The Hitch-Hiker Biker
by Nathan Jones


Last year I was travelling through Spain on a biking holiday. It was a new bike and I had been dying to try it out on a long run since the day it had been delivered. For weeks the weather in Spain had been hot with clear blue skies over the whole peninsula. I was itching to get going and when the day finally came I flew down the M1 Southampton and crossed over by ferry to Santander in the north of Spain. As we made the two day crossing the weather got steadily warmer. When we finally arrived in Santander it was baking hot (See my next story for tales of the crossing). I was so excited that I hardly ate any breakfast. As the ferry pulled into port I ran down to the car deck and sat ready on my bike. There were quite a few other bikes as well and after a few minutes we were all there waiting impatiently. I noticed quite a few sexy looking guys but with all the clothes and the helmets it was hard to tell what they really looked like.

Finally the doors opened and we rolled off the ferry. Making our way through the gates of the port we were soon on the 623 road to Burgos, all heading for the south coast by way of Madrid. After a short time, as we moved away from the coast, there was a steep climb up to the plateau. In no time at all we were in semi desert conditions. The sun was blazing down, the scenery was spectacular, the roads were quiet and in good condition. I was in heaven! With time I lost sight of the other bikers as some zoomed off into the distance and others straggled lazily behind.

Eventually, I began to get tired and hungry so I decided to pull in at the next roadside bar. After just a few more kilometres I approached a large bar/restaurant with a petrol station and a little shop. I pulled in, practising my Spanish in my head and wondering if I was going to be able to find something to eat that I liked.

The Spanish don’t normally eat lunch until at least 1:30pm and as it was only 12:30 the place was almost empty. I went to the bar and ordered a small beer. I noticed a youth who was moving from table to table. He would talk to the occupants and then after a bit of shoulder shrugging would move on to the next. I noticed him especially because he was wearing motorbike gear and carrying a helmet. When he eventually noticed me I saw his eyes light up and he almost ran over to where I was at the bar.

“Hi!” he said. “You English?”

It wasn’t an unfair assumption to make. I was wearing a Union Jack pin and was about 10 shades paler than everybody else. That and my dirty-blond hair and blue eyes were a bit of a give-away.

“Yeh!” I replied. “Can I help you?”

“I hope so!” he said with a pleading look in his eyes.

As he spoke I began to take in his appearance. He had light features and a very light but even tan. His eyes were pale blue with a dark ring and as he looked directly into my eyes I almost forgot to listen to what he was saying.

“So you see, I’m in a bit of a situation. If you could give me a lift as far as Madrid my family will be waiting and they will sort out collecting my bike from the garage.” He concluded, looking at me and waiting for my response.

“Errr, yeh, of course!” I stammered, as I came to my senses. “Madrid, that’s about 250 miles from here. Should only take us a few hours. I’m just going to get something to eat and then we’ll be off. That suit you?”

“Fantastic!” he said enthusiastically and with a big grin on his face.

“Happy to be of service.” I replied with mock politeness. “Want a beer?”

“No thanks.” he replied. “But let me get yours. It’s the least I can do.”

We moved to a table and sat down. I slipped out of the top half of my one piece leathers an began to devour my sandwich. I let him do all of the talking. He talked about what had happened and explained a little about his family. I turned out that his father was Spanish and was one of the top guys in one of banks in Spain. His mother was English and from a wealthy family as well. He was studying at Oxford and was on his way home for the summer. I looked at him closely, wondering if he was telling me the truth. Not that it mattered to me what he had in the bank. I was more interested in what he had in other places.

I finished my sandwich and sat back to enjoy my beer. In Spain they sell beer in really small measures so I wasn’t worried about the alcohol affecting my judgement.

I looked at him over my glass as I sipped my beer. “I still don’t know your name.” I said. “Mine is Nathan.”

“Over here I’m called Juan.” he said “but in England I usually go by the name of John. You can call me whichever you like.”

“Juan, I like Juan better. After all we are in Spain now.”

He smiled broadly and as I stood up I thought I noticed his eyes drop to my crotch for a second. ‘Did I just imagine that’ I thought.

“I’m just going to the mens room before we go.” I told him.

“Me too” he said, as he scooted after me.

