Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 11

All this time Mark had been silent but now he spoke, softly and with tenderness.

“You okay?”

“Fine!” I replied, my voice cracking slightly.

“What are you going to do?”

I was trembling as I replied “Do? I’m going to go in there, find the best looking guy I can and fuck his brains out!”

I knew that I was losing it and that I was over reacting, but I couldn’t stop myself, and I meant what I had said. Determinedly I stood up, took what remained of the condoms and lube and marched into the bushes, tears in my eyes. As I went I heard Mark say, almost inaudibly, ‘I’ll be here for you both.’

After a few minutes of walking aimlessly I began to calm down. I tried to rationalise what was happening. I told myself that it didn’t really matter. It was only sex and that the only thing that could spoil things between me and Grant was my own jealous behaviour. It almost worked.

Finally I found an empty clearing and sat down on my towel trying to gather my thoughts. I came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do was to have sex with someone and get it over with. Maybe having just cum myself I wouldn’t feel so intense when I saw Grant again and I would be able to cover up my feelings sufficiently not to do any damage. Of course, my reasoning processes were not at there peak just at that moment.

As I had been sat there a string of guys had passed by but I had ignored them. Almost as soon as I had made my decision a young guy walked past, slowing as he saw me. He carried his towel in front of his crotch covering his cock. As he passed I looked him over and toyed with my cock, as I had seen the others do. Suddenly, I saw myself from his point of view, lying naked, semi hard and with a pile of lube and condoms at my side. I thought of that first guy we had seen and realised how I had been judging him. I pushed the feelings of guilt and shame out of my mind, determined to see this through.

The guy was about five six and weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds. He was slight but well formed. He didn’t look Spanish, more German or even English. He had dirty blond hair and a hairless body, apart from his legs which were covered in a fine down. He slowed as he passed me, looking first at my eyes and then at my burgeoning cock.

He passed out of sight but after a few seconds reappeared walking in the opposite direction. I lay back on my towel propping myself up on my elbows, my cock now nearly fully hard. This time he walked slower and I looked at him smiling gently, trying not to look threatening or feel like a whore. He stopped, at the same time lowering his towel. I could now see that what he had been hiding. It was a full boner and it was pointing straight up, he balls hanging loose in their sack below.

He looked at me for a few seconds more as I stared at his stiff cock. Slowly he moved towards me. I played with my own stiff rod some more. All of this time I was still thinking of Grant. I was wondering if he had found someone to ‘play’ with yet. I tried to push the thought out of my mind as the young guy knelt beside me. He didn’t speak at all. Instead he took hold of his cock and started to play with it. I watched him mesmerised. He licked his lips as I took hold of my shaft at the base, pushing my balls down, pealing back the foreskin and squeezing it, making the head swell.

He leaned forward and took it straight into his mouth. I caught my breath and then let out a gasp as he began so slide his tongue over the head.

He looked over at the condoms and lube then reached out and took hold of one of each. Without lifting his head off my cock he expertly ripped the condom packet open, taking out the contents. He lifted his head and slipped the condom on the tip of my cock. Leaning forward again he used his lips to push the condom, unrolling it down my shaft. The tightness of the condom was like a hand squeezing the thick shaft and I sighed, letting out a long breath. Taking the lube he now quickly positioned himself so that he was knelt astride me. He ripped open the packet with his teeth and squeezed the clear liquid onto his finger tips, then he lubed his ass and finally my condom covered cock.

His stiff rod bounced up and down as he shuffled forward taking hold of my shaft and placing the head against the entrance to his ass. Slowly he lowered himself onto me. He was tight but once past the entrance my cock slid easily into him, aided by the copious amount of lube that he had used.  He groaned loudly and sat down suddenly taking me all the way into him.

It had all been so quick that I had hardly had time to take it in. Now as he began to ride me I tried to show some enthusiasm, thrusting my hips as he descended on me. Still, a part of my mind couldn’t accept this. He rode me wildly jacking himself off at the same time. He had obviously been wanting this for a while and now he was racing to climax as fast as he could. I pumped faster as he bounced up and down, his ass slapping against my thighs, trying to make him shoot and get it over with. Suddenly he threw his head back and cried out as a streamer of cum jetted from his swollen cock. He convulsed on top of me for a few seconds as he emptied himself. I hadn’t cum and was getting soft even before he had finished.

In the heat of it all, even as he had been riding me, I had realised that I didn’t really want anyone but Grant.  I realised that what I had with Grant was special and precious and suddenly I was seized with complete panic at the thought that I was losing it.

Unceremoniously, but gently, I pushed the guy to one side and gathered up my things, pulling off the condom as I went and throwing it to the ground. I can still remember the stunned look on his face and feel a pang of sorrow at the psychological damage that I may have done him. But at that moment I was like a man possesed. ‘How could I be so stupid!’ I thought. ‘You idiot!

I started to tear through the bushes looking for Grant, not quite knowing what I was going to do or say if I found him. Tears began to stream from my eyes and I could hardly see where I was going. My towel got hooked on a bush and when I couldn’t free it straight away I left it hanging there. A branch caught me just below the eye, scratching my face but I ignored the pain. At one point I ran out of the bushes and found myself at the side of the sea. I turned and tried to retrace my steps. This was hopeless. I would never find him in this maze.

I was just about to call out his name in desperation when I saw him. I froze to the spot, turned to stone by what I saw, my face contorted and stained with tears, a poor reflection of the emotional agony I was feeling.

