A Life Well Lived
by Jim Cook


Chapter Three : Welcome To Frankfurt

“Here you are”, a hand on my shoulder turned me around. I found myself gazing into those beautiful azure blue eyes belonging to Hans. “I’ve been waiting for you to come out of customs” he said, grabbing one of my suitcases from me. “Come on follow me, I have a car. I’ll take you into town and get you settled in a hotel”, he grinned.

“Oh…Hans, am I glad to see you, I think I’m already lost, I can’t even seem to find a taxi”. I said with a bewildered smile.

“You have to wait in line over there”, he said pointing to a small sign on a post by the curb, “Another would have been along shortly”.

As we walked toward an employee parking lot, “Where in town would you like to stay, any ideas?” he questioned.

“Well…..I’d like a nice hotel, but; not expensive…..Oh.. And,…. near the train station”. I replied with a chuckle, after stating my seemingly impossible request.

“Ahh…hum mm… Well… SMART ASS, just so happens I know the perfect place”, he stated, with a smug look and a smack on my butt. “It’s just across the street from the HauptBahnhof, that’s the main train station here in Frankfurt, And…..it’s Not…expensive either, also I think it’s a nice place”. Han’s said, very proud of himself. “Not to mention….It’s also close to my apartment” he quipped, jabbing his elbow into my side.

Not only is Hans strikingly handsome, especially in his flight uniform, but; he has turned out be a very nice guy. And right about now I could use a friend who knows his way around. The car was in an employee parking garage two floors up; with all the openness of it I was able to have a good panoramic view around the airport. What a spread out place it appeared to be. I later learned that the big complex on the other side of the runways was the U S Air force’s Rhine main airbase.

A couple of blasts from his car horn snapped me back from my thoughts. As I turned Hans was getting into a blue Porsche. Walking over to the car, “Wow…Hans, this is fantastic, is it yours?” I asked a little bewildered.

“Soon….the bank owns it now” he laughed. “We don’t make as much as people think” he said shaking his head.

The drive into town was very interesting. Germany looked as beautiful as I thought it would, only prettier. “Here’s the Hotel, and right over there across the street is the train station” he said pointing out the window. “Would you like me to come and help you check in, if you do I’ll find a place to park?” Hans questioned.

“Do they speak English?” I asked.

With a little laugh he nodded his head, he said “Oh…yes, I know they do”.

“Well ok then, I’ll be fine” I replied. “Thank you very much, Hans, you’ve made my first day here, not only easier, but; very enjoyable….Thanks so much” I added. Getting out of the car he helped me retrieve my luggage from the back seat.

“Call me after you get checked in” he shouted out his window as he drove off.

“How” I started to yell, but; he was already too far down the street. Then remembering the envelope in my coat pocket, I guessed he’d taken care of that.

I took a deep breath, picked up my suitcases and went inside to the front desk. “Guten tag mein Herr, kann ich helfe …. (good day sir, may I help…)?”

Before he could say another word. “Do you speak English?” I asked.

“Yes…yes sir, may I help you” he inquired.

“I would like a room for a few days, maybe even a week” I told him.

“Is the room just for you, and would you like one with or without a bathroom, sir?”

A room without a bathroom, strange I thought. “Yes it’s just for me and with a bath please” I answered, knowing I needed to take a shower after the long flight.

Pushing a card and a pen across the desk toward me, “Do you know just how many days you will be with us?” he smiled.

“Well at least four, maybe even a little longer, is that alright?” I questioned.

“Yes sir that’s fine, I will leave the date open for now, just let us know when you decide”. Picking up the card after I had filled it out he asked to see my passport.

After jotting down the numbers off the passport, “Here you are sir”, he said handing my passport and a key to me. “Do you need help with your luggage, sir” he asked.

“No, I can manage” I told him with a smile.

“Take the lift to the second floor and go to the right, about four doors down on the right is room #204”, he said pointing to the elevator behind me.

As I turned to go to the elevator I was able to take a good look at the lobby. Hans was right, this is a nice hotel.

Once in my room, I was pleasantly surprised. The room was large, with a queen-size bed in the corner. The furniture in the room was all made from what looked like black walnut. Heavy dark wood styled from the fifties. The bathroom was also quite large, white porcelain tiles on the floor with the old fashioned claw foot bathtub. The toilet and the bidet looked almost new. Bidet ….well…well I had heard of them, but; had never seen one up close and personal, so to speak. Suitcases open on the bed I began to unpack, just the things that should be hung up. I left most of my stuff in my suitcases.

Oh yes, the envelope from Hans, I’d almost forgotten. Picking up my coat, I pulled it out and opened it. It was written on Lufthansa stationary, Lufthansa is the parent company of Condor. The note read, Hans Michael Franken…120 LEERBACH Strasse, Frankfurt am Main, telephone 22-48-74-01. Call me when you can, Hans.

The phone was on the table next to me. It looked quite different from the phones in the U S. A larger base than ours have, but; the receiver appeared about the same. Now, how do I work it? Well it has a dial…just dial I guess, I said to myself shaking my head a little. I’ll take a bath and give Hans time to get home and relax a bit, before I try and call him.

The nice hot bath felt good. Although I usually always took a shower at home, this was very relaxing. This tub was much different than the one we had at home, much larger and quite a bit deeper. After sinking into the water all the way up to my neck. I leaned back, relaxed, and just soaked. After drying off I tossed the towel back on the rack, and sat down to give Hans a call.

