The Runner
by Nathan Jones


Episode One

It was raining again, but I didn’t mind because I was running! I’d joined the local running club after my gym teacher had insisted on entering me in the inter-school track meets. I didn’t really like racing. It made me feel sick to my stomach with nerves. That, added to the fact that I’d had an unbroken run of wins, meant that I felt more and more nervous every time I went out onto the track. So I decided to take my teachers advice and join the running club. Maybe that way I could stay ahead of the game.

To my surprise I found that I really enjoyed the training sessions. It wasn’t like racing. Sure we got a bit competitive at times but I was among friends. Because of my height and speed I was put in the training group with the fifteen to eighteen year old boys. Occasionally we were even joined by a senior runner.

Today was Sunday and we were on a long training run of about sixteen miles. We’d split up into groups of about two or three strung out over about half a mile. About an hour into the run it began to rain heavily. I was with my new friend Karl. He was a fifteen, which seemed much older than my thirteen, and a much more experienced runner. Slim and tall with cropped hair, his long legs strode out effortlessly eating up the miles. When it started to rain we were running through a large wood with undulating paths that twisted and turned between the trees. The ground was soft with fallen leaves and other detritus and the air was thick with the scents of summer. We were at that point in the run were we were beginning to feel euphoric. I read once that it has something to do with a release of pain killing hormones. Whatever the cause, the effect can be spectacular and it’s what makes running so addictive. I felt like I was floating. My legs moved effortlessly below me and my breathing was deep and even. I looked across at Karl and I could tell by the broad grin on his face that he was experiencing the same sensations. I began to laugh out loud, giddy from the natural high that I was experiencing. Karl looked at me and joined in my laughter.

“Floater!” he shouted, the sound echoing through the woods. We began to speed up and soon left the cover of the trees. We came out onto a long, gently descending track. We both spread our arms and began to whoop loudly as the warm rain pelted down, soaking us through in seconds. We turned our faces to the sky opening our mouths wide, drinking in the heavy drops.

I looked across at Karl again. He was wearing a thin, tight runners top with long sleeves. It didn’t hold water and would be dry almost as soon as it stopped raining. I envied him because I was wearing a plain white cotton t-shirt that now hung heavy, clinging to my body uncomfortably.

As our increased rhythm began to take it’s toll, our breathing became heavier and the laughing died down. Eventually we slowed to a more comfortable and sustainable pace, panting with our recent effort.

“Man! How old are you?” Karl gasped.

“Thirteen. Why?” I asked, puzzled by his question.

“Look at your stomach! How’d you get a stomach like that at thirteen!”

I looked down at my body and saw that the rain had made my shirt almost transparent. It clung to my body emphasising my stomach which now looked like the proverbial washboard.

“Oh yeh!” I said, not trying to hide the surprise in my own voice. “It does look good, doesn’t it!”.

He reached out with his long arm and clipped the back of my head.

“Big head!” he laughed.

I laughed too and then grinned, “No! Seriously though, you know what it is don’t you?”

“What?” he asked, eyebrow cocked as he waiting for the punch-line.

In answer I stopped. He turned to look at me as he jogged slowly backwards. I bent forward tensing my stomach as hard as I could making the muscles stand out even more and moving my hand in front of my crotch masturbating a phantom giant penis. I rolled my eyes and groaned loudly imitating a spectacular ejaculation, then burst out laughing.

The effect it had on Karl wasn’t quite what I’d expected. All the guys of my age talked about masturbating. It was our favourite topic and somehow we managed to turn every event in our lives into an excuse to talk about sex, so I thought an older boy like Karl wouldn’t flinch at my forwardness. Instead of laughing loudly, as I’d expected him too, he looked at me with a crooked smile on his face. His gaze lingered on my crotch for a few seconds and his eyes taking on a far away look. Suddenly he came to himself and turned to carry on running.

“Come on you little wanker!” he laughed over his shoulder. “We still have six miles to go!”

I felt a bit crestfallen by his reaction. I really liked Karl and I wanted him to like me. I was worried that I’d crossed some invisible line and that he thought less of me. I quickly caught him up and ran at his side in silence. After a couple of miles we began to chat again and it was as if nothing had happened.

Tired and thirsty we reached the end of our run, which terminated at the clubhouse. After taking some refreshments, in my case a big mug of hot tea, we headed for the changing room and showers which were in a separate outbuilding.

The room was warm and well lit and steam filled the air as the guys who’d arrived before us, or who hadn’t bothered with the refreshments, showered and dressed. We both threw our bags onto a bench and began to strip. I’d known for quite a while that I liked guys but I was still at that stage were I believed what the adults told me. That some boys go through a ‘stage’ and that it would pass. In the meantime, while I waited for the impossible to happen, I waged an internal war, trying to resist the constant temptation to look at my friends asses or pick out the outline of their cocks in their tight school trousers.  I never told anyone else of course. I would have died of shame if anyone knew what was running through my mind. I watched the guys come out of the shower. Some covered themselves self-consciously with their towels, others swaggered around flashing their pride and joy to anyone who was willing to look. Of course, if they caught you looking, that was another matter!

As usual, I stripped off everything except my shorts, which had ‘built-in’ underwear, all the time furtively watching Karl out of the corner of my eye. His seemed to have sealed himself into his own world, his gaze fixed firmly on his clothes, or the bench, or anything except the naked guys surrounding us. My self control was not so well developed and I couldn’t help a lingering glance as one of the older guys showered himself in plain view, his back to the wall, head tilted up, running his hands over his short cropped hair as the water cascaded over his lithe body. His cock stood out at an angle of about 45 degrees and seemed too swollen and long to be in it’s natural relaxed state.  My eyes lingered for a while on his large appendage and then moved up his well formed chest to his face. To my horror I found he was looking straight at me. Our eyes locked for a second and I immediately flushed bright red and  turned away.