Through my tears and the few obscuring bushes I could see Grant bent over. He was leaning forward propping himself up with one arm against a tree while a middle aged guy was fucking him from behind. An involuntary groan rose from the depths of my chest. Grant began to stand up and I was afraid that he might see me. Now that I had found him in mid fuck I didn’t want to cause a scene. I turned and began to run away. Before I had even taken a few steps I heard Grant shout at the top of his voice ‘FUCK YOU!’

I was mortified. I wanted to curl up and die. He had seen me and it had made him angry. Grant was not the type to anger easily so I was doubly shocked. I collapsed to my knees crying. I felt like my life had come to an end.

As I knelt there sobbing quietly, I heard Grant shout my name. ‘NATHAN! NATHAN!” He seemed to be getting closer. What was he going to do? I wondered. He wasn’t the violent type. Surely he didn’t want to pick a fight with me now. The truth was that I was feeling so distraught that I didn’t care. I almost wanted him to give me a beating, as if the physical injuries would give expression to my emotional wounds. I stood up ready to face him and to take the brunt of his anger.

“Over here!” I shouted, trying to wipe away the tears.

Suddenly he burst through the bushes, stopping in mid stride when he saw my face.

“What’s the matter? What happened?” he asked

I was taken aback. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I looked sheepishly at the floor, confused.

“Nothing!” I mumbled.

He rushed over to me and hugged me so hard that he nearly knocked me off my feet.

“My baby, my baby!” he whispered, “Tell me! What happened?”

His tenderness made me want to cry again and I choked on my words.

“I couldn’t do it!” I said meekly.

“Do what?”

“Have sex with someone else. I couldn’t do it. I just kept thinking about you.”

“Is that what this is all about?” he asked.

I hesitated and then said “Then I saw that guy fucking you…..and…”

He stood back, taking my head in his hands he looked directly into my eyes. He seemed to be plumbing the depths of my soul and I had to look away.

“I couldn’t do it either!” he said. When I told the guy you saw to stop he didn’t want to. Of all things, I shouted ‘Fuck You!’ at him and when he still didn’t stop coming after me I punched him, look!” he showed me his bloody fist. “I think I popped his nose!” he continued, looking at his hand as if it belonged to somebody else. “Then I came looking for you. Didn’t you see all of that as well?”

“No!” I said, feeling an enormous sense of relief.

“I don’t want to have sex with anyone except you!” he said.

Like an idiot I began to cry and laugh at the same time.

“Let’s go for a swim,” he said “I feel like I need a wash! And dry your eyes.” he said, passing me his towel.

“Where’s your towel?” he asked, realising I didn’t have it with me.

“I lost it!” I said, feeling foolish. “come on! Let’s swim!”

We made our way to the sea and waded in up to our chests. It was warm and clear and the waves lapped gently around us. I washed the dried cum from my body using sand to scrub myself. I was calmer now. The storm had passed and had  left a feeling of clear freshness in my mind. Grant came over to me as I washed the sand from my shoulders.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” he asked. He leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips.

For the first time I became aware of my cock floating in the water. When Grant had kissed me it had begun to fill with blood. He kissed me again but more deeply, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I could feel his stiff cock against my thigh. I pulled him to me hugging him tightly. My shaft moved between his thighs and he put his legs together squeezing it. I began to move my hips backwards and forwards in a fucking motion.

I sucked on his earlobe as he slid his hands down my back, finally cupping my ass cheeks in his hands.

“I love your ass!” he said. Sometimes it looks so good I want to bite it!” he laughed as he gave my cheeks a firm squeeze.

“It’s all yours!” I responded.

He reached further down, crouching a little and took hold of my thighs. Standing up he lifted me and I opened my legs wrapping them around his hips, the water supporting most of my weight. His hands pulled my ass cheeks apart as his fingers searched for my hole. Finding it he slowly inserted a finger. I rested my head on his shoulder groaning gently, my hard cock pressed against his firm stomach.

“Another!” I said.

He wiggled his fingers pushing another into me, opening me wider.

“Another!” I demanded.

He hitched me a little higher and pushed a third finger into me. I groaned loudly.

“I want to fuck you!” he said, the sex heavy in his voice.

“Mmmm, yes! Fuck me hard!” I responded.

He moved a couple of paces into deeper water as he removed his fingers. At the same time I reached back with one hand and found his fuck pole. Placing it against my hole I lowered myself onto him. He pushed forward with his hips, thrusting upwards.

“Fuck Yeah!  he gasped.

I threw my head back as he entered me deeper and deeper with each thrust. He licked and bit my neck, wild with passion. As I rode him I was rubbing my shaft against his stomach. The sensations coursing through my body as I gripped him tightly with my legs.

“I love you!” He whispered into my ear as his rod slid in and out of me. “and now I’m going to cum in you!”
He began to thrust wildly almost falling over in the water as I did my best to match his rythm and take him deep into me. As he pounded me I felt his long cock push past my inner sphincter and the pleasure suddenly multiplied.

“Ooh yeah! Ooh fuck yeah! Oh fuck! Fuck me, fuck me!” I begged.

He put his hands on my hips pulling me down onto him and entering me as deep as he could. He began to groan almost inaudibly. I knew he was about to shoot. He gripped me tightly as his cock began to spasm.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” he shouted as he filled me with his cream.

My own orgasm had me in it’s grip and warm cum jetted between our pressed bodies.

Finally I managed to gasp into his ear, “I love you too!”


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