Picking up the paper with his number on it, I lifted the receiver and dialed, 22-48-74-01. The ring was also different than back home. Two quick little rings then a brief pause, two more quick rings and a pause; this went on a few more rings, before someone answered. “Ja, Bitte”…came a response.

“Hello Hans? this is Jim…Jim Cook” I said into the receiver.

“Jim, how do you like the hotel,…have any problems at the desk checking in?” he asked.

“No… none at all, and the room is really nice” I told him. “Thanks for choosing this Hotel”.

“I thought you would like it, …and… it’s right across the street from the train station” as per your request, he snickered. “How are you feeling, a bit tired I’ll bet” Hans inquired.

“No…not really, I just had a nice relaxing bath. I feel pretty good, kinda perked me back up ” I replied.

“Good…would you like to do something tonight. Maybe…go have dinner, and then let me show some of my favorite night spots?” he giggled.

“Well…you know I’m only eighteen” I said questioningly.

“Oh…Yes, I remember, but; here in Germany that’s old enough” he said laughing. “What time would you like for me to meet you there at the hotel, I’m free any time you are?” he queried.

“How does two hours sound?” I offered.

“Fine, I’ll meet you down in the bar in two hours then, Ok…bis spater (Till later)” Hans said.

“Ok Hans, till then” I added, putting the receiver down. Good this will give me a little time to dry my hair and get dressed, I thought.

After drying my hair, I decided to lie down and rest a while; I still had plenty of time before Hans was due to arrive. Lying down I decided I was a bit tired, but; not toooo… tired to go out on my first night here in Frankfurt. Not mention, I was really looking forward to seeing Hans again.

Now what to wear… What does one wear for a night out on the town, here in Germany, I wondered? Well…one is never wrong in a nice sport coat and slacks, I hoped.

The Hotel bar was very “Old World”, furnished in dark woods, crystal and brass. It had an air of old fashioned upper class about it. “Ja, Bitte” the bartender asked, leaning towards me.

“A screwdriver, please” I asked.

“A screwing driver?… A screwing driver?, how is it made”?, he asked slowly shaking his head. “You tell me what is in it, and I can make it for you” he said in almost perfect English, seeing I was an American.

A bit embarrassed, I told him orange juice and vodka. “Oh.. Yes…yes I remember this” he said turning to the long row of different bottles behind him.

I was just starting on my second “Screwdriver” when I heard, “Hallo, Jim”, right behind me. I turning my head; there stood Hans in a pale blue turtleneck, and Grey slacks. With his blond hair and those blue, not only did he look almost good enough to eat. He looked as if he had just finished shooting an add for a “Welcome to Germany” travel brochure. I had to be the luckiest American male. Not only was the first German I’d met very nice, but; he is…Sooo… handsome.

“Hello Hans, what would you like to drink?” I offered.

On seeing Hans, the bartender moved down to our end of the bar. “Ja Bitte (Yes, Please)”, he asked Hans.

“Oh, I’ll have the same thing he’s having”, Hans replied in English, sliding onto the barstool next to mine. “Well how do you like Germany or at least Frankfurt” Hans asked.

Nodding my head in the affirmative, “Oh I do, I’m really enjoying myself”.

“What would you like for dinner, maybe; some “Real” German cuisine” he suggested.

“When In Rome”, or in this case Germany”, I replied with a little grin.

With a pleased self assured look on his face, he said, “I know just the place, I’m sure you’ll like it”. Then giving me a pat on the knee, he said “The food is really good”.

We talked for awhile; Hans telling me of the places he was sure I would want too visit while I was in Frankfurt. Inquiring where else in Europe I planned too go, he spoke of certain cities and countries that were a “Must See”. “Lots to see, and do, not to mention the “Night Life”, he added with a very sly wink.

Dinner was a real treat for me, especially because German food has always been a favorite of mine. The Sauerbratten was fantastic, and quite unlike any I’ve had in the States. As we were finishing our coffee, Hans broke my train of thought by asking “How about going dancing”?

“We don’t have any girls with us” I replied.

“Well…we can do one of two things…..One, I can call a couple of girls that I work with…Or…” (he paused looking me in the eyes, and with a wiggle of his eyebrows) continued saying “We have some very nice dance clubs, …..that… are just for guys”. “You know I was really glad that you came back to the galley, and talked with me during the movie” he continued, “That’s when I decided to “Get to Know” this passenger”. He flashed me those pearly whites.

“Well in that case….You needn’t call….Anyone, I’ve never been to dance club just for guys, and I would really like to see one”, I chided him.

“Ok…Gut, Jim, then that is what you shall see…” he said, again smiling from ear to ear.

The evening was warm and clear. Even with the street lights, the night sky sparkled with a thousand stars.

From in front of the train station, we walked up one of the main streets. After about four blocks, we turned into a very narrow street and walked another block. “CRAZY HORSE” written in large pink neon script just above a doorway, made me think we had arrived. Sure enough, Hans opened a large green door, and we entered, Hans leading the way into the dimly lit hallway. It took a minute or so for my eyes to adjust to the darkened corridor.

“Hallo Hans,” an older woman, who smiling warmly had grabbed Hans by the arm and planted a kiss on his cheek.

After a little banter in German, Hans introduced me to Alice the owner of the Crazy Horse. For an older woman, she seemed full of life. There was even a little ginger in her step. With Alice’s arms locked in each of ours, she led us over to the bar.

“Ok boys, your first two drinks are on me”, Alice said giving us a peck on the cheek. The bartender nodded, awaiting for our order.

Turning to me, Hans grinned asking “What would you like, Jim”?

“I think maybe just a beer, will do me nicely. I thoughtfully answered.

