A Life Well Lived
by Jim Cook


Chapter Two : Up-Up And Away

Good afternoon, ladies and Gentlemen…Welcome aboard Condor flight # 407 … To Frankfurt…. Our flying time will be ten hours and twenty minutes…. Captain Muller has asked that you fasten your seat belts, and that your tray tables are in their upright and locked position. Please make sure that your carry-on luggage is secure in the overhead compartments, or safely under your seat. If I or the cabin crew can be of any assistance, Please don’t hesitate to call on us…. Thank You………. Guter Nachmittag…. die Damen und Herren, Willkommen An bord Flug # 407 Nach Frankfurt …… I just tuned out the rest of the announcement, and made sure I was ready for take-off….. Tray table up…yep…Well my long awaited adventure begins, I thought to myself.

The plane’s engines grew louder and we began moving. Looking from my window I felt fortunate. At check-in I got the last available window seat. I love airports, all the hustle and bustle ….wondering where everyone is off to kind of fires the imagination.

As the plane taxied on the tarmac toward the active runway, I was glad I had chosen to leave from the Long Beach airport instead of LAX (Los Angeles International). Being a much smaller airport the air traffic here is a lot less congested. There were no other aircraft waiting for take-off. “DING”…. “DING” I see a stewardess taking an empty seat across the isle from me, and quickly buckling her seatbelt. “Take-off” she turned and smiled.

The roar from the engines told me we were taking off. Out the window the ground raced by. I felt the nose of the plane come up off the runway. A few seconds later the main gear was off the tarmac, we’re in the air. My stomach took a bit of a dip…then smooooth, as we banked to the right heading out over the ocean. From the window I’m able to see the beach as we kept banking to the right heading east.

Below I can see the beautiful green of Palos Verdes. I wonder what mom is doing right about now? I do love that house; she did such a great job of decorating it. The view from the pool deck at night is like a sea of lights as you look out over the L A basin.

With an afternoon flight, I’d hoped to be able too enjoy a great view. As we flew over the many states heading east. Cars on the freeways kept growing smaller as we gained altitude. We seemed to have leveled off. I noticed the stewardess had released her seatbelt and was heading to the galley, which was directly behind my seat. Sorry now that I had ever started smoking, I waited impatiently for the No-Smoking sign to be turned off.

The sound of ice being dumped into a bucket. The tinkling of the little bottles of liquor being placed on the bar cart just behind me, caught my attention. Turning, I looked into the smiling face of the stewardess that had been seated across from me. “Would you care for something to drink?” she asked, with that “Coffee, Tea or ….Me” smile.

Spotting a glass of orange juice on the cart, “An orange juice would be great, thank you”.

Picking up one of the little bottles of Smirnoff Vodka, “Care for anything in it” she winked.

Oh…Damn, she must think I’m old enough…. Well if she’s offering… “Sure …why not” I answered. Pouring the contents of the little bottle into the orange juice, she handed me the plastic glass along with a cocktail napkin. “Thank you” I said, accepting the drink.

“Ding…Ding” Just then the No-Smoking sign blinked off. Thankful I was now able to smoke, I pulled my cigarettes and lighter out and lit one. Placing the rest of the pack on my tray table, I took a long deep inhale. Hmmm, that tastes good, and a screwdriver. Things are looking up I chuckled to myself. Far below I could make out the mountains that lie between Los Angeles and Bakersfield.

I was sorry now that I only took German my last year, instead of in my junior year. Angry with myself for not joining the German American Club sooner. At least I did join in time to be eligible for this charter flight. I’m still hoping enough Europeans speak some English, and I’ll be able to get by. At least with my Euro-Rail pass traveling by train will be easier. Not being able to speak most of the other languages, it’ll probably be the best money I’ve spent so far.

Lost in thought, I didn’t notice the steward standing next to my seat restocking the bar cart from the galley behind me. “Would you like another ….Hmmm… that’s a screwdriver, right?” he asked.

“Yes, it is, but I’m fine, thank you” I replied, my eyes lingering at his beautifully packed crotch, before I gazed up into his amazing blue eyes.

“Are you sure….it’s going to be awhile before I am able to get back here again” he added.

Looking into those azure blue pools of his, how could I say no to anything he asked?

“Ahh… hum… yeah, why not” I spoke lost in those eyes of his.

“Cocktail nuts…too?” he asked, placing two small packages on my tray.

“Sure, thanks” I answered.

As he began pushing the cart up the isle, he turned…smiled, showing his pearly whites. I’d swear…he winked.

I hoped that all the guys I would meet in Germany, would be as cute. Short cropped blond hair, a killer smile, beautifully white teeth, and those deep azure blue eyes that seemed to almost glow, and that square German jaw. All that topped with a golden bronze tan. I was extremely happy that I was on this flight. Being next to the galley, I just might have a chance to talk with him a little more. It is going to be a long flight, and you never know. I chuckled to myself.