“What you staring at you little puff!” the boy shouted from the shower. “See something you like? Wanna come over here and soap me down!”

Karl looked over at him, frowning, to see who he was talking too, only to realise that he was talking to me. By now I was stuffing my things in my bag, head bowed, trying to hide my beetroot red face.

Karl’s frown took on a more aggressive appearance.

“Shut the fuck up Steve, you wanker! We all know you like young boys but try to keep it under control eh! Besides, you know you can get thrown off the team for talking like that to a junior and if you don’t button it I’ll be happy to report you!”

It appeared that Steve was below Karl in the pecking order and his rebuke had the desired effect. Steve mumbled something under his breath as he headed out of the shower, grabbing his towel and going into one of the few cubicles.

“Don’t worry about him.” said Karl soothingly. “He’s okay really. Just likes to show off. He won’t bother you now that he knows we’re friends.

Friends! He’d called me a friend!I felt a warm glow in my chest and smiled broadly.

“Thanks.” I replied bashfully. “But I wasn’t looking at him… honest!”

Karl laughed. “Liar! Everybody looks at him! How can we help it! He stands there for ages after every training session, flashing his wang at everyone like it was the only one on the planet! I’ve even seen him playing with it to make it bigger before he turns round to face the room. He’s a genuine tosser! Don’t let it bother you.”

I chuckled, relaxed and reassured by Karl’s words. Taking up my towel to cover my crotch, I dropped my shorts to the floor and headed for the shower. As I went I glanced over my shoulder and out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw Karl looking at my ass. A shot of electricity ran from my navel out to my ass and the head of my cock making it twitch impulsively. I quickly tried to think of something else.

It seemed like ages before Karl joined me in the showers. I’d soaped myself down at least three times and the hot water had relaxed my cock and balls making them hang heavy and low. Karl stood at my side and pressed the button activating the hot water. I faced the wall soaping myself down yet again, at the same time sneaking sideways glances at Karl. He was nearly six foot against my five foot five. His body was lightly tanned and unblemished. Like most serious runners he hardly had an ounce of fat on him. Just enough to smooth the curves. His ass was round and firm, serving as the perfect termination for his strong, long-muscled, almost hairless legs. He seemed to be deliberately turning away from me just enough so that I couldn’t get a clear view of his cock. After a couple of poorly timed peeks I gave up. Turning my back to Karl, I rinsed off the soap and then turned decisively to head for the changing room. That was when I hit pay-dirt. Taking advantage of my lack of attention Karl had turned to face me. In the split second after I turned I saw that his gaze was firmly fixed on my middle. As he looked up I looked down to see his cock unmistakably at half mast. Spinning round, he moved quickly to his towel, which was hanging on a hook, and covered himself up.

I followed him out of the shower and within seconds we had both pulled on our underwear and jeans, then, more calmly, the rest of our clothes, all without saying a word.

“What ya doin next Saturday?” He asked, as he threw his bag over his shoulder.

I shrugged. The truth was that it wouldn’t have mattered. Whatever he had in mind  I would go along with it even if if meant cancelling something important.

“You can come over to mine at about 9am if you want. I’ll take you on my favourite training run and give you a few tips.”

“Yeah!… Great!” I beamed..

I knew exactly where he lived because it was only a couple of streets away from my house. Something we’d discovered as we chatted on our run.

“See you at nine then. Don’t be late or I’ll go without you! And bring a towel!” with that he strode out the door.

I couldn’t wait!All week I thought about him and what I’d seen in the shower. His firm chest, strong legs and long smooth cock. I ran through a thousand scenarios of what I wanted to happen, all the while knowing that I would never have the nerve to pull any of them off. But that didn’t matter. With the optimism of youth I new that ours would be a friendship that would have time to develop. We weren’t going anywhere and he was a life long member of the running club. As long as I didn’t do anything stupid I had every chance. Anything might happen if I waited long enough.

By the time Saturday arrived I had persuaded my mum to buy me some new running kit. Well…. at least shorts and vest. The rest would come eventually. I saved my new kit for Saturday wanting to look my best. On Friday night I packed my bag and went to bed early. I didn’t want to oversleep. I tried to be as casual as possible and hide my excitement but my mum knew something was up.

“What’s the matter with you? You sickening for something?” she asked as she felt my forehead.

“No! I just want an early night.” I replied as I pushed her hand away. “And don’t forget, I’ll be out tomorrow morning. Should be back by lunchtime though. Okay!” With that I trotted up the stairs taking them two at a time.

Once in my bedroom I checked my bag again to make sure I had everything, including the towel. I imagined that telling me to bring a towel meant I was going to have a shower at his house and the idea gave me an instant boner. I was too excited to sleep and I lay in bed wondering if Karl had even remembered that he had asked me along on his run. Soon my mind turned once again to his body and that smooth round ass of his. I remembered every curve and the way it stood high and proud, toned by years of running. My cock grew even harder and I began to play with it, teasing the head and and pulling the foreskin back slowly. I always slept with the curtains open and as I threw back the duvet to reveal my naked torso, the street lights threw a square of light across my middle. I began to stroke my shaft slowly. I moved my free hand over my chest and pushed my cock until it pointed at the ceiling. I looked at my nearly seven inches and wondered how big his was hard. ‘It was bound to be bigger than mine’ I thought. I wondered what he was doing now and imagined him in his own bed playing with himself just as I was. I began to stroke myself faster, cupping my balls and feeling their weight. I tried to imagine what it might be like to suck his cock, to let him cum in my mouth. I decided to see what it would taste like. I slid a bit further down the bed. Raising my legs and butt high in the air. I bent at the hip and lowered my knees to beside me ears. It was uncomfortable at first but after a few seconds I began to relax as my muscles stretched. My hard cock was now directly above my face as I stroked it slowly. Drops of pre-cum began to ease from the tip. I squeezed the shaft to encourage more and watched as a clear droplet formed and then begin to elongate. Finally it fell the short distance from my glans to my mouth, dangling on a fine thread, until it reached my outstretched tongue. I was surprised at how sweet it was.

