Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 5

The boy who was collecting the glasses moved to the next table and I noticed that all three of us were absent-mindedly looking at the shape of his cute ass. His trousers seemed to be disobeying all the laws of gravity. He bent to pick up some more glasses and it was as if there was a collective wish that they would fall to the floor.

Mark broke the silence.

“So what did you two get up to last night?” he asked with a smirk.

Grant was as transparent as glass. He blushed as red as beetroot. But that was one of the things I loved about him. Even though he always put on a hard front it was easy to see that underneath he was as soft as a marshmallow.

“Do you remember the second room with the curtain?” I asked. “Well after you left we went in there and fucked each other!” I said brazenly.

Mark looked at me for a second not knowing what to make of what I’d just said. Then he laughed.

“Ha! Ha!, very funny. No, really, did you go anywhere else? Are there any other decent bars?

“Tons of em!” I replied, “and every one of them gay!”


“Yep! We’re in gay paradise!” I laughed. “So either relax and have a good time or stay here in the apartment for two weeks on your own. It’s up to you! Me I’m going to have a good time no matter what!”

We spent the early afternoon relaxing by the pool and recovering from the night before. It’s amazing how you can wake up hungover and an hour later feel 100% and horny again. One of the advantages of being young I suppose.

We took turns making regular trips to the bar and by late afternoon we were happily sozzled. Not drunk just ‘merry’. My recovery time, for sex, is about three hours so by four o’clock I was raring to go again. The pool area was really spectacular. We were on a hill with fantastic views of the sea. Some of the views around the pool where pretty spectacular as well.

The glass collector did his regular rounds and I noticed that he always seemed to linger near our table. I would have liked to have thought that it was because of me but I knew that it was Mark that he was interested in. I’m not sure how old he was but I was sure he must be under 16. Then again, maybe he just looked young. It’s hard to tell with Spanish boys sometimes. There seemed to be an almost visible spark of electricity between him and Mark, but Mark seemed to dim to have noticed it.

Once we had recuperated we started to plan the rest of the day.

“I want to go the the beach. What about you guys?” I asked

Mark seemed to be turning into a pipe and slippers man.

“I think I’ll stay here today.” he replied. After last night I need a rest.

“Beach for me!” said Grant.

We had a bite to eat and spoke to the barman about the best places to go. Our Spanish wasn’t very good and neither was his English so we didn’t get very far.

“Let’s just follow the crowd.” I suggested to Grant.

So off we went. We could see the beach from our hotel so it wasn’t hard to find it. We arrived there at about 5pm. To an English person that might sound late but here it was quite a sensible time to go to the beach. Still sunny and hot but not too hot. We found what looked like the most popular stretch of sand and started to wander along it paddling in the sea. As we walked we eventually came to a big sign that said “Playa Nudista”. Now, my Spanish wasn’t brilliant but you don’t have to Einstien to realise that ‘Nudista’ bears a striking resemblance to the word ‘Nudist’.

We hesitated. It was true. Looking into the distance we could clearly see loads of stark naked people. Not just men, families!” We looked at each other. I shrugged.

“In for a penny!”

I began to strip.

“What are you doing?” said Grant.

“What does it look like dick head.” I replied.

One thing that you learned early in my neck of the woods, is that the best way to cover over anything is to be insulting and aggressive, something which I never really felt but knew how to imitate.

“Nudist beach!” I said, pointing at the sign. Ergo (another way of covering up was to use words that nobody understood) Me! Naked! Comprende amigo!” I said, speaking really bad Spanish with my best Lancashire accent. When he still hesitated I said,

“So what! Your going to walk along a nudist beach fully dressed? Grow up!” I said, scathingly.

It worked. Grant began to strip as well. I got down to my underwear and by a supreme effort managed not to get any more than semi hard. As grant dropped his pants I got another look at that incredible ass of his. It really was amazing. His cheeks were like two half footballs, round, hard and well defined, but at the same time as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I had to drag my eyes away.

We stepped out of our underwear and gathered our clothes in our hands, using them as a shield to cover our cocks. As we walked we began to lose our inhibitions. After five minutes or so I tucked my clothes under my arm. My cock was swinging proudly as I walked. I kept my eyes moving, looking at the sights and at the same time scanning Grants cock at every opportunity. We had stood together at the urinals a hundred times but this was the first time I had seen him really naked. He was magnificent, and the best part was he didn’t even realize it. He walked at my side, his huge cock swinging lazily. I once heard it said that the best way to know a person is to watch who they watch, and from what I could see, Grant was definitely watching the guys!