Leaning towards the bartender, “Zwei bier, Bitte (Two beers, please)” Hans offered, holding up two fingers. A few moments later, two tall fluted beer glasses, filled to the brim with almost no foam, were placed in front of us.

“Prost”, Hans said with a clink of our glasses.

Most of the guys in the place were just milling about. A few were sitting at the bar or the tables around the dance floor.

“Do you want to stay here, or sit over there”, he asked me, nodding towards an empty table along the edge of the dance floor. Without waiting for an answer, Hans left in the direction of the table, gesturing for me to follow.

“Better viewing from here” he winked, pulling out a chair for me. The dance floor was well populated with some very handsome guys.

“Care to dance”, Hans offered.

Being the shy guy that I am, I answered “Maybe in a little while”.

Before I could say anything else, Alice came over to our table. “Everything good?” she asked, in a heavy German accent.

“JA, alles gut liebe Frau (yes, everything is good, lovely woman” Hans answered.

With a glint in her eyes, she threw up her arms, saying “Well then…Dance, Dance…you should be showing Jim a good time, don’t forget you’re his host”. Then she turned and disappeared back into the group of guys.

“Come on then, let’s dance”, holding out his hand to me.

Giving a shrug, I followed him onto the dance floor. Nervous as I was about dancing in front of all these people, I decided to give it my best shot.

After four of five songs, “Need to rest a bit Hans” I grimiest, wiping my forehead with the back of my hand.

Hans went to get us another beer, as I went looking for the bathroom. Thank God for pictures, making it almost impossible to enter the wrong restroom.

Inside I found an older gentleman in a white jacket, standing by the sink holding a towel. Well…this was unexpected. He simply nodded and smiled. After relieving my self, and washing my hands, I was handed a towel by the gentleman. Noticing a saucer with change in it, I assumed a tip was in order. Luckily I did have a few German coins in my pocket, left over from the bar in the hotel. Trying to act like I knew what I was doing, I dropped some change on the little plate.

Making my way back to the table, I noticed Hans and the beer were there waiting for me. I guess wondering where I’d gotten off to, Hans beamed when he caught sight of me approaching.

“You have an attendant in your restrooms?” I asked, with a look of puzzlement on my face.

“Well, not everywhere”, he said, “just in the more formal places”

“I think I’m going to like Germany”, I replied, with a nod of approval.

After a little more dancing and a couple more beers, Hans asked “Ready to try another club?”

“You’re the guide”, I quipped back.

As we were leaving Alice came up to us and told Hans, “Be sure and bring him back now, you two look good together”.

“Oh…you think so, Alice”, Hans replied, putting his arm around my neck, “Maybe I will, just maybe I will” he winked.

“Watch out for him (pointing to Hans)”, Alice said jokingly. We laughed as we made our way out the door.

Once outside, “I feel a bit tipsy” I told Hans. “But I’ve only had four or so glasses of beer”, I questioned him.

“Well…Jim, One glass of real German beer has almost as much alcohol in it, as six glasses of your American beer” he informed me with a little snicker.

Damn…no wonder I felt tipsy, I thought.

“You’ll get use to it”, he chided me. After a short walk in the fresh air, I started to feel like my old self again.

The second club was a horse of a different color. Bright lights, louder music, a mirrored ball, and an atmosphere more like a Disco. The place was full to overflowing. We had to elbow our way up to the bar.

“Boy this is really quite different from Alice’s”, I stated a little bewildered.

“Yes it is, I like dancing here more than at Alice’s”, Hans almost had to yell over the music.

“Go find us a table, I’ll get us a beer”, Hans hollered as he headed for the bar.

Having to almost push my way through all these guys, I sought out a table. Although the club seemed full, most were standing or wandering about. I had no trouble locating an empty table next to the dance floor.

After what seemed like forever, Hans reappeared two glasses in hand. Looking at my watch, I discovered I’d forgotten to reset it to Frankfurt time.

“What time is it Hans? I’ve neglected changing mine to local time”.

Glancing up from his watch, he said “Two…, you getting tired?”

“No…, not yet anyway” I said, lying just a bit. I really was starting to feel the time difference, and some jet lag.

“We can leave anytime you like” Hans reassured me.

About an hour later Hans caught me yawning. “Time to go” he said, with a nudge to my side. “Can’t have you all worn out, now can we? Besides I hope the night is not completely over”, he added, with a sly smile.

“Oh….I’m not that tired”, returning his sly smile.

After another dance together, he gave me a peck on the lips, saying “Let’s go before we’re both too tired”. A kiss on the lips, even as fleeting as it was, brought a grin to my face. His kiss, our first kiss, was the only sign aside from our little touchy feely on the plane that Hans might really want to go to bed with me. I began thanking any and all of my lucky stars.

“Hey….Big Boy, wanna…come back to the hotel with me, I have a bottle of Scotch from the duty free shop?” I pressed for a “yes” from him.

“Thought you’d never ask”, wiggling his eyebrows. With that he slipped his arm through mine, heading us toward the door, almost knocking over anyone in our path.

The stroll back to the hotel in the cool night air refreshed both of us. During our walk, my mind wandered to that wonderful bulge in his pants I’d played with on the plane. All the way up in the elevator, Hans gently rubbed my ass through my slacks. Because of the late hour, we were alone in the lift. Holding hands we made our way down the hall toward my room. Oh…how romantic I thought.

