Hiding In The Wardrobe
by Paul Penn


Winter turned to Spring as both Chris and me got on with family and school life, carefully avoiding being left alone with each other; for me it was homework, triple-jump training, rehearsals for the school play, extending my limbs a bit when I was asleep, doing press-ups and sit-ups to keep trim and bulk up my arms. He had his final year of school to finish and a hectic social that meant he kept late hours and hardly looked at me when we crossed over in the mornings or in the evenings when he barged in and romped up to his bedroom, grunting. I wondered whether or not I would ever again help him get his rocks off.

It was in late May when the opportunity cropped up again. It was a teacher training day so we were both off school and my plans were to go to town with a mate but the mate rang that morning to say he was having to go over to Manchester with his family. The house was empty and I was Norman No-mates feeling sorry for myself and began the day by rummaging through the fridge looking for stuff to scoff. Getting down to revision for examinations did not float my boat.

TV was rubbish, I didn’t feel like a film and I was feeling antsy and agitated. By 11am I was in the bathroom rifling through the washing basket looking for Chris’s underwear to sniff whilst I had a wank. It had become one of my favourite jacking activities and luckily at least once a week one of his boxers or briefs had a smear of dried cum that sent my nostrils crazy.

Nothing was there on this day so I dared enter his sanctuary again and my heart started to beat faster as I saw the site where we had had our last raunchy session (see the story Hiding under the bed if you don’t know what happened.) Nothing shoved under the bed. Nothing shoved under his pillow. I opened the drawer in his bedside table – a bottle of massage oil, some ky jelly, an unopened packet of condoms and two loose ones were the only exciting things there apart from the usual boy guff – a rugby medal, a single sock, a pack of cards, some chewing gum and some money-off coupons torn out of newspapers. His chest of drawers contained clean clothes – all neatly ironed and folded by Mum, though the bottom underwear drawer was a messier mixture of styles and colours with briefs, boxers, a silver thong, and a couple of off-white jockstraps.

I kicked off my trainers, pulled off my jeans and peeled down my sweaty briefs, now with a dab of pre-cum on them because of my plumping pulsing pecker. I selected and pulled on the most worn of Chris’s jocks – it was clean but it was horny to think that his junk had been cradled in the same place as my own tackle now. I was leaking quite a bit of pre-cum so it was no surprise that, even as I posed in the mirror on his wardrobe door, the wet stain on the front of the white material spread and a whiff of my boy-juice started tickling my senses.

Suddenly I heard a door slam, male voices and heavy footsteps bounding up the stairs. Chris had come home! Without thinking I grabbed my jeans and pants, kicked my trainers under his bed and climbed into his wardrobe, squashing myself into a painful position, unable to move and pulled the door mostly shut but with a partial view of the room. My right thigh and knee were stopping the door shutting completely. I held my breath.

Into the room came Chris with Jason Gardener. They were both in cargo shorts and polo shirts, wearing trendy sandals and looking hot has hell. Jason was shorter than Chris, had a crew cut, a tight stumpy body, a face with a cheeky grin. He was the hooker of the First XV school rugby squad and was a very popular lad in school because of his infectious laugh and the fact that he told dirty jokes and was known for treating younger kids in school (like me) with decency and friendliness. My heart stopped as I heard they were talking about me.

“So where was it, then?” asked Jason.

“Just there, where you’re standing.”

“You jest.”

“No jest, I swear.”

“And he swallowed?”

“Whole lot. Proper waste disposal unit. No teeth. Suction like a pro. Proper sliding up and down. Expert.”

“Little fucking whore! Who’d have thought it? Titchy Paul!”

“Not so titchy, mate, now. He’s got a dong and a half! And he hasn’t fucked anybody yet, as far as I know, lad or lass. He’s been working out – beefing up his arms and legs – and he’s shot up in recent months. Bit of a stud.”

“You sucked him off in return?”

“No way. I tossed him off to say thanks but we’ve not done owt since.” Little liar, I thought, you sucked my cock, even though I only lasted a nano-second before spewing.

“You’re missing a trick there, mate,” laughed Jason. “If I had a brother who wanted to slurp me sausage, I’d never deny him the glory.”

“Never heard of incest, you freak?” challenged Chris.

“Incest, my arse,” said Jason. “Not between lads, it’s not. Incest only applies to girls when you get preggers, or if you do it with your mum or dad. Brothers don’t count. Brothers is natural – since caveman times!”

