A Life Well Lived
by Jim Cook


Chapter Eight : Entre’acte  (Intermission)

I knew even though this round would be mine, Julian would enjoy it too. The ice now broken, as far as male sex went. Julian began letting his hand roam through the hair on my chest.

Sipping on our second glass of brandy, my eye wandered over Julian’s well defined smooth body. As we smoked, I couldn’t help wondering why this straight boy wanted to explore male sex. Unless he had thoughts of being gay, or at least Bi-sexual. I had learned that Europeans have a totally different way of thinking about sex. They have a more open minded attitude, maybe the French even more so? It’s sort of like ‘If it feels good, and doesn’t hurt anyone… Do it’.

It was late, but; tired as I was the fear that Julian would change his mind about ‘Round Two’ made me decide to not waste this opportunity. If I waited until tomorrow night, he might rethink his position.

I got up and retrieved the tube of KY from my small toiletry bag in the bathroom. Julian’s eyes became the size of saucers, as I reentered the room. I guess even Europeans know what KY is used for.

“Easy..easy, Julian, you’ll like this…trust me” I chuckled with a wink.

“Is that…are you going to…” he questioned, a little nervously.

“Relax, I guarantee you will like what I’m going to do” I said, in the sexiest voice I could muster.

I once again swallowed Julian’s slightly limp cock until my nose was buried in the bush at the bottom of his shaft. My tongue lapped at his balls, as my throat muscles worked the cock buried there. Unbeknown to Julian, I warmed the KY on my fingers before applying it slowly to his tightly closed rosebud. I sucked and licked, trying to keep his concentration on the pleasure he was receiving on his meat, not on my fingers as they worked his relaxing hole.

Julian’s body movements, were accompanied by low moans of pleasure. I stroked his prostate, using two fingers. His ass seemed to gyrate around my probing digits.

I kept my sucking synchronized with my probing fingers. It was having the effect I wanted. I hoped, he would now be willing to submit to almost anything I had in mind.

I withdrew my fingers, as I gently pulled him back up onto my lap. This way I could slip my cock slowly in, as I continued my oral ministrations on his leaking shaft. Thank god I am limber enough to bend over and suck his cock, while fucking him.

With short movements I worked the head of my cock passed his throbbing sphincter mussel. After a few more easy jabs, I had three quarters of my eight and a half inches in his love tunnel. The key seemed to be my sucking, as he became comfortable being fucked. All I had to do now was to keep him from cumming to quickly.

My cock head, stimulating his love button, made him willing to allow me to raise his legs up to my shoulders. Now I could work the full length of my rod up into him. I began to enjoy slipping the bone to this virgin ass. I was almost certain, from what he had said, his ass was indeed virgin.

His legs on my shoulders, my cock buried. He writhed, moaning and bucking, while I fucked him. It was so hot to watch a straight guy humping my cock. He seemed as if he were in heat, fucking his ass back on me with abandonment.

Trying to keep him from climaxing to soon, I maintained a steady rhythm. Slowing when he appeared close to cuming. I had told myself this would be my round, and I was going to make it happen. I managed to keep Julian just on the edge, without letting him cum.

Letting his cock slip from my mouth, I leaned forward and began gently twisting his nipples. This only increased his gyrations on my hard member. Sweat dripped off me down on his already slick wet chest. I knew he was into this when he began massaging the sweat into his skin.

I think this straight guy has learned a thing or two about sex. It’s time to let him slide over into the sexual abyss, waiting for him. I’ll bet I will be able to make him cum, without touching his cock at all.

Grabbing him by the ankles, I held him spread out in a perfect V shape while working my cock over his prostate. As my cock popped back and forth over his love button, Julian’s writhing intensified. Eyes closed he tossed his head from side to side. Low moans and grunts were the only sounds he made.

Looking down on his twisting form, I felt my balls churn and the cum rise. His flexing hole squeezed tight around my shaft.

“Ah, oh yeah…Julian, milk my cock with your ass” I managed to pant, while slamming into the depths of his tight hot bowels.

