Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 9

Once we’d gotten over the shock, the questions came thick and fast. It turned out that Mark had known he was gay for many years and had even been to Gran Canaria before. He had suspected that Grant and I were both gay and that was one of the reasons he had become our friend. He hadn’t been sure though, so he hadn’t said anything. Only when he had heard us having sex on that first night was he certain and then it had just been so much fun watching us squirm, that he had delayed telling us until now.

Carlos sat listening to all of this passively. Eventually Mark went on to explain that when he had left us early on that first night, he had come back to meet Carlos. He wouldn’t tell us any more about what had gone on but it was obvious that they hadn’t just talked.

“So Carlos, you can tell us where all the best bars and clubs are.” I suggested, trying to bring him into the conversation.

We soon realised that his English was very good as he asked us questions about what we liked. It seemed that the Yumbo Centre had dozens of clubs catering to all tastes. The problem was that we were so new at this that we didn’t really know what we liked yet.

“Why don’t we try a bit of everthing.” suggested Grant.

So it was agreed. Over the next few nights we would have a different theme every night. Tonight, as we already happened to be in one, would be the stripper bars.

Before long the bar was full to overflowing and we decided we had better go inside while we still could. As we walked through the door the heavy beat of dance music vibrated through our bodies. The atmosphere was electric. The dance floor was crowded with guys of all ages and types. Grant nudged me to point out one especially horny young guy who was only wearing a skimpy pair of lycra swimming trunks and training shoes on his feet. As he danced his cock was straining to burst free from the confining material and he wasn’t even hard!

When we had first entered my cock had swelled and become as hard a iron, but after a half an hour or so it calmed down to a permanently semi hard state. All of us though, Carlos included, stood transfixed by the swaying bodies and bulging packets.

After a while I needed to go to the toilet. By now we all knew what that meant but when I told the others where I was going they just smiled at me. I had expected Grant to say that he was coming with me but he didn’t. I made my way through the crowd and into the darkness. The toilets were lit by a dim red light and as usual I had to join a queue. As I waited I could see the guys stood at the urinals checking each other out and one or two were pressed up against each other obviously jerking off. I started to get fully hard again and wondered if I could manage to pee after all. There were two cubicles to my side and both had the door locked. Coming from inside I could hear the unmistakable sound of guys fucking. The sexual tension in the atmosphere seemed thick and heavy as my own breathing deepened and my heart pounded in my chest.

Finally my turn came to use the urinal and I was surprised to find that, despite everything going on around me I was able to pee. As I was peeing, a guy to my left watched me intently. I stood back a little allowing him to see my now semi hard cock. He reached out to touch it and I moved my hand to allow him to wrap his fingers around the thick shaft, but as he started to masturbate me I put my hand over his to stop him. I knew that waiting for me outside was an experience much more intense and fulfilling and I didn’t want to waste my cum on this complete stranger, not this time. I smiled at him and removed his hand. Tucking myself back in, I went back out onto the dance floor.

When I got back to the guys I stood next to Grant and he put his arm around my shoulder. A warm feeling filled my whole being and we looked at each other. Leaning over he gave me a gentle peck on the forehead. I passed my arm around his waist and pulled him tight against me. Words were unnecessary.

Finally, the small stage was cleared and the bar manager announced the stripper. The stage was only about a foot high and painted black so we hadn’t even noticed that we were stood right next to it. With a flash of pyrotechnics a tall, well built guy appeared on stage dressed as Zoro, all in black with a big cape and mask to complete the image. I thought the whole thing looked a bit cheesy really, but it was my first male stripper and I wasn’t going to let anything spoil the experience. He moved about the stage thrusting his hips and gradually removing his clothes, but not his cape. He seemed to be paying special attention to our side of the room. He would come over to our side of the stage often and stand with his legs apart swinging his package in a fucking motion. When he pulled off his trousers he revealed the biggest bulge I have ever seen. It was so big it didn’t look real. Both I and Grant stared unashamedly at that massive tool, outlined by the stretched lycra, as he waved it in our faces. That was when things got really interesting.