Encouraged by my success I  worked at contorting myself more and more, willing the tip of my cock towards my mouth. Before long I could just about touch it with my tongue. I work my hand over the head sending waves of pleasure through my balls and ass. I gasped and grunted with the effort trying not to make too much noise in case anyone passed by my bedroom door and heard me. I gave one more big lick and managed to get the head briefly into my mouth. I sucked hard sliding my tongue over the smooth soft surface. The resulting explosion of pleasure made me open my eyes wide until, with a sucking and popping sound that was louder than I’d expected I released my throbbing member. The excitement became too much and I couldn’t hold on any longer. I eased my hips back so that I could get fuller strokes of my rock hard shaft. Within seconds I felt a spasm from deep within my groin and at the tip of my cock, the two places joined by a chord of intense pleasure. A jet of cum sprayed out and hit me on the nose. As the second wave passed through me I tried to take better aim and managed to get a full stream of milky fluid directly onto my tongue. This time it was a combination of sweet and sharp. The pungent smell filled my nostrils as I closed my eyes and let the rest splash over my face and into my hair. I gasped and groaned with pleasure and relief.

As the spasms subsided I uncurled back onto the bed, panting from the exertion. After taking a few seconds to recover, I took a quick trip to the bathroom to clean up and rinse my mouth. Returning to my room I slid back into bed and was asleep in seconds, my head filled with thoughts of Karl and of tomorrow.


Episode Two

Despite my excitement, I slept well waking about an hour before the time I had set my alarm for. I lay there watching the minutes tick away. When 7:30 finally arrived I sprang out of bed and went straight to the shower. I wanted to be super clean… just in case! With an enormous effort I managed to soap my burgeoning cock without giving into the temptation of playing with it until spurted my cum against the tiled wall.

After I’d dried myself off, I put on my new running kit and looked at myself in the long mirror that hung on the back of my bedroom door. I turned my back, checking out my ass. I’d never liked my own ass before because I’d always thought it too noticeable. I’d become conscious at the the age of about eleven that more and more boys seemed to be staring at it. I would turn around unexpectedly to find their eyes had been glued to my ass. By thirteen I’d begun to realise that their interest wasn’t negative. Quite the reverse. What I saw in their eyes was admiration or envy. After satisfying myself with the fit of my shorts, I put on a pair of sweats, then ate a light breakfast of cereal, toast and coffee. By now the excitement was kicking in and I had to swallow each mouthful with a conscious gulp, overcoming the slight feeling of nausea by force of will. Mum and dad where still in bed so I turned on the TV to drown out the sounds of the beating of my heart and the monotonous tick of the kitchen clock.

Finally, the time to leave home arrived. I gathered up my things and left the house, closing the door quietly so as not to wake the rest of the family.

Once out into the street, I felt liberated from the oppressive silence and the constant nagging thought that mum was going to come into the kitchen to tell me I couldn’t go because it was Saturday and we had to go shopping. I began to run in the direction of Karl’s house, praying that he’d remembered our arrangement.

Karl lived in a big old farmhouse that had once been surround by fields but now sat at the end of a long road lined by red-brick, semi-detached houses. The garden was about the size of a tennis court, an immaculate lawn surrounded by borders of flowers that I didn’t know the names of, and cut in half by a long straight path that led from the gate to the front door. I walked self consciously toward the door feeling like I was being watched from every curtained window.

Suddenly, I felt foolish for imagining that Karl might me interested in me in any way other than as a fellow runner. As I tapped lightly on the door the hollow sound reflected the feeling in my gut.

“Around  the side!” a familiar voice called from my left.

‘Well at least I know he remembered,’ I thought.

With a broad grin on my face I turned the corner of the house, only to be met by what seemed like half the running club! My heart sank as I realised that I wasn’t special after all and that Karl had asked me along as part of a regular training group, not because he especially like me. I felt foolish as I remembered all of my fantasies. The bubble was well and truly burst.

“Hi guys!” I managed to force myself to say. My voice sounded high pitched and weak but  I forced myself to smile again despite my disappointment.

Karl was nearest too me and I, almost subconsciously, registered a look of concern on his face. As I drew close he wrapped an arm round my shoulders and gave me a squeeze, laughing as he said, “Don’t worry, they won’t eat you!”

I reddened slightly as the rest of the group made light hearted comments at my expense but I knew instinctively that this was code for being accepted and I didn’t take offense.

With little ceremony Karl announced, “Well, it’s nine o’clock, let’s go!”

The group moved as one too the rear of the house and I followed. We crossed the back garden and left by a small gate. Just on the other side was a large pond.

“That’s why I asked you to bring a towel.” Karl said, as he pointed to the water. “After the run we all go for a swim.”

POP! Went the last of my bubbles.

I could only nod acknowledgment, as by now the nausea of excitement had been replaced by the nausea of disappointment and I was afraid to speak in case it showed in my voice.

I ran alone for a while trying to gather my thoughts and reframe the events in a positive way. After all, I had been invited by Karl to come to his house, I was by far the youngest runner there so he must see me as different, and then there had been that fleeting look on his face and the embrace when I had arrived. I began to cheer up, and as often happens, my positive attitude showed in my demeanour and the other guys started to approach me to talk.

They were a nice bunch. Not one of them pulled my leg about my age. In fact, they all spoke to me as an equal. I was just another runner trying to improve his personal best. I was given lots of training tips and a few complements. Finally Karl came to my side.

“So, how’s it going?” he asked.

I thought he seemed a little apprehensive, but when I met him with my broadest smile he relaxed.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t make it clear that we were a big group. I just didn’t think to tell you.”

