Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 3

The curtain dropped closed behind us. It was completely dark. I shuffled forward and immediately came into contact with another guy. The curtain opened again and some more people came in. I had to make a choice, go deeper into the darkness or leave. We went deeper.

Grant was still clinging onto me like a big girl, which was okay by me, but it was too crowded to move two abreast. I loosened his grip and pushed him behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders and I thought about the saying ‘the blind leading the blind’.

Deeper in there seemed to be a bit more space. As I moved forward hands would reach out and touch my crotch. I was fully hard and one or two of the hands managed to find my cock and give it a squeeze. We reached a tight spot and had to stop. Another hand reached out to touch me. This time pulling at my trousers undoing the buttons before realised what was happening. The hand slipped inside grabbing my stiff shaft and trying to yank it out into the open air.

I thought about the fact that Grant was right there behind me but he didn’t have a clue what was going on. I wondered if the same thing was happening to him. As the hand worked on my rod I tentatively reached back. My hand came into contact with Grants jeans. I felt his hands grip my shoulders tighter but he didn’t say anything. He had no idea it was me. I ran my hand over the front feeling for his cock. It didn’t take long to find it. By now the hand that had worked it’s way into my trousers was also inside my underwear. The feeling of a strange hand massaging my cock was driving me wild. I began to lose my inhibitions and tried to find the buttons to unfasten Grants jeans. I felt the large round buckle of his belt. I called it his cowboy belt because it reminded me of the buckles I had seen in old westerns. I dropped my hand and found his buttons. I began to pop them open one by one.

As I was working on them the guy who was holding my cock moved in front of me, at the same time pulling my shaft free of my trousers. I couldn’t believe I was in a public place with my stiff cock out in the open air. Suddenly I felt the warmth of a mouth engulfing my rod and panic set in again. Forgetting about Grant, I pushed the guy away, tucking myself back in and moved to one side to escape. I touched a wall and felt my way along it eventually coming to a corner. I turned to face outwards and Grant stood at the side of me. Neither of us spoke. My heart was pounding. Grant now put his arm behind me encircling my waist. Within seconds we were surrounded by pressing bodies. The groping hands seemed to be everywhere. I was dizzy with lust and I was quickly losing track of what was going on. Suddenly I was aware that I couldn’t feel Grants arm behind me. I reached out to my side and felt a mix of arms and chests but nothing I recognised as Grant.

I was about to make my way to the door but the press of bodies made it almost impossible. I decided to stay where I was for a while and see if he re-appeared. If he’d done a runner and was waiting for me outside, I could always use the excuse that I’d been looking for him. I moved out of the corner and pressed deeper into the darkness. At every step hands were reaching out for me pulling at my clothes. I found myself pressed up against a couple of guys that didn’t seem to be moving. I pushed my arms out looking for a body but felt nothing but air. I dropped my arms down and came into contact with flesh. It felt like a back. But if this was a back then the guy must be bending over. I felt some more and arrived at the smooth curves of someone’s ass. As I contued feeling I realised that he was being fucked! This was blowing my mind, driving me crazy with the desire to cum.

I turned and made my way back. I found another corner and took a breather. It seemed that whenever I stopped I would be surrounded in seconds. Did these guys have night vision or what! This time I didn’t wait. I undid my trousers and pulled out my cock. A hand quickly found it whilst others began to grope my chest and reach around me to feel my ass. Somebody decided that they needed to feel more flesh and yanked my trousers down to the floor. Hands slid under my shirt and stroked my nipples, more hands massaged my ass. It was suffocating. I pushed my way to one side to try to give myself space to breath. I bumped up against another guy, also pressed up against the wall. I tried to push past him but as we came into closer contact, I realised that he wasn’t like the rest. He was slim, firm and smooth. I reached down and felt for his cock. His trousers seemed to be around his ankles just like mine. His cock was huge and jutted out hard and proud. I moved closer to him and it pressed against my stomach. My own cock pushed against his hip. He slid down the wall crouching. Taking my stiff rod in his hand he began to stroke it. I froze, not wanting to give him any reason to stop. I felt his warm mouth surround my glans and his tongue work the head, flicking from side to side. I pushed my rod deeper into his mouth.