After my second screwdriver….with my nerve building. I decided I was defiantly going to try and speak with him, if I got the chance. About forty minutes had gone by before the stewardess returned to the galley. She smiled and nodded as she passed. A few minutes later the steward….my steward…oh how I wished, came up the isle pushing what appeared to be a fairly well depleted drink cart.

Pausing by my seat, he picked up my empty glass and the one empty nut bag, before offering me another drink.

“I think I just might have.. Ahh…yes, one left” he said, holding up a lone little bottle of Smirnoff. Placing a fresh plastic tumbler on my tray, he opened one of the two remaining small cans of orange juice. Poured it along with the vodka into my glass. “Ice” he offered.

“Yes please” I answered, holding my glass up to him. As he dropped a couple of cubes into it, I was able to catch another quick glance at his well packed basket. Giving me a big grin, he tugged the cart into the galley. Either he has a serious eye tic or he winked at me again.

For the next ten minutes I could hear the clatter of things being stowed away. When things seemed to have quieted a bit, and all I could hear was a low key conversation mixed with occasional laughter. I gathered my three screwdriver bravado, deciding to walk past the galley in an attempt to engage him in a conversation. Using the excuse of making my way to the lavatories, they were located just past the galley in the tail of the plane, my passing the galley wouldn’t seem odd.

I didn’t realize until I found myself in the bathroom that I really did need to pee, and badly as my bladder was quite full. Exiting the lavatory, trying to act as casual as I possibly could, I paused at the rear aircraft door and gazed out the small porthole. With an occasional glance over, I could see that he and the stewardess were casually talking and smoking a cigarette. They were hidden from the view of the other passengers by standing in the galley. Seeing the two of them smoking, I lit one up myself while still gazing out the small portal.

Almost afraid to look directly at him, I stole the occasional glance. Dinner wouldn’t be for at least an hour or more, and this was their first break after the passengers had been served from the bar cart. They had been busy, the plane was almost totally full, they deserved the short time out.

Ready to steal another glance, I almost dropped my cigarette when as I turned my head, there he stood. The noise in the aircraft must have masked his approach. “First time to Germany?” he asked smiling. Sensing my shock at his sudden appearance, he put his hand on my shoulder as if to calm me before asking again, “First trip to Germany”?

“Ahh….Ahh… yes…Yes it is” I replied, my nerves beginning to quiet.

“Sorry I startled you… You ok?”

“Oh…yeah, sure….just caught me off guard, that’s all” I stammered.

“Sprechen sie Deutsch?” he asked. (Do you speak German?)

“Nur ein bisschen, aber Ich lerne” (Only a little, but I’m learning) I answered, thankful for my one year of German.

Chuckling with a warm cute smile, “Not Bad…..for an Auslander (foreigner)” he chided, giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze. We talked for awhile, my eyes drinking him in. He even fixed me yet another drink, saying dinner was still a ways off.

I guess we spoke longer than I realized. For when the stewardess called his name, which he earlier told me was Hans, she began pulling out trays and placing them in what I took be ovens. That’s when I became aware that almost an hour had gone by.

“Guess I had better let you get back to work” I said setting my empty glass on the counter and turning to leave.

“After dinner” he said nodding toward the two empty seats next to me.

“Oh…yes, I’d like that” I added, grinning to myself as I made my way across to my seat.

Returning to my place by the window I lit another cigarette and thought about the gorgeous guy I’d just met.

Dinner was very tasty, a nice fillet, roasted potatoes, with a Caesar salad. I passed on the coffee after and had another screwdriver instead. I almost skipped the drink, but; there had been enough time and a meal in between so that I only had the slightest bit of a buzz. As with the others, I sipped this one slowly.

The crew was busy picking up the last of the food trays, and handing out the headsets for the movie. I did receive a few smiles from Hans as he worked his way up and down the isle. Oh Damn… the movie “Where the Boys Are”, one of my favorites, was being shown on a screen that looked so small, at least from my seat in the rear of the plane. It was difficult to see. It’s one of the draw backs of the 707. I decided I had enough of a reason to get up and walk around a bit. Maybe I would even make a quick pit stop.

My timing was perfect; he was just finishing up his dinner, standing there in the galley, as I passed on my way to the bathroom.

“No movie for you” he said putting his tray away, as I came out of the lavatory.

“A little hard to see from way back here” I replied, putting my hand up to my eyes and craning my neck, like I was looking at something miles away.

“Yes” he said with a little laugh, “I guess we’re just used to it” nodding toward the stewardess. Then he added that there are a couple of seats closer to the front if I would like to go and sit up there.

