Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 6

I was woken by Grant shaking me.

“Come on mate! Time to go!”

I came too a little dazed, almost forgetting where I was. We gathered up our things and headed off the beach, dressing as we went. We didn’t say much. I think Grant was feeling a bit shamefaced. I tried to cheer him up, making a few jokes and letting him know that it was okay by giving him complements about his body. Before we got back to the hotel he was all smiles again.

We all took turns showering and got dressed to go out on the town. This time, because we weren’t so rushed, we were a bit more organized and looked more presentable. Mark seemed unusually cheerful. I was feeling guilty about leaving him out, so I was happy that he seemed to be enjoying himself so much.

After spending all day by the pool he didn’t look so white anymore and it made him seem a lot sexier. It’s amazing what a bit of sun and fresh air can do to make a person look healthier and fitter.

After the events of the last couple of days we were beginning to settle down a bit. We found a nice bar that had a good mix of ages and even a few women. We sipped our beers and took in the sights. I hadn’t felt so happy and relaxed for a long time.

During the conversation the subject of the glass collector from the hotel came up. I said that he didn’t look old enough to be working and Mark told us he was actually 19. He also told us that the barman was his father and that his mother had died a few years ago. It was obvious that while we had been at the beach Mark had been busy as well.

When it got to about midnight we decided to go back to the hotel. We were all shattered and Grant was complaining of a sunburned ass. Of course, it’s a part of the body that Brits don’t normally get the chance to expose to the sun and he hadn’t thought to put any cream on it.

We wandered back to the hotel, stopping in a couple more bars on the way to check them out. When we got back to our room we all went straight to bed. Grant and I stripped down to our shorts and slipped under the covers. By now the redness on Grants back was obvious and I wasn’t going to miss a golden opportunity like this.

“Do you want me to put some cream on that?” I asked, trying to sound as innocent and casual as possible.

“Is it bad?” he asked

“Pretty red! Lye on your stomach.” I said, as I rummaged in my bag for the after-sun.

He obeyed and stretched out with his hands over his head. I dribbled the cream all over his back and he shuddered with the shock of how cold it felt. Very gently I began to rub it in, folding down the waistband of his shorts so that they wouldn’t get greasy. He sighed with contentment as I worked the cream into his back. I began to push his waistband lower.

“Do you want me to put cream here?” I asked gently touching his ass.

“Okay, but turn of the main light.” he replied.

I stood up and flicked the switch. Meanwhile, he had lowered his shorts exposing his behind.

There was a night-light plugged into the wall socket that gave off a very dim light. At first I could hardly see a thing and I stood still letting my eyes adjust.  My hard cock jutted out tenting the material of my boxer shorts. I felt my way to the bed and picked up the bottle of after-sun cream again, squeezing a glob onto my hand. Gently, I placed my hand on Grants right ass cheek. He took a sharp intake of breath.

“It’s cold!” he explained.

I pored more cream directly onto his other cheek and began to slowly spread it over them. My cock was throbbing and pre-cum began to ooze out of the tip, dampening my shorts. I began to massage Grants ass, letting my thumbs slide a little way into the crevice between his cheeks. My eyes were adjusting well now, and from the yellow glow of the night-light I could see his gorgeous body stretched out in front of me.

“This is a bit awkward.” I said. “Let me get into a better position.”

I climbed onto the bed and knelt astride his legs. Placing a hand on each cheek I pushed firmly upwards and outwards, gently opening his ass. I reached back and repeated the motion. I could hear his breathing getting heavier and I increased the rhythm, pushing with enough force to gently move his body. I knew that if he had a hard cock it would have the effect of making him fuck the bed. Gradually as I pushed I noticed that he was lifting his ass a tiny bit, opening himself just a little more. I let my thumbs slide a little nearer to his hole. He lifted higher. I let one of my thumbs slide all the way into his crack as I pushed and it slid over his puckered entrance. Another sharp intake of breath.

I took a second to reach through the opening of my shorts and free my cock. Then I went back to massaging him. Now, as I pushed, I leaned further forward sliding my hands up his sides and under his chest, brushing his nipple rings. A long ‘mmmmmm’ came from deep within him.

“Do you like that?” I whispered.

“Mmmmm!” he responded.

I reached back to begin another push and this time he lifted his ass much higher. I found his hole with my thumb and rubbed in a circular motion around it. He pushed back against my it. I pushed harder and it began to enter him. He gasped and his sphincter gripped my thumb tightly. I held it still for a second and when I felt him relax I pushed it deeper, the cream lubricating it’s way.

“Aauuuughh” he moaned

I leaned over and dribbled a little saliva into his crevice. He lifted himself higher coming onto his knees and I took out my thumb and replaced it with one, then two fingers.

“Aauuughh! Fuck!”

With my free hand I pulled down my shorts. I worked my fingers deeper into him and his moans became louder. I began to get worried that Mark might here us.

“Shhhhhh!” I whispered.

But it didn’t do any good. With every push of my fingers a gasp or groan would escape him. He began to push back against me. I reached under him and took hold of his massive pole.

He kept repeating “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” until finally it became “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I withdrew my fingers and took hold of my cock placing the head against his lubed hole. He pushed back as I pushed forward. I entered him almost completely on the first thrust.

“Aaarrrrggggghhhhh!” was his response.

I reached forward and put my hand over his mouth.

“Ssshhhhhhhh! Mark!” I reminded him.

He panted hard trying to relax and get used to the feeling of my cock deep inside him. I began to slide it slowly in and out and after a minute or so I was able to begin to pump my hard rod all the way into him. The sound of my hips hitting his cheeks began to make slapping sounds and I stopped. I pulled out and said “Turn over!”

He turned onto his back and I put my hands behind his knees lifting his legs . I placed them over my shoulders lifting his ass of the bed. Leaning forward I pushed his knees back until our faces where just inches apart. I felt with my hand and positioned my cock over his hole and pushed it slowly in. He gave long gasp of pleasure and I leaned forward kissing him deeply and muffling the sound.

He reached for his own cock and started to jerk it in time with my thrusts. The bed began to make creaking sounds and his cries of pain mixed with pleasure became louder, but by now I didn’t care and I began to ram my cock into him as hard as I could, my balls slapping against him. The physical effort and pleasure were making me groan as well.

“Yeh! Fuck me! Fuck me!” he gasped.

“Do you like that? Do you like me fucking you? Yeh! I’m gonna fuck you! I’m gonna fuck you til I cum in you!” I grunted, as I increased the pace of my thrusts, pulling my cock as far out as I could and then slamming it back into him.

Oh yeh! Oh yeh! Do it!” he cried.

I began to feel the a tingle that went from my balls to the head of my cock and round to my ass.

I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum

Yeh! Cum in me! Cum!”

My whole body convulsed and I pushed as deep as I could as the first jet of cum began to fill him.

Oh yeh man! Yeh man! He encouraged.

Again and again I slammed into him releasing my cum. I could see jets of cum begin to spray from Grants cock, landing on his chest and face. I leaned forward and kissed him as the last waves of orgasm subsided.

We lay on top of each other panting for breath and he returned my kiss.

“That was amazing!” he whispered.

You’re amazing!” I returned.

I gently pulled out and we used our dirty clothes to clean up. As I was about to get back into my own bed Grant caught my arm.

“Come here!” he whispered.

I climbed in beside him and he held me close. I hugged him back and within moments we were both sound asleep. We both knew that now, there was no need to hide anything from each other.


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