Gym Workout
by Nathan Jones


It had been a hard day and I was looking forward to releasing a bit of tension in the gym. Normally I attended spinning class or body pump. Something with lots of music and movement to get the blood surging and work up a sweat. Today though, I was going to try the weights. I had a decent body, smooth, well defined, nice shoulders and pecks, but I wanted to try something different.

I’d left work early and chosen the quietest day of the week for my first weight session. I didn’t want to get in the way of the regular guys who would be lifting a lot more weight than me.

I sat down on the bench in front of my locker and stripped off. The place was deserted. I was just toying with the idea of jerking off while the place was empty when the door swung open and in walked the cutest guy I’d ever seen. He reminded me of a young actor I had once seen. He had the same green eyes and boyish cuteness. It was a look that always had an hypnotic effect on me and still does.

I quickly turned my back to him, so as to hide my growing erection and bent over to pick up my shorts. When I stood up he was already at his locker and was opening it, but he was looking in my direction. In the direction of my ass to be exact. Seeing that I had turned to face him he lifted his eyes, raking my entire body with his gaze before fixing those heavenly green eyes on mine. He looked unashamedly into my eyes, smiled and said a simple “Hi!”

“Hi!” I replied.

“Do you come here often?” he said, with a slight smirk on his face that gave away the fact that he new what a clich√© the question was. “It’s just that I come here at this time every day and I’ve never seen you before.” he quickly followed up.

“I come to the gym a lot” I said, “but not normally at this time.”

He nodded, acknowledging my reply, but said nothing. I didn’t want to let the conversation go so I continued. “I normally do classes but I’m going to try out the weights today.”

“Well if you need any help just give me a shout.” he smiled.

We continued to get changed, exchanging glances but saying nothing. I had the distinct impression that he was just as keen to try to find something to say as I was but, as usually happens in these circumstances, the result of so much effort and tension was silence.

I did notice though, that his eyes seemed to be magnetically drawn to my ass, so I did my best to give he a good show as I took longer than usual to adjust my underwear and shorts. He, in turn, not only had a magnificent ass but an enormous bulge to match and seemed to be working hard at letting me see it as he adjusted his stretchy trousers. Finally though, I couldn’t delay any longer and was ready to enter the gym.

“See you in there.” I said as I made my way out of the changing rooms.

“Sure, see you in there.” he replied.

The gym was almost as empty as the changing rooms had been. The music was beating away softly in the background and there was a feint, but not unpleasant, smell of sweat mixed with room deodoriser and cleaning products. I made my way to the first piece of equipment but soon realised that I really didn’t have a clue as to its correct use. I was struggling to set the correct weight and I new that my form was out of whack as well, but I didn’t know what to do to correct it. As I struggled pathetically to get it right, I felt a light tap on my shoulder that made me start.

“You really look like you could do with some help.” It was the guy from the changing rooms. “Look, let me show you.” he said, as he positioned himself behind me.

I was about to stand up to let him get to the equipment but he placed his hand on my shoulder.

“No! You stay there and I’ll help you to get the right position.”

I sat back down and he placed his hand on my lower back just above the waistband of my gym trousers.

“First of all, don’t hollow your back so much.” he advised.

Coming round to my side he placed his other hand low down on my stomach.

“Tuck your stomach in and straighten you back. Now plant you feet flat on the floor so that your thighs are parallel with it.”

To emphasise what he meant he knelt down and placed a hand on each thigh.

“That’s it!” he encouraged.

He moved back around behind me and said, “Hips straight!” as he placed a hand on each hip.

“Good! Good!”

He watched me do a few sets as I pulled down on the bar, raising the weights on the machine.

“That’s great!” he said. “Now lets work an opposing muscle group. Come over to this machine and we’ll do some overhead presses.”

We walked over to the machine he had indicated and he set the weight and height of the bar for me.

“Okay, away you go!” he commanded.

I stood under the bar and prepared myself to push it over my head. In the mirrors that lined the walls I could see him standing behind me looking at my ass.

“Stop!” he said. “If you do it that way you’ll hurt your back.”

He moved around to my side again and this time placed one hand on my stomach and the other on my ass. I flushed a little, partly with nerves and partly with excitement. After all, I wasn’t used to having a guys hand on my ass. He pushed gently with both hands correcting my posture and I began to get a boner. I pushed hard on the bar, lifting the weight and the material of my pants stretched showing the outline of my stiffening cock. His eyes glanced down as he continued applying pressure with both hands on my stomach and ass and then he looked at the mirror. I was looking at my own stiff cock and I could see that he had noticed it too. Then his eyes lifted to meet mine and he smiled.