Behind me a group of guys had realised that there was some action going on and surrounded us like a protective wall. Their hands began to wander my body. Somebody lifted up my tee-shirt and pulled the front behind my head so that my whole body was exposed. Hot hands wandered all over me and stroked my ass as I fed my cock to the strangers mouth.

The other guy stood up and pressed his torso against mine. I had never really felt the warmth and softness of another guys body in this way, but now that I had I couldn’t get enough of it. I reached forward and pulled him to me.

At our side one of the guys place his hand on my ass. He pushing several other hands away as he felt for my crevice. Finding it he began to search for my hole. I slid my hands down the other guys back to his ass, and realised that the guy to our side was doing exactly the same to him. In just a few seconds his hand found its target and he began to massage my hole. I groaned in ecstasy.

Cupping the cheeks of the guy in front of me I pulled him to me, thrusting with my hips. He thrust back and suddenly began to groan himself. It seemed the guy to our side had found his second target.

His hands worked my ass and I felt a finger begin to enter me. I pushed forward with my hips because of the pain, squeezing his hand between my cheeks. At the same time I felt the other guy do the same. He leaned forward placing his head on my shoulder. He let out a loud groan and a ‘fuck!” He was hot and getting hotter by the second. I ran my hands over his back and around to his chest. He felt amazing! I slid my hands back down to his ass, squeezing it aggressively. Behind me things were hotting up as well. I could feel someone’s stiff cock pressed up against the side of my right cheek. I ran my hand over feeling it smoothness. Whoever it was he was already wearing a condom. When I touched him he pressed closer. There was a bit of pushing and shoving and he was directly behind me.

At the same time the guy to my front did a 180. He presented his ass to me pushing back against my eager shaft. I began to think that maybe the time had arrived to put on a condom myself. That was when I realised that they were in my pocket and my pockets where around my ankles. I crouched down to try to find one. At that time I had never eaten ass and it was a little beyond my imagination. Instead I rummaged around trying to find my pockets. That was when I made a discovery that would change things for the rest of the holiday. Being a bit drunk, when I crouched down in the dark I nearly fell over. To stop myself I reached forward with my hands and came into contact with a big round belt buckle. Every nerve in my body came alive. Grant! Was it Grant! My mind raced and I tried to think of some other identifying factor. Grant had nipple rings I remembered.

Regaining my balance I managed to find a condom and stood up. I bit the packet and tore it open. Pulling out the condom I felt it carefully and tried to place it the right way around on my cock. All this time I was being assaulted by wandering hands groping and feeling, looking for my cock and then my ass. The other guy reached back pulling me closer to him again. My stiff rod pressed between his cheeks and I began to thrust. God I wanted a fuck, and it seemed that he did too. The guy who was behind me took advantage of my thrusting movements to place his own cock against my puckered hole. Every time I pulled back he pushed forward. It was a race as to who would enter who first. Eventually, between thrusts, I managed to get the condom on. It’s tightness making me even more excited. I searched for the other guys hole and found it, conveniently lubed by the guy to our side. I pressed the head of my cock against it and began to push. I was so wrapped up in my attempts to fuck this guy that I hardly realised that the guy behind me had made better progress. The pain seared through me as his massive head pushed passed the opening and began to enter me.

“Arrrgghhh!” I protested.

I took my revenge by pushing harder myself. My cock suddenly slid into the guy in front of me. I ignored his cry of pain and pushed as deep as I could. I felt my hips come into contact with his ass. I leaned forward and circled my arms around him, pulling him onto me. I began to fuck him hard. The guy behind me had even less sympathy for my pain. His cock was bigger than mine and I could feel it deep inside me. I began to hump faster and faster knowing that I couldn’t hold on for long. I slid my hands over the the other guys body feeling his smooth skin. When I arrived at his nipples I felt two nipple rings… I began to feel the first waves of orgasm.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I mumbled, above the loud slapping sounds of my hips beating against his ass.

Fuck, Fuck that ass! Yeh fuck!

At the same time the guy behind me was pounding away at my ass. The combination was to much and the cum spewed out of my fuck pole as I rammed it into him, squeezing every last drop out of my balls. The guy behind me groaned loudly and pulled out his cock, a few seconds later I felt the warm splash of fresh cum on my back. I leaned forward collapsing over the back of the guy in front. I was almost certain that I’d just fucked my best mate and he hadn’t even realised it.

This was going to be an interesting two weeks.


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