The Clearing
By Nathan Jones


Episode One

It was the last mid-term break of the year. The weather was warm and I’d spent a lot of my time exploring the countryside on my new mountain bike. On one of my rides I came across an especially peaceful spot in the middle of a small wood. It was a large clearing with a hollow mound in the middle, sheltered from the wind, and seemingly, from prying eyes. I’d been feeling horny all day and as soon as I saw it I decided the opportunity for a bit of naked sunbathing was too good to pass up. I stripped naked and soaked up the sun for about an hour. As I lay there listening to the gentle sounds of the birds singing and the buzz of insects I began teasing my stiff cock, luxuriating in the feeling of warm air gently stroking my tired body and playing over my tight balls. I wallowed in the waves of pleasure coursing through my groin, bringing myself close to climax then backing off time and again.

In my mind, I began to run through some of the scenes of porno films that I’d recently seen and imagined myself taking part. I especially liked the scenes where a young boy begged to be fucked, groaning loudly as the pizza boy pushed his fingers into his ass, before giving him his wish and fucking him senseless. Now, as I came close to climax, I repeated, in whispered tones, some of the dialog.

“Oooh Ohhhh, fuck me! Yeah…. arrgh!

At the same time I spread my legs wide and pushed first one finger then two into my hole. Pistoning my hand up and down my velvety shaft, I began to thrust with my hips, panting and grunting with the effort. Finally I cried out as great white streams of warm cum jetted out of my pulsating shaft and spattered over my naked chest, and onto my face.

Gradually my breathing returned to normal and my misty vision began to clear. I stood up to dry myself off, wiping the cum off my face and body with my t-shirt before stuffing it into my bag. I wasn’t far from home and on a hot day like this it wasn’t unusual to see a young guy riding his bike with no shirt.

As I reached for the rest of my clothes I suddenly noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. My heart began to pound in my chest and I quickly dropped to my knees, gathering my belongings and falling over myself as I tried to pull on my trousers, not even bothering with my underpants. Once I had them on I slipped on my shoes and rammed my socks and underwear into my bag. I lifted my bike of the floor, pushing it as I made my way in the opposite direction to the movement I’d seen. In my hurry I chose an unfamiliar path which quickly turned out to be a dead end. Just a few steps into the undergrowth I came to a stop as a circle of bushes blocked my escape. I turned and looked across the clearing. I couldn’t see anything unusual. I waited, watching wide eyed like a trapped deer. Nothing, just the ever present cooing of the wood pigeons and rustling of leaves. Eventually I moved out of my hiding place and moved gingerly across the clearing, lifting my bike over the fallen tree trunks. Finding my usual path I threw my leg over my bike and began to cycle home.

Almost as soon as my feet touched the pedals my attention was drawn to a flash of orange off to the left. It was a young guy having a pee. He looked like he should have been at school instead of lurking in the woods. He was slim and dark haired, in contrast to my dirty blonde. He was also naked from the waist up, carrying his orange t-shirt slung over one shoulder. As he stood with his back to me, I could see the finely chiseled muscles of his smooth hairless torso moving gently in the speckled sunlight and had time to appreciate the gentle curve of his pert ass peeking above his waistband before he turned his head, looking over his shoulder at me, his face impassive and a little flushed. I looked away embarrassed, quickening my pace, too inexperienced and too shy to even consider stopping.

I quickly made my way home. At first, the shock of nearly being caught had frightened me and I made up my mind not to go back there again, but as the days passed I thought more and more about the clearing and the boy and I began to realize that the possibility of getting caught gave me a thrill and just made the whole experience more attractive to me. The temptation to return grew quickly and It wouldn’t be long before a gave in.


Episode Two

I began to go up to the clearing every Saturday lunchtime when the weather was good. I went at that time because I soon found out that on Sundays the place was full of walkers, often with young kids and I didn’t want to get arrested. On the other hand, it seemed that the whole world was out shopping on Saturdays and I hardly saw any families there. I began to look forward to my Saturday outings, anticipating them the whole week. I watched the weather forecast as the weekend approached and prayed for sun, preparing a bag with a towels and suntan oil.

I’d come to realize that the spot was popular with guys who seemed to be there to do more than commune with nature and I was a bit disappointed at first not to bump into the young guy in the orange t-shirt again, but hey! That’s life! ‘The next time I won’t be so quick to run away!’ I told myself. The frustration of not knowing what to do to get past the furtive glance stage, when I saw someone I liked, was driving me nuts and I was desperate to have sex but I was too scared to take the initiative. Instead, as I lay soaking up the sun, I would fantasize about being the half willing victim of the sexiest rapist I could imagine.