The men’s room was more of a mens cupboard. Just big enough to fit two people in but with only one urinal and one toilet. I went to the toilet and relieved myself. I wasn’t wearing anything except a tee-shirt and underwear so I just pushed them a bit lower and pulled out my cock. I couldn’t help noticing that my cock was semi hard. This kid was having more of an effect on me than I had realised. I finished up and moved to the sink to wash my hands. From where I stood I could see into the toilet. Juan hadn’t shut the door and as he stood with his back to me I could see that he didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear at all. He had pushed his leathers almost half way down his ass . I could see his cheeks and the sweet crack of his hairless ass. The muscles were well defined and stood out proudly as he tensed them, pushing his hips forward to shake off the last drops. My cock immediately sprang to full attention.

“Can you help me get these leathers back over my shoulders?” I asked him. “They’re a bit tight.”

“Sure!” he said, moving round behind me. “Pull your tee-shirt down first though.” He suggested.

When I didn’t react he put his hand on my lower back and grasping the hem of my tee-shirt he pulled it down into the seat of my leathers. For a second his hand seemed to caress my cheeks.

“Okay, your turn.” I said, turning to face him.

He turned his back to me without a comment.

“Can you push my tee-shirt down as well?” He asked.

I took hold of the hem beween my thumb and first finger so that I could place the flat of my hand against his skin. I pulled down and as I did so stroked his smooth round ass cheeks. He shivered.

“A bit more on the other side.” he said.

I repeated the operation but this time more slowly, savouring the sensation. He seemed to push his ass back into my hand just a fraction. But it was a fraction that I noticed.

“Thanks!” he said, as I pulled out my hand. “That’s great!”. He turned and gave me a cheeky smile. It looked like this was going to be an interesting 250 miles.

We went out to my bike and I jumped on to start it up.

“Where’s your stuff?” I asked him.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I left it at the garage with my bike. I’ll be back tomorrow to pick it up.” With that he hopped on behind me and made himself comfortable.

“Ready when you are!” He shouted through the visor of his helmet.

Normally experienced bikers hold onto the grab handles at the back of the bike or just sit with their hands on their thighs. The fact that Juan put his arms lightly on my hips told me that either he wasn’t experienced or that he wasn’t afraid of getting intimate. I hoped it was the latter. One thing was for certain though. I had long ago learned that when lady luck shines down on you, it’s best not to ask too many questions. Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride!

We pulled out onto the road and I accelerated hard. Juan tightened his grip and moved his hands a little further forward. Gradually, as we weaved past the cars, what had been a light grip became a full blown hug. After about an hour, as we approached a lay-by, Juan tapped me on the helmet and indicated for me to pull over.

As I stopped the bike he shouted apologetically “Sorry! I need to take a pee.”

“Okay!” I said. “Me too! That beer went straight through me.”

We both hopped off the bike and made our way towards some trees that formed a small coppice at the side of the road. Juan slipped his shoulders out of his leathers and pushed them down far enough to be able to get his cock out. I found a spot close to him and took my time. The truth was that I didn’t really need to pee. I just wanted to get another look at that spectacular ass of his.

I could see that he had stopped peeing now but instead of putting tucking himself back in he just stood there holding it in his hand and, seemingly, admiring the view.

I pulled out my cock, not trying to hide the fact that it was growing by the second. He gave me a lingering look over his shoulder and said “Boy it’s hot! I’m going to take this thing off”. As he spoke he pulled his tee-shirt off over his head. His body was as well defined as his ass but slim and light just like his face. I gulped nervously as the blood pumped into my cock and it leapt upward. He didn’t say anything but instead began to walk, still with his cock in his hand, deeper into the wood. I followed him nervously, darting a quick look around to see if anyone was watching but the place was deserted except for us two. As I went I slipped my tee-shirt off.

As soon as he was out of site of the traffic he turned to face me. I could see now that his cock was at full mast. Standing proudly and pointing at the blue sky. He was stunning! We didn’t have to talk. We both new what we wanted and had decided that we were going to have it. I walked up to him and placed my hands on his shoulders. He put his hands on my waist and pulled our naked bodies together. The heat from his skin almost seemed to burn me. My hands wandered over his back and down to his firm cheeks. I squeezed them hard and pulled him too me as pressed my hard cock against his and our probing tongues entered each others mouths.

