The Ferry Trip
by Nathan Jones


I told in an earlier story of my biking trip to Spain and my adventures with Juan. In it I made mention of the ferry crossing and how it had been more than a little interesting. Here is my account of those exhausting two days.

I boarded the ferry at Plymouth. Boarding time was at about 8pm, leaving the passengers a few hours to hit the bar and the on-board shops before settling down to watch the cabaret. Being summer, the ferry was full of families heading south as well as quite a lot of bikers and a contingent of surfers. I was like a kid in sweet shop as I wandered the decks eyeing up the talent and wondering if I would be lucky enough to find someone to share my cabin on one of the two nights that we had ahead of us.

I grabbed a bite to eat in one of the burger bars on the upper deck and decided to take a stroll. I didn’t know exactly where we where but I guessed by the mounting seas that we must be heading out of the English Channel and into the Atlantic. I loved travelling by sea and moved up to the front of the ferry to get a better view as we ploughed into the waves. In the distance I could just make out the lights of another vessel as it moved in the opposite direction. I made my way up the gangway, swaying like a drunk. This was the part I liked best. The rougher the sea the more fun I was having.

I passed through the final doorway and onto the deck a the ‘pointy end’. The wind was terrific and combined with the motion of the boat it made it difficult to stand. I held onto the rail to steady myself. It was then that I noticed a small group of young guys standing in the shelter of a bulkhead just behind me. I hadn’t noticed them as they huddled together out of the wind. By there appearance I guessed that they probably belonged to the surfer group. They had that super healthy look about them. Mostly blonde haired and tanned they looked like they spent so much time in the sun that they never needed to sunbath or use products to give their hair that bleached look. I always thought of California and the beach boys when I saw guys like them. They were a picture of health and wholesomeness.

After a while, I noticed that they seemed to be talking about me. I thought I was probably just being paranoid but the feeling was enough to make me a little uncomfortable. I new it was idiotic but I began to feel like an intruder. I took one last deep breath of the warm evening air before heading back inside. Those guys were really horny I thought, but it was one of those groups of guys that have grown up together and become a closed circle of friends. Nice to look at but don’t even think about trying to separate one out from the herd!

I went back to my cabin to have a quick shower before going down to see the cabaret. I knew that it would be really cheesy but I was always impressed by the dedication of the performers and wondered how they managed to dance and sing without falling over. It was all I could do to carry a pint of beer from the bar to my table!

My cabin was small. I had paid a little extra to have one to myself but it still seemed really cramped. I stripped off and got into the shower. Surprisingly the shower was quite big. Much bigger than the one I had at home. As I soaped myself down I began to fantasise about the surfers I had seen. I imagined their well toned bodies and the six pack stomachs that were almost obligatory for guys like them. I cleaned myself carefully paying extra attention to the more intimate parts of my body. My cock began to swell as I soaped it up, stroking it gently. Almost without thinking, I began to increase the pase of my strokes, bringing myself to full hardness.

‘Not yet!’ I thought, stopping myself. On a trip like this you never know what might happen. I didn’t want to take the edge off my sexual energy because for me it seemed to act like a magnet. I often thought that I must give off some sort of pheromone that made me more attractive when I was feeling horny. Or maybe it just heightened my senses and at the same time made me braver. Whatever it was I wasn’t going to waste it on a quick jerk.

I tried to change my train of thought and rinsed myself off. Choosing my clothes carefully I chose a pair of grey designer undies made of thin stretchy material that disappeared into the deep crevice between my ass cheeks but without gathering, giving the appearance of a second skin. Next a pair of denim trousers that were almost ‘sagger’ style. They hung low on my hips revealing the curves of my ass and waistband of my underwear as well as the top of my crack. Whenever I saw this style on other guys it always gave me an almost uncontrollable urge to stroke their soft, firm round curves and slide my hand down to cup one of those perfect mounds of boy-flesh in my hand. I hoped it would have the same effect on some attractive guy waiting for me out there among the passengers.

I put on my skater style shoes and finally a thin cotton top made out of tee-shirt type material. It hugged my body in all the right places without looking tight. I adjusted myself in the mirror, glimpsing over my shoulder at my firm ass. ‘Okay, ready for action!’ I said out-loud. I didn’t know at the time that I wouldn’t return here until half an hour before we docked in Santander.