After opening the door, Hans went over and plopped himself down on the bed, his hand patting the space next to him. Tossing my coat on a chair, I scooped up the bottle of Scotch along with a couple of glasses. As I Placed the glasses and bottle on the nightstand next to the phone, Hans began kissing and nibbling my neck. I turned our mouths met, his tongue slipping between my lips.

The growing bulge in my own pants told me, “Wow…this guy knows how to kiss”. Slowly I lowered him back on the bed. Now we were making out began in earnest. His fingers roamed my body, as I nestled my hand over his manhood. That bulge I’d eyed on so many occasions before, was now in my grasp.

Unzipping his pants, I felt my own cock begin oozing precum. Reaching inside I found his cock all bound up in his underwear, making it impossible to judge its true size. My fingers found a very wet spot, spreading with my touch. Sitting up, Hans gently pushed my hand away.

“Let me take these off, I’m getting too hot” he panted, with a wink. Actually so was I. We both began to undress. He watched me, and I him. Finally he stood naked; I could only stare at the beautiful body before me.

“Now your turn” he blushed, turning a bit red.

“Oh sorry”, I said embarrassed. “It’s just…your, your so handsomely built, and your cock” I stammered. I was staring and I knew it. “Wow…your cock, Oh…that’s…nice” I spoke, almost drooling. To enamored to care anymore, I slid my fingers around it. My mouth dry, I could only sigh.

“You like?” he asked. Even at only three quarters hard it was still a formidable weapon. I judged it to be about seven and a half inches, and as big round as a flashlight. The foreskin barely covered the crown of the gland.

Tugging my zipper down the rest of the way, I finished removing my pants, and underwear. Now both naked, we stood for a moment just gazing at each other. My cock, with a drop of precum hanging from the tip, began rising.

Smiling he went down on his knees in front of me. Holding out his tongue, he slowly licked the drop of clear fluid from me. As he stood back up, I was awe struck. His cock now fully blood engorged stood out proudly, involuntarily I licked my lips. His completely hard manhood was amazing, the foreskin had disappeared, and it looked circumcised like mine. I have always been proud of my equipment, at a little over eight inches, but; his put mine to shame.

Now it’s his cock with a drop of dew clinging to the dark red mushroom cap. I’m the one now on my knees, licking the head to remove it.

Reaching out Hans pulled me to my feet, and led me over to the bed. After pulling back the covers, he gently laid me across the bed.

I turned my head as he stood next to me. I was able to take the head of his cock into my mouth, stretching it to accommodate him. A slight moan escaped him, as he reached for my hard meat. With my cock in his hand he climbed over me and onto the bed. Never once letting his manhood slip from my mouth. This is going to be a night to remember, I thought, as I kept sucking on his powerful tool.

On his knees, he leaned forward and took me deep into that beautiful mouth of his. Now was my time to moan. As he took my cock deeper, I placed my hands on his firm buttocks, pulling him down into the recesses of my throat.

His legs began quivering, as he eased the whole thing into my throat. Deeper and deeper, ever so slowly he slid into me. I was so turned on my throat just relaxed, accepting him.

Removing my dick from his mouth only long enough to murmur “Ohhhh…Yes…Jim, yes”, acknowledging the depth of penetration he’d achieved.

As if to say “Thank You” he swallowed me to the hilt, holding me there as he massaged my balls. As if knowing I needed to take a breath he slowly began withdrawing, easing back up until only the head remained.

As I swirled my tongue around the head, he moaned and lowered himself back down into my throat. All the while, he continued to deep throat me.

Reaching for my head with one hand he rolled over onto his side, I followed his every movement. We were in a fast paced sixty-nine, deep throating each other relentlessly. We were moaning so loudly, I was sure someone could hear.

Releasing my cock from his warm mouth, Hans turned and came up to lie beside me, whispering in my ear “You make me feel Sooo…good, and I want you so badly”. Then kissed me as deeply as he could.

Relaxing, I just let his tongue explore my mouth, then my neck, and down to my nipples. One by one he licked them until they stood hard; a low moan escaped my throat. Unable to move I lay motionless, enjoying the bath his tongue was giving me. As he began licking my navel I started to shake, and moan ever louder.

Reaching his manhood I slowly manipulated the head, smearing the copious flow of fluid everywhere, covering even his hot testicles with it.

“No one…has ever made me feel this way before, Jim” he whispered, coming up beside me. “I think…I…Love you”, he giggled, kissing my cheek. Then softly kissed my lips. Neither of us had cum, but yet; it was a kind of climax anyway. We held each other, and drifted off into a pleasant sleep.

I awoke later to a warm mouth on my cock, even though I was soft, it felt wonderful. Reaching down I ran my fingers through his hair softly, almost lovingly, as he sucked my hardening cock. As I hardened, he took me further into his throat.

One hand rubbing my balls, the other gliding gently over my stomach to my nipples. I continued running my fingers through his hair, as he pinched first one then the other. He noticed my arousal, as my cock leapt even further into his throat.

He started softly moaning, as my hips began to fuck up into him. My one hand held him tightly against me. My other on his head, I fucked his mouth harder and deeper with each thrust.

Afraid I might cum, I held him still. Guessing my nearing climax, he came up off my cock.

Tugging gently at his shoulders, I forced him back up beside me. “Easy Hans, I don’t want to cum, just yet.” I pleaded with him. I did like just feeling him next to me.

Having never been one to become attached to anyone, I was puzzled. Here I’d just met Hans, was I falling in love with him? For the first time, sex, hot as it was, was not the most important thing?

“Ok Jimmy, let’s keep our head”, I said to myself. “You’re just infatuated with this beautiful guy, nothing more. And besides, you might scare him off, if you come on too strong”.