After a few quick rabbit fucks, I sunk myself as deep as I could, and began pumping the cum from my sweaty nuts into Julian’s squirming ass. Keeping my cock rammed tight against his poor ass, I felt my meat expand with each shot of cum.

As if this were a signal, Julian grunted sending ropes of his cum across his belly and chest.

Julian’s tightening sphincter held my cock in a death grip, causing me to moan while continuing to pump cum into him.

My arms became weak, I was forced to relinquish my hold on his ankles. I collapsed on Julian’s chest, panting. Julian’s body continued to convulse beneath me, I could only chuckle to myself. Yes, I made him cum, without touching his still twitching member. Unable to do anything, but; lay there panting. We waited, trying to recuperate.

Catching only a low mumble, Julian tried to speak. “Oh my gawd, Jim, where… how…did you” was all he managed to get out.

Darting my tongue in Julian’s ear, I whispered “So do you think you’re still straight?”

Chuckling, “I must admit you put forth a convincing argument” Julian sighed. “I had no idea sex with a guy would be such a turn on” he added.

“Well, I wanted to know… I’m just not sure what I found out” Julian almost giggled.

“Sleep on it, figure it out tomorrow. It’s late and I’m worn out” I offered, turning on my side after pulling a pillow under my head.

“You want me to stay here… with you?” Julian queried.

“Shit, we’ve already fucked. What else can happen” I laughed, tossing Julian the other pillow.

Without a word, Julian shrugged and laid back on the pillow.

With a smile Julian couldn’t see, I reached over and patted his leg, saying “G-Night, guy”

This time, it’s a good thing I’d forgotten to close the drapes, otherwise we would defiantly have overslept. It wouldn’t matter as far as I was concerned,but; poor Julian would be late to the show. I don’t think that would go over very well with him.

“Hey, wake-y…wake-y… Julian, it’s already after ten.” I said, gently prodding his shoulder.

“Damn…” he shouted, flipping back the covers, and throwing his legs over the side of the bed.

Julian stood, a bit groggy, I think deciding what to do first. Seeing him standing there naked, covered with dried cum, I broke into a cheesy grin. The look on his face, as he stared at my cockeyed grin, made me laugh as I pointed the dried cum. When he looked down and saw the mess all over his chest, he giggled too.

“Guess I need a shower, Huh?” he said, picking off a flake of dried cum.

“Yuk… and the sooner the better” I told him, making face of disgust.

Even though we both had a long warm shower, we were sitting enjoying a coffee and sweet roll by eleven thirty. Most of the other cast members were there too, some were even already made-up. George staggered in with only five minutes to spare. The first show was at one pm., everyone had an hour to get ready. George must have had one hell of a night, he looked like something the cat had mauled, over and over again. Julian and I both poked a little fun at him, as he pulled up a chair with a coffee in hand.

“Had a good good night, did we? You look like shit” Julian asked, making a bit more fun of George.

“Ok… guys, come on… lay off. Please, I already feel like crap” George winced.

“Was it worth it? Hope so, now you ‘Pay the Piper’ I said, I couldn’t help but poke a little fun at George too.

“Guess I should have just stayed with you guys” George offered. With a little roll of his eyes.

Julian and I blushed a little, as ‘Shit-eat-n’ grins spread across our faces. We tried to keep George from noticing, by turning away a little. Don’t think it worked though, because the next thing George did was to slap his knee as he gazed between the two us, a bit of a squint in his eyes.

“Something you two want to tell me… Jim, or you Julian?” George smirked. Still looking back and forth between the two of us.

“Not really” Julian stated, a bit sheepishly. adding “Although I did find out what I wanted to know” Julian’s kind of cheesy grin, made me laugh.

“Never mind… you both told me all I need to know” George said, holding up a hand, as if to say ‘Stop’ don’t tell me any more.

Four cups of coffee later, George seemed to have improved, looking only about half dead now. Shirley read him the riot act, for staying out so late. Giving no outward sign of having any sympathy for anyone stupid enough to go out on a three show day, with two performances the very next. She kept bristling about George, like a scolding mother hen.

