A Life Well Lived
by Jim Cook


Chapter Six : Holiday On Ice

“Of course, we’ll leave some tickets at the will call window, you can pick them up when you get to the sports arena” George happily offered.

During a short lull in Andy’s seating and cashiering duties, I managed to introduce the members of ‘Holiday on Ice’ to Andy.

On learning they were from Holiday on Ice, Andy sent two bottles of champagne over to the table.

He praised their performance in the show, having gone to see it opening night. Telling too, them he goes every year, on opening night.

Andy very much regretted that he would be unable to attend the show this evening, as he had a large group of people booked for a birthday party.

Having enjoyed the champagne Andy had sent to their table and promising tickets at the will call window, the group left taking enough carry out containers with them to feed half the cast members.

“Well Jim you lucked out, with my dishwasher back you’re out of a job” Andy chuckled, adding “And that my friend…leaves you free to use those tickets tonight. By the way you’ll love the show; it’s one of their best”.

Even though I had finished my lunch. I stayed, visiting with Andy. It was late in the afternoon before I left.

Having said our good-bye’s. I was very surprised when Andy slipped me a folded Mark bill as I was headed out the door.

Turning and holding up the bill, “Huh…what’s this for?” I asked puzzled.

“Just take it and be quiet, Jim. Besides you came in when you really didn’t, or shouldn’t have had to. I really do appreciate that Jim. And besides…you’ll need a little spending money at the show tonight” Andy told me in an almost fatherly way.

Unable to argue with Andy and win, I just thanked him, pocketed the bill and headed back to the hotel.

Down in the lobby I told Manny and Helmut about meeting some of the Holiday on ice cast members. They seemed duly impressed, especially after I told them about the complementary tickets. Alas they too had already seen the show.

Before going up to my room to bathe and get ready for tonight, I ask Helmut to please check on the trains to Rome for me, as he had a train schedule there at the desk.

Refreshed from the bath, I dried my hair before using my razor (electric) and dressing. Deciding to appear as German as possible, I donned my recently purchased shirt, slacks, and shoes.

Back down at the front desk, Helmut had jotted down several trains and there departure times. Two trains, although not Trans European Expresses, had first class and were express trains. Thanking Helmut for his effort, I pocketed the slip of paper and left to wander around looking for a place to grab a quick bite to eat before the show.

The evening air was warm, even a little humid, but; a slight breeze kept you very comfortable.

The Sport Halle was quite crowded, even for a Sunday night.

After attempting a little mental translating, “Will Call’; I had to finally ask someone. Oh yeah, “Werden Rufen”.

Well, well…I was pleasantly rewarded when the young lady at the window handed me a small envelope with ‘Jim Cook’ scribbled across the front. The envelope contained two tickets as promised.

By just looking at the tickets, I had no idea where the seats were located. The seating sections and numberings left me quite confused. Different colored blocks, alphabetized and numbered.

Finally, I gave up and just handed an usher my ticket. The grand surprise came when the usher, a handsome young lady, walked me down onto the main floor to a seat in the first row facing the ice. Damn, front row center ice, these had to be real VIP seats.

The main bright over head lights slowly dimmed out. Leaving only a very subdued light over the doorways and down the rows of seats, as people were still finding their seats. Soft music could be heard filling the arena, as the last people took their seats.

The musical interlude having gone on for some ten minutes, faded as did the lights. The entire arena was enveloped in a very hushed darkness.

“Happy Holidays……….Happy Holidays……(The music of the old favorite Christmas song rose in volume)…….While The Merry Bells Keep Ringing…..May Your Every Wish Come True”………. “Happy Holidays…….Happy Holidays……May The Calendar Keep Ringing…..Happy Holidays To You…….” As The song continued, light blue and white lights over the ice slowly brightened. The entire ice and even floor of the arena was filled with snow flakes (extremely tiny bubbles).

The scene on the ice was beautiful, Christmas card perfect. The stage curtain looked like the front of Christmas card, with a large cut out circle trimmed in red and gold. Looking Inside the circle, the scene was of guys skiing down a slope, but; frozen in place.

On the ice a huge sleigh, with a beautifully gowned snow queen sitting inside, surrounded by couples scattered about the ice. Everyone dressed in white, and trimmed with white fur, their costumes studded with sparkling diamonds. Everyone and everything, except the falling snow, was frozen in place.

The music smoothly transitioned into “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”, and it did. The couples began slowly waltzing about as the sleigh, pulled by horse costumed skaters, made its way around the ice.