I left my cabin and made my way to cabaret room. It spanned the whole width of the boat and had a large stage and twenty or so tables as well as rows of stools and padded bench seating around the outside. I chose a corner near the back. It was close to the bar, one of the main passages and with a good view of the whole room. At least if I didn’t pull I would be able to do some people watching, one of my favourite pass-times. The only disadvantage was that there was seating for about ten people in the place that I had chosen. That meant that almost without fail, some fat guy with bad breath and an aversion to showers would plonk himself down next to me before the night was out. But I decided to take the risk.

A waiter came to my table and I asked him to bring me a beer. He smiled at me softly but without making eye contact. He had the designer stubble look and thinning greasy hair. ‘Strike One!’ I thought.

I sipped my beer, taking in the scene. Before long the lights went down and the show began. It was even worse than I had imagined. When the magician began to saw the box in half with the lady inside I rolled my eyes disbelievingly.

Just then I heard the sound of laughing coming from behind me. It was the surfers. They had gathered at the bar and were ordering their drinks. One of them had what looked like a board game under his arm. My heart skipped a beat as I let my eyes wander over their youthful faces. From my position I could take a good look at them without them seeing me. The light from the bar blinded their eyes and at the same time provided me with all the illumination I needed to see every detail of their features. They were the best looking group of boys I had seen in a long time. Not an ugly one amongst them.

Each of them had his own style but two of them especially attracted my gaze. Both had soft, straight shiny blond hair, cut to medium length. They almost seemed to be brothers but I didn’t suppose they were. Brothers very rarely shared intimate friends and these boys had an exceptional level of intimacy. Although still young they had well formed shoulders, thin hips and pert, full ass cheeks. They looked around the room as they picked up their drinks and headed for the tables. As they passed me one of them, he seemed to be the leader of the pack, saw me. His eyes met mine for a lingering second and time seemed to slow.

“Here guys!” he said, in a way that left no room for discussion. The others turned on their heels looking in my direction.

“Perfect!” one of them said flashing his white teeth in a broad smile.

They made their way to my table.

“You don’t mind do you?” Another said.

“No! No! Help yourself”. I stammered. I was about to move to one side to allow them full use of the table but they divided ranks and moved two to each side of me. I was now surrounded by the most heavenly group of gorgeous young men that I had ever seen. I was in heaven.

The boys settled themselves into their seats and the one with the board game placed it on the table. We were sat in a semi circle facing the stage. The back of the padded bench seat, on which we were sat, was high, providing a barrier between us and most of the bar.
“So where are you from?” asked the guy to my left.

“Well, at the moment I’m living in Manchester.” I replied, a little nervously. “And you guys? Where are you all from?”

“Newquay.” they said, almost in unison. Then laughing, “We sound like a barber shop quartet!” said the ringleader.

That broke the atmosphere and we began to chat about our home towns. They told me how they had all grown up together, gone to the same schools, surfed together every weekend and did just about everything else as a group.

“Is there anything you don’t do together? I said, over the top of my beer glass as I took a big gulp.

They looked at each other smiling but without speaking, as if reading each others minds and trying to decide how much to give away.

“Do you want to join-in our board game?” said the one on my right as he pushed it into the middle of the table. “It’s like Monopoly but with a surfing theme?”

Now normally, I hate board games. I find them so boring. They remind me of rainy days and grumpy parents. However, I wasn’t going to turn down any opportunity to interact with these guys.

“Okay!” I responded. “But I’m not usually very good at this sort of thing. I might need some help.”

“No problem!” said the one on my left, who by then I knew was called Alan. “I will be your guide and mentor.” he continued rather grandly, as he moved up closer to me. His leg pressed against mine as he attempted to explain the basic rules to me. The situation gave me the perfect opportunity to look closely at his face and I drank in every detail. His pale blue eyes with the dark circle around the iris, his cute nose, the full moist lips and the whisps of hair that he had to keep moving from in front of his eyes as he enthusiasticly pointed out the key points.

They organised the game and we began. Too tell the truth, I didn’t have the slightest interest, and as the night went on and I drank more, I began to lose badly. Eventually I was out of the game altogether. Now that I was not playing Alan had no reason to sit so close to me but he didn’t move. He stayed with his leg pressed close to mine, occasionally placing a hand on my shoulder or playfully squeezing my arm. ‘Could this be what I had been hoping for?’ I wondered. He was being really friendly and touching me more and more as the night went on. More than once I had to suppress my erection before getting up to go to the toilet or the bar.

