Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 8

We spent that afternoon by the pool, relaxing and working on our tans. The glass collector, who we now knew as Carlos, made his regular trips past our table and although I had strong feelings for Grant, it didn´t mean I’d gone blind! In fact, we both took the time to admire him as he moved languidly around the pool area, and who wouldn’t with an ass like that.

As the afternoon wore on we began to plan our night out. Now that the defenses were down we decided to take full advantage of our location and find out what else the Yumbo Centre had to offer. Even Mark was in agreement. This time we would go out earlier and start off in one of the bars that closed at the earlier time of 2am and later move on to a nightclub.

I realized as we talked that I had mixed feelings about the possibility of either me or Grant having sex with other people. I definitely felt pangs of jealousy at the thought of him wanting to experience somebody else’s cock. At the same time I knew that I could have sex with another person and it wouldn´t be the same as it was with Grant. I knew that what I felt for him was one thing and pure sex for sex sake was another. Even as we had finished our shower earlier in the day, I knew that I wasn´t having sex with him, I was making love and that made a world of difference.

I began to feel uncomfortable. Was I painting myself into a corner? I couldn´t expect Grant to be okay with me having sex with other people, while he remained faithful to me. That wasn´t just selfish, it was ridiculous! At the same time, the idea of being faithful to one person for an extended time was something I wasn´t sure I wanted. After all, I had only just come out to my friends! I was only going to be in Gran Canaria, the gay capital of the Canary Islands, for two weeks. There was so much to see! So much to explore and to experience! I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind trying not to worry about them. I didn´t want to complicate or ruin things before they had even started.

By late afternoon we had moved from light beer to gin and tonic. The sky was an impossible shade of blue and the sun seemed to be penetrating to our bones and renewing our bodies like a magic elixir. The pool area was full of families and young guys wearing either tight lycra trunks or low slung surfer type pants with the tops of their firm tanned asses exposed to the air. It felt like heaven.

“God I love this place!” Grant said, almost to himself. “How can we ever go back to England after this?

“Mmmmm! Know what you mean.” agreed Mark.

I lay in silence on my sun lounger arms at my side. Grant’s hand took hold of mine and squeezed it. I opened my eyes to look at him. He smiled back at me.

“Don´t worry!” he said simply.

I smiled back. Was he reading my thoughts?

“I’m not worried.” I replied, lying. “In fact I´ve never felt so unworried in my life!”

“Good!” he said, still smiling.

Afternoon became evening and we decided to get ready for the night out. We were now so relaxed that we decided to all take a shower together. I had real problems controlling myself and I could see Grant looking at me slyly every now and again, almost daring me to get an erection in front of Mark. I’ve got to admit. Mark was looking pretty horny now that he had a bit of colour. His ass was still pretty white, just like the rest of us, but his torso and legs had reached a golden brown stage. As I was taking it all in I looked up to catch Grant looking back at me and grinning.

“What?” I said defensively.

“Nothing, honestly, nothing!”

Mark continued to soap himself and I tried to think of something else.

After our shower we all searched our bags for the whitest clothes we could find, so as to show off our new tans, and headed into town. As we walked towards the Yumbo Centre we came across a bar with a young guy outside drumming up business. He was English, so when he saw us he immediately acted like our best mate. He pulled us to one side and as a ‘special deal’ told us that if we went into his bar we would get two for one of whatever we wanted, for the whole night. At least two of us being suckers for horny young lads we accepted. The bar was quite small and not even gay. It had high tables and high chairs and a large TV playing music videos at full volume.

“We can have one to get us started” I shouted above the music, not sure if I wanted to stay.

The other guys nodded and we sat down at a table. The same guy took our order, three vodka and cokes, and within seconds we had six tall glasses filled about three quarters full, with vodka and a splash of coke on top that wasn’t even enough to colour the drink all the way to the bottom of the glass. The first sip nearly blew my head off but after that we got used to it.

Looking around the bar I could see that there were quite a few gorgeous guys and my mind began to wander.

“Hey slapper! Your with me tonight!” joked Grant, seeing my interest in the surrounding talent.

“Just looking!” I replied sheepishly.

He laughed. “Just joking, what I meant to say was, tonight’ if we pull we pull, let’s pull together.”

Saying that he leaned sideways and put his arm around my shoulder. I put my arm around his waist and we gave each other a quick hug before separating.

“Okay!” I agreed, feeling relieved and excited by the prospect.

We finished our drinks and, despite the protests of our new friend who acted as if our leaving was a personal act of betrayal, we left. Funnily enough, when we hesitated it was Mark who insisted.

Making our way towards the Yumbo Centre Mark told us he wanted to go to a bar called XL.

“How the fuck do you even know the name of a gay bar, let alone one in Gran Canaria?” Grant asked, astonished.

“You’d be surprised what I know.” replied Mark, trying to sound mysterious.

We arrived at the bar and found that it was still quite. There were some tables outside so we sat ourselves down in the warm evening air and waited for the crowds to arrive. And arrive they did. Before long the place was packed! There were leather guys, camp guys, drag queens, and boys that looked like they should be home in bed, and of course, us.

We sipped our beers and rotated our heads like three imitations of the girl in the horror film ‘The Exhorsist’ trying not to miss anything. Mark kept looking at his watch and I began to think he was impatient to leave.

“You okay?” I asked him.

“Yeh, yeh, fine!” he replied nervously playing with his watch.

I was about to suggest that we go to another bar, thinking that he must be uncomfortable, when he looked over my shoulder and broke into a broad grin. I looked around to see Carlos, the pool boy approaching. Mark got up from his seat and went to meet him. The two embrased and then gave each other a long lingering kiss.

Grant and I looked at each other mouths open.

“The bastard!” we said in unison.


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