The Best Bus Ride Of My Life
by Nathan Jones


I was in my last year at school and on my way to the end of year party that was being held in the sports hall.  I was 18 and had never had sex with a guy. Of course, I had messed around with my mates a bit. The usual ‘horse-play’, wrestling with one or two of them on the floor of my living room when my parents were at work. We would strip down to the waist and take off our shoes and socks and try to pin each other for a count of three. I always had a raging boner even before we began, so you can imagine, after a few minutes of forcing my an arm between my best mates legs, grasping his ass and feeling the heat of his balls against my forearm I was ready to cum in my pants! But that’s another story.

On this occasion I was on the public bus travelling from my home to school. It was the first hot day of June and I was on the top deck of a double-decker bus. The type you always see in the tourist images of London. We were stuck in traffic as usual and the bus was moving in fits and starts and boy was it hot! I took off my sweat top to cool down and laid it on the seat beside me. I always tried to get a seat at the back of the bus because that way, if there were only a few people, and I got horny (which was almost always)I could whip out my cock and stroke it slowly without anyone noticing. It really gave me a thrill to think that I was jerking off with other people sat just a few feet away and they didn’t even realise! Today, under my sweatshirt, I was wearing a plain black t-shirt. it was quite baggy and pulled it out of my trousers to help with the ventilation.

The bus approached yet another stop and I heard the doors open. From my high position I could see people leaving the bus and others waiting patiently to get on. My eyes scanned the group as they came aboard, picking out the attractive young guys. One in particular caught my eye. He was medium height with beautiful smooth skin and light brown hair. He entered the bus and a few seconds later I heard his footsteps as he ran up the stairs. He was stunning! He had eyes that were so blue that even from my position near the back of the bus I could see them standing out against his lightly tanned face. He moved towards the back of the bus glancing at the other passengers, trying to decide where to sit. He looked at me and I quickly looked away, hoping that he wouldn’t notice that I had been staring at him.

He spotted an empty seat, across the isle from me, and casually swung himself into it, sitting at an angle with his back to the window and half facing me. I’m sure that I began to blush as I tried to look straight ahead. The bus moved off and I adjusted my t-shirt to cover my crotch and hide my growing erection. I tried not to look at him but it was really hard. He was gorgeous and I really wanted to just stare at him and take in all the details of his smooth features and honed body. It didn’t help that he seemed to be looking in my direction quite a lot as well. My heart began to pound in my chest as I started to fantasise about what his hard cock might look like. By now my own boner was straining to be let free and I casually moved my hand down and rubbed it a couple of times. It tingled as waves of pleasure moved from the throbbing tip to the base of my balls and through to my ass. The boy on the other seat now looked at me fixedly and I began to panic a little. Had he noticed what I was doing?

The answer to my question soon became obvious as he mirrored what I had just done and rubbed his own crotch. I couldn’t help looking as his hand passed over what I now realised was a sizeable bulge in his trousers. I swallowed nervously and looked away. Had he deliberately copied my movements? I decided to find out. I placed my hand on my crotch but didn’t move it. He did the same. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, I began to rub with the heal of my hand against the swollen head of my cock. Again, he copied my movements. I began to sweat a little with the excitement and the heat. I passed my hand over my brow and he wiped his at almost the same time.

I decided to be a little braver. I sat sideways on the seat with one leg stretched out over the cushion and slid my hand just under the waist of my trousers so that the tips of my fingers could touch my cock. He lifted up and his t-shirt to expose his smooth hard stomach. He gently pressed on the smooth flesh creating a gap between his trousers and his stomach and slid his whole hand into his trousers. At the same time he looked at me half smiling and half challenging, daring me to go further. I looked nervously around the bus. There were only a few people on this deck and they were oblivious to what was going on. I undid the top button of my trousers and slid down my flies. My hot pulsating cock stretched the thin fabric of my white briefs.