The call went out backstage “Thirty minutes”. George managed to pull his ass from the chair, heading off in the direction of his dressing room. I did feel a bit sorry for him, but; then again he did bring it on himself.

Julian wandered back over, asking if I wanted to go up a bit early for another lesson? With a nod, I stood and after dumping my trash, Julian led the way out through the curtain.

The lesson went well, until Julian was told in no uncertain terms to kill the light as the first people began to inter the arena.

He had me clean the mirror and install new rods. After making sure the light was ready, we snuck out one of the upper doors. Once outside we lit a cigarette, knowing we had plenty of time for a smoke. There appeared to be quite few people arriving to see the show. I wondered if the house would be as well filled at the six pm. performance?

Julian told me Here, and all over Europe, shows like ‘Holiday On Ice’ are as close as most people get to seeing ‘Famous’ people. And they treat them as ‘Stars’, even the lowly cast members are treated almost as royalty. Outside after a performance, you’ll find a crowd waiting for an autograph, even from just a chorus skater.

The first half of the show went off without a hitch. Downstairs I had a soda instead of coffee with my cigarette. When George made his appearance, Shirley was there with a spoon and a jar of honey. “Now take this” Shirley demanded, offering a heaping spoon full to George. She took the time to explain to me that ‘Honey’ is an instant energy booster, so most skaters have some on hand as a quick pick me up between numbers. I had to admit George’s color was much improved, along with his disposition.

“Hey Jim, I forgot to tell you last night that Peter said he was willing to ‘Test’ you skill with a spotlight during the intermission between shows” George informed me with a pat on my shoulder as he left, heading to the dressing room.

“Huh… now, today… between shows?” I asked, almost choking on my words.

“Yep… between shows…Today” George yelled back over his shoulder. I could hear a snicker in his voice.

Well that hit like a ton of bricks. I know, at least I’d hoped Peter would give me a tryout, but; right now…today?

I looked at Julian with a little trepidation, “Think I’ll be able to pull this off?” I asked, with a furrowed brow.

“I learned you fine… you’ll make ‘wonderful’ for Peter” Julian chided me with a wink and a couple of quick elbow jabs.

As I followed Julian back out through the curtain, we heard someone yell “Five minutes”. Sensing my nerves were starting to over power me, Julian slipped his arm around my waist and whispered “You will be fine, Jim. Don’t forget what a ‘Wonderful’ teacher I am”.

With a weak smile, I told him “Yes Julian, you were a great teacher. I only hope I’ve learned enough, that Peter will say OK”?

The second half went by so quickly, before I realized it the finale was over. The closer we came to backstage, the more my nerves surfaced. Nice guy that Julian is he did his best to try and calm me. The break between shows is about two hours.

Backstage, Shirley was already seated with a soda and a sandwich. Tina and George were making their way over to us in their robes.

“A shame this isn’t a three show day, I could use a good hot meal, instead of this” Shirley sighed wistfully, holding the cheese and cold cut offering out for inspection, before dropping it down on her plate.

“You all set, Jim? Peter didn’t say when he would be able to observe you working the spotlight, except it would be sometime during this intermission between shows” George stated, looking a lot better than he had all afternoon.

“I saw Peter rush out the back door, just as we came off the ice” Tina offered, adding “He seemed in a real Hurry”

“Gee I wonder how long he’ll be gone? Maybe you’ve been given a reprieve” Julian said with a little pat on my shoulder.

While sounding great at first, I then wondered if I would get a ‘Try-Out’ at all? Had he forgotten all about it? Well, I’ll just have to wait and see, I thought to myself. After all there is over an hour and a half to go before the next performance started. The only positive aspect of this news was my nerves calmed enough for me to have an appetite.

A couple of sandwiches and a cola later, Peter had still not returned. Oddly enough my nerves were again beginning to bother me, this time it was worry. Oh well maybe it wasn’t meant to be, those thoughts my only consolation. The stage manager called out ‘Thirty minutes’. I thought my fate had been sealed, hearing those words. In my mind I thought this was just Peter’s way of not having to deal with me.