The others played on seemingly oblivious. Although they had never thought to introduce themselves formally I soon learned their names. On my left was Alan. To his left was Jacob. To my right was Tom and then Carl.
None of them had shown any signs of shyness and after a few drinks they were treating me like a long lost friend. I was reminded of something I had once read, ‘Super fit! Super Drunk! Super Quick!’ It was a saying that I had seen proved true more than once and tonight was another of those occasions.

Eventually the game had to be abandoned due to a complete inability on the part of any of the boys to follow it. They packed it away and we leaned back  as we concentrated on the cabaret. Alan spread his legs wider and crossed his right foot over my left, partly entwining our legs. Immediately my cock spasmed at the intimacy of the contact. Tom casually looked across, seeing what Alan had done, and did the same with my right leg. I took another large gulp of my beer. I felt a little confused but very happy.

Within a short time it was obvious that none of us had any interest in the cabaret. Carl turned and lay down, placing his head on Toms lap. Tom began to rake his fingers through Carl’s hair, stroking his scalp.

I knew that in recent years there had been a growing trend amongst young people to be more intimate, trying to let go of the straight-laced attitudes of their parents. There was a danger that such intimacy could be mistaken for gayness. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions so I didn’t remark on the how ‘friendly’ they seemed. After all, they had lived all of their lives together. It wasn’t really that unusual. In fact I found it all rather sweet.

That was until Carl lifted his head slightly and turned his face downwards. He opened his mouth wide and gripped the material of Tom’s trousers between his teeth. I could now see that below the thin material was the outline of Toms enormous erection.

“Boner!” Shouted Alan, pointing and laughing as Carl did an imitation of a dog with a bone, growling and shaking his head. Jacob leaned over, laying full length on top of Alan and me, and took hold of Carl’s head pushing it harder into Toms lap. Then he sat up with a surprised look on his face. I knew that he must have felt my own boner under his chest as he leaned across me. What I wasn’t expecting was that he would reach out with both hands and grab both mine and Alan’s rock hard cocks.

“Bonefest!” He shouted, as he squeezed our cocks.

We both leaned forward trying to pull Jacob’s hands away, but he didn’t want to let go and a little wrestling match broke out. It soon stopped when we realised that a bunch of old folk to our right were turning and giving us stern looks. With the dimmed lights and fog of alcohol we had almost forgotten that we were in a public place.

“Let’s go back to the cabin!” Suggested Tom.

“Damn!” I thought. “Just as things were getting interesting.”

The guys all stood up gathering their things. They didn’t say anything to me so I remained seated, ready to say my goodbyes and trying to think of the best way to organise another meeting.

“You guys coming back tomorrow night?” I asked.

Tom turned with a surprised look on his face. “Aren’t you coming with us?”

When I hesitated, more out of shock than anything else, Alan came back and took my upper arm in his hands pulling me out of my seat.
“Come on!” he said. “Your not getting away that easily!”

Amazed at my luck, the thought ‘Pheromones! Never fails!’ passed through my mind.

Once he had hold of my upper arm Alan didn’t let it go. He passed his arm under mine and walked at my side linking me. I felt a little embarrassed because of the strange looks that the other passengers where giving us, but Alan, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the attention.

They led me back to their cabin laughing and joking all the while. I felt deliriously happy that I had not been left behind and tagged along, flattered by all the attention I was receiving.

One thing about ferries, or at least the ones that I have been on, is that they always seem to have the heating at maximum. The cabin was stifling and within a few seconds of walking through the door the guys had all taken off their tops. But then again why shouldn’t they. They were all young, slim and toned with healthy tans and blemish free skin.Who wouldn’t want to show off bodies like theirs.

I was still wearing my clingy top until Tom came up behind me and taking hold of the hem lifted it up while saying “You too! All for one, one for all!”

Once I realised what he was doing I obediently lifted my arms and allowed him to slip my top off over my head.

The others were looking at me with interest. In that moment I thanked the gods for the hours I had spent working-out and keeping fit. My body was not heavily muscled and still had a boyish quality, but I had a six-pack stomach and nicely defined pecks. A thin strip of hardly visible hair led from my navel and disappeared into the waistband of my underwear. My shoulders were square and well shaped, the result of hours in the pool.

After a few seconds, in which I felt like a patient on the examination table, the boys continued, either tidying up or taking more drinks out of their bags. In no time we were sat on the beds drinking  Jack Daniels and Coke and cracking jokes about the terrible cabaret.

