “Are you alright?” Auntie Margaret said, opening the shower door. The light from the hall spilled into the shower, taking in the sight of the two boys wrapped in each other’s arms. Jamie froze as Auntie Margaret’s eyes met his and what had happened was revealed. He had a look of terror in his eyes. She recovered however, and smiled as she closed the shower door and closed the bathroom door, she said, “We’ll have to get a bulb for up here I guess.”

Jamie was stunned. “Is that it?”

“I don’t understand. Is what, what?” Miles asked.

“Miles, your Auntie just burst in here and saw us naked and kissing in the shower. Her response was simply that she needs to get a bulb for the light fixture. I mean, look at what my life turned into from a simple kiss behind the bleachers. This certainly tops that!”

“Shut up and help me pick these back up.” Miles said with a “get over it” sound to his voice.

“I think I’d rather hold onto your hips some more while you pick the stuff up.” He whispered.

“Hmm,” Miles said wiggling his butt into Jamie’ fat candy cane. “That sounds like it could be fun too. Can we use soap?”

“Yeah, I’m sure of it.” Jamie said excitedly.

“Wait a minute.” He opened the enclosure door and stepped out into the darkness. Jamie could hear a cabinet door being opened and then a couple of bottles being opened.

“Ah! Here it is,” he said as he stepped back into the tub. “Here, smell this. It is a Brown Sugar and Cinnamon body wash. It should make you absolutely edible.”

“Well, that is certainly alright by me!” Jamie chuckled. Miles tested the water one more time and pulled the knob to bring it all overhead. The hot water reminded them both what brought them to the bathroom in the first place, morning wood.

Jamie let loose a stream arching up, causing Miles to sputter. “Are you p-p-p-pissing?” Miles said, holding a hand over his stream to deflect it from his face. “You disgusting creature you!”

“Well, two can play at that game!” And Jamie took a blast of English piss right in the face. “You’re on MY turf now. Remember, I can piss in a Dixie cup at 3 meters!” His stream died down and the sputtering stopped and turned into laughing again.

“Here,” Miles said in his deepest English accent, “let’s just soap you up a bit and see if we can sweeten your smell.”  Miles rubbed soap all over Jamie as he held loosely onto his waist. He liked this, but couldn’t believe his Auntie Margaret didn’t come back with a broom and throttle them.

Leaning forward, he kissed Miles’ cheek then nibbled on his ear lobe causing him to giggle and tilt his head. “That tickles,” Miles whispered. Jamie slowly kissed down his neck and he felt Miles go limp in his arms. He turned him around, pressing his body against his back and continued to kiss his neck. His fullness standing erect in the love groove of his boy. Their breathing became labored as Jamie began to rub his hardness in Miles’ ass groove.

“Wait,” Miles said and he squeezed some body wash into his hand and reached between them for his steel. Miles leaned forward and set the bottle down and braced himself against the shower wall. Jamie kissed his back and he reached down finding his steaming hot rod and tilted it down wiping the soap across Miles’ pucker. Miles gasped when he brushed against it and Jamie shook in anticipation.

“Ready?” Jamie whispered, as his head applied pressure against his sphincter.

“Oh yes!” Miles whispered frantically.

Being new, neither Jamie or Miles knew to go slow, and he slammed it home.

“AH! Oh shit, oh fuck! I didn’t know it was so big oh, oh, oh.” Miles whimpered as he came up flat against the shower wall on his toes, trying to get away from the massive pain in his ass.

“Are you alright? Want me to take it out?” He said to Miles frantically, but afraid to move for fear of doing more damage.

“Yes, please take it out.” He said as Jamie started to back out. “Stop! Wait, don’t move.” His breathing came in gasps. “Wait, don’t take it out. Come back in.”

Jamie moved very slowly, not wanting to hurt his new lover. Miles shuddered as wave after wave of sensations washed over him. Those waves of sensation caused his stomach and anal muscles to ripple. Jamie whimpered and fell against his back gasping, trying desperately to find air.

Miles simply said, “Now.” And Jamie began to move his tiny hips in and out ever so slowly. Then building steam, his breathing and his strokes beginning to match, short and fast. Miles threw his head back and arched his back, thrusting his ass onto Jamie’s skewer. Jamie slammed forward, feeling his balls tighten up and then the explosion. As he did, Miles blasted his cum on the shower wall while Jamie filled his belly full of boy lava. They fell into a clump of connected boys in the bottom of the tub, gasping. This time Jamie, holding a death grip around Miles’ chest, pulling him back against him and kissing the back of his neck. Jamie’s body shook and he cried over the feelings he had suppressed for so long.

Miles felt Jamie’s whither recede from his ass as the flow of Jamie leaked out and into the tub.