I pushed again and instead of looking into the mirror he moved position so that he was facing me. He never took his eyes of my rod as it grew and grew. It was no good trying to hide it. With each push of the weight I tensed my stomach and another surge of blood would fill my swollen member. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the final push.

As I rested the weight back into position, I opened my eyes. He smiled at me again and said “Shall we try something a little different?”

I couldn’t wait to find out what he had in mind.

He walked over to the other side of the room and I followed him, adjusting my hard cock as we went, moving it so that it was pointing straight up. I could feel the pre-cum already starting to moisten my underwear. As he walked in front of me I watched his firm round ass as each cheek muscle tensed and relaxed in turn. I saw him put his hands discreetly down the front of his pants and do some adjusting of his own. It was only when we were nearly at the other side of the room that I realised he had been using the mirrors to watch me watching him.
We arrived at a simple padded bench with some free weights at the side of it.

“Okay!” he said “lye on your back on there and I will pass you the weights.”

I did as I was told and straddled the bench before lying back on it. My bone hard cock was showing clearly through my pants but I ignored it, acting as if it was the most normal thing in the world and he played along. As I lay on my back he picked up a couple of weights and placed them in my hands. Then he moved to my side and lifted one leg and straddled me, standing right over my hard cock. I started to press the weights, lowering them to my chest and then pushing them straight up.

“Carry on!” he said. “I will help you when it gets hard. Oh! but I see it already is!” he said cheekily.

I tried not to laugh as I pushed the weights. Gradually it became difficult and he stretched out taking my hands in his, helping me to lift. As I began to struggle I involuntarily began to push down with my legs, at the same time tensing my stomach and lifting my hips up of the bench. He lowered himself slightly so that his balls lightly touched my cock with each lift. On the first contact I felt it spasm.

“Shit!” I gasped.

The next time I lifted my hips a little higher and he sank a little lower. The head of my cock pressed firmly into his balls and I felt the crack of his ass grip the shaft for a fleeting second.

“Ohhh!” I groaned loudly.

Anyone watching would think it was the effort of lifting that was making cry out.

“Come on!” he shouted. “One more!”

I pushed again and this time as I lifted my hips high he made a small movement back and forth, sliding his cheeks over my throbbing pole.

“I have to stop.” I said quietly “or something embarrassing could happen.”

He looked around the gym. It was now empty apart from us two.

“Let’s go over here.” he suggested.

We walked to the corner of the gym where there were a few lockers filled with skipping ropes and other small things. On the floor were some mats for stretching.

“As I’ve done you a favour, could you do me one?” he asked.

“Sure! What?”

“I have a lot of stiffness in my back and legs from my last training session. Do you think you could give me a quick massage?”

I spread my towel on the floor. He pulled off his trousers and his shirt so that he was just wearing his boxers. His body was as near to perfect as I could imagine. Smooth, tanned, no hair and perfectly defined. He lay face down on top of my towel and I knelt at the side of him.

Without oil it wasn’t going to be easy but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I reached over and pulled the top of his shorts down revealing the top of his well formed ass. Slowly I began to rub his lower back, trying my hard to make it look like I knew what I was doing. As I rubbed I would let the tips of my fingers slide teasingly down to his waistband, caressing the top of his full cheeks. He began to moan softly.

“Mmmmm, that’s good.”

I noticed that as I moved my hands towards his ass, and especially if I brushed against the soft curve the marked the entrance to his crevice he would moan a little and lift his ass just a fraction into the air. I leaned forward and blew gently onto the same spot. He groaned audibly. Now he reached back and pushed his own pants down a little further allowing me access to more of his crack. I moved around behind him and straddled his legs. My knees were level with his hips and my cock strained against the material of my trousers tenting them out.

I looked up for a second and noticed him looking at my reflection in the mirror.

“Why don’t you take those off?” he suggested.

Without saying anything I stood up and quickly removed them. I took up the same position again, straddling his legs. I began to push in long strokes, one hand on each side of his back. Each time returning to the waistband of his trousers, and each time pushing it a fraction lower. My own cock was throbbing and jerking in time with my heart beat. As I pushed forward it suddenly escaped through the front of my boxers. I looked up and saw that he had his eyes closed so I left it.

Another push forward and my balls pressed against his shorts as they covered his cheeks. Another push and my cock strained and pulsed almost touching his back. I shuffled back a little. Another push forward and this time my cock brushed lightly over the curve of his partially exposed cheeks.