This was a fantastic way to open an ice show. The Christmas card curtain opened revealing two ramps, each ramp filled with “Skiers”. The music changed to “It Happened In Sun valley”, as the skiers descended the ramps and out onto the ice.

The show only got better. Before I knew it, it was intermission. Where did the time go?

A glass of beer and a cigarette later, the second half of the show began.

Even though I had heard of “Ice Capades” in the states, I had never gone to see an ice show before. This was turning into an exceptional evening’s entertainment.

The latter half of the show was also excellent. The opening number after the intermission, was a story on ice of a sailor on leave in Hong Kong. Performed in the Gilbert and Sullivan operatic style.

Scattered throughout the show were solo’s by different Olympic champions, male and female. Some very good comedy skating teams, had me laughing until my sides hurt.

The finale was outstanding. The theme was “Paris 1900”, complete with lighted old motor touring cars, the Eiffel tower, climaxing with the entire chorus line doing the famous “Can Can”. For their final bow each star was brought out in one of the antique style touring cars, and gave a quick jump or spin.

Holding hands they skated around the ice, before lining up at front header boards and waving to the audience.

The lights then went out, to thunderous applause. Wow…what a great performance, I was very impressed.

Being the pack rat that I am, at least when it comes to souvenirs. I slipped the tickets back in their envelope to save. In doing so, I noticed a message written on the back of the envelope. “Jim, after the show come around to the artiste’s entrance…wait for us.”

How did I miss seeing that before, I wondered? I guess in my excitement to check the tickets; I had paid little attention to anything else.

In trying to find the ‘Artiste’s’ stage door, I must have walked around almost the whole building. Finally locating the guarded door, I lit a cigarette and waited.

After waiting and smoking, smoking and waiting, I glanced at my watch. Almost forty-five minutes had gone by.

As I began to wonder if they were ever coming out, the door opened. George stuck his head out, motioning for me to follow him. The guard, smiling stepped aside, allowing me to enter.

The backstage area was filled with large blue crates, stenciled with different letters and numbers in white paint. Racks of the costumes were lined up by what appeared to be the dressing rooms.

The cast members were rushing about in bathrobes. Some still had their make-up on. A couple of the kids I recognized from the restaurant, waved as they hurried by.

Guiding me over to a chair by a snack bar for the troupe, George asked if I’d like anything while I waited.

“No, I’m fine” I said taking a seat.

“I’m off to grab a shower and get dressed, shouldn’t take me long” George added, scurrying off.

I sat in awe watching the hustle and bustle of life back stage. This was an entirely new experience.

Slowly all of the robes were exchanged for street clothes, after the cast had showered and dressed.

The guy from Florida, whose name I had already forgotten, and the English kids came over and pulled up chairs. We were all now waiting for George.

To kill time, I think, they asked about the different clubs I had been to. When I told them not any really, not wanting to mentions the gay dance club, they volunteered to show me a very nice one. To my dismay, they were leaving on a noon train tomorrow.

Standing out front waiting to hail a taxi, I learned that a fair amount of the cast live in travel trailers and would be pulling out tonight. Only a couple would wait and leave in the morning with the caravan of show trucks.

The Taxi ride proved interesting, as we passed my hotel. We turned on the same street as the gay club I’ve been going to; only instead of turning right we turned felt. I had to chuckle to my self. We were less than four blocks from my hotel. Half a block up the street, we pulled to the curb.

The place looked familiar, not that I had been inside, but; having walked by on one of my forays to the American Express office.

As we all piled out, Tina one of the English kids, paid the taxi driver. The club, although very nicely decorated, was some what lacking compared to the gay club. Not having paid any part of the taxi fare, I felt a little obligated, so I bought the first round of drinks.

George and I sat talking while the others danced. Without actually telling me, I found that George was defiantly gay. It became very clear as soon as he mentioned how ‘hot’ the bartender was, and what he would do with him if given the chance.

I was a little surprised at the amount of booze they managed to consume, while not appearing the least intoxicated. When I inquired of George, he simply shrugged, adding with a wink “Practice”.

Tina, having worn out a couple guys on the dance floor, came back to the table begging me to succumb to the same state of exhaustion. After four songs I managed to convince Tina returning to the table was in our best interest, well at least in mine.

With the two am hour approaching, most felt it was time to call it a night. George however had other ideas, wanting to try one of the gay clubs. Hearing a groan from the others, George knew he was on his own.

“Jim, you don’t have an early train to catch, how’s about you coming with me?” George almost pleaded, adding… “I’ll even pay…the Taxi…everything. It’s just no fun going alone.”

His head tilted down a little, those puppy dog brown eyes looking up begging, how could I refuse. He had the whole table chuckling with his little performance.