I guess wondering why I was so quiet; he asked “Is something wrong, Jim?”

“Oh, no Hans, I’m just enjoying being with you, that’s all.” I sighed.

Giving me a bit of a hug, he moved up and kissed me again. Then we drifted back off to sleep.

I awoke first. Looking over at Hans I knew I felt something I hadn’t felt, at least toward another guy. Although I’ve had some, but; not a lot of sex with girls. I did not consider myself gay. Even though I’ve had wanton sex with just about any and every guy I could, I only thought of myself as being over sexed, not gay. I still found the female body exciting. And often jacked off thinking about sex with a hot girl. Just what was I feeling?

Trying to be as quiet as I could, I reached over and lit a cigarette. Still lost in thought, I didn’t realize Hans was awake, until he kissed my stomach. Glancing down, I saw those big beautiful blue eyes smiling up at me.

“Good morning”, I said softly.

“Gutten morgen” he whispered, giving me that wonderful smile of his. “May I have a cigarette too; I think I am all out?” He asked.

I lit another one and put it to his lips. Grinning, he opened his mouth just enough to accept the cigarette. We sat quietly while we smoked, on occasion grinning at each other.

“You know Jim, I really care for you?” Hans spoke, breaking the spell.

Oh…my…foolish…heart… be still, I thought. “I really like you too, Hans” I replied. “And I hope I’ll get to know you even better” I added, kissing him lightly on the lips.

“Would you like to drive up to Düsseldorf with me, you would be able to experience a lot more of the real Germany”? He had a pleading look in his eyes.

“Oh, you have to go and leave, just when I was getting to know you a little,” I said, with a pretended hurt look.

“No…no I don’t have to go, I just wanted you to see my home and meet my family, before you have to leave”, saying it in a low voice, accompanied by those puppy dog eyes of his.

Now I was becoming a little nervous. Home to meet the family, what am I getting into, if I go with him to meet his folks?

“We don’t have to; I just thought you might like it”? He offered, reaching for another cigarette. “Just think about it, I know you are probably still tired after your long flight. If you’re not up to it, it’s alright”, I understand.

The “Oh… please, please” in his voice, made me want to smile just a little.

Trying to adjust my perspective, I reasoned to myself, surely I’m not the only American Hans has taken to bed? I did, however; realize I did feel “something” for him. But; what, was my nagging thought? Just play it by ear, I kept telling myself.

“Ok, to take a bath?” Hans asked, getting out of bed.

“Don’t you want to finish what we started earlier?” I questioned.

“I think you are just a little bit too worn out, let’s just wait until tonight”, he compromised.

Watching Hans head for the bathroom, I couldn’t help but notice his beautiful form. From the bed I could observe him as he adjusted the water. Sitting on the side of the tub, Hans turned and caught me looking at him. Grinning he hopped in the water.

What am I getting into, I kept asking myself over and over? Oh well, “Let time take care of itself” I decided.

Frankfurt was a wonderful surprise, what a beautiful city. The city park extends all the way around the city. Hans explained that the park is where the old city walls were. Walking through the park, I stopped in one of the public bathrooms. There were a lot of men inside. Most seemed young, only a few looked older.

Walking up to an open space at the urinal, I couldn’t help but notice a few heads turn to check me out. Smiling to my self, “I’ll have to remember this place” I thought. It seems that whether in California or Germany, some public bathrooms just seem to have a gathering of guys looking for a little action.

Our little tour of Frankfurt came to an end at a small outdoor restaurant located in the park. “Why don’t we have an early dinner here?” Hans inquired. “The food is not expensive, and is really quite good.” He added.

“Sounds fine to me, I’d like sitting outside. It’s a lovely warm evening to be out here in the open.” I smiled.

The meal was excellent, making me fall in love with German food all the more, if that’s possible. Stateside German restaurants, while still being some of the best. Don’t hold a candle to the “Real” thing. I’m not sure what the difference is, but; there defiantly is one.

After going out and dancing some, and saying hello to Alice at her club. We returned to the hotel. Hans tried talking me into going over to his apartment, but; because all my morning utensils, like my razor, toothbrush, and hair products were all at the hotel. I was able to convince him to come back with me.

I think we both were looking forward to getting naked, and picking up where we left off the night before. I know I was.

I poured a little scotch, adding a dash of seven-up into a glass for each of us. At first Hans wrinkled up his nose, and said “What are you doing?”

“Just try it” I reassured him.

After a sip, Hans gave me a thumbs up, and nodded his head saying “Not bad…not bad at all”.

“See I’m not crazy”, I said laughingly. Hans came over and gave me a deep wet kiss.

“Not crazy at all”, he said putting his arms around me. This time the kiss was very wet and deep, as his tongue found its way ‘almost’ down my throat.

My hands were on his ass massaging those firm buttocks. I could feel movement in the front of his pants as we kissed. As he held us closer my manhood began swelling, as did his.

The hand rubbing my now firming cock, was very sensual with its long smooth strokes. The twitching of his cock let me know he was as turned on as I was.

With slow gentle steps, he moved us toward the bed. After laying me carefully on the bed, he began removing his clothes.

My eyes never leaving his body, I removed my jeans and shirt as well. Naked he leaned over and softly licked my lips, before slipping his body down next to mine.

Our kissing and fondling grew more intense. His cock was slick with the pre-cum, and he kept oozing even more. My cock was wet with my own juice as well.

Turning enough to fall into a sixty-nine position, we both began going crazy on each others cocks. I worked mine deep into his throat. Moaning, he let me slide into him.