By now it was all beginning to feel a bit surreal. A few hours ago I had been alone in my cabin fantasizing about finding a guy to bring back to my cabin and now here I was with four cuties, naked from the waist down drinking and having the time of my life. The only problem was that as time passed I knew that I would soon have to suggest that I go back to my cabin and leave them to sleep. After all, I didn’t want to overstay my welcome and spoil my chances. Maybe I could even get Alan to come back with me.

I started to get a bit fidgety and began looking at my watch, wondering how much longer I could drag the night out. By now it was about 5am and the first light of day was showing on the horizon.

Carl noticed and realising what I was thinking said, “You don’t have to go you know! You can stay here. We aren’t going to chuck you out. We won’t be going to bed for ages yet. If you’re tired just lye back for a while and take a nap.”

“Are you sure!” I said. “I don’t want to be in the way if you guys want to sleep.”

“It’s not a problem!” said Alan. “Are you tired? Do you want to lie down? You are, aren’t you? Lie down, lie down!” he insisted, pushing my firmly but softly back onto the bed.

“Give him one of your head massages.” suggested Jacob. “He’s brilliant at head massages.”

As I lay back on the bed Alan positioned himself at the the head of the bunk, legs crossed, leaning against the bulkhead. Placing a pillow over his legs he took my head between his hands and encouraged me to move up the bunk a little until he could place my head on the pillow. At the same time Carl took hold of my legs and lifted them onto the bed, taking off my shoes.

I was now on my back looking directly up into the Alan’s eyes as he began to massage my head. He smiled down at me reassuringly. The feeling was like nothing I had experienced before as he began to firmly work his fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes lost in a world of pleasure and was only faintly aware of Carl as he sat on the side of the bunk beside me and taking hold of my feet stretched out my legs.

I began to feel my cock growing and placed my hands casually over my crotch to hide it. Within seconds I felt Carl’s hands take hold of mine and lift them, placing them at my sides again. This time I left them there and allowed my expanding cock to fill my trousers.

“That’s it. Just relax and enjoy it!” encouraged Alan.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as, very gently, I felt Carl touch my chest with the finger tips of one hand. He turned his hand brushing the back of it over one of my nipples. My breathing faltered as a shiver went through my body. He began to pass his hand to and fro over my chest brushing each nipple in turn, making the tiny brown points stand up. Occasionally he would catch one between his fingers and pinch it gently making me squirm with pleasure. Alan continued to work his fingers over my scalp.

Just as I was getting used to the feeling of three hands moving over my body a fourth took hold of the buckle of my belt. Deftly unfastening it, the same hand then moved to the top button of my trousers. With a flick the button popped open, then the next and the next and the next in quick succession. I kept my eyes firmly shut. It was obvious that this was what the boys had been planning all along and I wasn’t going to interrupt them.

I felt my trousers being opened. My cock was as hard as iron and the top had already pushed its way out of my underwear. The soft white cotton clung to the rest of my pole and outlined my large balls. Carl leaned forward and blew gently on the exposed head. My cock sprang away from my stomach, the head swelling and causing my foreskin to slide completely back. I gasped as a wave of pleasure coursed through my body.

I half opened my eyes feeling almost drugged as the hormones did their work and sensations of lust and desire filled me. Even so, the sensations I was feeling seemed to be more intense than usual and I began to wonder if they had added a little something extra to my drink. Alan looked down at me smiling and brushed his hands over my eyes closing them again. I dismissed my fears and relaxed again . I felt Alan move and my head dropped lower, still supported by the pillow but now the pillow was on the bunk and not on Alan’s legs. I heard him get off the bed, the rustle of clothes and then I felt the pressure of his weight on either side of my head as he climbed back onto the bunk. The feeling of curiosity was too much and I opened my eyes again. He was knelt, one leg each side of my head, facing my feet. He was completely naked! I was looking directly up at his balls as they hung just inches from my face. Hi hard cock was pointing forward. It was long and thick and was bouncing gently in time with his heart beat. I lifted my head and took his balls into my mouth.

While this had been happening the other boys had also stripped off and stood naked taking in the scene. Jacob came over to Carl’s side and between them they pulled my trousers and underwear down to my ankles. Alan continued to crouch over me as I sucked on his balls, taking first one and then the other into my mouth. Suddenly I felt the heat of someone’s mouth on my cock. It was Carl. He was kneeling at the side of the bed and was swallowing my cock with enthusiasm. As he did so Jacob positioned himself and leaning over began to suck on Alan’s cock. This was quickly turning into a full scale orgy! The sounds of sucking and soft groans of pleasure filled my ears.