Finally frustration turned to anger at myself for being such a wimp and I made up my mind that the next time I heard somebody approaching I would just cover my middle with my little hand towel (taken especially for the purpose) but I wouldn’t move. If it turned out to be a family out for a walk I would turn onto my stomach before they reached me and cover my middle. After all, you see more at the swimming pool.

Over the next few Saturdays a small number of people happened by and, just in case, each time I turned onto my stomach and covered my ass (literally and metaphorically). Gradually though I got more daring and if I saw that it was a guy on his own I would push the towel down a bit to reveal the inviting groove leading to my moon-shaped ass cheeks. My heart would pound in my chest and I would wait breathlessly as they passed by but nobody ever had the nerve to stop. Until finally…. it happened!

It was an especially hot day with hardly any wind. I’d been lying in the clearing for about half an hour and beads of sweat were forming on my oiled skin. I was lying on my back and my deep golden tan was showing off the curves and details of my body. Sexual desire seemed to be seeping out of my pores. My cock was semi hard and heavy with longing. Over the noise of insects I heard the crack of twigs as somebody approached. My breath caught in my throat as I turned my head and squinted against the sun to see who it was. The boy in the orange t-shirt was ambling directly towards me. He walked slowly, swishing a thin stick that he was carrying through the tall grass, seemingly oblivious to me and in no hurry.

“Fuck!” I thought to myself as my heart lept in my chest.

My mind raced as I tried to decide what to do. I hadn’t planned for this. I hadn’t forgotten about him but I no longer expected to see him. Hoped yes! Expected no!

Instead of rolling onto my stomach I stayed on my back and threw my tiny towel over my middle. At this point I was too excited to get a boner. I closed my eyes and waited. The footsteps drew close and then stopped. I was sure that he must be able to see my heart as it hammered in my chest, the sound loud in my ears. He began to move again slowly walking past me. He seemed to hesitate and then continued.

“Shit! What can I do!” I thought. The only thing that occurred to me was to cough. A pathetic false cough that I nearly choked on. It did the trick though. He was about ten paces away but he stopped. I forced a smile but didn’t open my eyes. Tentatively, he moved back towards me. I took a deep breath and tried to relax a little, opening my eyes as I shaded them with my hand, broadening my smile. He stopped again just a couple of paces away. He was looking around furtively to see if anyone else was in the vicinity but we were alone.

I closed my eyes and lay back again before passing my hand over my oiled body, rubbing first my chest and then my stomach, finally letting my hand rest on my little towel. I heard him make a loud swallowing sound. It seemed he was as nervous as me. He crouched down looking towards me. Now what! I had to take this further somehow. I rolled over onto my stomach without touching the towel. It fell to my side and I lay with my naked ass exposed. He stood up and moved to my side before crouching down again. I lifted my ass slightly as I reached under myself and moved my hardening cock into a more comfortable position. I heard a quite gasp. I could clearly hear a tremble in his breathing.

He seemed to be waiting for something. Uncertain what to do. Without turning my head to look at him I  cleared my throat to calm myself and then, as calmly as possible said “Why don’t you take off your t-shirt”.  After a slight pause, I heard a rustle of clothing as he took my suggestion. Again a pause. I wriggled my butt a little rubbing my tingling cock against the large towel I was lying on, at the same time moaning almost inaudibly, trying to provoke a reaction.

“Can I touch you?” he whispered.

“Yeah! Sure!” I replied as nonchalantly as possible.

I felt the tips of his fingers touch the steep curve at the base of my spine. By now, I too was trembling with excitement and his touch made me shiver violently, despite the heat. He drew his hand away.

“It’s okay!” I said. “in fact it’s nice. Don’t be so timid though, it tickles.”

This time I felt the flat of his hand as he placed it squarely on my back. Every nerve of my body was humming, stimulated by his touch. Slowly he moved his hand down until it reached the curves of my ass. Gently, almost reverentially, he passed his it over the crest and down to my thigh feeling the round shape of my cheek as he went. By now it was clear what we both wanted but the barriers had to be broken down one by one.

“Would you put some oil on my back?” I asked.

Without waiting for an answer I took up the bottle that lay near my head and passed it back to him.

“Be careful not to get any on your jeans.” I warned. “Better still, why not take them off.”

He froze for a second and I thought he was about to do a runner but instead he stood up and I heard the sound of a zip being undone and the clank of a belt as his trousers dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them, kicking off his shoes at the same time. I was about to turn my head to look at him but he quickly said “Don’t look!” in a voice that had an edge of panic to it.