He felt the contact and without opening his eyes he reached back and pushed down on his waistband while lifting his hips slightly. I was now treated to the sight of his beautiful firm cheeks, round, smooth and tanned with not a blemish or a hair. I paused for just a second to take in the sight and slid my hands once more up his back. My cock rested for a second in the crevice between his cheeks. I could feel his heat and softness and it was all I could do to stop myself collapsing on top of him and taking him. He was beautiful and I wanted him badly.

I knew that if I carried on I would cum all over his back so I eased off a little. Instead I decided to give him a surprise. Moving down further towards his feet I placed my hands, one on each cheek and massaged them gently. He pushed back against my hands and as he lifted his hips, the crack between his cheeks opened a little. The temptation was too much to bare. I leaned forward and gently licked the whole length of his crack. He smelled of sweet perfume and moisturiser. He groaned once more.

“Ohhhhh! That’s good!” he said breathlessly.

I repeated the action, this time pushing a little deeper. He lifted his ass to meet my probing tongue. Again, this time lingering near the entrance and wriggling my tongue slightly. He lifted his ass high pushing hard against me. My tongue found his hole and began to probe it.

“Ahhhh, Yes” Yes! Do it! Do it too me!”

I knelt up and my fuck pole was dripping with pre-cum. I passed my hand over the head lubricating it. Waves of pleasure surged through my balls and ass. He stayed on the floor with his ass pushed up towards me. It looked so inviting. Pulling his cheeks apart I let some saliva fall onto his hole. I began to massage it with my finger. He pushed back again and I entered him with one finger.

“Yes! More! Do it to me!” He begged.

I pushed in two fingers, then three. His groans of pleasure filled the gym as I felt around for his prostate and began to massage it. Reaching under him I searched for his cock with my other hand. What I found was a cock as thick as a beer bottle and about 8 inches in length. I played with the head and began to stroke it. As I did so he lifted even higher. He was now nearly on all fours.

“Please! Please! Do it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” he pleaded.

I began to work his cock faster and he began to buck his hips, pushing he ass against my cock. He reached back searching for it. I pushed his hand away.

“Ask me again!” I grunted, my voice heavy with sex.

“Please, I’m begging! Fuck me, fuck my arrrggghhh!” he shouted as I pushed my swollen fuck pole into his waiting hole.

“Yesssss! Yes! Yes!” he panted in time with my thrusts.

With a few hard thrusts I had my rod deep inside his lubricated ass. I began to pound him mercilessly. The sound of my thighs slapping against his ass on every thrust and his plees for more filled the gym.

I pulled out and told him to stand up. He obeyed without question and I pushed him firmly towards the lockers as I slipped my shorts off. He reached out and spread his arms leaning against the lockers. I told him to spread his legs and I positioned myself between them. Looking sideways we could see our reflection in the mirrors. I positioned the head of my cock and entered him once again. He gasped half in pleasure half in pain. Quickly I took up the rythm again, pumping my cock into his soft cave. I could see his cock in the mirrors. It pointed straight forward and with each thrust bounced, his balls swinging as the slapping sounds once again rang out. By now he was wimpering, groaning and begging me all at the same time. I gave an especially deep thrust pushing hard against his prostate.

“Arrgghhh” Yes! I think I’m gonna cum!” he said.

I wasn’t even touching his cock but the swinging motion and the fucking were bringing him to climax. The thought of him cumming made me pump faster and harder. His shouts of pleasure increased. I reached around and pulled down on his balls, stretching the skin of his cock back. I began to grunt with the physical effort and because I was about to cum as well.

“Can’t hold it! Gonna cum!” I gasped.

“Cum in me!” he said, “Let it go! Fill me!”

I wrapped my arms around him and leaned forward pushing as deep as I could into him with each thrust as I felt the surge of cum rise up my shaft. I began to pump my milk into him. He looked at the mirror and could see the ecstasy of orgasm on my face. We groaned in unison as he too began to pump huge amounts of cum out of his swinging cock. A great stream of it spattered against the lockers, another onto the floor, a third reached his chest. I pressed my face against his back feeling the heat of his skin as I emptied myself into him.

Gradually, we came to rest. I pulled slowly out of him panting for breath. We stood up and quickly gathered our things together. Without talking we headed for the showers. We showered quickly and as we were getting dressed the man from the entrance desk came into the changing room. He looked at us both frowning and then left.

“I think we might have to look for a new gym.” I said.

A voice shouted from the other side off the door “No! Just be quieter next time, or let me know before-hand so that I can lock up and join in!”

We looked at each other and burst out laughing. I could tell that going to the gym was going to be a lot more interesting in the future.


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