“No that’s alright, I’ve seen it twice before. It’s a good movie though, I really like Connie Frances”

“I do too” he shot back, with another of his great smiles.

“Ok…if I smoke here” I asked. Without saying a word he opened a cupboard and placed an ashtray on the counter next to me. Taking me cigarettes from my shirt pocket I offered him one then took one for myself. Placing the rest of the pack on the counter, I reached into my pants pocket for my lighter. When I looked up he already had a lighter lit. After taking a puff, I gave him a nod of my head and said “Thank you”.

“No….Danke” (thanks) “You need to start practicing up on your German” he admonished with a smile and a wink.

His co-worker whose name was Helga, he told me, would be up front helping the forward crew and wouldn’t be back for awhile. Most of the passengers were watching the movie or sleeping.

“Why don’t we go and sit down, I need to get off my feet for a few, Jim” he said sticking his tongue out a little and shaking his head slowly, mocking his fatigue.

Grabbing my lighter and cigarettes I made my way to my seat. Hans took a side trip to the bathroom, and returned with a glass of orange juice and a can of seven-up.

Tasting the OJ I noticed it had Vodka in it. “Thank you…Hans, but; I think this’ll be my last, I’m getting quite a healthy buzz on” I told him with a roll of my eyes.

“Gut…” (Good) he said with a squeeze of my knee. “I mean you being a bit “Tipsy” he smiled, wiggling his eye brows up and down a bit.

Hummm…..what did he mean by “glad I was a bit tipsy” I wondered? Did he mean what I hoped he meant, that I might be ravaged by this German stud? I felt my dick twitch.

Turning and gazing out my window, I saw three quarters of a full moon in an absolutely cloudless sky, scattered with a few stars. Leaning across me so he could also look at the moon. I felt his hand on my thigh….almost touching my awakening manhood.

Glancing up I took note that the few people near by, all seemed to be sleeping in the darkened cabin. Ever so slightly his thumb made soft circles only inches from my now hard dick. Feeling turn about was fair play I placed my hand on his leg, my thumb gently stroked his firmly packed basket.

In an effort not to break the closeness, Hans began telling me how much I would like Frankfurt, almost in a soft whisper. His family lives north of Frankfurt in Düsseldorf, but; he keeps an apartment Frankfurt. We talked huddled together, our fingers softly massaging each others crotches. We both enjoyed making each others cocks twitch. The way we were sitting and the way our hands were placed, it wasn’t obvious what we were up to. It looked as if we were just talking and looking out the window. We stayed deep in conversation for over two and a half hours, as we played touchy feely.

The movie over, I saw Helga heading up the darkened isle toward us picking up some of the headsets as she came. Hans gave my hard cock a playful pat, sighed softly, as he rose to return to the galley. Before she reached us, he turned gave me a wink and one of his great smiles.

“Hallo again” she said with a cute smile and a nod as she passed. Then she began speaking to Hans. Well time for me to make a quick trip to the bathroom. They were busy in the galley, I don’t think Hans even noticed me slip by into the lavatory. Coming out I saw Hans was no where to be found, and went and sat back down.

A bit tired, I decided to take my pillow down from the overhead compartment and rest my eyes for awhile. With all the excitement today I was exhausted, however; I just didn’t realize how tired I was until my head hit the pillow.

Hearing a commotion from the galley, I opened my eyes. Then I knew I had dozed off. Well I did feel better, a little more rested any way. Now that I was awake I caught the smell coffee coming from the galley. Coming around the corner, and seeing I was awake Hans asked “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Oh yes…please” I begged still a bit groggy. He disappeared back around the corner, reappearing with a cup in his hand. “Cream and sugar” he smiled.

“Please” I replied. He was prepared, and from his other hand presented me two packets of sugar and a small sealed tumbler of half and half. “Danke (thanks)” I said as he set the coffee on my tray. He pulled the tab off my cream and poured it into my cup.

“Bitte” that means your welcome” he said with a little wink.

Outside the plane it was beginning to lighten, and I could just make out a few clouds toward the horizon. It won’t belong now I reasoned. I kept watching Hans as he went up the isle serving coffee or tea. I could smell something coming from the galley, and it did smell good.

Making his way back up the isle, Hans said breakfast would be ready in a few minutes. Giving me another of his blue eyed smiles, he disappeared into the galley.

The hot coffee tasted wonderful and went perfectly with my morning cigarette.

Helga and Hans appeared from the galley caring trays of hot damp towels, offering each awake passenger one. It was Helga who offered me a hot towel. “Danke (thanks)” I said smiling up at her.

“Bitte (please)” she smiled back before moving on.