“You’re fucked up and SO wrong, you retard! Incest is with ANY relative. Would you do it with your Tom?”

“Not now he’s married, but I wished we had when he was younger. I would’ve been less frustrated if I could have dropped a load more often with another warm body ‘stead of slapping my own salami till it was sore! I think you should go for it with your Paul, Chris. Get it while you can.”

“He’s got a soft mouth and a fuckable butt, that’s for sure. Maybe I will. Get your kecks off, if you want that massage.” Chris drew the curtains and put on his bedside lamp.

“Full works n happy ending, mind,” said Jason as he kicked off his trainers, yanked off his socks, dropped his shorts and briefs and pulled his shirt off. His sturdy body was a little engine of sensuality and his fat uncut dick, though not long, was bouncing forwards away from a very hairy pubic area. I could see that Chris was also stripping off and then reaching for a couple of towels from his radiator and spreading them over his bed.

“Face down, mate,” said Chris.

I couldn’t believe two things – ONE, I was getting to see a naked massage between the object of my lust and his hot mate and, more importantly, TWO – Chris said “MAYBE I WILL!” That meant I might get to play with him again. “Soft mouth…fuckable butt…bit of a stud…” was that really my brother talking about me? In the meantime I could enjoy perving on the massage he was about to give his best friend.

Jason was diagonal on the bed so I had a pretty good view of the whole length of his packed body – the soft hairs all over his legs and arse shining because of the bedside light illuminating his bubble butt. Chris was in his birthday suit and rubbing massage oil into his palms, his long schlong swaying over his big ball bag as he positioned himself in a kneeling position on the bed next to his pal. Chris proceeded to rub long slow strokes from the small of Jason’s back up to his neck, lingering over knots round the shoulder area and spending longer over his buttocks with each stroke. Jason began moaning and grinding his hips into the bed. I could only imagine his stubby cock rubbing about on the towel and into the duvet.

My knees were crooked and my rock-hard dick was squashed between my thighs and my bell-end was painfully pulsing and smearing splurts of pre-cum into Chris’s jock. But I daren’t move in case I made a sound.

Jason moaned softly as my brother’s palms slid up and down his limbs, massaging his muscles and swooping round biceps, calves, waist, neck. He looked to be doing a good job, lingering on particular areas, digging in to release tension and then soothing and stimulating with long sensual strokes, up and down his pal’s raunchy body. He poured an extra dollop of oil onto Jason’s butt crack and Chris started to knead his mate’s buttocks like they were mounds of dough, getting ready to bake them in an oven. Chris’s thumbs seemed to possess a life of their own as he slid them, slathered in oil, deeper and deeper into the hairy crack and it was clear he was teasing and prodding Jason’s rosebud. I couldn’t see too well the detail of how far Chris’s thumbs were going inside Jason so I decided to risk pushing up a couple of inches. That provided a better view, though my thighs were definitely holding my whole weight now and I knew I wouldn’t be able to crouch this way for long.

“Turn over, pal,” said Chris, throatily and Jason flipped his muscular body over causing his pulsing prong to bounce around. Chris went to the feet first and Jason squirmed as he rubbed and worked on his soles and arches and flipped each toe in turn. Then he started going up the front of his calves and thighs, alternating between squeezing, rubbing and stroking. All the time Jason’s fat dick pulsed and twitched, begging to be rubbed to completion, a slick string of thick, white precum hung like a mini washing line between his bell-end and his tummy.

Chris made circular motions with his palms over Jason’s washboard stomach next and his wrists knocked into his pal’s shaft as he massaged the midriff. Jason was moaning more desperately now. My brother’s penis was filling with blood and the foreskin was sliding back from the tip leaving a flaring, moist helmet that looked just delicious. I could see the winking piss-hole pulsing with clear liquid gunk trickling from the end in shiny splendour before getting wiped on Jason’s thigh as the massage continued.

My foot cramped.

I cried out in agony, spontaneously stood up and tumbled out of the wardrobe. Chris stood and Jason sat up, both shocked as anything but quickly saw it was me.

“Fuck!” That was Chris, quietly. He looked thunderstruck.

“Whoa!” Jason’s face was a picture of delight, with goggling eyes and a shit-eating grin. Both Jason’s and Chris’s cocks were straining out from the front of their trim bodies, both magnificently erect, both wet and tantalising.

