Derek’s First Day In School
by Naked Justice


“Good morning. My name is Derek Grey. I am new at this school. My brother told me that I should report here because of my uniform exception.”

Derek was a little shy to reveal that he lived with a gay couple. So, he said it was Daniel and not Ian who had told him about the exception.

Mr. Price, the headmaster, smiled. Uniform exception was a nice description for what Daniel Grey had enrolled his little brother. Obviously, Derek didn’t know what he had to expect.

“Welcome at our school, Derek. Sit down please.”

Derek did as told.

“Did your brother tell you about the uniform exception?”

“No, not at all. And it seems that I am the only one here with such an exception.”

“Yes. It’s a very new programme, and you are the first and actually the only pupil who enrolled for it.”

“Are there more pupils to join?”

“I hope so.”

“Me too. I don’t want to be the only pupil who doesn’t wear a school uniform. If I am alone, I would rather opt for the uniform.”

“It is not provided to opt out. Once you are in the programme, you have to stay there for the whole year.”

“I didn’t want that. It was my brother not me who decided. So, let me out.”

“No. There won’t be an exception for you to be in the School Uniform Exception Programme until the end of this school year. And your brother has custody over you, so it was only him who had to decide.”

“I see. I don’t understand why he did that. One more reason for me to hope that you find other participants.”

George Price himself was craving to find more boys for the programme. When Daniel Grey had proposed the programme, he immediately liked the idea. He hoped that soon a couple of boys of every class would be naked. When Samuel Johnson applied for the job he had the spontaneous idea to make him a naked teacher. Although he would have given Johnson the job anyway, he claimed that he had to participate in the naked-teaching programme. Johnson even didn’t try to reject this demand.

“Well, most parents actually don’t know about the programme. So, I am pretty sure that other boys will join.”

“It’s only for boys?”

Just until this moment George hadn’t had the idea to include girls in the programme. He thought a little about it. But finally, he decided that boys who got unwillingly enrolled in the programme would even be more embarrassed if there were no naked girls participating.

“Yes. It is a boy only thing. Girls shall continue wearing their decent uniforms. So as your brother didn’t tell you anything about the School Uniform Exception Programme, it’s up to me to introduce you into the rules. Unfortunately, we have no more time. We have to hurry for the meeting in the school hall. So, go there, I will come in a few moments. After the meeting don’t go with your form tutor but come back to my office.”


Derek got up and quickly found his way to the hall. When he entered, he could immediately see Henry in one of the last rows. There was even an empty seat next to Henry. So Derek went there. Henry looked at him and was a little disappointed to see him still clothed. But he was happy that Derek chose to sit next to him.

“So, how was the meeting with Mr. Price?”

“Nice. But we had too little time. I am to go back to his office after the meeting. So I will come later to our first lesson.”

That’s why Derek is still wearing clothes, Henry thought.

“Shall we sit next to each other in class?”, he asked Derek.

“That would be great. I don’t know anybody else here.”

“Oh, you do. Sean and Mark are also with us.”

“That’s nice.”

Then a sign appeared asking for silence. Henry and Derek stopped their conversation immediately.

The headmaster’s introduction was boring as hell, and Derek was happy when they could get up and leave. As told before, he went to Mr. Price’s office.

“Okay, Derek, these are the rules for your uniform exception”, said the headmaster when they were sitting in his office again.

“Although you don’t have to wear the school uniform it doesn’t mean that you can wear what you want.”

“Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t know. My brother didn’t tell me. What shall I wear?”

“That’s very easy. Nothing at all.”


“Yes, nothing as in stark naked. Just your birthday suit.”

“You want me to sit bare assed in my classes?”

“Not only in your classes. You will come to school nude, stay nude during the day and go home nude. I don’t care what you wear after you got home if anything.”

“You are not serious about it.”

“I am. And remember what I said before: you have to obey immediately to what your teachers tell you. So, undress now.”

Although Derek was shocked about what he had just heard, he obeyed. In a kind of trance, he first took off his shirt. Shoes, chinos were next, and finally, he took his boxers off. Finally, he stood stark naked in front of Mr. Grey. The 42 year old principal enjoyed the view of this sixteen year old naked school boy. Derek was embarrassed and at the same moment angry about his brother who enrolled him in this programme. It was their thing, if Daniel and Ian walked around naked. But he didn’t want that.

“You can put your shoes on.”

At least one thing that he didn’t have to walk around barefoot.

“I will lead you to your class then and introduce you to your mates.”

They left the office and Derek’s clothes in it.