Taking a deep breath, I plunged my mouth down on him. With my nose buried in the hair at the base of his cock, I started swallowing. The mussels in my throat milking that hard cock, with all the sensuality I could muster.

Flexing his hips he rammed my throat, fucking that cock into me repeatedly balls deep. I began moaning, as he fucked my throat.

Ramming my cock into Hans’s throat, he grabbed my ass and pulled me tightly to him, milking my rod with his throat.

Coming up off his cock I took hold of his balls, gently fondling them. His hips began to buck, begging me to swallow him down again.

Letting my cock slip from his lips, he panted, “Oh, Jim….please, swallow me again,….please”?

“Hans…Hans, slow down, I don’t want you cuming yet. Easy….guy, I want my dick in your ass. I need to fuck that cute butt of yours” adding “I also want to put that monster of yours’ in me…well at least I want to try”.

With a light slap on my rump, Hans took a sip of his scotch. Giving me that big smile of his, “yes, yes.. I want that too” he replied, giving me a lecherous grin.

Lighting two cigarettes and giving one to Hans, “Let me get some K Y”, I said, heading for the bathroom.

I bounced the tube on the bed next to Hans.

“Yes, I use this too”, Hans smiled, adding “Jim you may fuck me first”. “I’ve wanted to feel you in me, from the time I saw you on the plane”.

I started chuckling, saying “I’ve wanted to fuck that cute little butt of yours, from the moment I saw you going down the isle of the plane with the bar cart.” We both grinned.

By the time we had finished our cigarettes, our cocks had gone soft. I looked at my shrunken soldier. Eight and a quarter inches of prime circumcised cock, now only a shadow of it’s former self, was beginning to harden again at the thought of entering Hans’s ass.

Pushing Hans back onto the bed I crawled between his legs. My tongue licking those sweet balls of his, as my hand massaged his cock back to life. The foreskin, little as he had, began to disappear, as his cock rose to its full former glory. His dick now looked circumcised, and was stiff as a board.

My delicate tongue work between his legs, had Hans quivering. With my hands under his knees, I eased his legs up into the air. I licked further down, under his balls. My tongue wandered to his flexing rosebud. Around and around his puckered hole my tongue lathered, wetting as much of him as I could.

My tongue entered slowly, teasing the puckered hole. Probing in further and deeper.

I love being rimmed, and I love rimming. By the sounds Hans was making, I knew he too enjoyed it. By reaching back and pulling his cheeks open, he allowed me to really tongue fuck him. With my lips locked on his hole, I sucked and fucked that ass as hard and deep as my wiggling tongue would allow.

Sucking his ass and jacking that beautiful dick of his, had Hans’s clear nectar flowing everywhere. Over his balls, even down between his legs to my mouth. Tasting his pre-cum as I sucked on his ass, made my cock all that much harder.

With my tongue still lapping at his hole, I rose to my knees. Taking my mouth from his puckered rosebud, I plunged his cock into my throat.

His dick down my throat, I lifted and spread his legs holding his ankles. My cock now at the entrance, I rubbed on and around the lips of his moist hole. His hips began to rock back toward me. Pulling my mouth up to the leaking head of his meaty dick, I swirled my tongue faster and sucked harder as I eased my cock into him. I was doing it without using the lube. He didn’t seem to mind.

Reaching for my ass, Hans forced me all the way into him in one quick thrust. Holding my head, he pulled me up to lie on his chest.

Panting and moaning, Hans jammed his tongue into my mouth as far as it would go. I sucked his tongue for all I was worth, as my dick plowed in and out of his tight ass.

With my hands on either side of his head, I raised up just enough to be able to ram my cock into him as deep as I could. I fucked poor Hans, as hard and fast as my body could move. Hans pumped his tool in rhythm to my fucking.

Our mouths locked together, Hans groaned as his balls tightened and his sperm blasted out drenching both of us. As Hans started cuming, the mussels in his ass contracted around my cock, milking the cum from my balls. As my climax came over me, I rammed him hard and deep. My hips jerked uncontrollably as I released my cum into him. His little butt still contracting, kept milking me, squeezing every ounce of cum from me.

Exhausted and panting I fell onto his cum soaked chest. My cock remained buried in him as our mouths came together, our tongues exploring each other. Time seemed to stand still…. for a long while.

As we regained our composure, Hans’s hands slipped slowly down to my still quivering buttocks, gently squeezing and massaging first one then the other.

“My turn” Hans whispered, a lecherous snicker in his voice.

“Ah, but…do you give….as well as you receive?” I bantered back.

In a gestured gruffness, Hans pushed me off and onto my back. “We shall see,….we shall see…” he winked, handing me a cigarette.

Moving over to the table and pouring us both a little scotch, I handed Hans a glass. “You know I might not be able to handle that tool of yours?” I said, taking a sip from my glass.

Flopping his semi-erect cock in my direction, “Not afraid are we?” He chuckled, adding “The fun may be in the trying”.

“Ok, just let me have a little more of this scotch first, to kill the pain”, I joked. “But; I suppose if you can fuck one end of me…….then the other end should be able to handle you as well” I chuckled, raising one eyebrow and cocking my head a little to one side.

Finishing my drink and placing my glass back on the table. I picked up the tube of k y and waved it at Hans, as I flopped back down on the bed. After putting his glass down, Hans began massaging my flaccid member.

His lips on mine, I took hold of his now hardening cock, and jacked it slowly up and down. As his juice started flowing again, my cock hardened quickly.