Julian and I made our way back upstairs, with five minutes to spare. Neither of us talked much during first half, Julian aware of my disappointment.

I cleaned the mirror and replaced the worn rods before I trekked my way backstage at intermission, a little dis heartened. The gang was there waiting to cheer me up, a smiling Shirley even handed me a cup of coffee.

“I haven’t seen Peter at all during the first half, have any of you guys?” George asked the group in general.

“Not me” Tina chimed in.

“Me either” added Shirley.

“Something important must have come up” Julian reasoned. They all tended to agree with him.

No sooner had the words ‘Five minutes’ left the stage manager’s mouth, than Peter walked in the back door.

“Maybe all is not lost, Jim” George smiled as he got up.

The rest of the gang broke up, heading to the dressing rooms. Julian and I started to leave too, when Peter came up to us, smiling.

One finger to his forehead, Peter pointed the other at me, “Ah, um…give me a second… JIM, right?” he smiled. “I’m Peter Turner, I guess George told you I’m the shows’ director?”

Oops damn, he knows my name, I thought a little bit uneasy. “Yes, Jim Cook” I replied, offering him my hand to shake. Julian tapped my shoulder and without saying anything, pointed up and left.

“Later Julian” Peter said, waving after him. Turning to me he continued “Sorry I was not available earlier, there was a little matter that needed my attention. I do apologize. Is after the show tonight, alright?” his warm friendly attitude put me totally at ease. I also liked his English accent.

“Sure, great, I’m just glad you’ll have anytime for me, I know being the shows’ director has to keep you pretty busy” I said, grateful for his time.

“Ok then, after the show… lets give the building a chance to clear a little, then I’ll come up…You have operated one before, right?” he chuckled, kind of questioning me.

“Oh Yes, sure I have” I lied through my teeth. What little Julian taught me, is the only experience I’ve had operating one.

“After the show then” Peter said, turning away.

As I turned, knowing he couldn’t see, I rolled my eyes. Offering a silent prayer to the ‘Spotlight God’, “Please,please, please”. In my excitement, I practically tripped over my own feet as I exited backstage.

The shit eat-n grin on my face told Julian everything was alright, as I bounded up the stairs toward him.

This last half of the show went by rapidly. Yet, at the same time my wanting to have my ‘Audition’ over with, time seemed to drag by. When the house lights came up, Julian and I decided we would grab a coffee and have a cigarette while the building emptied.

Backstage, Peter was nowhere to be seen… again. I do have to say it did allow me to smoke in peace, without the immediate worry of my approaching audition. I hadn’t realized how much time had passed, until the gang started appearing fully dressed in their street clothes. The building must be fairly deserted by now, my time was fast approaching.

Seemingly from nowhere, yet right behind me came a voice, Peter’s voice “Well Jim, let me have a quick coffee and a smoke, then I’ll meet you up there… if you’re ready?”

“Yes Mr. Turner, that’ll be fine, whenever you’re ready” I replied, looking up over my shoulder. A dry thick tongue making it difficult to form words.

My nerves were jumbled once again. As if in sympathy to my high strung condition, Julian softly patted my shoulder, grinning from ear to ear. Making an attempt to sing “It’s Now Or Never…..” Julian crooned, his French accent made it cute. The next ten minutes seemed like an eternity.

Finishing the last dregs of my coffee, with yet another cigarette, a bit of doubt began to creep into my mind. Would I really be able to pull this off? Was I just being arrogant in thinking that only after observing a couple of shows, I would be able to effectively operate that machine to Peter’s satisfaction?

The moment of truth had arrived, as Peter stood becking me to follow. Quietly, lost in thought I walked behind Mr. Turner, as we ascended the stairs. Glancing back I caught sight of Julian standing down next to the ice giving me the thumbs up.

With a quick flip Peter had the cover up “Ok Jim, I see Julian left the used rods in… So here is the way we’ll do this” Mr Turner stated, taking another few seconds before he continued “I’m just going to stand back and let you clean and fire it up, then we’ll see how you change colors while moving around the ice”. That sound like a fair test to you” he smiled. With a slight nod and a wave of his arm toward the spotlight, he stepped back granting me unencumbered access.