In the meantime, Henry, Sean, Mark and the other pupils of their class waited for their new Maths teacher to come in. All of them were astonished when the door opened and a good-looking man in his mid-twenties with brown hair in a side parting, brown eyes and a friendly face entered. He would have been taken for an insurance agent if he had worn a suit. But he didn’t. In fact, he wore nothing at all from toes to neck. He had a slight all over tan, a nice six pack, neatly trimmed pubes and was hung like a horse. Henry estimated that his cock hung about at least 7 inches soft.

While most of the boys in the class just were speechless, the girls giggled as if they had never seen a naked man before. The man smiled and waited, until the girls stopped their giggling.

“Good morning everybody. I am Samuel Johnson and your new Maths teacher.”

Pretending that it was absolutely normal that he was stark naked in a class of 16-year olds, he asked everybody for their names.

When it was to Sarah Michaels, she couldn’t resist and asked: “Why are you naked Mr. Johnson. Did you forget to dress up after your quickie in the teacher’s room.”

Although Samuel was embarrassed as hell, he tried to keep cool and said: “Well, I don’t give anything in clothing. So Mr. Price and I agreed that I can take all my classes in my birthday suit.”

Just in this moment it had come clear to him. He wouldn’t get any respect of the pupils if they thought that he was involuntarily naked. So, he pretended to be a nudist who himself asked for teaching in the buff. If he was due to be the naked teacher in this school, he wanted to be a proud nudist teacher. This included the decision that he couldn’t wear any clothes outside of his school. That would make him lose his credibility.

Sean leaned over to Mark who sat next to him: “Wow, that’s hot. If Mr. Johnson is allowed to teach in the buff, I wonder whether I can go naked to school, too.”

“Perhaps you should ask Mr. Price”, answered Mark who couldn’t let his eyes off Mr. Johnson’s horse dick.

Just as all the pupils had introduced themselves to Mr. Johnson, the door opened, and Mr. Price and Derek came in. Henry was the only one prepared to face a naked classmate. But all other boys and girls and also Mr. Johnson were surprised to see Derek entering in nothing but his sneakers.

“Oh, is this a nudist gathering?”, asked Sarah who herself wore neither pants nor a bra under her uniform.

“No”, said the headmaster, looking severe. “Derek Grey is the first participant of our new School Uniform Exception Programme for boys.”

All the eyes were on Mr. Price and the naked boy, so nobody realized that Samuel Johnson’s huge dick grew. Unconsciously, he stroked his cock and soon sported a full 10 inches hard on. But as mentioned before, all the pupils looked on Derek in his nudity and most of them enjoyed his embarrassment.

“I will shortly explain the programme to all of you.

  1. Once enrolled, you stay in the programme for the whole school year.
  2. You can’t wear any clothes in school or on your way from home to school and vice versa. Shoes are optional as well as a coat on your way when it is too cold.
  3. As your privates are on full exposure for everybody to enjoy, all pupils and teachers are allowed to touch them whenever they want.
  4. We know that you might get horny being naked in school. So feel free to masturbate whenever and wherever you want.
  5. If there are more guys to join the programme, you are of course also allowed to fuck at break times. But you have to do it in the open so that everybody can watch you.
  6. Although all of you are allowed to touch the privates of every participant, you have to show respect. Violations will be punished which may also contain a compulsory enrolment in the programme.

Let’s make the programme a success. After this year, I will decide whether nudity will become compulsory for all boys of this school, whether we offer all boys to opt out of school uniforms until they leave the school, or whether we make clothing optional.”

Sarah had lost her interest in watching Derek whose cock was hanging about only 3½ or 4 inches. She had no interest in guys of her age. But she was fascinated by her teacher’s huge boner. She loved men of his age and older especially if they had big cocks. The only people she preferred more were women. She tore her skirt up to reveal her pussy and started playing with her labia. This was recognized by Samuel as well as by Derek and Mr. Price. Samuel who wasn’t interested in girls at all just looked over to Derek whom he considered as very cute. Oh, how nice it would be to have some sex play with this pupil. Derek on the other hand was very excited to see his classmate masturbating. George Price also liked the view and decided to take advantage of this slut of a pupil as soon as he could.

“Do the rules also apply for naked teachers, especially rule number 3?”, asked Sarah.

Samuel knew that he would be in danger if Sarah was allowed to touch his privates unlimitedly. So he took the lead before Mr. Price could say anything.

“No the rules are different. I will stay naked here as long as I am a teacher of this school. I will not only teach naked but also live naked without any exception. Touching my privates is not allowed, but perhaps I want to masturbate in front of you.”

George was a little disappointed that Samuel had ruled out masturbation by his pupils. But if he now changed this rule, both of them would lose respect. So he quickly continued.