“Why are you crying?” Miles whispered, turning around and pulling him into his arms.

“This can’t be,” he cried.

“What can’t be?” Miles asked.

“I can’t feel this good. Someone will take it from me as soon as they know. It’s all I’ve ever wanted – to be loved and to hold someone. They’ll take it, I know they will.” Jamie sobbed relentlessly in Miles’ arms.

“Listen. . . Listen to me. No one, I repeat, no one can take this from us. Not ever. You can take it from me. I’m British and everyone knows the British never tell a lie.”

Jamie quieted himself. Sniffling he said, “I know why you’re blind.”

“You do? And why is that?” Miles asked sincerely.

“Because, you are so full of bullshit, your vision is blocked.”

“I prefer Bull Shitte, and you may be right. Come on, Auntie Margaret will have breakfast ready, I am sure. Especially if she knows we’ve had sex!”

“What? She would let you?”

“Of course. It is a perfectly natural thing, why wouldn’t she?”

“OK, how about being 12 to begin with and I’m a boy, not a girl for seconds.”

“Well, if we have the urge at 12, then it must be time. As far as the other, homosexuality has been around for ages, so it’s not like it is something new. It is looked at as quite commonplace back home. And let’s look at it practically. If I were banging some chickee, then she might turn up with child. I think she will quite be happy this way. We’ll know shortly, won’t we? Coming?” Miles stood and turned off the water, grabbing a towel he dried off.

Grabbing another, “Here, let me do it. You still can’t find your mouth in the dark.”

Jamie pulled Miles upright. “But I’ll bet I can find yours.” And he kissed him, pulling him into a wet embrace. He moaned.

“We may never get out of the loo at this rate.”

“Fine by me. Could you say that again please?”

“Say what? That if you keep snoggin’ me we may never get out of the loo?”

“God, I love to hear you talk.”

“Come on then, free me up so I can dry you properly.” Miles dried him from top to bottom, pausing briefly to take a final whiff of his scent. His smell, with the brown sugar and cinnamon, made Miles’ mouth water. He briefly kissed the inside of his leg. “You taste better than a treacle tart,” he whispered.

“Talk about me . . .  uh, oh, what was the term . . . uh . . . oh yes, ‘snogging’!”

“Sorry, I quite couldn’t help myself. Seems your smell removes all control. Come on then.” And he opened the door, taking Jamie by the hand and started to cross over the landing back to the bedroom when he heard his Aunties voice. Miles took an instant left, with Jamie in tow, down to the first landing stark naked.

Jamie tried to get his footing as he slid to his ass on the carpeted steps just as Auntie Margaret stepped from the kitchen and looked up the stairs. Jamie could feel himself growing, and he was helpless, as Auntie Margaret smiled pleasantly, her eyes dropping to Jamie’s obvious arousal. One hand was in Miles’ clutches, and the other, steadying himself on the banister. He had none left to try and become modest with.

“Will your young friend want Banger or kippers?” She asked. Miles, turning slightly, “Bangers or kippers?”

“Bang or what?”

“Kippers. Uh, fish, and bangers are sausages.”

“Uh . . . I’ll have what ever you are then, since I don’t know.” He said, inching his way back up the stairs, but finding no traction. He was quite stuck until they were done.

“Great, then bangers, please.” He said with the widest smile and he started to turn, only pulling back when she spoke again.

It was clear to Jamie that Auntie Margaret was thoroughly enjoying his predicament. “Will your young man want tea or coffee?” She asked, her gaze lingering as a great smile appeared on her face.

“Tea!” Jamie said quickly.

“Toast or biscuit?” she said grinning, prolonging the torture.

“Toast please,” he said in resignation.

As they turned and started back up the stairs, “White, wheat or sourdough?” At this, Jamie had had it. He marched down to the landing and dropped to his knees with his arms folded on the railing and his raging hard on poking through the spindles of the banister. It was a mere foot and a half from her face.

“I should think, hmm, let’s see, wheat would be quite nice, but only if you have grape jam for it. Otherwise I think I should prefer the sourdough. Do you toast it had or soft?”

“Oh I think quite hard for sour dough, unless you prefer it soft.”

She wasn’t going to give in.

“Thanks, anything else?” He could feel a drop of precum escaping the end of his rod.

“Well, there is the juice,” she said, eyeing the end of his 12 year old dick.

“What?” he said, realizing what she was staring at. He started to throb.

“You know, orange, grape or apple?”

“Oh APPLE!” he yelped as Miles reached around through the spindles and with his thumb, swiped the oozing drop from his throbbing pipe, right in from of his Auntie Margaret and then stuck it in his mouth. A look of horror fell upon Jamie’s face as he stood and with a great leap, took the stairs up. He lost and he knew it.