Taking a deep breath and a quick look towards the heavens with my eyes, I stepped up to the device that would decide my fate. Pulling two new rods from the box at my feet, I set about the task of installing and aliening them. After wiping the mirror, I closed the lid and turned the unit on. With a brief sputter of sparks, a bright white beam flashed onto the ice. With a silent sigh of relief I adjusted the brightness, fine tuning it to its optimum output.

Glancing over my shoulder I received an approving nod from Peter, …Ah… hmm… Mr. Turner I meant. So far all seems to be going well, I thought to myself. My little inner voice kept repeating “Easy Cookie, easy. Slow and steady, just maybe I can pull this off after all”.

Turner’s words grabbed my attention. “Make a slow figure eight in the center of the ice”, he spoke, pointing down towards the rink. “Make that in color number four, on my mark” he added, with a hint of a smirk. I set the lever for #4, awaiting his call to activate. “Now… number four”, came the words. A simple touch of the button, instantly the beam changed to a bright blue. “Get ready to switch to number five, on my mark” Peter half snapped. Knowing there are only four levers on the spotlight. I think he was trying to trip me up, if he could. One hand kept steadily moving light around the ice. Without looking, I gingerly felt for levers one and four with the other. Having pulled them down into the set position, I waited. My finger resting on the button for his command. I’m not sure if I heard the word “Now”, but; suddenly the blue changed to green, so I must have. My figure eight had smoothed out considerably, becoming more fluid, as my nerves calmed.

“Ok Jim, this is a little tricker… on my mark go to color number one” I heard from behind me. My good fortune was that Julian had shown me how too keep down one of the levers, while releasing the other. Hooking my little finger over lever one, to hold it down, I placed my thumb on the button. When I pressed the button, lever four popped up, while I held the other down. The chuckle just behind me was followed by a gentle pat on the shoulder. “That’s good, Ive seen enough. You can shut it down now, Jim” Peter said stepping into view. “Meet me backstage, I’ll buy you a coffee while we talk” he continued, as he started down the stairs. “And after only two shows… not bad” he softly mumbled almost to himself as he passed out of ear shot.

He knows, he knows about me not being a spotlight operator, is all that kept running through my mind as Julian came jogging up grinning ear to ear.

“Well how did it go,… come on tell me…?” Julian prodded, as I sat down in one of the seats.

“He knows I’m no spotlight operator, Julian. I heard him say as much under his breath as he left” I half whispered. On hearing that Julian sat down beside me.

“Did he say you don’t have the job?” he pressed me, his hand on my shoulder.

“He told me to meet him for a coffee and we would talk, that’s all he said … then he left” I confided.

“Come on lets go then…. he’s waiting right? You won’t know anything till you go and talk to him.” Julian said trying to pull me to my feet. I slowly acquiesced and we made our way down stairs.

“If he didn’t say no…. then just maybe you do have the job. You can’t possibly know if you don’t talk to him. What’s there to loose? ” Julian reasoned as he held the backstage curtain aside for me.

I was really curious. I thought I’d preformed the tasks given me well. Not perfectly to be sure, but; well enough not to be taken out of the running. I even surprised myself as to how well I was able to change the various colors. Sure the figure eight might need a little practice, but that could come with time.

Backstage was deserted, except for Mr. Turner over by the snack bar. Two cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes were on the table in front of him. As I came through the curtain Peter raised his arm motioning me over, he was smiling, yes smiling. I’ll be damned. I turned to see if he might have meant Julian, but; he had disappeared.

“Jim, lets talk. Here’s a coffee” Peter called, a smile in his voice. Still beckoning me over, he slid a cup over to the other side of the table. As I reached the table, he offered me a smoke after taking one for himself. I slipped into the chair across him, after lighting my cigarette.

Taking a deep breath I looked up smiling and asked “Well what do you think? How did I do? ” Almost afraid to let him answer, I kept talking. “I know I’m rough around the edges, but…..” With a grin he raised his hand to stop me from running my mouth any further.