His voice trailed off towards the end of the sentence and my heart lept as I realised that not only had he noticed my disappointment but that he was sensitive enough to know the cause and now, as he excused himself, he seemed to be aware that he was sending me the message that he cared.

I felt my hope restored. I glanced across at him and our eyes met in what I can only describe as a knowing look. The kind that can’t be put into words when you are only thirteen. We both smiled and looked away self consciously. My heart was aglow.

Karl whooped and shouted – “100 metre sprint!”

The whole group immediately lifted and began to sprint flat out. This was new to me and they nearly left me behind but I soon caught on and even managed to ease past a few of the guys before we slowed. Everybody began to laugh and curse at the same time, panting for breath. It seemed that this was to be the pattern for the whole run. At random intervals, when a runner thought that everybody else wasn’t paying attention, he would whoop and shout out the command and the whole group would immediately respond. It certainly made the run more interesting.

At last, we again approached Karl’s house, tired but happy. As we drew close to the pond it was obvious that the race to be first was on. Although exhausted I pushed myself to the limit and arrived with the first group. As I pulled up at the edge of the pond the guys around me sailed past, already shoeless, leaping into the air and crashing down into the water making the biggest splash possible. Once I realised what the game was I took a few paces back, kicked off my shoes and ran at the edge.

The water was freezing! At first I struggled to catch my breath but after a few strokes I managed to get used to it. By now everybody was in the water, laughing and splashing. Karl swam over to me and began to tread water in front of me.

“Hey guys!” We have a new member.” He looked at me smiling slyly as he said it. I didn’t realise the significance of what he was saying until I began to find myself surrounded by a ring of grinning faces bobbing rhythmically as they treaded water.

I spun around to try to find an escape route without luck. “O’oh! I cried as I tried to make a break for it. Immediately a dozen hands reached out taking hold of me by the arms and torso. I realised that it was useless but I made a token effort to escape as hands grasped at my shirt pulling it over my head. Somebody ducked under the water behind me and pulled down my shorts. This was getting serious and I began to panic a little until I heard Karl say “Relax, it’s just a bit of fun! It’ll soon be over.”

He was right. Within a couple of minutes I was completely naked. I could feel my cock gently bobbing in the water, it began to feel tight as it expanded and the reason for my panic changed focus. The guys climbed out of the pond taking my clothes with them. By now I was semi-hard but I seemed to have it under control.

“Come on guys! Give me my clothes back!” I pleaded.

It didn’t do any good. In fact the more I pleaded the more they liked it, so eventually I resigned myself to the inevitable. I made my way to the side of the pond and began to climb out. My skin looked pale in the bright sunlight and as I lifted myself out of the water the dark patch of my wet pubes seemed to accentuate my semi-hard cock. I looked at it to make sure that I could get away with standing up without it being too obvious that I was a little excited, then quickly looked around the group to check out their reactions. A few had looked away feigning disinterest and a couple were giving me sideways glances but a least half of the group were looking at me square on. The strange thing was that they all knew that they could see me anytime they wanted to in the showers at the club, but somehow the circumstances had charged the atmosphere.

My cock hung heavy and full and I tried to cover myself with my hands. I looked at Karl’s face and saw a look in his eyes that I recognised. It was a look of sexual hunger. The fact that a lot of the other guys were looking at me shamelessly gave him permission to do the same. I took my opportunity and uncovered myself to see his reaction. His eyes widened and he cleared his throat nervously.

“We’ve got a live one here!” Joked one of the guys. “Quick give him his clothes before he puts us all to shame with that third leg of his.”

Of course I wasn’t really that big, as I’ve already said, nearly seven inches hard. But compared to my comparatively small frame my swollen member probably did look bigger than the average. A couple of the guys wanted to keep me naked but when Karl threw me my shorts the other guys laughed and tossed me the rest of my clothes. They all then trotted off, some of them patting me on the back and one on my naked ass as he passed. “Welcome to the club!” he shouted over his shoulder.
Karl waited while I dressed.

“Sorry about that.” he said “We all go through it.”

“It’s okay.” I replied. “I didn’t really mind.”

“No!” he laughed. “I could tell!”

It was difficult to pull on wet clothes so I made do with just my shorts and shoes and we made our way back to his house. By the time we arrived all but a couple of the guys had stripped and put on their sweats. I wrapped my towel around me and dropped my shorts.

“Too late for that!” chuckled the one who had slapped me on the ass. We’ve all already seen what you’ve got and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“Shhhhh! You idiot” hissed Karl, indicating to the house. I took this too mean that he was afraid one of his family might hear.

One by one the guys started to leave.

“See tonight!” Said the first to go.

‘See you tonight’ was repeated by a few more of the guys as they left and I began to wonder what I was missing. Finally I couldn’t resist any longer.

What’s happening tonight? I asked, trying to feign disinterest.

“Oh! My parents are away and I’m having a bit of a party. I’d ask you along if you were a couple of years older. Not that I think that you’re too immature,” he added quickly, “but there’ll be alcohol and stuff and I don’t want to get into trouble with your parents.”

There was an awkward silence.

“They don’t need to know!” I finally muttered.

He looked at me pensively. “No……. No, it would be too much of a risk.”

“And what if I just turned up uninvited? Would you send me away?

I was beginning to get the lay of the land. I could see that Karl really liked me but he was afraid. It was natural. He was a couple of years older than me and he had a lot to lose. I, on the other hand, had no such worries. I began to realise it was up to me to take the initiative.

I undid my towel and began to dry myself off, standing naked in front of him, trying to look as natural as possible. The truth was I did feel a little bashful but I really wanted to go to the party and I was willing to take a risk.

His eyes immediately wandered to my waist and my cock twitched responsively. I saw his adams-apple bob as he swallowed.

“Come into the kitchen,” he said “before the neighbours see you.”

I grabbed my things and followed him tentatively into the house.