“Wait, what about desert?”

“No thanks! I’m full,” was the reply, as Auntie Margaret smirked and then chuckled as she padded her way back into the kitchen.

“Miles! How could you do that to me? Drag me naked in front of your aunt as we discuss the menu for breakfast!”

“What? Would you rather have the kippers? I can change it, it’s not too late.”

“AH! Miles, she watched you snatch a drop of precum off my dick and stick it in your mouth!”

“Oh, you think she caught that do you? It was just that smell, it drove me crazy.”

“Miles, your Aunt was staring at me and I got hard because she was staring, and then she drug it out so that she could toy with me.”

Miles smiled and kissed him. “I wonder if she enjoyed you as much as I have,” and he lightly bit his cheek and kissed him as he walked him back and onto the bed. Pushing him back, he whispered, “I chose bangers because they take longer to cook.” He felt for his nightstand and pulled open the drawer and pulled out a small bottle of lotion and applied some to his dick and squeezed a little more on his hand and wiped it across Jamie’s ass, wiggling his finger in the pucker as Jamie squirmed under his touch.

He pulled his knees up automatically, granting full access to his ass. “Help me out here. This part goes better with eyes.” Jamie reached under his ass and found Miles’ rock hard manhood and lined it up with the spot it needed to find.

“Go easy.” Jamie said

“Right! Just like you did? No worries, I remember.”

Jamie braced himself, not sure if it was jesting or revenge he was about to receive. Miles pushed forward and felt a pop!

“Shit!” Jamie said, feeling the rebellion of his sphincter towards the intruder. “Wait!” He was breathing in little puffs and he relaxed. “OK.”

Miles eased his way in. “SHIT! This is fantastic!” He felt his rounded mound seat nicely and marveled at the warmth and the perfect fit.

“Go ahead,” Jamie whispered. And Miles started to withdraw his full seven inches almost to the end. Then, like it was tethered with elastic, stretched to the limit, he slammed it back home. Miles leaned in and kissed his chest, seeking his mouth, but he couldn’t reach it so he found a nipple. Jamie reacted instantly. Moaning and the increased angle made each thrust and withdrawal rub against his prostrate. He whimpered as Miles worked from his waist down in a steady even full stroke. Jamie squirmed underneath him, unable to control his body. He was in heaven and wanted to die in that moment and stay there forever. Waves took over his body as he squirmed, moving his ass left and right and his automatic fuck function took over as he felt the girth increase in Miles’ cock. His stomach muscles contracting and rippling and with each thrust, Jamie met it with rhythmic force, as they both were reaching climax at the same moment.

“AHHHhhhhhhhh!” Miles let loose as he slammed him home time and time again. Relentlessly, wave after wave, and feeling the scalding hot cum on his prostrate and the friction of his enlarged cock, set Jamie off too, prolonging Miles’ orgasm.

“Jesus, Miles. Nicely done.” Uncle Chet said, standing over top of them with an ear to ear smile. “I couldn’t even squirt till I was nearly thirteen. I’ll tell your aunt that you’ll be a bit yet. Looks like you might be a while just cleaning him up. Right, well, carry on. We’ll hold breakfast for you for a bit. Best hurry, the bangers aren’t nearly as good cold.”

Jamie’s eyes opened wide as dinner plates when he heard his voice.

Miles pulled out and climbed up and lay across his spooge covered chest and kissed him, as his uncle continued to speak. Miles had a smile of ecstasy on his face. He kissed him until his uncle left the room and Jamie pushed him back.

“This has to be a dream. Or your family is flat screaming bonkers. Or maybe both. I could be dreaming that your family is flat screaming bonkers and I’m going to wake up in a minute in my basement alone, cold and sad. Dear God,” he said, closing his eyes and putting his hands together, “please take me before I wake up.”

“How long do you think he was standing there?” Jamie said, still with his hands folded on his knees in the praying position.

“Well evidently, long enough. Come on, we need to douche quickly or our bangers won’t be fit for a dustbin.”

“Wait, the last time we did this douche thing we ended up in the shower.”

“Well, what else silly?”

“Um, well, here the word has a different meaning altogether.”

“What on earth are you on about?”

“Here in the US, when a girl cleans out her thing, when she has her period. That is a douche. And that is the only meaning it has here.”

“Oh My God! It does not.”

“Oh, it does,” Jamie said laughing. “Come on, let’s jump in the shower.”

They jumped in the shower and dressed quickly.

“Hurry, don’t bother with the smalls! I figure to have you back out of them in no time anyways.”

“Don’t bother with the what’s?”

“Your under garments! Good lord, are you sure we are both speaking English?”

“Well I know I am. I’m still wondering about you.”

“I’m starving come on.”


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