Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 7

The next morning I woke up lying on my back. I could feel Grants arm draped across my chest. I began to remember the night before I started to lose my nerve. What if it was just drunken fling? Maybe he was just getting his rocks off and it didn’t mean a thing! What if he regretted it and gave me the cold shoulder? It could even mean the end of our friendship! The thought scared me and I was about to slide out of his bed and into mine but as soon as I moved he pulled me close.
“Where do you think your going?” he mumbled without opening his eyes.

He obviously knew me even better than I thought.

“You don’t regret last night then?” I asked.

“Does this feel like regret?” he replied, as he pressed his hard cock against my hip.

I smiled feeling an enormous relief but at the same time wondering what we were going to do now. In two weeks we would have to go back to England and our normal lives with all the problems that could bring. I decided that I wasn’t going to spoil the next two weeks by worrying about what might be.

I reached down to touch Grants boner. He pushed it into my hand and at the same time slid his hand down to grasp mine, throwing back the sheet to expose it.

Just then he door flew open and Mark stood in the doorway taking in the scene. We all froze.

“I left my iPod in here.” he said simply as he walked over and picked it up off the bedside table. Then he turned and walked out without a comment.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” I repeated jumping out of bed.

Grant followed. We hurriedly pulled clean clothes from our bags and put them on. My heart was beating like a drum. I was about to open the door when Grant caught me by the arm.

“Come here.” he said pulling me too him. He hugged me tightly and I hugged him back. “Relax! It’s  cool!” he said.

I turned and opened the door. Mark wasn’t there. Looking out of the window we could see him in his favourite spot by the pool, soaking up the sun.

Come on! We’ve got to go and talk to him. You know how straight laced he is. He probably won’t talk to us for the rest of the holiday.” I said to Grant.

“Okay! Okay! But calm down!” he replied.

We walked around the pool slowly. My legs felt shaky. Looking back I’m not sure what I was so afraid of. Maybe I thought he would tell the whole world and I would lose all my friends. Maybe I was just afraid of losing him as a friend. We sat down one on either side of him leaning forward elbows on our knees both looking at him in the same concerned way. He didn’t seem to have noticed us. Neither of us could speak. We looked at each other trying to think of a casual way to explain what we were doing in one bed with our hard cocks in each others hands.

He was lying on his back, eyes closed. After a few seconds he opened them and took a deep breath. Lifting his head he turned to look first at me, and then at Grant. Still nobody spoke. He lay his head back on the sun lounger closing his eyes again.

“What?” He finally said. “Did you really think I didn’t know? After your performance last night I think the whole hotel knows!”

I looked at Grant as he blushed bright red again making me feel protective and forget about my own concerns.

“Soooo. You don’t mind?” I said.

“Mind? What’s to mind? You have the hots for each other. So what? Chill man!” He said with a slight smirk.

Mark was full of surprises. I breathed a sigh of relief and Grant smiled back at me. I was absolutely dumbfounded.

“Well actually…. He’s got the hots for me. I’m playing hard to get.” Joked Grant, recovering his composure.

“And so hard to get!” laughed Mark “Fuck me, fuck me!” he parroted, imitating Grant.

Grants mouth dropped open and I burst out laughing.

“I hope you’re not going to keep me awake like that every night!” Continued Mark.

Now that everything was out in the open I began to feel an amazing sense of freedom. For the first time in my life I was having a sexual relationship with another guy that I didn’t have to hide from my best mates. I felt as if I had been set free from a long and painful imprisonment.

The three of us spent the rest of the morning laughing and joking and reforming our friendship into one that now included some truths that we had kept hidden from each other.

Mark asked about what type of guys we fancied, how we knew we weren’t just going ‘through a phase’, what about kids, didn’t we want kids?” basically all the questions that people still ask me too this day. I tried to answer him but I began to realise that I really didn’t have to have answers to those questions any more than he had to answer ‘how he knew he was straight? or how he knew that he didn’t really like guys if he’d never tried it?

Not knowing exactly why didn’t invalidate my feelings or make them less real. After many years of painful denial I had come to know myself and for now that enough.

After letting go of so much emotional baggage I felt exhausted. We agreed to spend the rest of the day together by the pool.

“I’m going to take a shower and change into my swim things.” I announced. ‘I’ll come with you.” said Grant.

We began strolling back to the hotel room but as we got closer we began to pick up the pace. Grant looked at me smiling.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” he grinned.

“Depends what your thinking.” I replied, picking up the pace until we almost broke into a run.

I was already starting to get hard long before we reached the hotel room and Grant started to remove his shirt even before I’d opened the door. Bursting into the hotel room we began to strip, heading for the shower, scattering clothes as we went. When I got ahead of him, wearing just my trousers and underwear, Grant caught hold of my waistband from behind and yanked down my trousers’ dragging me back. I escaped by slipping out of them and running naked into the shower. I switched it on and as the hot water started to flow grant came in behind me.

He hugged me from behind and pressed his already hard cock into the crevice of my ass.  I sighed and tilted my head back resting it on his shoulder. The hot water flooded over us warming and gently lubricating our bodies as they slid over each other.