“It’s okay, they’re all still in bed.” he assured me. “They’ll be there for a couple of hours yet.”

I dried myself slowly in front of him. He watched me self-consciously for a few seconds before going to the fridge for a carton of milk.

“Do you want some?” he asked.

My fevered mind immediately picked up on the possible double meaning and I replied, “Desperately!… Oh!….. you mean milk!”

He laughed nervously and poured me a glass.

He had stripped off his shirt when we had first arrived and had then followed my example and wrapped a towel around his waist, covering his wet shorts which he still wore. I began to pull on my pants and said, “Hadn’t you better take off those wet shorts?”

“Yeh! I suppose so.” he replied.

Reaching under his towel he pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them. I could now clearly see the outline of his cock through the towel. It was about the same size as when I had seen him in the shower. He picked up his shorts off the floor and threw them across the room to the washing basket. My heart thumped in my chest and I took a swig of milk in an attempt to appear indifferent to his condition. He stood up and looked at me blankly for a second as if waiting for instructions. Looking down I saw the patch of water that his shorts had left on the floor.

“Look at the mess you’ve made!” I laughed.

I took up my towel and walked towards him. He took one step back looking down. I got down on my knees in front of him and began to mop up the water. The close proximity of his naked body clad only in a towel had it’s effect as I crouched in front of him and my barely controlled semi-erection turned into a full blown boner. I mopped slowly, working in an ever growing circle until I reached his feet.

“Shall I dry your feet? I asked in a shaky voice, without looking up.

He responded with an almost wispered “Okay.”

I began to pat his feet dry. I took hold of one of his ankles and he flinched a  little.

“It’s okay! Relax, it’s just a bit of fun! It’ll soon be over!”

He stood still again and I continued to dry his feet. I began to work my way up one of his legs with my towel. I sat back on my haunches and as I worked my way up to his knees. My own rock hard boner must have been visible by now as it tented the material of my loose trousers.

I heard him take a deep breath. I was afraid to look up at him in case I shattered the moment. I pulled at the edge of his towel hoping it would fall but it didn’t. Being a lot smaller than him and sitting back as I was put the level of my eyes about half way up his thigh. Without lifting my head I could see that the front of his towel was being pushed out by his own growing erection. I risked a quick glance up. He was standing straight with his hands by his sides and with his eyes closed. His breathing was heavy and deep.

“Will you make me a promise?” I whispered.

“What?” He breathed.

“Keep your eyes shut until I tell you and don’t move. and don’t tell anyone what happens in the next few minutes!”

“That’s three promises!” he said, still with eyes closed.

“Okay, three promises. Will you?”

There was a long pause. “Okay!” he finally agreed.

I stood up in front of him and looked up into his face. His eyes were tightly shut but that wasn’t enough. I took my damp towel and folded it before wrapping it around his head covering his eyes. When I was satisfied with my handiwork I pushed my own trousers down slowly, trying not to make any noise and reveal what I was doing. My stiff cock sprang loose and almost slapped my belly as my pants dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them. Reaching forward I undid his towel, unwrapping his body slowly relishing the moment I had dreamed of since I first met him. He took another deep breath and held it as I revealed his massive pole. It stood at an angle of about 45 degrees above horizontal, gently throbbing and pulsing. It was amazing . My first stiff cock! I looked at his face. His mouth opened as he tried to gulp in more air.

I stood just looking at him for a moment not sure what to do now.

“Don’t move!” I commanded.

“No.” he replied standing rigid.

His cock was long and thick. He was uncut and the foreskin had begun to slide back over the shiny head. I reached out and touched the shaft. He flinched and gasped at the same time.

“Don’t move!” I repeated.

He stood still again. The skin of his shaft felt surprisingly smooth and hot. I moved my hand over it feeling it’s thickness and length. A drop of pre-cum had begun to oose from the tip. I touched my finger to it, picking up the clear liquid on the tip before putting my finger in my mouth. It tasted sweet exactly like mine.

By now my own cock was tingling with expectation. I reached down and took hold of it squeezing it hard. I shuddered as a wave of pleasure ran through my whole body. Dropping to my knees I took a firm hold of his shaft making him groan softly. His knees began to tremble as I breathed on the head. I stuck out my tongue and gently touched the tip. I felt it’s soft warmth as I ran my tongue over it working in circles. Cupping his balls in my other hand I moved my head forward. His glans pushed past my lips as I rasped them with my tongue. He gasped more loudly and I thought for a second that his legs were about to give way. I began to move my head slowly up and down his shaft, taking him deeper and deeper until I began to gag. His whispered groans and soft grunts were all I could hear.

“mmmm, aaaauuuhhhh, yeh!”

This was amazing. All I had hoped for and more. Having him in my mouth was a dream come true. He began to thrust with his hips. I let go with my hands and placed them one on each of his ass cheeks, feeling the smooth softness of his skin and the firmness of the muscles below. I could feel his thrusts getting more insistent and could tell that he was on the point of losing control.

I pulled off him and stood up quickly. I grasped him around the waist and pulled him too me. His hard cock pressed against my stomach, the tip just below the ribs. My own cock pressed against his thighs. He felt it’s pressure and opened his legs slightly. I reached down and place it between his legs as he closed them gripping it tightly. I began to thrust feeling the forskin slide back and my own pre-cum act as lube. As I began to thrust he too began to move his hips. Breaking one of his promises, he moved his arms, wrapping them around my shoulders. I buried my face in his chest panting as I desperatly pounded his thighs and he drove his burning hot shaft against my body.

“I have to stop!” he wispered.

“No, don’t stop!” I ordered. “Don’t stop!”

“I can’t hold it! Got to stop!”

I grapsed him with all my strength around the waist as he tried to pull away. Moving my own body up and down rubbing his cock, at the same time rolling it from side to side.