I pushed his leathers further down as I slid my tongue down over his neck and onto his chest. I quickly found a nipple and began to nip it gently with my teeth. He moaned softly and took in a sharp breath. At the same time my hands worked his ass, rubbing and squeezing his cheeks, my fingers probing deeper and deeper into his crack searching for his hole. I could feel his hot rod of flesh as it pressed into my lower chest. In a sudden movement I dipped lower crouching to take the head of his glorious cock into my mouth. He began to thrust almost before it had passed my lips. I sucked it in hungrily, working my tongue over his glans and teasing the opening at the tip. He took my head in both hands and thrust with his hips while pulling my head onto his shaft. I gagged as he pushed it into my throat.

We were like two men possessed. He fell to his knees and kissed me again as well fell to the grassy floor. We hugged each other as we rolled thrusting with our tongues and our hips, pressing our bodies together as if trying to make them into one. He began to pull at my leathers trying to strip them off me.

“Wait!” I said. Sitting up and undoing my boots. He did the same and in moments we were both completely naked. We tossed our clothes aside and lay again on the cool grass. The sun flickered through the branches of the trees making patterns on our bodies. The heat was intense and even in this semi shade and in our naked state it was still hot enough to make us sweat. I lay on top of him and licked the salt off his neck. I sat up on his chest placing my cock and balls near his mouth. He took hold of my cock, slowly stroking it and began to suck on my balls. I reached behind and took hold of his member. The pre-cum lubricated my hand as I began to slide it up and down his shaft. He lifted his hips, thrusting. His cock was long and slim, just like him. The skin was smooth and even, as it often is in young people and it was as straight as an arrow. I moved back slightly and leaned forward enough for the head of my rod to touch his lips. At the same time this put the crack of my ass within range of his bone hard member. I pressed it firmly between my cheeks and he pumped his hips sliding it into the crack and teasing my hole. At the same time he sucked the head of my cock into his mouth, groaning with pleasure.

He took my cock out of his mouth for a second. “I want to fuck you!” He gasped.

I didn’t say anything. Instead I leaned further forward kissing him, sliding my ass further back until it was positioned over his hips. Raising myself slightly I spat on my hand to provide lubrication and placed it over the head of his cock, adding my juices to his. I took a firm grip of his cock and placed the head against my hole. Slowly he began to enter me. My hole expanded to take in this welcome guest and after a few seconds the head passed the sphincter. His eyes opened wide and I groaned with pleasure.

I leaned forward placing my hands on his shoulders as I lowered myself slowly onto his hot hard shaft. He was groaning and moaning almost as loud as me as he lifted his hips trying to press himself deeper and deeper into me. I threw my head back and gasped as he began to pound my prostate.

“You like that don’t you?” He whispered. “You like being fucked! I’m gona fuck you HARD! I’m gonna fuck your brains out!” he groaned as he gave an especially hard deep thrust.

“Yeh! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I begged as I rode his shaft.

The sweat was beading on my chest as he pounded my ass.

“Change position!” He commanded. I lifted off him quickly moving to all fours as he knelt up moving around behind me.

He positioned his cock and entered me with one hard thrust.

“Argghh!” I shouted.

He slapped my ass with his hand and began to pump his cock in and out. He rotated his hips as he pounded my ass slapping me again. The pleasure was almost too much to bare and I panted and groaned loudly.

“Take it! Take it!” he commanded.

“Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me hard! I begged.

He leaned forward wrapping his arms around my chest and began to bite my neck. I was jerking my own cock hard now and could feel the first waves of climax starting to build.

“Fuck me!” I repeated. “I’m gonna cum!”

He quickened his pace pounding in and out of me like a machine. Our shouts of pleasure mixed with pain filled the air.

“I’m nearly there!” he groaned. “Gonna cum!”

I worked my cock faster as suddenly he began to spasm. He thrust deep into me groaning loudly into my ear.

“Fuck! Fuck!”

My cum began to surge through my balls as we began to cum together. My juice splattered the ground in large gobs as he knelt up and pushed as deep as he could.

“Oh fuck yes!” He shouted, slapping my ass one last time. before collapsing back on top of me.

He slowed his thrusting and panted breathlessly into my ear. “That was amazing! I think I love you!”

I chuckled breathlessly. “I loved you as soon as I clapped eyes on you!” I replied laughing softly.

Still united we moved slightly to one side and I lay face down on the grass. I could still feel his cock occasionally spasming inside me. He remained lying on top of me kissing my neck.

“Do you want to make a short stop in Madrid?” he asked.

“Sure, why not.” I told him. “After all, I am on holiday.”


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