“You little fucker,” yelled Chris and bounded over, grabbing me in a headlock and dragging me over to the bed. “Perving on me again, are you?”

“Gerroff,” I grunted into his armpit.

“Is this my jockstrap?” he said. “Jase, pull this off, come on.” Jason was pulling at the jock and dragging the elastic down my leg, giving my plums a painful wedgie twang on the way.

“Ow! Fuck! Watch it!”

Jason was actually giggling, a bit manically, but Chris was still looking like a murderer as the jock came off and I lay flat on the bed, hard as a rock, being stared down by the two of them, their own cocks proudly sticking out like flag poles from their athletic torsos.

“Right, you little shit,” began Chris. “You queer, or not? Answer truthfully or you’ll be in so much pain.” He reached down and grabbed my balls in one hand. I instinctively went to grab his arm away but Jason pinned my arms down and half-leant over me, his hefty balls inches away from my face. “Answer or I squeeze! Are you a puff?”

“No more than you are, from what I can tell,” I replied cheekily. He squeezed my nads, not hard but enough to make me wince.

“What did you say?”

“Come on, Chris, this could be a chance to have some fun with a bi-atch! Don’t spoil the goods. Let’s get him to suck dick. Grab him while I pull his shirt and socks off.”

Chris let go my balls and twisted both my nipples – “he’ll be doing more than sucking your dick by the time we’re through with him. Let’s fuck him senseless!” I felt tears welling up in my eyes, not tears of sorrow, just a reaction to the mini-pains shooting through my limbs as my brother pinched my nipples. As he did my cock flexed and pulsed and I could see that Jason was staring at it bouncing about. Chris pinioned my arms as Jason pulled my socks off, then dragged my T-shirt up my body and, pinning one arm at a time, they wrestled off my last shred of modesty. We were all three now as naked as the day we were born.

“You want a fat prick in your gob, little bro?” sneered Chris.

“Only if a queer like you wants to put it there, big bro,” I challenged.

“Don’t be cheeky!”

“Who else knows you’re gay?” asked Jason.

“No one,” I said, truthfully. “I don’t even know if I am gay. You two must be, though, after what I saw.”

“Don’t you know that curiosity killed the cat, baby Paul?” threatened Jason. “Or in this case, fucked the cat?!”

“Let me go. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Anything?” asked Chris.

“Anything,” I said.

“What do you think, Jase?”

The pair of them began using over-polite voices that they clearly thought was part of a hilarious double-act comedy routine.

“I think his mouth looks very, very, very attractive, Chris. Please may I place my pecker in your brother’s sweet cakehole, my dear friend?”

“Please, be my guest, Sir Jason, oh visiting guest and bestest friend of mine. Your long quests and brave deeds surely deserve whatever pleasures I can bring. You may indeed spill your seed over my younger’s brother’s tongue.”

“So obliging of you, Lord Christopher.”

“My pleasure, Sir Jason. Darling brother, please would you open wide so that my dearest friend can slide his fat, spunk-filled prong between your cute lips?”

“And may I release my two days of ejaculate into his throat, Christopher? So as not to wreck your delightful duvet?”

“You’re so considerate, Sir Jason. Would you mind, Pauline, my loyal slave-girl, if my honoured guest squirts his boy-juice down your neck? I know you have accommodated my own filthy wad so I do hope you will let my friend’s semen join mine in your greedy, lower-class stomach.”

Though the voices were stupid and ridiculously posh and snooty, the ideas behind them were turning me on even more than I already was and I wanted to shout “Yes – go on – get on with it!” but I continued to squirm because that was expected of me.

Jason let go my wrists and squatted over me, dangling his ball sack just above my lips. I began to lick and nuzzle Jason’s scrotum, teasing the large eggs and aware that his fat hard tube was pointing skywards just above them. It was fantastic to be able to smell the pungent boy-stink and relish the salty taste of his furry ball-bag skin. He scooted forward and placed his hairy arse crack over my mouth and I took a deep breath and started to push my tongue into the sweaty crevice. I could taste almond massage oil as I licked his backside, feeling the rough, hairy entrance give way to the smooth centre where softer hairless skin led to the precious gateway. The smell was rich – heady and spunky. He pushed his arse onto my face so my nose was also buried in the ripe crack. I kept slurping my tongue in and out wherever it could go, hoping he would like it. I know I did.