By now Tom was the only one wasn’t directly involved but he wasn’t idle. He had been rummaging in his bag and out of the corner of my eye I could see that he had pulled out a large dildo, a bottle of lube and a smaller bottle that, at the time, I didn’t recognise. I saw him pore some of the liquid into two of the saucers that were part of the complementary coffee set. Soon a strong chemical smell filled the room and the atmosphere immediately became more intense. These guys were full of surprises! We writhed and groaned with pleasure.

Tom now took the duvets and pillows off all of the beds and placed them on the floor of the cabin to make a giant bed. Even with all that was happening I couldn’t help noticing what a perfect little ass he had. Round and firm with a dimple in each cheek.

As I licked and sucked on Alan’s balls he gradually sank lower. Before long I was able to rest my head back on the pillow. I released his balls and tilted my head back slightly, shooting my tongue out and probing for his hole. He squirmed with pleasure and pulled his cheeks apart to allow me better access.

I felt Carl release my cock and as he did so Alan lifted himself up. Carl and Jacob walked over to Tom and the three of them stood in a triangle rubbing and kissing each others bodies. Jacob dropped to his knees and took Toms cock in his mouth as Tom threw his head back, breathing deeply on the heavy chemical atmosphere in the room. ‘Whatever that stuff is, I’ve got to get myself some!’ I thought, as I too began to take deep breaths. I could feel my face flushing with sexual heat as Alan lay on top of me, rubbing his hard staff against mine, kissing my neck and biting my earlobes. I hugged him to me wanting to feel the weight of his body pressing down on mine. I squeezed and rubbed his ass cheeks, feeling for his hole as our tongues pushed into each others mouths. We were both thrusting against each other and sliding our dicks together as the feelings of passion increased.

‘God! I want you to fuck me!’ I breathed into Alan’s ear.

“Soon! Very soon!” he whispered back.

I glanced over at the other three as they performed in front of us, providing us with our own private porno show. Tom was stood in the middle with Jacob on his knees sucking his cock and Carl behind him, rubbing his cock between his cheeks. Tom pushed back against him and then forward deep into Jacobs throat. As he pushed back against Carl’s cock, Carl thrust forward, forcing his stiff cock deeper between Tom’s cheeks. Carl then wrapped his arms around Tom’s waist, pushing and guiding his probing rod as it searched for Tom’s hole. I could see the open bottle of lube on the floor and guessed that he’d already applied some. Suddenly I saw Toms eyes and mouth open wide as Carl’s needy cock found it’s target and entered him. Carl quickly adjusted himself, moving in closer and pushing deeper, biting his bottom lip as he determinedly entered Tom.

“Ooooh! Jeeez!” Tom shouted as Carl pushed deeper and began to ride him. Carl’s hips rammed against Toms ass making loud slapping sounds as he pounded him.

“Oh yeh! Oh yeh! Carl grunted. “Boy, you’ve got a sweet, tight ass!”

Their bodies began to glisten with sweat as they fucked. I could see the full length of Carl’s cock sliding in and out of Toms perfect round ass as Jacob continued to work on his stiff pole. Alan and I were transfixed. They were spectacular!

“That’s how I going to fuck you-” Alan whispered to me “-only harder ! But first I’m going to suck your cock and work your ass until you beg for it!”

Slipping off the bed he bent down and picked up the dildo, pouring some of the lubricant over it. Holding it in his hand he knelt next to the bed. he began to kiss me and then slowly move down my body. I sucked in my stomach anticipating his warm mouth on my throbbing cock. He took hold of it and gently kissed it, then he slowly slid his lips over it and wriggled his tongue in the slit before sliding almost the full length into his mouth and deep into his throat. I placed my hands on his head and pushed him down..

“Oh yeh! Yeh!” I gasped.

As his head bobbed faster and faster, his fingers slid between my cheeks. I raised my knees opening the passage to him. He slid first one then two fingers gently into me, lubricating and relaxing my hole. I groaned and began to lift my hips off the bed pushing my cock deeper into his throat as he pushed his fingers deeper into me. I closed my eyes in ecstasy, concentrating on the feelings and the sounds of the other boys fucking passionately at our side. The feelings were more intense than I had ever felt as Alan’s fingers seemed to reach places I had never been touched before. He lifted his head off my cock and took hold of it with his hand, He began to stroke my slowly sliding his hand up and down my cock and over the head. Next he took his fingers out of my ass and very soon I felt the pressure of the dildo filling the space that he had left.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I groaned, as he pushed it deeper.

