Surprise! Surprise!
by Nathan Jones


Episode 2

All three of us sat facing the TV, using the excuse that we all wanted to sit with our ‘backs to the wall’ in traditional straight style. After a little nervous banter we fell silent. I have to admit that the TV had a kind of hypnotic effect. We were all trying to pretend that we were ignoring it but I could see that as soon as any one of us thought that the other two weren’t looking our eyes would flick our eyes to the TV to see the action. After about a minute I had a full hardon and was really glad that I had a table to hide it.

Once my eyes had accustomed to the low light I realised that the passage in the centre of the room (more cupboard than room really) led to yet another curtained room. We watched guys parade in front of us on their way in and out of this strangely magnetic room. I noticed that when the curtain was drawn back there wasn’t any sign of light. It seemed really odd. How could they be walking into a completely dark room? It just didn’t seem to make sense.

My eyes went back to the TV. Now three guys were giving each other blow jobs. ‘Do gay guys all have such big dicks!’ I thought. Mine wasn’t small but these guys were something else! I began to look at the guys on the nearby tables. Most of them were older guys and as soon as I looked at any of them they would stare back at me, making me feel really nervous. In the pubs I went to, if a guy looked at you like that he wanted to punch you! These guys seemed to have something less violent in mind.

One of the guys opposite me was pretty young. He was with an older guy who had his arm draped over his shoulder. His body language seemed to be saying ‘this one’s mine!’ and I smiled at the realisation. It took me a few seconds before I brought my eyes into focus and realised that the young guy was smiling back at me. I looked away, timidly. This game was new to me but I was learning fast. I looked back at him out of the corner of my eye and saw that he was still looking in my direction. I braved full on eye contact, smiling. It seemed to last forever but was probably only about two seconds. Finally I had to break away. It was too much. It reminded me of a game of ‘chicken’. My heart was beating like a drum and my cock was as hard as iron. I tried to start up a conversation with Mark. Making fun of his nervousness to try to draw attention away from my own.

“So! Seen anyone you like?” I asked with a smirk.

“Fuck off!” he spat back.

“Oooohhh! Touchy!” I continued. “Did I touch a raw nerve?”

His answer was to punch me on the shoulder.

“Cunt!” was my reply. “I need a pee.” I said. “Let me out.” I said to Grant.

He slid along the seat and I squeezed past him. I couldn’t help looking down at his lap as I passed. He had both hands covering his crotch so as not to give anything away. I left the steamy atmosphere of our room and went back into the main club. The toilets were just a couple of paces away. I entered what I expected to be a brightly lit, white tiled room only to find that it was even darker than the room I had just left. There was a queue for the urinals, something I rarely saw at home, but when my turn eventually came I noticed something really novel. Each urinal had a little TV embedded in the wall at head height and it was showing hard porn! I stepped up to my urinal and pulled out my semi-hard cock. I really did need to pee but as I stood there with my cock out, my eyes locked onto the TV and in seconds I had a full erection. This was intense! I tried to relax and let it go and eventually I managed to do something. It was then that I noticed that the guy in the urinal to my left was not looking at the TV. He was staring at my bone hard cock. Immediately I stopped peeing and stood there eyes forward. Of course that meant I was looking at the porno and that didn’t help at all! I noticed a movement and risked a glance to the side. The guy was still staring at my cock and I could see that he was jerking his own. It had been a long time since I had seen a real-life hard cock that wasn’t my own, so once I looked at it I couldn’t look away. It was long and thick with a bulbous head. I still had my own in my hand and I decided that a few quick strokes wouldn’t do any harm.

I slid my hand over my cock feeling it’s smoothness. Slowly I peeled back the foreskin revealing a shiny swollen head. The guy reached across to touch me and I took away my own hand to let him. I had never done anything like this before. I was terrified and super horny at the same time. It felt so dangerous and so good! His hand grasped my rigid pole. He turned to face me and with his other hand he reached forward and undid my trousers. Then the same hand slid down and cupped my balls. It was electric! I didn’t know what to do. I knew I wanted more but at the same time I was getting in very deep very fast and it was too much. I panicked and turned away from him fastening up my trousers and shoving my stiff cock back inside. I dashed out of the toilets and back to my waiting friends. Just before going into the curtained room I paused, took a deep breath and smiled, then pulled back the curtain.

I want back to the table and squeezed back into my place.

“My turn now!” said Grant, standing up and heading for the toilets.

I sat down and tried to calm down. My eyes were almost watering because of the intensity of my emotions. I had known for some time that I had liked guys and I had even had a few experiences but nothing like this. It was so raw! So immediate! A bunch of guys all horny as hell and no holds barred. I was loving it!

