The Science Class
by Nathan Jones


I was just 18 and in my second year at college when I first started to have sex with guys. The thing is though, at the time I didn’t think of it that way. To me I was just getting my rocks off.

In those days, if I didn’t cum at least 3 times a day I was a complete mess. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. All I could think about was when and how I was going to have my next jerk session. Once, I tried to see how long I could hold out without jerking. After two days I was going crazy. I couldn’t take my eyes of the other guys asses and bulging crotches. Images started to run through my mind of me losing control, pulling out my stiff cock and jerking it in the middle of the dining hall or some other public place. I was a wreck and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. That was when I found out that there were guys who were just as horny as me and who were willing to lend a ‘helping hand’.

It was mid-morning and we were in a science class. We sat behind huge science benches that ran the width of the room and were placed in 4 rows facing the front. They were so high that to sit at them we needed bar stools. The side of the bench that faced the front of the class was solid right down to the floor. I’m sure you know the type.

This particular morning was really warm. The sun was streaming through the windows and we were all feeling a bit drowsy. The teacher was droning on about valencies and chemical bonds and half the class where leaning forward on their desks, resting their heads on their arms and struggling not to fall asleep. The teacher didn’t seem to mind. As long as we were quiet he was happy.

I was sat at the back of the class with my best mate Paul on one side and a new guy on the other. Paul new me well and we often talked about sex. When I got horny I would show him my stiff cock through the thin material of my trousers. We’d never done anything together but I could tell that the sight of my boner got him going and more than once he’d disappeared off to the toilets for a jerk. I’d been tempted to follow him, but I never did. I was just too cautious.

I’d told him about my own ‘science experiment’ experiment and he had been deliberately trying to provoke me. Every second word seemed to be ‘cock’ or ‘jerk’ or ‘cum’. My eyes were almost rolling in my head with desire.

“So, have you done it yet?” he asked me for the hundredth time.

“Not yet! But if I don’t do it soon I think it’ll explode on it’s own!” I mumbled back at him, trying not to attract attention.

The new guy was taking notes, and perhaps in my normal state I wouldn’t have noticed anything, but my ravenousness need for sex was making me super alert to any signs of interest and I was sure I’d noticed a slight widening of his eyes and tension in his body that told me he was all ears. I continued my conversation with my friend but I directed my words at him.

“My dick is aching from being hard for so long” I said. “I really need to cum soon! In fact, I’m tempted to pull it out right now and cum on the floor!”

As I was talking I leaned back slightly and slipped a hand inside my jeans, grabbing and squeezing the thick shaft. I was so horny that even this small act sent electric shocks of sexual pleasure  shooting through my balls and ass and down to the tips of my toes. I gasped closing my eyes and biting my lip.

“Stop it you pervert!” I heard Paul say. “Your attracting attention!”

I opened my eyes to see the new guy staring unblinkingly at my crotch. I took my hand out from inside my jeans. Now, without my hand to cover it, you could see the full length of it stretching the material as the bulging head tried to push it’s way above my waistband.

I rubbed my hand over the material massaging the swelling and smiled at him.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked him cheekily.

This was my usual reaction to embarrassing situations. A brazen attitude that usually caused the other person to feel more embarrassed than me.

“It’s okay.” he replied, looking my square in the eye. “I’ve seen bigger.”

The bastard had turned the tables and now I was the one who began to blush. I tried to outdo him.

“Really! Where?”

“Mine for a start.” he shot back.

Before I could stop myself I reverted to the line I had used as ten year old. “Prove it!” I challenged.

I wasn’t sure what was more embarrassing. The fact that he was facing me down or the line I had just spoken. He smiled at me slyly. I had fallen right into his trap and we both new it. He had the psychological advantage and he was going to use it.

He turned to face the front of the class and pushed his stool back a foot or so perching himself on the front edge and stretching out his legs. Clearly outlined in his trousers was what looked like a small baseball bat. I could see that it wasn’t even fully hard yet because instead of pointing straight up it was pointing down the leg of his trousers. It was already big but it was growing by the second. He reached inside his trousers and pulled it up so that it lay sideways pointing towards me.

“Jeez!” I muttered as I gave my friend a nudge and leaned back so that he could see.

The new guy just grinned and leaned forward again to take more notes. By now I was trembling with sexual energy I was like a fish caught on a hook and he began to reel me in.

“So when was the last time you jerked off?” he asked without looking up from his notes.

“Two days ago.” I replied shakily, trying not to let the tremble in my voice show.

“You must be like a time bomb ready to go off at any second.” he smiled. “I’m a bit desperate myself. It’s been at least three hours!”

As if to emphasize what he was saying he grasped his hard rod giving it a squeeze.

This guy was driving me out of my mind with desire. I started to sweat as my body went into sexual overdrive. My cock was throbbing continuously and I was on the verge of running out of class to head straight for the nearest toilet and jerk off.

