Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 4

I lay still for a few seconds catching my breath and tying to take in what had just happened. Grant (I was sure it was him by now) hadn’t cum yet and I reached around to grasp his enormous shaft. I felt his balls, stroking them. It was only then that I realized that another guy was on the floor in front of him giving him a blow job. My cock was beginning to soften and I slipped it out, pulling off the condom.

If it really was Grant I didn’t want him to realize that it was me that had just fucked him, so I pulled up my trousers and headed for the exit, leaving him to enjoy himself. As I moved away, another guy took my place, I hesitated and out of curiosity, I put my hand into the crack of Grants ass, just in time to feel another cock entering him. I was torn between renewed lust and just a tinge of jealousy. I decided that the best thing I could do was to get out of there and leave Grant to it.

I came out, still fastening my trousers up. The table were we’d been sitting was still empty so I sat down. Ten minutes later Grant appeared at the curtain. He was red faced and looked a bit confused as he blinked in the brighter, but still dim light. He saw me and came over. Sitting down at my side he attempted to use the same excuse that I’d been planning.

“Where did you go! I’ve been searching all over for you. I came out and had to go back in again to look for you, than I got lost and couldn’t find my way out.”

His story sounded plausible but I could tell that he was lying. I was tempted to drop a bombshell and tell him that one of the guys who had just fucked him was me, but decided that it would be better not to. Anyway, what if I was wrong and he was telling the truth. He might not be the only slim, smooth guy in there with a large buckle and nipple rings.

It all felt so surreal. I was already asking myself if it had really happened.

“I’ve been here all the time!” I lied. “You were just enjoying yourself too much to come out! Exactly how many fucks did you just have?” I said, walking a fine line.

He blushed and stammered a bit. I decided to change the subject quickly to save his embarrassment. I didn’t want the truth to come out just yet.

“Come on! let’s explore a bit more.” I suggested.

Without answering he stood up. As he turned his back to me I noticed several damp patches on the back of his jeans. No doubt when they dried they’d turn white. I chuckled to myself wondering how he was going to explain that to Mark in the morning.

We must have been operating on a telepathic wavelength because when we left the bar he said to me.

“We won’t tell Mark about this, eh? I don’t want him thinking we’re queer or anything. Besides, you know what a big mouth he has. The whole of the East Midlands will know about it before we get home if we tell him.”

We walked away from the bar and crossed the square of the Yumbo centre in the direction of the bright lights and music coming from the other side. We spent the rest of the night getting absolutely hammered before staggering back to the hotel in the first light of day.

About midday the next day I woke up feeling hungover and riddled with guilt. ‘Oh my god!’ I thought, what did I do last night!’ I looked across at Grant sleeping in the bed opposite. Because of the warm weather we only the thin white sheet to cover us. Grant was lying on his back breathing deeply. Under the sheet he was naked. It hugged his outline and I could clearly see his cock. He had morning wood and I took the opportunity to take a good look at it. ‘Well the size is about right.’ I thought. ‘MASSIVE!’ I had the urge to go over to him and slide in beside him. He turned on his side facing the wall. The sheet lifted slightly and I could see the curves of his perfect round ass.

Looking closer I saw something else. His ass was dotted with dried cum, crinkling the skin and flaking off. I felt those pangs of jealousy again and decided that before the holiday was out that would be my cum drying, not just on his ass, but all over his smooth body.

I went too the shower to clean myself off, remembering how the guy behind me had sprayed my back. I didn’t want anyone to see dried cum on me and start to ask awkward questions.

The shower was big and the jets of water powerful. I soaped myself down cleaning myself well. As I washed myself I started to remember the events of the night before and became aroused. Because it had been dark I had no visual memories, only the sensations and sounds of men fucking, of being touched by ten hands on all parts of my body at once, of my hips slapping against Grants ass as I rammed him with my hard cock, and of cumming more intensely then I could ever remember.

I closed my eyes reliving the events, I stroked my hard cock and ran my hands over my ass I was just about to cum when I heard an noise. I opened my eyes just in time to see Grant disappearing through the doorway. How long had he been there watching, I wondered. It excited me to think that he had been watching me jerking off and my cum splashed onto the tiled floor. When I came out of the bathroom we both went into full straight guy mode. He didn’t mention seeing me in the shower so I didn’t either. We began laughing about some of the sights we had seen the night before and pretending not to remember anything incriminating because of the alcohol. When we went into the lounge we found that Mark had already got up, showered, eaten and was at the side of the pool sunning himself.

We went over to where he was lying. I hadn’t seen Mark naked very often. He was shy about showing his body. As I walked towards him my eyes took in the details. He was a bit pale, which is pretty normal after a winter in the UK, but what little hair he had on his legs was almost blond and he had none on his chest so his paleness wasn’t so noticeable. His legs were long and strong and his torso flat with a well defined stomach and light but nicely shaped pecs. He was wearing a pair of thin white shorts. He wasn’t wearing underwear. I know that because when I sat down at the side of him I could see up the leg of his shorts. His cock was sticking out of the bottom of the left leg and I wondered if he had a semi.

“How’s it going!” I asked, giving him a poke on the shoulder.

He lifted up his sunglasses revealing bloodshot eyes.

“Great!” he said. “Slept like a log, except when you two noisy bastards came stumbling in, knocking everything over.”

We laughed and chatted for a while reliving the events of the night. Painting ourselves as the innocent bystanders to a depraved orgy. As we were talking my eyes where constantly drawn to Marks trouser leg and his partly exposed cock. When I described what I’d seen on the TV’s in the toilets I was sure that I saw it twitch and swell a little.

“Who wants a hair of the dog?” I asked as I got up to go to the bar.

We decided to keep the drinking light today and each opted for a small beer. When I got to the bar I was served by an old guy. He was short and bald with beer belly. ‘That’s a disappointment!’ I thought. Just then a young guy came out of the back and made his way out to the pool. He was carrying a plastic container to collect glasses and bottles from the poolside tables. I watched him saunter lazily through the doors. He was deeply tanned and dark haired but strangely, he had piercing blue eyes. He was dressed in ‘sagger’ style, showing a pair of brightly colored, close fitting shorts above the waistline of his low-slung jeans. He wasn’t wasn’t wearing anything on top. ‘That’s more like it!’ I thought.

I put the beers on our room tab and followed him out to the pool. I sat down with the others, at the same time watching him out of the corner of my eye. When he came to our table he stopped to pick up a few empties.

I’ve always been a bit of people watcher and I normally pick up on the subtle body language and eye contact that tells you when two people fancy each other. This guy might as well have had a megaphone and been broadcasting to the whole of Gran Canaria that he had the hots for Mark. Mark on the other hand seemed oblivious, except for one thing. Yep! You guessed it! His cock! It began to swell. Big time! It happened so quickly that even though he sat up and closed his legs almost immediately, I still saw a good inch of growth. The glass collector finished up and moved away but just as he passed Mark I saw a flash of eye contact and I recognized the look of two people who are guarding a secret.


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