Handing him a napkin to dab his pretended tears, “Yes George, yes…just no more tears…please” I replied with as much mock sincerity as I could muster.

The rest of the group, after reminding George not to stay late, departed. Tina and the kids, before leaving, expressed their pleasure at having met me. Sorry that it was just as they were moving on to Lausanne.

Knowing I planned to go on to Rome in the next day or so, they offered to find a way to put me up if I stopped over in Lausanne on my way south.

Out on the street it had rained, just a little spring shower. I love the scent in the air right after a rain, a sweet musk smell. The few puddles reflecting the neon lights had the sidewalk sparkling like a Christmas tree.

George was a bit surprised that just up the same street was a gay club. After explaining my reluctance to admit going there in front of the others, not wanting them to know I was gay. George nodded his understanding, but; informed me almost half the show was gay, and being gay was in no way a problem.

My earlier assumption, that this club was nicer than the straight one. Was confirmed when George, after sipping his beer, said “Better…much better club, even the music is better.” “Leave it to us gays” he giggled.

Even though I was still tired from the workout Tina gave me, I managed to dance a few songs with George.

Sitting at the far end of the bar, away from the loudest music, he and I were able to converse in relative peace and quiet. We told each other our life stories. Turns out we weren’t reared all that differently, both of us being brought up in upper middle class southern California homes, just at opposite ends of the LA basin.

“Ah…um…you…ah…wanna come back to my hotel…with me, Jim?” the hesitation in George’s voice, told me he wasn’t at all sure of my answer. I must admit his offer caught me a bit off guard. Oh…hell why not, I thought, it might take my mind off Heinz.

“Sure…, back at the show, I kinda wondered just what you were hiding under your robe anyway” I chuckled, squeezing his knee, hoping my lighted hearted answer would ease his nerves.

Although he had said, “I’ll pay for everything”, I paid for the two beers we downed before going outside to wait for a taxi. It hadn’t rained again that I could tell, however; that sweet musk smell still lingered in the air.

I didn’t really think of having sex with George, in fact it never crossed mind (well maybe once at the restaurant) before tonight. His hotel, The Leopold, was small and on the opposite side of the train station from mine. No lobby to speak of, the small opening in the wall next to the lift appeared to be the check-in desk.

Unlike my hotel during night hours, the check-in counter was darkened and unoccupied. Using the lift, we got off on the third floor; his room lay at the end of a short hallway. Two twin type beds, a small sink, and a closet completed the room’s furnishings. Oh, and two straight back chairs.

“If you need the bathroom, it’s to the left down the hall.” George offered, seeming to apologize for not having a room with a bath. Two open suitcases on the other still made up bed made it clear he was almost packed, for his morning departure.

An awkward moment, as we both stood wondering what to do next. To ease tension I started removing my shirt. With a slight smile he nodded, and began to follow my lead. When we reached the underwear we froze, who would be first to slip them off? This time he took the initiative, letting his drop to the floor.

There he stood; his flaccid uncircumcised penis hung what looked to be about five inches over a nice set of balls. His foreskin only reached half way over the head of a plump cock.

Catching me staring, “Well…your turn” he snickered.

“U mm…nice cock” I replied, grasping it while slowly slipping his foreskin back and forth with one hand. I pushed my shorts down and off with the other. With suitcases on the one bed, George pulled me down on the other, using my dick as a tow bar.

Working his cock, the foreskin almost disappeared as it grew hard. His cock while shorter than mine was twice as fat. The precum oozing from George’s little George, coated my hand and fingers. I don’t know exactly why, but; I love cocks that ‘leak’, and the more the better. I leak some, however; not nearly as much as I wished I did, damn it.

After wrestling around a bit, we settled into a nice sixty-nine. While I sucked and licked up his juice, he sent chills through me by his deep throat treatment of my cock. Having always been proud of my almost eight and a half inches, I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised by the ease with which George managed to swallow my hard cock.

We humped each others mouths, ever faster and deeper. The low groans emitted by George told me he was enjoying my meat, maybe even as much as I liked sucking his. Not to mention the free flowing cock syrup I was devouring as quickly as he produced it.

I found my moans matching his. With my nose buried in his thick pubic bush, I inhaled his aroma, liking it to a musky male aphrodisiac. The pitch of our frenzied sex built to a point of no return. Although I’d wanted to explore other avenues in our sex, our climaxes were building too fast to change mid stream.

Feeling the cum begin to boil my balls pulled up tight, ready to explode. Aware of this George sucked harder, milking my cock with his throat mussels. Swirling his tongue faster, he worked to suck the nectar from my family jewels.