He removed his hand from his trousers, undid his belt then his buttons and finally, lifting his firm ass of the seat, slid his trousers part way down his thighs. I could now see his massive cock lifting the material of his underwear and the swollen head clearly outlined. I began to shake with nervous excitement and hesitated. I had never done anything like this before. He saw that I needed more encouragement and he gave it too me. He quickly pulled up his trousers again and stood up, moving across to my side of the bus. I moved my leg and he sat down beside me. I still had my trousers open and I was about to fasten them up again but he stopped me by placing his hand over mine. Instead he again opened his trousers and slid them down to his knees. I felt a mix of panic and excitement. What should I do next? Should I get off the bus and run away before this went too far? What if we were caught? How would I explain it? I made my mind up to stay when he reached for his cock and squeezed it, opening his mouth in a breathless gasp of pleasure.

I was captivated by the stunning beauty of this guy. The fact that he had the biggest cock I had ever seen multiplied my desire to have him by ten. As he released he hold on his cock I saw a damp spot where the pre-cum had oozed from rock hard member. I had a sudden impulse to touch it but I resisted for now. He looked at me and then at my throbbing, aching cock. God, how I wanted to just spurt my load then and there! The sexual tension was almost unbearable. Slowly I put my hand down on the seat between us, just touching the skin of his exposed thigh. I felt a tingle as I touched the warm smooth skin.

He was obviously braver than me, and perhaps more experienced, because without further hesitation he reached behind me and slid his hand between my trousers and my ass. His middle finger slid into the crevice between my cheeks and touched the sensitive spot at the base of my spine. I almost slid onto the floor, weak with pleasure.

With his other hand he lifted the waistband of his underwear and for the first time I saw the smooth shiny head of his exposed rod of flesh. He pulled the waistband farther down exposing his full length and hooked it under his swollen balls. All this time his face remained almost impassive but I could see a flush of blood in his face and a glassy look in his eyes that told me he was in a world of pleasure. With my free hands I took hold of the waistband of my own underwear and imitated what he had done. A feeling of liberation, danger and excitement washed over me and an involuntary wave of pleasure caused me to tense, filling my already swollen cock with yet more blood as it expanded beyond what I had thought possible.

Still stroking and probing with his finger between my ass cheeks, he looked quickly around the bus to make sure nobody was watching and then leaned over me. Without warning he took my throbbing cock into his hot mouth. I groaned audibly, but above the noise of the engine nobody heard me. I was already close to cumming and I didn’t know how long I could hold on. As he leaned over over me sucking hungrily on my cock his ass was more visible to me. It was the most perfect ass I had ever seen. The muscles were clearly visible and the deep crevice was so inviting. I immediately slid my hand deep into his trousers, seeking and finding his hole. I pressed firmly with my middle finger almost entering him. His groan vibrated through my cock and I could feel the first waves of climax.

“I’m gonna cum!” I whispered. Trying to lift his head of my tingling cock.

Instead of lifting off me he took me deeper into his throat. Massaging my glans as he pushed his own finger against my hole, entering me.

“urrrggghhh!” I groaned. “Gunna cummmmm!!” I said almost unintelligibly as he pounded my cock with his throat.

He quickened his rhythm and pushed his finger deeper into me. My whole body went stiff as I desperately tried to lift his head, but he wasn’t going to release me. I felt the first convulsion as my balls released their load. I could feel my juices surge up my cock and explode down his throat. I lifted my hips pushing as deep as I could. He pushed back sucking up my milk.

“ahhhh! ahhhh! aaaaahhhh!” I gasped in ecstasy. Spurt after spurt entered his throat but not a drop came out of his mouth. Slowly I began to relax and come back to my senses. He sat up and wiped his mouth, quickly fastening up his trousers pushing his still hard cock back into place.

I felt almost stunned with the unexpected pleasure but he still had his senses about him. Smiling at me he stood up and moved towards the front of the bus. I realised that I still had my cock and balls exposed for all the world to see as he turned and winked at me before descending the stairs. Quickly I put sorted out my clothes, smiling and not quite believing what had happened. I looked at my watch making a mental note to catch this same bus again as soon as possible.


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