I felt him stand astride me and peeped through half open eyes to look at his shadow as it fell to my side. I could make out the curves of his ass and his erect cock as it stood almost vertical, bobbing gently but rapidly with every beat of his heart. He knelt down and I could feel the heat of his thighs as they touched my sides. He poured some oil into his hands and then placed them on my back, spreading the slick liquid over my shoulders then working his way down to my butt. Finally I felt what I had been waiting for as he leaned forward and his balls touched my ass.

“Mmmmmm!” I moaned. “That feels good!”

He grew more confident and enthusiastic in his rubbing, pouring more oil onto my back and butt than was really necessary.

“Can you rub me here?” I said as I indicated my neck.

He knees were half way up my thighs and I knew that, if he didn’t move, he would have to lean a long way forward to reach my neck. He seemed to understand what I wanted and gradually worked his way up my back leaning more and more. His balls, and then his cock, came into firmer contact with my ass and the large of amount of oil meant that his stiff rod slid neatly between my cheeks. I gasped in pleasure at the sensation. Finally the last remnants of fear were pushed out by the heat of lust. Placing his hands on my shoulders he lay full length on my back adding the heat of his body to mine. He breathed a deep sigh and moved his hands wrapping them around my chest, pulling us together as tightly as possible.

I moved my ass gently from side to side gripping and squeezing his burning cock. He began to slide it backwards and forwards pumping his hips with a rapidly increasing rhythm. A couple of times I had to squeeze my ass tightly to stop him entering me as slapping sounds began to fill the clearing. In a matter of moments the impossibly shy young guy seemed to have turned into a sex monster. I could tell that he was trying with more and more determination to enter me. The sound of his panting grunts filled my ears.

“Mmpphh! Oh fuck yeh! Fuck yeh!” he gasped as he thrust hard trying to enter me again.

By now my mind was burning with sexual desire but although I really wanted to feel him inside me I resisted, knowing that it was driving him into a frenzy. Suddenly I felt the sting of his hand as he slapped my ass, once, twice, three times. I couldn’t resist any longer. His constant hammering at my hole and my own animal lust had broken down all resistance. As he began to slap my ass again I relaxed and in one powerful thrust his searingly hot rod of flesh penetrated me.

“Aaahhhh!” we cried out in unison. Mine a cry of pain his a cry of pleasure.

Now that he was inside me he slowed a little, taking a little time to savor the new sensation. His breath was ragged with the effort but he was young and it only took him a few seconds to recover. I began to feel him withdraw his full length and then thrust it back in all the way to his balls. Pain soon gave way to pleasure and I began to push back against him.

He propped himself up on his arms as high as he could, at the same time moving his legs between mine and pushing them apart, opening me up even wider and allowing him to enter even further. Our grunts of pleasure where all we could hear now as the whole world seemed to shrink down to the confines of our entwined bodies.

“Do you want more? He panted in a husky voice.

“Yeah! More!” I replied

He withdrew and pulled on my hips. I lifted myself off the floor into a kneeling position as he steadied himself behind me . This time there was no pain just pleasure as he punched through my sphincter with his hot shaft.

“Oh yeah!” I moaned softly.

He picked up the pace rapidly, his thighs slapping against my ass and marking the increasing rhythm. I worked my hand over the head of my cock as it dripped precum, groaning with with pleasure. He started to pound me pausing slightly with each thrust and I knew he was close.

“Yeh man! cum in me! fill me with your load, I want to feel you cum inside me!”

It was all he needed to push him over the edge. He leaned forward, grasping me around the middle gulping for air as he drove into me.

“I can’t hold it! I’m gonna cum!” he gasped.

My answer was to squeeze his cock tighter and push back against his thrusts.

“I’m cummin! Cummin! Ooooohhhhh! Yeah! Ooohhh!

His cock expanded in my ass, spasming as his milk squirted into me. He grasped me in a bear hug so tight I could hardly breath but still he continued pumping with his hips, squeezing every last drop out of  his balls. The sensation was heightened when I started to blow my own load. As he squirted the last of his cum into me I began to feel my balls tighten and the familiar surge as my cum started to spew in endless streams.

“Aaarrrhhh! Fuck, fuck, aaawwwhhhh, yeh!

As I came he pounded my ass even harder until we were both completely spent. Slowly he withdrew and I collapsed to the floor. As I lay there recovering he dressed himself and then, without saying a word, he kissed me on the back of the neck and disappeared into the woods. I didn’t think I would ever see him again. How wrong can you be!


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