“Don’t!! I can’t! I shouldn’t. Stop I can’t hold it!”

Knowing he was about to cum at any second was too much for me. I felt my own cum rising and the first spasms of ejaculation.

His panting became uncontrollable and he began to jerk in my arms.

“No! Stop!

I carried on rubbing his fuck pole and as I began to feel the first jet of cum shoot out of my own cock I also felt a warm jet of liquid force it’s way between our burning bodies.

Aaaahhhhh, fuck! Yes, I moaned. Jet after jet streamed from our cocks as we writhed in each others arms.

Suddenly the waves of excitement passing through our bodies were too much and we began to collapse to the floor, supporting each other in our descent, I found myself lying on top of him. Both of us gasped for air, completely spent as I rested my head on his chest.

He reached for the towel wrapped over his eyes but I put my hand over his to stop him. “Not yet!” I ordered.

I took a few more seconds and then stood up. He looked amazing lying there naked with his cock still stiff and cum all over his chest. I took my towel and wiped us both clean, then I put on my clothes and covered his middle before unwrapping the towel from his eyes.

“Keep you eyes closed!” I ordered as I took it away “Remember, you promised!”

Taking up my things I moved to the door.

“See you tonight!” I called as I trotted off up the path.


Episode Three

I ran a little way and then started to walk. I could hardly believe what had just happened and I could hardly have been happier. I realized that I was being a bit pushy but it was what Karl seemed to need to be able to give in to his own feelings. If he wanted me to take the lead I would be happy to oblige.

When I got home I jumped in the shower and began to wash myself down. Karls cum had dried on my stomach. The water from the shower rehydrated it, and I could feel it’s slipperyness. I didn’t mind because it was a part of him. It had come from his body and there could be nothing bad about his body, as far as I was concerned. I soaped myself down taking my time. The water ran down my back and between my firm ass cheeks. As I began to think about what had happened, I began to get hard again, I took the head of the shower and played it over my swollen shaft, enjoying the tingling feeling as the fine needles of water played over its head. Unable to resist I closed my eyes and began to jerk off slowly, remembering the feel of Karl’s body in my arms, his hot rod pressed against my stomach, the sensation as his jets of cum forced their way between our writhing bodies. I closed my eyes and worked my shaft, standing with my legs slightly apart so that I could feel my balls swinging heavily, as I beat out a faster and faster rhythm. I put my free hand between my cheeks and pressed lightly against my hole. The running water provided the lubrication I needed to push one finger in about an inch. My balls began to pull up towards my body as I came close to climax. I thought about Karl’s face, about how he had begged to stop as he unloaded his milk, how he gasped and how he had been unable to stand. I opened my eyes in time to see the first streamer of cum as I began to spray the wall.

“Oooooh, yeh! yeh!” I breathed.

After catching my breath I finished showering and dried myself. If I hurried I had time to get into town and use some of my savings to buy some new jeans and a top for the party. I hurried downstairs where I was met by my dad.

“How was the run son?”

“Amazing dad, amazing. Can’t wait for next Saturday to do it again.” I grinned.

“Good, good. You’re really getting into this running lark aren’t you!”

“Yeh! I like it. The guys are a really good bunch.” I said.

“By the way, Jack has asked me to stay over at his tonight. Will that be okay?”

I knew it would be because I’d stayed at Jacks on many previous occasions. My parents knew him but they didn’t know his parents, so I was pretty safe using him as an alibi.

“Sure, no problem. Just make sure you take your mobile just in case.” he ordered.

I made myself a quick sandwich and dashed out the door still eating it. My parents had always given me a lot of freedom. They were of the opinion that you can’t learn to be responsible if you never have to make your own decisions. Most of the time they were right, but today was one of those days that I would use that freedom to my advantage.

I took the bus into town and wandered around the shops looking for my new clothes. I found a really cool place that sold sagger jeans that fastened loosely and a t’shirt that clung just tightly enough to show off my physique without looking like it had been sprayed on.

I’d forgotten to ask Karl what time the party started but I knew it would be early. We were still young and impatient. Who wants to wait until ten or eleven when you can start having fun at seven! As I sat and ate my Burger King meal, I decided I’d go along there at eight just to be sure.

The afternoon seemed to drag on forever and when I got home I tried on my new clothes several times before evening arrived. The jeans hung low on my hips and the curve of my ass showed nicely above the waistband. I decided on white underwear, admiring the outline of my hard cock and using all of my will power not to jerk off again.

Just before eight I set off for Karl’s, a small backpack contained all I needed. On the way I bought a large bottle of coke, for me, and a six pack of beer for the others. The laws in the UK used to be quite lax but I still held my breath as I paid for the alcohol, praying that I wouldn’t be asked for I.D. The shopkeeper hardly looked away from the football match that was on the TV as he served me and I’m sure that if I had been ten years old, he would still have taken my money.

As I approached Karl’s house I could hear the music as it thumped loudly. The front door was open and I walked in without being challenged. As was usual at our age the party was mostly guys. About twenty of them in this case. I spotted Karl over at the computer choosing a tune from the playlist.

“Hey shorty! What you doin here?” a voice called from my left.

To my surprise, and horror, it was Steve, the guy with the big cock that had caught me staring at him in the shower.

“Hi!” I grinned weakly.

“Lets have one of those beers then!” he shouted above the music.

I moved over to him and peeled of a can, offering it to him. He took it off me with a serious look then smiled and ruffled my hair.

“I might take a shower later” he joked, Just telling you in case you want to watch!”

“Ha ha!” I responded, reddening a little.

And that was it. Everything was right with the world again. Like I said. They were all a good bunch really.

I went over to Karl and touched him on the back. He turned looking distracted and said a quick, “Hi!” before turning back to the computer screen. He seemed embarrassed by my presence. I was gutted! I almost left the party there and then, but as I walked to the door Steve grabbed me by the elbow and pulled me aside.