Putting my mouth on the head of his dick, my tongue delved into the oozing slit. Hans quickly followed suit and swallowed me to the balls.

Working my hips, I ground my cock into his throat. His cock oozing even more, Hans moaned, “Oh ja Jim, just like that”.

Our sixty-nine was heating up all over again. Rolling onto our sides, we jack-hammered into each others mouths. This position allowed Hans’ meat fuck my throat, as fast and deep as he liked. I was enjoying every inch of him, as that hard piece of meat rammed my throat. The scent emanating off his balls was exciting me all the more; the aroma of raw sex permeated the room.

I became so worked up, I began to quiver and moan. Aware of my state of shear lust, Hans began probing my hole with his finger. I responded by puckering my hole, as I felt the coolness of the K Y lube me. His probing finger sent my cock deeper into his throat.

My moaning grew louder as his finger found new depths inside me, striking my love button several times. His finger and my ass found a rhythm that had us both moaning and thrashing about in pure lust.

The more his finger probed into me, the deeper my cock explored his throat. Ohhhh…now two fingers found their mark. Hans was really pounding me with his fingers. My breathing was becoming almost labored. Panting with a cock lodged in your throat, only added to my state of pure bliss.

Both ends of me were being assaulted at once. Even Hans was getting worked up more and more. He groaned and twisted as if ready to cum. His hand came down behind my head, forcing himself into me.

Sure he would cum, I pulled my mouth up off his throbbing dick. Whew,…a moment longer and I would have been swallowing his nectar. Hans’s whimpering begged me not to stop.

I turned quickly, pushing him onto his back. Crawling up to straddle his cock, my ass was more than ready for that meat of his.

On my knees, my ass hovering just above the head of his dick, slowly…ever so slowly I began to lower myself to meet his cock.

Between the juices oozing from Hans’s cock, and the k y around my asshole. I had trouble holding on to him, as I attempted to guide his member toward my waiting pucker.

I was so turned on. I shuddered when I felt the lips of my ass touch his cock’s slick mushroom head. I lowered myself a little at a time, Feeling myself stretch as he entered me. Holding very still, I tried to completely relax my ass. Little by little I could feel the head of his cock reaching up into me. I froze for just a moment, allowing my stretched rectum to become acclimated to his manhood.

As I relaxed, I found myself settling slowly down on all that Hans had to offer. I felt the hair at the base of his cock tickle me, as I settled down on him. I was completely filled, like never before. It felt as though his cock had gone in my ass and up into my throat. The moaning escaping Hans, told me he was enjoying himself.

Pulling my rump cheeks apart, Ohhhh….ah.. Ouch…, his cock bottomed out in me. The big mushroom head of his cock, was stretching my insides to the limit. It’s a good thing Hans was no larger, there was no room left inside me.

Fearful to move, do to the discomfort, I remained absolutely still. As the moments passed, a new sensation replaced the discomfort I was feeling. Gently, I moved in a small circular motion, working my ass around on Hans. I found myself slowly moving up and down without even realizing it, just part way up then back down. The feeling was overwhelming, as I worked my ass a bit faster and pushed down harder.

In time I began grinding down, working his cock up into me, stretching me all the more.

Rising up, I allowed more than half of his cock to slip out, before plunging back down. Hans began fucking his cock up into me using his hips. Holding me by the waist, he would pull me down on that hard meat of his.

The words, “Fuck me harder….ram it…fuck me” were coming from my own mouth, almost as fast as I bounced on the wonderful cock that filled me. At first I wasn’t all to sure his cock would fit, now I never wanted it to leave me. Constant moaning from Hans informed me how turned on he was.

Opening his arms to me, I leaned forward and touched his lips with mine. Our tongues doing a mating dance, he rapped me in his arms. He fucked me using both his tongue and dick. Rolling us both over, I lifted my legs as he settled in between. Grabbing my ankles, he held them up and as far a part as he could. Our fucking took on a renewed lust.

Reaching over, I grabbed a pillow and placed it under my ass. The angle allowed Hans to penetrate me to the maximum. Rising up Hans braced himself solely by holding my ankles. Placing my feet on the wall behind my head. Up on his toes, he looked down watching his mighty cock pound me.

I still couldn’t believe I was able to take that much cock, without a hell of a lot of pain. Instead I was, however; in a constant state of climaxing, without cuming.

My head rolled from side to side, my mouth was dry. I just kept uttering the words…“fuck me Hans,….harder…harder…..Oh gawd, fuck me..”

Hans was pounding me so hard, the bed thumped against the wall each time he dropped down, ramming his cock in to the hilt.

The sweat pouring off Hans, fell on my face and chest. Licking my lips, I tasted him in the heat of his passion. His stamina was unbelievable. We copulated this way an hour or longer. The longer he fucked me, the more delirious I became. My own convulsions and sweat seemed to excite him all the more, if that was possible.

When ever he withdrew from me, even a little, it seemed as if my insides were being wrenched out. I tried to fuck my ass back on him, whenever he hit bottom. Our rhythm just kept increasing in speed and lust. Never before have I been filled with so much wild abandonment, and raw sex. Our moans became a sex chorus, his fucking was relentless.

“Oh, oh…Ahhhh”, Hans relentlessly slammed his cock as deep as he could. Moving his hips and grinding that cock in as hard as he could.

I felt the mushroom head in me flare, then the hot squirts of cum followed. One, two and three, I could feel each, as they blasted into me. And he still just kept cuming. Grabbing my own cock, and giving it a very few quick strokes…I joined in Hans’s climax.