The beach was full of all kinds of people from old ladies to kids, and all naked. Like most people, Grant had no interest in the oldies, or the young ones, but any kid, or more precisely guy, who had gone through puberty definitely caught his interest.

As we walked I noticed a family to our right. Father, mother, son and daughter. The boy was about 14. He was playing one of those beach racket games with a couple of mates. His dick was flopping around from side to side and swinging between his legs as he ran for the ball and it was making him get excited. His dick was growing and when it got to an angle of about 45 degrees he suddenly sat down in the sand. He’d obviously decided that he’d lost control and didn’t want to make a spectacle of himself. His mates began to laugh and make fun of him and then carried on playing their game.

As we walked on I noticed that the number of families was decreasing and the number of men increasing. This was what I’d hoped for. We were entering the gay nudist beach.

Dotted along the beach were little circles of stones making windbreaks and hollows that gave some privacy and were big enough for about four people to lye in. Further in the distance I could see enormous sand dunes. With the sun beating down and the blue sky, it looked like the Sahara

“Shall we stop here?” suggested Grant, pointing to one of the nearby circles.

We stepped into the hollow and put our towels on the sand. I’d been trying not to get an erection for the last ten minutes but now that I could cover it up I let it happen. I sat with my knees hunched up. Grant lay on his stomach and closed his eyes. When I could see that he wasn’t looking I lay on my back letting my stiff cock stand proud.

The breeze blew over me caressing my skin and as my stiff cock throbbed the foreskin began to pull back. Another first, I thought. Nude sunbathing, with a hardon and with another guy at my side.

“This is the life!” I said.

“Mmmmmm!” Murmured Grant.

At some point Grant must have looked over and seen my erection. He didn’t say anything. Instead he quietly turned on his back exposing his own hard pole. I turned my head slightly to take a peek. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed. If I’d had been more experienced, or had more nerve, I would have leaned over and taken it into my mouth, but despite all that had happened I was still nervous about being the first one to make the admission that I liked cock.

I lay still and tried to think of something else. After a few minutes I almost began to doze. My senses came alive when I heard Grant sit up.

“Nathan!” he said quietly.

I didn’t respond.

“Nathan!” he repeated a bit louder.

Still I didn’t respond, pretending to be asleep. My cock throbbed and my heart began to race. I felt the light touch of a finger on my arm, poking me lightly and heard him repeat my name again. I lay still.

For a few moments nothing, then I felt his hand touch my chest. He stroked me softly, I think he was testing to see if I was sleeping soundly or if I’d react. I was doing neither.

He placed his hand on my cheek next to my mouth. He blocked out the sun as he leaned over me and I felt the almost imperceptible touch of his lips on mine, but I didn’t move. I didn’t want to break the spell.

He moved down and kissed one of my nipples. My cock surged and I thought I was going to spurt all over my stomach. I tried to think of anything that wasn’t sexy to stop myself. There was a long pause and then I felt his lips kiss my navel and at the same time the tip of my cock brushed his cheek. This was almost too much to bear! I wanted to take hold of his head and force him onto my aching pole, pushing it deep into his throat. Instead I waited, hoping.

I had to wait what seemed ages before I felt the touch of his tongue on the head of my stiff rod. The heat of his mouth as it enveloped my glans was ecstasy! I risked a peek through half closed eyelids. He was kneeling at my side. His enormous rod pointing straight forward. He took me deeper and I tried to resist the urge to push with my hips. I saw him reach for his own cock and start to stroke it. I knew that if I ‘woke up’ it would be over because neither of us was ready to face reality yet. So I lay still.

He began to suck harder on my cock, placing his hand on the shaft and moving it up and down in time with his mouth. My breathing became ragged as I came near to exploding. He began to jerk his own cock faster. I couldn’t resist the urge to thrust as the first tingle of orgasm moved through my whole body. He must have been able to tell that I was going to cum but he didn’t stop. Instead he increased the pace, making sucking sounds and taking me as deep as he could. The cum began to surge up my shaft and I couldn’t help making a little gasp as the first jet of cum hit the back of his throat. He held my cock in his mouth milking every last drop as spurt after spurt streamed from my hard rod.

As the pulses subsided he lifted off my cock and turned squeezing his enormous shaft as it began to spew cum onto the sand at my side. He had his eyes tight shut and was biting his bottom lip as he tried not to make any sound. When he’d finished he lay back on his towel panting.

My first official blowjob from Grant, and the day was still young.


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