I suddenly felt my nipples were being licked and I realised that it could only be my brother. My nipples were being tongue-flicked and my chest area kissed quickly and lightly by full lips and in a flash I knew Chris was really into this scene. My studly brother and his hot friend were making love to me! Every time his tongue swooped over my perky nipples, a twang of pleasure shot along my legs and arms – he was clearly hitting one of my top erogenous zones!

“There you go, Paul,” hummed Jason, as he finally placed the end of his fat cock on my lips. “Here’s what you like.” I curled my lips over my teeth and took a deep breath as Jason Gardener’s wide penis slid into my mouth. I moaned with pleasure as it rode along the top of my tongue and then filled my mouth’s cavern, coating my palate with pre-cum. As he pulled out again my lips buzzed with good feelings. I was born for this. Sliding in and out, filling me and then pulling out of me, Jason’s blood-filled love-muscle became a living part of my senses and, since both my arms were now free to stroke Jason’s downy thighs, that’s what I did; as he stroked my mouth, I stroked the muscles up and down his legs.

I could feel Chris kissing over my chest, my abdomen, my pube-line and then – fuck me – he started licking up and down my rampant shaft. I could feel that my foreskin had pulled right back and my bell-end was bursting and shiny. My brother was teasing his tongue on my cock’s underside where the piss-slit was, so I was feeling powerful spasms of pleasure down there, just as Jason seemed to be moaning and squirming above me. I moved my hands from Jason’s thighs to my brother’s head and fondled his hair and ears as he started to take my pecker in his mouth.

My lips and tongue were tingling with desire as I slurped Jason’s fat prick; it felt to be getting bigger in my gob and was definitely oozing pre-cum as it pushed in and out towards the back of my throat.

Then I felt Chris putting his big hands under my thighs and lifting my legs in the air exposing my own arsehole to the masculine sweat-n-spunky-scented air of my brother’s bedroom. A second or two went by – presumably whilst he was appraising my winking virgin hole – had I shit recently? Was it clean? How hairy did it look? I could feel in the showers that it was somewhat hairy but I’d never taken a photo back there so I could only guess what my brother was staring at. My ankles were crooked on Chris’s shoulders now and I felt his fingers on both sides of my arse and then large lumps started rubbing round my rosebud – I guessed it was his thumbs, still oily from the massage. He moved them alternately over my pucker and gradually I could feel they were relaxing me back there and the end of one of his thumbs would gradually poke a little bit further in, stretching my tight and sweaty passage. This stung but I tried hard to concentrate on feasting on his best friend’s pulsing prick.

“You opening him up, Chris?” asked Jason. Chris grunted like a beast. “Sweet,” continued Jason. “Wanna sit on my fuck-pole, Pauline?”

I moaned assent and Jason slithered his cock out of my mouth, leaving it bereft and empty, and he lay back on the bed, positioning himself completely in the middle with his prick stuck up like a flag pole.

“Stick your arse in the air, bro,” instructed Chris, so I did, absolute putty in the hands of these two god-like young men. I heard that he was flipping up the cap of a lube dispenser and then I could feel slippery fingers dolloping cool goo around my chute. He used his thumbs again to push some of the lube inside and then used his middle finger to penetrate fully. He wasn’t gentle, just fast; his finger invaded swiftly and horribly but exquisitely painfully.

“Ow,” I called out. “Ow, ow, fuck, fuck, ow!!”

“Better this than being ripped apart by Jason’s fat fucker, pal,” said my brother. “Take it this is your first time?”


“It’ll hurt, pal, but then it’ll get totally cool and you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Trust me.”

“You done this, then?” I asked, trying to speak clearly even though I was feeling like I was being tortured by his middle finger sliding in and out and twisting round and round somewhere beyond my sphincter.

“Yeh, Jason’s fucked me a few times. Must be genetic if you’re wanting it as well.”

“I never said I wanted this. You’re just using me.”

“Want us to stop?” Chris asked as he now pushed two fingers inside and my eyes watered and blinding flashes disturbed my vision.

“Ow, fuck, ow, no, carry on. I want you two to break me in.”

“Good call, Pauline,” called out Jason. “Now face away from me in a squat position and lower yourself down. You can take it as slowly as you like, then. Believe us, after the first pain, you’ll never look back.”