“If we have more naked teachers, they may of course also fuck at breaks letting all of you watch. And if any of you don’t show them respect, especially considering that they are naked, they shall make you strip naked and stay that way for the rest of the day and the next day.”

Samuel’s cock had just started to get softer when he heard the last rule. Was he really allowed to discipline his pupils with compulsory nudity? He looked around and there was no boy in the class he didn’t want to make attend school naked. Immediately, he had a full boner again.

George Price left the room, and so Derek could go to his seat next to Henry in the first row. Sarah continued masturbating and showing her cunt to Mr. Johnson who wasn’t interested at all. But Derek saw it and was so excited that he couldn’t resist playing with his hard on. Samuel had full view of this cute boy masturbating. And so, he stroked his cock, too. Henry didn’t know where to look. His new friend Derek was as hot as his teacher, and so he switched his looks constantly. He let his hand glide into the pocket of his trousers to get access to his hard meat.

Derek was the first to cum and shot his cream all over his chest and belly. The first shot even reached his chin. Henry was about to lick this delicious fluid from his friend. But in the last moment he realized that Derek didn’t know that he was gay. And he had no idea how Derek would react. So, he resisted the urge. Nevertheless, he then came in his briefs.

Samuel who stood just in front of the two cute guys watched not only Derek ejaculate but Henry’s face revealed his orgasm, and Samuel thought he could see a wet spot in his trousers. This brought him over the edge. He gave his cock a last stroke, and erupted large amounts of seed. The first load flew just into Derek’s face, and the next went onto the nude pupil’s chest and belly while the rest soaked his table.

This left Sarah being the last masturbating. Not knowing that Samuel had no interest in women at all, she fantasized about being fucked by his 10 incher in all her holes. When he shot his load, she imagined that he shot it into her ass. She moaned in lust and enjoyed her orgasm.

Of course, almost all pupils had watched their teacher masturbating. Besides each other and Samuel, no one had recognized that Henry and Derek had cum, too. And only a few had moved their eyes to Sarah fingering herself. Samuel took a tissue to clean his cock, and started teaching his class. During the next hour both his and Derek’s cum dried on Derek’s chest. The lesson went without further incident. Samuel recognized soon that Derek was very good in maths. So he had a good reason to call him several times in front of the class to show some calculations on the blackboard. This allowed him to enjoy full view of the teenager and let him feel less exposed.


The first break was another challenge for Derek. He was glad that he had met Henry, Mark and Sean before. So, he was exposed to everybody, but he was not without company. The four guys went together outside. Nevertheless, there were more boys to join them who were all curious about their permanently naked classmate. Robert was the first one to touch his privates, and in a few moments, six guys were playing with Derek’s cock. Only Henry kept out. He would enjoy giving Derek a wank. But he feared that the naked guy would be angry then. So, he just watched the action. The other guys gave Derek a couple of strokes each before the next one continued. Derek didn’t like to be masturbated in public especially by guys. But as Mr. Price had told him before, he had to endure it. Besides, it was totally embarrassing to be jerked off in public. Although he had cum about two hours before, it didn’t take him long to reach his orgasm. Just a few moments before Mark gave him the last stroke, Henry jumped in front of Derek and kneeled down. So, Derek shot his cum all over Henry’s face and blazer.


Until the lunch break every pupil had heard about the naked guy in 10th form. So, when Derek, Henry, Mark and Sean went for lunch, dozens of boys and girls tried to get a good view of Derek’s nude body. Once again, Derek was totally embarrassed. But his friends were good company and helped him to through lunch without somebody stroking his cock.


Finally, Derek’s first day in school was over. Once again, Henry, Mark and Sean joined him when they left their classroom. Once they had left the school area, Sean stopped and took his school uniform off.

“Hey Derek”, he said. “The whole day I was so envious to see you sitting there naked. I just have to ask my parents to enrol me into the School Uniform Exception Programme.”

“I don’t think that I want to get into the programme”, said Mark. “But I think that I have worn this uniform enough today.”

He also stripped naked, and both guys put their clothes into their rucksacks. This left Henry the only boy of the group wearing any clothes.


After the first lesson in 10th form which went surprisingly good, Samuel had managed to give five more lessons in his birthday suit in front of fully clothed pupils. Most of the younger pupils had giggled when he had entered the room, many of the older girls and some of the guys were fascinated by his huge equipment. Of course, his nudity and his genitals had been a topic for almost all of his pupils. It had been embarrassing, but Samuel knew that he had to overcome this. He had no choice but teaching bare-assed at least the whole year if not even longer. And he had told the 10th form that he would stay totally naked at Cockaigne. It would be a challenge, but he had to go through this.


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