I looked across at Mark. He was quiet.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah fine!” he replied. “Just a bit tired. I think I might go back to the hotel soon.”

That fitted in with my plans perfectly. I had been trying to think how I could separate from the other two without it looking odd so that I could go exploring on my own.

“Okay.” I said, not even trying to persuade him to stay. “I think I’ll stay a while. I’m to hyped up to sleep yet. And besides the beer’s cheap, and I’m on holiday. I’m staying out until I drop!

We sat in silence consciously avoiding looking at the TV. Just then a guy who looked really out of place walked past us. I noticed he was wearing a badge like those worn by charity collectors. But he didn’t ask for money. Instead he walked over to large box that was mounted on the wall at the side of the ‘dark room’ and emptied a carrier bag full of condoms into it. I nudged Mark. In the UK condoms were expensive and not something I had ever seen given away.

“I’m going to get my share!” I said to Mark, when I saw a few guys grabbing handfuls.

I got up and casually moved towards the doorway. As I went a guy came up close behind me and I felt his hand on my ass. I thought it best not to react, and besides, I was enjoying it. When I got to the box I dipped my hand in and pulled out half a dozen or so condoms. ‘Best not to be greedy.’ I thought. The guy who had been behind me squeezed past pushing his bulging crotch against me. I looked up just as he pulled back the curtain. Looking past him I could see it was pitch black in there. I could just about make out a couple of guys with no tops on and I thought I caught a glimpse of a bare ass.

The guy holding back the curtain gently placed his hand on my arm and gave it a tug trying to encourage me to follow him. ‘Not yet.’ I thought, ‘Not yet!’

I made my way back to the table with my hoard. As I sat down Grant came back into the room looking very red faced and discreetly covering his crotch with his hands. I knew he had an erection.

“You bastard!” he laughed. “You could have warned me!”

“I thought I’d let you find out for yourselves.” I smirked.

“What? What are you talking about?” asked Mark.

“Go and find out!” I said.

He tried to get the information out of us but we both kept tight lipped. Eventually his curiosity got the better of him and he went off in the direction of the toilets.

“I thought I was going to get raped in there!” exaggerated Grant. “I wonder what Mark will make of it?” We both laughed.

We sat down again. My nerves and excitement were making me drink a bit faster than normal and I started to feel a bit light headed. My friends tell me that when I have a drink it’s as if I have taken ecstasy. I get all cuddly and touchy. My friends are used to it and don’t read anything into it but it has caused me problems on more than one occasion. Another effect is that it makes me hyper horny. Tonight I could feel that familiar mist descending over me.

When I was with my straight mates this was usually the time when I would start suggesting ‘dare’ or ‘chicken’ type games. My favourite was of course ‘gay chicken’ which I had to deliberately lose occasionally so as not to arouse suspicion. Tonight I just wallowed in the sensations still hoping that somehow I would be able to get away from the other two.

We waited for what seemed like ages but still no sign of Mark.

“I think I should go looking for him.” I said to Grant.

“And leave me here alone! No way!” he replied.

We waited a bit longer and eventually Mark came back. He was rosey cheeked and looked a bit dishevelled. He hurriedly plonked himself down at my side. I thought he looked a bit freaked out.

Before I had time to say anything he said, “I think I’ll go back now.”

“Okay.” we said, not arguing.

I looked at Grant over his shoulder. Grant looked at me and stuck his tongue into his cheek pushing it in and out and moving his hand in front of his mouth imitating a blow job. I bit my lip. ‘Nah! Not Mark’ I thought.

So off Mark trotted leaving Grant and me alone.

Now that there were two of us we began to relax a little more. We sat close together our legs touching. I had always fancied Grant. In fact I fancied most of my mates, but Grant was special. He was dark haired and very cute. His ass wasn’t big but it jutted out in a perfect round half moon. I had seen his cock lots of times when we went for a pee and it was long and fat. He was slim, which made his cock look even bigger, and he was just a bit shorter than me. We both kept looking towards the doorway as guys went in and out of the dark room.

We were joking and laughing and touching each other more and more as the night went on. Eventually I got brave enough to challenge Grant with the biggest dare of his life so far.

“I dare you!” I said, nodding in the direction of the curtain.

“I dare you!” he fired back. Then he began to make clucking noises.

“Together then.” I said.

Grant threw back his beer. “Come on then!” he said, challenging me. I think he thought I would back down but I didn’t. I stood up and moved towards the door. When Grant didn’t follow me I turned and I made clucking noises. He gave me an evil look and came to my side, linking my arm.

“What are you doing?” I laughed at him.

“Whatever happens don’t let go! And if anyone tries to grab me pull me out.” he said dramatically.

I pulled back the curtain and we walked into the darkness.


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