With my ass mussel tightly choking his cock, Hans groaned his approval, shooting even more cum into me. There was so much pouring into me, it started to leak out and run down my ass.

My own cum had sprayed my face, mouth and chest. Sticking my tongue out I licked my own cum from my lips. Seeing what I was doing Hans leaned in and licked my face. With my cum on his lips he kissed me with a low whimper.

His cock buried to the hilt, he released my ankles letting my legs slowly come down. Rapping them around his waist, I held him snuggly as we tried to catch our breaths. As the wet spot under me grew larger, I felt a couple more squirts of cum being pumped into me.

Whispering in my ear “Oh Jim, you feel so good. We must do sex…more times like this, I’m feeling wunderbar(wonderful)” Hans breathed, in slightly broken English.

Feeling his cock begin to soften, I lowered my legs to rest on the bed. Reaching for a cigarette, I asked, “Care for one?” nodding toward Hans.

“Ja Bitte, yes please” he replied smiling with a wink.

Turning, I felt his cock twitch as it began to slip from me. The sensation of his dick moving in me, even though not hard, made mine stir a little.

As we relaxed and became lucid again, his now exhausted cock slipped from me completely. His cum now freely dribbled out, and I couldn’t stop it. There had to be at least half a cup. And I’ll be damned if another glob didn’t ooze out of his now sleeping cock.

Sleep came easily to both of us. We were even too tired to clean up. Hans cuddled up in the crook of my arm, his head on my chest. I drifted off with a well fucked smile on my face.

Morning came distressingly early. Hans’s easy breathing told me he was still fast asleep. Trying not to wake him, I quietly lit a cigarette. Gazing down at him, I remembered the pure lust we experienced last night. That’s the first time I can recall being so totally worked over, by such a wonderful cock.

Never have I been with a guy that was able to release as much fluid. I’ve seen guys cum in copious amounts, but; never a guy that was able to cum the proverbial “buckets full”, like Hans. Truly at least a full half cup came out of him.

Snapping back me from my trance. “Bitte (please)…. One for me” Hans pleaded with that wonderful smile and beautiful eyes of his.

“Oh, you’re awake, sexy” I answered, tussling his blond hair a bit.

After lighting a cigarette for him, I walked over and pulled the drapes aside, letting the room fill with the golden light of morning. The street below bustling with the morning rush of people.

Returning to the bed, I couldn’t help but notice what a handsome stud Hans was. How lucky…, the first German boy I went to bed with, is the picture perfect German. A tall, very handsome, blond, blue eyed specimen of German good looks.

Taking me over to show me his apartment, Hans fixed us a typical German brunch. Open face sandwiches with a variety of German lunch meats. And some of the best cheeses I’ve ever eaten.

A few glasses of an excellent German white wine later, and while I nibbled away at the cheese, Hans received a phone call.

Hearing only one side of the conversation, and it being in German, I couldn’t make much of what was being said.

“Verdammt.., damn it…..damn it…” a scowling Hans, returned from the hallway. Sitting back down next to me, Hans took my hand and kissed it saying, “Damn it Jim, I’ve been called to take a flight. Another crew is short a Purser. I tried talking my way out of it, but; I have no choice, I have to leave in the morning.”

I couldn’t help being disappointed, very disappointed.

“Well…where are they sending you off to”, I sighed, almost tearing up.

“Hong Kong, and the worst of it is I’ll be gone two weeks. This change puts me on a whole new flight schedule……damn it. I so wanted too introduce you to my folks, I know they’d love to meet you, Jim.” “Will you stay here in Frankfurt, and wait until I get back?” he almost pleaded.

“Oh….Damn Hans, I really would like to, really I would, but I too; am on a limited time schedule. If I want to see all, or at least most of Europe….I need to travel and see what I can. I’ll not be able to visit all of the places I’ve been dying to see. If I just sit and wait for two weeks.”

“But….but, I’ve just found you Jim, I can’t let you go now?” Hans’s voice broke. Now those beautiful blue eyes were sad.

“I’ll come back Hans”, I said, sadness showing in my own voice. “I promise, I’ll be back”.

“I will bring you something from Hong Kong”, replying with a tone of bribery in his voice.

The usual grand smile, and twinkling eyes, were missing from his face our last night out. Missing also was the happy carefree spark of the other nights.

Because of his early flight, Hans couldn’t drink after midnight. We went home much earlier than he normally would have. Needing at least a little sleep, and to pack for his trip, we parted early in the evening.

Alone in my hotel room, I sat there missing not being with Hans.

“Well… Cookie, now you’re on your own”, I sighed to myself.

Where to head now? Holland, Denmark or south to Rome? Holland…..yes, Amsterdam. The sex capital of the world.

Studying my map of Europe, which came with my Euro-rail pass, I decided the best way to save some money would be to travel long distances on the train. Sleeping over night on board, would leave some money to spend on other things, Hmmm…like…POT (Even then Amsterdam was famous for it, not that I’ve ever smoked more than a couple of joints in my whole life)….Ahhhh…Yes, using the train on a long trip as a hotel, would save me quiet a bit. I’ll go from the far north to the far south….Amsterdam-Rome, Rome-Copenhagen, Copenhagen-Paris…. Yes, that should work out well.

From Amsterdam I’d head to Rome,…leaving in the afternoon I’d sleep on the train, arriving the next morning in Rome. Good plan I thought, mentally patting myself on the back. My rail-pass is only good for three months from the date I first use it. I need to plan all this out very carefully. Time is of the essence, if I am to use my three month rail-pass to its fullest. The summer will go by much to fast I fear.


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