“So, shorty! Tell me about yourself.”

I was a bit reluctant at first but after a few minutes chatting to Steve I calmed down and relaxed. I began to realize that I’d been a bit stupid really, expecting Karl to welcome me with open arms. What we’d done this morning was pretty extreme and I suppose he just needed time to adjust. In my case my hormones had overcome all other considerations, but now, after thinking about it, I decided I needed to play it cool.

It turned out that Steve was a really interesting guy and not a bit like I’d expected. We chatted and joked and generally messed about. I think he was genuinely sorry for what had happened in the shower and was  trying to make up for it, in his own way. There was just one problem though. As we chatted I noticed that I was starting to feel a bit strange. Someone had given me a fruit drink and I’d accepted it without thinking. I tasted nice and I couldn’t detect any alcohol. Later I discovered it was a drink called Malibu, mixed with pineapple juice. The alcohol content wasn’t that high but it was enough and I had been drinking it as if it was just pure fruit juice. It was then that Karl came over to talk.

“Hi!” he said nervously. “All okay?”

“Sure!” I replied, over overenthusiasticly, slurring my speech a little.

Karl looked at me then at Steve, who looked back at him eyebrows raised.

“I think I’m going to be sick! I slurred.

“Oh my god! What have you been drinking?”

“Fruit juice, just fruit juice, honest!”

The mix of the alcohol and the tension that I’d been feeling started to overwhelm me and tears began to well up. This was a complete nightmare!

“Quick, this way!” said Karl as he took me by the arm and led me across the room. In the hall was a small toilet and sure enough as soon as I opened the door I started to vomit. Just making it in time to the toilet. Karl knelt beside me arm around my shoulders.

“It’s okay! Get it all out, that’s it!” he encouraged.

I felt such a fool. I wanted him to see me as grown up and here I was showing what a complete novice I was. When I’d finished he helped me to clean up and led me into the hallway.

“You can lie down for a while in my room.” he offered.

Under any other circumstance I would have been over the moon, but as things were, I just nodded meekly and allowed him to lead me upstairs.

His room was large and very neat, two walls were lined with bookshelves that displayed models and all the other junk that teenagers tend to collect. They even had a few books on them. Another was filled by a large walk-in wardrobe. I flopped down on his bed and he pulled my shoes off. I lay on my back covering my eyes with my arm. The sound of dance music and loud conversation came from below as the party continued without me. Karl placed a plastic bowl at my side.

“I’ll come back and check on you later, okay?”

“Okay!” I replied, already falling asleep.

I don’t know how long I was passed out for but it could only have been an hour or two. I woke to hear the ever present music but I noticed that the sound of conversation had died down. The door creaked open and someone came into the room.

“You okay?” a voice whispered.

I imagined it was Karl but I wasn’t sure. I didn’t answer, instead I pretended to still be asleep. I was actually feeling much better now. It seemed my stomach had rejected the alcohol before it had had time to do any real damage. I felt somebody poke me lightly in the side. Still, I didn’t respond. There was silence for what seemed an age and then finally another, rougher poke and a “Hey!”

I remained still, arm covering my face. A hand rested on my chest and another began to lift up the bottom of my t-shirt. My heart began to beat faster as I realized somebody was taking the opportunity to take a look at my body. I felt a light touch on my stomach and it took all of my willpower not to flinch. The hand on my chest moved and I felt it reposition over my now stiffening cock. It lightly massaged me through my jeans, tracing the outline of my growing member. I began to breath more deeply as the excitement grew. I felt a button pop on my jeans and then another and another, before the same hand pealed open my jeans. It moved to my stomach and then, after a pause slid slowly below the waistband of my underwear.

By now I was fully hard and it wasn’t long before the outstretched fingers touched the tip of my bone hard cock. I barely restrained a gasp. When I felt the tickle of hair touch my stomach I sucked my stomach in, no longer able to feign sleep. The hand reached inside and grasped my cock firmly and I thought for a second that I was going to cum there and then.

“Auuhhhh!” I sucked in a breath.

It was then that I realized that this wasn’t Karl. The hair was too long. He had short cropped hair and this person definitely had more than that!” Before I could do anything I felt my underwear pealed back and a  hot mouth engulf the head of my shaft. I let out a long gasp as the sounds of sucking and our soft groans of pleasure filled the room. By now it was too late to stop. Karl or not I was too excited.

It was then that we both heard Karl shout down to somebody from just outside the door.

“Steve? I don’t know! Yes, I’m just going to check on him now. Let yourselves out!”

My eyes sprang open. Sure enough there was Steve, a shocked look on his face but still grasping my cock firmly. His own cock was in his other hand and I saw that he had been jerking himself off as he had been sucking me. He leaped up and headed for the wardrobe. I didn’t have time to cover myself up properly but Steve had managed to cover my wet cock with my underwear before bolting for cover. As the bedroom door opened the wardrobe door slid shut and I lay still with my jeans open and my stiff cock outlined by my white underpants.

Karl moved silently towards me and knelt down at my side.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Better?” I whispered. “Can I stay here tonight?”

“I was hoping you’d ask me that!” he said, smiling.”

“Some of the guys are still downstairs. They’re going to sleep on the sofas so the music will go on for a while but I’m coming to bed now. Okay? Do you think you can stop playing with yourself long enough to wait for me?”

I chuckled softly, “Okay!”

He crept quietly out the door again. As it closed I sat up quickly but my head spun so much I had to lie back down again.

“Steve!” I hissed.

The door slid open a couple of inches.

“Quick! Go!”

“No way!” Steve answered. “And miss the show!”