His cock throbbing, George neared his own eruption, fucking my mouth with quick deliberate strokes. Moaning, George grabbed my ass burying my cock as deep in his throat as he could.

As I began spewing my essence down his throat, my climax pushing George over the edge as well, he roughly ground his meat into my own throat. My nose snuggled down in his balls; I could feel his already fat cock expand even more. With throbbing jerks his cock began pumping cum down my gullet, accompanied by my own whimpering.

As all the squirts of cum flowed directly down into my stomach, I was unable to taste any of my reward. I found myself however needing to breathe, in the worst way. Which was proving impossible with a cock spewing cum lodged in the back of your throat? Fortunately for me the spasms emanating from his cock were subsiding, allowing me to slide the head back up into my mouth, tasting his cum for the first time, Yum mm.

Slipping my cock from his mouth, he scooted up, sharing some of my cum with me in a very wet sloppy kiss. Finishing our little cum swap, I licked my lips, then his.

Passing a cigarette between us, George said chuckling, “Sorry we didn’t meet when I first arrived here in Berlin; this last week would’ve been a whole lot more fun.”

Ah yes…I bet it would have, I smiled to myself.

I could tell George was about to nod off, as it was already quite late. Settling down into the crook of his arm, I was about to join him in peaceful slumber. “Night…” I whispered slipping away, per chance to dream.

KNOCK…KNOCK…KNOCK, “George, seven thirty…up and at it” a nice sounding female voice came through the door.

The drinks at the bar, not to mention the late night sex, left us so exhausted we never moved nor changed positions during the night.

Opening my eyes, one at a time, my gaze fell on George’s sexy smile. Moving apart a little we sat up facing the new day, both of us grinning ear to ear.

“What time must you be at the station in order to catch your train?” I inquired, adding “Tina said something about noon, last night.”

“Bingo…that’s the magic hour, twelve…twelve ten to be exact, BUT…because I’m already packed I need not run around like a chicken with my head cut off…getting ready. I have the whole morning free to play, due to my shrewd planning” he chuckled with a wink.

“Wanna…Fuck, I do have a little time”, he added wiggling his eyebrows?

“Ah…a man after my own heart” I quipped back, with a little snicker.

“It’s not your heart I’m after” George shot back, slapping my still naked butt.

Checking, making sure the door was locked; we slipped back under the covers of last night’s sex arena. With his question, “Wanna…Fuck?” I kind of assumed he was planning on sticking his cock in my warm ass. Being the cock lover that I am, I felt my pucker twitch.

To my surprise he lubed his own little rose bud, while lathering up my cock. My fingers probed his tight little anus. Lifting his legs to my shoulders, I continued finger fucking him. When his hip movements and heavy sighs let me know he worked up enough. I circled his flexing hole with the head of my leaking cock. Slowly, gently I pushed on through his quivering sphincter mussel. Easing myself deeper into the depths of his firm butt, I joined his chorus of moans.

“OHhhhh…yeah” I breathed in his ear.

Our rhythm stayed subdued and relaxed, I just enjoyed easing in and out of him. His legs locked over my shoulders, he grabbed my ass and buried me balls deep.

He began masturbating, making his hole constrict around my meat. That was too much, my tempo increased to ramming speed. I plowed his ass with all I had.

We were both working up quite a sweat. Dripping all over his chest and stomach, I licked and sucked at the calf of his leg.

“Ahhhh…yeah, fuck me…fuck meeee…..” George almost yelled, muffled only by the gurgle coming from his throat, as he went over the edge.

His cum shot up on my chest, even up under my chin, his face had a couple of globs on it as well. Leaning down I licked up a puddle of goo off his cheek, as my cock began to spasm up his ass.

“Ahhhh… gawd…Yeah…” my body twitching, I fell on his chest groaning.

We both just lay there, neither of us wanting to move. The door handle jiggled; thank god George had made sure it was locked.

“George…George”, the same girl’s voice sounded through the locked barrier. “Come on, (Knock…Knock…Knock) Hey George…, time to drag your ass out of bed” she hollered, still pounding.

“Yeah…yeah, ok, Shirley” George grumbled, loud enough for her to hear. Giggling he whispered, “She doesn’t know you are in here, I guess.”

“Well, I do think we need to go jump in the shower. I’ve got cum all over me” he chuckled, patting my butt. “How’s about you all…?” he added.

“It is after ten, guess I should let you finish getting your shit together, so you don’t miss your train” I said, secretly glad that he wouldn’t have time to fuck me.

Since I had just climaxed and needing time to recharge my “Horny” battery, I was more than willing to forgo being screwed just now.