Suddenly he leaned forward catching hold of Grant’s arm. Grant resisted looking at me pleadingly. I laughed and pushed him, encouraging him to go on stage. Looking terrified he finally gave in and meakly allowed himself to be guided to the centre. The bright lights shone on him blinding him, but at the same time allowing us as all to see his hard cock clearly outlined in his thin white jeans.

Everyone cheered raucously as he stood there not knowing what to do with himself. From side stage the bar manager passed the stripper something. It was an eye mask. The type people use to black out the light when they want to sleep. He slipped it over Grant’s eyes and at the same time whispered something into his ear. He seemed to be assuring him that he wouldn’t embarrass him and not to worry. Once he had the mask on though, the stripper turned to the crowd and made it plain that he was being duped. My cock twitched as I wondered what was in store.

Now the stripper turned Grant sideways and stood in front of him. He took hold of Grants hands and placed them on his own naked hips just above the waistband of his lycra thong. He whispered into Grants ear again and Grant dutifully began to slide his hands over his ass searching for the thin material. Finding it he slowly pulled the strippers thong down. His cock was soon liberated and pointed towards Grant, hanging at 45degrees. It must have been at least nine inches and it wasn’t even fully hard.

The crowd began to whoop and cheer as Grant had to crouch down to pull the strippers thong all the way off. The stripper took hold of his massive tool and jacked off slowly, at the same time gently tapping Grant on the top of the head with it. Grant now walked his hands up the strippers body as he stood up. The music pounded out it’s rhythm and sex filled the room as about 100 guys got full erections.

As Grant stood facing him the stripper moved closer too him. As he did so the manager again came on stage. He took the strippers black cape and replaced it with one made of transparent plastic but with a strip of the original black material at the top. Taking hold of his new cape he wrapped it around Grants shoulders. He ordered Grant to take hold of the hem to keep it closed and so kept Grants hands occupied while freeing his own.

As far as Grant was concerned all that we could now see was his head. In reality we could see both him and the stripper through the transparent cape. The stripper now leaned forward and spoke to Grant again at the same time placing his hands on Grants belt buckle. I saw Grant flinch but the stripper again reassured him. We could all see that he was telling Grant not too worry, that he was hidden by the cape. Grant stood still as the stripper undid his belt, then his trousers. Crouching only slightly, he pushed Grants trousers and underwear down revealing his gorgeous round ass. He took the time to signal to the crowd not to give the game away as he then ducked inside the cape and pulled his trousers all the way down to the floor. Grants cock sprang up standing rigid and proud. The crowd seemed be holding it’s breath as one or two people cheered but were quickly silenced.

Through the cape we saw the stripper take hold of Grants cock. My own boner was throbbing uncontrollably now and I could feel the precum start to ooze from the tip. In the crowd a couple of the guys had taken their own cocks out and were beginning to jack off. I turned to look at Mark and could see that he was stood behind Carlos with his arms wrapped around him and both of his hands down the front of his trousers. There was no denying that this was hot and to see the whole room turned on by the sight of Grant’s stiff cock was driving me wild with sexual excitement.

The stripper, very slowly, took Grants cock into his mouth. Grant bit his lip but tried not to react, as far as he was concerned we didn’t know what was going on. Looking towards the crowd the stripper began to slide Grants cock in and out of his mouth, playing his tongue over the head and then licking his balls. Grant clenched his teeth, his lips tight as he tried not to reveal what was happening below the cape. One or twice though a little gasp escaped him.

The Stripper now stood up and whispered to Grant again. I looked around at where Carlos and Mark had been only to see that they had moved further back into the darkness of the corner. They were out of sight of the crowd but still close enough for me to see them clearly. Mark was biting Carlos’s neck as he played with his hard cock inside his trousers. Carlos was reaching back behind himself and seemed to be undoing Mark’s trousers, while never taking his gaze of Grants stiff cock and perfect ass.