I did what Jason said and used my rugby-playing thighs to take all my weight. Jason had slicked up his dick with plenty of lubricant and the first few times I tried to sit on him, the end of his erection slid away from my unyielding hole. Then he steadied his stiff cock, gripped it in a fixed position and I bounced gently onto it a few times so his helmet was bumping and battering my arsehole. It felt as if it would never go in, so tight was I holding myself down there.

Then I felt the palms of both of Chris’s hands take both my cheeks tenderly and his dark eyes looked closely and deeply into me. He blinked. His full, soft lips spoke and I moved my gaze between his inviting lips and his loving eyes.

“Listen, Paul, it’s gonna hurt but then it’s gonna feel great. Trust me. I’m sorry we’ve not spoken lately, I’ve just been dead busy. It’s also cos I love you more than I should. Look at me, pal.” He gazed and gazed into my soul and I could feel that the head of Jason’s cock was now breaking into the forbidden territory. “Jason’s nearly there now. You’ll feel completely full up and like you’ve never felt before. I’m gonna kiss you now, if that’s ok.”

I could hardly believe that my adored older brother was speaking so gently to me and looking at me like I was his long-term boyfriend. On the one hand this felt really fucked-up but on the other hand I could feel Jason’s thick dick sliding ever further into my bowels, stinging like hell and stretching me to kingdom come. The physical feelings were agony and the emotional feelings were ecstasy. But I didn’t mind the agony because now my beloved brother was kissing me – his lips and mine mashed together and tingled with love, then his huge tongue possessed the cavern of my mouth, moving all over where his friend’s cock had been five minutes ago. He licked my gums, licked over my teeth and pushed his tongue down into my throat as far as it would go so I felt full in both holes.

“Swizzle round now,” said Jason. “Let me see your face.” I manoeuvred round so I was facing the lad who had broken my cherry. I found I could kneel and control the depth of his screwing even more by pushing down and back up again. He cradled my balls and held my pulsing cock. “Come down here, you little fucker,” he said, so I did what I thought he wanted and leaned over to snog his handsome face. For the second time in one minute I had another boy’s tongue in my mouth.

My arse felt completely natural now with Jason’s cock sliding in and out smoothly and it was great to be mashing mouths with him. The next surprise was feeling Chris climbing on my back and sliding his dick up and down the small of my back. He was necking me and reaching round to stroke my chest and stomach. The sensations throughout my body and brain were completely overwhelming.

It was then I realised Chris was trying to push his hard rod into my arse on top of Jason’s wanger.

“No, Chris,” I said in a panic. “Not two!”

“Relax, pal, it’ll be a blast! You can take it.” He gripped me tight and pushed his helmet right to the entrance that was already filled by Jason’s cock. Jason pulled me back to his face and carried on kissing me, swirling his tongue round my mouth and filling my brain and facial nerves with wonderful waves of ecstasy.

I felt one of Chris’s fingers squeezing along Jason’s hard-on and stretching my sphincter ring even more. The stinging was unbearable and tears began to roll down my cheeks.

“Don’t, Chris, please don’t.”

“Let’s just try, pal,” he said gently and suddenly his finger was replaced by his shaft which rammed into my hole along the top of Jasons’s fat fuck-stick.

“It burns,” I rasped. They both filled me and I half sat up and began thrashing around trying to lift off but they both kept me pinned down. Chris held my shoulders and Jason grabbed my forearms as Chris got into a rhythm ploughing my chute. I was convinced the whole area would need stitches. The main sensation was one of stinging and burning.

“Fuckin’ A,” shouted Jason.

“You’re splitting me in half,” I cried. I was impaled and, as Chris began ramming into my back passage my own dick suddenly began swelling ever further and wave upon wave of pre-orgasmic delight began swooping up and down my legs and arms. “I’m gonna cum,” I said, amazed that the pain had so suddenly switched to pleasure.

The two cocks burst in and half-out of my body, in and out again and again, in and out. Pleasure-spasms shot from my arse to my thighs, to my calves to my feet and toes; they shot from my arse to my cock to my stomach to my chest, down my arms and flushed into my cheeks and scalp. In and out. My impending orgasm felt as if spunk would burst out of every pore in my skin. Jason was bumping his arse on the bed so his own cock was clearly getting a sensational ride, squashed between Chris’s humungous donkey-dick and my tight ring.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” I stopped breathing.

“Let her rip, sunshine,” laughed Jason whose face was suddenly spattered with a wad of cum that erupted from my bell-end and flew over his chest onto his neck and forehead.