“Well…if you want me to give your cute little tush a good work out…Jim; you’ll just have to come visit me in Lausanne” George snickered with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“You want to go shower first?” George asked, with a nudge of his elbow. “I can finish up my last little bit of packing, while you shower, if you like” he added.

“Tell you what George; I’m just going to wait until I get back to the hotel. All my toiletries are there… I’ll need my razor, besides a fresh change of clothes…so I think I’ll just hold off. You go ahead though; I’ll wait then go over to the station with you. My hotel is just on the other side.

Slipping on a robe, he was out the door, towel in hand.

As long as I was already there, I waited with cast until their train arrived.

Aside from George, and to my surprise, some of the kids asked me to come see them in Lausanne (Switzerland). I helped them get their luggage on board before saying goodbye and heading off to my hotel, and a hot shower.

When I walked in, Helmut was still at the desk, “Guten Tag (good day), Herr Cook” he smiled, as I made my way across the lobby to the lift. Returning his smile, I replied “Afternoon Helmut”. As I entered the elevator I caught sight of Manny waving to me, as he slipped behind the front desk giving Helmut a peck on the cheek.

The ride up to my floor passed uneventfully. Entering my room, I began tossing my clothes on the bed.

The water cascading over my shoulders was warm and relaxing, almost making me wish I could just go jump under the covers and take a nap. All the energy I expended soaping up and shampooing made me revisit the idea of a nap. Damn, I really was still tired, a nap wouldn’t hurt.

After a quick toweling off I climbed into bed, managing to pull the comforter over me before I was out like a light.

The little bit of shut eye worked wonders. However; the grogginess I felt when I awoke, hung around even through dinner.

Not really up to going out, I just returned early to the hotel. Being only nine, Manny and Helmut were both behind the counter.

“Guten Abend (Good-Evening)” I beamed, walking up to the desk. Both guys appeared to be in a good mood, grinning ear to ear.

“Ah yes…Herr Cook, Guten Abend” they chimed, almost in unison.

“No going out this evening?” Manny offered up, with a puzzled expression.

“No dancing for you tonight?” Helmut interjected, his face assuming the same state of bewilderment.

“No…no, not tonight” my lack of enthusiasm apparent in my voice.

“I’m thinking about maybe leaving tomorrow for Rome. So Helmut, can we go over the schedule and see what trains are available heading south. Hopefully something later in the afternoon, that way I won’t have to rush”.

“Plus, by spending the night on the train it will save me the cost of a hotel.” I said blushing a bit, having revealed my money saving scheme to Helmut and Manny.

Turns out there are five departures from Berlin that make connections in different cities for Rome. The most direct routes went from Berlin to Frankfurt and on south through Karlsruhe to Basel Switzerland. Two even go right through Lausanne (Switzerland)…Hummm…. I thought to myself.

“Danke (Thanks) guys, Think I’ll check these over in my room, Ah…mmm, not really sure (cocking an eye brow)…which one is best for me, or the easiest.” I told them, holding up the slip of paper.

“Tell us in the morning what you decide to do” Helmut spoke up, adding “Check out is noon, don’t forget, if you are leaving”

Giving Helmut an elbow jab, “Nein…No, you can use the room until your train leaves…if you decide to go,” Manny sternly informed Helmut, accompanied by a look that said ‘Don’t argue with me’.

With a sheepish grin, “JA (yes)…is good, I agree” Helmut conceded, receiving a kiss on the cheek from Manny for his change of heart. “Yes we have enough rooms ready, being almost the middle of the week, we are fine” Helmut added.

Manny came from behind the counter, fluttering like a mother hen, and put his arm around me saying, “You just let us know what you want to do. Don’t you worry about anything” then with a kiss on the cheek, he shooed me toward the lift.

My head almost on overload, I finally decided on the first of the two trains that went by way of Lausanne Switzerland. Picking up the phone I broke the news to Helmut and Manny, I would be giving up the room at eight in the morning.

“Yes, that’s right…six thirty. Well…it takes time to get myself ‘Looking Good’, I require lots of fix’n time” I jested.

“I really do want to thank both of you for making Berlin, not only interesting, but; a lot of fun. Give Manny a hug…I’ll see you guys in the morning, good night” I finished, placing the receiver back in its cradle.

The train leaves a little before nine…and with a six thirty wake up call, I decided I’d best gather my stuff and pack tonight. Then get my ass into bed, morning would arrive all too early, I feared.

Rome…Rome, yes I’m going to Rome. Humm…Does my brain know something it’s neglected to inform the rest of me about?


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