When I turned back to the stage I saw that Grant was now on his knees below the cape which was now being held in place by the stripper. He took his own cock in his hand, giving it a firm squeeze before letting it go. Reaching up he ran his hands up the strippers legs until he found his enormous cock. Grant seemed to do a double take, shocked by the size of what he found. He ran his hands over it from the balls to the enormous head. The stripper ducked his head inside the cape to speak to Grant, who then obediently opened his mouth. The stripper pushed forward with his hips and the head passed Grants lips. Within a couple of minutes he was sucking for all he was worth. The stripper pumped his hips as he now reached full hardness. By now the crowd was cheering and half of them were jerking off, but nobody cared. Grant was lost in his own world as he sucked on the enormous tool.

I looked around at Carlos again. By now I could see that Marks trousers were open and had dropped slightly to reveal the top of his ass. Carlos, who was in the throes of passion, undid his own trousers pushing them down. I could now clearly see Marks hands as he played with Carlos’s cock and balls, massaging and stroking them. Carlos looked at me and beckoned with his head. Uncertainly I moved towards them. As I got up close I could see that Mark was sliding his stiff cock between Carlos’s firm cheeks. I tore my eyes away to look back at the stage. Grant now had his own cock in his hand as was jerking himself off as he sucked on the strippers rigid pole. Finally the lust reached fever pitch in me and I hurriedly undid my own trousers pulling my aching cock out into the open. If Grant was going to cum I was going to cum with him.

I felt a hand on my arm. It was Mark. He was pulling me to his side. As he did so Carlos turned to face us both. As I watched Grant jacking off the stripper pulled him to his feet and turned his back to him, dropping the cape leaning forward slightly pushing his ass against his rigid tool. Without hesitation Grant grasped his own tool at the base and began to slide it up and down between the strippers cheeks. He was so wrapped up in what he was doing that he didn’t even realise that the cape was no longer there.

I felt a hand on my cock. It was Carlos. He was now crouched in front of both me and Mark, our cocks in his hands. It was the first time I had seen Mark hard and I was impressed. Carlos pressed the heads of our cocks together and I gasped. Leaning forward he licked first one and then the other. Mark and I placed our arms over each others shoulders, our naked hips pressed together.

Grant now had hold of the strippers hips and was pumping his cock between his cheeks, the stripper was making a real show of it, gasping and groaning as if he was really being fucked. The music was pumping and  some in the crowd were getting close to cumming. Carlos worked our cocks as we tried to take it all in. This was the closest I had ever been to a full on orgy.

Suddenly Grant let go of the stripper. Taking his own cock in his hand he began to jerk on it, throwing his head back as the first waves of orgasm began to take hold. Just then I felt Mark press a finger against my hole and it sent me over the edge. As the first jet of cum leapt from Grant’s cock I too let go my own, spraying Carlos’s face with a white streamer of my cream. At the same time Mark also began to cum, pushing his cock into Carlos’s mouth. Carlos swallowed hungrily, hardly letting a drop escape. The crowd erupted as Grant sprayed jet after jet across the stage, some of it splashing onto the strippers back. My knees buckled with the force of my orgasm and Mark helped support me.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, I saw the stripper pull the mask of Grant revealing to him that he was stood on stage with his cock in his hand, cum dripping from the tip, the transparent plastic cape by his side. As the crowd clapped and cheered he quickly bent to pull up his trousers, running off the stage even before he had gotten them past his knees. By then we too were re-arranging our clothes.

He looked mortified and was obviously afraid that I would be upset.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” I said, to reassure him.

“You could see me all the time?” he asked.

“Sure could, and what a show!” I laughed. “Half the room came at the same time as you did! You’re a star!”

Finally he seemed to calm down but, not surprisingly, he still wanted to leave. We made our way to the door and by the time with had gone three paces in the cool night air we were walking in line arms over each others shoulders.

“You know,” I said “Just when I think this holiday can’t get any better… it does!”


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