I lifted my hips high into the air trying to slow it’s entry but it did no good. Alan followed me with his hand, pushing and twisting the dildo whilst jerking my cock furiously.

“Relax, you can take it!” he assured me. “This is nothing compared to what you are going to feel in a few minutes!”

He was right. After a while the pain subsided and was replaced by an even greater amount of pleasure.

“Oh yeh! Yeh!” I cried as I lowered my hips onto the bed and raised my knees into the air, lifting my feet and opening my ass as much as possible. He worked my ass like a pro until I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Pleeeeaase Alan! Fuck me now! Fuck me hard! I want to feel your fat cock inside me. Fuck me now! Please!!!” I panted as he pounded my ass with the dildo.

“Do you want it?” he asked. Do you want me to fuck your brains out? I’ll do it you know! I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll beg me to stop! Do you want it?

“Yes! Please! Please!” I begged again.

Alan took out the dildo and climbed onto the bed, positioning himself between my legs. He placed his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs apart and towards my head, lifting my ass in the air and exposing my hole to him,

“You’ve got an incredible ass!” he said, almost to himself.

He aimed his long fat cock at my hole. The head pressed at the entrance and I closed my eyes in expectation. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt myself open to him as, with a slight grunt, he pushed into me. I gasped, panting and trying to catch my breath at the shock of how big he was. The feeling of his hot flesh inside me was unforgettable. Slowly he pushed deeper and began to pick up the rhythm.

I could hear the boys next to us as Carl came close to blowing his wad inside Tom. Tom was encouraging him as he pounded his ass relentlessly.

“I’m going to cum mate!” he said, warning Tom of the impending explosion of love juice.

“Go for it!” Tom said.

With a mix of groans and shouts Carl gave several deep thrusts, pausing for a second every time he was deepest, squirting every last drop of cum into Tom.

After a few seconds he relaxed and slowly pulled out. Tom stood up and they kissed gently on the lips. Then Carl disappeared into the bathroom.

Tom and Jacob now fixed their attention on Alan and me. Coming closer while holding their dicks in their hands and jerking them slowly. By now Alan was riding me hard and he was right, I was almost begging him to stop. The pleasure and pain were so much that I thought I might have a heart attack. The blood pounded through my veins and everything became a haze of intense pleasure as I looked up at Alan’s face. He was looking down, almost aggressively, at his own cock as it slid smoothly in and out of my hole. I watched as the well defined muscles of his stomach tensed and relaxed and his hips swung rythmicly, faster and faster. I noticed the sheen of sweat covering his body and listened as he softly but firmly repeated “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” while he pushed his fuck monster into me.

Tom and Jacob came to our side and started to encourage him.

“Go for it! Give it to him! Harder! Pound his ass! Gone on! Yeah that’s it, fuck his ass!”

I was doing my best to take Alan’s fierce pounding but I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. I had to cum soon. I was jerking my own cock and my gaze moved between Alan and the two guys at my side as they jerked over me.

“I’m gonna cum!” Said Tom “I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum…. now!!!”

The first squirt leapt from his cock and splashed onto my chest. It was all I needed to push me over the edge and it produced a chain reaction in the others as well. Without saying anything we all began to groan even louder as franticly, together, we reached climax. Alan began to smacked my ass as he fucked me even harder and faster. I actually felt his cock expand and the first pulse as his balls contracted and he began to pump his milk into me. My own cock began to spasm and I had to close my eyes as the first squirt reached my face and splattered on the pillow beside my head. I opened them again just in time to see Jacob mover closer to my head and place his cock directly in line with my mouth. He began to send great streams of cum all over my nose and lips. The intensity was awesome as the they actually collapsed on top of us, unable to stand, their legs made weak by the shock-waves of pleasure running through bodies. We became a tangle of arms and legs and passionate kissing as we enjoyed the last lingering tingles.

We lay still for a few minutes enjoying the warmth of each others bodies as we gradually came to our senses. Slowly we disentangled. I was the last to move and Alan reached out and took my arm just as he had earlier.

“Come on!” he said. “Time for a shower”.

…. But that’s another story.


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