“Ooooohhh, Oh fuck,” I called as a second and third string shot out of me and smeared Jason’s chest. “Oooooohhh.”

“Sweeeeeet,” sighed Jason, running his tongue over his bottom lip where he scooped up and swallowed some of my spunk.

“I’m in up to my bush,” said Chris as he continued to pound my arse. “Nice load, mate. This – feels – so – fucking – fine! Ugh! Ugh!”

Jason was undulating beneath me and started shuddering. “I’m gonna blow!” he said. They began pumping together, sweat covered my back from Chris and poured from Jason’s neck onto the cummy mess I had spewed on him.

“I’m getting there,” said Chris. Jason’s hands gripped my forearms as he got closer and closer. Chris was wrapped round me like we were one person. My arse had become so slack and open that I could hardly feel any friction now – all my nerve endings had been shot and shattered. I felt both their cocks suddenly swell to elephantine proportions. I began to shake uncontrollably myself.

“Here it comes – now – now – aaggh!” screamed Jason.

Chris also made a noise like a piston blowing off steam – “Aaaahhh, Paul!!!!” I felt a thrill that he shouted my name and then I felt the wet blasts into my bowels. Jason’s head bounced up and down off the pillow and Chris head-butted my neck and shoulders as he thrashed around like a wild man on my back. I quivered in delight as the spurts and squirts continued in a lesser and gentler form.

I slumped forward, collapsed onto Jason and Chris collapsed onto me. All three of us were soaked in sweat and stank of cum. Chris began moaning and kissing me wherever he could. I pumped my arse up and down until their cocks slurped out of me, followed by a gush of mingled cum which covered our hairy nether regions. We all shuffled about till we were flat on our backs, limbs tangled, cocks slowly going soft and slug-like. Trickles of cum – god knows whose – slid about in the sweat on our young bodies. Jason and Chris swept up the cocktail of cum from wherever they could and smeared it all over each other’s lips and mine.

“Suck on that, Paul,” said Chris wiping two cummy fingers in my mouth.

“I baptise you in the name of man-sex,” said Jason, dribbling cum on my forehead.

“So what do you think of man-sex, bro?” grinned Chris.

“Not sure,” I said. “I need to have a go at girls before I make my mind up.”

“Not sure, my eye,” said Chris. “You were well into it from the start.”

“Believe me, lad, it doesn’t get better than that,” said Jason. “How sore’s your backside?”

“Sore as fuck, thanks to you, you bender,” I said. “ I won’t be able to sit down for a week.”

“Just need to do it more often, sonny boy. I bet your big bro would help you keep nice and loose. Stop it stinging. Perhaps he could introduce you to a few more of our friends. The whole rugby team would love to take a crack at that tight hole. How about it, Chris? You could make a fortune renting out his arse and mouth.”

“Can I start charging my mates to fuck you, little bro?” asked Chris. “What do you think? Go into business?”

“Depends what my percentage is,” I said. “How much will we charge? What was I worth?”

“Fiver a look? Tenner a suck? What do you think, Jason?”

“Priceless, mate. I’d keep him all to myself if I were you, Chris. Maybe with a bit of help from me. He should be our little pet. Our little fuck-bunny.”

“Maybe so,” said Chris and stretched his arm under my neck. I kissed his nipple and snuggled into his sweaty pit. “You can sleep in my bedroom from now on, Paul. How’s about that? Keep each other happy in the rocks-off department?”

“Sounds cool to me,” I said calmly, trying to sound grown-up and amusingly detached when all I wanted to do was cry with happiness and joy at the place I now found myself. “So I don’t need to hide any more to perve on you? I can stare at you all I want.”

“Perve on me all you like, you little shit.” And he leaned down and gave me a great big sloppy kiss. “That was great, you know? You’re a real sport taking us both. Wasn’t it the best, Jase?”

“You’re telling me,” said Jason. “Best ever. Fucking A triple star. Maybe I’ll see’f I can get in my brother’s wardrobe. And spring out and scare so much fuck out of him, he decides to turn to the gay.”

“Best not mention this to Mum and Dad,” said Chris. “Don’t bring it up round the dinner table.”

“Unless it comes up, naturally,” I said. And closed my eyes.

My heartbeat settled into a contented thump and I could feel myself breathing deeply the smells of the cummy air. And I drifted into a blissful boy-snooze.


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