“Why don’t you get it out?” he asked calmly. “Let’s see if it’s as big as it looks.”

“What!” I said disbelievingly. “Here? Now?”

“Sure!” he replied. “Why not? Nobody can see. Or are you one of those guys that’s all talk? Tell you  what, lets get them out together. I badly need to jerk off as well, and this is as good a place as any.”

To show he was serious he undid the top of his trousers. I looked around a bit panicked but practically humming with sexual energy. My friend nudged me encouraging me to go ahead. I was cornered. If I backed down I would look like a wuss. He had set me up with the perfect excuse to do what we both new I had always wanted to do, but had never had the nerve to go through with. It was a dream come true.  I went ahead and copied him and undid mine. Step by step I followed him as he opened his fly, then pulled open his trousers and finally reached inside his boxers and pulled out his massive, stiff cock.

The feeling of pulling out my boner in mid-class, surrounded by class mates and with the teacher droning on in his usual manner almost made me cum there and then. We both sat still for a couple of minutes getting used to the situation, our stiff cocks bobbing up and down as the blood pumped through them. I could feel a drop of pre-cum begin to ooze out of the tip and I was about to reach down to wipe it off but the new guy beat me to it. Reaching out he touched his finger to the drop of pre-cum. My cock gave a massive throb as he took the clear liquid onto his finger. He looked at it for a second and then, very deliberately touched it too his tongue. I looked at him in open mouthed amazement. Turning to my friend, I saw that he was equally surprised.

Taking his own cock in his hand he began to stroke it slowly, nodding at mine to encourage me to do the same. I didn’t need much encouragement. As I began to stroke the sensations that ran through my body were more intense than usual. I wanted to jerk hard and fast and blow my wad all over the underside of the desk but I resisted. As our fists slid up and down our hard shafts, Paul began to squeeze his cock through his trousers. He was starting to get excited to the point where he was losing his inhibitions, and anyway, next to what we were doing his squeezing and massaging now seemed tame.

The new guy stopped stroking and slid forward of his stool pushing his trousers down enough to expose his ass. Sitting back on the stool he nodded at me challenging me to do the same. I went one further and slid mine down to my ankles before climbing back onto my stool. The feeling of the cool hard wood felt strange but sensual and I opened my legs to let my balls rest on the round edge of the seat. The new guy was starting to get really worked up by his own stroking hand and I noticed his face beginning to flush. I took the opportunity to regain the initiative.

Grasping my cock by the base I squeezed it hard showing it’s full length and making the head expand. I looked him in the eye and then looked at my cock as I shook it gently. He got the message and after glancing at Paul to judge his reaction, he looked around the room to make sure nobody else was looking directly at us. He slid off his stool, ducking quickly under the table. I moved back a little to give him room and slid forward off my stool. Squatting in front of me he flicked his tongue over the head of my cock before taking it into his mouth. The warmth and softness nearly made me shoot and I gripped the edge of the table to steady myself as my knees trembled. He cupped my balls in his hand and I pushed my hips forward. I could feel my cock hitting the back of his throat as he slid up and down the shaft faster and faster. I looked down and I could see him stroking his own cock at he did his best to swallow mine whole. By now Paul had taken his cock out and was jerking off at my side. I wanted to reach out and touch it but he was too far away so I gestured for him to move closer. He stood up and moved to my side pretending to be reading from my text book. I reached out and grasped his hot shaft in my hand. He took a sharp intake of breath and bit his lip. I could feel that I was getting close so I began to jerk Paul fast and hard. I watched as the new guy slid silently up and down my shaft, twisting his head and working his tongue over the slit. The hand that was cupping my balls slid forward slightly and I felt a finger press at the entrance to my ass. It was enough to push me over the edge and as I reached the point of no return I put my hand on his head and gently pushed him off my tingling cock. As he pulled away the first shot thick cream spurted from my throbbing pole, hitting him in the face. He moved quickly and the second hit the back of the bench, the third splashed onto the floor. My balls were so full that I thought they were never going to empty as jet after jet of hot cream sprayed from my hard shaft.

I had almost forgotten about Paul until I felt his cock expand in my hand. His eyes rolled in his head and his mouth opened in a soundless groan as a streamer of milk spurted from the shiny head. Suddenly his legs collapsed and as he fell to his knees he took his own cock in his hand and jerked it determinedly to finish himself off, he juice splashing onto the floor and his body spasming as he did so.

“Is everything alright over there at the back?” called the teacher, as the whole class turned around to see what he was talking about. Paul popped up from below the desk.

“Yes sir, everything’s fine. Just dropped my pen!” He stammered, trying not to look guilty.

As he spoke the new guy was hurriedly pulling his trousers back up. He waited until everyone had gone back to their books before he slid slowly and silently back into his seat.

“You owe me one,” he said with a smile. “and I intend to collect.”


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