“Just like a real German” Hans said, poking a little fun at me, after handing a gentleman a hot towel. We both just grinned.

“Guter Morgen die Damen und Herren, Wir werden fruhstuck in ein parr minuten dienen”……. “Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be serving breakfast in a few minutes” came over the cabin PA system. I didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the announcement, as I needed to take a healthy piss to get rid of my morning wood.

Returning from the bathroom, I found my breakfast waiting on my tray. Breakfast consisted of a glass of orange juice, scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, toast with little containers of grape and cherry jelly on the side. After the breakfast service was over. I noticed that the crew worked at a feverish pace to tidy up the cabin, taking the breakfast trays and the rest of the headphones from the movie into the galley.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen…this is Captain Muller speaking, we are preparing for our decent into Frankfurt….Please fasten your seatbelt, and make sure your tray-tables are up and locked. Please extinguish all smoking materials. We should be on the ground in about twenty-five minutes…. I hope you have enjoyed your flight. Myself and the crew would like to thank you for flying with us….. “Guter Morgen die Damen und…………..” I tuned out the rest, and began gathering my things from the empty seat next to me.

Outside I could see farms, green fields, a river, small towns and what I thought to be freeways. “Willkommen Nach Deutschland”, I looked up to see Hans leaning over the seat next to me pointing out my window. “Welcome to Germany” he said. “We’ll be landing in a couple of minutes. Did you like your breakfast? I gave you an extra piece of Canadian bacon.”

“Yes…very much, thanks”. Where does the plane go from here” I asked Hans.

“This is the last leg of our flight schedule, now our crew has six days off” Hans said. With a sheepish kind of grin, “Would you like for me to show you some of the sights Frankfurt has to offer”?

“Oh that sounds great, are you sure it’s not an inconvenience, you must have more important things to do than show a tourist around” I answered, but with a look that said, …Oh Yes,…Yes Please Do.

“Ding….Ding” “That’s for the crew to take their seats, I’d better go sit down” Hans told me as he hurried towards the front of the aircraft.

Helga was taking her seat across from me again. She looked over and said, “I hope you enjoy your stay here in Germany”.

“Oh…I know I will. Thank you for a great flight Helga,…Enjoy your days off”. I said with a smile. She returned my smile buckling her seatbelt.

The plane gave a little shudder as the landing gear came down. “Ding..Ding”…“Ding..Ding” the seatbelt and No-Smoking signs flashed a couple of times very rapidly. Helga glanced up the isle quickly, making sure that all was as it should be.

The ground was coming up very fast. I could see another runway and what I took to be the terminal off to the side. Then I felt the wheels touch down, a moment later the nose gear was on the tarmac. Seemed like a perfect ..1, 2…and 3 point landing to me.

The loudness told me the reverse thrusters were beginning to slow the plane. We seemed to just glide down the runway….slowing as we went. Coming almost to a stop, the plane turned off the runway onto a taxi way. As we turned, I could see a little yellow truck with a sign on it saying “FOLLOW ME” in front of us. The engines came up a bit as we followed the yellow truck to the gate.

In a moment Helga was up, and standing by the door across from me. Hans, from up front, was on the PA system asking that everyone remain seated until the aircraft came to a complete stop at the gate.

My European adventure begins, I thought. Only hours ago I was walking down the isle at my high school graduation. Even then, only thinking about this trip. Now here I am…eighteen with money in my pocket. Cleaning my dad’s medical offices these past five years, really paid off. With my Travelers checks in my jacket pocket, along with my Euro-Rail Pass and passport, I took a deep breath. I’m off to see the world. Well….as least parts of it anyway.

Glancing up, I saw Hans coming down the isle looking very smart in his blue blazer with his hat on. Beaming his usual sexy smile he gave me a wink, handing me an envelope. I took it, but; wanted to ask what it was for. However, he had already passed and was standing at the door ready to open it.

The other passengers were up out of their seats collecting their coats and other belongings from the overhead compartments. My stuff was already on the seat next to me. I slipped the envelope into my jacket pocket. Picked up my things and stepped into the isle as Hans opened the door.

Helga motioned for me to come ahead, as I was the nearest person ready to disembark. Both Hans and Helga stood by the door smiling, and thanked me for flying with them. I walked up the jet-way anxious to find out what was in the envelope Hans had given me.

I followed the signs pointing to passport control and baggage claim. I was asked how long I planed on staying in Germany, I answered about a week or so. Customs though was an experience, having to open my luggage as the agent took a quick look through. He asked if I had brought anything into the country, only a couple cartons of Marlboro cigarettes I told him. “Enjoy your stay” he said as he waved me on. Quickly, I closed my suitcases and looked for an exit. Now to find a Taxi to take me into Frankfurt.


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