He whispered into my ear ‘I’ve wanted you for such a long time’.

‘And I you.” I answered.

He ran his hands up and down my body as if he wanted to touch every inch of me. At the same time he gently moved his hips sliding his stiff rod from side to side over my entire ass. I pushed back against him. I wanted to feel his hardness.

I turned to face him kissing him deeply. We pushed our cocks together, working our hips in circles and thrusting. I moved my mouth to his neck and sucked on it then gently nipped the skin with my teeth. He nibbled my earlobe, sucking it into his mouth. I pulled him tight wanting to asbsorb him into me. I bent my knees and slid down his body. The hot water gushed over us making it easy to slide my tongue from his neck all the way to his navel. As I worked my tongue around it I could feel the head of his cock pressing under my chin. I place my hands on his ass cheeks, squeezing and massaging them. Moving away a little I took his stiff pole in my hand and looked at it. It was long and thick with a big head that glistened. I dove onto it with my mouth taking it to the back of my throat. He gasped and placed his hands on the back of my head pulling me onto him. I began to choke as he pushed deeper. He began to thrust his hips as my hand reached around behind him searching for his tight hole. Finding it I pushed a finger in. I felt him shudder and his legs almost gave way. I pulled back and began to slide my tongue down his shaft to his balls.

I reached between his legs and found his hole with my other hand and pushed another finger in.

“Arrggghhh!” He protested. “Stop or you’ll make me cum!”

I took my fingers out and instead, placing my hands on his hips I turned him around. Placing a hand on each cheek I opened his ass. His hole was pink and hairless. The water ran down his back, and channelled by his perfect cheeks streamed over it. I spread his cheeks as wide as I could and buried my face in his ass. My tongue darted in and out, finding his hole and entering him. He bent forward leaning against the wall and pushed his ass back against me groaning. I could feel his body trembling. He began to stroke his own cock as my tongue darted in and out as deep as I could push it.

Suddenly he stood up and turned to face me. I thought he wanted me to suck on his cock again but instead he reached down and pulled me to my feet. Kissing me gently he said “This time it’s your turn.”

He turned me firmly and I felt his tongue slide down back and between my cheeks. He pushed his hand between my legs and I spread them wide to give him free access. He began to pull on my cock and balls as his tongue searched for my hole. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more he stood up and wrapped his arms around my chest at the same time pushing that massive fuck pole of his against my ass.

“God I wanna fuck you!” he whispered passionately.

In answer I pushed my ass back against him and leaned forward. He slid his hands down my sides and gripped my hips. He slid his cock over my ass and into the crack.

“Do it to me!” I said.

He placed the massive head against my hole and I felt him start to push. I tried to relax and let him enter me but he was so big that I wasn’t sure I could take it. I began to jerk my own cock, getting myself more excited. It worked and his head started to enter.

“Jesus Christ!!!” I shouted, not caring who heard me.

The pain seared through me and I began to think that he might do me serious damage but all of of sudden his head slipped past the sphincter and the pain was less.

He stopped, stroking me gently. Giving me time to adjust. Then, slowly, he began push deeper. I wanted him so much that I would have put up with anything but now I didn’t have to. The pain went away and was replaced by an equal amount of pleasure. He pushed into me, deeper on each stroke. I could feel his massive rod sliding in and out and it was driving me wild. I lost all my inhibitions.

“Deeper! That’s it! Harder! Yeah fuck me man! Push it in! All the way! Yeah that’s it deeper.

He placed his hands on my hips again and pulled me back onto him at the same time as he thrust forward. Our wet bodies making slapping sounds as they crashed together. Our load moans echoed in the tiled shower. He slammed into me harder and harder.

“Yeah man, fuck me!” I repeated.

I felt a stinging pain as his hand slapped my ass hard. He was riding me as hard as he could almost knocking me off my feet. Only his strong hands holding onto my hips prevented me from collapsing to the floor as my legs trembled and almost gave way because of the waves of sexual pleasure running through me.

“Slap! Slap! Slap!” his hand struck my ass as he fucked me, rotating his hips slightly so that that massive head of his probed every nook and cranny of my ass.

“Arrrgghhh!” I can’t take much more, I said desparate to cum.

He reached forward taking a hand full of hair and pulling my head back as he pounded my ass.

My groans reached fever pitch as every time his pushed into me I felt a shockwave of pleasure run through my whole body.

He began to pound me mercilessly and even though I hadn’t touched my cock for a while I felt it begin to spasm. It was the first time I had cum ‘hands free’.

“Jeez! Fuck! Cummin! Fuck!” I gasped.

He leaned forward wrapping his arms around me as great jets of cum spurted from my cock.

His groans and loss of rhythm told me that he was cumming as he slammed his hips over and over against my ass, biting my neck and almost whimpering with pleasure. He finally stopped panting hard. I didn’t move because I wanted to feel him inside me for as long as possible.

“I think I’m in love!” he whispered into my ear, only half joking.


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