The door opened again and Karl entered, closing it behind him. He moved to the bottom of the bed and pulled off my socks. Then, taking hold of my jeans he pulled and I lifted my ass so that he could slide them down and off. As I took off my t-shirt he began to strip down to his underwear. I glanced over towards the wardrobe which was still open a few inches. It was impossible to see inside because it was to dark but I knew that Steve was in there watching everything. I felt a bit disloyal to Karl but what could I do. If I told him,  I would find myself out on the street in seconds. On the other hand, whatever Steve saw he couldn’t blab about. After all, he’d been sucking my cock!

I moved over as Karl pulled back the duvet and we both slipped under it. I could hardly believe it! In bed, in just my underwear, with Karl at my side and Steve, having just sucked my boner, in the wardrobe watching it all. Suddenly it all seemed a bit comical and I had to hold back a giggle.

The music was still beating out it’s rhythm below as I turned my back to Karl and he moved up close behind me to cuddle me. I felt warm and secure in his arms and almost forgot about Steve. Very soon I began to feel his stiffening cock pressing against my ass.

“Will you make me a promise?” he asked.

“Sure!” I said smiling. “Just one though, because I’m going to move and I’m going to keep my eyes open.”

He squeezed me tightly and his cock pulsed as it pressed between my cheeks. I turned in his arms to face him and hugged him back, at the same time looking over his shoulder towards the wardrobe. Steve had opened the door a bit more and I had time to make out his now naked torso before he moved back into the shadows.

I kissed Karl’s neck and he rolled onto his back. I moved to lie on top of him.

“Have you ever done this before?” He asked me?

“No. Have you?”

“Once, with a girl” he replied. “But I’ve imagined it a million times with a guy.”

I slid my hands down his sides as he slid his down my back and over my ass, pushing them below the fabric of my underwear.

“Mmmmmm” I groaned.

I began to move down his body, thinking to take his cock in my mouth, hidden from Steve’s view by the duvet, but Karl held me and said, “Wait! Let me this time.”

Reaching down we both slid off our clothes. I opened my legs and moved to sit astride his chest. My cock stood out prominently and my balls rested on his body. He took my shaft and worked his hand up and down it slowly. I slid forward a bit more and he pulled it down towards his mouth. I leaned forward and placed the smooth head against his lips. He lifted his head taking it in and sucking hard. Slowly, I began to fuck his face as he placed his hands firmly on my ass cheeks to encourage me.

Ooooh!!! I gasped as I began to drive deeper.

For the second time tonight, slurping and sucking sounds filled the room, but very soon I had to stop, afraid I was going to cum. I pulled out and moved down his body.

“That’s amazing!” I breathed.

“Now do it to me!” he answered.

In response I spun around so that I could take his cock while he took mine but I was too short and he couldn’t reach. Instead, as I took his glistening cock head into my mouth, I felt him prize my cheeks apart. He spat on his fingers and used them to lubricate my hole. I groaned loudly as he began to work his fingers over the entrance to my body.

“Oh…..God!” he gasped as I sucked his cock.

His cock seemed even thicker and longer than the first time and I soon began to gag as I took him deeper but that just seemed to turn him on even more!

Yeh! Oh yeh! deeper babe!” he encouraged.

I reached under myself taking my pulsing shaft in my hand and jerking myself as I sucked him. suddenly I felt one of his fingers enter me and I uttered a muffled groan of pleasure.

“Does it feel good?” he asked.

I pulled off him for a second, knowing that the question was a disguised request.

“Let me show you!” I said

I spun around and firmly took him by the waist encouraging him to turn on his stomach. He obediently lay face down for me. I moved to his ass and opened his cheeks slightly, spitting on his hole. He lifted his ass opening it more to me and I worked my fingers around his hole before pushing one of them in. In answer he lifted his ass even higher.

“You like that don’t you?” I whispered.

“Mmmmm!” he groaned.

I pushed another finger in. He pushed back. My cock was dripping pre-cum by now and was in serious need of some attention, so I pulled out my fingers and placed my cock in his crack, testing the water to see how he would react.

“Is that your cock?” he asked looking back.

“Yeh! Do you mind?”

“No, I like it!” he answered.

I began to slap it against his hole while I massaged his cheeks, just like I’d seen in the gay porno on the internet. It drove him wild.

A movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention and I glanced over to see Steves face in the open door of the wardrobe mouthing the words “Fuck him!”

“Do you want me to put it in?” I asked, my voice shaking.

“Just a bit.” he answered. “Slowly!”

I pressed the head of my lubricated cock against his wet hole and pushed. At first it wouldn’t go in but Karl reached back with one hand and took my cock to guide it. With a final push I managed to enter him.

“Arrrggghh!” he moaned.

I stopped for a few seconds.

“It’s okay now. More!” he panted.

I pushed deeper and he groaned again. Before long I was able to begin driving deep and pulling almost completely out.

“Arrgggg! Arrgggg! Arrgggg!” he groaned repeatedly as I began to pound him harder and harder.

Finally I couldn’t hold on any longer. As I pounded Karls ass I could see, in the shadows, Steve beating his cock furiously!

“I’m nearly cumming!” I cried, almost desperately. “What should I do?”

“Inside me, cum inside me! I want to feel you cum inside me!” gasped Karl

That did it! I began to pound him with all my force as he jerked his own cock. Slapping sounds and groans filled my ears until I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Arrrrgggghhhh!

As I came, he came too. If it hadn’t been for the music everyone in the house would have heard us!

“Yeh! Fill me! Fill me with your cum! Aauggh! Aauggh!” he cried as his cum splashed onto the sheets.

I leaned forward driving as deep as I could, pumping the last of my cream into him. At the same time, I caught sight of a streamer of cum as it jetted from the crack in the wardrobe door.

He collapsed under me and I lay on top of him, still inside him. I moved to pull out but he squeezed with his cheeks to stop me.

“No! Stay inside me!”

I did as he asked and my cock stayed hard long enough for us both to fall asleep in that position.

By the time we woke up, the wardrobe was empty and Steve had gone. I never told Karl. But then I didn’t need to.


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