“You have the job, there are just a couple of conditions you might want to think about though” he paused, before continuing. “First, you will be on a ninety day probation. After your trial period, you’ll be put on salary, but during your three months you will be paid by each of the buildings that we play in and paid in the local currency. Second, the show will furnish your travel ticket on the train the cast takes.” Peter stopped talking long enough to make sure I was taking in all he had said.

When I nodded slightly, he smiled then added “People may think we earn a lot of money… (furrowing his eyebrows, pursing his lips and shaking his head sideways) …We don’t. Oh, we make a fair wage for Europe, plus you’ll see the world, but; I can guarantee you won’t get rich” he chuckled, as if it were an inside joke.

Breaking his train of thought I inquired, “How and when would I get paid from the different Sports arenas?

“You’ll go to the Arena office at the end of our stay, closing night, they’ll pay you for the entire pay period in the local currency, Franc’s, Mark’s or what ever it is. For those first three months, I’m sorry but it’s not much more than minimum wage.” Peter replied with a shrug.

“Is it enough to live on” I inquired, beginning to have serious doubts this was a good idea, after all.

“Depends I guess on ones style of living” he stated with a faint smile and another shrug of his shoulders.

“Thank you Mr. Turner, I won’t disappoint you. I’m looking froward to joining the show. It may take a tight budget, but; I’ll make it work. I want very much to be able to stay here in Europe, this job makes that possible, thank you again Mr. Turner. As I said, I won’t let you down.” I told him, my voice a bit shaky with excitement.

“Ok, keep tight in there with Julian, Jim, while we’re here in Lausanne. You’ll take over for him in the next town, Zürich. I’ll let the building know you’re with the show, so they’ll put you on the payroll straight away. Your identification card and any paper work will be waiting for you in Zürich. We break all this down day after tomorrow night, then by early that morning it’ll be on the road. We’ll open four days from tomorrow. We’ll see you there then.” Peter concluded, offering me his hand to shake, as he stood.

We shook hands, then he turned making his way to the curtain. As he opened the curtain he paused, turned, and said “You know you’re one smart and clever guy, being able to assimilate all that after observing only a couple of performances. My hat’s off to you.” smiling, he doffed an invisible cap as he vanished through the drape.

Shocked by his words, I stood frozen in place. Slowly a grin spread across my face. “By damn ‘Cook’ you managed to pull it off.” I whispered to myself, with a chuckle.

“So Mon ami, what has happened? Tell me all” Julian pressed. His seeming to appear from nowhere, startled me.

“Damn guy, you spooked the shit out a me” I half yelled, turning to see Julian’s grinning face.

“Well… well… give, what did Peter say? I couldn’t hear too well from behind those crates.” Julian asked, pointing across the backstage to several show property boxes.

“I’m to stay close to my ‘Wonderful Teacher’ while the show is here, ….then….” I paused, dragging out my answer.

“Yes, yes…. Then??” Julian begged.

“I won’t be working for the show….’Here’, (hanging my head) …BUT….. (looking up, grinning) I’ll start in Zürich.” I added, almost doing a little jig.

“Tres bon, mon ami. I knew Peter would give you the job…, Well I was almost sure” he added, with a sly smile.

“Peter told me to stay close to you while here in Lausanne. Then I’d be on my own in Zürich. And that Julian, makes me nervous.” I explained, displaying a bit of a forced frown.

“This calls for a toast, well a drink. come Mon ami” Julian smiled, throwing his arm over my shoulder.

We left the building, looking for a place to celebrate my good fortune. Julian giggled, and kept squeezing me with his arm still locked around my neck.

A couple of blocks away we ducked into a little tavern, ordering a beer with a shot of Schnapps on the side.

As the evening drew on we both were becoming a bit tipsy, although in my state of excitement it went unnoticed until I was slightly dizzy. I figured it’s time to make my way back to the hotel. The question, do I ask Julian if he would enjoy coming with me, or did we already solve his curiosity about gay sex? He seemed to really like what we did, maybe I will see if he’s interested. Nothing ventured…. nothing gained. I thought as I reminisced about last night.


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